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Jungle pantheon

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Posted 26 July 2010 - 05:55 PM


follow that and ur golden

what?!?! Pantheon jungle? thats just silly, but just watch

ideal, maybe not, new fun and exciting? yes!

Testing getting heartseeker first, 3x in base to get passive, result=
u lose lots of time u could have scuoting
lose at least 100 hp
lose like 3 seconds

U can take fortify over ignite, itll jungle better (Fortify does 9 extra dmg to creeps while ready, thnx todayschaos) but if ur more aggressive and want kills get ignite

Quints-Flat Health
Glyphs-Flat CD reduct
Seals-Flat Armor
Marks-Armor Pen

21 offensive
9 utility

starting items=
cloth armor + 5x hp pot
elexir of fortification + 5x hp pot

My appologies if the video was cut short because the 10 min limit, pretty much every hero i demo can solo dragon a lil after the ten min mark if not b4 (or way b4) i should mention if they cant

Check out my channel- I will have jungling guides for 1/2 the heros with ratings for each soon
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