TEEMO BUILD GUIDE: Penta kill shroom field build ( Youtube ) by Whiteknightmare

by Whiteknightmare (last updated over a year ago)

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power( +1.53 ability power per level (27.54 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power( +1.29 ability power per level (23.22 at champion level 18))
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Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
QBlinding Dart
WMove Quick
EToxic Shot
RNoxious Trap

Champion Matchups

Video introduction

Welcome to the tutorial on Teemo's shroom field tricks & tactics. This strategy guide is dedicated to showing you how a few well placed shrooms can take out an entire enemy team, or to change the momentum of the game in your favor, and how to adapt to each enemy team you fight. The video links below will give the reader a better understanding of what we are trying to accomplish with this fun, yet very powerful build. This build can hold-up in different 1 vs all scenarios. This remastered guide version has new optional starting strategies, additional shroom placement options, more item options and added information about playing in general to try and make a better guide.

Along with this build guide and video, we have put together a video of Teemo films and fan art.

Penta Kill - Shroom field tricks (music video)

Teemo shroom field tricks 1 vs 5 Quadra Kill (music video)

Teemo shroom field tricks part II - Quadra Kills continued

Teemo 3D effects visual hallucination.Teemo fan art

Threw it on the ground. - Teemo fan art

Weaponized Hallucinogens.Teemo shroom field technique. Teemo fan art

Captain Teemo, Prince Jammy & King Tubby. Teemo Fan art

Item Builds

This build may not be for everyone. Mainly I did these builds starting out for just fun, too many good things were happening, so I started recording my fights. These videos will demonstrate how effective several shrooms can be around a turret, to where you can hold off an enemy team of 5 people by yourself. This guide will also detail how to setup shrooms to eliminate a majority of the enemy team, with just 1 person and shrooms, if need be. Mejai's Soulstealer could be a good item, but Teemo takes out a few people and dies himself in the process sometimes. This is why I do not get the Soulstealer .

I've noticed that this build and shroom placement may be unique to any other shroom placements out there that I have seen. There may be similar shroom placements, but many Teemo's
put most of their shrooms in the jungle. There are many who will not understand why you are placing most of your shrooms in the middle lane, which is why this strategy has worked very well for me.

This build and shroom placement I am using is for 1 vs 5 situations, where you have the chance of eliminating the entire enemy team. It is up to the individual to decide if they want a Rabadon's Deathcap first, or go with a cool-down reduction item first. Cool-down also helps with Blinding Dart , Noxious Trap and Move Quick .

Another good item that
can be used for cool-down is Deathfire Grasp . You can substitute a Deathfire Grasp instead of using a Morello's Tome or Nashor's Tooth .

Here are 3 builds, the only difference in these 3 builds are the option of using Nashor's Tooth , Morello's Tome
and Deathfire Grasp . These 3 items are used for Teemo's cool-down reduction item, I have used 2 of these items together before, but now prefer to use only 1. There are other defensive type cool-down reduction items out there also.


I was using this build around the time when the cool-down cap was over 40%, I would spam as many mushrooms as I could in the jungle just for fun. Then it evolved more into building shroom fields, when I noticed that people kept walking in a line of shrooms. I consider this an older build, but is still viable and still works against level 30 summoners after the cool-down reduction cap still. One small trick I will mention, was when I bought a Vampiric Scepter, about half of the time I would have to wait several more seconds in the base and buy 1 health potion, then run to my lane. This build is still viable and works very well, but if you get denied exp, you will not do very good damage, which is why I try to build more ability power now.

This older build evolved into this build seen in the video. However, I do not use Doran's Blade anymore starting, or I will sometimes in an experiment.

This is the build I now use, but I am also experimenting on other builds always.

This build is the type of build where every 3 -4 games right around when you have your
Deathcap , Hourglass
and Void Staff , you will hear the enemy say something about how the shrooms are so powerful or overpowered.

If you want to build this type of build, but be a little more defensive mid game, you could build something similar in this order, but I like being able to have a lot of ability power starting out.

Another build I will be experimenting on is this.

Another fun build where you can have people like Zilean resurrect you, Kayle can put immune on you for 3 seconds, and even Yorik can reanimate you.

With this group and the following build for a joke, you might get some laughs.

...... Then it is optional to use , , or . Use Revive and Teleport .

Have your team use all their abilities to resurrect you, immune, or reanimate. You can also use your Hourglass to go into stasis to where no one can damage you. Then when they finally kill you, your Guardian Angel activates to resurrect you. When they try to kill you again, you can hit Revive and Teleport back to your turret to finish off and eliminate the enemy team.

By studying many videos, I can see how I could have destroyed more enemies faster by adding
more damage and a Hourglass . Fights in a shroom field can end very fast sometimes, with the amount of high damage that you can put out. It is possible to defend against 4-5 people without life leech or spell vamp, as seen in the Penta kill video

I noticed that if I added extra ability power, and a Zhonya's Hourglass , that I might have gotten a Penta kill possibly and survived, instead of getting a Quadra kill and dying, while the other enemy Teemo lived for a few more seconds with low health.

I noticed that even taking out a Doran's Blade or Vampiric Scepter in this build can change a lot. Such as
how you might have done a little extra damage to get a kill with Doran's Blade , than starting with boots and not as much damage.

However, if you start with Boots of Speed , you can build your ability power items faster.

When playing in this style, keep at least 3-5 health potions if you can, and use them while in battle generously. This will act as your life leech and health regeneration. Remember, when everyone starts getting their final items and then start buying Oracle Elixirs , this is when you need to be careful for the enemy being able to buy Elixirs . You want to end the game before the enemy team gets all of their items and Elixirs.


I now prefer starting out with Rabadon's Deathcap , instead of a cool-down reduction item.

The reason why I first started with cool-down, was when there was not a 40% cool-down reduction cap.

You can add extra cool-down with runes, masteries and the blue buff Crest of the Ancient Golem.

It is nice to have 40% cool-down for making a shroom field, but not always necessary.

The attack speed bug has also been fixed with Teemo, this is why Morello's Tome might have been better than a Nashor's Tooth in the past. Now I use a Nashor's Tooth over a Morello's .

This new build in the Penta kill video has added Rylais Crystal Scepter , and replaces 1 cool-down item such as Morello's Tome .

Teemo has Toxic Shot , shroom poison and ignite , these skills will give out damage over time, kiting is a priority.

