DIANA BUILD GUIDE: The Scary Moon Lady by Jimithy420

by Jimithy420 (last updated over a year ago)

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Greater Mark of Critical Chance(+0.93% critical chance)
Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration(7.2 Armor Penetration and 4.96 Magic Penetration)
Greater Seal of Armor(+12.69 armor)
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist(+12.06 magic resist)
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power(+14.85 ability power)
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Summoner Spells
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Full Item Build

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mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/4
mastery 3 2/4
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 2/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility
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Moonsilver Blade
QCrescent Strike
WPale Cascade
RLunar Rush
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With the new offense tree bundling Hybrid Penetration together Hybrid runes are even more effective than they already were for dance parties at baron. I take 1 Mark of Critical Chance because I feel lucky.


mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/4
mastery 3 2/4
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 2/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility

Summoner Sets

Primary Set
Standard practise for mid for 90% of matchups
Flash & Barrier
This is for laning against newly released OPs :P
All the setups contain flash because its ridiculously strong.

I wanted to put this video in here because this is how you MAY have to initiate early ganks. Without her gap closer I chose to burn her flash to land . This is why flash is so neccessary for making da plays.

Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
For general use
Heavy AD Lanes
For the brave
Annoying Mages
Flask is really good value for money and a helpful sustain for much of the game and leaves you space for a ward.

Cloth Armor is often necessary against AD assassins or fighters like Zed/Khazix/Aatrox, but these guys are often EPICLY hard lanes for you so in the case where you are duo with a jungler who is going to camp you or some other advantage you may have, you might wanna run flask ANYWAY in these situations. I normally still take flask against AD Carries like Quinn or Vayne if they are foolish enough to enter mid lane as well.

Boots is for if you know you are getting an early blue or early camps and you are REALLY confident, also for next level early roam strats with your team (lulz) and dance parties at baron.

Null Magic Mantle is basically for Leblanc and Veigar to survive level 6 take it against anyone you are afraid of if you have good jungle support OR level 1 blue buff OR firstblood
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items
This is what you build when you are feeling pretty fed. Notice though that this is an unrealistic occurrence, with Lichbane and Twin Shadows you have enough MS to sell your boots... 6 Damage items and 3 sweet actives. If you are a master of your actives, you will be an unbelievably devastating force. This is build is purely for finding and killing champions

Situational Items

Nashor's Tooth
A couple of good reasons to buy this. Excellent in a build if you are EXTERMELY TANKY because you will stay alive for a long time in a fight to get lots of attacks and therefore lots of passive procs. The same applies doubly for the Cooldown Reduction this item gives you which is even more valuable, giving you quicker rotations of spells.

Secondly you can buy this if you are in a really desperate situation and the only hope is pushing endlessly until hopefully the gold gap isn't so important anymore. This sucker gives you pretty insane waveclear but often in the games where you need such a thing, you may find itemising for restistance more helpful. Purchase with care early game but as a 6th item can't really go wrong.
Zhonya's Hourglass
In most of your builds this is your FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT item so its not normally considered situational that being said there are exceptions:

1. You are so unbelievably fed with your Rabadons and 20 stack Mejai's that you really don't need to stand still for 3 seconds to help you kill the underleveled underfarmed enemy team. (Rare but memorable)

2. You are so unreasonably tanky already that standing still for 3 seconds just makes you an AFK tank who is no longer peeling. This is the case with my ARAM build and sometimes my jungle build if its doing well. Its just a liability having it there sometimes because you are no longer soaking damage for the hypercarries standing behind you
Lich Bane
This baby is awesome in the right hands but completely useless if you are not fed enough and I mean completely. Pick it up if you are pretty confident you are going to be able to sell your boots for twin shadows at 6 items, or if you just want to 1v1 towers
Guardian Angel
Completely turns late game fights with its amazing passive, added to that the fact it has a decent chunk of both resistances in one item slot. If you are rich as hell you can sell it as soon as you pop its passive and buy another item


Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Moonsilver Blade
QCrescent Strike
WPale Cascade
RLunar Rush
Don't be tempted to get a second point in Pale Cascade before you have maxed Crescent Strike as the Mana cost increases too much with levels but if you are really ahead and maybe want to roam bot you can take a second level in Moonfall for the slow increase at level 7 or 8


Moonsilver Blade
This is what makes Diana terrifying. Without this she'd just be an AP nuker who blinks on you to die. Its extremely strong. Her can count as an auto attack towards this passive and her can be activated almost simultaneously to throwing autos. If you combo correctly, you can get this passive to Proc faster and you can maximise the damage you do by trying to do it to everyone. Learn to feel when its about to proc.
Crescent Strike
Strong nuke, definitely what you want leveled first, grants vision on units with her \"Moonlight\" debuff. If she uses her on an enemy with her moonlight on them, it renews the cooldown of her . This can be hard to hit and is importanat to land in order to do maximum damage combos, or to do unbelievably long distance chases by resetting the cooldown on your . This ability is fairly slow moving and can be easily dodged especially by walking into the middle of the crescent. Make sure to use the well ahead of people you are chasing, try to catch people with the arm of it rather than the bulb at the end and in a team fight try to hit everyone with it for maximum use to team.
Pale Cascade
This is where the moon bitch keeps her moons. realy strong shield especially if you refresh it against an enemy in a duel. Early game with a little AP and MR runes you can tank an entire Katarina ultimate with this as your shield will refresh halfway through. Once again use of this skill seperates the good from the great as it interplays with her and her extremely well. This skill if used correctly can prevent 90% of the damage you will take from jungle. It is extremely strong and you should max second for sure.
Your CC, most of your escape, all, of your ganking force all bundle up in one move. You can stop channeling enemies with this as it is a hard CC, so if you are expecting then hold on tight to this skill until you need it, and take note of how freakin hilarious it is to stop the chanelling on a or ultimate.

This skill is her only CC and if used correctly is devastating. Many people see it as a weak CC or a minor form of hard CC and this I plainly do not understand. If it can stop a channelling ult and it can pull an entire enemy team, that sounds strong to me. Its the only skill that I decided is worth a video. You can use it to pull enemy champions through some of the thin walls on the map just like this

This skill Synergises amazingly with people with AOEs. puts all enemies in the area caught directly on top of you and slows them by 35/40/45/50/55% putting them all in range for your AOEs. Imagine if you will, catching a whole enemy team in this ability while your friendly Malphite and Leona use both of their ultimates on the spot. Even an AOE that is normally not as horrifying like Mundo's can be devastating, as this ability puts enemy champions closer together than they could walk if they tried. When initiating on someone with you will almost always need to activate INSTANTLY to avoid having them flash or otherwise escape from you. The slow will secure so many kills for you.
Lunar Rush
THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT MAKES DIANA THE BEST. This ability has low early base damage, and a helpful 0.6 AP scaling. Your gap closer. It puts you slightly behind the target if they are stationary and pretty much on top of them if you target it on a running opponent. Every time you use it you need to decide whether you are going to land first to reset the cooldown, or whether charging in to get the early jump on them is more important. IT IS HELPFUL TO NOTE that if you throw your , then IMMEDIATELY land before your has even landed on its target, the game then still resets the cooldown for you. WHICH IS AWESOME. With a 12 second cooldown at level 3 of the ability you don't need to be afraid of letting it go on cooldown. This is your absolute bread and butter and its very hard to make an impact on the map before you get this ability. THIS IS WHAT MAKES DIANA FUN. It is a much higher range than anyone elses gap closer. It allows to to gank with her ultimate up, it allows you steal barons like its going out of fashion, and it makes you feel like a fucking boss as you blink all over the enemy team in a fight. Learn to love it like your child.

Being Updated (some sections old)

Some of this guide still has Season 2 in it. Mostly it should be pretty good but in terms of match ups and the jungle things changed so many times I stopped updating it until it became settled. Lots of things I didn't bother changing all through S3 I will change soon (hopefully)

So for the time being at least, The bits about masteries and the bits about early game builds may or may not be outdated. There is still a great deal of good information for people trying to learn this elegant and deadly champion in the pages of this guide, and as I bring it up to speed the Item/Mastery/Matchup sections shouldnt take too long to become current to the scene in the league right now.

I shall add updates to this section as I go along to show what bits I HAVE completely updated. As of writing this, none of the Season 3 changes have been released yet and so I am waiting patiently to get to work gathering information for this guide. Sadly I have missed sign ups for a PBE account otherwise I would be getting ahead of the curve! Thanks for reading my guide everyone.

Updated Masteries Runes and Spells for the top of guide - Not Chapters yet
Updated "Item Build" Section
Updated "Introduction" Section
Updated "Item In Depth" Section
Updated "Jungling" Section
Updated "Jungle Path" Section

Fixed some things in Item Build and Item In Depth. Added a roaming chapter and begun to layout how it will be upon completion.

