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Hej guys, It's BJORNO P0RNO

I am a player on EU west.

My main part is jungling in this game, and i picked up hecarim straight from the bat.
First, he looks totally BADASS.
Second, hes kit is pretty unique and fun.

He is not overpowered/underpowered, i think hes quite balanced. He could use a few tweaks on hes passive and Q.

So where does hecarim shine at? Well hes clear time is not extremely fast, but with a good leash and the right runes/masteries it goes pretty well.

In my opinion, hecarim shines at teamfights, or disruption/countering things.
Hes initiate can be incredibly strong, and he can save people by bumping them away or causing fear with hes ult.
Hes also great at chasing targets, with hes speed steroid he feels like a rammus.



I run 9/21/0

The reason i put 9 points in offense is because hecarim can use the extra armor pen and the dmg return to minions to make hes clear time faster. The defense three is in my opinion a must, he can use those defensive stats to maintain hes health. Because he gets fairly low if you don't.
I also pick up the improved moment speed, it will give you more ad -> faster clearing.
And 1 point in smite mastery the extra gold is always nice as a jungler.
Also i put 1 point in improved ghost, why? it increases ghost speed by 35% wich means you will get allot of AD combine this with your speed steroid and you will charge with tons of dmg and no escape for the enemy.


For hecarim, i use quite a different rune page that i normally use.
I Tried movement speed quints, and atackspeed reds. But i feel he lacks in clearing or doing any decent dmg while ganking ( early )
The armor penetration helps me clear faster, and gives me more successful ganks overall.
The atack damage i get from movementspeed is fairly low to begin with. So i rather have some flat atackdmg runes to help on that area.

Flat armor runes are basic, and flat mr runes to withhold early magic dmg while performing ganks.

Summoner Spells


I run ghost, the movement speed combined with your speed steroid gives you insane speed.
If they only overextend a bit and you pop them both it will not mater, they will not escape.

Combine this with a sheen proc = a good chunk of there health is gone.

Smite is pretty basic for a jungler.


Skill order - lvl 1 ( Q ) lvl 2-3 ( E ) lvl 4 ( W ) Then max your Q first then E

I will put an updated section soon, when hecarim is available here on solomid.

Item Builds


Starting: or

Early core:

Mid core : or 'take against heavy psychical dmg teams'

Core items : or

Situational 'if you want to stick on your target 24/7'

Full build:
GA is not a must, but it's more as a lategame item and provides the necessary resistances

Adjust your build to enemy team comps: ( All situational, for example you can change sunfire for randuins etc. )

Heavy pshycial :

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Heavy magical:[imgsmall=items/maw-of-malmortius'>

Early Game

Early game hecarim is quite fragile and weak sort of say.
I mainly aim at, hes easy to counterjungle especially if you are not familiar with other junglers.
Like an / will have it fairly easy to counterjungle you.
To prevent this you could start with red buff, and go straight for your blue.
Or if you start with a strong leash on blue/wolves and warn your lanes in time if he will invade.
You can then after blue go straight to red to check if hes there, and maybe get a firstblood off.

If to be expected to counter jungle i suggest to start with

get ASAP !

Your ganks are awfully strong when somebody overextends, push them straight to your teamm8 and wreck havoc on him !

Hecarim does not shine against strong duelist, so don't even think about it !

Mid Game

Now you have your core items, and have more dmg and more Resistance. You can initiate fights, and steal a dragon with no problems. I've done it tons of times, if they are doing dragon -> ult in time, smite and ghost/speed steroid out of there ! Also works on baron like a charm.

Hes ultimate is also great to disrupt fights and cause chaos.

You should have sheen by now, and when combined with ghost + speed steroid ( sheen proc ) = insane dmg if you charge on an enemy.

Late Game

Now that you are fully builded, and extremely fast. I think hecarim is one of the best/if not the best champions ingame to initiate a teamfight. Hes also great of catching people of guard.

Try to make use of hes ultimate straight ahead on an enemy and then knock them back with your boost.

Team Fights

Try to focus them squishy's and you can protect or engage with your ultimate also with your speed boost
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