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AD Yi, God like

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 08:05 AM

This is by far the best Yi build i have found... you are unstoppable unless you get a team with exaughst x5 and literaly each one is aimed for u

Start off with a meki Pendant hp/mana potion... if your team will let you, head for mid... if they are noobs choose your favorite lane, i usualy take mid so ill go with that

start off with a point in alpha strike and just last hit minions with auto attack.. max your alpha strike and put one point into meditate if u get harrased and one into wuju... if you arent being harrased go ahead and go with 2 in wuju

once you get 850g recall regardless of positioning unless they are ontop of your tower (they shouldent be) and buy a Chalice of Harmoney and boots

now that you have a chalice you can spam alpha strike and just farm to high hell at this point (time double strike passive to alpha strike in and pop it for a double nuke then run)

farm 1195 and get a zeal

Farm 1315 (i think or 1415 not 100%) and buy a phage

Save for infinitys, buy cloak of agility first then B.F then flat out buy the infinitys... at this point you should beable to wreck anyone that comes near you cause u have so much farmed you are bassically fed so no one expects you to dish out as much as you do

buy a lifesteal pendant and save for a frozen mallet

finish the zeal - phantom

sell the chalice for a ghostblade or last whisper depending on the armor of the enemy team

Lifesteal pendant - Bloodthirster

i have gotten a penta kill useing this build along with a high kdr... granted Captain Right Click isnt hard to play but this build helps me as i could never play Yi (sad i know) before i found this build

edit: figured i shoudl put my runes and such in this

Red: armor pen

Quints: Crit damage

Yellows: Dodge

Blues: Cooldown/18

My mastrys are 21/0/9
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