Finally put season 3 Runes and Masteries in 5 months in (heh) Considering updating Matchups soon.

Updated starting items, no more 9 health pots. Incoming nerfs.

If you have never played Diana, read this.

I am so jealous of you. You have just decided to start playing the best champion in the game and you have a hell of a lot of fun in front of you. I would love to go through that again. No champion in the game promotes super high octane gameplay whilst also being as consistently strong as Diana does. Don't rush your journey! Start with a bot game. Build all three stacking items. Experiment with builds. Go legendary in Dominion which is almost as easy bots. Try out all the horrible attack speed builds that are inferior. Practise her up and make sure you play her to maximise your fun! Blinking all over the battlefield cleaving hugh chunks out of the enemy team with stealing barons, dragons and buffs from over walls with and or and 1v1ing fed duelist who should easily be able to take down an AP carry in a melee. Take great enjoyment out of these early games and you will start to love the fear you can inspire in the enemy with my beloved moon bitch.

You always need to think of Diana as 2 champs. 1 is a tanky initiator with freakish damage and another is a brutal assassin who can dispatch foes at a blinks notice. You can only be both if you are really far ahead, and you should pick Diana based on this and itemise for one of these situations. Luckily Diana can build a really high Damage build while picking up the bonus tankiness from each of her items, but her scalings are good enough that it is tempting to be a glass cannon every game. I think that both of these options have their place and have tried to include them side by side in my guide so that you can make the right decision.

Pros and Cons

-Extremely strong right now
-Can be played in a variety of positions on the map
-Fast jungle clear time
-Strong counter jungler
-Snowballs really hard
-Extremely strong in dive/chase comps.
-Hard counter to many Melee Mid laners
-Easy and EXTREMELY fun mechanic to play
-Synergises really well with teams with strong AOE and strong chase
-Sexy moon bitch
-Very Manly

-Doesn't fit the meta
-Potentially banned
-Slightly reliant on blue buff early game
-Can be shut down and have a terrible game
-As a jungler can potentially add TOO MUCH AP to your team
-Has to get into Melee range to be truely effective, which can get pretty scary some games
-Isn't as strong in comps that revolve around peeling for the carry
-Your not reading this thing for the STUPID CONS


Not all creatures of the night are the sort that lurk in the shadows. A select few leap headlong into the fray, leaving enemies begging for sunshine. Shunned by the people of the sun, Diana turned in isolation to the cold power of the moon's glow. She hurls herself into the heat of the fight, wielding her crescent blade and unleashing lunar energy with merciless ferocity. If you're awed by the darkness of the night, but never one to hide in the shadows, you're sure to be drawn to this knight of the moon and her relentless pursuit of vengeance.

[http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120727015539/leagueoflegends/images/c/c2/Diana_Render.png] An unyielding avatar of the moon's power, Diana wages a dark crusade against the sun-worshiping Solari. Though she once sought the acceptance of her people, years of futile struggle shaped her into a bitter, resentful warrior. She now presents her foes with a terrible ultimatum: revere the moon's light, or die by her crescent blade.

Credit to Kirrychan for this wonderful ALTERNATIVE LORE: http://diana.league-art.com/comic/archive/
Read with the song playing :)

Though she was born to the Solari, Diana's inquisitive nature set her apart from her brethren. She had always found solace and guidance in the night sky, and questioned the dominance of the sun in her society. The Solari elders responded to her challenges with only derision and punishment. Diana remained convinced, however, that if she could find evidence of the moon's power, the elders would listen to reason. For years, she studied Solari archives in solitude until she discovered an encoded message hidden in an old tome. This clue led her to a secluded valley on Mount Targon where she unearthed the hidden entrance to an ancient, sealed temple. Inside, among aging relics and faded murals, she found an ornate suit of armor and a beautiful crescent blade, both inscribed with sigils of the moon. Diana donned the armaments and returned to the Solari elders that night. She declared that the artifacts proved others had once worshiped the moon as she did. Her discovery of evidence challenging Solari dominion shocked the elders. To Diana's horror, they pronounced her a heretic and condemned her to death. As the elders prepared her for execution, Diana's anger and sorrow overwhelmed her desire for acceptance. She lifted her gaze to the sky, calling upon the moon for strength. Lunar power surged within her and she shattered her bindings. Raising her relic blade, she turned and slaughtered the elders. With the temple in ruins behind her, Diana resolved to destroy all those who would deny the power of the moon.

"The sun does not reveal truth. Its light only burns and blinds."


She doesn't really suit the meta as a jungler yet she can gank pushed lanes with her ultimate, clear creeps as fast as the fastest out there and she can disengage quickly and safely from so many situations. She is a strong counter to any Melee mid champ, and she has short enough cooldowns that she can go toe to toe with mid lane bursters just by making every trade run on Diana's terms.There is nothing Diana can't do right now . She is adept as a duelist, as a tanky fighter like some kind of demonic AP Bruiser, and terrifying when played as an assassin. Every game you play with her you must know how much of a beating you can take, and the builds you create and the situations you set up either by being freakishly tanky with high damage and excellent initiation, or by being the assassin queen who waits for her time to strike, will define you as a good or a great Diana player. One mistake in your combo and you may turn an easy Quadra into an embarrassing death, so making the right decision about Survivability over Damage is important. And you can start in champion select, if your team is CRAMMED full of tanky initiation like then you may find a damage build more rewarding, but sometimes in these situations you just need to be able to take a few tower hits without feeling it too much. You NEED to choose the one that is best for the situation and stick with it, either be tanky enough to stay in there dealing til the end of the fight or have enough damage to not need to. Don't try and do both or you won't be as effective to your team. Stick with the plan and itemise for it.

My summoner name is Jimithy420 and I have set out to write a better guide for my new favourite champion, the sexy moon bitch Diana. I really started this as a way to write down the thoughts I have about Diana as I play her. I feel like I have a slightly different way of looking at her than a lot of the popular guides and haven't really seen many people approach her play in a way which optimises her potentials how I see her. I want to talk a lot in this guide about the specific unique build and mastery choices I have made for her, will try to show how some of my testing was done and hope to make some of you think carefully about how to use this excellent Fighter/Mage to her absolute maximum effectiveness.

Runes/Masteries (Mid/Top)

There are multiple setups I take on Diana for mid lane. Here they are :)


My favourite set up right now. It just has everything you need to get through early lane. Armor, MR, AP, Penetration. Always take this in blind pick, always take this against people who deal fairly equal physical and magic damage like Teemo or Kayle, and the armor is even great for the early lane against anyone with ranged AAs like or . THOROUGHLY reccommend this page for anyone looking to buy runes to play Diana. Having the tankiness to make your shield fall slower is unbelievably strong in lane. You can really take people by suprise when they expect to quickly smush a squishy mid laner and they actually find that tanky Diana sticks in their teeth.


These runes are pretty self explanatory I don't take them very often because usually even full AD teams have a few sources of magic damage but if you feel like you don't need the MR ever then you can take these (or you can swap the glyphs for MR/Lvl 18)

Masteries setup depends not so much on whether you are facing AD or AP, but whether you are facing someone you can beat easily VS someone you have trouble with.


The 9-21 masteries are not something I often choose to take on any AP. I only take them when I am scared of someone killing me, but ALSO trying to kill someone I am laning against so I am eager to trade damage with them and try to go for kills rather than farm passively and assassinate my lane opponent. Only exception to this is I will always take these against enemies with strong damage over time like as the Unyielding mastery reduces each seperate tick of the DOT. So I take them when I'm scared of dying but planning to play crazy anyway. No point in taking these masteries if you are not going to be able to trade AT ALL because your damage output will be effected for no benefit. Quite a good set up to take against a melee/bruiser especially if you think you can win the trades, match ups like this can be far more bloody with Diana than the more careful, poky environment in mid lane and the little bit of tankiness from masteries can be excellent.

So I take this page against a bursty mid laner that I think I'm going to destroy which is most of them


This setup is very nice and I take it most of the time in mid lane. Although you may be able to rule in the lane a little easier pre level 6 with a tankier set up, the chances are VERY good that it won't help you anyway. Your best bet is to hold on til level 6, maybe get one easy recall in, then use your extreme damage as your best defense.

Runes/Masteries (Jungle)

Usually I take these runes for my Diana jungle nowadays because jungling as Diana you need to be able to fall into a carry role for your team, so I gear everything around early game damage.


These runes are great for clear speed. Attack speed, Armour and plenty of AP.

The problem with the first set up is to be a jungler you often have to be the initiator. Normally you don't pick squishier carries into jungle. But Diana has a shield and extremely high mobility so sometimes it can work better just to beef up. If I suspect this is coming I'll take the Mr/Lvl page


I only have one mastery page I take. I don't find the lower parts of the defensive tree help enough with your jungling to make it worth taking.


