RUMBLE BUILD GUIDE: Just who the hell do you think I am?! by Zakkery

by Zakkery (last updated 9 months ago)

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration(+7.83 magic penetration)
Greater Seal of Scaling Health(+9.72 health per level (174.96 at champion level 18))
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power(+1.53 ability power per level (27.54 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power(+14.85 ability power)
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Full Item Build

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mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
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mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
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mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
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mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility
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Junkyard Titan
WScrap Shield
RThe Equalizer
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Hi i'm Zakkery, but you can call me Zakk!
Nice to meet'cha.

I've wanted to make a guide for my best and favourite champion for quite awhile now. Everything about Rumble's design, playstyle, kit, and even personality has interested me and made me adore him as a character, and someone who kicks a lot of ass since he was released on April 25th, 2011!

As of January 1st, 2014 I have played Rumble in over 8000+ Games, be them Ranked, Normal, PBE, or on Smurf accounts or other accounts, and achieved Diamond rating on 2 accounts in season 2, and Challenger on 1 during the beginning of season 3 as Rumble, The Mechanized Menace. I'm here to show you how I play him, build him, and many other things that are just nice to know! In a short, quick, and sweet format. Not taking too much time, but just enough to explain all there is to know about my favourite little yordle.

With all my personality and character design loves about him aside, his overall damage and burst, teamfight disruption and overall AOE explosion is incredible, here are some pros and cons.

Pros and Cons-
  • Lots of consistent and free damage
  • Short CD Shield to absorb incoming damage
  • Manaless caster with increased damage from passive
  • Long range aoe ult
  • AOE/Teamfight extraordinaire
  • Lots of slows
  • If managed poorly, you can overheat and silence yourself
  • No actual escape ability(ie; dash/blink/knockback)
  • Easily escapable ult with a dash or blink
  • Can be kited if you miss harpoons

So much damage can be done, and I love seeing the numbers fly above someones head! With his massive AOE, and his insane consistent bases. His damage is quite deceiving. Ganks from the enemy jungler can be turned into double kills for you if you play it right.

My Stats as of Season Two


Rumble is extremely fragile from levels 1-5 and can easily be dominated during those levels. This is why I have always take my at level 1, to farm minions from afar, or to harass from a distance with it. Passively farm and gain EXP to get to level 5 and dominate them back!


Runes for Wumble

Top Lane


Only use these if vs a hard lane, or one you aren't confident against.

Why Movement Speed Quints?
  • With you have 398 Movespeed at level 1 without but, with Janna you have 409.
  • Easy to escape early ganks by simply using and walking away, even if you have red buff proc'd on you.
  • Just in general good for keeping them in your damage.

Why AP Per-Level Glyphs?
  • Decent amount of AP given to you at the level you are suppose to start being aggressive(level 5).
  • A bit of AP later, for mid and late game.


Use these normally when Vs an ad, and Vs lanes you are confident against.

Why AP Quints?
  • Maximizes your damage early on, especially with all the pen you'll be getting.
  • Added on with the Ap Per-Level glyphs, you'll do quite a lot more damage at levels 4-5.

Mid Lane


Only if vs an AD mid laner will I not go with these.

HP Per-Level Seals?
  • HP is great Vs magic damage.
  • Adds a bit of tankiness to survive burst

Just press Q


mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility

Summoner Sets

Primary Set

  • As you most likely already know, a great offensive and defensive summoner spell, great for closing the distance vs the Squishy AP/AD Carry after landing your ult from a distance. Or escaping those ganks or sticky situations you couldn't of escaped otherwise without it.
  • Great vs heavy sustain champs like Vladimir or Mundo, and very good for finishing people off in your combo

Wanna go full-on man mode? Here's your spells.

  • if you're team doesn't have it, or your laning opponent is melee or someone you wouldn't necessarily need flash for, I suggest using this over flash. It compliments his entire kit, keeping them in his damage and reducing theirs. It has quite a lot more utility as the game goes by, and can even turn jungle ganks into double kills for you a lot easier.

<-- (for some reason the image wont enlarge so just right click view image to see it)

A good example of this would be my 2500 game, as shown above. I was against an Evelynn mid lane, and because she is melee I had the ability to take this over flash. Easily snowballing my lane because of it. Later on in the game, after ours doing poorly in lane. The enemy top lane became a problem, but no worries! While our support made sure to exhaust the one giving our ad carry trouble, I exhausted the enemy ad carry or that pesky Evelynn, resulting in easily won teamfights.

Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
Default Starting Build
--Starting Items
boots-of-speedhealth-potion4 / cloth-armorhealth-potion5 / elixir-of-brilliancesight-wardhealth-potion4

--Vs. AD Bruiser Top or Mid

ninja-tabi or sorcerers-shoes depending on your opponent.


Getting a dorans-shield or seekers-armguard after boots Vs lanes like Riven/Darius etc. Is a very good idea.

--Vs. AP Caster Mid or AP Top
Yes! Rumble can Mid!

mercurys-treads or sorcerers-shoes depending on your opponent.


You can get rabadons-deathcaprylais-crystal-scepter before or after abyssal scepter.
Depending on your own personal preference, or the games situation. Most of time depends on whether or not you are ahead, and want more burst or survivability.

--Late/End Game Goals
Depends on how you build or what you're vs.


--Boot Enchantments
Depending on your situation, it being later in the game, and if you have the available gold. Boot enchantments are a very good idea. Some used more defensively and others for offense.

enchantment-alacrity Alacrity
Not that big of an enchantment, but that +15 movement speed is quite helpful in most situations. Especially when getting into and getting out of battles and engagements.

enchantment-furor Furor
Now I know what you're thinking. Zakk, you only have 1 single target ability, and almost barely get to autoattack. Why would I ever pick Furor? The Answer is simple, imagine Rumble having a Malphite q as one of his abilities. Now imagine him having 2 which stack with eachother, being his harpoons. It also helps if you do see an opportunity to go in and overheat on someone.

enchantment-homeguard Homeguard
You probably already know how good this is. Getting back to a battle faster after getting pushed out, or defending base/picking off low health enemies who overstay there welcome. If you think it'll be useful in one of those situations, or if the other two don't seem right this game. Get these enchantments.


Sometimes Hextech Revolver and Will of the Ancients isn't a necessity, and can be skipped to go straight for your Rylai's and/or other items, and only should be bought vs lanes with heavy sustain, ie; Irelia, Vladimir, etc. Even then it is sold later on to buy other items that would be of more use later in the game.

Liandry's Torment should only be bought during or near the end of Mid Game if at all, after your Rylai's and other big item like Rabadons Deathcap or Zhonya's Hourglass. It is a bad item to rush or get beforehand.
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Junkyard Titan
WScrap Shield
RThe Equalizer
Starting with Electro-Harpoon not only assures that you can safely farm a distance during your early fragile levels, but gives you the ability to do some decent damage building up to your level 3 offense. Scrap shield second for that extra safe and secure-ness. The rest is pretty self explanatory.