Teemo does not have very much health, but can deal some of the highest damage over time against 5 opponents, if you are dealing constant shroom and dart poison damage to them.

Some people prefer an attack damage (AD) Teemo, which works nice for straight
up attacking. I prefer ability power (AP) Teemo, because poison works on ability power,
shrooms, and other abilities. This gives a lot of damage per second (DPS). AP Teemo takes
less damage from Thornmail , which is nice.

I used to wear a Gunblade for my final item, now I use Hourglass instead.

I used to get Gunblade as one of my items, so the first thing I would buy was a Vampiric Scepter , because it was part of the build with Gunblade . This would help keep me in the lane longer, and I thought that it would be better not to have to buy and sell Doran's Blade , because it didn't help build any item I was making. I know many builds, people like to get a couple of Doran's Blades , but I am also trying to build my items as fast as possible for cool-down reduction and ability power. I do not get Vampiric Scepter anymore for Teemo, except to experiment.

It is optional using Doran's Blade , Vampiric Scepter , or boots with health potions starting out. Some people might prefer an Amplifying Tome , or Doran's Ring even, it depends on the player. I have played with Doran's Ring and do not prefer it, because I can't gain life back as fast as I would like to, and it does not make any final item in my build. I have noticed that people who try this build without life leech, health regeneration or healing potions starting out, may not do as well on being able to get their health back fast enough to push or fight properly to get a kill. For this build, try to see what works best for you.

When attacking, you can stealth , poison , ignite and trade damage with the enemy.

You can fall back and leech your life back much faster from hitting the enemy minions and champions with a Vampiric Scepter than with a Doran's Blade .

It could be worth the money to even invest in a Wriggle's Lantern , then eventually sell your Lantern or Doran's Blade .

Starting with a Vampiric Scepter or a Doran's Blade may not be for everyone, I would say buy boots and health potions first .
You might be spending more on health potions if you have no life leech and are taking a lot of damage.

You might have to go back to town more if you do not use a life leech or a life regeneration item.

One strat you can try also, but many people might not like, is get a Vampiric Scepter or Doran's Blade . Go to a solo lane, and just constantly level and push the lane, not going back to town until level 8, 9 or 10. This will make your champion very strong starting out. It is even better if you put shrooms in the bushes, and kill a few people trying to gank you mid or top lane while you are leveling.

I would start out on a side lane most of the time, but it is good to get solo exp if you can,
for a more powerful shroom field later on.

Some other good items for Teemo are Frozen Mallet , Infinity Edge , Warmogs , Guardian Angel , Lich Bane , Madreds Bloodrazor , The Bloodthirster and Wit's End .

Most scenes in this video were done without solo lane exp. You can go duo lane and keep staying in the lane and get kills. I played mid for a short time, and it will make you very powerful. However, enemies will buy oracles more if Teemo starts mid, or gets too much noticeable powerful from solo experience.

A good example of the power of getting solo experience and the damage you can deal, can be seen in
Teemo shroom field tricks 1 vs 5 Quadra kill (music video) in the Skull Man music scene

Remember to click or hit the number 1-6 to activate Zhonya's Hourglass , this will place your champion into stasis for 2 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable, but unable to take any actions. I actually drag the Hourglass into the slot where I can always hit 1 on the keyboard to activate Hourglass , and hit 2 on the keyboard for health potions . You also want to hit the number 1-6, or slide the item to the slot of the number if you decide to use Deathfire Grasp . The unique active deals magic damage to target champion equal to 30% of their current Health (+3.5% per 100 Ability Power) with a minimum of 200 damage (60 second cooldown). If you are using these items, hitting the number 1-6 is easier and faster than clicking, but sometimes clicking can work if your cursor happens to be ready to click. Personally, I sometimes try to click a half a second or a full second before I think the Hourglass will actually activate. Sometimes you will try to activate the Hourglass at the last second, or think you can get away and not use it, then end up dying.

When you activate the Hourglass , you can also use Flash to escape after you activate the Hourglass. An example of this is in the Penta Kill video, in the starting music scene of Sister Audrey - Children Of The Ghetto.


You must ask yourself, would you want all ability power runes that will give you 85 AP. Or by maxing out magic penetration runes, you would get +19 to magic penetration and + 17 ability power. While making these builds, Veigar's ultimate Primordial burst used to work with magic penetration for a couple years, and now works with ability power instead. While doing this video I used AP runes to avoid Veigar's ult, and it seemed to work as well as magic penetration runes. If playing against Veigar , be careful having high ability power now. Veigar can use your ability power against you to reflect part of your AP damage back to you.

40% magic penetration is the cap, magic penetration runes and items that add to magic penetration such as Sorcerer's shoes can allow you to go over the cap. I have done a lot of tests on using ability power or magic penetration runes, and I would say they are about even. Magic penetration runes might work better on a tank with high magic resist. When fighting a person with already low magic resists, magic penetration is not as good as having ability power. Ability power runes might start you off stronger, but in the end against magic resist tanks, magic penetration runes are highly desirable. If you were fighting a team of all tanks, magic penetration runes might be the way to go. This is why it is sometimes good to buy a Rabadon's Deathcap before Void staff , you get more AP starting, than 40% magic penetration with a Void Staff .
I prefer runes of force, over runes of potency for ability power on Teemo .

If you use flat Ability power runes, such as runes of potency, this will start you out stronger in the beginning of the game, but runes of force will make you stronger when you are at higher levels.

Skill sequence

Get as much damage per second as you can, especially damage over time with Noxious Trap and Toxic Shot .

Many times the enemy will run away, then a few seconds later will die from dots (Damage over time).

Some Teemos prefer Blinding Dart for their first selection. I like to have Toxic Shot starting out and can deal more damage to enemy minions and champions with poison, than having Blinding Dart recharging. Sometimes it's good to stealth with Teemo when fighting, then hit Ignite , Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart on a target. By the time your Ignite recharges, you can use it again to slay the enemy with Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart , when their health is low enough. If someone has low health to where you think you can kill them, try to flash near them, use Toxic Shot , Ignite and Blinding Dart when they are about to escape.

Early game

Mid lane, solo or duo lane?