Item In Depth

So you need to be careful and considerate with your build. In Season 3 there are WAY more options with how you build and you can build very situationally. There are lots of extra little tidbits you can pick up early now like and the old standard . All these are little extra bits of gold you COULD spend, but you need to be wary of spending gold before you have cemented your advantage! Usually it will be better for you to build straight to large items rather than wasting time and gold on these little bits and pieces but all of them are strong options when used correctly.
TLDR: Don't waste gold, if you are spending money on little extras make sure you only get one of them and not all of them.

Some combinations to consider:

If I am doing fine I will go this path and this will give the best overall results 9/10 if I have to build anything else I am annoyed about it.

This is tasty. The Abyssal passive will make you put out insane damage and use the active on Zonyas ANYTIME you feel you need it, it can be great for letting you wait long enough to get one more Q-R combo off.

If I got crushed early, but have caught up I will go

Yeah this is for when you have spent a lot of time in base you get the Abyssal instead of Zonyas if you don't think you are going to be dueling at all.

For splitpushing your way to victory

In this current meta, pushing really really hard wins A LOT of games. Nashors is good for killing towers and pushing fast, and the CDR is really nice too.

If there is a super fed hyper carry on the enemy team and I think we've lost

This is not neccessarily your first buy, but I tend to stop whatever i'm buying to work towards this combo when I see an iminent shitstorm on the horizon.

Ridculous amounst of AP (getting owned)

Often pick up double and as well because if you are ONLY concerned about magic damage then the should suss you for penetration. For when your entire enemy team is AP

For ridiculous amounts of AP (Fed)

This path is for when you really want some MR and the enemy team have limited mobility. Twin Shadows can really help you win games with good team mates and can set up some unbelievably sweet plays over walls.

Ridiculously FED early on

This will make you an unreal threat. When you return to lane with your 10 minute ROA after an enemy tower dive that left you with a double kill, your laning opponent will appear feeble compared to you with your gargantuan health bar. Ganking any enemy below your level will be like the wrath of a vengeful moon demon. After your treasured then is the best next option for free damage so roll into that.

Enemy Trollstealer

You want this by 10 minutes obviously. I haven't been brave enough to build this in ranked yet. You build it when you have 1-2 early kills and you are CERTAIN that there are at least 3 complete idiots on the enemy team. If there are 3 or at least all 5 are questionable, then sure grab this. You need 5 stacks til it is worth its weight in and 13 before it is better than other items. 20 stacks isn't actually neccessary. Build whatever you like after this :)

Gold : AP : Strength]

Well this is a really good item for you, the mana means you can get lots of resets off repeatedly and the sustain keeps you in lane while the health makes you a beast. 2 problems with this item are the build path and stacking system. While you are getting this item together you build very little AP so during the building you can feel weak, and if it takes too long to get you sacrifice quite a long time without feeling powerful.

You need to be aware of ALL the items like this in your build. Starting with flask can put you a few hundred gold behind your lane opponent already, and then if you try to build a
and don't get it early enough then your beginning to lag behind on how much damage you can output compared to other people. Another item to be careful of is because of its path and low AP stat. Picking this up too early can mean 2k gold spent on a tiny amount of AP and you can feel a little weak.

Basically limit yourself to only 1 large item that can potentially put you behind. Never build - without picking up a in between or you will not do enough damage. So if I want to take I usually rush and if I want to work on my then i don't buy a Kages and pick up as a 5th item or not at all.

TL;DR Not enough damage stats put you behind. Watch out for these items because they don't belong together in a build.

Crystalline Flask

So this item costs 345 now, and sells for 138. To directly quote lolwiki, "Assuming you eventually sell it, Crystalline Flask pays for itself once a champion consumes 4.22 charges. When not taking mana restoration into account, it pays off at 7.39 charges". Well using 4.22 charges with Diana is not going to be hard so I reccomend ALWAYS starting with this item, its effect is most useful start game and it gives you enough sustain to ACTUALLY be a threat at level 6 without recalling sometimes. It gives you enough regen that you can forgo in order to wait out for that precious . I have come to absolutely depend on this item, and the buffs to the mana heal has come as a great help and I find it even stronger now than when it was cheaper :)

When to Enchant

Well, I don't usually build my full boots until after my 2nd major item. If this is true then I like to enchant as soon as possible at this stage of the game. NOW PEOPLE! is extremely addictive. Running that fast from base helps you a LOT for map presence, but don't be too hasty. Homeguard is your bread and butter, but if you are playing against a team with insanely good disengage/splitpushers like then I would reccommend picking up .

And SOMETIMES however extremely rare, I actually get . Yes Captain boots are helpful if you are INCREDIBLY tanky and scary and are in no danger of getting pushed out of fights, because you are usually on the frontlines at this point or in the back of the enemy team even your whole team will run towards you often

dorans-ring The Troublesome Dorans Ring dorans-ring

Dorans ring is a tasty item, But the change coming into S3 has made it a little weaker on Diana than it previously was. As our lovely moon lady is a melee caster, she is often forced to USE mana in order to farm creeps in mid lane. Ranged casters may enjoy getting mana back from the passive of this item but Diana would definitely like to see the mana regen back at 7. Because of this, I would reccommend NOT buying 2 Dorans rings unless things are looking REALLY dire.

For when you have an advantage that you shouldn't have
dorans-ring dorans-ring -
Double Dorans Rings is a nice way to get ahead in a lane. If you need to get ahead in your lane, or have managed to get ahead in a lane you feel weak in, definitely take this build route

To get back in a game you have been shut down, or to sneak a win out of a game you should have lost
dorans-ring dorans-ring -
It took me so long to find this path! Mainly because I had so few games where I got badly shut down into the dirt, so I didn't have many opportunities to try it. Take this not for the armor but for the active obviously, if I'm looking at this build path it means I likely think that building Abyssal is not going to be enough tankiness to save me from their AP. You can use the active to initiate fights without being blown up and this is what you should look to do, catch them out of position and deal damage to them without being blown up in turn.

Something to avoid
dorans-ring dorans-ring -
Sometimes when I'm tired I look at my build and realise I accidentally bought this. Just don't go for a if you already have 2 . Wasting too much gold on Mana and HP is just that. A waste. These are two good build paths but totally seperate paths.

Not Worth it in the Jungle
I thought that the low AP on a 2100g item would make it not a great choice for my favourite moon babe, But this item has produced unexpected results upon further testing. Firstly when I experimented with it in my jungle builds, I found it slowed down getting off the ground in the jungle considerably. With Blue buff, Diana keeps her HP and Mana at full in jungle pretty much constantly, so the sustain came unnoticed and the AP is too low for a 2100g item when you can just buy after . But if you get it FAST enough and transition into a high AP item it actually has VERY good snowball potential, I just wouldn't rely on getting the gold fast enough in jungle for this every game.

RARELY Worth it in Mid Lane
So once I tried this out in Mid Lane I was really really suprised because I felt really strong with it. For 2100g you can have HP&Mana Regen, Spellvamp AND CDR? It can present a problem if you do not get your next item after this fast enough, and late game you may want to sell this for a because the sustain will be more helpful early-mid, but in a farmy slow paced game this will be a devastating choice. You can kill buffs in 3-4 seconds WITHOUT smite by level 11 so get it and rampage around every objective killing enemies as you go. But seriously its kindof a trolly buy compared to real AP items.

Double AP Comp? Fed Mid Laner? Soraka? Still in the game but looking scary?
I buy this item almost every game

I used to get 1st if I had been SHUTDOWN, but I really don't like this item for Diana at all anymore. The Health is nice, but ONLY her applies the full slow from this item and there are many better choices. is for support Diana. We do not play support Diana.

Really want to get this as your second item. Sometimes I will leave it until my 3rd item but very rare. In fact i'd say its rare that I would get level 2 boots before my rabadons on Diana <3
Sadly (as of the S3 patch) its not really worth it as your first item anymore, but now it only costs 3200g

Well this item is truely delicious. Seriously its amazing it builds out of a and it throws out a really really long range CC that REVEALS enemies for you to on to. It doesn't give much AP but it does offer some sweet MR and MS. I pick this up if I have an easy enough laning phase to pick Kage's up, or I grab it as a 7th item and SELL MY BOOTS. Only plausible if you also have a for the MS it gives.

Is for when you are killing everything in sight like its going out of style, and only then.

This item is GREAT for split pushing, but there are DEFINITELY better options to help you kill champions. I would ONLY pick this up for pushing.

Is a late game item against insane amounts of MR, for extra damage early I prefer . But I do like to pick up this item earlier if am 4-5 levels ahead of everyone else in the game.

