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Hello, I am Tendresse, and I have been playing League of Legends for about a year and a half at the moment of writing these lines. I cannot claim to be one of the best players in the world, but I am currently around 1700 Elo which puts me in the top 5% of players. I remember when I first started, I was somewhat annoyed by the lack of some kind of League of Legends bible where everything you needed to know was found in one simple place. There is a ton of information out there, but it's mostly scattered throughout LoL's official boards, the many unofficial sites, the wikia, players' personal blogs, etc. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the game by a group of players who could teach me most of the basics, but most people don't have this luxury. This document is my attempt to fix this annoyance. It is around 30000 words long and required around 30 hours of writing and researching, but I still consider it a work in progress due to the always changing nature of this game. It is mostly directed at new players, but experienced players who find themselves stuck in lower Elos might find some of the information here quite helpful.


This document is massive. It is -not- meant as a one-time read. You will learn much more about the game by simply playing it than by taking an hour (or four) of your time to go through this in one shot. Depending on your experience, your skill and your intentions, you will find certain chapters completely irrelevant to your interests. A good part of this guide is actually nothing more than a compilation of facts that you should consult when the need arises. It's a buffet. You're not expected to take on the entire thing.

NB : I cannot claim that everything I write here is valid for higher levels of play (1800+ Elo). I have no experience there, thus whatever I may think about the gameplay of 2000 Elo would be based on speculation, which isn't what this guide is about. That being said, if you deserve to be higher than that, you shouldn't bother reading this anyway.

Also, English is not my first language, so please bear with me for grammatical and syntax mistakes. If you stumble upon some mistakes that really bug you, send me a PM or leave a comment and I'll get it fixed. Likewise, if you have any suggestion or feedback, don't by shy to send it my way !

Table of Contents

A list of this guide's feature, obviously in the order in which they appear.

Game Concepts
Champion Roles
Team Composition
Summoner Spells
Playing the Game - Getting Started
Playing the Game - Mid Lane
Playing the Game - Top Lane
Playing the Game - Bottom Lane Carry
Playing the Game - Bottom Lane Support
Playing the Game - Jungle
Champions' Need-to-Know


ad - [http://i46.tinypic.com/xp5u8m.png] Attack Damage
aoe - Area of Effect
ap - [http://i46.tinypic.com/n4a5aq.png] Ability Power
as - [http://i46.tinypic.com/317b4wg.png] Attack Speed
b - Short for “back”. Depending on the context, can mean either “fall back” or “recall”
bd - Backdoor
blue - Blue Buff, usually represents the Golem jungle mob that holds the buff
b'ing, bp, pilling - [http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110924180616/leagueoflegends/images/thumb/4/43/Recall.png/20px-Recall.png] Recalling
bot - Bottom lane
cc - Crowd Control : stuns, slows, snares, roots, dance, etc.
cv - Clairvoyance summoner spell
dps - Damage per second
drag - Dragon
fb - First Blood, meaning the first champion kill of the game
gp5/gp10 - Gold per 10, referring to items, runes or masteries that grant additional gold per 10 seconds. It is most commonly referred as gp5 because the term was popularized by items which granted 5 gold per 10 seconds.
mia, miss, ss - Missing In Action; an enemy champion is unaccounted for
mid - Mid lane
mr - [http://i50.tinypic.com/f4eft5.png] Magic Resistance
ms - [http://i46.tinypic.com/5k5579.png] Movement Speed
ob - Our Blue, meaning your team's Ancient Golem. It is usually followed by the time at which it will respawn.
oom - Out of mana
or - Our Red, meaning your team's Lizard Elder. It is usually followed by the time at which it will respawn.
re - Returned; usually follows a "mia" call, meaning the previously unaccounted for champion is now back in sight
red - Red Buff, usually represents the Lizard jungle mob that holds the buff
SR - Summoner's Rift
top - Top lane
tb - Their Blue, meaning the enemy team's Ancient Golem. It is usually followed by the time at which it will respawn.
tp - Teleport summoner spell
tr - Their Red, meaning the enemy team's Lizard Elder. It is usually followed by the time at which it will respawn.
TT - Twisted Treeline
ult - Ultimate ability
xp - Experience Points, you acquire these as enemy monsters, creeps or champions die beside you. After acquiring a set amount of experience points, your champion will level up.

Items :

aa - Archangel's Staff
atmogs - Combination of Atma's Impaler and Warmog's Armor.
bt - Bloodthirster
bv - Banshee's Veil
cap, hat - Rabadon's Deathcap
cv - Chain Vest
fh - Frozen Heart
fon - Force of Nature
ga - Guardian Angel
hog - Heart of Gold
ie - Infinity Edge
lb - Lich Bane
lw - Last Whisper
nlr - Needlessly Large Rod
pd - Phantom Dancer
sv - Spirit Visage
triforce - Trinity Force
wota - Will Of The Ancients

Champions :

bird - Anivia
croc - Renekton
dinger - Heimerdinger
gp, pirate - Gangplank
j4 - Jarvan IV
ls - Lee Sin
lb - LeBlanc
mf - Miss Fortune
mk, monkey - Wukong (Monkey King)
mumu, mummy - Amumu
raka - Soraka
rat - Twitch
tf - Twisted Fate
ww - Warwick
xz - Xin Zhao

League Of Legends/MOBA Concepts

Many concepts are unique to either LoL or MOBA games, and thus might seem shady at first for new players. I'll do my best to concisely explain these concepts.

Ancient Golem - A strong jungle creep that holds a blue buff. The blue buff is transferred upon death to whoever gave the final blow. The buff grants significantly increased mana/energy regeneration and reduced cooldowns. He spawns at 1:55 and respawns 5 minutes after he (and the 2 little monsters that accompany him) dies. Below is a picture of said Golem, along with the blue buff he holds :


Backdoor - To kill enemy structures without any friendly creeps nearby. Usually done on defenseless inhibitors, but can also be achieved on weakened towers.

Baron - Short for Baron Nashor. An extremely powerful creep that spawns in a small alcove in the middle of the upper river at 15:00, and respawns every 7 minutes after being killed. Upon death, he grants a massive 300 gold to every champion on the team that scored the final blow, on top of giving them a powerful buff that increases their HP and Mana Regeneration, AP and AD. Unlike other buffs, this buff is lost upon death rather than being transferred to the killer.


Bush - A brush of high grass that hides whatever is inside from outside the bush.

Carry - As a noun, represents a champion that is weaker early game but grows stronger than other champions as the game goes on. As a verb, ("Peaches, stop carrying me"), it means to "carry" the game on your shoulders and pull your team to a victory.

Dragon - A powerful creep that spawns in a small alcove in the middle of the lower river at 2:30, and respawns every 6 minutes after being killed. Upon death, he gives 190 gold to every champion on the team that scored the final blow.


Fountain/Stairs - The area where champions spawn when the game starts and after dying. There's a powerful lazor tower there, so avoid stepping up the stairs of the enemy fountain.

Gank - Attacking a lane to create a killing chance.

Global - A skill that has unlimited range. These either represent skills such as Ashe's Ultimate, which will travel the entire map until hitting a champion or the map's boundaries, Karthus' Ultimate, which will hit anyone on the map, or Shen's Ultimate, which allows him to teleport to any champion on the map. Other spells with very high range are also sometimes referred to as global even though they don't cover the entire map, usually because they used to be fully global ( Twisted Fate's ultimate, Pantheon's ultimate).

Golem - Average jungle creeps. They respawn every 60 seconds.

Harass - To apply damage on an enemy champion during the laning phase.

Hybrid - A champion that stacks both AD and AP, or who deals both Magical and Physical damage.

Inhibitor - There are three inhibitors for every team, one per lane. When an inhibitor is destroyed, the team which destroyed it now spawns super minions in that lane. The inhibitor will respawn 5 minutes after it has been destroyed. It also slowly gains back HP over time. You cannot deal damage to the Nexus Turrets if all 3 inhibitors are up.

Jungle - As a noun, the area of the map that is not either a lane or your base, in which mobs spawn periodically throughout the game. As a verb, it means killing the aforementionned mobs to level up rather than laning.

Kite/Kiting - Hit & Run tactics. Usually assumes that the kiter is faster than the champion getting kited.

Lane - The three corridors without trees that spawn from your base. They're called top, middle and bottom. Creeps from both sides spawn periodically from the base and follow the lanes until they meet up and clash in an epic battle of terrific proportions.

Leash/Leashing - To land the first hit on a creep, usually the blue buff golem or the red buff lizard, and then running away. This allows the jungler to get a few hits on the golem without taking any damage, making his jungle safer, without taking any of his XP.

Lizard Elder - A strong jungle creep that holds a red buff. The red buff is transferred upon death to whoever gave the final blow. The buff grants extra true damage over time and applies a on-hit slow. He spawns at 1:55 and respawns 5 minutes after he (and the 2 little monsters that accompany him) dies.

Meta - Short for Metagame : The game outside the game. This is the set of conventions and strategies which establish the standards of your typical League of Legends game (although the concept applies to every video game). As wikipedia puts it : "In simple terms, it is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions." The meta dictates where the champions should go, what their skillset should be, and what their general actions should be. Breaking the meta is doing something that is considered non-optimal, and is thus generally frowned upon because it is assumed that following the meta is the optimal way to play the game. Do not let that deter you from trying out unorthodox strategies if you think they may yield surprisingly good results (do not go overboard, after all the meta is simply the natural evolution of the game).

On-Hit - An effect that is applied after every auto-attack.

Proc - Short from "Procedure", an effect that has a certain chance of happening after an event. Most procs happen on auto-attacks, such as Wriggle's Lantern's, Phage's and Lich Bane's.

Recalling - Pressing the "B" button in game to teleport back to your fountain.

River - The river that runs from the top-left corner of the map to the bottom-right corner. It is divided, surprisingly, into "top river" and "bottom river" by the middle lane.

Skillshot - A skill that isn't a "click a target" spell. The spell is directed toward a location rather than toward a target, they are thus generally considered harder to use. However, this is usually compensated by higher benefits for hitting a target and longer range than similar skills.

Solo lane - When only one champion is in a lane, he's "soloing". Soloing grants more experience than a duo lane because the XP isn't split between two champions. It also usually grants more gold because you're not sharing the creep kills with someone else.

Snowball - When a champion kills an enemy, that champion grows stronger, therefore it's easier for him to kill enemies, therefore it's even easier for him to grow stronger. That vicious cycle is called snowballing.

Split pushing
- To push two lanes simultaneously, usually top and bottom.

Tower/Turret - A tower that automatically shoots nearby enemies and deals massive damage early game.

Wolves - Weak jungle creeps that have a 25% crit chance. They respawn every 60 seconds.

Wraiths - Weak jungle creeps. They respawn every 50 seconds.

Champion Roles

AD Carry - A carry that deals mostly phyiscal damage. AD carries gain most of their power through items, therefore they usually blossom during late-game, where your items start to stack up. Their job is to farm until they get good items, and then kill everything on sight. Examples :

Anti-Carry - A champion with high damage that can ignore enemy champions to focus on his target. These champions are usually very niche, but are quite powerful nonetheless. Their job is to wipe out the enemy carry. Examples :

AP Carry - A carry that deals mostly magical damage. AP carries gain most of their power through levels, therefore they usually excel during the mid-late game, once their primary spells are maxed. Their kit usually includes at least one form of CC. Their job is to dominate the midgame. If the game goes to lategame, they're usually more relied upon for their CC, because at that point the AD carry will have taken over the role of main damage dealer. Examples :

Assassin - A champion that lacks survivability, but compensates with massive single-target burst damage. Their job is to take out squishies. They fill the exact same role as Anti-Carries, however Assassins have no way of ignoring damage and thus rely on timing, positionning and subtlety to get the work done. Examples :

Bruiser - Also referred to as Offtanks, Tanky DPS or Beefy DPS. A champion that has high survivability, but not enough CC to protect the rest of his team, and thus is ineffective as a main tank. Most Tanky DPS builds include one or two damage dealing items along with 4-5 survivability items. Their main role is to take down enemy carries. Examples :

Jungler - A champion who gains XP and gold through killing mobs in the jungle. These champions either have a way of sustaining their health through skills or have a way to greatly diminish the damage they recieve from creeps. The role of the jungler is to gank lanes, create a second solo lane for his team, and control Baron/Dragon. Examples :

Roamer - A champion that isn't assigned to a lane in particular. The roamer just walks from lane to lane, creating gank opportunities everytime. Roamers generally don't need much items or XP because they're usually needed only for the CC their skills bring. Examples :

Support - A champion who has ways of protecting (baby-sitting) a carry. Shields, snares, heals, slows, silences usually make up most of a support character's skillset. Examples :

Tank - A champion whose purpose is to whitstand punishment while protecting the rest of his team. Tanks usually have one or multiple forms of CC. Examples :

Champion Select Screen

You are now at the champion select screen. Although nothing is stopping you from picking any champion your heart desires, this document assumes you want to be on the winning side. Therefore, it is recommended that you pick a champion that efficiently fills the required role in the team.

There are many factors to keep in mind when the time comes to selecting a champion, and thus it's not an easy job as a new player to keep track of everything. There's not really any easy solution for this aside from playing; as time goes on, you'll get to know which champs have CC, which ones don't, which ones benefit more from a support, which ones have global spells, what are their roles, etc. However, for now, you can still do your fair share by reading this chapter.

A team's standard composition is the following :

1 AD Carry
1 AP Carry
1 Tank
1 Support
1 Assassin/Anti-Carry/Tanky DPS (I'll just call these Offtanks for the rest of this chapter)

Having a dedicated tank has somewhat faded out of popularity lately, instead it is more common to have 2-3 tanky champions that will simply protect the carries in the back row. It should also be noted that having the better team composition doesn't ensure victory until very high levels of play. It usually comes down to playing your cards right. But if you assume that everyone has a similar skill level, the best team composition should take the cake.

It is also a good idea to have a jungler on your team to give your team a second solo lane, to create early ganks and to control dragon/baron. You can recognize a Jungler by their use of the Smite summoner spell. Some junglers pride themselves into not taking Smite; while it can work against uncoordinated teams, it's a terrible idea at a higher level of play. Think of it as not scouting in Starcraft (or any RTS for that matter). It gives you one small benefit in a certain area (one extra unit), but makes another area of your game completely inexistant.

You should try to have at least one Exhaust and one Ignite on your team, because both of them hard-counter a few champs.

The standard setup is :

Top lane : Offtank/Assassin or Tank
Mid lane : AP Carry
Bot lane : Support + AD Carry
Jungle : Offtank/Assassin or Tank

The top lane is the lane which is the least involved in the first 25 minutes since it's far away from the dragon. It is usually assigned to a champion who thrives lategame and thus will spend most of his early game farming up and ignoring most of the action that goes on elsewhere. The mid lane is assigned to the AP carry, who is therefore the most mobile of the champions in the team, excluding the jungler. This allows him to have control over the flow of the game by ganking side lanes, invading the enemy jungle, etc. The bottom lane goes to the AD Carry and the Support. The latter makes sure the former doesn't die and tries to give him the most farm possible. The jungler ganks whatever lane is in trouble.

This setup isn't set in concrete since it's related to the meta, but it rarely changes. However, you may come across more unorthodox setups which may end up being as much if not more successful over the course of a game, such as this one :

Top lane : AD Carry
Mid lane : AP Carry
Bot lane : 2 Offtanks, one acting more as a support
Jungle : Offtank

The AD Carry is assumed to be a potent laner, thus he can hold his own in a lane without the need of a support. Bot lane doesn't have as much sustain as the standard AD Carry/Support duo, but they're extremely tanky and have very high burst damage, which means that they can melt and snowball their opposition very effectively.

Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are one of the many ways you have at your disposal to customize your champion before heading in the battle. They typically have a very high cooldown, and as such are commonly used when going all-in on an opponent or when attempting to escape a very unsafe situation. Since most ultimates have lower cooldowns than Summoner Spells, it is widely accepted that using an ultimate to make an enemy champion burn one (or two) summoner spell is a winning trade. Here they are, along with the reason(s) why you should choose them.

