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New Champ?

Well, it's a horse. But is he really worth buying? I bought him. And from what I can tell, Hecarim is a very unique champion. One of a kind, if you will. And all of it attributes to his massive skillset, which is, by far, one of the strongest ones in the game, if played right.
To be honest, I believe Riot went right with this champion, creating a new bruiser that is both mobile, spammable, and not the slightest bit underpowered. I wouldn't say he is overpowered, because he will lack in certain comps and situations, but he is definitely useful.

For Dota/Dota2 players, he is pretty much a LOL Spirit Breaker.


Hecarim's passive makes for some very altered stats. At first sight, the scaling doesn't seem like much, especially if it's just off bonus speed, but it does have a role into how you play him. (or are supposed to) The scaling eventually just makes Hecarim have higher stats and makes him viable for different builds.

This ability, in my opinion, work well with two things: low attack speed-high damage; and trinity force(high mobility-medium-high attack speed).
The reason for this is that Rampage(q) interrupts your attack cycle, but has a very low cooldown w/ stacking reduction. At a peak of a 2 second cooldown, it can easily supplement your auto-attacks and overall damage, as long as it doesn't interrupt your attack cycle too much. However, it does not interrupt your movement.
If you have high-damage, low attack speed, there is less likelihood of the skill interrupting your attack cycle and also does more damage, overall increasing damage output in that scenario.
Trinity force will be explained later on.

To be Honest, this is one of the strongest non-ultimate abilities in the game. The fact that you can turn huge amounts of damage into health, even if for just a short duration, is extremely strong throughout the entire game. Laning phase is probably when it's most effective, allowing Hecarim to sustain himself through lots of harassment over time.
Yet this ability is more effective in team fights, when your carries will be doing the most damage. You can even heal from the damage they do, allowing you to heal massive ammounts from initiation bursts. This skill makes Hecarim extremely durable and sustainable. It also puts him in the top place for Aoe and Burst teams.
Timing, however, is key to this ability. You have to activate it just as the damage is coming in on the enemy, AND when your health is low enough to get a decent healing from it. The damage from this skill is pitiful, and only on rare occasions should it be used for damage. If the skill is not activated at the right time, it's potential is completely thrown away. However, if activated at just the right moment, it can mean the difference between a winning fight and a losing one.

There is not that much to this spell. It's like a rammus powerball how you gain movespeed as you continue this ability, and ends once you initiate an attack. You will knock an enemy back on the attack. However, you will leap-strike to them (quite literally), increasing your attack animation, attack range, and (at certain times) your attack damage. The damage ratios on this skill are poor, so it should really only be used to either knockback an enemy into your team, to chase down an enemy/initiate, or to run away. Many times have I tried to deal damage with this skill, only to end up wasting it and getting myself killed.
*note that on the knockback, you also travel a set amount of distance. Be careful you don't launch yourself into a bad position.

Another strong spell on Hecarim. It's pretty much a damaging dash with a small, but useful disrupt at the end of it. It is very strong for initation and has a very high damage at early levels for a ultimate. However, the end splash area is decievingly small, so be sure to aim the skill right. Aiming the skill slightly behind the enemy is best for maximum damage as well as a good position. Leading this spell behind a group of enemies allows you to knockback an enemy into your team, or any other direction you wish. I would prioritize aiming behind rather than getting the splash off in most cases.


Several things you can look for to build Hecarim (by cost-efficiency):
Attack Damage
Armor Pen
Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed

Why resist over Damage and health?
Resistances are really aimed at team fight strength.
Hecarim's W (Spirit of Dread) will heal Hecarim for insane amounts in team fights. Remember, Hecarim is a bruiser, not a carry. If you can stand next to the targets your carries are focusing with Spirit on, you can both tank, deal damage, and heal for the full duration. This is because spirit of dread takes ALL damage dealt in the area and transfers it to healing. It sounds op, and it is, but it has a very short duration and requires timing. With that said, the resistances scale very well with the healing from spirit of dread. Spirit of dread already gives you a larger hp pool form it's healing, so resistances stacked with that is better. Also, Hecarim has a relatively high base hp, so resistances go well with that as well. Overall, Resistances top damage and health on how effective it is on Hecarim.