Skills of the Menace

Junkyard Titan
Explanation: This passive is both high risk and high reward, if you don't learn to manage your heat properly, you will overheat at all the wrong times, silence yourself, and die easily or screw yourself over an easy kill. If you learn to manage it and overheat at just the right times(I normally like to overheat after using my for even more damage), you're greatly rewarded with "Tons of Damage" from your consistent damage of q and heated autoattacks.
Explanation: Burn em up!

A very high damage DOT, if the enemy stays in it for the full duration, which can be short lived due to dashes, or speed boosts.

This is why is an amazing item on rumble.
Able to slow them into the full duration, and if you have not obtained that item, landing at least once will allow you to have them sit in most of your q's duration if not all.

And yes, Spellvamp does work on rumble's flamespitter even if it's unnoticeable.
Scrap Shield
Explanation: An AWESOME spell that can both be used offensively and defensively, for catching up to people, initiating with a shield to block the first bit of damage, or running away with an awesome shield.

With shield + speed boost and the help of movement speed quints you can easily get away from most jungle ganks during early levels by simply using shield and walking away.
Explanation: Good burst if landing both harpoons, and even better with a stacked slow from your . Can be used for defense when getting away, or to chase your enemies down and burn them to a crisp!

It's a very interesting spell when used to overheat, as you can cast both its shots even after overheating on the first one, so if you believe overheating with this instead of q, for the extra slow for more overheat AA's is more beneficial in the situation, then it is most definitely a good idea!
The Equalizer
See: "The Equalizer and Teamfight Placement" section

The Equalizer and Teamfight Placement + Montages

R: The Equalizer
Explanation: BEST ULT IN GAME, At least in my opinion. Can block people off, disrupt teamfight positioning, snipe people who escaped with barely any health, can initiate from a LARGE distance, or help others by slowing the enemy down so they can catch up.

Being on such a relatively short cooldown, with such potential makes it amazing.

Ult Placements-
Rumble's ult is amazing for skirmishes, or fights in closed spaces, and most importantly- Teamfights!
Always, always, ALWAYS, be sure to hit as many people as you can with your ult, or make sure to use it to disrupt the enemy carry's positioning.


Wait for a perfect moment, or one set up to you by champions like , or in the screenshots case, and our wonderful bait of a . Forcing them all to sit in some of the DOT


Being able to hit everyone or as many people as you can in a teamfight can easily turn it into your favour, allowing us to easily ace all 5 for only 1 of ours. Them having baron too! Scoring my first pentakill.


Rumble's ult is awesome for sniping low HP enemies as well, it's always a good feeling doing it!

Another fun thing that Rumble can do with his Ultimate Ability(or rarely his harpoon) is stealing buffs, dragon, or even baron. Of course this is very rare, but in some cases if their jungler is dead(or mistimes it) you have the chance to do so and turn the tides of the battle.

Video above may not be with his ult, but has some relevance or hilarity to stealing something.

Other Videos

The Potential of ulting in small spaces

Everything Else + 2 Rumble Kill Montages

Jungle in the Rumble


Wtf? Attack speed Marks?
  • Overheating autoattacks with this boosted attack speed will make jungling as rumble a lot faster then it should, and i'm sure you'll notice the difference.

OR if you want more Utility

Starting items:

Skill order is different for jungle, always start with , and level second.
What I normally do for route is Blue (at 1:55 and with a strong leash) -> Red(Only if you still have smite) -> see about ganking bot/top and then back for and if gank was successful with extra gold, add a .

At 50 seconds into the game sitting outside of the not yet spawned blue camp start charging up your passive with , to where when blue spawns you will have over 50% heat to do the extra damage, always make sure to keep it going enough to overheat on blue to get it done quicker.

Afterwards use your to get to wraiths faster while also charging your passive, walk into wraiths and overheat with and only with .

By spamming your and even without smite you should easily be able to take on red and still have health to spare for a gank, and if landing a on laner you should get an easy kill, or at least an easy flash gib.

Item build is a bit different from laning, into then unless you're having trouble and need to pick up a or , is still a good pick up along with . And with being potentially buffed (Mana Removal and AP Buff) this can be a good pickup to support your team if they rely on magic damage.

Final Potential Build: or for more team support.

You probably wont need as much help at blue as shown in the video, but it's always helpful! For a visual jungle route, see below.

I wouldn't recommend this as something for serious gameplay, but it's certainly fun and a silly pun to his Rumble in the Jungle skin.
Have fun!

The Difference Between Mid Rumble and Top Rumble


Rumble is a very versatile champion, he can jungle and be quite successful(although others like Amumu, Maokai, etc are much better for the job) in that with his ganks, he can both top and mid just fine as well. His kit allows him to do these things with ease. Here I will explain both the good parts to going mid and top, accompanied with the bad. I will also give my opinion and reasons why I think a certain lane is better then the other.


Pros and Cons-
  • Can outdamage most AP mid mages with just your bases.
  • Can accompany this with tankiness while dealing heavy damage.
  • Has heavy dragon control because of its small space and having long range aoe ult.
  • With his massive AOE can have great bot lane ganks, which also ties to dragon control.
  • His shield is very useful vs long range harass.
  • Can snowball and get fed much easier vs squishy ap casters.
  • No Heavy CC, ie; stuns.
  • Cant 1v2 as well in most situations, since ap mages burst you down instead of aa you.
  • You are much squishier, no ultra man mode. Maybe a little though.
  • Melee

Because of your ults long range, and being mid. If the enemy starts dragon, You can easily just waddle a short distance over and possibly interrupt it, or even pick off a few kills from it.


Another thing both top and mid rumble can both do efficiently, but mid rumble more for me since he is both closer + can build much more damage then vs most top laners, is ganking bot. Which can probably win you a uncontested dragon if successful. Because of his massive damage and aoe, with the help of the support, such as taric or sona's ult. Can set up easy quick kills on one if not two of the bot laners as shown in the video below, and maybe a jungler if he so happens to try and help ;) Which gets you an easy, clean, and uncontestable dragon.


Pros and Cons-
  • Can beat most top laners, since Rumble is very good vs Melee.
  • If equipped with exhaust/ignite, or play it correctly. Much more likely to get double kills on the jungler and laner, but don't always think you can.
  • Can be tankier, to face more damage for your team then you would mid. While also dishing out quit a lot of damage.
  • More susceptible to ganks/being camped, always ward.
  • Top lane is much more snowbally, ie; they get a kill on you its over most of the time.
  • Less dragon control due to the fact you can lose your tower easily by leaving.

I don't top anymore as Rumble, unless I am forced too or have too, but that doesn't mean he's a bad top laner, no, he's still amazing top and still that awesome lane bully. I've just grown tired of how snowbally top lane is, and with the existence of Jayce and Darius. It can be quite tiresome.
But, by being camped or ganked over and over, this gives your team more dragon control, and lane control due to the fact the enemy jungler is focusing top lane. You can only hope they follow up on this advantage.