Offensive Spells :

Greatly reduces the target's speed, attack damage, ability damage, item damage and, if you took Summoner's Wrath mastery, reduces its armor and magic resistance. Exhaust is very powerful against AD Carries due to the massive 70% damage reduction on their auto attacks, while making them extremely vulnerable. Best taken on champions with innate gap closers or speed steroids, since it has very short range.

Increases the caster's movement speed for a relatively long period of time while allowing them to ignore unit collision. Ghost is a very good chasing spell due to its very long duration. It is both an offensive and defensive spell, and is best taken on champions with sustained damage and/or lacking reliable gap closers.

The second most popular Summoner Spell. Ignite deals a small but meaningful amount of damage to the target, along with reducing the healing done to the target. It is extremely useful when securing kills in the laning phase, while it is mostly used for the healing reduction debuff during teamfights. It is best taken on champions that plan on killing the enemy laner every once in a while (yes, it means pretty much anyone).

A very unpopular spell due to the very contradictory bonuses it provides. Very few champions benefit from both Attack Speed and Ability Power, as such this spell is often outclassed by either Exhaust or Ignite when it comes to dealing more damage to a target. It is best taken on the very few champions who benefit from both Attack Speed and Ability Power.

Defensive Spells :

An uncommon spell that instantly removes any CC afflicting your champion, mostly picked on squishies to counter a team with high crowd control. Do note that Cleanse only removes movement impairments and summoner spells debuffs (including Ignite), therefore it does not counter the same champions as Quicksilver Sash does (although there is some overlapping). Best taken on carries who want an extra safety net against crowd control champions.

A very common spell usually picked on AD Carries but situationally picked on solo laners aswell. Heal heals you for a satisfying amount of health, and heals anyone nearby for half that amount. It is very effective when trading since it basically just acts as free health cushion. Best taken on champions who plan on going all-in during the laning phase.

A rare sight at any respectable level of play, Revive has the longest cooldown in the game (9 minutes). It instantly revives you, granting you extra maximum HP and movement speed (if you took Summoner's Resolve mastery) in the process. It is the only Summoner Spell that can be activated while dead, for obvious reasons. It is best taken on championts that have a way of getting back into battle quickly with either a global teleport or the Teleport Summoner Spell.

The jungler's best friend. Smite instantly deals a very high amount of damage to a jungle monster or a minion. While it's very useful on the first few levels when jungling, it is best saved for buffs, dragon and baron once you can clear the jungle efficiently enough. It is best taken on junglers, and junglers only.

Utility Spells :

A spell that has faded out of popularity after being nerfed. Clairvoyance reveals a small area of the map for a few seconds, and has a shorter cooldown than most summoner spells. It is best taken on a supprt since it offers no actual advantage in a battle. Even though it's not the optimal choice in the current meta, Clairvoyance is still an excellent learning tool; use it to follow the enemy jungler and learn the general jungling patterns, to make sure you (or another lane) aren't being ganked and to keep an eye on map objectives. Best taken on Supports and players who wish to improve their general map awareness.

A nonexistant spell in high level of play. Clarity provides a significiant amount of mana to both you and nearby teamates. It may sound practical, but it is overshadowed by almost every other spell out there. Fixing your mana issues should be done through items, blue buff and better mana management. Clarity is also completely worthless in teamfights, because mana issues are usually nonexistant lategame. Best taken on nobody.

The most popular Summoner Spell in the game. It is picked on almost 9 out of 10 champions every single game. It allows you to blink a very short distance towards the location of your cursor. While this may not justify such a widespread use, keep this in mind : it allows you to jump over cliffs and obstacles, it gives you a chance to survive if you get jumped on (as a squishy) and it makes you that much harder to run away from (as a bruiser). It is pretty much a get out of jail free card when you're a carry, while giving you an enormous initiating advantage when playing anyone with crowd control. While Flash may not always be the optimal pick on every champion, it is never a bad pick.

A very unusual spell, situationally picked as a gimmick. It upgrades a cannon minion, giving it massive amounts of health and damage. Best picked on champions who plan on pushing all day long in order to have even more pushing power, although it's usually outclassed by other, more conventional summoner spells.

A relatively common spell. As the name suggest, this spell teleports your champion to any of your standing towers, minions or wards (note : not inhibitors), after a short casting time. It is quite efficient as a split pushing mechanism, allowing you to freely push a lane while having the option to instantly join a teamfight happening all the way across the map. Best used on strong pushing champions or champions with a high global presence.

Playing the Game - Getting Started

So the loading screen disappeared and you are now sitting in your fountain, while your teamates are buying their items. What happens from now will be described in the give following chapters - there will be one chapter for every position that can be taken in the game, namely Mid, Top, Jungle, Carry Bottom and Support Bottom.

For now, you can start by taking a quick glance at the following general tips that will help you become a better player. It's never too early to start taking good habits. You'll be appreciated by your teamates, and hopefully feared by your enemies. Some of these practices can drastically improve your game with minimal effort.

- Champion variety. The best way to learn champions faster is to play them. Specializing in one champion will slow your progress a fair bit. You don't really know what a champion can do until you actually play him and learn his limitations, his potential, etc. Also, the more champions you can play, the more roles you can fill in a battle. Once you reach level 30, you're expected to be able to play comfortably at least 2 different champions per role.

- Sight Wards. Wards are consumable items that last for 3 minutes and cost 75 gold. They are invisible and reveal a satisfying area around them once put down. They are extremely handy in preventing ganks, keeping an eye on critical locations (buffs, dragon, baron) and having a good map awareness in general. Buying a ward is -never- a waste of money. Whenever you go back to base to buy items, you should always buy a handful of wards if you have leftover gold. Wards are especially useful early on on a jungler, since he's the one wandering around the map.

- Pink Wards. Pink Wards are just like regular wards, but they also reveal invisible champions/objects within their line of sight, such as other wards. They're invaluable early-game whenever you're playing against champions which have early access to stealth ( Evelynn, Twitch, Shaco). They're also very useful when warding up Dragon and Baron, since they allow you to not only gain vision of the area, but also to deny vision to the enemy.

- Customize your build. When you start playing, it’s always a good idea to check up online guides for builds and buying orders, but always consider these as -guidelines-. As time goes by, you’re learn about specific items that effectively counter specific champions and/or team compositions. Right now though, you can still start with the basics : if you notice that the majority of their damage is physical, buy a Chain Vest. Likewise, pick up a Negatron Cloak if you notice their damage is mostly magical. Upgrade them into whatever item you deem fit respectively later on in the game - having at least one defensive item is a good idea, even on carries.

To help you find out the enemy’s damage type, either ask your teamates, check the list provided earlier up, or, more effectively, hit up the “Death Recap” once you die. Once you start getting games under your belt, you can find it out by simply looking at the other team’s items. The lesson here is to consider guides as guidelines rather than absolutes.

- Oracle's. Oracle's Elixir allows you to see invisible units in your line of sight, they are thus mandatory for the tank/support when fighting against stealth champs ( Evelynn, Twitch, Shaco, Akali, Vayne, Wukong). If you're playing a carry and nobody else bothers getting Oracles, then you should grab one. However, keep in mind that once you use an Oracle's, you have a target on your back and you will be getting focused. Considering the effect is lost on death and the price is quite steep, you might be better off trying to convince the tank to grab one.

- Communication. It's a broad term. In LoL, at lower levels, the most important part of communcation is calling MIAs. If you don't see one of the champions against which you're laning for more than 5 seconds, and you're not sure if he's hiding in a bush, call him mia. If you realize he was just trying to ambush you in the bush, call him "re" and keep doing whatever you were doing. As you level up and your team becomes slightly more knowledgable, you may want to start communicating more subtle strategies like attempting to steal the other team's blue, splitpushing or attempting to kill Dragon. All these tactics are bound to fail if you don't share your plan with your team.

- Last hitting. This is quite a complicated concept even for some experienced players, and it is indeed very misleading. Last hitting is part of the philosophy that you shouldn't push your lane, you should rather want to fight near your tower. By pushing your lane, the two following things happen : you are further away from your tower while the enemy is closer to his tower. This is called overextending. The more you stay overextended, the more vulnerable you become to a jungle gank or a teleport. Plus, if the enemy laners decide to jump you, you have a much bigger distance to walk back to your tower than they do. Thus, if you have the upper edge, they can just walk right back to their tower. But if they have the upper edge, you're screwed, because you have twice more ground to cover than they do.

The best way to not push your lane is to last-hit minions, and use your spells to harass the enemy. Last hitting means landing only 1 hit on a low hp creep : that hit should finish him. You get the gold, while having dealt the minimum possible amount of damage to the creeps. Assuming the enemy isn't last hitting, that'll allow your lane to be pushed up to your tower.

- Be curteous. The situations in which telling someone to "f**k off" is beneficial to your team are rather rare. Use /ignore <name> if someone is being a pain in the ass. If you really want to win, you should never, ever take sides. Tell people to calm down, tell people to mute each others, tell people to report after the game for all you care but for now group up, push mid and let's kick it. Swallow your own pride if you're the subject of insults, focus on the game and keep your rage for the post-game lobby.

- Ping the map. Alt + left-click. Much faster than typing. Ping the lane you're ganking, png a target you'd like ganked, ping your blue buff when it respawns, ping dragon when you think the other team is doing it. Ping. The harder you ping, the more importance you give to whatever it is your pinging. Ctrl + left-click is the defensive ping, telling people to either be careful or retreat.

- Leash your jungler, if you can. If he starts Wolves -> Blue : deal damage to the wolves that are high HP, but let him get the killing blow, this is crucial. Then go up to your blue, and give it a few hits. If you're not mid, help him get it down to half-hp, you'll still be able to get to your lane before a creep dies. If the jungler starts red, do the same with Wraiths & Red. He might reward you with a level 2 gank and complete lane dominance.

A quick note regarding your first games :

Most of your early games should be quite chaotic (lack of jungler, meaning two duo lanes, exotic team composition, poor understanding of the basics), therefore the outcome is hardly predictable and most of the time random. You should use those games to familiarize yourself with the game interface, learn new champions and observe what other champions can do.

Most of the events that take care during games like these have very little to do with how the game is played at a reasonably high level : legions of people are playing smurfs - accounts created by higher level players who, for one reason or another, decided to start over. The majority of these players (note - not all) have created a new account because their main account was banned, therefore you should not expect to enjoy playing with these individuals. There are various reasons why one's account can get banned, including Offensive Language, Inentional Feeding, Leaving/AFKing, Verbal Abuse and similar offenses. It does get better over time, and you should not let people like this make you give up on a game as entertaining as League of Legends. These smurfs will usually choose pubstomper champions, meaning champions with a very high snowballing potential and who are very hard to counter when you don't have a firm grasp of the mechanics of the game. Examples include but are not limited to Master Yi, Darius, Katarina, Akali, Jax, etc. Don't get all worked up if they get fed and there's nothing you can do about it - it will happen, as long as you keep trying and learning you'll get something out of it.

Playing the Game - Mid Lane

This chapter will assume that you are playing an AP Carry mid lane. While it may sometimes happen that another type of champion takes midlane as specific counters, AP Carries generally take the mid lane for the following reasons :

- Mid lane's creep wave clashes faster than the other two, meaning the mid lane champions will gain experience earlier than the other two lanes, giving them a theoretical level advantage.
- Mid lane is near all map objectives, therefore should be occupied by champions who are strong in the early and mid stages of the game since at this point, everyone is spread around. AP Carries fulfill this requirement.
- AP Carries scale much better with levels than other champions, therefore they fit better in a solo lane.
- The majority of AP carries thrive from having the blue buff, which is closer to mid than the other lanes.
- AP carries usually snowball pretty well, and being mid gives them easy access to three potential ganking avenues : bot lane, top lane and jungle.

You have multiple item choices to start the game with. The ones that should be taken into consideration to start will be listed below, along with the reasons they should be or should not be bought, depending on the circumstances. They are somewhat listed in the order of viability, as in the further down they are, the less likely they are to be the optimal choice.

Boots + HP Potions - This is widely accepted as the optimal starting choice for AP Carries. The 3 potions give you a comfortable 450 HP cushion, allowing you to take a reasonable amount of harass. The movement speed gives you many advantages : better roaming capability, makes avoiding skillshots much easier and allows you to chase down opponents with ease. The number one argument against boots is the lack of mana regeneration. While a reasonable concern, you should try to use mana conservatively instead - practice landing your skillshots instead of just spamming them, hold on to your burst spells until the jungler ganks, etc.

Doran's Ring - This is the runner up choice. It offers everything an AP carry should want : mana regeneration, Ability Power and Hit Points. However, the 3 potions acquired when you start Boots will give you much more overall Hit Points than Doran's Ring (3x150 > 1x100). Plus, not having the movement speed bonus will make you prone to be harassed via skillshots, and make you an easier target for junglers. Doran's Ring however offers a satisfying amount of mana regeneration, meaning you have a wider margin of error when using skillshots, which helps when you're learning how to play skillshot champions. When you feel like you've improved your skillshots enough, you should move on to boots and use masteries/runes to compensate for the lack of mana regeneration.

Cloth Armor + HP Potions - A very situational choice when you know you will face an AD champion mid like Talon or Pantheon. Turn the Cloth Armor into a Ninja Tabi later on, or sell it if things are going well.

Null Magic Mantle + HP Potions - A very, very situational choice. You are better off taking boots, and if the lane turns out to be really difficult, buy a Null Magic Mantle afterwards, not the other way around. This should only be considered on Galio as a starting item.

Amplifying Tome + HP Potion - A very subpar choice due to the lack of survivability and movement speed. You are more prone to ganks, you are easily driven out of lane because you only have one potion and no other HP bonus. 10 Ability Power is not worth the other bonuses Doran's Ring offers.

Sapphire Crystal + HP Potions - Like Amplifying Tome, this choice suffers from lack of survivability and movement speed. You have one more potion, but are still very slow and easily gankable. Plus, you have no extra AP and thus will most likely end up on the losing side of a trade. This item should only be considered on Ryze, since his nukes scale with mana, but even Ryze benefits much more from Boots due to his short range and slow innate movement speed.

Meki Pendant + HP Potions - See Sapphire Crystal.

Regrowth Pendant + HP Potion - A subar choice for mid, it turns into nothing of interest to you.

Doran's Shield - Simply outclassed by the outrageous amount of potions Cloth Armor gives you.

When you've made your choice, head up to your lane. It is possible that your team is coordinating a jungle invasion. If this is the case, you should always choose to rank your crowd control skill first. If you don't have any, pick up the highest single target damage spell at your disposal. In the case of an invasion, you should always be in the back row, but not too far from the frontline since you want to be able to CC any enemy champion who gets caught.

If your jungler is not invading, he will most likely be expecting a leash from you. As a laner, you must leash your jungler : he will have higher health in his initial run and will clear the first few camps faster, allowing him to gank your lane much sooner and more efficiently. Plus, it's a nice thing to do. The mid laner can easily leash both blue buff and red buff without losing any minion kill due to their proximity with mid lane.

And now for the serious business : laning. A good rule of thumb when playing an AP Carry mid is to rank up your Q first - it is generally your most spammable, highest damage single target nuke. However, some champions will thrive much more from leveling up other kinds of spells, such as Morgana's W or Mordekaiser's E. It is up to you to experiment and figure out which path is the best for you.

When laning begins, you should have two objectives in mind : 1) Last hitting minions, 2) Harassing the enemy champion. Focus on the first one rather than the second one - AP Carries have generally very weak auto-attacks with poor animation, thus making it quite hard to get the optimal amount of minion kills without pushing the lane. There is no magic formula - you just have to practice it, if you focus on it you will eventually improve, just like any mechanical skill. Harassing and trading with your opponent requires a bit more experience, since you will want to know who deals the most damage, who has the most burst, etc. You may therefore want to play more conservatively early on, just to get the hang of both your champion and the enemy champion. Focus on farming, get some items, try to get kills when your jungler ganks, stick with the team when people start roaming.

