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Welcome to my generic AD guide, where I share my thought process as I play AD carry, along with standard ideas and concepts. This guide will mostly cover the basics of AD carries that will be great for any player that is new to the AD carry role.

What is an AD Carry?

AD CARRY = Attack Damage Carry

Champions - Miss Fortune, Ashe, Sivir, Graves, Tristana, Urgot, Ezreal, Corki, Kog'Maw

* They are ranged champions
* They do physical damage (countered by armor)
* They rely mostly on right click auto attacks for the majority of their damage
* They generally go bottom lane with a support
* They are farm dependant (need a lot of gold)
* They scale really well into late-game (they get stronger than other roles once they get items)

Every team should be a balance of AP/AD damage, so that enemies cannot stack one defensive stat. Your team simply relies on you as the AD carry to be able to kill your enemies or atleast supply sufficient damage.


Farming simply mandatory. Being able to last hit near perfectly is essential since there's rarely any kill opportunity with the presence of supports and wards. AD's are very farm dependent, making bottom lane completely creep score based, having more CS than your opponent AD carry essentially means you're winning the lane.

Timing is everything while going for a last hit, also, each champion has their unique attack animation which may take some time to adjust to.

It's easiest to harass enemies when they are going for last hits, because they are locked in their auto attack animation and therefor cannot hit you back. Likewise, you are most vulnerable when you go for last hits, so positioning of where you stop and get the last hit is also very important.

In most cases, it's worth it to go for the last hit, but if you know you'll be punished significantly for a single last hit, then you may and should forfeit it(in 1v2 scenarios while waiting for your support to come back into lane).

Last hitting at tower is also very important, your support can help a lot here (such as hitting ranged minions one time) but once you get 2 Doran's blades, you should be able to last hit near perfectly by yourself at tower.

*Get those last hits. Don't get lazy. Be very harsh on yourself when you miss even one!
*Get Flat AD Marks and Quints ASAP

Your support / Lane partner

Communication is key between you and your support. Knowing when to engage and when to back off. A lot of this comes from experience and body language and positioning, if you're completely extended harassing the enemy, likely your support should be assisting you, likewise if your support is harassing, you should be in range to help him out while also in position to last hit.

Pings(alt-left click) go a long way, pinging a target to kill or Backing(ctrl-left click) are quick ways for communication. However, a lot can be pre-planned with typing e.g Go for the kill at lv6.

There are certain support/AD carry lanes that are very powerful... I won't go into detail as to why they are here, but instead name a few for you guys to try out:

Janna/Miss Fortune

Each and every one of these lanes are very unique and plays into different kinds of team compositions.

Sometimes you won't get a support champion, this means that it might be hard to lane vs a traditional AD/Support, and that your farm will be split. This is a really brutal, but try your best to work with the hand you're dealt and make sure to keep wards up and communicate!


I'll be slowly adding each lane combination bottom onto my generic AD Carry guild, starting with Trist/Ali.

If you're blue side, try to get double golems, this will guarantee you level 2.

Level 2 is a huge level for Trist/Ali, with headbutt + pulv + ignite + rocket jump + explosive shot + auto attacks, you're looking at 500~ damage on a single target, it's enough to kill almost anyone.

How to secure level 2 advantage? PUSH! If you're Trist/Ali without double golems, you want to push the lane as hard as you can level 1 to make sure you're level 2 when the enemy duo lane is level 1.

As soon as you hit level 2, you should engage on them hard, be in position as the last creep dies

Farm/Harass from levels 2-5

At level 6, you again have substantial kill potential, dives become possible with Alistar ultimate, the idea is very similar to level 2.

A easy transition if you don't get kills at lv 2 or 6: Alistar can roam middle since you're pushed up to the enemy tower. Again, communication with your mid/jungler is key here.

Lv 6-11, lots of farming, at this point it's pretty difficult to kill people since Tristana nukes scale off AP.

Lategame, you just rely on Tristana's amazing damage output and Alistar's tankyness, a very standard tank/dps composition.


Corki, Leona has probably the highest burst potential out of all the possible AD/Support lanes at lv6. Most of the damage comes from the great synergy from Corki's E and Leona's passive, since Gatling gun ticks so quick, you can get the extra damage from every single one of Leona's abilities.

Most of the time, the lane is as simple as landing your skill shots. Leona powers up her shield, lands her stuns and you're going to grab a kill very easily.

Try to recreate this scenario as much as possible: Enemy creep wave sitting outside of your tower range, but their AD is too afraid to CS.

Since the lane is so aggressive, it's also a high priority target for enemy jungles to gank... There are a few ways to deal with this.

1. Countergank, call your jungler down when you feel like there's a gank incoming.
2. Warding, not just the usual spots, but extremely deep in the enemy jungle (if you're blue side, then warding purple Blue Buff) this gives you a lot of "space" to work with, and can even set up counter ganks effectively. Since the lane is naturally aggressive, you can easily push your enemies to tower and then ward.

I recommend looking at my Corki and Xpecial's Leona guides on solomid for more details on either champion.


I love this lane, and have used it a lot in recent tournaments. It's just a perfect balance between early and lategame, offense and defense.

Graves is an incredible laner. Offensively at level 1 with Buckshot, and defensively with his passive. Lategame, he offers great utility with smokescreen while still dealing out great burst and sustained damage.

Janna is very similar, extremely strong laner starting at level 1. Offensively with slows and knockup, defensively with her shield and ultimate.

The synergy between these two champions are obvious, and if played right can easily win games.

At level 1, you have to play extremely aggressively, making sure that you hit level 2 first since that's such a huge level. At level 2, immediately charge at enemy AD or support since they are powerless if they're still leve 1.

