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Jungle Eve

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Posted 26 July 2010 - 05:40 PM


Follow that and you should be fine

U can take fortify over ignite, itll jungle better (Fortify does 9 extra dmg to creeps while ready) but if ur more aggressive and want kills get ignite

if u go without ignite u can actually disregard the first minute of the video. do everything the exact same as what u would do with ignite but u'll have to go heal up or gank after the wriath camp, u will be lvl 3. or try:


eve does not excel in the jungle but she isnt slow, shes just really squishy. maybe going into def tree can help? go and get some ganks after getting those buffs, my recomendation.

I believe i used 21/0/9
Quints: Flat HP
Glyphs: Flat CD reduct
Seals:Flat armor
Mark: Armor or magic pen

Check out my channel- I will have jungling guides for 1/2 the heros with ratings for each soon
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#2 Everett


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Posted 26 July 2010 - 09:41 PM

I think if you could get a good start, jungle eve would become fairly viable, providing you build tanky. Madreds, sheen, tank items. I've seen her rock some people as a dps build, just because of the ult. However, they packed ignite, exhaust. I think the biggest thing is how easy it is to fall behind on her. If her hate spike still provided a spell vamp. effect, I think she would be much more viable.
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