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*THE NEW* Pantheon Runes/ Item build?

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#1 Clown



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Posted 06 December 2010 - 07:47 AM

Hey what would you guys suggest? I've been trying a variation of 15ad/ 25 armor pen as main stats in my runes. I've also been trying out builds with manamune to use my E more.
I'd just like to know what you guys have found works best for you
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#2 Xandal


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Posted 06 December 2010 - 07:52 AM

I personally run Armor Pen Red/Quint, Flat Armor Yellow, and mp5/level blue. I like the armor yellow because I can tank creep damage a little harder and I also start out with 30+ armor which is generally enough to deal with auto-attacks on top of his shield. Also makes fighting other Pantheon's easier, I almost always have to deal with another Pantheon for some reason >_> Mp5 because I don't like leaving my lane if I don't have to and he gets mana hungry. I start with a D. Blade and then rush a SotO (if I'm in my pre-made) otherwise I grab a Brutalizer. After that my build becomes a little wacky compared to most Pantheons I see. My endgame build will look something like this


Crit like crazy, have 3k+ HP and 150~ of each resistance while still pumping out massive damage. That's a super late game build. I usually don't get much farther than the mallet. (Mainly because I'm always in a pre-made and end up with 20 stacks damn fast :P)


Skilling order!

Q>W>E for the first 3 levels then R>E>Q>W for priorities. If I'm having trouble keeping people in HSS because they got really early treads then I'll put another point or two into my W early. It's all about countering the enemies really.
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#3 Conditional


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Posted 06 December 2010 - 07:55 AM

You dont need runes on him, just go movement speed for the luls
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+1 pls :3

#4 Kanova



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Posted 06 December 2010 - 08:12 AM

I go with
Armpen Reds

I go cdr and manareg for harass and sustainability in lanes.

I start with a Dorans Blade, hp pot
Grab zerkers, or depending on team, tabi/merc
Go for ghostblade, or if I manage to have enough, I just a BF.

Level 2 boots
QSS ( Or armor item depending on team )

I love laning with people that snare, stun ect ect. I have most success with Taric. He stuns, shatters, auto attacks, I Q E W Q, Ignite. This is usually either FB or just another kill. You should take Q first and just harass the opponent until he is around 1/2 health. Then do the above. Easy kill/FB.

For team fights, I am 2nd/3rd in the fight, unless I initiate with ult. I, Q W E Q the enemy dps or squishy with ghostblade on after the combo, and go on from there. I like to think myself as a watcher, stun, Q poke whoever wants to attack.

Masteries more or less depend on my team, if I need to b the heavy carry I like to go into offense primarily, and the rest into mana regen, just for more harassment. Damn that Q hurts early/mid and if you can spam it and zone well that lane is yours. And if you hit them enough to make them low, you can easily go for a kill with the traditional combo, Q W E Q. I usually take ignite along with ghost. Cleanse is good to, I don't like taking flash to much, because if they move faster then you, a flash isn't going to help, unless you manage it over the wall.

That's just me, I have always loved Pantheon, and considered him my favorite Champ, but now since this buff is out, I can actually use him without stacking 100% damage, and still be useful late game. I use that build up there because it works for me, but as most builds should be, it isn't a static build. Change items for their team. For the love of god don't get a Quick Silver Sash if they are all dps, or an Omen if the are all casters. Read their team and get stuff accordingly.
There be my build, it works for me, so I am happy. Gg
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#5 scaulson



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Posted 31 December 2010 - 05:46 PM

Personally, I go with a manamune, boots of swiftness, mallet, atma's, BT, then an IE if the game drags on. With this item build i can usually burst at least one champ down with very minimal HP lost. meanwhile the manamune drastically boosts my early game by allowing me to harass like crazy while also giving a boost to my late game.
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#6 Mister Charles

Mister Charles


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Posted 04 January 2011 - 03:51 PM

I go for straight attack damage when it comes to my runes. Adding a bit of Mp5 to help harassing.

Quints: Attack Damage
Marks: Attack Damage
Seals: Attack Damage
Glyphs: Mp5 per LVL

Masteries: 22/0/8

Summoner Skills: Ignite/Ghost

Item Build:
Meki Pendant + 2 HP Pots
Sword of the Occult
Ghost Blade
Last Whisper (since I don't run APen Runes)
Guardian Angel

(Obviously at some point you sell Meki's.)

Now obviously this isn't set in stone. If I'm not getting early kills I won't get Sword of the Occult. (Then again if you don't get early kills as Pantheon then you're going to probably be trash late game anyways lol.) If they're a heavy caster team I won't build Last Whisper as no one is probably going to have enough Armor for the APen to matter. (In cases like that I'll generally build Hexdrinker. It gives almost as much AD as Last Whisper and grants me some MR for a little leeway on getting bursted down.) If they have lots of stuns/snares I might build a Banshee's Veil. For Boots I always go with Berserker's Greaves or Merc Treads. If they nerf Pantheon again I might try making my Glyphs Attack Damage as well and go Meki Pendant -> Tear of the Goddess -> Manamune. Then continue my build from there.
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#7 HughMyronbrough


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Posted 06 January 2011 - 03:26 AM

ArPen/Flat HP Quints
ArPen/Flat AD Marks
mp5/level Seals
mp5/level Glyphs

LoCi uses AD Marks, I believe, but most Pantheon players use ArPen.
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