Now for early game item choices. Unlike starting items, there are no clear cut optimal choices - it all depends on what you want to achieve. This should depend on what kind of champion you are playing, how many kills you have, how many kills the enemy mid laner has, etc. This kind of decision making will be acquired as you mature into a knowledgable player, but for now you can start by being aware of the different options available to you. This is like a buffet, you can mix and match according to your needs !

Doran's Rings x2/x3 - Assuming you started with Boots, this is a very common pick on your first trip back to base, where you typically have around 1000-1500 gold. It gives you a good bulk of health, some solid firepower and enough mana regeneration to sustain you without blue buff. It makes you a force to be reckoned with as soon as you head back out to lane - at this point, under normal circumstances, you should be the most threatening champion on the battlefield. The drawback is that it delays the expensive items you should be looking forward to, like the Needlessly Large Rod.

Catalyst the Protector - Another popular choice for AP Casters who wish to bulk up. It provides you health and mana, along with an excellent passive which regenerates your health and mana everytime you level up. As an AP Carry, you should probably want to eventually build it into a Rod of Ages. The drawback is a lack of immediate bonus AP, and makes you typically weaker than the other AP Carry until you finish up your Rod of Ages.

Sorceror Boots - The standard footwear for your everyday AP Carry. Flat magic penetration for optimal early damage and better speed gives you an easier time roaming to pick up additional kills. You shouldn't rush these though, since they offer no survivability or sustain - they are typically picked up the second time you recall back to base.

Hextech Revolver - A strong choice for Casters with sustained damage such as Cassiopeia or Vladimir. It gives you a reasonable amount of AP along with a good chunk of spell vamp, and leads to the coveted Will of the Ancients. The spell vamp really helps your sustain in lane, and allows you to trade with most other champions efficiently. The drawback is the lack of HP and Mana, which can be compensating by not engaging burst champions and blue buff, respectively.

Chalice of Harmony - A very useful choice for Casters who are extremely mana hungry, like Anivia and Swain. The MR is also very convenient since you are most likely laning against another AP Carry. The drawback is a lack of immediate firepower.

Tear of the Goddess - An alternative to Chalice of Harmony to remedy mana issues. Unlike the Chalice, the Tear needs to be built up to be fully effective, therefore it should only be built on champions who can spam their skills effortlessly, such as Ryze or Cassiopeia. The drawback is lack of survivability and firepower.

Needlessly Large Rod - A situational choice, due to the fact that it offers absolutely nothing else than AP. If you rush this, you will have constant mana issues and no survivability whatsoever. However, if you happen to be a champion with very high burst and got a few kills early on, you may want to grab this to maximize your firepower and be able to one shot anyone on the battlefied.

Kage's Lucky Pick - A viable, cheap item to pick up if you want to pick up Deathfire Grasp, an item typically built on champions with high burst. Buy it early on to maximize the extra gold income. The drawbacks is the lackluster stats it offers.

Negatron Cloak - A situational item against high burst champions who rely on killing the other laner early on, such as Leblanc or Veigar.

Fiendish Codex - Due to the fact that this is more of a complimentary item, it is recommended that you only build this as the last component of Athene's Unholy Grail, since Chalice of Harmony is much more useful in a lane.

Haunting Guise - An early game item that offers survivability and firepower, but is outclassed by other options simply because of the fact that it doesn't build into anything. It is not weak by any means, but is just subpar compared to the alternatives.

Moonflair Spellblade - A very expensive item that offers very little for the price it costs. You should compensate the lack of tencaity by better positionning, or by buying Mercury's Treads instead.

Mejai's Soulstealer - The ultimate snowballing item. It is initially very weak, and requires 8 charges to be worth the money. If you're already up ahead and you feel like you can continue to destroy your opposition, grabbing a Mejai's isn't a bad idea. However, it is never a bad idea to simply buy normal items, because you never know when a game may turn around.

At this point you should be entering the phase where you are the dominating champion on the battlefield. Your central position allows you to be anywhere, at anytime, and you deal a solid amount of damage. This is the point where you will want to be proactive. You may want to gank a side lane, with or without your jungler. To do this the most efficiently possible, push your lane really fast, and head to your targeted lane while your minions are at the enemy tower. The result is that the enemy laner has to clear the minions hitting his tower -and- he loses sight of you for a few seconds.

When you start roaming, the laning phase is about to end. Your roaming will imbalance the lane, meaning champions will start swapping lanes and following each others and counterroam and invade and camp objectives in a hectic mess of movement. It is at this moment that you want to group up with your team and start the teamfighting phase, which pits complete teams against each others. Your role during those teamfights may seem simple at first, but is quite complex to fill efficiently. Your #1 objective should be to melt their squishies before they melt you. At this point of the game, you deal more damage than anyone else, since the AD carries have not yet completed their builds.

However teamfights are not black and white. The other team also has an AP Carry who wants to melt you. They have initiators, tanks and assassins who will tease your team for seconds, sometimes minutes before the teamfight is underway. If you're a burst caster, you don't want to use your burst on the tanks, but if you have very low cooldowns and high sustained damage, it's sometimes worth it to harass the tanks who think they can stand close to you. If you decide to harass the tank, make sure to switch targets to the squishies when the teamfight is initiated - a living carry is much more threatening than a living tank.

After a few teamfights, the gold will start to rack up, and you'll have access to the most powerful items in the AP Carries' arsenal. Just like your early items, there are no clear cut best choice, it depends on what you want to achieve.

Rabadon's Deathcap - The most powerful and raw AP item in the game. It gives you the punch you need to melt squishies in an instant. Its expensive, its parts are expensive, but once completed it'll make a noticable difference in your damage output. This greatly compensates for the fact that it offers no utility whatsoever, no sustain, no survivability and no magic penetration.

Abyssal Scepter - A very practical item that is both defensive and offensive. The Magic Resistance is very useful against teams with more than one AP champion (or a fed AP Carry), and the Magic Resistance lowering aura is quite powerful, especially if you have more than one AP champion on your team and/or the other team has little to no magic resistance.

Void Staff - The alternative to Abyssal Scepter. While it doesn't offer any survivability, it is cheaper, simpler to make and is more efficient against enemies that are stacking Magic Resistance. The consensus breakpoint at which Void Staff is better than Abyssal Scepter is 100 Magic Resistance - if more than half of their team has over 100 MR, then consider a Void Staff over Abyssal Scepter.

Rod of Ages - A very simple, balanced item that gives you Ability Power, Hit Points and a respectable Mana pool. It takes 10 minutes to fully build up, therefore it should be acquired as soon as possible to maximize its efficiency.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - A solid all around item that offers survivability, utility and firepower. It is especially potent on champions with low ability cooldowns and little CC who will make the best use of it's slow.

Will of the Ancients - A powerful item that provides an AP and Spell Vamp aura, particularly useful when you have more than one champion who deals magical damage on the team. It is best used with sustained damage casters, who will benefit immensely from the spell vamp.

Lich Bane - A very powerful item on champions with a specific kind of burst - when the damage is laid out between a few spells over a very short period of time, like 2-3 seconds. Examples of this are Sion and Fizz. Champions like Annie do not benefit as much from Lich Bane because they use their spells all at once, and then have nothing else to proc Lich Bane with. It is also quite useful on mobile champions with low cooldown abilities, like Cassiopeia or Ahri.

Zhonya's Hourglass - A complex item that offers a lot of Ability Power along with some Armor to shield yourself from phyiscal damage. The active is extremely powerful on certain champions, like Morgana, Kennen and Fiddlesticks, who may activate it while their ultimates are dealing damage. While it isn't as spectacularly efficient on other champions, it is still very useful and a well timed activation may save you more than once.

Archangel's Staff - An additionnal source of AP, but since it offers no survivability, utility or penetration, it should only be completed as a last item, provided you bought a Tear early in the game.

Athene's Unholy Grail - A very convenient upgrade to the Chalice of Harmony that offers even more mana regeneration, a solid chunk of AP and some very handy cooldown reduction. A solid choice on tanky AP Carries with mana issues, like Swain.

Morello's Evil Tome - Leave this to the support. There are much better alternatives out there, namely Athene's Unholy Grail or Deathfire Grasp.

Deathfire Grasp - The ultimate burst item. It is worthless if you don't use the active, but if you do make use of it, it allows you to one-shot most squishies in the game if your champion has high burst damage. It is far less useful on sustained damage casters.

Hextech Gunblade - A situational item for a select few champions who benefit from the burst, the slow and the AD. It is extremely expensive, and is simply uneffective for most conventional AP Carries.

Past the 30-35 minute mark, this is where you begin to progressively pale in comparison to the AD Carry, whose items now start adding up. This means that the enemy AD carry becomes the highest priority target and, likewise, your team's AD carry also becomes the most threatening champion on your team. Therefore, from now on, you should focus on protecting your AP carry with your CC and high damage. Don"t forget to pick up your elixirs () once your build is done.

Easier AP Carries to pick up : Annie, Ryze, Vladimir

Playing the Game - Top Lane

Top lane is the most isolated position out of the five, due to the great distance separating it from dragon. Top lane champions are usually offtanks or assassins, who help take the pressure off of their team's carry. You should go top lane if you enjoy a more relaxing laning phase, going head-to-head against another player (top lane is usually a very long 1v1 with little interference from the junglers), counterpicking, and playing melee champions, although a wide variety of champions may be sent top lane.

Since it is the most isolated lane, top will often be assigned to champions who thrive with high farm, such as Nasus, Tryndamere or Jax. Moreover, counterpicking is especially important in top lane since you can't expect much assistance from your teamates if you have a disadvantageous matchup.

Starting item choices for top lane are pretty straight forward.

Boots + HP Potions - One of the two standard choices for solo top. Gives you the speed required to harass safely and to get out of sticky situations. The three potions will come in handy after a few trades. Boots are usually picked against magic-damage based champions.

Cloth Armor + HP Potions - The second standard choice for solo top, due to the popularity of physical damage based top laners. It offers excellent protection against physical damage, along with a very satisfying amount of potions for maximal sustain. Can also be turned into two very useful top lane items, Wriggle's Lantern and Ninja Tabi.

Regrowth Pendant + HP Potion - A situational pick, usually bought on champions who already have very high innate sustain and who want to make sure they are not driven out of lane, such as Cho'Gath. Usually turned into an early Philosopher Stone for maximal sustain and gold income.

Doran's Blade - A very situational choice, picked when you are certain that you can pressure the enemy laner early and push him out of lane at level 1 or 2. The lack of sustain it offers will give the enemy laner the advantage if you fail to achieve an early kill/recall.

Null Magic Mantle + HP Potions - A very situational pick, usually outclassed by Boots. You should grab some Magic Resistance runes and masteries instead.

Vampiric Scepter - While it may look like an interesting option on auto-attackers, it actually offers less sustain and survivability than Cloth + 5 potions and is harder to turn into an useful item. It's better to pick one on your first or second trip back.

Doran's Shield - Simply outclassed by Cloth + 5 potions for the armor and Regrowth + 1 potion for the sustain. Very situationally stacked on champions like Volibear, who thrive from the health regeneration and hit points.

Long Sword + HP Potion - The lack of movement speed will makes the bonus AD useless, since you will not be able to chase down or run away from the enemy champion, and the low amount of potions makes this choice very subpar.

Dagger + HP Potions - See Long Sword.

Brawler's Gloves + HP Potions - See Long Sword. Although may be a very situational pick on Gangplank with a full critical strike runepage.

Ruby Crystal - No potions or sustain makes this a nono.

Your laning phase objective is pretty straightforward : end up with more gold than your opponent. You will be forced to trade with your opponent, and the only way to know in advance whether or not you will come out on top is with experience. Some champions will trade much better early on, like Renekton, while other champions need to wait until level 6 to trade efficiently, like Nidalee. If you have the upper hands during the trades, try to deny your enemy by forcing him to trade with you. If he deals more damage than you do, focus instead on last hitting minions and managing your lane efficiently.

Early-midgame items are extremely varied for top laners, considering the very diverse nature of champions who go top lane. For example, a champion like Kayle might end up building a build very similar to an AD Carry, while Vladimir will be grabbing mostly AP Carry items. However, since the most common top laners are AD Bruisers, this section will cover the usual midgame AD Bruisers' items, and it will be up to you to adapt your build in consequence.

Heart of Gold - A very useful top lane item when you're falling behind or stuck in a farmfest. Gives you survivability and gold in the long run.

Philosopher's Stone - Another common GP5 item for solo top laners, especially on tanky champions who rely on high farm who will make the most out of the sustain, like Singed or Nasus.

Wriggle's Lantern - A very powerful item on AD champions who find themselves laning against another physical champion. The armor, damage, free ward and life steal are all excellent perks to have in top lane.

Doran's Blade x2 - An alternative to the Wriggle's Lantern, usually picked up for early damage, survivability and life steal against magical champions (since Wriggle's Lantern's armor would be wasted, Doran's Blades are a better choice).

The Brutalizer - A very aggressive item designed to give maximal early damage output. Since it gives no survivability, it is best bought when you already have an advantage over the enemy laner in order to snowball that advantage.

Wit's End - A strong item on champions that auto-attack often. Provides a surprisingly high amount of Magic Resist during combat, along with a satsfying increase in damage dealt.

Spirit Visage - A strong situational item on champions with high sustain when laning against a magical champion. Falls off after laning phase, therefore should be bought relatively early in the game.

Phage - A common item due to the mix of offense, defense and utility it provides. Quite useful on most phyiscal champions, especially those who auto-attack a lot and lack innate crowd control.

Avarice Blade - A situational item on champions who benefit from both very high farm and critical strike, such as Gangplank and Tryndamere.

Giant's Belt - An extremely useful item for any champion that wishes to soak up the maximal amount of damage. Can be upgraded into 3 very useful items for most AD Bruisers.

Hexdrinker - An alternative to Wit's End for phyiscal champions that wish to gain Magic Resistance. Hexdrinker is better than Wit's End on champions who rely on abilities rather than auto-attacks to deal most of their damage, such as Riven and Pantheon.

Glacial Shroud - A very strong item, especially on champions who use mana to sustain against physical champions, such as Yorick and Warwick.

Sheen - A high damage item, best taken early on champions that have natural synergy with the damage proc such as Poppy and Jax.

Bilgewater Cutlass - A situational item on AD Bruisers when you need the slow, the damage and the life steal. It is sometimes outclassed by Wriggle's Lantern against physical champions.

When midgame/lategame rolls around, you will start sticking with your team to capture objective, push turrets and win teamfights. Depending on the type of champion you're playing, your role will differ. If you're playing a very tanky champion, your role will be to stand on the front line and initiate the fight when the enemy is out of position, while protecting your carry. If your champion is more assassin-oriented, your duty is to stand in the side lines, wait for the other team to blow their CC and then jump on their carries.

Here are the common and less common lategame item choices on your typical AD Bruiser. The first subsection will cover the offensive items, while the second subsection will cover items that serves a more defensive purpose.

Offensive :

Atma's Impaler - The classic AD Bruiser Item. The more health you have, the more damage it provides. It should therefore be bought after you already have a sufficient health pool. It is also best used against teams with heavy physical damage.

Frozen Mallet - A very useful item due to the massive health pool it provides, along with a reasonable amount of damage. However, the main reason this item is bought is the passive on-hit slow it adds to your auto-attacks, giving you an additionnal source of reliable CC.

Maw of Malmortius - The natural upgrade of the , it is best completed at the end of your build due to it's very steep price and its synergy with other items. It is only worth upgrading if you have a big enough health pool to make good use of the AD scaling off HP it provides.

Trinity Force - A common item, useful on most AD Bruisers due to the very wide variety of stats it provides. It's not uncommon to see a Triforce being built progressively, with the most important parts bought first while the other parts are delayed for more defensive items.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - The natural upgrade to the Brutalizer. Since it offers only offensive stats, it should also be taken if you're snowballing in order to keep pressing on your advantage. Don't forget to use the active !