Is an unbelievably strong item on assassin Diana. If you are building a
glass cannon build you will want to pick this up extremely early. Its a real judgement call for me though, often I find myself so far ahead the active on this item is useless and some team comps are not forgiving at all once you zhonyas in the middle of them, so while it is a strong item it is only for some matches. As many people would agreee sometimes standing still for 2.5 seconds is the last thing you want to do.

This item has been made incredible again! The nerfing stick beat it back for a while but Deathfire is an amazing choice again! Build it as your first item or your 6th it doesn't matter this item is great for the gold you put in and it grants the two MOST valuable stats to you. Use the active freely, I don't even think about the damage from it until late game, if I have less than 6 items I just use the active for increasing magic damage

Well this used to be my FAVOURITE item but was uselesss cos it didn't upgrade. Now its my second favourite Trollface. Take a guess. This really is a sweet item with HP, AP and Penetration but its big brother packs even more of a punch. I end up getting this early ALMOST every game these days.

I would never upgrade my into this on Diana unless for some strange reason I need the active effect.
This is what I said about this item previously. A friend of mine pointed out that I am an idiot because the passive on this item (Dealing magic damage to an enemy champion below 40% health inflicts Grievous Wounds to them for 4 seconds) is extremely handy against certain snowballing freaks like , and EVEN BETTER THAN THAT is that the Spellsword mastery on each of your basic attacks will reapply this effect. SO even though I don't really like this item usually it is actually a really good buy situationally as a 3rd-4th buy.

Season 2 Spellvamp

Truely terrible items for the moon goddess. Everything apart from Lunar Rush is AOE so you can't take full advantage of the spell vamp. Lots of much better options for lane/jungle sustain. The active on gunblade is nice for her but they are both expensive wastes of time. The only time I would build WOTA is for instance if I randomed her in an ARAM with a team of 5 AP champs.

Season 3 Spellvamp

Whats this? A 3rd Spellvamp Item? Well seems to have changed the game a little in regard to . You can now stack Spell Vamp very high and huge heals are pretty broken on some champs. Don't Build EVER, but I am no longer able to say that doesn't have its place. If you have already built a Spirit of the Spectral Wraith, and someone ELSE on your team has built or is building a WOTA, then it MIGHT be WORTH IT to get 60% Spell Vamp on yourself.


IN GENERAL Armor is more valuable to Diana the way I play than Magic Resist. I will get Abyssal Scepter every game and often mercs, but very rarely will I build any more than them to provide Magic Resistance. You will mainly be afraid of their bruisers and their towers. Building Armor is also only REALLY valuable if you have built at least a little bit of bonus HP so that you really have to chew through your health to die in the melee.

So someone pointed this item out to me properly and I have tested it a little bit. As far as armour items go I see this as the most effective for us. It offers a sweet synergy with Diana, I buy it as an armour item but it comes with Mana, CDR, AP and a very delicious slow passive.

Good item. At this stage of your build you should be laughably scary already. You may be expected to initiate fights, and you will definitely be happy with the CDR, Aura, and most importantly tower diving potential. One of my favourites and good job at Riot for putting it in the champion spotlight. With the addition of Iceborn Gauntlet which synergises better with Diana I have been building that instead but if you need someone on your team with the aura then you might have to fill it in yourself.

Good choice if you are building against an enemy team relying on basic attacks especially ADCs, and a good item to go for as your ONLY defensive item in this situation as the raw stats on it are huge (even though its active scales with resistances)

Very strong item overall, good thing to rush for both resistances, THE BEST ITEM IN THE GAME if you are only going to build this as your one defensive item (you cretin)

Usually a horrible choice and one of the least useful items I ever buy, however occasionally has its place and the moon bitch is one of the few champs I take this item on sometimes. If you have HP from / and this item there are few auto attack based champions who will be able to 1v1 you. If you are getting caught out in annoying places by a team comp with 4 auto attackers this item can be absolutely devastating, especially when combined with Spell Penetration.

Forget what I just said about Spell Penetration when looking towards buying this item. It not only looks silly on her and is not within her style, it doesn't help you burst the enemy down and it really doesn't make her clear creeps much faster than she already does. Don't build it. I mean you could perhaps get away with it as your 1 armor item in an otherwise squishy build but really would advise a . You simply kill everything too fast for the passive to have that much effect.

Magic Resist

If I am buying any MR further than and then things are looking bad. You typically shouldn't have too much trouble annhilating an AP Carry but if you do, or the MR you have just isn't cutting it, the only items I really like for Diana are and perhaps in special circumstance

This can be an important buy against teams with really strong initiate (Like Malph or Blitz) and if you are the main initiate OR damage on your team then this item could mean the difference between your base getting destroyed while your dead and you killing their team. TBH I prefer to take a to try and avoid Malph but this is reliable.

Attack Speed

Attack Speed is a contentious subject on Diana. Most people picking her up want to try to work attack speed into their builds. Ability power makes all of her AOEs do greater damage. If you have really high attack speed, you still miss heaps of attacks in between the combo of your abilities so you get a similiar amount of passive procs dealing less damage, with less damage on your Q. Also, all of her abilities to count as an attack to proc her passive, so with CDR you can actually increase the amount of passive procs you get off during a team fight. Even in the jungle I feel like AP speeds up your clear faster than AS.
And the attack speed builds are even squishier still. Not really acceptable if you want to tower dive in a gank or escape a scary enemy jungler.

Truly it disgusts me. 20% AS from her passive and 4% from masteries is more than enough for an ordinary situation and the AP build will do more damage to their team in a team fight, to more of their team and you will survive it longer. The votes aren't in on whether it can help you snowball harder early, but I would SERIOUSLY doubt attack speed could rival flat AP at early levels on Diana for damage output on a moving target.


But there is a situation for everything in this game. And here are a few
1: mejais-soulstealer
2: leviathan
3: sword-of-the-occult

Diana scales well with all 3 of these stacking items. Although I personally never build these outside of a bot game, some people do and Diana can handle it. You might find a situation where you have been presented a chance to get an unreasonable number of kills and in this situation, Attack speed suddenly becomes more Viable again. Because your carving unreasonably hard already its easier to get people to stand still for long enough so you can land an extra passive.

Even in a game against real idiots you might be able to get fed to the point where you are so far ahead you are 45 minutes of throwing the game away from facing an opponent who can touch you. In THIS position, 1 attack speed item might increase your damage output quite significantly. Personally I would choose any of these in this order of preference.
nashors-tooth > wits-end > guinsoos-rageblade > malady

Nashors and Wits End are fairly good items on our favourite moon babe. Guinsoo's actually gets stacks from all of your abilities so you can stack it fairly fast. With any one of these and enough AP you can even solo Baron with our beautiful Diana, with remarkable speed compared to almost any champion. She really is a keeper. Soloing baron is a fairly silly mechanic to attempt for most games but it might happen to you. Don't miss your chance and build RIGHT for the situation.

Summoner Spells

Explanation: Blatantly the most important spell for us. Flash allows you to make plays all game, and it can make your initiates even more devastating because Flash when combined with the interplay between your and means you can initiate on someone with a bonus 400 range and stick to them. Like this

If you were thinking about jungling without this, forget about it. Diana is EXTREMELY adept at performing Baron steals. I have stolen baron more times with her since I bought her than the rest of the time I have spent playing this game put together. With enough AP, your Q-R-W-AA-R-Smite Combo can deal over 2k damage to baron in one burst, and you can get it off EXTREMELY quickly especially if you choose to smartcast her

I would definitely take this in almost any situation not jungling. Healing reduction helps you duel, damage helps you snowball. Ignite is so helpful as you often can catch ignites on someone who is running away to secure kills in a fight that you had no other way of securing + if you are playing Mid Diana then your team WANTS you to soak up ALL of the kills.

Not a strong choice for our Moon Lady, but this spell can be INDESPENSIBLE against a match up you think your going to lose, especially in top lane.

This has its potential to be strong on Diana considering her extremely high chase potential. I never take it and would reccommend one of the earlier choices

I sometimes take this if I' m jungling and know beyond a shadow of a doubt where I'm going to early gank for first blood. With the offencsive spell mastery the Armour and MR reduction on this makes you deal unbelievable damage to a level 1-2 champion in lane. So this spell has its place on jungle Diana but is nowhere near as strong as flash in my opinion.

Just don't. Not doing your job right if you take this spell.


This is an important aspect to Diana play and I want to give it the attention it deserves with its own chapter. She is best suited to mid lane as you can get an XP lead on the rest of the map and then use this to kill them when you meet them. I am going to set up this section very very simply, and add things to each part of the section as I go. Currently a work in progress


My mindset is that as soon as I get level 6 I am looking to secure kills on other lanes. The chances of getting kills in a gank compared to on your lonesome are nearly always better odds, so I am constantly watching for when the lane is sitting in a place where I can leave it for a while. You cannot roam and let yourself get behind. If you are consistently unsuccessful in your roams then your management of the creeps in your lane will be all you have to rely on for gold.