Soloing top can be good, just as good as mid exp. Teemo is one of the best solo people for top lane. Use poison and range to keep the enemy back. Be careful when you get around half of your health, a jungler can step in and it could be a 1 vs 3, and they have 5 seconds or so to kill you at your turret. It is good to go back to town when you get the chance to get boots and health potions. It can also be more difficult to place shrooms mid if you are in a lane by yourself top. Make sure to push push enemy minions back from your turret, or have someone like the jungler back your turret up, if you need to go to town or other lanes.

I guess you could jungle if you want to, I would not recommend using smite for this build. I personally don't like jungling with this setup, Teemo is a decent jungler. Part of the reason you are in the top lane or bottom lane, is so the enemy can see you a lot. Then you eventually sneak over to the middle lane and plant the shrooms when you feel is the right time, and your shrooms are doing enough damage. If you are in the jungle to where the enemy won't be able to see you for most of the beginning of the game, this raises more suspicion to how many shrooms are in the jungle.

When the game starts, there is an option to gank the middle lane. You can gank mid by running to the middle lane and stealth as close to the enemy turret without being seen on the enemy radar as soon as the game starts. Get the person who is starting mid to start attacking minions first, and not to scare the enemy champ by running into the bushes and acting like a gank could happen. Try to draw in the enemy champion to a fight with the person on your team who is visible to them. While the 2 people at middle lane fight, you un-stealth and attack to get the kill. This always doesn't work, and can drain experience from the middle lane and yourself if you wait too long. I would say every 3 games expect to get a kill from doing this, or a little over 35%. It would be difficult to gank mid like this for every match and expect a 50% success rate out of let's say a hundred games, which is why I say every few games it usually will happen.

If you are starting bottom lane, one option is that you and the other person going bottom lane attack the Blessing of the Lizard Elder, which is the red buff. A ranged class should get this, such as Teemo. When you get the red buff from the Lizard Elder, run from that location through the jungle to where the river bush leads through the river and connects to the bottom lane. From there attack the two side lane bushes with the red buff, slowing the enemy when you hit them. You have a good chance of killing the enemy if they are extended out and fighting minions. This will also give you momentum in your favor of having the red buff and exp from the Lizard Elder. Make sure that you have a champion that can do well against the Lizard Elder, cause the Lizard Elder can be strong starting out. Be careful from taking too much damage from the Lizard Elder, you will not want to start a fight with low health.

Kill minions by hitting each minion once to apply poison, then try and kill each minion once their health gets to the point where you can kill them with 1 hit to farm gold. Try not to let your friendly creeps take the kill instead. Some people don't like the strategy of constantly pushing and are careful for being ganked, and think you should deny creeps, instead of having the enemy leveling up at their turret being able to kill creeps easier. It is nice to push, kill the enemy, get global gold from destroying the turret, then go gank another lane and destroy another tower. Beware of pushing a lane too far without proper boots or shrooms / wards. When pushing
close to a turret, poison the enemy minions in the back first, so that the enemy minions in the front do not die first.
This will make it so that your friendly minions keep attacking the enemy minions in the front, and do
not start running towards the turret to be killed fighting the enemy minions in the back. This will allow you to attack the enemy turret with all of your friendly minions.

Sometimes it is good to stock up on 1-5 health potions after you get boots . Part of this strategy is to wear down the person you are laning against. If you constantly attack them and get their health lowered and have health potions to keep you defending against 1 vs many situations, you can defend your turret from the enemy and gain levels faster. When you sense the enemy has been wanting to go back to town, back up away from being seen. Use your stealth and let the enemy go to town, then attack minions and push tower. Plant mushrooms starting out so that if you were to be ambushed by an incoming enemy from the bushes or another way, that you can run away from their turret without dying. You can also just keep pushing and attack the enemy turret, while the enemy has low health and the enemy could die from having low health from attacking you.

When you are fighting some enemies, be careful to not stand too still, unless you are camouflaged . The trick is that when you initiate, you shoot a Blinding Dart with Toxic Shot . Let your Blinding Dart skill recharge, then attack again with Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot together, so that you do more damage every time you initiate, or use poison whenever you get the chance. This will leave the enemy with low health, while you can life leech your life back fast hitting minions or heal.

Some champs to look out for against Teemo when mid or a solo lane are , Veigar , Annie , Lux , Vayne , Cassiopea , Vlad , Ziggs , Cait
, Ashe and other ranged classes not mentioned .

Fighting some mages with a stun like Annie or Veigar , be careful, you are more of a ranger class. Use your Blinding Dart , Toxic Shot , range and kite (Run around while your poison damages the enemy and avoid taking too much damage). Try to apply more damage over time without taking too much damage. Be careful not to get stunned and ganked. Use stealth to throw off the enemy and attack when they do not expect it, especially if they are trying to attack your turret.

When fighting Vlad mid, let him use Transfusion on a minion, then attack him while his ability is recharging. Most important is to attack him when
Transfusion is recharging. This goes for other champs and their main skills.

People will want to attack you more if your Blinding Dart is recharging.

It is most important to get the enemy mid turret down first, this will allow you to build a shroom field mid that isn't too close to the enemy turret. Sometimes in the order of your first turret, 2nd turret, base turret and Nexus turret. The 2nd turret and base turret shroom fields seem to sometimes have advantages, due to shrooms being slightly closer
together, and a wall wedging the enemy into the lane. This also blocks the enemy from a 360
degree escape, compared to center mid field and near the base. Having most of your items will
also help in eliminating the enemy faster, especially the "squishy" characters.

Starting mid can be good for extra damage. However, when Teemo starts mid, people
sometimes know that mid will have a lot of shrooms where Teemo is defending. They might
buy an Oracle and see your shroom field early on, and the enemy may become more aware of your shroom field strategy. I've noticed when I am starting mid and I use the passive camouflage to stealth and use shrooms excessively to harass the enemy, it can be a game winner, or people will buy Oracles early on to try and destroy your shrooms, which can change the momentum of the game. If you have a shroom field defending your turret properly, some enemy teams will not be able to get past the shrooms before your team can get to the middle lane. This is why many games will last longer if you have a shroom field defending a turret, and the enemy does not have an Oracle . Look at how the enemy moves and what paths they like to travel. Especially if
you think the enemy will want to run behind the turret and try to tank the
turret while killing everyone, having extra shrooms there doesn't hurt sometimes.

Try to avoid being seen planting any shrooms by the enemy, unless you are in battle and
decide to have to plant.