Ionic Spark - A very situational item. It should be used on champions who split push a lot but who lack a way to efficiently clear waves, such as Shen. It is outclassed by most other items in a standard combat situation.

Defensive :

Force of Nature - The standard item to shrug off magical damage. It provides a very high amount of Magic Resistance along with an appreciated movement speed bonus and massive health regeneration.

Frozen Heart - A very expensive but extremely useful item. Provides a ton of armor, a solid amount of mana and some very handy cooldown reduction. The most attractive part of this item is perhaps its aura, which decreases nearby enemy champion's attack speed.

Guardian Angel - A very good item on offensive-minded bruisers who will need to frequently jump in the fray. Gives you a second shot at the other team's carries while making you much harder to kill.

Randuin's Omen - The standard item to shrug off physical damage. Is made from two very efficient items ( Heart of Gold and Warden's Mail), provides excellent all around statistics and becomes even more useful when you remember to use its active.

Sunfire Cape - The cheapest items that is build from a Giant's Belt, the Sunfire Cape is a simple, unexpensive way to be generally tankier, especially against physical champions. It also allows tanky champions to clear waves of minions faster.

Thornmail - A dirt cheap item that provides a whooping amount of Armor, but not much else. You actually get more survivability per gold from Randuin's Omen, Sunfire Cape and Frozen Heart due to their other perks. It is a situational pick against fed auto-attackers such as Master Yi and Tryndamere.

Warmog's Armor - Perhaps the most famous survivability item due to the huge amount of health it offers. Often overlooked is the very reasonable health regeneration it also provides. Make sure to pick one up rather early in order to farm it up efficiently.

Easier Top Laners to pick up : Garen, Udyr, Warwick

Playing the Game - Bottom Lane Carry

Bottom lane is home to the AD Carry, who is the ultimate late-game champion. It requires solid mechanical skills to last hit efficiently, and good positioning due to the AD Carry's lack of CC, mobility and/or survivability. You should go bot lane carry if you enjoy being a powerhouse as the game drags on, taking down people one by one, and farming -tons- of creeps.

Your priority is to outfarm your opponent. AD Carries require items to achieve their full potential, and the easiest way to acquire items is to farm those little creatures who spawn from the Nexus every 30 seconds. The early you pick up those core items, the bigger your impact on the course of the battle.

The AD Carry has much less viable item options when starting, compared to the other roles.

Boots + HP Potions - Again, one of the two standard choices. Very useful when your support has no sustain, which is compensated by the potions. Allows you greater mobility, but makes last hitting harder and makes your trading capabilities weaker.

Doran's Blade - The second viable starting choice. Should be taken when your support has solid healing, like Soraka, because you have no potions to sustain yourself and the life steal is negligible at this stage of the game. Picking up Doran's Blade gives you solid firepower, easing the process of last hitting and giving you the edge when trading with your opponents.

Cloth Armor + HP Potions - A very, very situational choice when facing a physical "kill lane", meaning a lane with two champions with high early damage, instead of the classic AD Carry + Support. The armor allows you to survive that early assault, and can be turned into a Ninja Tabi, Wriggle's Lantern or sold later on. However, against a regular lane, those two items should not be part of your objectives, thus Cloth Armor is outclassed by the previous two other options.

Long Sword + HP Potion - Outclassed by Doran's Blade in every way. The one HP potion is not enough sustain if your support doesn't have a heal, and is wasted if your support does. Does not turn into anything valuable.

Dagger + HP Potion - Doesn't give you anything you should want early on. Attack Damage is your priority.

Brawler's Gloves + HP Potions - See Dagger.

Vampiric Scepter - You don't deal enough damage to make use of the life steal to it's fullest. You will lose every trade because of that. You don't have the mobility that boots offer, or the damage given by Doran's Blade.

Your early item objectives should be Berserker's Greaves, 2-3 Doran's and a BF Sword. Rushing a BF Sword before the Doran's may give you more Attack Damage, but the lack of HP and Life Steal will make you weaker than an AD Carry who stacked Doran's Blades. Picking up more than 3 Doran's Blade will slow your build too much and will end up being inefficient since you'll have to sell some right after you bought them.

Keep farming. Assist your jungler when he goes for Dragon. Don't try to gank other lanes except if you really know what you're doing. One kill is worth about 12-14 creeps. The former is much harder to obtain than the latter. Try to keep the lane pushed up to your tower to make farming even safer and easier.

As midgame rolls by, the gold will start to stack up and you will want to pick up your core items.

Infinity Edge - The ultimate AD Carry item. It gives massive Attack Damage and some very handy critical strike, but the reason IE is such a good item is the unique passive : Critical Strikes deal +50% damage. Rushing this first gives you the most firepower out of any other item.

Bloodthirster - Providing tons of Attack Damage and a satisfying amount of Life Steal, the Bloodthirster is especially useful on AD Carries due to the ease with with they will stack it up, since they're always killing creeps. Rushing the Bloodthirster will optimize your ability to 1v1 other champions.

Phantom Dancer - Movement Speed, Attack Speed and Critical Strike are all excellent attributes on an AD Carry. Generally picked up after IE, the Phantom Dancer will benefit immensely from it's passive. It is also commonly picked up after the Bloodthirster because of the massive Attack Speed it provides. Rushing Phantom Dancer is situationally viable, namely on carries whose skills synergizes with attack speed, such as Vayne or Kog'Maw.

Last Whisper - The final nail in the coffin for the other team. It makes half of their armor irrelevant, thereby greatly increasing the damage you deal to them. Pick it up as your final damage item to optimize it's efficiency. If the other team has no armor whatsoever, consider replacing it by a second Phantom Dancer... but that rarely happens, and who's to say the enemy team won't buy armor in the future.

Trinity Force - A situational item on some champions who have synergy with the Sheen proc, namely Ezreal, Corki and Vayne. Usually gotten first against squishy champions, or after Infinity Edge when facing tanky opponents.

These 4 items (plus the situational Triforce) are the staple of every AD Carry. They are quite simply the most cost-effective items when your objective is to melt the opposition with auto-attacks. Every other option is outclassed by these.

Wriggle's Lantern - This item does not quite belong along all the other late game items, but it still needs to be mentioned. Wriggle's Lantern may sometimes be picked up over 2x/3x Doran's Blade in order to solidify your early game. This choice could be justifiable when playing against an extremely AD heavy team (for example, if the other team has an AD Bruiser mid and a jungler that deals mostly physical damage) or if you want better dragon control. To make the latter a valid argument, your team needs a certain level of communication that is hard to obtain in a regular solo queue game. That being said, while this item does deserve some consideration, stacking Doran's Blades is generally speaking a better choice.

Black Cleaver - Doesn't deal enough overall damage, and while it's a solid early game item, it defeats the purpose of being a late-game powerhouse when bought on an AD Carry.

Brutalizer - See Black Cleaver. Remember, your objective is to be in late-game mode as early as possible. Doran's Blades should be all the early game strength you need.

Executionner's Calling - A situational pick when playing against a team with heavy healing. Consider packing Ignite instead.

Tiamat - Just has too many wasted stats and not enough firepower for the cost.

Sword of the Occult - Nope. Only offers AD, and keeping the stacks up is rather hard considering you're a priority target. Go the safe way.

Frozen Mallet - Costs way too much for the little damage it provides. The utility is appreciable, but can be easily replaced by red buff. Compensate your lack of HP by better positionning.

Manamune - May come in useful on champions who make use of their spells a lot, like Ezreal and Corki, in which case the Manamune replaces the Trinity Force. It is an acceptable item when you just picked up these champions and feel like you're having a hard time landing those skillshots - Manamune will give you all the mana required to simply try over and over again. However, once you feel like you've had enough practice, dump it for one of the core items, since they simply deal more damage than Manamune.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - The active doesn't refresh on ranged auto-attacks. Outclassed by Phantom Dancer and Last Whisper.

Madred's Bloodrazor - Cost inefficient. Situationally picked up against teams with 3-5 champions with over 3000 HP and little Magic Resistance (since the %HP based proc deals magic damage, and you shouldn't have any Magic Penetration).

Once you have your core items, it's time to lay down the hurt. While your #1 priority are the enemy squishies in the back row, you have no cooldowns and no mana issues. Therefore, when the enemy tanks are in range, feel free to land some harass - it will hurt, and it's not like you have to wait for any of your cooldowns to come back up. When the teamfight is engaged, use your judgement. If you feel like one of the enemy carry is out of position and you can reach him without putting yourself in harm way, then by all means proceed. But if they are safely protected by their frontline, coordinate with your team and melt those tanks one at a time, until there's an opening to the squishies.

For your final item, you should always pick up a survivability item. Regardless of how stellar your positionning is, tanks get tankier and assassins get deadlier. They will eventually find a way to get to you, and when that happens you don't want to be the guy who has 120% Crit Chance but 0 HP. Here are your most common options :

Guardian Angel - A very common pick. Offers both armor and magic resistance, something you really lack, and gives you a terrific passive. Keep in mind you are always in the back row, and assassins will burst you down. Notice burst - when you come back up, they already used their burst, and will have a harder time bringing you down a second time.

Quicksilver Sash - Another popular pick, due to the ridiculous active and the derisory price. Very useful against teams with a lot of CC and champions who will jump you no matter what, like Warwick and Nocturne.

Banshee's Veil - Another common choice, although less than the previous 2. Extremely effective against teams with initiation that relies on displacing the enemy, like Alistar, Blitzcrank and Singed. Quicksilver Sash helps nothing against these fellas, therefore your Negatron Cloak should be turned into a Banshee's Veil instead.

Randuin's Omen - A very strong item, although expensive. It is extremely helpful against teams with heavy physical damage and who rely on chasing (due to the active). It is very situational, but if you have the money for it, go nuts.

Thornmail - A very cheap source of armor, very situationally taken when they have a fed melee auto-attacker. Guardian Angel and Randuin's Omen are generally both better choices.

When your build is complete, fill up on Elixirs (in that order) to be at your full potential, and enjoy destroying everything.

Easier AD Carries to pick up : Caitlyn, Tristana, Ashe

Playing the Game - Bottom Lane Support

The champion who offers the AD Carry company in the bottom lane is the support. Proud sidekick of the Carry for the first 20 minutes of the game, the support requires patience and acute awareness. You should go support if you enjoy being the ultimate team player, gaining map awareness and being a generally selfless and appreciated member of your team.

NB : Most people consider playing support a burden, due to the fact that being a support implies that you're not going to carry the game. This is false, a great support will give your team an overwhelming advantage toward the entire game. A great support will make your AD Carry win his lane. A great support will provide your team with terrific map awareness, and will deny the other team the same. A great support will make your initiation that much more efficient. A great support will allow your squishies to stay in the fray unharmed for much longer. Keep in mind though, it's relatively easy to be a good support. It is noticeably harder to be a great support.

The role of the Support early game is quite simple, but easier said than done. During the early game, he helps the AD Carry in his quest to farm the most gold as possible. The Support usually uses heals, shields and CC to achieve this objective, and lets the carry have all the creep kills in the lane. This is why they are often referenced as "0 CS Support" in this current meta.

The starting items for support are quite restricted. You are aiming for items that will help you generate gold without taking away creep kills from the carry, namely Philospher's Stone, Heart of Gold and Kage's Lucky Pick (there is also Avarice Blade, but it is useless on every conventional support champion).

Faerie Charm + Sight Wards + Vision Ward + HP Potions - The standard, optimal support starting choice. You get a pocketful of wards to keep your lane protected from the enemy jungler, allowing your carry to farm at ease, and a few potions to allow you to sustain through some harass. The Faerie Charm is also a component of the Philosopher's Stone, a staple item on every support.

Boots + Ward + HP Potions - The more aggressive support choice, if you're going for a very early kill with a high burst lane. However, it doesn't allow much room for wards and sustain, therefore may backfire on you in the long run if you can't capitalize on the advantage provided by boots.

Regrowth Pendant + Sight Ward + HP Potions - If playing against a very passive jungler, this might be superior to the Faerie Charm build since it allows you to get a Philosopher's Stone much sooner, however the single ward is extremely risky, and may give the enemy laners control of the bottom bushes.

Doran's Ring - A common item on unexperienced, or bad supports. Offers stats that are generally useful on a support, but completely shuts down your map awareness by preventing you from picking up any wards. Any remotely competent jungler will drool at the sight of a Doran's Ring support and will proceed to camp the bottom half of the map in order to pressure the bottom lane hard. It also gives you no sustain whatsoever, which should prompt a competent opponent to harass you all day long.

Rejuvenation Bead + Sight Wards + HP Potions - A very situational buy on supports who don't use mana (Shen, Dr Mundo) and who desire adequate map awareness in the early stages of the game.

Any other choice is simply subar, except if you're trying some kind of gimmick strategy.

When laning, you have to communicate with your carry to establish what will be your laning behavior : aggressive or defensive. Playing aggressive means that you will be more often than not near the creeps, trying to harass the enemy carry when he comes for last hit, and attempting to initiate a trade if you and your carry's burst are superior to your opponent's. Your objective is to be pushed to the other team's tower, so that the tower will take some of their carry's farm. It is imperative that you have the river warded at all times in order to prevent your aggressiveness to backfire on you due to an enemy gank. When playing on the defensive, you will want to avoid trading and focus on preventing your carry from taking damage so he can farm as much as possible. Playing on the defensive requires less wards, but requires on an effective jungler to be efficient.

When playing a support, you have to keep in mind your #1 objective : get your AD Carry the ability to farm as much as possible. This means that in situation where only one of you can die, you should be the one dying. This doesn't mean that it excuses having a high death count as a support. Good supports sacrifice themselves to allow their carry to live. Great supports save both themselves and their carry.

Support is a role that doesn't allow for much farming, therefore you should prioritize utility over stats. Early on, you will want to pick up at least one gold per 5 item to help that gold income. You should also buy wards everytime you have the opportunity to. Here is a list of the good and not so good items you may consider buying.

Philosopher's Stone - The core item on every support. Gives you some very practical sustain in lane, while passively producing gold. Should often be the first item rushed.

Heart of Gold - Another extremely useful item on supports. Gives you some very reasonable survivability and a passive gold income.

Kage's Lucky Pick - A situational pick for support champions whose ability to support is helped by additionnal AP, such as Soraka. An example of a support who doesn't benefit much from a Kage's Lucky Pick is Janna, who, even though she has 4 AP ratios, is a great support because of the utility brought by her toolkit, not because of her ratios.

Aegis of the Legion - One of the most effective cost effective items in the game, the Aegis is always a good buy. The components are cheap and easy to get progressively, however they take up a lot of room and may prevent you from buying wards.

Kindlegem - Another cheap survivability item that turns into plenty of useful support items.

Glacial Shroud - A very useful item against heavy phyiscal teams. The cooldown reduction is always appreciated on support champions.

Mercury's Treads - Keep in mind level 2 boots shouldn't be a priority on support, but if you have the gold for it it's still not a bad idea to upgrade them. Mercury's Treads is often a good option, especially against AP and/or CC heavy teams.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Another practical update to boots, these boots give you some very handy cooldown reduction, a very valuable attribute on supports.

Boots of Mobility - A situational item when you find yourself roaming a lot, especially if you play a champion with hard CC such as Taric or Alistar, who will really benefit from the additionnal movement speed.

If you end up having a solid gold advantage, you should pick up an Oracle's Elixir. and periodically hunt for enemy wards in order to snowball your advantage by denying them vision. If your AD Carry isn't absurdly dominating his lane, try to stick around the bottom area of the map to make sure his gold income keeps flowing in smoothly.

During skirmishes, if you're not very familiar with your champion's abilities and potential, use your skills to protect your squishies and keeping the enemy assassins and bruisers away. Once you get the hang of your skillset, you can try using your skills more offensively in order to put the enemy squishies in a dire situation.