Unless you snowball incredibly hard top, you'll have to build more defensive items. Like Ninja Tabi/Dorans shield, vs those specific lanes. I sometimes vs lanes like riven or renekton will build Hourglass after haunting guise. It's very case sensitive though.

In the video above I played it wrong while also making the mistake to not look at his items after he returned to lane. I had killed him twice 1v1 and thought I could still take him, but he had gotten the item , which is a great item to choose vs Rumble as an ad top laner. If he had went for double dorans, that would of been a kill for me. Was well played on his part regardless.

But it's ok, Darius makes everyone rethink their ability to top lane anyways. Ha.

What I suggest you do to Carry more efficiently.
What I prefer to do over the other is mid lane, but top can be just as effective at this. Allow me to explain why in most of my games I will ignore top lane completely(as mid rumble and occasionally top). Even if your top laner is behind or doing very poorly. Ganking bot and getting a tower + dragon is a lot better of an idea then ganking top, and getting those consistent dragons and/or turrets catches your top lane up even more then ganking for him and getting you or him an extra 300 gold.

While also if you leave to go top you leave your team and most importantly bot lane susceptible to a play made by the enemy jungler or enemy mid laner resulting in a dragon for themselves, of course if they pay attention to this fact. Keeping this in mind can lead you to more won games.

Being top lane, and because rumble being quite the bully to most champions and if you are in this matchup can get a few kills in lane resulting in the ability to roam. even if you are losing your lane, roaming with your amazing ult can result in you catching up better then staying in that top lane. Even if it results in your turret being lost. You got your adc kills/gold and your whole team gold from towers and dragons. Remember to pay attention to when it is a good idea to leave your lane, because sometimes roaming in some moments is a bad idea resulting in wasted time and nothing happening.

Which is why I prefer Mid Rumble over Top, that capability to Roam without too much time wasted because of how near mid is. With how far away top is, it's a lot harder to do this.

In the end the choice is up to you in how you play, and with experiences you will learn what is better for your playstyle, but in every playstyle getting those consistent dragons, and ganking bot. Results in easily won games.

Early Laning and Harassment

Levels 1-4

Early on you want to play passive, Rumble's early levels aren't very good. Don't get too aggressive or near your laning opponent(Unless they don't have scary levels 1-3) and try to farm from a distance by using your and first tick of your , If you turn on your at a low health minion and then quickly turn away you are able to utilize that 1 tick to farm the minion while not causing damage or, severe damage to any around it, at the same time of staying safe away from your opponent in lane, this can also be used on your lane opponent, if they cant dash too you or are too dull/unaware of taking that damage.

As stated before, his damage is very deceiving.

During these levels your only harassment should be from a few first ticks of and some good 's, like so.

Levels 5-9

I literally expect Rumbles to get brutally out traded previous to hitting levels 4-5 and this to happen with any Rumble player who plays safe up until this level, avoiding damage and harassing with and short ticks of after hitting level 5, if not right after.

With certain champions and cases this will be different and will be explained in another section on common lane opponents, mid and top.

Mid/Late Game + It's Teamfights.


By now you should decently have your build if not full build, something around these lines.

Your job during mid and late game is teamfights, initiating, AOE, or simply just shoving lanes to force an enemy opponent to deal with, allowing you to do things such as baron, dragon, or other goals.

Great at following up to initiations as well best synergizing with intiative champions that can lock someone down. Like Amumu or Naut, etc. Even from a distance due to an incredible range on his ultimate.

Did I mention teamfights?

His ult is amazing for initiation and sieging enemy turrets or protecting your own in an initiation.
And in teamfights can do so much aoe burst and disruption, I have no idea why he's rarely seen.

Make sure to drop your ult in the best way possible(Particularly after someone initiates, like jarvan did), in the video above I dropped it to where nocturne would be dealt sever damage and be forced out of the fight with flash, and blocked off mundo forcing him the other direction, while also hitting annie for the drop damage and focusing her down, so she would be unable to do anything else.


Despite what seems to be a losing battle, with your AOE ult to initiate + Certain combo's its quite easy to turn the tides of the battle.

This was in my second to last ranked game I played before I hit exactly 2000 elo on Zakkers, Dropping your ult to do the most damage and force them off of baron, allowing another teammate to go in with their additional combo, making sure to turn around to help damage an enemy trying to kill your carry. Despite dying, won in a 3v5 situation and stopped their baron entirely.

In every teamfight, Rumble has the ability to focus down their carries, and also peel for his own due to his slows and aoe damage, he's quite good at both. Make sure to disrupt the battle to the extent of forcing their carry to retreat, die, or be forced out of position allowing your team to kill them.

If the carry has either died or escaped(which in this case, don't chase unless you know your carry is safe). Make sure to turn back and help your own carry by peeling their tanky dps, or tank off of them with your slows from Harpoon's or Rylai's, because of how tanky you are by now, you should be able to do both easily.

A Few Tips and Neat Strategies


Do's and Do Not's
  • Start with your Electro Harpoon unless you have the chance to do the Level 1 Aggression trick.
  • Get a point in Shield at level 2 to survive harassment better.
  • Combo(especially after obtaining Liandry's Torment) like: Harpoon -> Shield -> Flamespitter, then after a second or two shoot another Harpoon keeping them in your damage and autoattacks longer.
  • Be aggressive around levels 4-5
  • Go to any lane in which you please.
  • Build Hextech Revolver only vs Lanes like Vladimir, Kennen, Irelia, etc.
  • Build Dorans Shield vs Lanes like Darius, Riven, etc.
  • Position your ult to either disrupt teamfight positioning, follow up on an AoE Stun, or to burst your single target instantly.
  • If at 80 heat and you press w and q at the exact same time you will cast both and overheat, this also works in any combination of q w and e
  • If you have killed your lane a few times and have had the ability of roaming elsewhere, if you do force them out of lane again and want to roam to help your team. You force down there turret if possible, and if not? Just leave and go elsewhere.

Do NOT's
  • Be Aggressive during levels 1-4
  • Smartcast your ult
  • Flamespitter towards your enemy when minions are between you and them.
  • Ever take Blue Buff(unless you REALLY want CD's)
  • Build items with mana
  • Think you're invincible and facetank

Level 1 Aggression
I never usually do this because of how I play and mostly because I go mid, but it is still possible in very many cases.

If you are top lane and your Jungler doesn't need extra help at their buff, or vs a squishier lane, lets say.. Kennen or Vladimir. There is a neat little chance of being able to force a flash, or a blue pill right at level 1!

The idea is quite simple, start with your flamespitter and start waddling up to your top lane. Go into the second lane bush, making sure they don't see you. Charge up your flamespitter so they you get to around 80-85 heat which is possible in the 1:55 time frame you have. When they walk past with the minions, or they walk into the bush. Press that Q button overheating in their face, your overheated autoattacks with DEVASTATE them, especially squishier opponents. If you force a flash or a base, you are successful.

