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Hi everyone,
This is Sir Reginald from Solomid.Net and today I'll be teaching all of my homies how to raise the elo. I have been playing League of Legends for almost 3 years now and have played on accounts from 800elo to the highest elos and also have achieved ranked 1 on multiple ladders for several months. There have been times where I was stuck at a certain elo for several weeks and there have been times where I've won 40 ranked games consecutively. There are always times where you OWN scrubnubs and win like 15 games in a row and there are also times when you get raped over and over and go like lose multiple games consecutively. In this guide, I will be explaining the basic concepts of how to WIN BRO AND ALWAYS WIN. (most of the time)

Mindset of Winning

Although this is very very very fucken obvious... You must have the mindset to always try and win regardless of what happens. There will be times when you have trolls that run down mid over and over and die 15 times in a row... then leave. THERE WILL be times, when you have 2 leavers, or scrubs that go 0-10. THERE WILL BE TIMES, when you want to fucken rage quit. However, if you always play to win every single game, your chances will always increase. And every single time that you make an epic comeback and you win the game despite all odds, your elo will increase slowly... and steadily....Rather than giving up, Play TO WIN MANG. I'm sure everyone in this game has one of those stories to tell where they've made this epic comeback against all odds. How did you make the epic comeback? There can be multiple reasons.....Usually when you're in a 4v5 situation... your opponents begin to become complacent and rule out all odds of losing ... because its a 4v5. Your enemies start to think " How issit possible to lose mang" .... In Solo Queue... you can always win and you can always come back.

How an average lol player reacts to a leaver,feeder , or scrubnub: The average lol player does not always play to win. As soon as they see the slightest bit of a disadvantage; they either start to rage, afk, or rage moar.

I'm not saying I always play to win.... because I clearly don't. But if I were to aim for rank 1 or have some sort of elo raising goal... I would definitely always play to win ^^.

The Mindset of winning est very importante.


Champions, Champions, Champions... There are those players that can only play one champion... but they play them really really fken well.

There are those players that can only play one champion, and they still suck at that champ.... however they suck at every champion more.

Let them play that...or ELSE.

And there are those players that play several champions... a jack of all trades... but a master at none.
The jack of all trades usually does decently and is very very consistent. As they play more and more, their elo will raise steadily.. ( If they always have the mindset to get better) . It will be easier for this player to learn more champions.

How to deal with people in champion select .

Is is very very important to communicate with every player in champion select, so everyone can get the champions that they desire... which will result in winning. However... usually not everyone can be happy ^^.

Rule #1: Always give the one trick pony, their desired champion.... Or else they'll feed.. and you've lost at champion select.

Rule #2: If you ever hear Mid or AFK... You should probably give them middle.... Unless you're confident that you can carry 4v5. Most likely they'll feed intentionally anyways.

Rule#3: If you want to play a role, try to call it RIGHT away as soon as you get in champ select.

So yeah, just tell people the roles you can play. I recommend learning one champion in each role.

At the end of the day, you want every player to be happy... if there are already problems during Champion select.. imagine the games mang.

What Champions and Roles to Learn.

Being a one trick pony is not a bad thing.... as long as you always play to get better, you'll naturally get better at the game. There have been players that has hit rank 1 with only one champion.

Back in Season one, Westrice was ONLY able to play Akali and he always dominated his games. The thing about champion select is that you never know who you're up against so.... chances are your main will never get banned out. In Season One, Akali was not a top pick... Westrice dominated the Solo Queue ladders and hit top 5 with that champion. HE WAS ONLY ABLE TO play 1 champ. After that... Akali was always banned.

Chu8.... He played the game for 3 months... switching from Heroes of Newerth. He invented SoloMid Maokai and was able to reach rank 1 on the solo queue ladders with ease.

These players were only able to play one champion... Look at them now. As long as you play to learn, you'll always get better. Once you've learned the basics of laning, team fights, and objectives- You can apply the same concepts to each role and champion.

Top players can play anything decently.

If you truly want to raise elo.. there are two ways.

Pick,learn and master the champions that are considered "very strong " or "overpowered" .. Once they get nerfed... move on and learn the next Flavors of the month.

Remember that the FOTM's will get banned most of your games.. However the games that you actually get to use them.. make it count.

#2 : Get sooo good with a champion that is pretty balanced...that you'll always win more than you lose.

The good thing about this ...is that those champions will never get banned.. and you can use it as your instawin card.

Be Good and Take Charge.

Taking charge and commanding players is essential. Your chances of winning greatly increases as soon as every player starts to work together. Because it is solo queue.. it is very hard for everyone to act accordingly to the situation. There are champions that are innately built to command a single team with their skill set..

An example would be sivir. It is easy to raise elo with sivir because when you press R, it either means Engage or Disengage. In a situation where you're obviously winning, your team will understand and run in with you. However if you're being chased down... and you press R... your team will run away. Sivir is a strong pick to command a team with simply pressing a button.

Engaging with a tank. When you're playing the role of a tank, you must understand that it is going to be your job to engage most of the time. By playing the tank role and engaging, you usually get to choose the battles. It is very important that you understand how the team fights are going to go.. before starting a fight.