It is extremely uncommon to see a support with a full build, due to the fact that they spend most of the game conceding farm to the rest of their team. However, you will still want to end up with a few expensive items to help out your team as much as possible.

Shurelia's Reverie - A staple item on your everyday support. A respectable amount of hit points, health and mana regeneration, cooldown reduction and, more importantly, an active that speeds up you and the friendly champions around you. Using this active efficiently is one of the best traits of a successful support - it makes your team's initiation power much more threatening, and allows you to help your teamates retreat from sticky situations.

Frozen Heart - A very expensive, but extremely powerful item if you manage to pick it up on your support. Massive cooldown reduction, a gratuitous amount of armor, some very handful mana and a terrific passive which slows downs nearby enemy champion's attack speed.

Locket of the Iron Solari - A cheaper alternative to Randuin's Omen, this item shouldn't be prioritized but is still a good pick when teamfights start to become a common occurence.

Morello's Evil Tome - A worthwhile upgrade to Kage's Lucky Pick, especially useful because of the Grievous Wounds active.

Randuin's Omen - If you somehow find yourself with a lot of gold, picking up Randuin's Omen over a Locket of the Iron Solari is something you should consider. It gives you some satisfying survivability and an excellent active.

Soul Shroud - A lackluster, but still useful item. It offers good stats for a support, but the lack of active makes it outclassed by Shurelia's Reverie.

Zeke's Herald - A situational choice when your team has a lot of auto-attackers who will benefit much from the Attack Speed and Life Steal aura, while giving you some reasonable health and cooldown reduction for quite cheap.

Easier Supports to pick up : Soraka, Sona, Taric

Playing the Game - Jungle

The jungler is, arguably, the most impactful role early on. Junglers usually rely on their CC and gap closers to gank lanes, thus creating 2v1s and 3v2s in order to produce kills out of what would be a stalemate otherwise. They need to analyse the three lanes periodically to predict and determine which lanes would benefit more for a gank, or which lanes would be the easiest to gank. On top of that, the jungler has to be aware of what the enemy jungler is doing in order to successfuly counterjungle. You should play a jungler if you want to practice your map awareness, dominate the other team early and control the map objectives.

The jungler is one of the most stressful role to assume. All four laners will be expecting their jungler to bail them out if they are outlaned, but the jungler obviously can't be everywhere at once. The sentence "Blame the jungler" is commonly used as a way to mock unsuccessful players who lay the blame on the jungler for all of their mishaps. This doesn't change the fact that junglers, unlike laners, have the ability to impact all three lanes early on, therefore a great jungler can constantly give his team an early advantage.

NB : Take Smite . Every . Single . Time . Anybody who tells you it's not necessary is not a knowledgable player. Yes, some junglers can clear the jungle without the use of Smite. It doesn't mean Smite isn't a necessary spell. Smite greatly improves your clearing speed, allowing you to level up faster and stay in pace with the lanes. Smite secures your buffs, preventing the enemy jungler from stealing your buffs (yes, competent junglers will make your life a living hell as soon as they notice you're jungling without Smite). Smite also secures map objectives such as Dragon and Baron, and in the same mindset allows you to steal Dragon or Baron which may turn the game around. There are very few things in this guide that I will force you to accept (this guide is just a mix of personnal experience and common knowledge, thus shouldn't be considered divine law), but this is one of those few things.

tl-dr : . Always.

Here are a few quick facts about jungling :

- You can start from summoner level 1. Aside from certain unorthodox junglers, while runes and masteries speed up the process, they're not mandatory.

- Runes : AD/AS/ArmPen Marks are all good, and Flat Armor Seals are always excellent when jungling. Quintessences can be varied, but Movement Speed is always very practical on junglers due to the fact that they're always moving around. As for Glyphs, they usually don't affect jungling so they are up to your discretion.

- The best jungling path varies from champ to champ, although most of them revolve around two setups : starting at blue (a bit more risky, higher chances of a level 1 teamfight, also involves taking wolves before blue spawn), or starting at red (and taking wraiths before red spawns).

- Jungle paths are not set in stone. The order in which you kill jungle camps depend on a plethorea of factors : how lanes are faring, who the enemy jungler is, what champion you're jungling with, etc. As you're learning the ropes of jungling, you will gradually learn to analyse the different situations presented to you and change your paths accordingly.

- Some junglers will start ganking as early as level 2, once they got their first buff. Some will choose to stick around longer in the jungle so they reach level 6 faster because they rely on their ultimate for successful ganks. It all depends on the champion.

- The jungling meta right now is AoE - mobs are weak early on, and cheap AoE spells combined with solid ganking power are what makes good junglers lethal. The faster you clear your jungle, the faster you level up, and the more lanes you can gank.

- The initial spawn times of jungle monsters are as follow :
Wolves, Wraiths, Golems - 1:40
Ancient Golem, Lizard Elder - 1:55
Dragon - 2:30
Baron - 15:00

- Wraiths respawn after 50 seconds, Wolves and Golems respawn after 1 minute, Blue and Red buff camps respawn after 5 minutes, Dragon respawns after 6 minutes and Baron respawns after 7 minutes.

- Wriggle's Lantern is a core item on most AD-based junglers, due to the huge damage brought on by the proc, the lifesteal, the armor and the free ward. It's never a bad idea to pick it up.

As you start getting used to jungling, you'll want to pick up more sustainable, safer junglers in order to be less at risk of dying to creeps/jungle invasion. Focus on trying to keep up with levels and going for the safer ganks (on lanes in which the enemy is overextended). Jungling is the role with which every game differs the most from the previous one, as such it's hard to pin down what you should be doing exactly. It is often a good idea to hang out in the bottom part of the map for the first 20 minutes when dragon is up, since you are the most effective player on your team when it comes down to bringing it down. When a laner has to recall or dies and you're nearby, you should head over to his lane and hold it while he's gone in order to gain experience from the creeps and protect the tower.

As teamfights rolls in, your role varies depends on the jungler you're playing, but since you're usually some kind of bruiser, you will want to either peel the enemy team off of your carries and/or jump the enemy carries when you manage to catch them out of position.

Easier Junglers to pick up : Udyr, Amumu, Nunu, Warwick

Champions Need-to-Knows (Part I)

Ahri - AP Carry.
Her ult is a triple dash that also sends out nukes to nearby champions, which makes her very hard to run away from. She also has an easily avoidable skillshot charm. The key is to dodge her charm, and to make her use her ult defensively. She has very low single target damage for an AP carry, and is therefore countered by either high-burst mages such as Annie, Leblanc or Kassadin, or by tanky AP carries with solid burst such as Ryze or Swain. Talon is also an effective counter to Ahri due to his mobility and silence.

Countered by :

Akali - AP Assassin.
Her ult is a triple dash that deals great burst damage, meaning if she's on you, the odds of you running away are rather low. She can cast a circle on the ground inside which she's cloaked if she doesn't attack. She is a snowballing champion, and as such you should be very careful not to give her early kills. Oracles screw her up, because she relies a lot on her Shroud to stay safe between cooldowns. She is countered by champs with stealth detection and tanky DPS who will shrug off her harass and drive her out of lane early on, such as Lee Sin, Renekton and Garen.

Countered by :

Alistar - Support or AP Offtank.
His ult makes him nearly invincible, thus he shouldn't be a priority target. He has a knockup and a knockback; be careful when laning against him close to his tower, he can knock you up and push you under his tower. Banshee's Veil will make his combo extremely ineffective. Assuming he is support bot, he is countered by Vayne (knockback) and Janna (Q, W, R all make it harder for Alistar to reach his target). As a jungler, Alistar suffers from poor 1v1 capabilities and is thus prone to counter jungling, therefore junglers such as Lee Sin, Shyvana or Udyr are very solid against him.

Countered by (support) :
Countered by (jungle) :

Amumu – Tank.
His ult is a very large AoE snare. He has a skillshot stun that brings him to his target, thus try to not get caught by him because his stun + ult is a deadly combo. Banshee's Veil/Quicksilver Sash will greatly decrease his ult's effectiveness. He is hard countered by Janna, whose ult will cancel Amumu's. He is also countered to a lesser extent by Tristana, who can push him back before he casts his ult. His weak early jungle means he is at a disadvantage against powerful invaders like Lee Sin, Shyvana or Udyr. Gragas is also useful against Amumu because his ult serves the same purpose as Janna's.

Countered by :

Anivia - AP Carry.
Her ult is a low CD AoE slow that deals damage. She also has a skillshot stun and can cast a temporary wall, whose width depends on the level. Both her ult and her stun doubles the damage of her main nuke, so she can bring forth massive burst damage. Her passive : she transforms into an egg upon death for 5 seconds, after which she is reborn, which makes her virtually undivable early game. Not much you can do if she is fed. In lane, avoid her slow-moving snowball. Focus her in early teamfights. She relies on keeping enemies in a certain area for massive damage, therefore is countered by champs with high mobility like Gragas, Fizz and Kassadin.

Countered by :

Annie - AP Carry.
Her ult is a small AoE nuke. She also has a single target nuke and a cone AoE nuke. Her passive : after casting 5 spells, her next spell will stun the target(s). Banshee's Veil will waste her first stun, and Quicksilver Sash is a cheaper alternative. She is countered by champs whose stuns simply outrange hers, like Brand, Morgana and Xerath, or who can close in quickly while winning exchanges, like Kassadin or Leblanc.

Countered by :

Ashe - AD Carry.
Her ult is a global stun skillshot in the form of a massive arrow. The duration of the stun increases with the distance travelled. Don't get hit by it. She can toggle slows on her auto-attacks and has a slow AoE, so she can kite you all day long. Banshee’s Veil, Randuin's Omen, Quicksilver Sash will screw her over. Take out Ashe’s initiation and she’s only half the carry she can be. If you have your spell shield up, try to always be around the front of your team and be ready to jump in front of your teamates to block an incoming arrow. Likewise, if you have Quicksilver Sash, make a point to stay up front and eat her arrow to the face, only to immediately cleanse it away. On the other hand, Randuin's Omen counters her damage output in so many ways - it slows down her AS if she attacks you, it slows -her- down so you can run away and it gives you a truckload of HP/Armor. She relies on kiting to be successful, thus champions who are faster than her even when slowed will counter her, such as Singed. Good support champs against Ashe are Nunu and Janna. As for AD carries, Sivir is very powerful against ashe - speed steroid, long range nuke, spellshield against ult, while mobile carries like Corki and Ezreal can safely blink away from either her slows or her arrows.

Countered by :

Blitzcrank - Support, AP Offtank.
He has a long skillshot that grabs you and brings you to him. He also has a knock up, and his ult is a massive AoE silencing nuke. Lesson here : Don't. Get. Grabbed. His passive gives him a temporary shield based on his amount of mana. Blitz' main weapon is his grab; he can't grab you if you have a spell shield up. Blitz is countered by tanky DPS - the more you have, the less targets he has (Amumu, Galio, Rammus, Alistar all want to be grabbed). He is also countered specifically by champs with ways to evade his grab (Ezreal, Fizz, Kassadin), champs who can shrug off CC (Nocturne, Sivir, Olaf) or champs who will simply nullify Blitz' grab by keeping the hooked champ alive (Zilean, Yorick, Kayle).

Coutered by :

Brand - AP Carry.
His ult is a slow-moving, multiple-target nuke that bounces off targets. If you're standing beside an ally whose long on health and notice a massive fireball heading your way, move away from your ally. Brand also has a skillshot which will stun you if you have been recently hit by another one of his spells, which include an AoE nuke and a single target instant nuke. When he ults, spread apart. He relies on ulting a group of people tightly packed together to deal most of his damage. This also means you shouldn't engage him in clustered areas like the jungle. Brand has very few counters, namely Kassadin, LeBlanc and Veigar who all counter pretty much every AP carry out there. His skillshot-based CC and lack of escapes makes him vulnerable to very mobile champions - use that to your advantage.

Countered by :

Caitlyn - AD Carry.
Her ult is a long-range single-target nuke that is usually used to finish off running targets. It can be blocked by an ally. She can lay snaring traps, and has a skillshot slow. She relies on picking people from afar, make a point to jump her to negate that advantage. Keep her from picking up kills with her ult by jumping in front of the bullet if you have more HP than the target. Her strength is laning, and as such does not have any hard counter in bottom lane. Keep in mind that because of this, you may not want to play a weak laner such as Vayne or Twitch, since Caitlyn will just zone you out. Sivir has an easier time against Caitlyn because her traps are just free mana for Sivir, and all her 3 other skills are projectiles that can also be a source of mana to a quick Sivir. Kog'Maw's high range also helps out during laning phase, making it easier for him to farm against Caitlyn. Her best counter is time - her lack of a true steroid makes her less potent than other AD Carries as the game drags on.

Countered by :

Cassiopeia - AP Carry
Her ult is an AoE cone nuke that will stun you if facing her, or slow you if turning your back to her. She has a skillshot poison slow, a low-cd skillshot poison DoT and a nuke whose cooldown is reset if it hits you when you're poisoned. She thrives on people chasing her. She has multiple ways to slow you down/speed herself up, and her ult is actually much more useful when being chased. Don't chase her, kill her teamates first, and get her to overcommit. She is a very powerful laner, and apart from the usual AP carries counters, has few counters. She has trouble against champs with high mobility like Kassadin, Ahri and Fizz since they can navigate their way around her harass and screw up her Twin Fang cooldown and her ult. She is also hard countered by Galio, who will shrug off her harass very early on and prevent her from exploiting her strong laning abilities.

Countered by :

Cho'Gath - Tank, AP Offtank.
His ult is a melee true damage nuke. He has a ranged AoE knockup and an AoE cone silence. He grows big because his ult actually consists of eating stuff, which is kinda cool. Dodge his knockup, kite him. He has no gap closer and deals most of his damage at melee range. He is vulnerable against mobile champs with long range and strong harass such as Nidalee, Rumble and Gangplank, or champs with Life% based damage like Nidalee (again) and Warwick.

Countered by :

Corki - AD Carry.
He has no CC, but does massive damage once farmed up. He has an escape that deals damage to anyone who follows him. His ult is a short CD long-range skillshot mini-nuke. Do not let him farm. Gank him often. If he is fed, you really have no choice but to ignore his entire team and rush him down, or he will just melt you apart. Corki is hard to counterpick, as he has no inherent weakness apart from his lack of CC. Janna is a solid choice against him, because of her ability to cancel an engagement, while Caitlyn has the upper edge because of her higher range. Corki has high synergy with Leona and Blitzcrank because of his very high burst damage early on.

Countered by :

Darius - AD Offtank.
His ult is an execution strike that works in conjunction with his passive - the passive applies a stack of true damage over time for each time Darius strikes a target; his ult deals extra damage for every stack of the passive on the target. If the target his killed by his ult, or 0.5 seconds after it was used, the ult's cooldown is refreshed. Darius also has a short ranged hook and a melee slow. He is a very heavy snowballer and a powerful laner, which means counterpicking is very important when facing Darius. He has a few counters in lane that are mostly ranged, heavy harassers like Teemo, Yorick and Kennen. Jax also does well against him due to his CC and mobility.

Countered by :

Diana - AP Assassin.
Diana is a mobile assassin with very high burst potential. Her signature spell is a medium-ranged nuke that follows a crescent pattern while dealing damage and applying the Moonlight debuff on any champion caught in its path. Her ult is a quick dash whose cooldown is refreshed if Diana uses it on a target afflicted by Moonlight, resulting in very high mobility if used correctly. She also has a self-centered AoE slow/grab and a shield. Diana can be played in a variety of ways, including top laner, jungler or mid laner. As a laner, Diana is a weak farmer due to her early squishiness and melee auto-attacks, therefore she can be bullied by strong 1v1ers such as Riven, Jax or Mordekaiser. In the jungle, Diana lacks innate sustain and escapes, thus she's prone to counterjungling by highly mobile junglers such as Lee Sin, Shyvana or Dr Mundo.

