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Introduction | Aim of this Guide

The aim of this guide is to improve your general perception of the game.

No matter what champion or role you're playing, the issues discussed here will always come in handy.

Ultimately, this guide is just about common League of Legends logic that will hopefully improve your gameplay.

Please do expect to be a better player after reading this guide, because knowing something and applying something is two totally different things.

Let's begin!


I see someone with 0 intelligence

[http://www.funnyforumpics.com/forums/ban/1/normal_ban_him.jpg ]

I see someone who doesn't know what a carry is


I see someone who talks crap



The point of having a forums is for players to discuss issues, issues that ACTUALLY MATTER.

Every 7 threads, they'll always be rage thread flaming players.

There is nothing wrong about opinions, as everyone is entitled to their own opinions and ideas. The thing is, if there is a problem and you would like to enlighten the forums regarding it.

It should be about a players :

1. Attitude
2. Intentional Trolling.


I'm saying this because a person can't be blamed for being bad, because everyone starts bad. If he shows bad attitude in learning, then of course he deserves to be mentioned somewhat, but 99% of the time you blame someone else and not yourself.

Which brings us to the problem of ego.

Letting go

Practically everyone I know seems to suffer from this problem; everyone thinks they're the best player to ever grace this Earth whereby each defeat is unacceptable and they'd come up with a million excuses just so that they remain blameless. Have you ever took a moment to think how ridiculous these people sound?

At the end of the day, you have to realize; it's just a game. The very definition of the world game denotes that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It's okay to lose. So what if you feed? So what if you're trolled? At the end of the day, it's just a game. At the end of the day you have to realize that League of Legends is just a game; not a life and death matter.

Everyone is guilty of this, even myself. Sometimes I get pissed off and write rage threads or scream profanities on skype leaving my mother in the next room wondering where did she go wrong, sometimes winning matters to me when I'm chasing that golden ELO rating where losing is not an option. But at the end of the day, I realized that this is just some computer game and I'm just playing to pass the time while waiting for that derp clanmate of mine to fire up the Terraria server so I can go TNT some sh*t out or displace some lava in Hell.

Firstly, no, you are not the best player ever. No matter what ELO you are, high or low, you are not the best Janna/Sona/Shyvana/Orianna/Banana of this server or the world. No matter how good you are, there will always be people who are better than you. There will always be a greater power more than yourself. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". In other words, if you like to look down, belittle or even insult people who have lesser skills than you, then be prepared to receive the same from those who are better than you. Dudes in glass house shouldn't be throwing rocks, yo.

Second...ly...., so what if you lose? Do you die? Lose all your friends? Forever alone? No. You just lose one game. That's it. Sometimes you perform badly and people will remember you for that match. Sometimes you might even botch up your team's chance to win in a tournament. So f*cking what. Do you do this for a living? Are you a professional gamer? By professional I mean you actually get paid for playing LoL? Assuming you're the average LoL player as my target audience is indeed the average LoL player and the real pros generally skip my articles because they look down upon me and have body odour, then no you don't get paid to play this game nor you are forced to. So what. You lose one game just win the next one. No need to get so worked up about it.

Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow but eventually you will realize one day that the world doesn't revolve around you. You may see this world from your own perspective or centered around you but you are not the main character. You are an average human being who is better than some people and at the same time no better than some other people. You are not unique, you are "special" just like everyone else. The universe is not out to get you by placing noobs on your team or giving you losing streaks nor does it care if you do. But it's okay.

For example, player A argues with player B; player A states that his ELO is higher, player B states that he's richer IRL, player A counter-argues and say that he has 500 friends on facebook, player B states that he has like, 3 girlfriends and gotten laid more times than Michael Jackson got accused of pedophilia. In the end, who's to say that player A or player B is better? It's a subjective matter as none of them has ever walked a mile in each other's shoes. Everyone is raised and developed their own ideology and belief as well as entitled to their own perspective but that's it.

It's very easy to hate others, to judge, to say bad things online in front of a computer screen behind the mask of anonymity, but who are you? Who are you to hate, to judge as if you're better than them? You're not. We each have our own talent, just that some people aren't talented in LoL apparently. They can probably beat you in basketball. Or chess. Or reversi. I love reversi.


In summary, what I'm trying to say here is that so what if you have a losing streak, so what if a champion is broken, so what if you lost, so what if someone BMs you, so what if someone trolls you, it's just a game. Let it go. Enjoy life. Since this is a game, have fun. Get some friends, go premade normal, do some troll builds or troll team composition and just let go. If you lose so what, you had a good laugh anyway.

Then again, this is not an excuse to perform badly or to troll because some people do take this game seriously and to have fun at the expense of others is a terrible thing to do. This message is not to promote players to play like derp saying "It's just a game", but to reach out to those who take this game a little too seriously. As with all of the articles I've written before, I want you to be the best that you can be but if you can't do it don't take it too hard on yourself. It's just a game. Do your best and should you fail, it's okay. Try again.


In order to succeed in this game, or life even, you must persevere. That goes to everyone; begginers, normal players, ranked players. From my observation I see that most of the people on the forums and in-game lack the determination, tenacity and the will to move forward. I will tell you the true secret of rising up the ELO ladder from the lower ELO's;

By having a heart of steel.

