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Welcome!!! I'm LofLGirl and this is my first guide! Feel free to add me :D! So i made this guide on Draven because i have been playing him PBE and now today on the real server :D He is amazing fun and i can't find a guide for him maybe i'm and idiot and just looking in wrong places but here is mine ^_^! Enjoy!

I MADE A NEW REAL GUIDE PLEASE VIEW AND LiKE THAT ONE INSTEAD THAnK YOU :)! http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=27151&me=102015&v=1


Greater Quintessence of Strength x 3 = +6.75Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Strength x 9 = +8.55Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Resilience x 9 = +12.69Armor

Greater Glyph of Warding x 9 = 12.06 Magic Resist

I get these for the bonus Attack damage early on for last hitting and harassing then the rest i focus on survival.

Item Builds

Solo Top:
(Wait for 4th Pot)
I Always start boots and 4 pots so you can catch your axes :D! And with the current meta being Bruiser top You can easily out poke and harass in lane with your axes and if they try anything You can E then W and win the harass / run

The first time B i ALWAYS get upgraded boots not only to kite but only to catch your axes ! Its a must!
If you want more attack speed
If they are wrecking you and are ad or there team has mostly ad
Only get this if they have a scrub who gets it.... its like to counter there high movement speed examples , Noob Garen gets it , most likly singed
If they have a lot of Ap or CC

My second time B i get x2 or start building I prefer getting Wriggles because it pretty much wins your lane and that armor vs Bruisers and most tops is great plus free ward!!!

I can't stress how important wards are! Yes draven can get out of sticky situations but you never know a stun or slow = dead Draven :c

Or on the second B if it is someone like Rumble , Vlad or Akali get Which you can upgrade to

After that i start building Because the armor pen is good and good damage and the CD reduction because your CDS are pretty high

After that start building It gives you more Attack damage which scales with all your abilitys but W it also gives you crit which is perfect for your ult :D!

At this point your damage should be pretty good so start building into a It allows you to stay in the fight longer to deal maximum damage
Also get Even though it got nerfed it gives armor and crit which is perfect for your passive and if they have ad who is fed / farmed

IF They have MASSIVE Ap damage feel free to fit a anywhere within this build and later build it into a or

So at this point you should have

(some kind of boots)OR

At this point either you are really farmed , fed , or its just a long frickin game lol upgrade your into For even more burst and if you went with wriggles sell it for or :)!

And there you have it the final item build should be (Pick a upgraded one)( or )

AD Bot Draven; Even though i prefer top Draven i decided to include this i will not go in depth because there is a billion AD Guides and pretty much its the same thing for all of them so here :P

Start Boots no matter what even with Soraka or Sona.

Stay in lane as long as you can and get that CS!!!!! Once you go back either get x2 or Depending on farm. After that get upgraded boots description for that is above. After that work towards an then get IF they have two or more people with 100+ Armor get right away. After that get Then get a For your last item either get or

Jungle Draven; Why not lol. All the roles are taken and you really wanna play Draven Jungle with him he is decent and good ganks with his ult and E.


Start blue then go Wolves , Wraiths , Red , Golems ,Wraiths , Wolves , B You can gank whenever you want if a lane needs.

Final Build should look like :

(Read above to decide what boots)

Sorry for being so lazy... IF this guide gets a lot of likes and comments i would be more then happy to go indepth with all this stuff.
Some tips and things about Draven you need to catch the axes or you are screwed and try to get two going as much as you can. and always have W up for faster clearing.


If you get ignite and flash


If you get Heal and flash ( My favorite )




Summoner Spells

For the damage early game from ignite , Flash is a must

I prefer heal and flash because heal can be used in so many ways , to escape ganks , heal you and teammates in team fights , to stay alive , to fake people out like if they chase you can go in bush pop it come back out with +1/4 hp and maybe even get a kill with it

If you jungle :


So just let me explain and give you details on all his moves

Passive = If he Crits you he does 34-38-42-46-50-54-58-62-66-70-74-78-82-86-90-94-98-102 damage over 4 seconds

Q, Spinning Axe = You throw an axe for +45%-55%-65%-75%-85% Has an 12-11-10-9-8Second Cooldown 45Mana, You can catch it and if you catch them as long as the cd is you can have two going at once , They share the same cd so if you don't use them before the time is done they both disappear It also applies his passive. This is his main move! It is amazing fun and makes last hitting / harassing a breeze :)! If i'm not clear pretty much it supercharges your next attack and you can catch it. A tip for this in lane is to use it then the SECOND you throw it turn around so it sends the axe to safety where you can catch it , makes more sense in game when you try it out :)

W, Blood Rush = Increases movement speed by 40%-45%-50%-55%-60% for 1.5 Seconds and your attack speed by 20%-25%-30%-35%-40% For 3 seconds , This move is really good it gives good speed burst to chase or escape ganks and also the attack speed is wonderful and gives you a good burst of dps. Costs 40 Mana Cd is 12 seconds

E, Stand Aside = He throws out two axes that pushes people to either the left or right side of them depending on where they got hit by them also slows them. Deals 70-105-140-175-210Damage +50% Bonus Attack Damage and slows 20%-25%-30%-35%-40% For two seconds Cd 18-17-16-15-14 Seconds Mana cost 70. Personally this is my FAVORITE ability with the most potential if you are getting chased you can use it to stall them and slow or offensively you can use your W run up chase them then use this slightly ahead of them and push them back towards you and slow them so you can keep hitting them or this works really well if your jungler is ganking, You can also use this to clear waves and deal decent damage to champs.

R, Whirling Death = He sends out two axes that do damage , if it hits something it reverses reseting the damage. Things that make it reverse , Champs and side of map or if you use the ability again. Each enemy it hits reduces damage on it by 8% up to 40% and on the way back that resets as well. 175-275-375 Damage + 110% Bonus Attack damage Costs 120 mana and has a 110-100-90 Second CD. Really good ult secure kills and massive damage

Skill Order

Max Q.

Max E next.

Get one point into W at level 4.

Max ult whenever you can Duh.

If you jungle:

Max Q First

Get one point at level 2 in W

Max E Next

Max Ult whenever you can

Final Comments

I really hope you like this!!! First guide of mine :D! If you like it i would make more ^_^ Thanks please give it good reviews and me some feedback <3


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