Countered by (lane) :
Countered by (jungle) :

Dr Mundo - AD Offtank.
His ult gives him massive health regeneration and movement speed - either don't focus him, or ignite him when he's low HP to negate the health regen. He has a spammable slowing skillshot. Executionner’s Calling or Ignite. While EC is pretty weak in itself, the healing debuff is fantastic against Mundo’s ult if your team lacks Ignites. He is countered by champs with innate healing reduction like Tristana, Fizz or Miss Fortune, or champions with %HP based damage, such as Kog'Maw and Vayne.

Countered by :

Draven - AD Carry.
His ult is a global nuke that acts like a boomrang. He also has a movement speed steroid and a small line knock up. His signature spell is his spinning axes - they deal bonus damage as long as he can juggle them by standing on the spot where the axes land. This spot is marked by a bright spot on the ground - use that to your advantage by nuking said spot, forcing Draven to either take damage or give up his spinning axe. He therefore has a hard time against champions with skillshots, such as Ezreal, Varus, Corki and Blitzcrank.

Countered by :

Evelynn - Hybrid Assassin.
Evelynn's passive will make her stealthed after being out of combat for 8 seconds. She can be revealed by walking near enemy champions, or by true sight. Evelynn excels at picking off misplaced champions and getting away swiftly after killing her target. Her ultimate is an AoE slow that damages enemy champions and gives her a health buffer proportional to the number of champions hit. Lee Sin's stealth detection gives him a solid advantage over Evelynn. Evelynn has trouble against tanky champions with CC that will survive her burst and pin her down, effectively preventing her from using her mouvement speed to get away.

Countered by :

Ezreal - AD Carry.
His ult is a global skillshot that deals great damage. He has two other skillshot nukes, and a blink that also happens to be a single target nuke. His entire kit revolves around landing his skillshots. Expect them and dodge them, or shield yourself with your creeps. Wait for him to blink, then CC and melt him. Ezreal doesn't exactly have hard counters, but he has a hard time against Graves because the latter's early damage output outshines the former's. Graves also has an easier time pushing his lane while Ezreal has no AoE, thus may find farming under his tower quite difficult.

Countered by :

Fiddlesticks - AP Carry or Support.
His ult is the following : Fiddle channels for 2 seconds, then blinks toward a location, and then deals massive AoE damage to anyone around him. The ult can be interrupted in the channeling phase. He also has a single-target fear, a bouncing silence and a single-target channeled life leech. Wards. He will always be lurking around the battle, ready to ult. You will -never- see good Fiddlesticks before the fight starts, but they will always be around. The remedy for this is wards. If you know where he is, he's much less of a threat since you can jump him before/during his channeling. He is also countered by pushbacks, therefore strong champs against Fiddlesticks include Alistar, Tristana, Vayne and Lee Sin.

Countered by :

Fiora - AD Melee Carry.
She has no CC, but her ult is a gap closer which makes her invincible for a short while while successively dealing damage to nearby champions. She has a short gap-closer, a short movement speed/attack speed steroid and can parry auto-attacks every now and then. She is only dangerous within a short period of time - outside that window, she is actually pretty weak. That short period is when she has her Riposte and AS buff activated. Wait for them to wear off, then jump her. She is countered by champions such as Fizz, Jax and Akali who have a mean to ignore her while she's a threat and counter with massive burst once her steroids have expired. Malphite is a solid counter aswell, due to his AS debuff and high armor.

Countered by :

Fizz - AP Assassin or AD Offtank.
His ult is a skillshot that shoots a fish which ties up to the first champion it encounters, or to the target location if nobody was in the way. After a few seconds, a motherfucking shark comes out of the ground at the location of the fish for massive damage and AoE knockup. Fizz also has two gap closers, including one which makes him ignore all damage for 1.5ish seconds. He relies on his temporary invincibility to get around. Observe when he uses it, and unload your combo after he used it. He is countered by hard pushers in the laning phase such as Morgana and Mordekaiser, and by instant CC like Ryze's.

Countered by :

Galio - AP Offtank, Tank.
His ult is a channeling AoE taunt that can be interrupted. Once the channel is over, he deals damage to taunted champions based on the damage they dealt to him. He also has a shield and two skillshot nukes. Dodge his nukes, and watch out for Flash + Ult, his deadliest combo. Make sure your team is always spread apart so that when he does ult, he doesn't grab more than one or two of you. Galio is hard countered by champions with CC on their auto-attack like Udyr, Garen, Volibear and Xin Zhao.

Countered by :

Gangplank - AD Offtank.
His ult is a global AoE nuke and slow. He has a massive single-target physical nuke that can crit for obscene damage. He has a built-in cleanse + heal and an AoE movement speed buff for him and his teamates. Don't let him farm top freely for the first 30 minutes. His weakness is his early laning - he doesn't have enough mana to both harass and farm safely, so he must choose between the two. He is hard countered by Pantheon, whose passive ruins Gangplank's harass. He also has a very hard time against Nidalee, Poppy, Fiora and Udyr who will either shrug off your harass, deal more damage than you do or both.

Countered by :

Garen - AD Offtank.
His ult is a single target nuke whose damage is relative to his target's remaining health; the lower the health, the higher the damage. He also has a melee single-target silence and can spin his way through CC. Buy any kind of armor to mitigae his early damage. His worst enemy is time. Garen is overpowered for the first 25 minutes. After that point, his damage is either negligible or he has low survivability once your carries start racking up items. He still has a few counters in lane : since he relies on closing the gap with his Q, he is vulnerable to mobile ranged harassers who will kite him endlessly such as Teemo, Nidalee and Yorick.

Countered by :

Gragas - AP Carry.
His ult is a long-range nuke that pushes targets away from the point of impact. He also has a ranged nuke and a slowing dash. Banshee's Veil will negate his ult initiation. Gragas is a rare sight in mid lane, and is difficult to counter correctly. Fizz is perhaps the most widely accepted counter to Gragas due to his high mobility and anti-healing debuff.

Countered by :

Graves - AD Carry.
His ult is a skillshot nuke which explodes upon contact for massive damage to anyone around. He has a short dash and a ranged AoE slow. He is the tankiest of the conventional AD carries. Frozen Heat, Randuin's Omen will slow him down. Graves doesn't really have inherent weaknesses. He's tankier than most AD carries, yet he has solid mobility and respectable utility while dealing similar amounts of damage. Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen will greatly reduce his effectiveness by slowing down his attack speed and giving you some much needed armor, but this obviously goes for any AD carry. Graves is very strong early game due to his innate tankiness, but somewhat falls off when compared to other AD carries. Long range carries like Caitlyn and Kog'Maw will give him a hard time farming, while good AP traders such as Cassiopeia and Ryze will neutralise him midgame.

Countered by :

Hecarim - AD Offtank.
His ult is a dash which triggers an AoE fear. He also has another dash with a single-target knockback. His damage scales with his bonus movement speed. Hecarim is somewhat underwhelming at the moment, but if he ends up being fed you have to take care of him like any other offtanks : avoid him, focus the squishies on his team instead. His laning phase is dreadful against champs with ranged poke like Teemo, Nidalee and Kennen, or with champs who can slow him down such as Nasus or Ashe.

Countered by :

Heimerdinger - AP Carry.
He can spawn turrets. His ult makes his turrets deal additional damage on top of applying an on-hit slow. He also has a skillshot AoE nuke that can stun the target if hit directly, and a multiple-target nuke. Don't follow him into bushes where he most likely has a turret nest. His flashing grenade stuns you if he lands it right on top of you : dodge it. His kit is rather underwhelming if you can do that. Heimerdinger relies on heavy pushing early on, he is pretty much useless past the 25-minute mark. He is hard countered by Nunu who simply eats his turrets. He is also vulnerable to champs who can easily wipe off his turrets from afar without hassle, such as Xerath, Malzahar and Veigar. Since he relies on pushing, good pushers will also neutralize him during early game.

Countered by :

Irelia - AD Offtank.
She has a dash and can stun you if you have more health than her. Her ult progressively launches 4 blades ahead of her that deal damage and heal her. Don't let her freely farm top. Irelia has massive damage and ridiculous survivability once she gets her first core items. If she's farmed up, sadly, there's not much you can do. She will shred your carries on top of being nigh unkillable. To exchange against Irelia, you have to observe when she activates her Hiten Style (which will make her blades glow). When it's activated, step back because she will win the exchange with certainty. She has trouble against any champion who out-trades her, because she has to go in melee range to farm.

Countered by :

Janna - Support.
Her ult pushes all enemy champs away from her and heals allies in range. Very useful for resetting teamfights. She also has a ranged knockup skillshot, a single target slow and a shield that increases the target's AD. Force her to waste her ult on non-critical situations. She's a support, she will often wander around with Oracles trying to clear wards. This is her weak spot - catch her and force her to eather blow all her cooldowns or just die and give up Oracles. Her predictable nukes can be countered by Sivir's spell shield.

Countered by :

Jarvan IV - AD Offtank.
His ult is a dash that creates a circle of impassable terrain around the target location, effectively trapping anyone inside. He also has a long-range dash that knocks up anyone caught in the way. His ult relies on the fact that you can’t get out of it, Flash will allow you to do just that. In the same state of mind, Jarvan IV is countered by blinks such as Lee Sin's, Shen's, and Jax's. He also has a hard time against sustainable, high damage champs like Yorick and Udyr.

Countered by :

Jax - Hybrid Offtank.
His ult is both a passive that deals magical damage every few hits and an active which increases his armor and magic resist. He has a leap, and a small AoE stun. Do not let him free farm a lane because he becomes an unstoppable killing machine if he has more farm than everyone else. He has a hard time against champions with unlimited ranged harass and/or sustain, namely Yorick, Warwick, Lee Sin, Vladimir and Teemo.

Countered by :

Jayce - AD Offtank, AD Carry
He has two setups : Ranged and Melee. His ultimate, available at level 1, consists of switching between the two. In both setups, he excels in doing short bursts of damage and getting away. He should be countered by champions with very high sustain in lane, such as Yorick, Warwick or Udyr.

Countered by :

Karma - Support.
She has a shield that can deal damage, an AoE cone nuke that can heal and a single-target slow/speed buff, depending on whether she targets a foe or an ally. She has no ult. If she's fed, just surrender. I haven't seen Karma in months, so odds are you're probably against one of the 4 players who knows how to do great with her. Give her some props and hope she's on your team next time. If she's an AP carry, counter her by scaling better than she does, which is the case with pretty much every AP carry in the history of forever. Her shield screws up burst damage so she has a harder time against sustained DPSers like Cassiopeia, Vladimir and Fizz. As a support bot, she is simply outclassed by every other support out there.

Countered by :

Karthus - AP Carry.
His ult is a global nuke that deals damage to every enemy champion on the map. If you're low on health, recall. He also has an AoE slow, a ranged skillshot nuke and can toggle a damaging aura. Hexdrinker, Zhonya's Hourglass and Banshee's Veil are both very potent counters. The spell shield gives you a very useful 300 additional hp to shield you from his ult. Banshee's Veil will also negate his ult damage if he uses it while you're not engaged in a fight. And hourglass activated right before his ult crushes down will simply cancel it. Karthus is hard countered by Soraka, whose ult is the exact opposite of Karthus'. Karthus is also very vulnerable in lane to high burst AP nukers, namely the usual LeBlanc, Kassadin, Fizz and Veigar.

Countered by :

Kassadin - AP Assassin.
His ult is a spammable blink that deals damage upon landing. He also has a single target silence nuke and an AoE slow nuke. Lock him down, he relies on his ult to go around but he's usually extremely paper. His silence doesn't stop auto-attacks, so AD carries should be tearing him apart. Also, build more tanky than you usually would, even as a carry. If he can't melt you in a single combo, his usefulness is greatly reduced. He is hard countered in lane by Talon, who will simply outexchange him and progressively build up an unsurmountable advantage. Apart from that, Kassadin is a counter to pretty much every AP carry out there, except a specific few like Cassiopeia who will drive him out of lane early, Sion who counters Kassadin's early damage with ease and Fizz who can dodge his harass. He's also vulnerable in lane to high burst AD casters, like Talon, Gangplank and Pantheon.

Countered by :

Katarina - AP Carry.
Her ult is a channeling multi-target nuke. It can be interrupted. She has a bouncing healing debuff nuke and a blink. Stun/Knockup/Fear/Silence, Offtanks and Aegis of the Legion all make her life a living hell. Any kind of CC that interrupts a channel makes Katarina completely useless. Wait for her to ult, CC her. Grats, she’s now a sitting duck. She also has a hard time against very tanky teams, but if the game is already started there isn't much you can do beside pick up an Aegis. She is countered in lane by champs with hard CC like Annie, Sion and Kassadin, and in teamfights by tanky champs with handy/multiple CC such as Udyr, Blitzcrank or Alistar.

Countered by :

Kayle - Support or AD Carry or Hybrid Carry.
Her ult is a shield that makes the target invincible and unCCable for the duration (a few seconds). She also has a slowing nuke and a heal. Frozen Heart, Randuin's Omen will neutralize her if she's a carry. Force her to waste her ult on herself if she's a support. If she's built as a Carry, she will rely on grotesque attack speed to deal her damage, negate that with FH/Randuin's. As a support, her weak heal is outclassed by most other supports. She is countered differently depending on the skill level of the player. Bad Kayle's will wait for their target to be low HP before ulting, they will therefore be countered by high burst champions like Veigar, Annie and LeBlanc. Good Kayle's can foresee burst damage and ult a targeted champion to completely nullify the aforemetionned champion's burst, therefore they are countered by DoT champs such as Vladimir, Cassiopeia and Mordekaiser whose damage will keep ticking after the shield has expired.

Countered by :

Kennen - AP Carry or AD Carry.
His ult is an AoE multi-target nuke that will stun the targets because of his passive. He also has a long-range nuke that can stun and a self-speed buff that deals damage to the things it goes through. He is countered by Quicksilver Sash, Pushbacks and Suppresses. QSS away once he stuns you, then proceed to melt him. Pushbacks like Janna's ult or Alistar's W are very good at keeping him away from the fray once he ulted. Suppressing him once he ults is also very effective, provided you're either out of range of his ult or tanky enough to whistand the damage. Kennen is hard to counter in lane, but he is hard countered in teamfights by Janna and Tristana. He also has a hard time against Alistar, Vayne and Lee Sin.

Countered by :

Kog'Maw - AD Carry or AP Carry.
His ult is a spammable, ultra-long range nuke that reveals vision of the targets it hits. He also has a slowing skillshot and deals damage based on a % of your HP. However, he has no escape, no hard CC. Gap closers ruin his day. Frozen Heart/Randuin's are obviously very good against him aswell. Any champ with a gap closer (or multiple) will ruin his day, like Graves, Akali, Jax, Lee Sin or Fizz.

Countered by :

LeBlanc - AP Assassin.
She deals massive single target damage, thus she's very dangerous in the laning phase. She has a single target nuke that can silence, a snare and a double blink. Her ult repeats her last ability with added damage. Try to not feed her early. If she's fed, get Banshee's Veil and get the game to drag on. Her teamfight efficiency is reduced as time goes on, and it becomes nearly inexistent if she can't burst down a carry with her rotation. She has very few counters in lane, but keep in mind she is supposed to be a counter to every AP carry out there. She is only countered by the few champs who can whistand her burst like Morgana, Sion, Mordekaiser and, more importantly, Galio. LeBlanc is also a terrible farmer, and these four champs just happen to be able to push the lane with extreme ease, forcing LeBlanc to stay in her lane.

Countered by :

Lee Sin - AD Offtank.
He has a skillshot dash and a shield. His ult launches is a melee knockback nuke. A fed Lee Sin is a deadly Lee Sin. Focus the rest of his team instead, or try to bait his Q into unsuspecting locations where your team is ambushed. Lee Sin doesn't really have any counters. Pick someone who can hold his own in a 1v1 like Trundle (in jungle), Udyr (jungle, solo top) or Renekton (solo top).