If an enemy is too strong, just try to level without engaging, and defend tower. Try and stealth attack from time to time.

Be careful of Volibear (Voli ball) , Master Yi and Olaf , they have abilities that can make them still run faster than you, even if they are being slowed by shrooms.

Other champions have dashes that can also take out a portion of a shroom field and catch up to you at a short distance with their dash. These champions are Hecarim and Shyvana .

Mid game

If the enemy sees that there is no Teemo starting at the middle lane, you might be able to start being able to sneak mushrooms in the middle lane. Be careful that you aren't being seen by an enemy ward that was left early on in the game near the middle lane. You have the option of putting mushrooms in the jungle and bushes still, or to start putting mushrooms on the outside and around mid lane, so that minions do not hit mushrooms. You can feel free to gank mid lane, but do not be seen by the enemy planting mushrooms mid.

Sometimes it is good to rotate Teemo to mid lane, during the middle part of the game. It is also good to not be seen hanging around mid always. Make it look like you are
just defending temporarily.

If the enemy has Oracles , try placing some shrooms behind the turret so that they may not be seen right away by the enemy, unless the enemy gets close to the turret. Sometimes the enemy will have an Oracle for a while to check all the bushes and lanes. Then the enemy might die and not want to spend and extra 400 gold on an Oracle , thinking you may not even be that harassing with mushrooms at first, while you keep your shroom field undetected and still guarding against an enemy breach. Plant a shroom or two around the side turrets, if you think the enemy might want to backdoor a turret. If someone decides to backdoor a turret (attempting to destroy a turret by coming from the jungle while the other team is distracted or can't defend), or your team dies, you will at least have a chance to detour enemies from being able to destroy a turret. This is why many games last a long time, where the enemy might even have a better team, but can't get past the shroom field. This can change the momentum of the game sometimes. Try and lure or ambush the enemy in the shroom field to kill the entire enemy team with the help of several shrooms, then destroy a turret or inhibitor and change the momentum of the game. This is how to sometimes beat the 'better' team.

It is sometimes good to plant more shrooms on which lane the enemy seems to want to attack more. The trick to building a shroom field in the mid lane is knowing that many teams like to use this as their main fighting lane sometimes. Make sure that enemy creeps or champions don't walk in the shroom field and destroy the shrooms, even a couple shrooms being destroyed isn't good and can send an alert that many shrooms are in that area. It is better that the shroom field be used on multiple people. Sometimes you need to stop the minions or a solo champ from hitting the tip of the shroom field, even taking damage from getting hit by a minions to defend your shrooms. Have your team be aware that keeping the shroom field up is a priority. Teemo can even use Revive and come back to defend the tower with a full shroom field intact. If you have ever been in a game where the enemy team always guards mid turret, and it becomes very difficult to penetrate to their base, that is
what this strategy is similar to.

If your mid turret is around or under 1% - 40% health and you sense the enemy might destroy it and are aggressive at turret diving, or damaging the shrooms to where it makes it difficult to make a shroom field, try stacking more shrooms behind the turret. However, sometimes you can still stack shrooms in front of the turret, if the turret has low health. When the
turret is destroyed, sometimes the enemy will run into the shroom field and die. If the enemy
knows you are planting shrooms in the lanes and behind the turrets, start planting more mushrooms in the bushes.
If a turret is very low on health, sometimes it is good to put shrooms single file to the next turret behind it, to avoid an enemy from destroying multiple towers if your team gets aced or rushed.

A good example of learning the pattern of an enemy team, is that the first scene in the Penta kill video
, where Teemo gets the Penta kill starting at the song of Asbestos - Ancient Future. Later on in that same video, starting at the music scene of Asbestos - Infusion Travel, Teemo gets a triple kill on the same team by stacking many shroom mines behind the turret. Being able to see how aggressive this team was, it is possible to calculate the movement of an enemy when they destroy your tower, and how they will react in advancing when not many people are left alive on your team. Sometimes the enemy will charge into the shroom field even more if they know that most of your entire team is dead. It is sometimes a disappointment if you have a shroom field and many of the mushrooms run out of time, instead of being detonated. Sometimes if your team is doing very well, the enemy might not even have a chance to push up the middle lane. People get very mad when you stack a bunch of shrooms behind a turret that will never be touched by the enemy.

It is also good to put a shroom around Baron and Dragon to see when the enemy team is attacking them.

If an enemy starts to detonate shrooms in the minefield, try and cause a distraction for them to want to chase, such as attacking, having low health, or make it look like you are slow and staggering so that they might have a chance to catch up to you. Be careful that when you bait, you don't die while trying to bait. It helps sometimes if extra ability skill powers are going on, so that the enemy might not even be aware they just stepped on a shroom, when there are other loud noises and many ability skill animations going on in a team fight.

Sometimes the enemy may step on a silent mushroom and not be aware of what is going on.

It is all about the angle at which the enemy runs into the shroom field. Have you ever seen an enemy team of 5 just run out of the jungle into mid lane all at once? Just imagine if you knew that they were going to do that before hand, and setup all your shrooms in order to trap them, to where almost 1 person could take out 5 people with the help of a minefield.

Late game

Late game can have the most damaging mushrooms. Just several mushrooms with Teemo attacking, could wipe-out an enemy team of 5 people together very fast.

If you are with an ally team that isn't doing too great, or the enemy has a lot of tanks or good end-game champions. Let your team know that you guys need to end the game fast, and that the momentum might not last that much longer if their tanks get all their items, then get Oracles .

I like to get an Oracle's Elixir first when I am done building my 6 items, then get an Elixir of Brilliance for shroom power, then Elixir of Fortitude , then Elixir of Agility .

If your team is winning and has the enemy base almost completely destroyed, try to be careful that your whole team doesn't die. It is always good to have at least 1 person to be able to guard a turret with the shrooms. It is funny to use the Revive spell to go back and 1 vs 5 if your team gets aced, if you choose that spell.


- A lot of shroom wards to avoid ganks.

- Stealth class.

- If you go afk for just a few seconds, you can say that you were in stealth mode doing recon.

- Pretty solid carry.

- You get to use shrooms that people get to trip on, and see a nice little visual over their head.

- Give Teemo enough time, with enough shrooms, and almost anything is possible.

- A unique build and strategy that not too many people know of, yet.

- One of the best turret defenses in the game, in my personal opinion a shroom field is the ultimate defense for a turret. Compared to Heimerdinger's turrets, and all the other traps in the game.