Get a level or 2 ahead of them and dominate afterwards.

LuluxRumble my OTP
Screw Tristana.. Lulu is your best bot lane friend.

People have been asking me to add this for awhile, and here you go. Lulu Is by far one of my favourite teammates to have as when playing Rumble, her kit perfectly compliments your kit, be it ap mid lulu or support lulu. Everything about her is just awesome for the Rumble player, and why not stick them in a lane together?

I've done this a few games, mostly with a friend. We would send our AD Carry Mid lane, which would do decently vs the AP Carry because of being AD and with long range(Ezreal, Kog'maw, Caitlyn). While Rumble and Lulu are set to bot lane and shut them down. It's almost a guaranteed double kill, if you chain your spells together.

Levels 1-5 are just a bit tough because of you being melee, especially vs very harass heavy champions. But being careful doesn't hurt. Getting a point into your shield at level 2 helps a lot with this as well. If you aren't able to get a cs from a distance because of them being ranged, feel free to tell your Lulu that she can cs too, as long as she knows you wont be able to get it.

Quick example of how I handle a Rumble and Lulu lane and its laning phase, just showing how I survive in lane/cs, and an added combo+doublekill near the end.

The Twisted Treeline


In my opinion Rumble is god on Twisted Treeline, because of his high damage AOE in small enclosed spaces(especially since now its only 3 targets instead of 5), high mobility(MS) to get around, and also being able to be tanky.

Normally on 3v3's I would run the same setup, armor yellows, AP per level blues, magic pen reds, and movement speed/flat ap quints. No magic resist due to the fact most of the enemies on this map will be ad, ad bruisers even. Same masteries are used, etc.

As for summoner spells, I will normally always run , exhaust is great for most of the champions you'll vs here, and ignite is self explanatory to any mage. Exhaust also can get you a lot of early kills, and snowball you even faster. Which is what you want on this map, to be higher level and always ahead of your opponent, but be careful as you do not have a dash or spell way to escape. So play careful if you know you wouldn't be able to get away.

At the start your build is generally the same, , , depending on the enemy laner or team, , etc. Before Rylai's though, you will upgrade your haunting guise into a similair to but the Twisted Treeline version. After these items there's 2 items you can get, one depending on situation, and one normally. These two are and . Wooglets Witchcap is the Twisted Treeline version of and is a must get at some point in the game. Hextech Sweeper as stated several times, is one of my favourite items in the game. GREAT for map awareness, and keeping vision on your opponent, but is an optional item depending on your situation. Always remember to build to counter your enemies. Ninja tabi instead of Sorcs if vs heavy ad is a good example.

Rumble can go top or bot, most of the time you will go top, if you do have a jungler and the enemy doesn't? Rumble is amazing at 1v2'ing bot. Many double kills 1v2 are to be had if played correctly, especially with , but don't go full man mode on me, stay safe.

When you don't have a jungler or if both teams have one, I think Rumble is much better top 1v1, since he can beat a lot of lane opponents + has a very important leveling and ult, I think he should be the one to get his first over teammates seeing how useful it is. When you get your ult or see an opening, go bot as often as you can, if winning against your lane opponent of course. Try to instigate fights in the small spaces in the jungle, it will help a lot. Be careful though as top is much more susceptible to being ganked with all the different routes they can take to get there, especially with how small the map is, and with the speed buff in the middle, and with the removal of wards on this map, being even more careful is key.

Your Ult, and It's Range.

Showing off a few ult positions to show
Rumble's ult = best on this map


  • Can be launched while happily sitting in your top or bot lane.
  • Big aoe ult for a small space, and a good spot to drop to help teammates catch enemies, slowling them even if they have sped up.


  • Small show off of one of many smalls spaces
  • Map is full of these small spaces, learn to abuse them.


  • Can be launched from top lane
  • Can cause terror to the enemies trying to do that boss, since it does not move from where it stands, they are forced to stand in the ult if they want to continue trying to get it.
  • And with The Spider Bosses ability to drag people back into aa range of it, forces them right back into your ult..

Dropping Rockets on Dominion


I don't think Rumble is the best on dominion, but he still has hell of a lot of presence.

Summoner spells are quite different here, you'll be wanting to pick up always, and as your second summoner spell any one of these: . Revive is to get back into the action as quick as possible if you're caught or knocked out. It's great for the first fight for the windmill top. If you happen to die? Revive and rush back up there to clean up what you and your team started, hopefully they would be low health, and again ignite is self explanatory to killing. Garrison is a must for any team, and if your team doesn't pick it up you should. Good for stopping captures if your ult is down and from a decent range. Exhaust works well especially against the bigger ad/bursty threats you might face.

Masteries and Runes are different also-

Why a tankier setup?
  • Lasting longer in fights with your AoE is something you don't want to miss out on.

Why Summoners Resolve?
  • The Health Bonus is quite helpful in the long run.
  • Do NOT forget this mastery.


Why Magic Resist per level and Armor?
  • Being tankier on dominion is a very good thing.
  • Since you level up fast, per level is nice.

Why Magic Pen Quints
  • Mostly because your opponents will be building magic resist to counter you, and you don't want that to stick.
  • Generally good on Rumble anyways.

Why only 3 Cooldown per level Glyphs?
  • With the items you'll be building, you'll cap at 40% cooldown reduction
  • And you want this why? You're ult is your most important tool on this map.
  • Having 40% cooldown reduction means your ult is up for almost every fight.

Starting Items and Item path-

  • Don't start right away with or get it at all, spell vamp wont be benefiting you much on this map

You will be turning those two starting items into a and your boots into , after you will upgrade your haunting guise and get a , and if needed in your situation get a . Hextech Sweeper is an awesome item, grants vision on an area as an active, and can help you find stealthed targets and avoid ambushes in the jungle. Unless you feel that a slow from Rylai's or another item is necessary, then start to build those rather then Hextech Sweeper.

Item build other then that is .
Dominion is not about getting the items that will deal the most damage, it is about short quick fights that happen over and over again, and your build has to be as cheap and cost efficient as possible.

Having and or with the accompanied runes will cap your cooldown reduction, meaning your ult is literally up for almost every fight or to interrupt captures at long range. Which your ult = most of your presence on Dominion.

If you do not like , feel free to get .
Depending on whom you are vs.

Other items that are good on this map, especially depending on who you are vsing, can be any of these-

Where you start or stay-

Since as stated before rumble has poor early levels, but fear not! As you get them quicker.

Rumble can be good top or bottom. Top due to his aoe, and his amazing slow from his harpoons. Bot because, as we all know he does well vs just about anyone, and can efficiently push waves of creeps with his aoe, forcing them onto enemy point for them to cap, or clearing ones that have stumbled on to his.

