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Posted 09 January 2013 - 07:07 PM

Took a quick look at the guide and here is what I have to say:

1.Your chapters are messed up(why Skills and Skill order before Runes and Masteries?)
2.Runes and Masteries chapter(explain why you chose those and provide alternatives)
3.I think your summoner spells chapter needs some more details on Smite(things like what can outdamage smite, how much damage does Smite deal and so on)
4.Provide some alternatives in the item build section and when to build them.
5.Your Jungling chapter needs more depth.What if you get invaded, what if you get the enemy jungler camping at your red, what if you get a smiteless blue(do you get your red or his red, what if you can't gank any lane, do you try a lane gank or continue farming your jungle?)
6.Your jungle matchups chapter: you have so many "Will add when tried out against.", if you had experience with jungle Jax you should at least know every matchup he can meet in the jungle.Also try to be more informative(where does that matchup start, where and at what level he ganks, would you try to counterjungle him and so on)
7.Your mid game and late game chapters of the guide are missing.
8.Your team fight chapter only contains some pictuers and no real information(at what exact moment do you jump in, what happens if you're behind and don't have that much items, do you still go all in or try to peel for the AD/AP carry?)
9.The final comments chapter looks more like an Introduction chapter(not that important).

Just my 2 cents.I was in this position before and people helped me get my guide approved.
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