Most complaints I heard about is noob teammates, trolls, afk, dc. Let me share with you something;

At my ELO, everyday I have to play by myself the only 1.5k ELO on the team, my second pick 1.3k and the rest unranked against a full team of 1.4k. Despite this fact, I win the game anyway. This is not something uncommon, every high ELO player in the ladder goes through the same thing everyday because that's how the ELO system works; the more you win, the tougher your opponents are or how your teammates will get worse and worse; and you should win anyway. If you win, you get +6, if you lose, you get -15.

But I win anyway.

You see, in each game you join there are 4 possibilities;

1. You got carried and win
2. You carry and win
3. You make mistakes and lose
4. Your teammate make mistakes and lose

Out of these 4 possibilities, you can only determine the outcome of two of them; your own abilities. If you go on with this, eventually your win/lose will be 50/50 and if you can't win more than you lose, your ELO won't improve. So if you take out the possibility of the team losing because of you, you get 2/3 chance of winning. Either you carry or your team carry, or lose because of someone else. That's a good deal. But how do I carry, you ask?

When I'm soloing top, I make sure I kill the guy at top and outfarm him. I'll dominate top. If I can't do that, I'll just hold the lane enough that he won't be a threat to the other lanes and I'll kill him when my jungler comes along.

When i'm soloing mid, I make sure I kill the guy at mind and outfarm him. I'll dominate mid. If I can't do that, I'll just hold the lane enough until the jungler comes. If he dissapears, I'll either push the tower or follow him and counter gank should he choose to gank the other lanes.

When I'm jungling, I make sure that I gank as soon as I get the red buff as ganking at lvl 6 is retarded and you should feel bad about it. I make sure that I help the lanes that needs me the most and I don't push the lanes when I'm holding it for my teammate. I'll help ward with my wriggle's lantern, take dragon whenever a good chance arises and signal for Baron when we won a team fight mid-game.

When I'm ad ranged, I make sure that I'm farmed enough and get the proper items ASAP. In team fights, I stay behind the tanks and off tanks, dealing damage from afar and if they engage I would move back and hide until they come to a stop; where by I would continue attacking.

When I'm support, I would not steal even a single minion from my lane partner, get GP5 items as soon as possible, buy 10 wards and light up the mini map like it's Christmas.

When I'm the captain, I make sure my team has all the roles, arrange it so that it'll have good synergy and during the game I'll issue commands such as sticking, split pushing, ganking, engage, Baron and such.

What I'm trying to say here is that no matter what champion or role that I choose or was forced to play, I give my best shot at it.

But sometimes, I don't. Sometimes, even if I lose, it's okay. Because you know why? It's just a game. You lose nothing more than a bit of your ego and some virtual points on the screen. It's not the WCG finals. It's not dreamhack. It's just a ranked game. I honestly don't care if I lose a few ranked games because you know what? I'll just win the next two games. Even if I go on a losing streak and go back to 1.4k ELO range, I don't care. I reached 1.5k ELO, I can do it again. I didn't got here by luck or got carried, I earned my place.

Contrary to popular belief, I only rage on rare occasions. You want to know why half of my posts are rage related? Because I don't do it in game. I release my rage here. Yes, I'm only human. My patience has limits and I too make mistakes. The reason why I don't rage in game is because when I want to win, I have to keep my team's morale up. I've been in their position too on a regular basis, and if they rage I would be tempted to throw the game. As I mentioned before, what do I care? I'm more satisfied to lose with you rather than carrying you to victory. I'll queue again and once you're on the opposite team, I'll just win you over. That's 1 win and 1 lose for me, 2 loses for you. Then I proceed to win the next game; winning more than you losing, the only way to get your ELO higher.

But sometimes people tend to get a little too nasty and whatever they say would just affect my performance negatively. This is where I type "/ignore *summoner name*" and go about my game. But I don't do this all the time, I need all of my teammate in order to win. Even if I'm carrying 4 noobs, I still have to communicate with each and every one of them to pull of bullsh*t strategies that would bamboozle the five 1.4k ELO players on the opposite team. So I just grit my teeth and tolerate them in order to win. Otherwise, /ignore is my friend. Last resort is to anyhow play, lose and beat them up the next game when they're the enemy.

You may find what I'm saying a bit contradictory; where by how can I play to win when I also say that it's just a game and you don't need to be so worked up about it? But it's all so very simple. Ask yourself, why do you play this game? Why do you want to win? Nobody forced you to play this game. Nobody forced you to win this game. If you lose, you don't die in real life. If you don't play, you don't die in real life. Even if someone points a gun at you and say play this game, you still have the choice of saying "No" by accepting the fact he'll shoot and you'll die. It's just a game. It's okay to lose once in a while.

That's the reason; choice. I chose to play this game. I chose to win. When I can't win, I write it off as it's just a game. I maximize my full potential and good fortune and I minimize my own weaknesses and bad luck. I chose to do this because it's much more rewarding. You can choose to play normal and stomp noobs with your 5 vs 5 premade forever, but I myself find this achievement to be quite empty and unsatisfying. You don't call it an achievement when you steal a candy from a baby. You would just be lying to yourself.