If going top, make sure to be the one to cap the middle point, as you don't have much to give at level 3 and by the time you arrive top after capping middle you'll be level 4 and be able to give more. If you die top, pop revive and rush back up to try and clean up to cap, don't forget the mastery point! Or you wont have the extra movement speed to get there quicker, and with extra HP you'll have more time.

If bot, try to build to counter who you're VS(ie; QSS vs Malzhar and try to hold that bot point with dear life, since most of the time it will be the quest point. If you do manage to die to them, or you are ganked, ONLY pop revive if you know that they will cap or neutralize your point if you don't. Don't waste it if they kill you and decide to just keep farming creeps next to their point, and save it when its better needed.

Rumble Ult = You're not getting this

Being tanky and having aoe
He's very decent at stopping and defending.


  • Line it up and drop


  • Awesome for stopping captures
  • Or if you're jumped on your point? Drop and it and make your stand.

Items and Why


  • You always wanna be up in their faces, continuing to use spells and causing turmoil, no downtime from cc or slows!
  • Decent MR for most of the burst casters you'll probably be trying to kill, especially if going Mid Rumble.

  • Great vs many ad bruisers top, like riven/renekton.
  • If the team is heavy on AD? It's your best friend.

  • Confident you can sacrifice tankiness with spellpen? Go or these.
  • Great idea to go with haunting guise/abyssal scepter, if you think you can.

  • Health + Ap = Awesome
  • Extra spell pen for your consistent spells, while also making you tankier.
  • Good early health to deal with being generally short on it before giants belt/rylai's

  • Upgraded from, and same as Haunting Guise
  • A Passive that burns your target on magic damage, adding more dot to your combo.
  • Passive DOUBLES its damage when slowed, is simply perfect in compliment to Rumble's kit.

  • Upgrades from your already awesome Haunting Guise
  • Similar to Liandry's torment but is the Dominion and Twisted Treeline version.
  • Great pen and burning damage to add on to your already awesome combo.

  • Skills that can be constantly spammed with no cost other then added heat, and getting spellvamp for those is great for lane sustain or sustain in fights.

  • Awesome item on rumble, #1 item for him in my opinion.
  • Slows from your e with rylai's is incredibly amazing, and also annoying to the enemies that you are trying to kite/catch, especially with your q they wont be able to get away.
  • Slows, on slows, on slows! 0 MS incoming.

  • Being one of the best stats of season three, if the situation is right. Why not get it?
  • Massive amount of health allowing you to reek more havoc if you are set for that playstyle.

  • Health? Ap? Cooldown Reduction for ult? Awesome item.
  • Best active in game, to avoid getting ambushed, and seeing stealthed targets.

  • Building from kage's, decent for getting you some money first.
  • Good when playing Support Rumble, giving you a decent amount of Ap aswell.
  • Active is good for hunting down foes, or knowing where they are in a short distance.

  • More AP for his already explosive burst.
  • Pretty self explanatory for any mage.

  • Very good vs AD or harder lanes, like Darius and Riven.
  • Building into Zhonya's while giving you that AP/Armor is very useful
  • Amazingly cost efficient

  • Get this before abyssal if enemies have more ad then ap.
  • Good if you're getting focused down + extra armor.
  • Fun Fact: If you press Q and zhonya's, your flamespitter will still damage everything in front of it while you are in that 2 second stasis!

  • Get this before Zhonya's if Mid Rumble, or team is heavier on AP.
  • Less magic resist to everyone around you? Aoe Magic Damage God? Love at first sight.

  • Self explanatory for most magic damage champions
  • A must get if they do stack a lot of Magic Resist

  • Another good item to get other then zhonya's if being focused down.
  • Tankier Rumble?! Dream come true.
  • More time to AOE the enemies in teamfights.

Great Ally Matchups


A few good champions to be allies with

I will be sure to add more, as I find some awesome combo's.

  • Is by far one of my favourite teammates to have as when playing Rumble, her kit perfectly compliments your kit, be it ap mid lulu or support lulu. Everything about her is just awesome for the Rumble player.

  • Is one of my favourite teammates when playing as Rumble. He will initiate with his ult, and you play connect the dots, and the amount of AoE you're able to dish out in teamfights is by far the best.

  • Same as , he initiates and you play connect the dots. While also with Amumu there is no way for them to avoid being hit by the drop down of your ult, and the addition of his MR shred passive, making it hit even harder!

  • Dropping down your ult, and slowing them which allows her to throw her ball in the middle and ult them back INTO your ult. Is quite scary.

  • Great AoE stun setting up and allowing you to drop your ult without fail

  • With an ultimate ability(if they have no dash or flash) that forces them to sit in the entire duration of Rumble's Equalizer, why wouldn't he be an amazing ally?

And with good ally matchups.. something cool or.. funny might happen.

Common Lane Opponents


A few small tips to VS common enemies.
I will add more to each part, or add different champions as I play against them more.
Starting items against these lanes are listed to the right of their names

Top Lane

Akali / /
  • AOE from your ultimate + Flamespitter should be enough to keep her at bay in a fight whilst her being in her shroud
  • When a fight or trade begins, if you do lay down your ult. Be sure to stand on top of it, where if she wants to continue fighting she'll have to go back on it.
  • your has a longer range then her Q

Blitzcrank /
  • Believe me or not, is a good counter in lane.
  • as usual be careful to avoid grabs, his knockup also turns you around, making him avoid your flamespitter brainlessly.
  • do not underestimate the burst of his ult, and only use yours after he's used his speedup, since its very decent at avoiding harpoons and the drop of your ult.
  • Getting mercs and a dorans shield after your Haunting Guise can help.

Cho'gath /
  • Easy to dodge spells if you pay close attention, easier if you start boots.
  • Careful of his 3 second silence, it can be used on top of your overheat silence after you've overheated if he's smart enough, so be cautious.
  • Most importantly don't underestimate his Feast + Ignite Combo, it will be devastating if you don't be careful.

Darius / /
  • A big bully in lane to melee champions
  • Can be even more of a difficult lane if you don't pay attention to the range of his pull and Q.
  • The dot from ignite, his passive, and after a giant chunk from his ult does massive damage. Try not to be pulled into that.
  • If he misses his ult, e him and back and forth kite with q punishing him. If he does get low enough you can commit for a flash or kill, but still be careful of his burst.

Diana /
  • Try to avoid her q harass, its easier to dodge when moving to the opposite side of where it curves.
  • Avoid her when her shield is up(harpoon behind you) to avoid the damage + her regaining her shield, because you are melee.
  • Capitalize on her when she misses her q or her shield runs out, since she wont have anything up and if she tries to trade back wont have a refreshed ult.
  • Diana is still a decently tough lane, and if both are of the same skill level. Diana and Rumble shouldn't be able to kill eachother.

Dr. Mundo /
  • As with any skill shot major champion, be sure to avoid his Q's
  • You should be able to win engagements at levels 4 and 5 so try to go all out then, and at level 6 be sure to save ignite for when he pops ult
  • He will be difficult to kill most of the time, so if you can't kill him turn it into a farm lane.