Movespeed and attack speed at bottom?
Reasons for this is that even with Hecarim's passive, the scaling of of these two stat's still won't cut it compared to all of the other great stats you can get with your gold. You honestly just need trinity force for movepseed, and you're all set. But that's because trinity force is a core item all around. Movespeed doesn't compare to the other stats listed above, for bruisers at least. It won't matter if you can run really fast and do damage if you 1. are going to die instantly. and 2. You don't have damage amplifiers.
That being said, if attack speed is a damage amplifier, why is it at the bottom? Again, trinity Force makes up for everything. You don't really need anything else. Hecarim's damage amplifiers come mainly from his Q (rampage) which interrupts the attack cycle, making attack speed less useful than it is on other champions.

Hecarim, with trinity force, already has a perfect cooldown rate for his own sake. Reducing the cooldown on Rampage won't do all that much if you have trinty force. However, CDR cannot be underestimated , for Hecarim's abilities but Rampage have a high cooldown. Lower cooldown on Spirit of Dread will help sustain in fights and lower cooldown on Devastating Charge allows for Hecarim to have more disruption and mobility. Having ults up is useful too, but not too important. You can still fight decently without it. But, since Hecarim, by late game, will die before those two things can come down from even maximum cooldown, the stats won't carry on too far.

This, I believe, is a core item on Hecarim. There is no better item to get. It gives most of the stats Hecarim needs to be effective, and other stats that further improve his performanc.
If you have a high-mobility, med.-high attack speed, you can simply chase an opponenet all day. Since it does not interrupt your movement, you can get maximum damage while chasing someone. The attack speed is so that while chasing, you aren't hindered by auto-attacking an enemy. Trinity force accomplishes all of this by having attack speed and mobility. But what seperates trinity from phantom dancer or zeal is the fact that it also has many other bonuses. It gives a slow, attack damage, mana, and and auto-attack buff, which all help Hecarim. (ignore AP) Even better, the interesting 2 second cooldown of Rampage while charged creates the perfect attack cycle for Hecarim, (Rampage-Auto), activating Trinity Froce passive damage boost every time, and enabling him to deal significant amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Also, with Hecarim's passive's bonus AD, the damage scaling of Trinity force is further manipulated.

Example Builds

Starting: + or 10 sec-> Ideal.
+ vs hard lane.

Core: or -->


Vs Heavy Physical damage: +++++

Vs Heavy Magical damage: +++++

Vs Balanced damage: or+++++CDR Item ////

Super-Damage: +++++


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Wow take offense much lols, guywithglasses don't know what he talking bout

April 27, 2012 - 02:07 AM #3

You obviously don't get the point. And I know what I'm talking about, so stop thinking you know what YOU are doing. I'm an actual high-elo and dedicated player that has experience with guides.

April 24, 2012 - 07:03 PM #4

So many generic guides made for him = impatient people.

Just to many incorrect statements bro. You need to spend more time on him. Sorry, but this(along with all the other "generic" heca guides)should be cleared out to free up bandwidth. Play him so more, gather more info, then wait until they open his section up and THEN post a guide.

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First comment on your guide, q does not interupt your attack cycle. Just like skarner's q (I think)

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Note that this is just an impressions, and this guide is to show what I think of this champion . Not a guide. I appreciate the feedback and I'm really hoping to make a legitimate guide for this champion. As a note, I'm a gold-rank player at (currently) 1811 elo. I'm looking forward to improving and I hope I can come up for a long-awaited guide for this champion.

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Spirit breaker was a faceroll hero. This guy is aswell, whatever.

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Ello Ello this is my first post on solomid xD. So far I've won my first 6 games with hecarim he's super OP if played right. I like to build Hec kinda support/tanky. One thing I've learned through the first couple of games is you get A LOT of attention in team fights might as well build tanky right? My favorite build so far (since I jungle) is lattern->boots-> reverie -> sheen -> frozen heart -> rest of TF and I would go on but so far all the teams have /ff'd. Ghost and smite are my spells. I realize this build might not work for everyone but it makes me laugh so hard to ghost+reverie+charge= roflfacestomps plus the CD reductions can have you spamming ravage for days

April 19, 2012 - 07:28 AM #9

did u ever read the last patch ??

atmogs are on longer that powerfull

April 19, 2012 - 06:59 AM #10

hmmm have you considered atmogs :D i feel that its pretty much core to any ad tankydps

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