So I choose to win; the fact that when someone tells me that I suck and I still have higher ELO than them and after so long they're still the last pick, that's more satisfying. When I lead a team of scrubs to victory against 5 decent players, that's more satisfying. When I defeat those who has higher ELO than mine legitimately, that's more satisfying. I chose to play ranked, I chose to win because it brings me much more satisfaction and fun compared to pubstomping noobs. Pubstomping noobs is easy, taking on the ranked ladder is hard.

Believe it or not, it's hard for me too. You see, I have no talent for this game actually. I never even played DoTA before. When I first started out Ranked, I won a few games, lost some, by my first dozens I was at 1.3k ELO. Slowly, I move on to 1.4k, then recently reaching 1.5k and now I'm a few games away from reaching 1.6k. I'm just an ordinary player, I've always been an ordinary player. But for whatever talent I lack, I make it up for it through hard work. They say that experience is the best teacher. For every champion that I learned, defeat and lost to, every one of them is a lesson for me to become a better player and this reflects in my climb of the ELO ladder.

I achieved all of this through the virtue of patience. I am patient when I get noob teammates; whereby instead of raging at them and asking them to uninstall, even if they are jerks I cooperate, compromise and keep my cool with them in order to win the game. When I get scolded by people whose ELO are higher than mine, I take their blunt advice as a lesson for me to improve. Sooner or later, as I reward these people's harsh words with kindness, they stopped being jerks to me. They're actually very nice people, after all they are human beings in real life like you and me. As for the higher ELO players, I take their advice, improve myself and hey, now I'm the one whose ELO is higher.

This is why you must have a heart of steel. A heart that is strong and yet open to criticism, with patience and the desire to improve yourself, eventually you can claw your way out of Hell with your own two hands.

Then again, it's always a choice. Do what you want to do because you are free. You can choose not to listen to your mother, you can choose to kill someone, you can choose to help people or you can even choose to do nothing. What is there to choices is just the fact that we'll have to face whatever's the consenquences our actions or inactions have brought forth. If you are willing to get grounded, go to prison, save a life or get nothing at all, it's all up to you. If you choose to play normal and feel good about beating a couple of players who just started this game, up to you. If you choose to lose because you'd rather have your team losing, up to you. If you think you can win the next two games and you'll do your best, up to you. If you figured out dodging only cost -10 elo which is better than playing and losing -15 elo, up to you. It's your choice. If you choose not to listen to me, focusing your energy on blaming others instead of working on the factors you can control, up to you. You choose whatever consenquences that you want to accept.

As for me, I choose to win. Here I am, writing my article so that maybe some of you would take my advice, improve yourself, come into ranked and I'll have decent teammates. I chose to do something about it. Then again, it might backfire and you'll beat me up when you end up on the opposite team. Then again, every loss is an experience gained, so I'll win in the end anyway. I chose to win and I'll win.

Nothing in this world worth having comes easy.

Stop talking, start playing.

There was this one game where I was third pick and this guy was the last pick, meaning he had the lowest ELO on my team. He began talking big and boast about his skills and how he shouldn't be playing support but the carries instead. I asked him a simple question, "If you're good, why are you the lowest ELO?" His answer as "Because I get feeders and trollers in my game!"

Oh, oh really now. Like you're the only one getting trolls in the game. So I told him, I get trolls in my game and I'm still higher ELO than him. Our captain get trolls in his games and he still has higher ELO than us. What makes you so special that you think the matchmaking singled you out? Everyone get trolls, everyone get feeders and everyone loses. The difference is players with actual skill would climb out the ELO ladder rather than complaining most of the time.

So how does "Shut up and play" actually helps? Let say you're working. You're doing the best you can and someone shouts at you for doing a lousy job, telling you that you suck, you're not helping the company, you should quit and commit suicide. Keep note, the intention of this douchebag is for you to be more competent, but logically speaking how does angry words would persuade you to work better? If there's a feeder on your team, pointing out the fact that he is a feeder doesn't automatically make him a better player, instead it might just piss him off and turn him into a worse player for your game.

If you're new to the internet, by all means go google image search blue waffle and goatse. You can thank me later. On topic; if you're new to the internet, here's how trolls work; they deliberately do acts that would piss you off and feed off your anger. It's something like annoying your friends in real life and make them suffer and laugh at their suffering. It is more frequent on the internet due to the fact that you won't get punched in the face if you attempt to do so. The phrase "Do not feed the troll" means that if you encounter a troll in the forums or in your games, your best course of action is to ignore said troll and report him silently. Trolls feed off your anger, if you don't say anything nor do you produce any response, you're doing your job in defeating the troll's purpose.

Given my reputation, a lot of people in my games have been trying to troll me. All I did was just that; shut up and play. I don't care if they went 1/9, I don't care if they're playing jungle revive surge Soraka, all I know is that I join the game, I carry the team and I win. If I lose, I'll just take a short break, wait until they're gone and join the queue again and win the next 5 games.