The idea is to shove your lane out AS SOON as creeps arrive so you can quickly run elsewhere on the map to quickly gank or take objectives without losing too much lane XP and gold, and there are many good reasons to roam.

You stay in midlane and ONLY fight your lane opponent for a few levels and eventually trade kills, or recieve a kill and have to leave the lane. You may get a little ahead of them from one or two creep waves you shove under their tower and this may make it easier to capitalise kills on them. Best case scenario you kill them and the jungler.

If you had instead shoved the lane quickly while they were on 1/2 HP or even just 1/2 Mana, then ran to the over extended bot lane and picked up a double kill, then you have put 2 enemies behind and potentially 3 of your team ahead. Best case scenario the enemy jungler and your midlane opponent meet you in this excursion to bot lane and your team end up kill all 4 of them taking tower and dragon, and all this time you only missed 5 creeps in midlane and you didnt even use all of your mana killing bot lane. Recall, Rinse, Repeat.

Basically the more of a threat you are all over the map and the more over all effect you have on the game the better surely. You may have to give up a few CS from failed roams here and there but on the whole Diana has fantastic tools to help with roaming and ganking and these tools should be abused to the full extent of your ability. When you enter the lane of an enemy unexpectedly there are very few situations that you cannot to them, and even just landing your can be enough for your team to capitalise a kill. Also you are entering a lane that has not been facing you, has no idea what you are capable of, and is UNLIKELY to have already built resistances against you.

But I can kill my lane opponent?
Well you have to ask yourself if you actually can. You may have been crushing them in lane but they are scared of you now. If you can REALLY kill them by sitting in your lane after 6, you should probably be able to kill them in about the time it takes you to shove the lane once anyway.

But my opponent is so scary and can eat me for breakfast! I don't want to let them free farm?
If you roam you will force them to roam. It is so fucking predictable that catching them out shouldn't be too much of a problem. And if you go to another lane then you have a chance of getting back into competition with them.

I don't want to lose my tower?
Finally a reasonable argument. Its true you don't want to lose your tower but this is where lane management and teamwork come into the game - if you are playing against someone who can push the lane SO HARD that your tower is actually in danger, then your jungler might just be able to do something about that. If you are playing against such a pusher and they AREN'T pushing hard against your tower, then fucking roam and stop complaining because you can clear creeps really fast so if you quickly destroy a wave as it arrives you can be in bot lane before the enemy realises you are MIA. Take your chance to roam while they are dead or taking a buff, these matchups are even MORE urgent to get your roam in. You have to take what you can get.


Basically only 4 good reasons not to roam that I have found so far.

1. - Your tower is being pushed.
This is self explanatory.

2. - The lane you are in is full of free kills.
Well free kills are free kills... arguably you have to expend a small amount of HP and Mana to grab them sometimes but if you know that you can just get kill after kill and push the tower then noone is going to argue with you.

3. - The rift is a horrible place where your team go to die.
These games happen to everyone and sometimes its just too risky. The problem with roaming is that it can be predicatble and it presents risks. Sometimes all you can do is sit under mid tower occasionally taking wraiths and crying about your snowballing opponents.

4. - Your Lane is empty, all 5 enemies on the Map
If your lane is wide open and all enemies are accounted for, none of them have tele and the action that you would dearly like to join is a FUCKING long walk away (and your dubious that any fight would still be going on once you arrive) then the obvious decision is KILL THE TOWER. This ends your laning and will leave you in a delicious warm state of consta-roam and it marks the start of the phase of the game where you can really dominate.


Well I take wraiths. But thats the best I can say about it. I want to do a little bit of thought and research on this topic so that I can write a really good piece about it because this can be a real good way to snowball mid lane, can help keep you in the game when you are behind. Obviously you must try not to take wraiths from your jungler if he is standing right there. Another thing I try to avoid, is taking wraiths when I should be roaming for more important objectives, or taking wraiths in early pre level 6 mid lane when I desperately still need the mana.

BUT Level 1 wraiths is still a thing. Diana is a fantastic wraith killer and you can definitely grab them level 1 even on your own. Even without a . You'll have to eat an HP pot but starting lane 1/2 a level ahead gives you a REALLY noticable advantage!

Diana is in fact, so proficient at taking wraiths that you can do it with little or no mana expenditure at all at all stages of the game. To quickly take them in one combo you can pop everything, using on the blue wraith with your mark on it, but you can easily take them with just your and to conserve mana.

What I am not sure about, is a good way to time LEAVING your farmfest mid to take wraiths. If you leave right as you kill the wave as fast as you can, run to wraiths and - yourself over the wall then you need early damage to be able to kill the camp fast enough to get back to mid right as the creepwave gets back. more often than not you might miss 1 CS or come close to missing one. Ideally you can then push the next wave and roam, or carefully last hit it and fish for s while waiting for wraiths to respawn, or while carefully edging yourself towards enemy wraiths.

This is something I am going to do a little research on and testing with. This way I can find a system to taking wraiths so I can reliably farm wraiths regularly without taking them inappropriately, And I shall share it with all of you.

Skill Order

This can be a little fluid. I like level 1 even in mid or top lane, this combined with your passive is the only way you can win trades level 1. Diana has nearly no kill potential at this stage of the game.

For jungling - always, and then you need to decide whether you will gank with level 3 (often requires a to land this) or whether you can continue jungling, getting a 2nd level in early before picking up level 4 and finally maxing .

Of course you max her ultimate what are you stupid? but yeah >


Diana has an extremely fast clear and pretty tasty ganks if you execute them correctly but she is a snowball champion and at heart an AP carry. She is mana reliant, and has no natural sustain for the jungle. I would usually choose a to combat this building into a . All the mana and HP you will need. If you need more DESPERATELY then upgrading your into will help, and upgrading that into will help but honestly this will set you behind. I try not to get any of the upgrades if I can help it, I prefer to go straight onto so you can start punishing champions. Playing a carry like Diana in the jungle means you have to try a lot harder to earn as much gold as you would in a mid lane.

But building is always going to be risky
If you fail to get this item in a timely fashion, say 15 minutes if you built no at all and 20 minutes with & then this path was a massive waste of your time. 20 minutes is obscenely late to be getting it and its not even that easy to achieve from jungle every game. Because of this I usually open with from jungle, only building when i am absolutely sure I can make the deadline I have set myself for that game. I go for - for when I have to change my mind.

You need to get your gold by choosing INTELLIGENT jungle routes. Try not to spend too long waiting for enemy buffs to spawn if you are counter jungling. Take wraiths camp AS REGULARLY as possible because you should be able to kill it in a mere second or two. Take lane farm when you get the chance and hold the lanes as they recall. If you are camping a lane, try to get some XP from the lane and hover around back and forwards from the nearest camps. Take dragon control early with . When you are crossing the map to gank a lane, try to take the route which means you can take as many camps as possible on the way across it.

Because of the insane initation you can have from your having vision of areas can be extremely valuable to Diana. Buying wards EARLY especially on your first recall can help you deny the enemy jungler and rack up kills. I like to ward enemy blue at around 6.20 so that I can easily smite steal while they are doing it at 7.20 like this:

Normally I would prefer to have the bush warded instead of just over the wall but it worked fine this time. Having the actual brush warded makes the 75g more worth it to gain more vision on a critical jungle path, so having to settle for an inferior warding spot makes the buff steal gold less worth it. BUT ANY CHANCE TO PENETRATE THE ENEMY and deny easy buffs is worth it.

Jungle Path

You need early blue buffs. Not as badly as and you can actually start at red but you NEED your early blue buffs.

ALWAYS counterjungle, but I wouldnt reccomend counterjungling any of the junglers who start at Red Buff early in the game. are some of the few champions that Diana has a little bit of trouble with and you dont want to meet up with these guys in their jungle. Avoid them at all costs.

If you know what time they come up, YOU CAN STEAL THE NEXT ONE TOO.

BEST JUNGLE PATH - fastest XP and gold gain with massive ganking potential, but RISKY

Wolves - HARD LEASH @ Blue Buff - Enemy Red Buff - Gank Top/Bot

You need your team to bash it as fast as possible for you. If they enemy team give their jungler a good leash, you run the most danger of being seen as you go around the corner past their wraiths as their jungler arrives with his blue to take his wraith camp. IF you get a decent leash and take boots there is ALMOST no way you will get caught this way but with too many resets on blue it might happen. If so IMMEDIATELY abandon counter jungling FOR NOW. You also need to leash the enemy Red buff through the wall for yourself. Otherwise when they walk past you will easily get caught, and they might smite their own buff WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. You MUST be standing in the right place when you throw the over the wall or the small creeps will not walk into the bush with you. Please watch these short clips, the first minute of my favourite jungle path and firstblood to show why this exact path has the highest gank potential

I am actually about 5 seconds behind in this video and still not even close to getting caught

And a very easy first blood

Now that you have stolen their first red buff, just need to be waiting for you blue to spawn at 7.10 and boost it STRAIGHT to their red buff again after that. Be careful of enemy wards on wraiths and use your own wards to boost your buff control. ALWAYS pay attention to the times on buffs. And I KNOW you killed the little creeps on the enemy buff because I TOLD YOU TO.