  • Try to time your shield up with her Q projectile, if she has the chance too use it on you.
  • Always remember she can be invulnerable for 2 seconds, avoiding 2 seconds of your ult or your complete kit's damage.
  • You wont be able to do much against her unless you outplay her heavily, so try to snowball off of ganks or passively farm when waiting for them.
  • Very hard lane for Rumble.

Fiora / /
  • Make sure to get your Seekers ArmGuard on your first back, the armor from it very helpful.
  • Wait for her to get cocky with her dashes, then drop your ult down. Or if you are pre level 6, overheat on her face.
  • If she ults you while your ult is placed, stay on top of it so when her ult fades she is standing on it, but watch your health bar.

Fizz /
  • Can dodge your harpoons and ultimate by simply clicking his e.
  • Always use your ultimate after he has used his Playful / Trickster, and Q dash.
  • If he dashes to you, save your harpoons for when he's not inside your model.
  • If you started blue elixer, and he dashes at you pre level 6 when you have all your abilities, pop it and go all out, but only if you have your q w and e.

Galio /
  • Easy to avoid spells, if you pay attention.
  • Bitch to kill in lane due to high MR.
  • Get Merc Treads, it'll help a lot especially vs his ult.
  • Don't use Flamespitter on him when his shield is up, DoT's are very bad Vs that..

Gangplank /
  • VERY easy lane, so starting blue elixer to be aggressive is a very good choice.
  • level up your shield a second time at level 7 and try to time them well with his parrrrleys
  • Time your harpoon correctly. If/when he oranges one, you just shoot another.
  • Go cloth/5 if you aren't confident starting blue elixer, this applies with every matchup it's listed.

Garen /
  • always start Cloth vs him.
  • try baiting out his q by acting like you're going in to harass, then turn and e kite. Doing some damage and forcing him away.
  • before going in to kill him level 6, try widdling him down with Flamespitter and harpoon, make sure to do so also to keep his passive down.
  • for the love of god don't walk into a bush you know he's in.

Irelia / /
  • Harass from a distance only with your early on
  • Try not to let her just walk up to you and true damage you in the face
  • If she dashes at you foolishly after level 6, burst her down with an ult combo, if you charge heat correctly and overheat with a complete combo.
  • Most irelia's will rush a wits end and merc treads vs you, so later on in laning phase it'll just become a farm fest.

Jarvan IV /
  • Avoid him early on at all costs, he quickly burst you down level two with a quick e > q > and passive proc, especially with ignite or red pot.
  • If you pay attention to it, you can actually quickly avoid his e -> q combo if you are fast enough.
  • After level 5 you should win your lane, and dominate. Still be careful and weary he can do a lot of damage to you.

Jax / /
  • Jax feels like he's on even terms with rumble
  • if he jumps at you to stun, w and e him so it'll miss you, due to him being slowed.
  • after level six wait for his ultimate passive to be used on a creep(the proc every third hit thing) and such then go in for harass.
  • I mean he is the champ, you definitely wanna piece of that.

Jayce /
  • Careful of being hit by his ranged q if it goes through speed wall, does quite a lot of damage
  • Jayce is a very good at disengaging trades with rumble, seeing as his melee e knocks you back + turns you around making your flamespitter not hit.
  • try engaging on him when he has newly just switched to his ranged form, seeing as he wont be able to knock you away for 5-6 seconds.
  • Especially with blue elixer, you will be able to go all in on him at level 4-5.

  • Play extra safe in the beginning, due to her early burst
  • Her slow can be annoying, but if she does just shield it and you should be fine. E behind you also slowing her making her unable to autoattack.
  • Punish her when her autoattack range modifier is down.
  • Always be wary of her ult, it might mess up a lot of kills or even bait you. Keep in mind that it costs her 100 mana to use at level 6, may help you in the future.

Kennen / /
  • Can easily beat rumble by maxing electrical surge and due to his large range.
  • Try to avoid his q's and being hit by his autoattack passive from electrical surge
  • bait his rush by hitting him with a few e's and q'ing towards him, if he comes back, drop your ult and punish him for it.
  • Always get mercs first, even before revolver.

Kha'zix /
  • Remember that everytime he walks into the bush or goes unseen his next auto or evolved void spikes gains a slow and extra damage
  • has very heavy burst with auto and isolated q, make sure to play safe around him.
  • His leap can be annoying when he tries to reposition himself outside of your ult or flame, try to use ult after he uses jump.
  • Keep in mind his ult invis resets his unseen threat passive slow + damage to next auto.

Lee Sin / /
  • ONLY start blue elixer if you are confident in dodging his Q's
  • If you are hit by a Q, and he jumps towards you, shoot a harpoon in the direction he is jumping from, again, and flamespitter and punish him for coming in, but only after level 5.
  • try not to get hit by too many Q's...
  • due to his dashes he can sometimes be difficult to hit with your ult, when going for a kill make sure and try to do it when no enemy minions are present.

Lulu /
  • This lane is difficult, especially for any melee character.
  • Try not to fight when her speed buff is on her, your skills are much harder to land, and she has increased damage.
  • Don't get ult baited by her, and try to play generally cautious when her ult is up.

Malphite / /
  • Is countered by rumble
  • be careful not to be baited and he suddenly ults you and a jungler flies out of no where.
  • not much else to say other then press q and win this lane.
  • Oh, also make sure to be careful if you choose to tower dive, as his ult will devastate you.

Mordekaiser / /
  • Can beat you if you let him harass you too much with his E or get too close in range while minions are around and from his q
  • wait for no minions to be around and try to burst combo him down, make sure to ignite him first always so he gets less spellvamp from items + his ultimate.
  • Be extra careful if he rushes DFG and only try to kill him after getting that item if a teammate assists.

Nasus /
  • Fun Fact: Nasus is my most HATED champion, not because of how he plays vs rumble, but how BORINGGGG he is to lane against or play.
  • Rumble should easily beat him in lane, as most people should.
  • Harass him out of farming and try not to leave the lane unless he does first to avoid him 2 shotting your turret.

Nidalee (if ad nid) / /
  • This horrific Creature shouldn't be too hard to handle as Rumble, if you are able to avoid harass.
  • Try to avoid her autoattack harass and level up your shield an extra level at 7
  • Her long range spears shouldnt hurt too much, unless ap, so you can take a few to the face, but never long range.
  • With Blue Elixer at level 5 if you land a good harpoon you can go all in forcing her a flash or a kill for yourself.

Olaf / /
  • Reason why I don't start cloth is because most of his damage is true damage. Of course if you dodge his Axes.
  • From what i've experienced most Olaf's get cocky when Vs a Rumble, so try abusing that.
  • avoid being harassed from a distance by his Axe.
  • if he hits you with his axe, hit him with 2 harpoons and he wont be able to true damage you or attack you unless he burns ult. In which case you run until it wears out, unless you see a chance to burst him.