Countered by :

Leona - Support, Tank.
She has a skillshot dash and a single target melee stun. Her ult is a large AoE slow that stuns enemies caught in the middle of it. Dodge her gap closer, don't be out of position. She punishes team for trying to run away of a bad encounter. She is countered by a Alistar and Janna, who will both push her away once she locks on a target.

Countered by :

Lulu - Support.
Her ult buffs one of her allies, knocking back every enemy around the buffed champion and giving him extra HP. She has a polymorph, which is a unique form of CC that allows movement and summoner spells, but prevents you from casting spells, attacking enemies and slows you down a tiny bit. She also has a double skillshot slow. Be careful when finishing off champions around Lulu, as she is often baiting with her ult. She is countered by Soraka, who outsustains her and a well-timed silence will screw her ult-bait over in a spectacular way.

Countered by :

Lux - AP Carry or Support.
Her ult is an ultra-long range skillshot nuke. She also has a skillshot snare, a skillshot AoE slow and a skillshot shield. Surprisingly enough, the key is to dodge them. Lux has no escape and is extremely squishy, so she is very vulnerable to gap closers and to be caught out of position. She has high cooldowns and mana issues without blue, so make sure to harass her after she used her spells. Lux relies on keeping enemies in a restrained area to unleash her burst - mobile champions will therefore have the edge on her.

Countered by :

Malphite - AD Offtank, Tank.
His ult is a dash that knocks up foes in a significant area around the target location. He also has a single target slow. He thrives from armor and from slowing down nearby champion's attack speed, use your AP carries to burst him down if he's not too tanky. He is a very solid counter to most AD carries top, except a very few like Riven, whose specific manaless, defensive/offensive kit will have the advantage over Malphite in the long run. That said, he is also countered by AP-based solo tops, like Rumble, Nidalee and Yorick.

Countered by :

Champions Need-to-Knows (Part II)

Malzahar - AP Carry.
His ult is a channeling suppress that deals massive damage to a single target. He also has a multi-target DoT, an AoE silence and an AoE nuke. Quicksliver Sash will take care of him. Use it after Malz ulted you, and then jump him. He’s a paper caster without any CC, and he most likely won’t be expecting it. He is hard countered by Gangplank who can just cleanse away from both his ult and his DoT. Lux's abilities also outrange Malz, making it nearly impossible for him to scratch you if you can land your skillshots.

Countered by :

Maokai - AP Offtank.
He has a single-target dash/snare and a short-range AoE knockup. His ult is a circle that reduces damage dealt to allies inside the circle. As with a few other offtanks, there isn't much you can do against a fed Maokai. He will be very tanky and will deal a respectable amount of damage. Focus his teamates and burst him down last. Maokai is prone to counterjungling, thus can be countered by your usual counterjunglers such as Udyr, Lee Sin and Shyvana.

Countered by :

Master Yi - AD Assassin.
His ult grants him movement speed, attack speed and renders him unslowable. He is easily countered by hard CC. You can’t slow an ulting Yi, but you can stun him. He also relies mostly on auto-attacks to deal his damage, so picking up a Thornmail counters that. In the same state of mind, Rammus, Jax and Teemo are very potent against him. Udyr, Warwick, Skarner all counter him as junglers, and if he's laning anyone with hard CC will do the trick, for example Jarvan IV, Ahri, Annie, Malzahar, Ryze, etc.

Countered by :

Miss Fortune - AD Carry.
Her ult is a massive AoE channeled cone nuke. She also has an AoE slow, a double-target nuke and a healing debuff. To deal with her, you need positioning. Don't let her ult your entire team, or the fight is pretty much already over. She has no escape, therefore is vulnerable to champs with gap closers such as Tristana, Ezreal and Corki.

Countered by :

Mordekaiser - AP Carry, AP Offtank.
His ult does significant DoT to a single target. If the target dies, it is revived as a ghost that fights for Mordekaiser. Quicksilver Sash is excellent against him. Use it after Morde has ulted you and proceed to run away, assuming you were low HP when Morde ulted you. He is hardcountered by Zilean who can simply revive whatever champion Mordekaiser had ulted. Morde is countered in lane by champs with constant hard harass like Cassiopeia, Swain, and Yorick. As solo top, he is countered by Riven, Rumble, and to a lesser extend Gangplank (who can just cleanse away from his ult).

Countered by :

Morgana - AP Carry, AP Offtank.
Her ult is a multi-target spell that targets foes near Morgana and stuns/damages them if they stay near her after 2 seconds. She also has a single target snare and a spell shield. Banshee's Veil, Quicksilver Sash will both help tons against her. Use the former to bait her snare, use the latter to get out of either her snare or her ult. Once her stuff is on cooldown, there really isn't much she can do. Morgana has a hard time against champions that can simply land harass on her even through her spell shield. She is therefore counterable by champions such as Talon, Pantheon, Cassiopeia, Gangplank, Vladimir or Mordekaiser.

Countered by :

Nasus - AD Offtank.
His ult gives him HP and additionnal life leech. He has an on-hit buff that deals increasing damage as his farm goes up - try to not let him farm. He also has a progressive single-target slow. He is very vulnerable against slows, therefore Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Frozen Mallet will make quick work of him. Additionally, he relies on having a solid farm to be effective. Champions who can deny him that early on and snowball the lane are very effective counters. These champions include but are not limited to Garen, Nidalee, Renekton and Teemo.

Countered by :

Nautilus - AP Offtank.
His ult is a nuke which locks down to a champion, knocks down anyone in it's path and upon arrival on the target, will launch it upward and stun him. He also has an AoE slow and a stun on his first auto-attack on a target. Nautilus relies on his hook to close the gap, dodge it. Jungle Nautilus is prone to counterjungling, Shyvana, Udyr and Lee Sin are all excellent counters in that regard. As a laner, he is simply outclassed by Riven's constant harass.

Countered by :

Nidalee - AD Offtank or AP Assassin.
She has a heal, a long-range skillshot nuke and can lay traps in human form. Her ult allows her to switch to cougar form, which grants her 3 new abilities : a dash and two melee nukes. She has surprisingly high burst at level 6. A fed Nidalee will split push her way to victory. She will require at least two people to be pushed away, and will most likely get away anyway. Don't feed her, triple gank her when you're confident you're not going to lose any map objective as a result. Get oracles to get rid of the wards she most likely laid down. She has a few counters, namely champions with high damage coupled with healing reduction such as Fizz and Mordekaiser. She's also weak against certain champs with easy gap closers with solid early damage like Garen, Udyr, Pantheon, Renekton or Yorick.

Countered by :

Nocturne - AD Assassin, AD Offtank.
His ult is an ultra-long range dash that removes ally vision for the enemy team during a few seconds. He also has a spell shield and a fear. The key is to not overextend when he's jungling because he will punish you for it. He is vulnerable to well-timed escapes (after his ult, during the fear). He is also prone to early game counterjungling, and as such his counters include Lee Sin, Shyvana, Olaf and Udyr.

Countered by :

Nunu - Support, AP Offtank.
His ult is a channeled AoE slow that has the highest AP ratio in the game. Interrupt it, or die. He also has a single-target slowing nuke and a speed buff. Stun/Knockup/Fear/Silence : all of these interrupts his ult, which greatly diminishes his effectiveness in a teamfight. He is thus countered by the plethorea of champions who have hard CC, including but not limited to Blitzcrank, Soraka and Janna.

Countered by :

Olaf - AD Offtank, AD Anti-Carry.
His ult makes him immune to CC. He gains AS for every %HP he's missing, so don't to 1v1 him if you have no burst. Thornmail kind of counters him, since he attacks faster as his HP drops, therefore he'll eat the returned damage faster. Frozen Heart/Randuin's are also viable solutions. Since he lacks a gap closer and any kind of reliable CC, Olaf has a hard time with mobile ranged champions, such as Teemo, Kennen and Yorick. Volibear also specifically counters him due to the fact that he builds HP (which counters true damage) and deals more damage to low-hp targets (which negates Olaf's passive).

Countered by :

Orianna - AP Carry.
Her ult flings targets toward her ball. She also has an AoE slow, a shield and a nuke. Stay clear from her ball, spread out if you know she hasn't used her ult, and you should be fine. She has a tough time against very high mobility champions who can just dance around her ball and avoid her damage, such as Ahri, LeBlanc and Kassadin.

Countered by :

Pantheon - AD Offtank.
His ult is a channeled ultra-high range teleport. The location of his target is announced by a huge red circle. He also has a short-range stun. He is one of the scariest early laners, so don't pick a very weak laner or else he will snowball the lane. He trails off midgame if he's not fed. If he is, focus him down, he usually has very little Armor/MR. His counters include strong early game champions which do not rely on auto attacks to deal damage, like Rumble, Yorick and Warwick.

Countered by :

Poppy - AD Anti-Carry or AP Anti-Carry.
Her ult makes her invincible to everyone except her target, which makes her a terrific tower diver. She also has massive burst and a dash. Crush her early game. If you can't do that, say goodbye to your carries. She is the strongest lategame champion. Her early game is proportionally awful. Dominate her there. She has a very tough times against ranged champs with high mobility who will harass her out of oblivion, like Teemo, Nidalee and Kennen. She is also specifically countered by Volibear with Heal, who can trade with Poppy without fear of dying because of his passive.

Countered by :

Rammus - Tank.
He has a taunt, and a skill that returns a fraction of damage dealt to him. Plus, he has a self-speed buff that also acts as a knockup. His ult is an AoE DoT that also damages buildings. Don't overextend, ward further down river so you can see him coming from far away. Don't let him taunt you lategame. If he does, make sure your team is backing you up, because he now has no CC and his team's carries are open for business. Rammus is a very weak and somewhat slow jungler early on, which makes him an easy pray to counterjunglers. He is thus easily countered by Trundle, who will additionally be able to steal truckloads of armor from Rammus later on. Cho'Gath's and Olaf's true damage and high early damage are also quite strong against Rammus.

Countered by :

Renekton - AD Offtank.
He has a dash that can be doubled if it his a target and a melee stun. His ult makes him gain HP and deal magic damage to enemies around him. Don't feed the croc. He's not a real threat midgame if he's not fed (either he lacks damage or survivability), but he is one of the strongest laners at early levels. He is a very tough champion to lane against, because he is particularly strong in the first 15 minutes of the game. His hardest counter is time, but if you end up against a Renekton you should pick anyone who can hold his own early on without much trouble, such as Udyr, Olaf or Riven, all of whom scale much better than Renekton does.

Countered by :

Riven - AD Offtank.
She has a knockback at the end of her basic combo, and a short AoE stun. Her ult is both a damage steroid and a Cone nuke which deals higher damage to low-hp enemies. Exhaust once she ults will screw her over. Aside from that, she's your usual "don't feed her" offtank. She is a very strong laner with very few counters, so your jungler should make a point of keeping her in check. She is somewhat vulnerable against champions with ranged mobile poke, like Kennen and Teemo.

Countered by :

Rumble - AP Offtank.
His ult is an AoE slow/nuke that stays on the ground for a few seconds, damage is dealt as long as you're still in range. He also has a spammable short-range AoE nuke, a long-range skillshot nuke and a shield. Don't feed him. Dodge his ranged poke, jump him when he silences himself. Don't stack up before he ults. Rumble is very weak in the first 3 levels, therefore he can be countered by champions who are very strong at that stage of the game, like Riven, Renekton and Yorick, or champions who can avoid his damage like Fizz.

Countered by :

Ryze - AP Carry.
He has a snare and a low cd nuke. His ult makes his spells AoE and gives him spell vamp. End the game early. Gank him often mid - he has terrible mobility, and nothing but a single target snare for CC. He's a machine lategame. He's quite slow and has a short range, so long-range harassing champions like Cassiopeia, Brand, Anivia and Xerath will give him a hard time.

Countered by :

Sejuani - Tank.
Her ult is a ranged nuke which stuns the target for a certain duration, and which also stuns nearby targets for a lesser duration. She also has a slow on her auto-attack, an AoE slow and a slow that stacks with her auto-attack slows, slowing the slowed targets even more. You get the theme here. She can be easily kited away - all her slows rely on her to be close to her targets. Expect her ult and try to dodge it. As with most jungle tanks, she is not very tanky early on and her first jungle run is average at best, therefore she is easy pray to Shaco, Trundle, Udyr and other strong counterjunglers.

Countered by :

Shaco - AD Assassin or AP Assassin, Support.
He has a blink that cloaks him for a few seconds. He also lays traps that fears nearby enemies. His ult clones him; the clone deals damage based on Shaco's damage. Invade him early to screw up his boxes, ward your lanes early, be conservative. He's a joke in teamfights. Shaco is considered the most potent pubstomper, he thrives on punishing other people's mistakes. He can gank extremely early with deadly force, and is very mobile and evasive, which makes him quite difficult to pin down and kill. However, he must constantly get kills and map objectives to be useful, because he progressively becomes a non-factor as time goes on. He is hard countered by Lee Sin, because Lee Sin is a very proficient invader and both his Q and his E counters Shaco's stealth and blink combo.

Countered by :

Shen - Tank.
His ult is a global teleport that targets allied champions; it also shields the targeted champ. He also has a small AoE dash/taunt. A fed Shen is very dangerous not because of his damage, but because of his survivability. He can tank damage for very long period of time, which gives his team a very wide window to set themselves up for the ideal initiation. He can be countered in lane by champions with ranged poke who can put on the hurt consistently and early, such as Teemo and Warwick. He is a very sustainable but slow jungler, which means his jungle can be abused by fast counterjunglers like Udyr and Shyvana.

Countered by (top lane) :
Countered by (jungle) :

Shyvana - AD Offtank.
Her ult transforms her into a dragon, allowing her to dash to the target location and bring whatever enemies she finds along the way to said target location. She also has a self-speed buff. Don't feed her. She doesn't have any innate slows, so kite her especially if she doesn't have enough Fury for her ult (her little red bar isn't full). She is naturally tanky because of her ult's passive, so she should be a lower priority target in teamfights; her lack of reliable, consistent CC means that she cannot do much to protect her carries. As a laner, she is countered by laners with either consistent harass or easy sustain (or both), such as Riven, Warwick and Olaf. In the jungle, she lacks CC but is very swift and deals high amounts of damage early on, which means that only the best duelists can hope to go head-to-head with her, ie Trundle and Udyr.

Countered by :

Singed - Tank, AP Offtank.
He can fling people over his shoulder. He also has an AoE slow and can lay a poisonous gas behind him, which all makes him very dangerous in a lane. His ult boosts his stats. Banshee's Veil nullifies Singed's initiation. Singed’s only ability that can break Banshee’s veil is his fling, which is on a 10~ second cooldown. There’s nothing he can do to you when you have a spellshield up. Also, don't chase Singed. Oh and don't chase Singed. Just don't. NO. DON'T. 10hp? I don't give a. Don't. Singed is a horrible laner until he gets a few items, therefore he is countered by mobile laners with enough harass to abuse that. Namely, Teemo, Nidalee, Warwick, and Riven, to name a few.

Countered by :

Sion - AP Offtank or AD Offtank.
He has a ranged stun. He also has a shield that scales with AP. His ult gives him enhanced AS and AoE lifesteal. If Sion is AP, Quicksilver Sash and Banshee's Veil are both very strong against him. He relies on his stun to close the gap, and those items counter exactly that. He is countered in lane by champions with either high burst damage who will break through his shield with ease such as Annie, Garen, Jax, or champs with easy harass and natural sustainability like Cassiopeia, Vladimir and Swain. He is especially hard countered by Morgana, who will simply spell shield his stun away.

Countered by :

Sivir - AD Carry.
Her ult is an aura that grants enhanced MS and AS. She also has a spell shield. Bait her spell shield, and she has no defensive spells. Gap closers + CC negate her ult. She doesn't really have a counter in lane, although Lulu and Soraka are strong supports to use against her because they are the only support whose CC isn't projectile-based thus much harder to block with Spell Shield.