Never be afraid to take a tower hit to finish someone who is 2 levels below you at this stage of the game.
When you arrive in a lane level 3 with double buffs to gank a level 1 top laner it can be pretty deadly, but YOU MUST keep an eye out for the enemy jungler however because if they traipse over to their red then see you Top lane they will be only a hop skip and a jump from you.

This path CAN work just as well if you have to early gank bot, you could get first blood double kill or set up two kills, BUT YOU ARE IN FAR more danger than at top. Bot lanes can be scarier to gank and with a jungler arriving any second be wary of chain CCs.

2ND BEST PATH - Wraiths - Hard leash @ Red Buff - Enemy Blue Buff - Gank Top/Bot

2nd best path but even riskier than the stealing red buff path. Red is harder start game, need to get a stronger leash on it from your team to stay on high enough HP for a safe counter jungle. Once again there is a spot you want to leash the enemy blue from for yourself so the creeps hide and so you have maximum vision from the brush. I am wary about ganking mid this early with blue in case the enemy jungler or the midlaner make a play to seize the blue buff you are carrying around with you, but if you DO early gank the mid lane and get a kill you can put your mid laner so far ahead that he is untouchable for the rest of the game. NOTE THE LANE MATCHUPS WHEN GANKING AND GANK WITH CARE.

This video just shows leashing the enemy blue for yourself. You have to walk backwards a little once you have blue in the bush to make the enemy creeps. You will not be this low on health or mana when you get here. I am only low in this video as I killed my red buff without smite alone.

Get my point? you can easily dispatch early buffs without being busted. I strongly reccommend running if you do get caught.

and obviously you want to be waiting at your Red Buff before its 2nd spawn so you can kill his blue buff a 2nd time around. Deny every buff and you will be so far ahead.

STARTGAME INVADES - YOU CAN DO THEM, AND THE ENEMY CAN DO THEM TOO. These paths aren't the best kept secrets anymore and your opponent could be taking the exact same route as you, or they could be doing it in reverse order where their whole team starts at one of your buffs. If this happens and you don't have ward control of your jungle it is highly likely you and your opponent will break even on each others buffs. TOUCHE.
If you are taking blue from a blue reliant jungler, then always run DIRECTLY to your blue, UNLESS their entire team is otherwise accounted for or you blue is well guarded in which case do wraiths and wolves on the way to your blue. If you are taking Enemy Red level 1, TRY not to smite it and take your blue buff immediately afterwards. Always try to think about where the enemy junglers REVISED path will take them with what you have done to them.

If the enemy team has THEN INVADE HIM. IMMEDIATELY. THEY WILL NEVER EXPECT IT AND THEY WILL PROBABLY BE TOO BUSY INVADING YOU TO EVEN NOTICE. Yes it is true that Blitzcrank is devastating in level 1 invades but not even CLOSE to as devastating as super teamwork or positioning. Do not be afraid of ANY level 1 team in an invade. Just fucking man up and go and kill them all at their first buff of choice. I would THOROUGHLY reccomend connecting and buying as fast as possible so you can walk up midlane, into the midlane side bush you need. If you get there first you will have vision of the entire surrounding area. Be mindful of blitz pulls and you should be ok.
The last thing you want to do with enemy is assume he won't invade and try a regular path. Good luck with that.


I would reccommend counter jungling EVERY game. I hardly ever jungle if I dont invade at least once of their buffs, unless my team are being EXTREMELY uncooperative. BUT if you get spotted by mid or jungler at enemy wraiths/blue on your way to the buff steal, GET OUT OF THERE! And if your team are too square to deal with your extreme counter jungling skill and are moaning so much you give in then go the old tried and true:
And you are away laughing.


This section as of me releasing this guide is incomplete, anyone who wants me to add a champion matchup for Diana please feel free to message me with your input. I shall be putting together a big list of matchups and putting them all up at once.

: Still easy but less.
: Difficult
: Really bad news!
: You know who.



A slow jungler who can totally ruin your midlane if left to his own devices. Don't be afraid to take his blue, but dont let your whole team get caught by a flash pound either. You should not be afraid of the cow, but you will WANT to try to screw up his farm and xp as much as possible. Take note of who the enemy mid laner is while counterjungling against a heavy CC champ like Alistair.


This guy is slow early on. Take his red, take his wraiths level 1 if you want, shut him down hard early because his late game is very strong.

Cho Gath:

Shouldn't be worried about him too much in jungle, try to countergank him where you can with his long cooldowns he can be an easy target early once he blows his moves on ganking your lane.


The only annoying thing about jungling against Eve jungle is that she often starts red, but not often enough to say definitively if she will or not. Try to convince your support to take so that you can find out where she is, she is easy to counterjungle but if you pick the wrong buff you will just waste your own time.

Jarvan IV:

Easy to counterjungle early, probably stay out of his jungle after about 10 minutes to avoid being prisoned there. Dont be afraid of him unless he's fed.


Only a problem if he snowballs. His slow and chase can be an issue but you can take his early buffs no sweat, he is more blue buff reliant than you are start game and slower than you.

Master Yi:

Just do it. You know you want to. Kill him and take all his buffs.


EASY PEASY. Slow jungler so you can take his camps all day. Steal everything from him. He can be a pain to 1v1 but when you are ahead you can 2 shot him so he wont be able to lifesteal from you forever.


Yeah really slow jungler. You can't kill him with his passive up early, but I seriously doubt you'll run into him early because if you shut him down he will be levels behind you in no time. He is slow and has trouble jungling with a Gp5 route, meaning he will often have to get a wriggles and by the time he does is so far behind in CS you can eat him for breakfast.


He's slow and VERY blue reliant so its easy to take his red and easy to ruin his game if you can take double blue right at the start, but if he catches you in jungle early he CAN kill you. Try to save your to break his drain, and if jungling against fiddles will want to make sure you take level 3.


Worth stealing his red early, but he is not that slow and you will want a reliably good leash. Worth countering him if you are brave, you have to be quite ahead to kill him and he is very sticky to shake once he is on you.


Well he can kill you in his jungle so I gave him two Lee Sins but he is not fast and you should be able to steal his buffs all game with superior map control. Don't 1v1 with him unless your ahead and try not to get snapped as he has chase potential


He WOULD be easy, but he has an unpredictable jungle path. Maokai can start in a bunch of places. If you know where he IS starting, counter jungle him. Maokai is strange as he often starts wraiths yet still goes to blue after. If he does this you can TOTALLY ruin his plans by baiting all his saplings out from wraiths camp (best time is at 1:26 for this) You will probably take the damage but will slow his start down considerably. I find it is worth assuming he will start blue, and taking his early red is normally not a problem. He can play havoc on your lanes and your late game.


He can kill you easily but he still sucks. Take all his shit and don't get busted.


Can kill you even easier than Olaf, but is even slower in jungle. Take his buffs all day.


Counter jungle him ALL DAY! You can kill him if your lucky but he will take ages to kill so very likely their lanes will reach you in time.


Slow but unpredictable. You can invade him early if you want but he has crazy weird jungle paths. Safest to invade his first buff as he can sometimes go buff-buff early and catch you, and if you don't take his first buff he might try get you at your own second buff. But you don't need to counter jungle him to make him behind you need to make sure his ganks are unsuccessful.


Shen only got into this section at all cos he usually starts at red buff and that is really annoying when you want to counter jungle him. Slow jungle you can outfarm him FOREVER


Easy to counter jungle, needs his first blue. Pillar and high mobility means he can chase you forever though. Don't get snapped by him and your away laughing.

Xin Xhao:

Well he's really scary to 1v1 (so don't) and his ganks can screw up your team, so taking the time to counter jungle this piece of shit jungler will benefit your whole team greatly. His late game sucks so if you take away his early game he will be a waste of space. Counter jungling can win games.


You should be fairly safe to counter him if you can tell where he is starting. Most likely start blue so you can take his red or invade him directly. In a 1v1 vs him you would probably not come out on top. He is a fast enough jungler that you would have to counter him ALL DAY to shut him down for good.


Recent Nunu Buffs have made Nunu good again. You probably can't kill Nunu in jungle as he will just snowball you and run away, he can counter jungle so effectively that even if you take his stuff he can take yours. You are both fast at killing buffs but Diana is faster at killing camps. Just keep on your toes, keep your eyes on all the jungle timers and you will come out on top. Take his early red but you will likely sacrifice your own.