Pantheon / /
  • level up your shield a second time at level 7 for his spear harassment.
  • do get cloth armour which then builds into seekers armguard, but build merc treads for his stun.
  • very easy to burst combo down, especially if you start with Blue Elixer.

Poppy /
  • a undervalued champion you still want to be careful against
  • you should win your lane due to your harassment and her poor farming capabilities, but that doesnt mean be cocky.
  • Avoid walls

Renekton /
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be careful around this angry alligator.
  • he is similar to nasus in a way as to you should easily beat him in lane after level 4, but avoid his early damage.
  • His dash is also good for repositioning out of your ult, so make sure to combo after both dashes are used.
  • Don't get ult baited.

Rengar / /
  • is a relative of Gengar
  • If he goes into a bush, in the early levels. Avoid the bush if you can, he has a very strong amount of burst early on.
  • after level four if you can force him to not abuse bushes it should be easy.
  • if you know you're winning, buying a pink ward for when he ults to escape/etc isnt a regrettable buy.

Riven /
  • Riven can fuck you up in lane if you even make 1 mistake, she kills you once, its over.
  • is a very skill oriented matchup, leaning to riven due to her early aggression and damage.
  • get and and you should be able to win afterwards.
  • Sometimes only having a seekers armguard and ninja tabi alone can help you outdamage her with just your bases, its quite awesome.
  • Be EXTRA careful around her early on if she starts with a dorans blade, because of her mobility and scalings she isnt punished for having lack of movement speed.

Shen / /
  • Banned almost every game so you barely see him.
  • His q hurts, and can be constantly used without costing a thing, level up w another level at level 7
  • His taunt is easily avoided, so make sure to pay attention. Also can punish him after he uses it.
  • always be sure to tell your team he's level 6.

Shyvana / /
  • I don't normally see her on top
  • if/when she dragons towards you drop your ult down punishing her and causing her to sit in it.
  • Be careful of her skill shot, her Autoattacks will do extra damage when you're marked.
  • try not to be autoattacked while her aoe ability is up, to avoid prolonging it.

Singed / /
  • Rumble > Singed Levels 1-9 or pre-catalyst.
  • You still win your lane after he gets catalyst it's just harder.
  • Most singed's think they can just walk around you freely because of how it little damage you do to them, or is it? after dropping your ult and overheating they'll be sure to tell the difference.
  • Since you can push well against him, if he makes the mistake of going in between your turrets, punish him for it.

Sion AD / /
  • May be an ad opponent but get merc treads for his stun + a cloth/dorans shield on the side to lane vs him
  • after level 6 always ignite him when engaging if he's popped his ult, if you cant burst him down fast enough avoid him until his ult wears off then go in.
  • I guess i'll add more later when I actually vs an ad sion.

Talon / /
  • start cloth 5 vs this butt and get a dorans shield later
  • Try building up your heatbar if you think he'll jump to you, if you see his character model grow red or yellow(depending on colour blind mode on or off) as he walks towards you, overheat with your flamespitter and bop him on the head while hitting him with q
  • you should be able to tank his silence into q - rake harass fine with your dorans shield and ninja tabi
  • before you think he will ult, try hitting him with an e, and even when invisible it should be easy to guess where he is due to the amount it would have slowed him. When he comes out of it, if of course you haven't lost that trade, drop your ult and do what you do best.

Teemo / /
  • You can't do anything to him early levels, like some others. So play very passive.
  • Under no circumstances should you lose your lane to a teemo as rumble, unless you made the mistake of being aggressive early on
  • wait for blind to wear off to overheat on him.
  • since all he has is movement speed buffs, very easy to slow and keep in ult + flamespitter, plus is squishy!
  • http://youtu.be/Ef7rSJGg7Zs better get that payback

Tryndamere / /
  • After getting ninja tabi and dorans shield you should be able to do fine in lane against him, avoid harass early levels and after level 5 you should be fine.
  • when ulting make sure to walk away, when his ult is over with your slows im sure he hasnt gotten far and is easily killed.

Udyr / /
  • Very special case, you'll lose horribly early on vs any competent player with him, even after levels 5-6 he will outdamage you.
  • But you should roflstomp him after a gank or two, and especially after level 9.
  • He does mostly magical damage with tiger stance, so getting mercs for his stun + mr is quite nice.

Urgot / /
  • Avoid his grenade, which shouldn't be hard with them movement speed quints!
  • Ninja tabi is still a good item vs him, even though he's a caster.. but ad caster!
  • When you drop your ult, try to drop it on both you and him, because then if he switches you he'll still be in it instead of escaping out of it.

Vi / /
  • Remember she can harass you from a distance due to the blast damage from her e
  • is quite the easy lane if no jungle ganks are involved, if she commits on you or uses her q commit on her and make he suffer for it
  • If she does ult you, you have time to line up and drop your ult where she will land. Which is shown by an indication from her model and yours.

Vladimir /
  • Is a tough lane to be in as any melee character, but its easy to dominate a Vlad as Rumble.
  • harass from afar and try to just farm. Should be easier to kill after you get your ult.
  • One of the lanes that Hextech Revolver is a necessary.

Volibear / /
  • Be careful of his bite, lots of damage.
  • when charging at you to fling, send a harpoon. Will most likely discourage him to continue, since being slowed.
  • only go for kills on him when your ignite is up, without it used on him he can probably win the fight because of his passive.
  • Always make sure to get a giants belt after your revolver, to survive his bite better. Then get wota afterwards and rylai's

Warwick / /
  • Is a bastard to kill in lane, especially since he can just build only magic resist and be able to outdamage you because of his percentage damage and passive.
  • is easier to kill before his first back, but be careful not to get too cocky.
  • Try asking for ganks and avoid being tricked into an ult by him.

Wukong /
  • Not too difficult to outdo in lane, as generally most melee characters are.
  • although his clone can be used to dodge 's try not to be tricked by it.

Xin Zhao /
  • Ninja tabi and dorans shield works well vs him.
  • knock up can be annoying especially when it turns you around, try using flamespitter after thats happened.
  • has a decent disengage with his knockback ult, if he's slowed it shouldnt be a problem to catchup.
  • be careful of the burst of his ult if he doesnt decide to use it to disengage but to burst you down.

Yorick /
  • Ghouls > .
  • Try to harass when ghouls are down and avoid being hit by his lifesteal ghoul to keep him from constantly sustaining
  • easy to gank + you can snowball if your lane is ganked at least once.

Mid Lane

Ahri /
  • Avoid being hit by charm and her Q
  • can be outharassed and outdamaged if hit by
  • only do so after her cooldowns have been blown.
  • amazingly easy to kill if her ult has already been used.

Anivia /
  • Her second life can be annoying, but if you manage to proc it outside of her turret, can be killed quickly due to your consistent damage and no mana costs.
  • get mercs right after Haunting guise, for the MR and Tenacity if stunned.
  • your harpoons will do a LOT of damage to her early on so abuse that.

