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[NA][APMid] Looking for group

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 05:45 AM

Hello everyone.
I'm an AP mid player who wants to be in a serius team for competitions and tournaments and to have fun and keep learning about the game and about teamplay.
My main qualities are my skills in game, my will to be a better player everyday and my ability to do and receive constructive criticism very well.
I take this game pretty serius, without neglecting my studies or my personal life, having everything in a good balance.

In-game Name: CareGluteo
Normal Games Played: 2171
Normal Games Won: 1286
Top Elo: 1406
Main role: AP Mid
Main Champions: Xerath, Vladimir, Lux, Evelynn, Orianna.
Secondary role: Any, if i need to get another lane, i will gladly do it.

Main Picks:

Top Picks: Chogath, Evelynn, Swain, eemo.
Jungle Picks: AD Chogath, Evelynn.
AD Picks: Ashe, Draven, Corky, Teemo, Sivir, Orianna.
Support Picks: Teemo, Lux, Sona, Soraka, Janna, Alistar.
Mid Picks: Xerath, Vladimir, Lux, Evelynn, Orianna, Ryze, Karma, Sona, Karthus, Morgana, Cassiopeia, Chogath, Swain, Veigar, Teemo, Fiddlesticks, LeBlanc, Lulu, Syndra, Malphite, Gragas.

Age: 21
You add me to test my skills in-game.
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