Some trolls would even resort to verbal harassment in order to get some response from you. How do you deal with such trolls?

They want you to disagree with them, but if you agree with every single thing they say even if you don't actually agree with it, they would eventually shut up. It is not wise to accept an invitation to a fight with an idiot because that idiot will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience.

But sometimes, it's not your fault at all. As in, honestly not your fault. Your score is 12/0, you ward, you helped out every lane, you were polite and everybody liked you, but you still lost due to the incompetence of others. But tell me, how does angry words make things better? If anything, it will only make it worse. The next time that guy sees you he's gonna troll you harder. Listen to me very carefully my friend, anger will not bring you peace. Remember those trolls that attempted to troll me in my previous games? The next time they see me they just stopped. To them, this guy is all business and doesn't care about them. No point trolling him.

Sometimes, people would like to point out how hopeless the match is. How the enemy is OP, how the enemy is Godlike, how it is GG already. Yes, we know that, we already have someone to do that; she's called the announcer. Please don't steal her job, I like her voice. But honestly, do you want to win or not? Nobody even wins their enemy by praising how better they are in combat. All it does is demoralize the team some more. Perhaps you feel the need to point out that the battle is hopeless because subconsciously, you want to lose just so that you could be proven right. If you wanted to lose, why are you still complaining? The best course of action is to of course; shut up and play.

In summary, if you keep your silence besides the usual "Annie MIA", "dragon" and pings, you won't piss off anyone. If you honestly played poorly and people criticize you on that, just agree with whatever they say and they'll stop harassing you. They call you noob, you say okay I noob. They say you suck, you say okay I suck. Who are they to tell you that you suck, and at the same time who are you to tell them they suck? Even if they are better players, at least become a better person instead.

Remember, the more you talk, the less weight your words will carry.

The Mindset

After some time and observation, I've realized the cause of this phenomenon that the majority of LoL players call the "ELO Hell". For all intent and purposes, the term itself is a buzzword. In case you don't know what buzzword means, it's a word that everyone and the media uses but no one actually know what it means. Ask yourself, what is "ELO Hell"? Try to explain to me, in your own words, what is ELO Hell?

To most people, they claim that their stuck in this ELO Hell because they keep getting noob teammates and that these people are preventing them from rising in the ladder as well as their current ELO is not their true ELO. In truth, there is no such thing as ELO Hell. The ELO system itself was designed to give an accurate reading of one's prowess as a summoner in the Fields of Justice given that one played at least a hundred ranked games.

Before I continue, allow me to propose a theory of why people feel that the ELO system is rigged. In my opinion, it stems from the mentality of SEA players who are used to MMOs such as Maple Story, Cabal, Dragonica and such. In MMORPG games, the more you commit to the game, the more time you spend and grind, you get more powerful over time. It doesn't matter if you play like a retarded chimpanzee, when you are a level 130 warrior with a full set of +10 golden armor of the God Wakalukanikto, you will cut down anything in your path.

The same however does not apply to LoL as it is a skill based game. As a player, your skill may improve, remain unchanged or even degrade over time depending on how you yourself as a player progress in time. Take for example a professional football player, every athlete needs to train every day in order to keep his skills in his games in peak condition. If he should slack, go under emotional distress or for whatever reason impairs his training regime, his skills would decay drastically. This fact of life translates perfectly well in the context of LoL in the form of your own personal ELO.

Have you ever run into a certain type of player, at the start of the game states that he can only play 1 champion and wishes to have that role? This is the problem everyone is currently facing and why their ELO doesn't rise up. From my experience with these players, there were only four possible outcomes; either they get to pick their champion and role and perform decently, they don't and are forced to pick a role or champion whom they're not familiar with, they choose their champion anyway despite of the fact it doesn't fit into the team and win anyway or they lose due to inferior team composition. Given the odds from the previous statement, their chance of winning is 50/50. If you are winning as much as you're losing, how much is your ELO? It wouldn't change at all.

From where I stand, I see there are two types of players; low ELO and high ELO players. The low ELO players tend to stay in one ELO range, can only play two or three champions while the high ELO players are able to rise up in the ladder and maintain their position and each of them can fulfil whatever role needed by the team.

Given such situation, in order to win these high ELO players often tolerate and compromise with these one-trick pony players by allowing them to play whatever they want and they themselves pick a tanker, support or anything that would compliment the team. This is why they win and this is why they are able to maintain and increase their ELO. However, as for these lower ELO players, not every higher ELO players are as forgiving. There will come a time when they are not able to pick their champions due to ban, taken by the enemy team or simply wouldn't fit in the team. When they are forced to pick a champion they're not familiar with, what do they say when they suck? "You guys forced me to pick this champion!"

Let's say, you're a summoner who specializes in hard carry champions such as Ashe and LeBlanc. You don't know anything about jungling, tanking or supporting. It works fine when you are the captain and you can pick whatever you want because you're not the last pick. But imagine if you ended up being the last pick, what would happen? Your captain picks Ashe, and if you pick a ranged AD as well assuming that the other side has a proper team composition you would lose. Is it your captain's fault for not allowing you to play your best champion? Now, imagine yourself in your captain's place.