Annie /
  • get an early after your for the mr + because of her constant stuns.
  • Can out damage and win 1v1 if you avoid harassment and her burst.
  • try making her panic ult when diving in on her, causing her to lack the stun with it.

Brand /
  • Similar to Ahri, wait for cooldowns to be blown and dodged.
  • Can be easily out traded because of it and no mobility, go in with the regular harpoon q and he shouldnt be able to do much.
  • bqq fire man

Cassiopeia /
  • Try baiting her to use her Twin Fang without you being poisoned because of her easy to dodge q's.
  • Remember, if you do get stunned, try to at least get stunned when your q is on or if she's sitting in your ult, its like you were never turned to stone!
  • miasma can be a bitch for melee characters, try to bait it out before going into melee range.

Evelynn /
  • Vs Evelynn, and most Melee Mids. I enjoy going Exhaust/Ignite.
  • Remember that her w cleanses slows when you engage on her
  • Casting your ult first, and then harpoons is a good way to lock her down, even if she were to use W

Gragas / /
  • don't underestimate his damage
  • same with lee sin, if he dashes towards you shoot out a harpoon and punish him for it.
  • Should be easier to avoid his barrel roll due to Movespeed, but still difficult if he lands right on.

Heimderdinger / /
  • [http://i.imgur.com/IftXS.png]

Karthus / /
  • Easy to avoid Q's due to your high movement speed from runes, you can outtrade him in each small trade.
  • Try ganking other lanes often if he plays too passive and after you have pushed lane.

Kassadin / /
  • be very aggressive early on to kill, Still be aware of the enemy jungler. You wont be able to kill him after 6 unless he uses his voidwalk stupidly.
  • So try to just farm after 6 and constantly gank other lanes to counter his ganks.
  • your shield is awesome vs his q harass

Katarina / /
  • Since melee, she can be destroyed by Rumble, but be careful not to underestimate her damage since you lack hard cc to stop her ult.
  • Should still be easy to kill if you force her to ult whilst sitting in yours.
  • Her new w can be a good way to juke around harpoons if she gets it off on you, try to avoid it then go in. Still a relatively easy lane.

Leblanc /
  • Get your merc treads first, always. And if having trouble, get a negatron cloak for safe measures
  • same with kassadin you wont be able to kill her unless she uses her blink stupidly.

Lux /
  • With boots first you should be able to dodge skillshots nicely.
  • Don't underestimate her burst, although sometimes it is a good idea to bait her out by being binded, then when she goes to autoattack(if she does) drop a combo on her.
  • If you aren't winning your lane hard, get mercs instead of sorcerer shoes.

Malzahar /
  • With movementspeed quints shouldn't be hard to avoid his silence
  • don't stand in his null zone, especially when he's level 6 or above and has ult up
  • since his surpression doesnt stop your q or ult damage, forcing him to stand on it while he ults you is quite benificial

Morgana /
  • You may think that she would be hard to slow/kill because of her spell shield, but you're wrong. Because of your consistent magical damage you can easily break her shield and then shoot a harpoon to slow
  • always get merc treads vs her to make her stun/snare last shorter, only go in on if you have dodged her binding.
  • after popping her shield try bursting her down, only after dodging a q of hers

Orianna / /
  • Should out trade you simply due to range, try to abuse it if she is cocky or not
  • go in after avoiding a q w combo, rumble should beat her in lane.

Ryze /
  • Shits on melee, not much else to say, very easily ganked though.
  • Try to make that happen as much as you can.
  • If you land a few good 's you can burst him down easy if he sits through your ult.
  • might be a bit harder to land skills now that his ult gives ms, but try your best.

Sion AP / /
  • Since you wont be able to burst his shield down fast enough early levels try to avoid being near.
  • play safe around him, but go in once shield has disintegrated if you have merc treads he wont be able to do anything.
  • always remember to counter gank the lane you think he's running off too.

Swain /
  • Make sure not to get caught in his full combo, eg; Getting snared in Nevermove.
  • Should be able to easily burst downby igniting and dropping your ult, despite his ult being used.

Syndra /
  • Avoid her balls and you should be fine
  • Her knockback can be extra annoying when you engage on her, but if she is slowed by ult and at least 1 harpoon. you shouldnt have a hard time catching up.
  • Do not underestimate her burst potential at 6 with her ult.
  • Avoid all her spells and attacks, and you'll be Bayonetta in no time.

Twisted Fate / /
  • Easy to beat in lane, make sure to push hard enough so he cant consistently gank other lanes.
  • avoid his wild cards and all will be k.
  • Make sure to also counter gank lanes you think he's going too, long range on rumble's ult is a good starter for countering them.

Veigar /
  • make sure to get an early giants belt and negatron cloak after getting your merc treads to avoid him making you explode
  • should win most trades due to his lack of mobility
  • play careful later on unless you have a ton of magic resist, even if he feeds his ult can still make you implode.
  • Teleport veigar still terrors me

Viktor /
  • Can't really say much on Viktor, I almost never vs him in games or in lane.
  • all in all play safe around him.
  • level up your w a second time at level 7 for his q harassment
  • Try to avoid trading with him until he's used his gravity field on something else, or trying to catch you in it

Xerath /
  • shoot a harpoon at him while in his locus of power
  • or initiate on him with if you think you can kill.
  • you should be able to survive his full ult combo during early levels, and be able to burst him down.

Zed / /
  • Avoid his skillshot, and remember he can shoot it from his clone as well
  • Try to abuse the fact he doesn't have a dash or escape after he uses his shadow
  • Always remember where his shadows are, if/when he chooses to dash to them

Ziggs /
  • Ziggs can beat you due to your lack of dashes or mobility, but you can do the same by dodging most of his q's
  • Try not to get caught in his minefield, and most importantly try not to get caught in the middle of his ult.
  • If his flash and satchel has been used, drop your ult down and bbq him to crisp.

Zyra /
  • Merc Treads is a must, especially because of her low cooldown snare.
  • It's obvious, but stay away from where she sprouts her plants as they harm you. But thats a given.
  • There isn't much that she can do if she allows you to get melee range, so capitalize on it
  • be careful of her passive!

Why wouldn't you play something so adorable and badass?!


Final Words + Replays


↑ 1900 - 2000 ELO Ranked Games. ↑

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but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

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The older replay's of me being top lane have broken or aren't very good examples, so I will have to do a few games of top lane rumble and get some replay's. What I do have is 2 decent examples of being mid lane, or rather the best examples I could find seeing as lolreplay didn't record every game I played.
Mid 1: http://puu.sh/209n4
Mid 2: http://puu.sh/277a5
Top 1: Soon.tm
Top 2: Soon.tm

You can also add me on Steam if you have an account there, since my LoL friendlist is kinda flustered, and I think broken. Just click this http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zakkery
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I apologize but I don't stream/never will. The two reasons being my computer and internet isn't good enough, plus I feel it's really awkward for me to stream and I don't think i'd be able to do it lol.

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