Same goes for Nautilus as Maokai, but even more so. He IS really slow so if you counter jungle him you can absolutely ruin his day but he has massive early kill potential, an unpredictable jungle route and he's a huge scary submarine. You want to counter jungle him every opportunity you get, but a GOOD nautilus will start at golems and catch you at his red. You will die. So can be a game changer in this instance.


This guy has terrible level 1 clear speed but that is where it ends. His clears from level 3 onwards are ruthless and his ganks are scary. He usually starts at red making him much less ideal for the level 2 counterjungle, so either invade him level 1 at either buff or just jungle like a normal douchebag. Rengar has been nerfed a little since release but is still very strong now that people know how to play him.

Dr. Mundo:

Can go either way against this guy. He may well try to take your red. If you run into him in jungle early you should be able to kill him, but often Mundo will be running exhaust which may well make you burn your flash or even die. Don't fight him, AND DON"T counter jungle him unless you are very sure you can get away with it. Later Levels his Regen will make him extremely hard to duel with on full health and his sustained damage will outmatch you.


She's a real bitch. She is pretty much as fast as you, ganks early and hard. Can normally kill you 1v1. Starts red so you don't like her. I only take her 1st blue if I see her gank top or I am feeling risky. If you get caught you are screwed.


Worst nightmare! Can kill you 1v1, faster jungler than you. Can't counter her but you might be able to be a stronger ganker than her. Don't let her counter you and try to take her stuff if you see her on the opposite side of the map.


Only weakness is his level 1 blue buff reliance. You can take his first red but you will need an epic leash to not get snapped at wraiths. Once this is done probably wouldnt step into his jungle if its uncertain to be safe.


He's strong no doubt. Hard to run away from and hard to 1v1, him and Skarner are the only two blue buff starting champs in the game I ever worry about catching you at his red level 2. If you get a FANTASTIC leash you can steal 1st red from these guys, otherwise you should fear them until you are ahead.

Lee Sin:

Yeah there really is noone else like this guy. He can counter jungle you and he can kill whoever he wants early game. He just makes it happen. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE him! If he gets far enough behind you may be able to kill him but just try not to over commit on Lee Sin as you will only hate it so much more when you fall on your face. FORCE IS MEANINGLESS WITHOUT SKILL and Lee Sin won't forget it. If you see him on the other side of the map take his jungle, and ALWAYS leave the little creeps to die because you probably won't be back for the respawns. His late game is nothing on yours so hold on til then and don't try anything too fancy that will let Lee Sin punish you.

Mid Lane Matchups

Honestly, no AP mid champ has a particularly hard time laning against Diana before level 6, and there isn't one in the game that doesn't find it difficult after level 6, and her main strength aS a Mid laner is not that she is godly in lane (which she is) but that she can roam so unbelievably effectively. The only real counters to her are some of the more ruthless Melee bruisers, and good team coordination to lock her down in Mid lane. If you are practised at last hitting before level 6 with Diana and don't fall behind every lane should be yours.

This section will probably remain incomplete, as the state of the league in mid lane is under constant pressure and change but I will keep it as updated and complete as I can, and will always take submissions.

: Easy
: Can go either way
: Hard
: Really disturbing lane. Need Jungler assistance to do well normally.


Not at all challenging compared to how Leblanc normally might treat you. Just pop a every time she looks like she is going to damage you, her projectile speeds are slow enough you can mitigate a massive amount of her damage and I'd advise getting level 2 straight away. If you stay even with this chick until about level 8 then all of a sudden she is completely in your pocket. Just push her lane out and roam, push lane roam, she has no pushing power and you can quickly snowball off the outside lanes. Always a good matchup for me.


Pretty simple lane for you. Just make sure you have your on any time he tries to touch you, try not to push the lane early so you can get heaps off free harrass on him as he comes up to last hit. Don't get punished by junglers because you will shut fizz down all day but he still has high damage so in ganks can kill you and get ahead


You will probably run out of mana before your first recall from blocking so many of his trades with your as he does outrange you early on. After level 6 he just cannot trade with you at all, the damage you absorb with your is just ridiculous compared to his damage. In fair trades you should nearly always win. His snare makes ganks set up really strong so watch out for enemy junglers obviously. He has to get into a short range to farm and to harrass you which makes landing really easy. You can destroy him.


Pretty easy, her Q is a short cooldown so you want to quickly disengage, make sure you proc your W in time to absorb all her damage when you trade. Sadly your doesn't reveal her in shroud so consider a . You should have not much trouble with Akali but if she does get ahead of you its over for you cos she snowballs hard. Play clever and you should be able to zone her before she gets her


I don't usually have any trouble with Lux. Her best harrass on you in lane will be her auto attacks if you are able to dodge her skillshots. If she throws her snare and it misses you after level 6, shes dead. If you are fast enough you may not even have to land an initial instead just burning your full combo R-E-W-Q with ignite and poof. If she lands her snare on you, well you may well be dead so be quick with the dodges she can set up ganks well with it and her burst can suprise you.


This guy is also a bastard. Early lane against him is painful as he can easily auto attack poke you around and will be hard to coordinate ganks with. But if you stay even with him til level 6, all you have to do is try to keep your ultimate up until after he burns his. Land one and your combo will cripple his HP and you can often still assassinate him as he buzzes away. Careful not to overextend too much as you jump on him and dont die before level 6 and you should be fine.


If you have HP and Mana when you are both level 6 you can destroy her. I find you do better off with items than she will so easier to kill after you have both backed and bought. She doesnt have the damage to stop you farming before level 6, but you dont have the harrass to pick on her until then either. Keep so you can see which way she roams, she WILL roam cos you will make mid horrible for her and when she does will be your best chance to kill her or roam the other lane.


Well Zyra is never an EASY lane but Diana is an extremely good pick for her. You can activate your to take out her stupid plant turrets and once you kite her snare you can go in on her. Try not to get caught behind plants, their harrass can be suprising, and try to make her ulti you. As soon as she can land her ultimate, make sure there is always an enemy creep/jungler nearby for you to ulti to. If you are quick and can or out of her ulti you can avoid her damage as well as the knock up, and after this she is incredibly easy to go in on and kill with all her CDs used. Her passive once she dies can pick you off if you are low, she cannot fire it immediately on death but after the initial delay it can go off near instantly and is a fast projectile so try your best to get out of there so you don't have to dodge it.


Such a horrible person to lane against as anyone, but Diana can punish her. Pre level 6 just play it safe as she can out damage you easily and harrass with her autos if she has to. At level 6 you just have to dodge her taunt so you can go in, and Diana is GREAT for killing ahri because you can follow her as she ultis away from you if you land your - combo correctly. You never want to underestimate an Ahri you have already crushed though.


Pretty good match up for you, he will poke away with his silence at early levels which you can shield with and get harrass on him as he comes up to last hit creeps with his melee attacks. Here you can punish him but you may push the wave with the interplay between you shielding his silence whilst your shield explodes on creeps. If he has MR runes it probably isn't worth pushing the lane early for the free harrass as you will merely run out of mana and HP faster, meaning that when you and him inevitably hit level 6 you will have less kill potential. You can kill this guy after level 6 if he doesn't silence you at a key moment of your combo, with two casts of and possibly a you can chase down and kill even the slippery Void Walker.


The bird is the word. You want to push her creeps under tower early so she is behind you at level 6. If you let her land her full combo early it will blow you the fuck up. You OBVIOUSLY want her to waste her Stun before you jump on her. Don't get baited by her Eggs. Don't let her push you under tower all day long after level 6 so you can't roam. Not too hard with fairly long cooldowns so you can dodge her forever. You should be able to kill her through egg if you are alone.


TOO EASY. Don't him kill you before level 6, the pre level 6 lane is just about not dying and trying your best to keep up in farm. After level 6 the lane is just about you killing him or you making him pool away. Best not to go all in on him if you are already on less than full health as his ultimate adds a lot of burst, but if his ultimate is on cooldown or you are well ahead don't be afraid to just without even resetting the cooldown. He is yours after first buy.


She is a pain before 6 cos she can push you under tower so hard. In fact her pushing is unbelievably annoying because she can prevent you from roaming effectively. Don't commit to her under tower because her Scatter the Weak stun is similar CD to your own combo, just try not to get snapped by jungle and you should be able to snag a kill or two on her hopefully ending with a roam.


Tough lane and really unpleasant, but if you can dodge his moves for long enough you may be able to kill him. Really high damage so if you get caught out early it will mean a lot of creeps lost to him. If you get ahead enough of him things get easier though. After level 6 just DON"T blow your + unless you see him miss his stun.


Nasty Bitch. Not a lane you want to have to face but if you hold on til late enough in the piece you can absolutely SLAP HER around. Early game she is pretty hellish with really short cooldowns and high damage you have to dodge like a crazy moon lady. Once she is level 6 you can't safely engage her, but if her ultimate is down and you are in a position to trade then you can kill her.