- This is a fun strategy for playing for fun, while recording all of the big shroom field battles, and putting them together with music for videos. I'm not here to try and make anyone feel bad, if they are seen in the videos, this is more of a practical joke, educational strategy, and is not meant to cause harm to others.

- This type of strategy has the potential of doing the most damage per second over time in a 1 vs 5 situation. This type of Teemo setup offers the ability to defend against 5 people, unlike any other class. This becomes a lot of fun, knowing you have the chance to beat 5 people by yourself. It gets intense trying to target 5 people coming at you, and they are in slow motion tripping
over shrooms. It almost reminds me of something like the Matrix, where all your enemies are in slow motion, and you can have the ability to defeat them all. While they are being slowed down, you can speed yourself up with Move Quick and use Flash to even speed up more to the location of where you want to be. This
allows you to move in and out of fights to drag people into more shrooms. More of this is explained in the Extra information chapter.

It becomes difficult trying to decide who to target out of 5 people, such as using Blinding Dart on the damage dealer who is about to attack, or another person hitting you, or to use the Blinding Dart to add extra damage or eliminate someone, while keeping the entire enemy team poisoned with shrooms. This includes how many people, and who to select to shoot with Toxic Shot , then when to use Ignite . Use Flash to escape, or to where you can position yourself on the map for the advantage for the enemy to fall into more shroom traps, all within a very short time.


- Teemo is sometimes slow in speed, especially starting in the game. The Move Quick ability works well when you aren't being hit.

- Move Quick ability is not that reliable sometimes while fighting.

- Tanks with high magic resist with full life are sometimes harder to take down.

- Everyone loves killing Teemo because he is squishy, and highly harassing with shrooms, especially if they just ran into a bunch of shrooms and they died.

- Another drawback is that this build is kind of a glass cannon build if no defense items are used. Meaning you can do a lot of damage, but are squishy (low health). Hourglass comes in handy as a defensive item, especially against Karthus' ult. It is sometimes good to buy Hourglass early on in the game if you are playing against Karthus .

What to look out for

This build can work against pro teams in some situations, but if any good team knows what Teemo could be up to, an Oracle can counter the shroom field strategy, but not entirely.

- If there is another Teemo on the enemy team and the enemy buys Oracles , you should buy an Oracle yourself, or have someone on your team get an Oracle and go hunting for the shrooms planted by the enemy Teemo. I would recommend not always getting an Oracle first, if you are the one trying to make a giant shroom field, sometimes this will provoke the enemy team to buying an Oracle also. However in many pro games, teams will get Oracles
even if there are no invisible classes, to check for enemy wards .

If there is an invisible class on the enemy team that is constantly trying to go mid, you might need to buy a Vision Ward or Oracle .

- Sometimes getting a shroom field mid can be difficult, because of minions and people hitting the shrooms. You will have to repair your shroom field in most cases. Shrooms will eventually run out of time if no one hits them. If you are in a hurry and might not be able to get back to your shroom field for a while, when a shroom has around or under 60 seconds left on the shroom (even up to around 90 seconds), you can plant a new shroom next to it, or on top if it, if the shroom is about to expire within a few seconds. Sometimes it's nice to do this, so that when the shroom expires, it will already be replaced. It is good to wait sometimes until a mushroom is a few seconds to 30 seconds from expiring, to replace it with a new one. You can also change your shroom pattern to adapt to where you think the enemy might want to go, or how aggressive they will be at trying to attack the middle tower.

Sometimes it is nice to save a couple shrooms to plant in a team fight, if you are going off to fight somewhere away from the shroom field.

Let your team know that the enemy minions should not hit the mushrooms, and to use the mushrooms in a team fight or ambush. Eliminate the enemy minions and push the mid lane far, or have the enemy minions follow you off to the side of the lane and kill them, to avoid them from hitting the shrooms. Use health potions when you are taking a lot of damage by stopping the minions from advancing. Be aware that you may be overextended while defending, and that this may attract multiple enemies from different directions into the shroom field. Superior minions can pose more of a problem sometimes. It is good to go out and push far sometimes into the mid lane, if superior minions are pushing down the middle lane. Start doing damage to enemy minions while running back to the shroom field, to avoid being overwhelmed. If you try to defend too close to the shroom field sometimes, enemy minions and champions could start pushing into the shroom field when you don't want them to. However, this can also be good when enemy champions rush into the shroom field.

- People with Oracles can destroy a shroom field and other nearby shrooms. Try and eliminate people with Oracles , so that they end up spending lots of money on Oracles.
Watch out for groups with a lot of tanks, such as Rammus who can destroy a shroom field
pretty fast with high life and magic resist without even using an Oracle .

- Lee Sin can try to de-stealth mushrooms with his abilities.

- It is not always good to have other classes with invisible abilities on your team. Champions with invisible abilities include . The enemy will have a higher percentage chance to buy Oracles if you have multiple invisible classes on your team. This can be an advantage if the enemy does not buy Oracles, such as shrooms combined with a nest of Shaco's jack in the Box. If you have multiple stealth champions on your team, try to harass and gank a lot early in the game, and end the game as fast as you can. With this build, there are a lot of chances involved to where you could get a Penta kill by yourself, or the enemy might counter you and you could lose the game. This build is also known for being able to do well and get a lot of multi kills. If you let the game drag on for too long, you might have more of a chance of losing.

With this build, I like my teams to be a little heavy in defense, while being able to deal a good amount of damage. You should have at least 1-4 tanks or heavy classes that can still deal decent damage when playing with this build. It isn't always about having many tanks, but dealing decent damage with champions that can stay alive in a team fight.

There is even a strategy where you can have 4 tanks or heavy classes with Teemo, where you have 2 junglers (at least 1 jungler without smite is nice to have also), a person solo mid, solo top and solo bot. Everyone will have solo experience. These types of teams where most of the classes are heavy, and can deal decent damage, are also ideal for building a team that would have to 4 vs 5 a lot. If Teemo is gone from a team fight because he had to plant mushrooms, or is wounded and has to go heal, it is good to have a team that is heavy in defense and has a good chance of still winning.

When the enemy sees you have 4 heavy classes, they will want to exclusively target Teemo, and die trying while in the shroom field. However, it is also good to sometimes have another high damage dealer besides yourself in the team. This is just another optional strategy out of many.

