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Jungle Mundo

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Posted 26 July 2010 - 05:36 PM


just follow that video tutorial and u should be good

Figured out what went wrong
stupid lack of sleep mistake: open on red with cleaver, then ignite, then spam cleaver until it has 450 Hp then smite. reason being so no one ks's it AND because cleavers do more dmg the more life they have. this will let u take Red, 2x golem, wriaths, wolf camp, blue, then port back to base

*you can take Fortify over ingite if u wish, as fortify gives you 9 xtra dmg to non hero units. Credit to todayschaos for pointing this out

Mundo does not shine in the jungle, hes a great harasser in a lane , this is just to prove he can and if you want to change things up or try something fun this is how you do it.
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