"My ELO is 1500, why should I give this 1300 ELO scrub the role of carrying? I'll carry the team."

You see, no matter what ELO you are, as long as you have higher ELO than the guy next to you, you will have the mentality that whatever champion or role he wants to play, you can play it better. Often, this fact is true.

All of this actually comes from my own personal experience. For a long time, I'm stuck at the 1400 ELO range. As a player myself, my best champions are all carries. In the lower ELO games, as the captain I managed to carry my team well 4 out of 5 times. When it comes to higher ELO games where I am the last pick, I was not able to perform tanking, jungling and supporting as well as I did with my carry champions. Should I refuse to play the role that was assigned to me, my chances of winning diminishes from 70/30 to 50/50 and thus my ELO remains the same.

Until one day, I decided to pick up support and tank champions and learn how to play them. When the time comes where I joined the high ELO games, I performed better than I did before and earned my victory. With enough victories, I joined these high ELO games again not as the 4th or the 5th pick but as the 2nd or 3rd pick; securing my role in what I do best; playing carry champions.

It really doesn't matter if you are a support or a tank player, you can't carry yourself and your team in the lower ELO with those champions. It doesn't matter if you are a carry if there's no one to support or tank in the high ELO games. In order for you to improve as a player, you have to do what's needed to be done, not what you feel like doing.

In summary, there is no such thing as ELO Hell; only Hell that you created yourself. In lower ELO you might complain that your teammate sucks and brought you down, but what did you ever do as a team player, as a captain in order to win the game? I personally dislike calling MIAs, but I do it anyway when my teammates doesn't ward. When I'm captain, I coordinate the roles and champions to ensure good synergy. When I get stuck with noobs who are beyond redemption, I either;

A) Pick a super carry like Vayne or LeBlanc and dominate the game or
B) Dodge and lose 10 ELO rather than play and lose -15 ELO.

In higher ELOs where you can't perform well, it is clearly your fault.

On a side note, recently I played a game as the captain facing the enemy captain at top. I did not perform well as an individual champion, but through coordination and judgement, we won the game. The enemy captain said, "You do realized you failed at top?" to which I reply; "I'm still the better captain and we still won the game." At the end of the day, in Ranked, winning is all that matters and it's still a team game.

Finally, I would like to say that this is my two cent on the subject. By no means do I claim to be the best but I do strive to improve myself as a player and at the same time, I'm more than willing to share what I have and what I know to others. The message of this article is simple; learn more champions and roles. Do what is needed to be done instead of what you feel like doing. It is not a QQ thread, it is not a complain thread, merely something from me that I decided to share with you so you may either take my advice, take it and share it with others or simply ignore it.

It's just like champion select anyway, who am I to force you to play something you can't? The outcome however differs entirely.

Giving up.

There has been dozens of games where after someone in my team gives first blood or die just 1 time only; people start saying "GG FEEDER" and play like a down-syndrome chimpanzee with a broken paw. A chimpanzee that keeps spamming the surrender button and afk at base, that is. Unfortunately, that doesn't go well with me. For I am a determinator.

Back to my first point, the reason why I brought it up in the first place is because first blood, two, three four deaths in early game means nothing to me. I've been in at least a hundred games where all of my inhibitor and towers including Nexus's were down and all we had left was the Nexus itself; and still won it. So whenever things get a bit sour in the beginning, I always say to myself "Meh, I've been through worse."

But that's not the case with the general population of the SEA people. The arguments I hear against my determination to fight until the end was mostly it's wasting their time. Wasting your time? Excuse me? You know what's wasteful? Playing for 25 minutes and give up. You wasted 25 minutes of MY time God damnit.

And what are the implications of such act? It means that the players on the other side were too hard for you and you'd rather fight newbies, easy players. Fact is, if you had actually stayed and by chance, you win; you'd actually learn how to play in the situation where things are desperate and if you play in the situation often enough; it would actually improve your overall skill as a player.

You have to remember that this is a team game; and in any team based endeavor, there is something called "Morale". Team spirit. Admit it, you actually play better when your teammates are supportive. If you're act all negative, you're demoralizing the team. You're affecting their performance. For better or worse; work with your teammates, not against them.

Define skills

It's a misconception that the majority of LoL players believe that the Elo system is inaccurate and it's not a reflection of their true skills. It's always one excuse after the other on why they keep losing, they're stuck in Elo Hell, such and such. When I said "Reflection of true skill", what comes to mind? What does the word "skill" means to you? An average respond would be "How well I can play some champions".

You see, skills is such a broad term. There are more to the game that you need to master besides being really really good at one champion. Yeah, it works but chances are if people know your tricks you'll be shut down faster than AnimalPlanet's Elo drop on weekends. I'm going to list a few skills that people often neglect in favour of their favourite champions. Mind you, if you master these skills, you will win more.

People Skills
As surprising as it may seem, your enemies and teammates are actually human beings. As such, their respond can be rather predictable. It's all very simple; just put yourself in their position. It's a simple motto; if you throw sh*t at people, don't be surprised if they throw sh*t back at you. So sometimes we get difficult teammates, but if you talk to them nicely, they would eventually listen to you. Even if it doesn't work all the time, it gets the job done most of the time as this is, surprisingly, a team game where you need your teammates to win. So, communication is important.