Here is an example of some champions that you can build to be good with defensive builds.

These are just some, and not all of the champions that can have good
defensive builds.

It is about your team having good defense, and be able to deal good damage, if the enemy team has a bunch of tanks.

Personally, I try to watch out for having a team with multiple (3) 'rangers', such as if you have a bunch of ranger type classes with no tank, I notice the team might not do as well in a team fight. However, just when you try to say which champion may not be good to choose, you will see that champion end up with a good score, and carry you sometime in a game.

- This build is good for for some 1 vs 1, but against some, it is really good to have
shrooms doing damage also. The designers of the game had to also factor in your shroom damage, and being alone in a fight. In this game, some champions can counter
other champions, be aware of who you start a fight with 1 vs 1, such as a tank with high magic resist, Thornmail and full life. If the enemy you are fighting hits even 1 shroom, it will give a much higher percentage of winning 1 vs 1.

- If you are in a game playing with random people, they might not understand mushroom placement around turrets and what you are trying to do, and might request that you put more shrooms in the jungle.
It is good if your team also understands the objective of keeping the shroom field intact,
and waiting for the right time to lure enemies into the minefield. Sometimes this build
can carry very bad teams to win, and the people aren't quite aware of why the "lesser" team
is winning. Teemo is known as a support, but he is also a carry class when used the right way. Maybe Riot will have to label Teemo as a carry and a support class. Remind your team not to fight in the jungle if they are the weaker team being carried, and fight near the shrooms to win the game early, before the other enemy team gets all their items and Oracles .

Trolling or trawling?

Some people have questioned if this is a troll build, or am I trolling or trawling? Good question.

Some people say Teemo is a troll champ, but that's just an opinion. Some people say that making a shroom field is trolling. These days people can say people are trolling just for almost anything.

I consider this build more of the type of 1 vs all, mage / ranger build. Not too many have seen this exact shroom field placement when they first see it, so it will get some laughs. There are sometimes dozens of things people say or react to about the shrooms. My intentions were to just eliminate a lot of people and be able to defend my tower from being overran. I do find it funny when I can eliminate the entire enemy team with a shroom field.

Would I call this build a troll build? That's questionable, and depends on how you use the term.

Q: Are people being trawled along mushrooms? A: Yes.

The different definitions of Trolling and trawling.






Q: Are there actual Trolls that play LOL?

A: I know some of you are thinking when you hear the word Troll, as something like how Trolls are depicted in a Hollywood movie. These are actual human beings playing though however, and many of these people aren't actually Trolls like you see in the movies. I consider this a fun build, my intentions were never to troll. However, I can't help it if people get trawled up into a net of mushrooms. Teemo is the perfect size to be used for bait when trying to lure the enemy to their deaths. Remember to treat others as you wish to be treated when playing.

It is funny how every 5 games or so, someone will say something like Teemo is such a troll champ, and this is such a troll build. Then they start going off on all kinds of other funny stuff. You have to take it as a funny joke of being called a troll, and some people aren't trying to be offensive. There is even a Teemo trollface in one of the art videos to ease the tension and turn it more into a joke. So that if people say Troll if you are playing Teemo, we all know it is just a themed joke for Teemo and don't take it personal if you are playing, and people start calling you names.

There are a lot of people who get very upset if you don't put shrooms in the jungle.

If you are looking for a build where sometimes random people will curse you out and call you a troll while you are carrying a random team, I would say this is an ideal build. Don't take it personal if someone says they are reporting you and cursing you out. For some this is ideal, for others just trying to play, it is funny and annoying sometimes. I have been reported many times, just for not putting my shrooms in the jungle. There were even people who quit the game, because they said I was trolling with mushrooms.

If your team loses bad, a lot of the blame will go to you, especially if you have never played with any of the summoners before, and they don't know what you are trying to do. I have been reported a lot for just making shroom fields, it is funny.

If you win and get some good multi kills in a shroom field and carry the game, people will say many good things, or even friend invite you. Even then, there are always people that will hate Teemo just for this reason. Teemo is one of the more popular and also one of the most annoying champions for others in my opinion.

Another way of having the enemy chase you into a shroom field is to make the enemy think they can kill you, or you could even say something, which was not discussed in the original guide.

It is good to not go noticed, sometimes it is ok to tell a joke to ease tension or have the other enemy team like you and maybe not even buy an Oracle to destroy your shrooms . However, this can also draw attention to where the enemy might buy an Oracle. There is a strategy to where you can just talk on all talk and the enemy will want to target you more just for talking. This strategy is done in games where the enemy then attacks the person on your team that will actually end up being the least beneficial person to attack. An example would be such as the enemy team attacking a person that does attacker takes damage, can heal, mass life steal, can tank or leads the enemy into traps. However, I cannot encourage people to say negative, harmful, sexist or racist things to others. Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Most of the scenes in these videos were done by not even saying anything to the enemy.

Shroom placement

-Early part of the game game - First mushroom try to ward dragon with, or in the bush in the river. Place mushrooms around bushes in your lane to avoid being ganked, then push that lane. Put a mushroom or two behind or around mid turret (optional), put 1 shroom in each mid river side bush. It is nice to have a mushroom behind your turret, if the enemy dives, then sometimes the shroom with the turret will be enough to kill them, or wound them for a teammate to kill the wounded enemy.

Here is a link to a picture showing an optional shroom placement for this type of strategy starting beginning game.

Beginning game optional shroom placement. - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/198/teemobeginningshroompla.jpg/

Early middle part of the game optional shroom placement. - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/teemoearlymidremaster.jpg/

Middle part of the game optional shroom placement. - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/52/teemomidremaster.jpg/

It is optional to push mushrooms behind the turret in the different optional places marked on the map. This depends on how aggressive the enemy is, how much they are pushing the tower and if they are tower diving. When a turret is destroyed or close to being destroyed, start putting shrooms to make a shroom field formation to defend the next turret. Sometimes it is funny to stack shrooms behind a turret when it explodes and watch the enemy die trying to chase.

-Middle part of the game. - Try and destroy the enemy mid turret, and start your shroom field. Mid game shrooms can be better for killing groups than beginning game shrooms.
Put a shroom to ward Baron when you are around level 11, 12 or 13. If an enemy has an Oracle , start placing shrooms behind the turret and in the jungle, so that the enemy thinks you might not be that harassing with mushrooms. There are different choke areas on the map, such as small bushes and corners, where people with Oracles can still hit mushrooms out in the open. Try and put your mushroom near the entrance of the bush where you think the enemy with the Oracle might enter, and the person with the Oracle might hit the shroom before seeing where it is.