Ultimately, if you're doing well... your teammates will be more prone to listen to you. If you're having a good game and you have a pretty good score.. your teammates will follow your commands. From just being one player out of 5 that affects your chances of winning directly, you've increased your effecitiveness by multiple folds... by being able to command your teammates.

TLDR: Play well, People will listen.


League of legends is not all about killing and scores. Its usually about objectives; towers, dragons, barons, inhibitors. I've played games where i was 20-4, 15-3,16-8... and i've lost. LoL is not about just murdering champs ...its about killing champions to open up objectives.

When you pull off a successful gank, it allows you to get; blue buff,red buff, dragon, towers and even barons. At the end of the day, everything will end up into a gold amount which you've achieved for each play you've made. Think about each play , and understand which the best plays/options are and see how each play affects the game. Once you understand, you can do that next time ^^.

When I lose and have a very good score.. it is.. because I'm too worried about ksing my teammates to have a good KDR/score and am worried less about objectives.

Not Doing Dumb Shit.

A VERY VERY IMPORTANT chapter in this guide. So.... I'm sure everyone has those games where they do really well.. go 10-0,11-0,5-1,10-3 and LOSE. If you're seriously playing to win, then dont get cocky. Only take calculated risks. There are games when I go 10-0 and then I start to go rambo and think I can 1v5.... and I bait my team into dying.

When you have all the kills and you're doing well, it is YOUR JOB TO CARRY.

Look at this game... I was 7-1... I was completely dominating. In my mind, there was no possible way of that team coming back.

Congrautlations, you've graduated Reginald's Lol University.

Hopefully.... you've learning something in this short guide. These are the rules I set for myself back when I was trying to raise elo and hit rank 1. SAdly, I do not abide by these rules anymore because I play competitively... so ladders are meaningless to Muah.


October 29, 2012 - 07:56 PM #1

Huge fan of this article.

Regi showing how it should be done. And alot of goo advices.

Hope to see more LB plays by Regi!

September 8, 2012 - 08:47 PM #2

Reginald, you're so awesome that i learned how to play LeBlanc with you, and I learned how not to play LeBlanc also with you!


August 23, 2012 - 08:52 AM #3

Mindset yes i had a game i was playing malph when i was low level but everyone was smae level it was 5 v 3 my team wanted to surrender but i said no we can win this just defend let me tank and wait we will win the game lasted nearly 2 hours but i built so tanky that i could fight 3 v 1 and come out on top no g angel my team thought it was gg till they saw that. No game is lost till the nexus is destroyed and yea i know some games you just want to be over i think like that too but you can always win, you can always comeback. For examble CLG vs M5 at dreamhack M5 was destroying CLG but Clg managed to catch one out then snowball and win just always do that.Also remember baron doesnt mean you or they are invicible. What im trying to say is always think i can win we can win, never think well he died gg

July 31, 2012 - 09:45 PM #4

"The Mindset of winning est very importante. "

Very true. I remember one game I played in. 1 person on my team rage quit and left, and we started to struggle. I was playing Irelia. The other team got us down to our last 2 turrets and nexus, we made them work a little for it. they started gloating in all chat. The gloating began to piss me off. I mowed down some huge minion packs, bought the last couple items I needed, then crap got serious. I told the team to defend until the inhibitors respawned. Once they did, I bought as many elixirs as I could and started the counter push. 4v5. It took 10 minutes but we won. I got kill after kill after kill. Got my first quadra kill. During the score screen someone from the other team "we werent supposed to lose that" and a couple others called me a god. lol

July 25, 2012 - 05:18 PM #5

YYou cant raise your elo when you lost your first game....i only get trolling and retards... when they feed they leave, when other feed they leave, flaming/spamming chat -.-

It's really anoying. Every second game i get BIG RETARds and I am ~1100 elo.... thought Elo Hell would be at less than 900

July 11, 2012 - 05:34 PM #6

Geez, you forgot one important thing - try to get role which has big influence on the game - choose mid(ganking) or jungle(ganking) when possible.

July 6, 2012 - 12:16 AM #7

No Leocano, you're just not as good as you think. When you get better and eventually leave your elo you'll realize that. All elo is elo hell because all elos have those that have been luckily carried there. If you're better than your elo you'll eventually leave it, if you aren't as good as your elo, you will drop. Add me, play a game with me, I'll tell you why you can't hit 1200. I already know why I can't hit 1500, simple game mechanics I get lazy on and certain things I need to practice. Don't be ignorant.

June 29, 2012 - 12:56 AM #8

IMHO, there's no escape from ELO hell.

This game is on a point where below 1200 ELO it is all luck.

You get a good team, you win.

You get a people that are bad and rage, you lose.

June 17, 2012 - 12:38 PM #9

Awesome guide. This describes me a lot. I always play till the very end and never give up even if we have 0,0000001% chance of wining. That's probably my best trait as a player. And I never agree to surrendering which is also pretty good. Well anyways thanks for the guide Regie :] !!

April 25, 2012 - 06:20 PM #10

ty 4 help i will try its out regin

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