Team Building Skills
In champion select, usually it's the captain's duty to arrange the roles, lanes, bans and such, but if the captain is docile, you can step in and suggest these things. You have to consider about which champion synergizes well with each other, which champion is better to fight one another and which champion works with the team. You see, I'm still perplexed over the fact that people are genuinely surprised when they see a certain champion is at mid or bot whereby if you had looked over the enemy team composition you would already know who you're fighting. Here's an example;

Enemy team; Ashe, Sona, Nunu, Jarvan, Brand. Your teammate who's assigned to mid picks TF. Once there, he meets brand and he says "OMG WHY BRAND MID I THOUGHT ASHE MID"

Yes, this still happens. So by now, you should know with a single glance that which of the enemy team is going which lane, who are you sending to fight them and if you are sending an inferior champion (Let's say sending Nasus against Garen), you should very well know of the consequences. It is forgivable if you confuse their tanky DPS top with their jungler as the champions of these two roles are interchangeable.

Strategic Skills
What do you know about strategy? Besides "Push! Stick! Back! Ping!"? If your strategies are limited to this, I'm sorry to say but you deserve to be in whatever low Elo circle you are in right now. There are so many strategies that you can pull off just by utilizing all 5 of your team members. The simplest would be flanking; whereby when the enemy is pushing, one guy defends the tower while 4 of your teammates come from behind and engage them in a delicious sandwich like manner. Some strategies calls for your teammates to split up as the enemy is 5 AoE and by sticking, you're just asking to get aced faster.

Prediction Skills
As I've mentioned before; these players you play with are people too. That means whatever you are capable of, they are capable of doing that as well. Quick question; it's 25 minutes into the game, all 5 of them are missing. Where are they? If you just got ganked by 5 people with all of them having purple buff, congratulations. You didn't ward the Baron. If you play this game enough, you are able to see patterns of other players; how they work as an individual and as a team. For example, people who have played with me many times before are familiar with the fact that I would chase the enemies into the gates of Hell, I would dive with 5% health and I like to push alone. Therefore, these people, allies and enemies alike utilize their understanding of me to either bait, gank or anticipate what I'm about to do next. Another example would be that you ask your support to CV between the enemy blue and wolves and see that the blue buff is up while the wolves is gone; it's a very logical assumption that the enemy jungler would go and take the blue in the next 2-3 minutes. You can wait there, gank and steal the blue. If you see Annie charging up her stun and walking like a mental patient in front of you, in the next 5 seconds she's gonna flash and tibber stun you, so you have to expect that as well. In summary, it's a skill that requires experience for you to anticipate what the enemy is going to do next. If you want to win at chess, you have to know what your opponent will do 10 steps ahead.

Juking Skills
Juking is basically a fancy word of evading the enemy by doing ridiculous move like going into a bush then running in the opposite direction or flashing over a wall. A lot of champions are able to pull off complicated jukes by utilizing their escape skill sets while others can only rely on bushes, flash and manual mouse control to dodge skill shots, ganking, political assassinations and character assassinations. If you are particularly skilled in this, I'm pretty sure whenever you caught your enemy, you would say to yourself "What? If I were him I'd dodge the stun, jump over the wall, exhaust, knockback and dragon kick him all the way to the Nexus! What a noob".

There also other aspects of the games such as runes, psychological warfare and others that I'm too tired to mention that you may mention yourself. As some of you know, I tend to flux my ELO between 1.3k to 1.5k. When I was in the lower ELO circle, there were a few players who exhibit all of these qualities and when I got back to 1.5k, they were there with me as for those who complain about teammates and yet didn't posses any of these skills, well they're still stuck there. The point here is that when you want to talk about skills, you might as well be the best Brand or Morganna in this server, but when you lack these other skills no matter how well you play a particular set of champions, you will never rise up in your ELO unless you improve on other aspects of the game as well.

Honoring Achievements

A sense of entitlement is not necessarily bad, you work hard then you earn it. If you deserve it, you'll get it. I'm here to warn you about the false sense of entitlement; asking for things you have yet to earn or deserve. What makes you think you deserve the things you want? What have you done to deserve it?

In terms of League of Legends, I'm talking about ELO. So you want to escape ELO Hell, so you want to play in high ELO games, but why do you think you deserve to play in high ELO games? Can you play all the roles? No? Do you think with your skill level, you can play against other players who are on that level? If not, you deserve to be in the lower ELO and you are not actually entitled to be higher ELO unless you work for it.

You see, everyone else who has higher ELO worked for it. Some are naturally talented, some were WCG-level DoTA players but overall, these people earned their ELO. When they win, they deserved to win. A lot of players that I know of who are from 1.4k to 1.6k ELO get to their ELO through their skills alone. I hear a lot of complains that players who just joined ranked gets trolls and that they give up. Guess what, we get trolls too. We drop to 1.2k ELO as well. But we never gave up. We persevered, carried the team time and time again and eventually we earned the ELO that we deserve.