-Late part of the game - Try and avoid long games if you can, where the enemy gets all their items and can then buy Oracles . If the enemy inhibitors are down, try placing shrooms 15 feet apart or so from your turret in a line, down the middle lane, to a little past mid part of the map, or what you feel is a decent length, in case if your team gets aced.

If you feel the enemy will turret dive, plant your shrooms behind the turret. If your team is about to win the game and you are concerned that your team might die in a team fight, and don't want the enemy team to destroy your mid turret, plant shrooms single file across the lane. This is done so that if the enemy champions and minions push the lane, they will hit over a dozen shrooms trying to get to the tower, and sometimes they won't be able to destroy your tower. For more of a battle shroom field, you can stack them more into a minefield, as seen in the first 5 scenes of the Teemo shroom field tricks 1 vs 5 Quadra kill (music video).

There are many different types of shroom field patterns. There are more scattered shroom fields, that when people walk anywhere they hit a shroom. There are shroom fields that are more single file. This is to allow the enemy to run down a small lane in between the shrooms, then leads them to being trapped behind many shrooms, if they do no run back to their base the same exact route they took, they will be trapped in the shroom field.

You will notice that the team in the Penta kill video
that died, also later on in the video, Teemo gets a triple kill against the same enemy team. This is sometimes how you can judge how to place your shrooms. You will notice that when I got the Penta kill in the video, in the starting music scene Asbestos - Ancient Future, about half of their team tried to turret dive (Run into the turret). Being able to see this type of pattern, I decided to stack a bunch of shrooms behind the turret, when the turret had low hit points. As you will see in the beginning scene in the music scene Asbestos - Infusion Travel, that this team again died from being too aggressive, and that if they did not rush in both times, they might have lived.

Multiple shroom poison damage does not stack. Each shroom will give 4 dots of poison. When the enemy hits another shroom, 4 ticks of poison will start again.

Late part of the game optional shroom placement. - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/teemolategameremaster.jpg/

Remember, that these maps were done when I had Nashor's Tooth and Morello's Tome . Now I only use 1 cool-down reduction item.

In these videos, you can see the different builds and shroom patterns. The Penta kill video
has more of the newer build I am using, with some of the older builds. The Quadra kill videos
have the older builds in them. All scenes in these videos were done after the cool-down reduction patch. I believe I started recording around October of 2011.

You might also want to switch up your shroom placement a little in the bushes starting out. An example is the 2 side bushes that are closest to the center of the map in the middle lane. Many people know that a shroom might be directly in the center of the bush, and won't run directly in the center of the bush sometimes, as seen in the shroom maps. Sometimes you want to set your shroom in a different spot, or a few feet away, or keep it if you feel the enemy might think you are trying to switch it up.
Some shrooms in the mid bush are sometimes meant to be used as a ward for the person in the middle lane to have an advantage attacking the middle tower starting out. It is better if the enemy doesn't hit the shroom, so that you can keep the shroom there as a ward.

Extra information

Teemo kind of reminds me of the overpowered ranger class who was a ranger / mage type in Guildwars. In the first few months of that game you could 1v4, or survive in a 1v8 to revive teammates. The ranger got nerfed. That is kind of what Teemo's build reminds me of now that I think of it, except Teemo can lay down many more traps that are more powerful. You get Poison, traps, blind and a speed up ability which the Guildwars ranger has. Teemo also gets the stealth of assassins in other games such as Dark Elves. Teemo's stealth to me is most similar to that of a Night Elf in World of Warcraft, where you stand still to go invisible. I have played WOW, but won't pay to play monthly.

This build is considered to be highly offensive, and defensive.

I would treat some of these builds, such as you would treat a highly offensive character that does damage in other games. An example would be such as in the Street Fighter game series, there is Ken, Ryu, Akuma and Shin Akuma ( also known as Shin Gouki ). If you know anything about Shin Gouki, he can deal the most amount of damage, especially if you trap someone in a combo, but he has some of the lowest hit points in the game. This is also the same with the Phoenix in Marvel vs Capcom 3. With these types of characters, it is good to move them in and out in fights to avoid damage while dealing damage.

There are champions who are formidable with swords, guns, magic and other weapons. You have to play a lot like a rogue with Teemo. Remember that having 2 different types of stealth abilities on a champion is an advantage. Sometimes when playing a rogue class, it is about chances, such as chances to dodge, and how the enemies will hit your traps.

I would say use Teemo more like a ninja type. Your arsenal consists of a Blinding Dart , poison , stealth , speed dash , fire , explosives , extra projectile damage , a type of deflector and a vanish / appear .

Overall this build is great for normal que. In a ranked game the pace is sometimes much faster, some of these strategies could work. Some ranked games you will win, and some you will lose. However some would say it would be by chance to get an enemy in a position to where you could take out an entire team by yourself. If I were to be in a tournament, I might keep this same build, or add attack damage (Mainly for life leech) and and some defenses. One of the top clans in League of Legends tournaments called TSM, had a Teemo on their team named Rain man. His build has more physical attack damage and defenses, but he has less ability power for mushrooms and poison.

AP Teemo ranked is viable and can carry with shrooms in some games. Many people don't like Teemo and think he is a bad champ. However, with Rain man playing Teemo on a high ranked clan, and with this shroom field video as evidence of showing the potential of being able to defend against 5, can prove how viable Teemo is. Many people don't quite understand Teemo, and how to play him correctly in different situations, such as changing shroom placement as the game progresses. As for playing a ranked tournament with AP Teemo could work. As for doing a shroom field strategy in a serious tournament would be difficult, as word could get around about a clan that had a shroom field strategy. For example, if just by reading this strategy guide and knowing my summoner name, and if you ever saw me in a game, you could tell your team that my strategy would be to plant mushrooms in the middle lane, and you could get an Oracle to counter it. Then I would start planting shrooms, or shroom fields in the jungle, as seen in the Shroom placement chapter.
However, if you didn't know about a lot of shrooms being at a certain location on the map, and didn't have an Oracle, it is possible your team could end up near a shroom field to team fight. When some people watch these videos, and strategy guide, it might change the way they play when playing against Teemo, such as being very careful about going down the middle lane.