Whenever Graves quickdraws in, Janna should immediately shield. Buckshot will do extremely high damages and likely force the enemy AD's retreat.

When you force them out of lane, especially early levels... Janna should tornado to set up a easy Buckshot waveclear.

Janna should harass as much as possible while Graves is still in quickdraw range.

Essentially, Graves/Janna has the raw strength to dominate almost every lane, while still being extremely powerful in the late-game. All you have to do is play smart, and you'll likely come out ahead.


The synergy between Kog'Maw and Nunu is somewhat obvious. Kog'Maw does insane amounts of damage already with his Bio-Arcane Barrage, and Bloodboil only adds to that. Snowball also facilitates chasing and landing Kog ults. Lastly, Nunu's ult also acts as a buffer between the enemy team and Kog, which is very important since Kog has no escapes.

The strength of this lane is apparent at level 6, when both Nunu and Kog get their ultimates. It's very difficult to trade against a bloodboiled Kog'maw when your AD is also slowed by Iceblast. This handicap only widens as Kog and Nunu both reaches level 9 (max iceblast/bio-arcane barrage first).

Before lv 6, usually you want to just farm, since Kog/Nunu isn't that strong during earlier levels. Farm as much as possible and grab double dorans and vamp, this will give Kog enough sustain to definitively win trades.

Since both Nunu and Kog gain great mobility, you can easily control the river. This means to push up bottom, force dragon, or simply run mid and push mid tower before coming back bottom to farm.

Late game once Kog has Red buff along with his IE/PD, and Nunu has his maxed Bloodboil and Zeke's Herald theres almost nothing that can stop the insane amount of damage/lifesteal/range Kog has.. just position yourself well and kill everything.

Item builds/Runes/Masteries

It's great that you can farm well, but that's meaningless if you don't build the correct items for maximum efficiency. I have item builds for all the AD carries in my other guides on Solomid, if you don't know what to buy, just check them out.

Likewise with Runes and Masteries.


Positioning is one of the hardest skills to acquire in LoL. It requires you to have map awareness, and immense knowledge of the game.

In short, positioning on an AD Carry is being able to do as much damage possible without dying.

You don't want to over-extend and die while chasing after a squishy, nor sit back too far and kill the tank too slowly.

To position well, you need to keep track of all 10 Champions in the game and where they are and what they do.

Cooldown on ultimates, cooldown on summoners, what items they have and where they are on the map are all important information for positioning. There's no good way to learn how to position other than die many many times. Eventually you'll know exactly how much you can tank, and what "space" is safe to auto-attack from.

Positioning might be a little too much to think of for newer players, just die a whole bunch of times and be able to say "that champion is killing me, I'm going to stay away from that".


I enjoy playing AD carries, since the longer the game goes, the more I impact the game. Farming and positioning are easy to learn but hard to master. I hope this guide sheds some light on the fundamentals of AD carry for any new player interested in the role. Enjoy learning, and have fun.


April 30, 2013 - 02:19 AM #1

u dont say anything about orbwalking/stutter stepping/etc i think its a big part of a adc to master this technique

March 26, 2013 - 02:14 PM #2

@Gojirafan123 Its okay to run leona ashe as the hard cc is insane in that lane with leonas q,r and ashes r giving them a long stun to lock down and kill the ad carries which will help in the mid-late of the game. However u must still remember to cs properly when harrasing in lane

March 26, 2013 - 02:05 PM #3

@Raff when having items like that u will get bursted down really fast against most team comps. i recommend u build warmog(which is surprisingly good for adc), Guardian Angel or the new Mecurial Scimitar which is upgraded from QSS. my build would be such that i wont be caught easily by bruisers or apcs- IE/BT, Blade Of Ruined King/Static Shiiv,Last Whisperer and if ur really fed u can go for IE/BT/Blade Of Ruined King and warmogs/GA/Mecurial Scimitar.However if ur struggling Early i suggest the avarice blade which helps as it gives the gold per 5 and gold per kill. Also if they have a team comp with vi or singed who can get in back lines easily i suggest u go for the Warmog/GA/ Mecurial Scimitar first before the Last Whisperer as u can still do alot of Damage when u position urself. However if u wish to continue with your build i suggest u take flash, cleanse or heal as these will prevent u from getting caught.

November 16, 2012 - 07:23 AM #4

@gojirafan123 Janna is perfect, also soraka or sona

November 15, 2012 - 06:05 AM #5

@Raff Im not an expert, but that build lacks survivability, wich is fine if you are able to do as much damage as possible without dying.

But if you are having troubles dealing with the enemy bruiser/tank, or they have a leblanc who can burst you down in 2 secs you may consider buy one defense item, guardian angel is a strong choice, another solid choice is quicksilver slash.

November 10, 2012 - 10:51 AM #6

Something I've been mulling over in my head. Something I have experimented with when playing ad carry. I get boots, IE, double phantom dancer, LW, and a executioners calling. I am aiming for a 100 percent crit chance, and those items add up to 100 percent crit, gives me the bonus crit damage, as well as the armor penetration. Is this an effective build?

October 9, 2012 - 02:54 PM #7

Who would be a good support for ADC Ashe bot lane? I have a friend who mains her and I main Support Leona.

September 13, 2012 - 05:22 PM #8

hey chaox u rly thnink that graves/janna ist that good? ofc its not bad but i think if u go graves its more good to take any sup like taric, leona or may blitz.

what u think about that?

anyway well done sir

September 8, 2012 - 02:51 AM #9

How about Blitzcrank + Vayne combination ? 1 Hook + Condemn is a sure kill 95% of times and once they manage to get a few kills they can snowball out of control pretty easily.

August 22, 2012 - 04:44 PM #10

@Chibi49 Alistar, janna, soraka, blitzcrank

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