Additionally, this is a team game. In the game itself, two teams fight one another, and whichever team deserves to win, they will win. Because no matter what, it's not that one team has the better players or the other team has afk, feeders and such, it's the very fact that one team got outplayed by the other team. One team is just better than the other team. If you wanna blame it on feeders and afk, I get feeders on my team I've won 4 vs 5 before even 3 vs 5. I train to play a lot of champions for a lot of different situation to get me to the ELO I deserve, so what have you done to make claims for the things you have yet to earn?

The funny thing about people who complains about noobs is the very fact that matchmaking matches you with players of your own skill. If let say you're level 1, and you just won 20 wins in a row then the system would perceive you as very pro and match you against lvl 30 players. If you're in ELO Hell, chances are you play like one. In my experience in ranked, those who are new to ranked with under 20 wins would mess up the game 90% of the time. The other 10% is when they actually are pretty talented and I see them in the higher ELO range within a week. For everything else, it's just excuses of a small boy crying for a toy that he wants in a store that he has yet to earn.

And then there's the Garena, in general. We complain, complain, complain about why server overextend, why server so noob never buy wards tio gank by bugs, and yet we forget that it was Garena who brought LoL here to SEA where we can play with minimal latency, the one that organized tournaments and such. Who are we to complain? What's more, it's a free to play game. If they opened the server early, you people complain over the bugs, and if they opened it late you people complain how it's late.

"But Kada, I paid them money!" Yeah who's money did you use, your mother's? Is it money that you earned? Did you work for that money? If not, if you had used your own money that you worked with, that you earned, then shame on you. You know how hard it is to make money and yet you never actually considered that the Garena staff are workers who are trying to make an honest living. If you say you are entitled to the BEST SERVICE EVER from Garena, please la don't bullsh*t me. I've had experience working, you've had experience working, no matter how much we enjoy work, none of us ever give our 100% commitment to our work. Some Garena staff may give their best to make things better for all of us, but in the end with the limited human resource they can only do so much.

Ego and Attitude

Pride. We have too much of it. Truth is, we are a prideful, arrogant lot who looks down upon those who we perceive to be weaker and to be envious of those who thought of to be strong. From what I see in many of the fellow players here, we tend to overestimate our own skills as well as underestimating the skills of our opponent; and there is danger in both of these issues in the long run.

Let's talk about the first issue; overestimating oneself. Two matches ago, I had an unholy lag spike in the middle of the game that caused me to go on feeding 0/11. If one were to judge my skills over that one game and say that I'm a feeder, in the context of that particular game it makes sense. But do I feed in every game I play? Truth is, as players we should be judged by the majority of our games instead; if we perform exceedingly well in most of our games, we would be regarded as great players and it's the same if we perform badly in most of our games.

This is where ELO comes in. For players like me, should I get a heavy team to carry or genuinely lost because of other players, it's fine because I can carry the next two or three games and maintain if not increase my ELO. It's not that I won the first few matches and jump all the way to 1.5k within 10 games, I reached 1.3k dozens of times and reached 1.5k back up no prob. It's not just possible for me, it was possible for other players such as AnimalPlanet, Forswear and many others. Thus, the argument of "I lost because of noobs" is invalid because there are a lot of players who were at the same ELO as them who gets and loses just as much ELO with every match can reach higher ELO.

You're not just as good as you thought you are. If you are truly a good player, your ELO would be high. If not, then you deserve to be in that ELO. You have to realize, when you're in an ELO circle, your teams and opponents would be around the same ELO as yours and in turn their skill level would be on parr with yours. Should you call them noobs, remember, you're at the same level with a noob. Which brings us to the next point; underestimating our opponents.

Sometimes, I am curious over why my friends complain about the noobs in their team as such because I get the same noobs and I had no problems playing with them, so occasionally I'd duo queue with them to see how their play and such. I realized the problem; he plays as if the opponent are idiots. His strategic decisions were predictable and poor. When his gambits failed, he got baited, he forgets the opponents summoner skills, eventually his faults costed us the games. All he had to say was "OMG HOW THEY KNOW" and "WAH LAO THEY ALL WAITING IN THE BUSH".

A more appropriate example would be Le Blanc and Karthus; you see the problem with Le Blanc is that she can't farm very well and rely on golds earned from killing champions. What makes her painful is her double skill; where by if you get hit twice by her spells it would hurt a lot. As for Karthus, press R to hit everyone. Now, assuming your opponents are idiots, you will win. Here's why we don't see everyone picking LB and Karthus and win to 1.9k ELO; eventually you'll fight opponents who aren't idiots and buy banshee's veil and know how to dodge the skills.

Back up, I've mentioned that these qualities would be dangerous to our community in the long run. How is it dangerous? You have to realize; if everyone thinks they're great, their skills won't improve. They'll continue to laugh when they fight weaker enemies and blame everyone but themselves when they lose to stronger enemies. With the lack of competition, we can't bring each other to new heights as we need strong enemies to become stronger ourselves.