You will notice in the videos how my team sometimes will say something such as how our team doesn't initiate enough. A good example of this is the final scene in the Penta kill video
. Notice that if my team stepped back a few feet more into the shroom field, they might have had a chance of living, instead of me having to defend against 4 people by myself.

It is good that people review these shroom field videos and see how you can fight with shrooms, even if you don't play Teemo. A good example of what you can accomplish to even get a higher rate of multi kills even if you aren't Teemo, is just being able to run through the shroom field so that you can keep fighting while the enemy keeps hitting shrooms as seen in the music scene Dutch Force - Deadline ( Teemo shroom field tricks 1 vs 5 Quadra kill (music video) )

There are some critics on about any Teemo build out there. There are even critics on Rain man's Teemo build, but he seems to be doing pretty well to me, and like to use him as an example of how viable Teemo is. There will also be critics on this current build I am using. I'm just trying to have fun and show people some fun tricks to do with Teemo. I like sharing knowledge and information to people so that they can get a bigger picture about the game, even if they play or don't play Teemo. The point of this guide is that it will give the reader something new to learn hopefully, or a different kind of perspective on a type of strategy that can be done in the game.

There are people who have questioned if these shroom field videos I have done are fake. The answer to that question is no.

No videos in the shroom field series that I have done will ever be staged or fake.

I do find it interesting that some people could question if such a strategy is fake.

I have not been paid any money for any videos, links or information I have ever presented. The videos I make are for fun and enjoyment only.

I'm not here to teach violence to anyone, honestly. This is a video game, and many people requested a strategy guide. There were a lot of good fights worth showing, for educating others on strategy.
I guess you could say no champions actually die, they just fall down and respawn. This is just a form of entertainment for me.


I would like to be serious now, as this has to deal with how we can solve the problem in childhood cancer. Please do your part to help out on this.

One last thing I would like for my listeners to learn is the following information. I am obligated to tell you, in order to help others. I have been given some information that I think is valid, and that the public should be aware about. We must ask ourselves what can we do in order to make the planet a better place for the next generations to come, and solve many of the key issues harming the planet, including many people and children that are being harmed.

Studying these links will keep you strong mentally and physically. I am trying to help many people by giving you this information.

Study Links Aspartame To Cancer - http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500368_162-712605.html

Food Dyes Linked to Allergies, ADHD and Cancer: Group Calls on US to Outlaw Their Use - http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-20009228-10391704.html

Sunscreen Ingredient May Increase Skin Cancer Risk - http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/05/120507131951.htm

Cancer-Causing Hexavalent Chromium In Tap Water For 89% Of US Sampled Cities - http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/212079.php

How to prevent cancer to live longer. - http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/general/dirty_dozen.htm

BPA Chemical Leaches From Hard Plastic Drinking Bottles Into The Body, Study - http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/151156.php

Bisphenol A exposure linked to brain tumor diagnosis. - http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/newscience/2012/05/2012-0605-bpa-brain-cancer-meningioma

Even BPA-Free Plastic Not Always Safe - http://news.discovery.com/human/bpa-plastic-food-hormones-chemicals-110715.html

Bayer Exposed ( HIV Contaminated Vaccine ) - Bayer ships HIV tainted medicine to France -

90 Percent of Corn Seeds Are Coated With Bayer's Bee-Decimating Pesticide -

Dangerous food preservatives and additives - http://www.anotherway.org/2011/08/dangerous-food-preservatives-and-additives/

12 Dangerous And Hidden Food Ingredients In Seemingly Healthy Foods - http://saveourbones.com/12-dangerous-ingredients/

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Damages Learning Abilities, Memory - http://naturalsociety.com/high-fructose-corn-syrup-damages-learning-abilities-memory/

Arsenic in organic baby formula-FOX NEWS FAIL -

Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution - Washington Post -

Voter fraud in the 2012 presidential elections. -

You are probably questioning how we can solve many of the problems in the world. We can start by informing and educating others about many of the real issues, and what we can do to better the world.
This includes being able to tell others what is really going on, and why most of the media cannot inform people properly about the real issues. We must question the authority that is allowing many of these bad events to harm people, the planet and animals.

One request I have is for my listeners, is to stop groups such as the Rockefeller Foundation.

Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO - http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=20906

We should also question and stop other groups from harming the planet. Some of these groups would include the CFR, Bilderberg Group and different royal societies.

I would ask my listeners to look into these groups more, and do what you can when you think it is right.

We need to work together as a people, in order to stop the special interest of these corrupt groups from harming the planet.


November 20, 2012 - 03:48 AM #1

Just did a game testing this guide.

went 10/4, with a Lee Sin who took a lot of my kills lol. they surrendered at 20 mins, with me having over 450 AP :D I NUKED them down just by AAing them xD

October 23, 2012 - 01:53 PM #2

I must admit that once i have fell into such a trap, i wouldnt go near teemo anytime soon, unless i have oracles. And.. Then i would move very cautiously forward clearing every single shroom out in the open and avoid brushes. But thats just me.

Other than that its a very detailed and nice written guide and it deserves thumbs up, if it wasnt for me disliking the fact that once you arent greedy and play safe, it will be rather easy to counter him in my oppinion.

October 21, 2012 - 02:47 PM #3

ONE of the best guides for Teemo. This and Advanced Player Teemo Guide :) I absolutely LOVE your videos, it's quite entertaining.

I love how you not only included one build but several builds as well. I tried your troll build (revive, teleport one) and It was absolutely hilarous the comments I got from the enemy teem. Thumbs up! How is this guide NOT approved?

October 4, 2012 - 11:19 AM #4

I play teemo about an year and i must tell you: this is great :)

i really love to build my "garden" and i usually play hybrid...

well, i'll try this because i have some great feeling about this build ^^

September 29, 2012 - 07:00 PM #5

YolkyPokey: Just watch his videos on youtube. It works.

September 23, 2012 - 06:20 PM #6

30/0/0... all AP per level runes. AP teemo.

Sick joke, bro.

September 9, 2012 - 11:54 AM #7

Why the fuck is this guide not approved? o0 There are soooooooooo many informations in it and it'S written very well.

August 26, 2012 - 09:37 AM #8

dafuq i saw ur vid 2 min ago and now is ur guide here O_o

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