Countered by :

Skarner - AD Offtank.
His ult suppresses a champion and drags said champion along with Skarner, dealing damage in the meantime. He also has a quick AoE slow. Skarner is a very strong jungler early on with fast clear times, but is usually a bit low toward the end of his first jungle clear. He is also quite blue reliant, thus invading his blue is generally a good idea. He is countered by champs with ranged knockbacks like Vayne or Tristana, or champs who enjoy getting chased like Singed and Cassiopeia.

Countered by :

Sona - Support.
Her ult is an AoE dance (stun) that affects target in front of her. Fed Sona means non-fed Carries. Focus them instead. Sona is generally used with high-burst carries for massive early damage, meaning champs who can farm from a distance like Caitlyn and Ezreal are fine against her. Likewise, Soraka can top off most early harass and is therefore a good choice against Sona.

Coutered by :

Soraka - Support.
Her ult is a global heal. She also has a single target silence. She's a support, if she's fed ignore her and pick on the weaker carries. If she's a gimmicky AP Carry Soraka and she's fed, drag the game on past the 25 minute mark. Her scalings are awful, and by that time they will have no real AP carry to speak of. Since she relies exclusively on her healing to keep her carry alive, she is hard-countered by champions with healing reduction debuffs, namely Miss Fortune and Tristana.

Countered by :

Swain - AP Carry, AP Offtank.
He has an AoE snare that triggers after a second. He has 2 DoTs, and his ult deals damage to foes around him while giving him HP. Ignite/Executionner’s calling/Exhaust all greatly reduce his efficiency. He relies on gaining HP back from his ult, cut that amount in half with Ignite/EC. The HP returned to him also depends on the damage he deals, and Exhaust will mitigate that. Dodge his snare and kite him all day, he's very slow and has no gap closer. He is countered by anybody with any kind of healing reduction, especially Fizz because Fizz can dodge Swain's only form of CC. Other options include Katarina, Tristana and Miss Fortune.

Countered by :

Talon - AD Assassin.
He has a blink + Silence, and his ult cloaks him for a few seconds. He also has a cone slow. He is usually countered in lane, since he is prone to early harass and lacks hard CC. Champions such as Lee Sin, Riven and Yorick will make quick work of him.

Countered by :

Taric - Support, AP Offtank.
He has a long ranged stun. He also has a small AoE nuke and a heal. His ult is an AoE nuke which buffs nearby teamates. Stay clear of his stun and you should have no problem dealing with him. Supports like Alistar and Soraka are excellent for disrupting him when it's obvious he is going in for the stun.

Countered by :

Teemo - AD Offtank.
He lays mushrooms around the map that deal damage when stepped upon and provide vision. He also has a blind and a self-speed buff. Don't chase him, he's probably leading you to an ocean of shrooms. Ignore him until teamfights start. If he's there, laugh and jump him because of his pitiful range. If he isn't, send someone to recall because he's backdooring you. Teemo is very strong against champs who cannot retaliate to early ranged harass, and therefore is usually a counterpick. However, if you happen to be able to counterpick him, champions like Yorick, Kennen and Rumble can make quick work of him.

Countered by :

Tristana - AD Carry.
Her ult pushes the target away from her while dealing damage. She also has a self-AS buff, a jump and a healing debuff. She has a very, very weak midgame and thus should be abused during that stage of the game. Champions who outrange her or outrun her during midgame are very strong against her, such as Caitlyn and Sivir. She relies on early burst to deal damage, and Taric/Alistar can disrupt that.

Countered by :

Trundle - AD Offtank.
He can lay a pillar that slows nearby enemies and blocks terrain. His ult is a melee nuke. Don't fight in chokepoints or his pillar will screw you over. His ult scales better against tank champions, therefore squishies will have an easier time against him early on. He is one of the best early duelist/invader, so don't pick a champ that has a weak jungle. He doesn't really have any counter, but is vulnerable against kiters so having Ashe or Cassiopeia on your team is never a bad thing against Trundle.

Countered by :

Tryndamere - AD Anti-Carry, AD Offtank.
His ult makes him litterally unkillable for 5 seconds (but not unCCable). It's deadly, considering his other skills are a heal, a dash and a slow, and the more he attacks, the more damage he deals. Tryndamere is countered by Attack Speed slows, CC and DoT. CC should be used after he ults, and DoT is likely to kill him when his ult expires. Bad Tryndameres can be duped by unpredictably high burst damage which will kill them before they activate their ultimate, but you shouldn't rely on that. He is hard countered top by Teemo, who can render him useless with his blind and constant poke, and Malphite, whose AS debuff, natural armor and solid poke will completely neutralize Trynd. As a mid, Cassiopeia's DoT and ability to kite is very strong against Tryn. Nunu as a jungler/support is excellent against Tryndamere because of his slow/AS debuff.

Countered by :

Twisted Fate - AP Carry or AD Carry.
His ult reveals all the enemies on the map and allows him to teleport far away. He also has a single target stun. Expect and dodge his long-range but slow nuke. Don't overextend when he's MIA, because he could be anywhere due to his ult. He has a few counters in lane, namely Fizz and Kassadin. In general, he is countered by champs who can follow up his ult with their own global-ish ult, namely Shen, Pantheon and Nocturne.

Countered by :

Twitch - AD Assassin or AD Carry.
Twitch can stealth for a short amount of time (4-8 seconds, depending on his skill level), and temporarly gains massive Attack Speed when breaking out of stealth. He also has an AoE slow, and his ultimate transforms his auto-attacks into piercing AoE missiles. He is the squishiest champion in game, therefore he should be a high priority focus at all times. He's hard countered by Lee Sin, whose E reveals stealth. Other champs with high burst like Akali, Twisted Fate, Kassadin or Cassiopeia will rough him up. He also depends on his stealth to get in position, so Oracle's Elixir should be bought when dealing with Twitch.

Countered by :

Udyr - Hybrid Offtank.
He has a self-speed buff and a stun. He relies on chasing people to be effective, therefore any kind of slow and/or kite will neutralize him. Lane Udyr will mostly deal magical damage early on, therefore make sure to pick up some MR along the way. He is hard countered by Anivia, whose wall will simply make him completely useless for a short amount of time. Trundle, with his slows and dangerous counterjungling is also a solid counter. In lane, you will want some mobile ranged poke like Teemo, Kayle or Kennen to deny him.

Countered by :

Urgot - AD Offtank.
His ult suppresses his target and then exchanges positions with him. He has a skillshot nuke that will follow you around if he hits you with another one of his skillshots, a little green potion. Avoid getting hit by the potion and you'll be fine. Keep an eye out for his ult. Drag the game longer, he doesn't deal nearly as much damage lategame as conventional AD carries. He is countered in lane by Soraka, whose heal, silence and armor buff both help tons against Urgot's harass. Tristana, Ezreal and Corki are also great at blinking out of harm's way after his ult.

Countered by :

Varus - AD Carry.
His ult is a skillshot projectile that snares the first target it encounters, and then chains to nearby champions, snaring them when the initial snare expires. He also has an AoE slow and a long range skillshot nuke. Varus relies on heavy poking and then charging in for the kill, therefore he is less effective when facing heavy sustain teams. Focus him down in teamfights - his lack of escape makes him an easy target. If you can nullify his ult either with QSS or dodging, he becomes much less of a threat. Varus needs to win trades to be efficient, therefore he should be countered with Graves or Ezreal. He has very good AoE syngergy, therefore Janna is also a good choice against Varus.

Countered by :

Vayne - AD Carry.
Her passive makes her run faster when facing a champion. She has a low cd "tumble" (dash) and her ult gives her even more movement speed from her passive, while cloaking her when she tumbles. She also has a ranged nuke that pushes you back and stuns you if you land on a wall. If she's chasing you, she will in all likelyhood catch up to you. Either setup ambushes to catch her, or turn around and bend her over backwards. She's paper, and not nearly as fast when running away. Melt her during teamfights, she should always be #1 priority target because she's impossible to itemize against (%HP true damage is just wat). Her early laning phase is rather weak, therefore she can be countered by champions such as Caitlyn, Graves and Urgot who all have solid early burst and/or potent poke.

Countered by :

Veigar - AP Carry.
He has a 15s cd "perimeter" stun; it's a pentagon that only stuns people walking through the edges, staying in the middle has no effect. He gains ability power by farming with his single-target nuke. He also has an AoE nuke. His ult is a single target nuke that deals damage based on his AP and on the target's AP. Therefore it's not uncommon for Veigar to 1-shot an AP Carry from 100% health. As an AP carry, you have to change your entire build against Veigar. Pick up Merc Treads instead of Sorcerer Shoes. For AP, pick up a few Doran's. Depending on your champion, Hextech Revolver/Will of the Ancients can be a viable choice. After that, build tanky AP items and try to start with the tanky parts first (ie, if you build Rylai's go Giant's Belt first, Abyssal Scepter go Negatron first). Include a Guardian Angel/Quicksilver Sash/Banshee's Veil earlier than usual, and pick up your Rabadon's after you have a few survivability items. He has a few specific counters, which include but are not limited to : Aniviva because of her free Guardian Angel, Fizz because half of his spells will counter Veigar's stun and a well timed E will cancel Veigar's entire burst, Kassadin because he can blink out of Veigar's stun, LeBlanc because she makes Veigar's laning phase a living hell and Ryze because not only does he not scale with AP but he can outharass Veigar early on.

Countered by :

Viktor - AP Carry.
His ult is a moveable nuke which deals damage to nearby enemies. He also has a long-range line nuke and an AoE slow/stun. Viktor relies on his unreliable slow/stun platform to keep enemies landlocked - bait him into using it, and if he doesn't catch you with it he just wasted his CC for the next 15 seconds. He has surprisingly high burst so be careful of that. On top of the usual AP Carry counters, his ability to clear creeps early is weak and can be exploited by pushers like Morgana and Mordekaiser.

Countered by :

Vladimir - AP Carry, AP Offtank.
He has a spammable lifestealing single-target nuke. His ult is an AoE nuke that deals damage upon casting and 5 seconds later. He also has a multi-target nuke and can transform into a "pool", dodging projectiles but still recieving damage from DoTs such as Ignite. Healing reduction works wonders against Vladimir and should be used liberally. Vladimir is very weak before level 8-9, and is therefore weak against champs who have strong harass at that stage of the game. He is countered by, among others, Cassiopeia, Fizz, Swain and Ryze.

Countered by :

Volibear - AD Offtank, Tank.
He has a speed buff, an AoE slow and a fling. His ult makes him deal extra magic damage to nearby enemies. Not exactly a big threat. Burst him down, most Volibears rely on their passive for extra survivability and build more damage as a result. Make 'em pay. Keep your burst for when he's low on health in order to nullify his passive. Healing reduction works wonders on him, therefore champions like Katarina and Fizz are solid against him.

Countered by :

Warwick - AD Offtank.
His ult blinks him to his target and suppresses him for 2 seconds while dealing damage. Quicksilver Sash will cancel his ult. Warwick is a very strong top laner, but has a few counters. Champions that can outharass Warwick while he goes close range to sustain will naturally counter him, like Kayle and Olaf. Other counters include Nasus, who won't kill Warwick but who won't die either and will therefore be free to farm as much as he pleases, and Yorick who will simply win any exchange against Warwick.

Countered by :

Wukong - AD Offtank.
His ult makes him spin for several seconds, dealing increased damage to anyone around him, while knocking back anyone caught in the spin. He can also stealth while leaving a clone behind; the clone deals AoE damage after 1.5 seconds. Pushbacks will neutralize his ult. He is hard countered by Lee Sin, who has stealth detection, a pushback and high natural sustain. He is also countered by Riven and Rumble due to their tankiness and mobility.

Countered by :

Xerath - AP Carry.
A long-range artillery champion. His signature spell triples his spell range but roots him into the ground for the duration of the buff. He has a single target nuke which will stun the target if it is subsequently hit by another one of his spells. The rest of his kit consists of a linear nuke and a triple AoE nuke. Predict and dodge his skillshots. If you can close the gap, you will cancel his range advantage and turn the fight to your favor. His counters include Galio, Kassadin, Leblanc and Ahri.

Countered by :

Xin Zhao - AD Offtank.
Xin Zhao has a quick dash that slows the target, and a knockup that procs after 3 auto-attacks. He also has an attack speed steroid and his passive shreds armor on the target he's attacking. His ult knocks everyone around him away, except the enemy unit or champion targetted by his passive, and gives Xin Zhao an Armor/Magic Resistance bonus proportional to the number of enemy champions hit. Xin Zhao requires both Attack Speed and Movement Speed to stick to his targets, therefore he is vulnerable to CC and slows. He can therefore be countered with champs like Teemo, Nasus and Nunu. Randuin's Omen is also an excellent item to pick up when having to deal with a fed Xin Zhao.

Countered by :

Yorick - Hybrid Offtank.
His ult creates a ghost of an ally's champion. If said champion dies, he's temporarily revived by the ghost, who then disappears. He also has a slow. Gank him often in lane. His strength is laning, he's not nearly as good as the game drags on. He deals mostly magical damage in the laning phase, therefore you should consider stacking up a solid amount of MR when laning against him. Bruisers with a gap closer, natural tankiness and high sustain, such as Cho'Gath, Renekton and Trundle, can more than hold their own against Yorick.

Countered by :

Ziggs - AP Carry.
His ult is an ultra-long range AoE nuke. He also a spammable mid-range nuke, a slowing AoE nuke and a gimmicky low damage utility spell. He will mindlessly want to double bomb you all the time. Use that to your advantage. Setup ambushes, feign weakness and get your team to jump him. Ziggs lacks hard CC, therefore is prone to kiting and vulnerable to champions with high mobility. Counters include Ahri and the usual Kassadin/LeBlanc/Veigar.

Countered by :

Zilean - AP Carry or Support.
His ult casts a veil on an allied champion. If that champion dies when that veil is active (it lasts 12 seconds), the champion is revived. Zilean also has a slow. He has massive poke, but runs into mana issues early if he harasses too much. Anybody who can mitigate his damage, like Sion, Morgana or Mordekaiser, will have an easier time against him.

Countered by :

Zyra - AP Carry.
Zyra is a caster whose abilities revolve around her signature skill, Rampant Growth. She can lay down seeds and turn them into fierce plants that will aid her in combat. She has a short skillshot snare and her plants may have a slow. Her ultimate is an AoE circle which deals magical damage to anyone inside it, aswell as buffing Zyra's plants attack speed, provided they're located within the circle. After 2 seconds, any enemy champion still caught in the area of effect will be knocked upwards. Since she relies on her stationnary plants and ult to deal damage, she will have a harder time against extremely mobile champions such as Fizz, Katarina, Kassadin or Ahri.

Countered by :


I'd like to thank a few websites and people who have helped me build this guide :

- http://championselect.com , to help out with champion counters I wasn't familiar with
- http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/League_of_Legends_Wiki , for valuable information on items and other relevant information
- http://www.ituroncavalry.com , for being home to the loveliest and most pantless gaming community out there, including Banacchus who helped provide ingame screenshots and Vajeene who helped finding grammar/syntax mistakes
- http://www.solomid.net , for hosting this guide
- Riot Games, because this game is retardedly good

- BrainInBlack, for abbreviations and jungle timers suggestions.
- Blod09, for a correction on the gp5 abbreviation.
- Gyhuji, for general feedback


I will try to keep this guide as up to date as possible, and will note down any major content/format update here.

20/08/12 - Added Diana
27/07/12 - Added Zyra, moved Good Practices & Habits chapter to Playing the Game - Getting Started, added Summoner Spells chapter
20/07/12 - Updated Evelynn, Twitch and Xin Zhao after their massive remake.
13/07/12 - Guide published.


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Great work,I hope you'll update it soon though !

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Your efforts are much appreciated, would you mind updating the thread to Syndra's patch? I'd like to see Rengar's counters.

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Good Job! Teamfork

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@MaiLinna : If you didn't mean literally -all- the answers, feel free to ask the questions you may still have. I'm still exploring new content to potentially add to the guide !

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To everyone else, thanks for the feedback =) ! Keep sending it my way, I'm pretty sure this guide is far from perfect ;)

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