Frankly speaking, as someone who's used to playing ranked, whenever I join normal game, 99% of the people in it plays like imbeciles. Even when I see ranked players in normal, they're testing out new champions, playing casually with friends or trolling. I myself troll with friends in normal. Here's the sad fact; we actually win when we troll. In my personal opinion, normal game is about which team has the bigger idiots. You won, good for you but that's just because your enemies were more idiotic than yours.

And then there's the ranked games; I see a lot of times people asking others to uninstall or quit ranked if they don't do well and I'm guilty of this as well. But the fact is, in this server, ranked solo queue is the only realistic place for anyone to hone their skills and prove their worth. If your skills are not that good, you belong in the "not that good" ELO. If you're skills are good, you belong in the "good" ELO. That's how it is. Sure, you'd get idiots in your game, but these idiots if they're truly idiots would sink lower and lower and if you are truly good you would go higher and higher and eventually you two will never see each other again.

The irony of all of this is that I once saw a thread by player A raging about player B, and then player B was raging about player C and player C is raging about player A. I made a sound conclusion; all three of them deserve to be playing with other as each of them didn't listen to the advice of others and at the same time complaint about each other. How can you ask people to listen if you're not listening yourself?

Accumilation of Hatred

Whenever I dropped a substantial amount of elo, my dark side starts to bring out the worst out of me. I seem to be unable to win the game, whatever I try to do.

Was it because of my lack of skill? Maybe. Some people think that the amount of elo earned, is equivalent to your skill. But on the otherhand, some people think that elo is an undefined unknown, adding in the chances of trolls in everygame, or rather just spoilers.

Well, whatever way you want to judge it, I realized what was most important, the gaming experience.

What defines your elo is not your skill, nor your luck, but how well you appreciate the game.

It is your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude

The important thing about a game, is not how hard you tried to carry your team, or how many spoilers they are. But rather, what you've learn from it.

I spend almost 1/2 an hour after the match telling my friends how I could've won that much but was prevented from doing so due to spoilers, or just afkers. I was blinded, and oblivious to the fact that there's some good I can take from it. This applies to everything in life, for example when you're paired up with ignorent students in a project.

Having found this new way of playing, I decided to duo with one of my clanmate and friend, Dafyduck. Up till now, I've been complaining and complaining about alot of stuff. I WAS BLAMING EVERYTHING EXCEPT MYSELF. And in most games, I was met with trolls in Champion Selection who could only play 1 role. I applied my new found philosophy, and found out that they were more willing to listen to me, than the previous me that did all the raging.

Initially, they were trolls like any other game., threatening to afk and spoil the game if they don't get what they want. But instead of daring them to do so, I obliged to their wishes, and they really started to play properly.

Not only did this create a better gaming experience for us and the opponents, but it also gives us the satisfaction of knowing that a good game has been played. Not only am I not going to troll anymore, but I will play everygame with the best of my ability. To not only create that great gaming atmosphere, but to show people that. " Hey, not everyone's that bad in S.E.A"

If you play nice, if you see the humanity in others, you are more likely to win. Nothing worthwhile can ever be accomplished through hatred. As with kindness, some might slap your hand away or even ignore you, but you would gain much more if they repriociate while you stand to lose nothing if they don't.

I admit, it's fun to troll. Sometimes, I would join normal game, play Heimerdinger or Eve and start talking in vietnamese just to see what would happen. But that's me having fun at the expense of others and yet that sort of fun is empty and short. When I forgive others for doing badly, when they say thank you, add me as friend and we got to know each other better is a much more satisfying experience. What's a loss anyway, it's just a game. I can always win the next game.

I don't expect you to automatically become nice or accept my way of thinking after reading this short article, but even if one person decides to be more forgiving, more understanding and reach out to others as I do, that would be enough. Some people are cynics, some demands respect before they can give it out while others give out trust freely until that trust is compromised. In my opinion the latter would be better.

Tl;Dr? Discovering how to be humble, is the 1st step to improving.


The Summoners Code|Conclusion

In conclusion to this thread, I'm going to quote something from the summoners code that no one ever seems to acknowledge.

Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat

“To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.” -Benjamin Franklin

Having a great game is one of the biggest joys that League of Legends can bring you. But always bear in mind that when you’re relishing that landslide victory there is someone on the receiving end that is probably ripping their hair out. While it’s alright to celebrate, make sure that you keep any gloating (or any other mode of self-indulgence) out of all chat. Instead, thank your opponents for the game. After all, despite their best efforts, they just made you a very happy person.

Moreover, if you’ve just lost, avoid pointing any fingers or deploying excuses. Even if you had a great game, it’s not alright to blame your team. You had five opponents in that game, and - seeing as you just lost - chances are that they had something to do with it. We all know that losing can be frustrating, particularly if it’s a close game or one that’s completely one sided, but nobody likes a sore loser. Instead, thank your opponents for the game, and take a moment at the end of game screen to ask what you could have done better. If you’re polite, you might pick up a few pointers that can help you counter your opponent’s strategy in the future.

Truly, the latter is a game that deserves to be called GG, "Good Game", a term that has long lost it's meaning.

Credits to Kada for his wonderful threads that encouraged me to make this guide, he's been an inspiration to me and I hope I'll preserve his work in his name.
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