Well this is a real skill lane/jungle lane. She can CS really easily against you pre 6 but if she does fight you it will go in your favour. She's very slippery so don't commit to anything past half way mid, the main issue with her is that she can push as hard as you but has NO mana issues so she can roam effectively. She can roam earlier than you too. If she gets a few kills on your team the lane is over for you. Keep mid pink warded when you can afford it and ping the shit out of those MIAs. If you get a good jump on her post 6 in an even lane you will kill her 9/10


Haven't played against him since he was nerfed but his kit presents problems for you. You have best chance of killing him at level 1-4 when he won't be able to farm with barrels easily yet, once he can farm well with barrels the lane is very tough but hang in there. If you trade carefully you can kill him, but he is very hard to finish and quite slippery. In a sustained trade he will beat you with his Bodyslams so you want to quickly disengage before he lands everything on you. People always tell me he is a counter and people seem to LIKE picking him as a Diana counter but I really don't think its harder than an even/slightly difficult lane.

Twisted Fate:

So annoying this guy. Weak against most mid laners but his strength against you is that he can perfect CS, Push really freakin hard and he can harrass you for free early on with his cards while you struggle to land your Qs on him. It is really hard to find chances to roam against this guy too as his roams will be shorter than yours with his Port and he can push you all day long. He is a squishmonster though so if you see him blue card a creep and know his jungler isn't waiting for you to jump forward then you can in and quickly disengage, maybe even get a sneaky kill on him, but if he is good he won't let you.


Ach. He can push really hard so you can't roam easily, He can harrass you well anywhere in lane and he can shut you down with his ultimate even if he is really far behind. Just hold on and wait for a gank. Consider a


You will need a jungler to get kills on this guy. He can prod at you pretty easily and farm forever. LUCKILY he is melee so you can usually get to level 6 without getting behind, maybe have to get some early Mana or Mp5 so that you can farm as effectively as him.


This little bastard used at the top of the www.lolcounter.com counter list for Diana. He is really bad for you because even when you CAN jump on him he will dish on you badly. You have trouble killing his turrets without taking tons of damage and he can harrass you for free all day. What you want to do is let him push, dont get too far behind in farm and coordinate with your jungler to kill him when he pushes. Early lane against this guy can be really hellish, but he doesn't build tanky so you can get sneaky kills on him.


This is my favourite counter to Diana if I have to play against her. I haven't laned against a good Diana yet, and although I have seen 1 or 2 on my own team I find Mordekaiser can make lanes pretty hard for her. He ends up push just by trying to last hit with his abilities though, so coordination with a jungler is how you get ahead. If you are even with this guy you will just never be able to kill him with his ult up, if he doesnt have his revolver yet you CAN kill him in ganks relatively easily but after that you'd need to be far ahead or something spectacular. You still crush him so badly if you are far ahead, but he can basically ruin your HP for free while taking no damage from you whatsover for most of laning phase. He mainly takes damage from himself. You have to avoid using damage on his shield, and get kills globally.

Early Game

You are at your most vulnerable at this stage. You can farm well in jungle or lane, and your will be your only real survivability. Do your best to get onto the fun part of the game without dying, getting the train rolling before level 6 can be tough, try to be conservative with your HP until you are ahead and don't get caught out of position because you will be as squishy as any AP mid early on.

Your early laning against most champions is not strong. You need to choose carefully between using your mana on your for defending damage, try to always harrass with and the shield procs every time you hit W but most lane opponents will be too scary for you to walk up to at this stage. You will end up OOM around level 5 if your lane opponent has been looking to trade, or if you are forced into farming with . Before level 6, I would only throw out a if I have been forced into it, or if I can easily get some farm AND harrass with it. You can 100/0 almost anyone at level 6 so saving mana and farming up levels and gold is going to be much more important than harrassing. Just try to get your jungler to hold your lane at level 5 or 6, come back into lane fresh with items at level 6 and most lanes will turn in your favour. Few people can really deal with your stickiness and your damage and more often than not your best chance for a kill is in one burst. TRY NOT TO USE without already landing a because it puts you massively out of position and makes you very susceptible to ganks. Farm and don't get behind and the mid game is yours.

If you get your blue buff stolen in jungle, you will have to be a little less spammy. Just use your to clear camps and try to get as much jungling done as possible and inevitably will have to take an earlier recall than normal. Don't get tempted into buy a if you have already been shut down in jungle delaying your GP5s and major items may just put you behind further. Continue as normal after this.

Chasing enemy champions is something Diana excels at and the early game phase will be one of the only times you have vision of the entire enemy team in their lanes. If you end up having to chase an enemy through jungle then WAIT for the CDs on your . Don't risk them flashing after you burn your ultimate. If you see someone heading for a wall, make sure your is on them before they reach it so you have vision as they pass over to follow up with

Mid Game

You can shine like the moon throughout mid game. Your gap closer and shield make for amazing mobility and plays to be made. Hopefully the enemy haven't snowballed too hard and you shouldn't be too afraid to onto most people. You want to take objectives, counter gank and secure kills as much as possible, leave the split pushing for your bruiser, take buffs if you need and focus on kills/map control.


-. You will need to be freaking quick on the Moonfall to catch some champs with blinks or anyone with . If you land your and they immediately flash it will often be a wasted summoner for them as the slow from your moonfall is excellent.

You want to get your tower as fast as you can so that you can freely roam with ease. I mean farm until level 6 and take it the first opportunity after this UNLESS there is a free kill in a nearby lane. Your does great damage to turrets, you may have to stand slightly closer to the tower than you would automatically attack from for the damage to apply though. Roaming solo around the map is your main priority while enemies are still seperately farming the lanes/jungle and not grouped up. 1v1s, 1v2s and 2v1s are really where Diana can excel and you really want to set your whole team up to snowball. Don't worry about missing a few CS here and there if you are successfully getting kills in your roaming.

RED ARROWS - Spots for SNEAKY ULTIMATES. Particular favourite of mine is jumping someone in tribush from baron/dragon pit. Hours of entertainment

BLUE ARROWS - Stupidly obvious gank directions. It is better to avoid traipsing up and down river, even if you have to walk into the enemy jungle, stick close to baron/dragon wall with your up and you are a much safer target than if you get caught wandering the middle of river.


Now I didn't shade any gank directions in in mid. This is because it would've looked like blue and red spaghetti. I cannot think of a direction you can't gank mid from and Diana is EXCELLENT and ganking mid lane. Her extreme long range initiate means you can get directly onto a mid laner easier than ANYONE and you are made for killing these champs. Come from the direction they are most likely going to have to fall back through, but just gank mid every chance you get because you excel at it.

Try to take the safest routes you can through the jungle if you are not already incredibly snowballed. You are essentially still a squishy AP carry if you get a CC chain laid down you will be popped just like anyone else, your roaming strength lies in the ridiculous range on your. You cannot escape easily, but you can gank even heavily warded lanes with your ultimate. Often they will not run soon enough. In these situations it is NICE to land a but realistically it won't happen often. Normally you will have to initiate with and deal with the cooldown. Use your quickly enough and you will nearly always set up kills or take them yourself.

Late Game

Just stick in groups, keep vision up as best you can and try to find the smart times to initiate. Because of the all in nature of Diana you can quite easily bait your entire team into dying because of your bad initiate, so TRY not to be tempted into going in first if you can help it. If things are even or going well then you are going to want to initiate most of the time or at the very least you will be punishing a mistake with a counter initiate. Try to get off a full rotation of skills before using but if you are going to get locked down by multiple CCs then you want to just quickly use - to pull their team on top of you before you activate .

AD Carries, Squishy AP Carries and Supports should be extremely easy for you to kill. Tankier targets or fed AD champs may be able to hurt you badly if you are caught out of position, but you are adept at diving and killing carries quickly while disrupting much of their frontline with your and .

If you initiate a fight, try to time this active so that you come back while the enemy team's Middle Line abilities are on cooldown. Watch for Blitzcranks or Renektons or anyone else who may be peeling and time your so that they cannot stop you from annhilating the [u]carry.[/u]

Just don't throw the game! Pick the right moment so that you don't get rolled after jumping in on someone. It should be obvious by now who on your team initiates and you definitely do better if you go in once all the enemy CC has been burned. A bursty assassin/fighter, however if your team really has no good initiate it is ALL DOWN TO YOU. Grab a and your away. You will need to time your combo so that your entire team swoops on them as you pin them down with as you will have trouble surving even a second or two of a full team of 5s damage. If you have built a squishy assasin build then this type of game will be VERY hard, you will definitely need to grab so you can initiate, deal a quick burst and disrupt them then immediately pop the active for your team to join the fray. BEST OF LUCK ALL DIANA PLAYERS!

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