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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration(+7.83 magic penetration)
Greater Seal of Armor(+12.69 armor)
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed(+4.5% movement speed)
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist(+12.06 magic resist)
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Full Item Build

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mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
7 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
0 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 2 1/1
23 Utility
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Arcane Mastery
WRune Prison
ESpell Flux
RDesperate Power
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So you've been watching some tournaments and competitive play and you've seen Peanut Headgetting instalocked, and hardcore carrying teams, and you say to yourself: " Damn time to pick up that champ!" I'm guessing that you want to learn how to play this mythical Peanut Head don't you? Well lucky for you, because you've come to the right place. In this guide i will teach you the ways of how I play and dominate with the Peanut Head.

I play Peanut Head not only because he does one of the highest burst damage in the game, but also due to the fact of that he is one of the tankiest casters. Peanut Head offers utility that has either rewarded me with clutch kills, or has saved me and/or teammates from inevitable death. What more do you want? No casters besides Peanut Head deals loads of damage while building purely tank items.

Why should I play Peanut Head?

-No skillshots.
-Short cooldown spells.
-Gets strong off tank items.
-Crazy AOE damage as well as single target burst.
-Built in cooldown reduction.
-Insane late game.
-Utility. (Spell vamp, Movement Speed, Cooldown reduction, Magic resist reduction, Snare.)
-Hyper Carry.
-Arguably the tankiest Ap Caster late game.
-Strong roamer.
-Fast wave clearer after level 6.
-No mana problems.
-Doesn't need blue buffs late game.

-Short range. (Compared to other Ap Casters )
-Mediocre early game.
-Slow wave clear pre-6.
-Auto attack animation is weird to last hit with at first.
-Extremely susceptible to early game ganks.

When I first played Ryze, I fed like crazy and my score was something like 0 kills and 10 deaths. Little did I know that I was doing EVERYTHING wrong. After that miserable defeat, I thought that Ryze was one of the most useless champions in the game. However a few months after one of my friends, Hawk, introduced me to smartcast. Hawk told me the magics of smartcast and how it can make or break a kill. He also mentioned how smartcast affects Ryze mainly, as it can make a Ryze player 33% more fast and efficient in terms of landing those devastating combos. So as soon as I picked up this information, I tested it out, and at that moment, I realized that I found my main champion. Ever since, i've been climbing up the elo ladder rapidly. In my opinion, I think that the secret to Ryze is smartcast, topped with a kick ass set of runes and masteries, and simple game knowledge.





Before I picked up these runes I used mana per level runes. I used to get like +500 mana at lv 18 and I thought that that was the right thing to do because it seemed mathematically correct. Mana per level = good, right? NO, those runes don't maximize the full capability that Ryze has. If you were to actually calculate the effectiveness of the Mana runes, you would realize that they are essentially futile. I much prefer the +7.8 magic pen and the movement speed quints, because a fast Ryze is a scary Ryze. Flat Armor seals for the resilient laning phase, and of course your standard magic resistance glyphs.

This is the universal Ryze runepage if you do not have other pages to spare.


mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
7 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
0 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 2 1/1
23 Utility
This mastery page offers alot of utility and I would recommend getting this against ranged champions or if you are roaming. Normally this is the default runepage top and mid lane just because Ryze becomes a monster with additional utility.

The Roam Ryze in which Wanderer will be used at its fullest. Wanderer will allow you to roam to another lane faster.

3 points in Fleet of Foot is mandatory because it flat movement speed that isn't impaired if in combat unlike Wanderer .

3 points into vampirism because as you charge up your Tear of the Goddess, you gain free health from spamming abilities .

3 points into Expanded Mind because it will amplify Ryze's mana, which in turn amplifies his damage.

3 points into Intelligence gives free 5% cooldown reduction.
4 points into sorcery gives another 5% cooldown reduction.
Ryze's passive on his Q ,Overload, gives 2% cooldown reduction every rank up. So at level 9 with maxed , Ryze will have already have 20% Cooldown reduction!

1 Point into expose weakness because you will be relying on your team to do damage. This ability will slightly amplify ally damage.

Butcher and feast for last hitting.

Everything else is self explanatory.

Summoner Sets

Standard Summoner Spells

Self explanatory. I get this 100% of the time. Strongest summoner spell set in game for Ryze.

Teleport is ESSENTIAL on Ryze. It adds pressure to the map whenever this summoner spell if up. Teleport will change the course of a teamfight, and ultimately the game.
Make sure your lane is pushed before casting this spell, otherwise you will potentially lose exp, gold, and possibly a tower. This trade is usually never worth it because you will make your lane hard.
Teleporting back to lane is very useful as well because it lowers the cooldown of . It also allows for a free buy as well as a replenishment of health/mana. I take this summoner spell 90% of the time.
Ignite & Flash

I rarely take ignite top lane because teleport is so useful. However taking ignite dramatically increases Ryze's kill potential, so you can keep this into consideration. Teleport is extremely useful against champions such as because they all having innate sustain.

Taking ignite mid lane over teleport is common because you need that extra damage to win lane.
Ghost & Flash

I used to get this, just cuz...you know...season 1 cinematic trailer...But really this summoner spell isn't needed, as Ryze's Ultimate grants him bonus movement speed. This movement speed will suffice for ghost
Cleanse & Flash

Viable against team comps such as: Teams or champions with lots of cc.

I like to get this when the enemy has something like jungle Maokai because of his early game ganking capabilities. He can easily kill you with flash and twisted advance combo. If you have fast reflexes cleanse is an option. However if you have slow reflexes, you should just stick with ignite , or teleport .

Other examples of cleanse worthy champion abilities are Fiddlestick's fear , Amumu's stuns , and Leona's Stuns .
Heal & Barrier

I NEVER take these spells. Heal is okay because it gives a small burst of movement speed. This movement speed topped with and produces a fast Ryze. You can take or against mid lane bursty champions such as . However keep in mind you are throwing away global pressure from your teleport for heal and . Again I NEVER take these spells.

This summoner spell is mediocre. Late game you will have a Seraph's Embrace which will just be your barrier acting as an item in your inventory. Also keep in mind if you are taking this summoner spell over something like Teleport , you are throwing away ALL of your global pressure for a shield. However as Ryze, you will not be squishy whatsoever, and there are far more useful summoner spells to consider over

Come back from dead?!?!?! Only viable with Zombie Ryze Skin

Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 1: and 2 is the most optimal build. You should start with sapphire crystal in most situations. The sapphire crystal will get you closer to finishing a or . You can consider making a first from the sapphire crystal when you feel the need to for tankiness or sustain troublesome champions. Otherwise purchase a to begin stacking it. But no matter what buy the other item whether it be or immediately following the other.

Build 2 and 3.
These items are designed to help you survive in horrible match ups. vs strong poke champions such as . and three for maximum. I personally do not like flask.

is standard for all builds to prevent ganks. You can switch it over for a mid game if you want to roam.
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items

Rod of ages is godly on Ryze. He benefits from every single stat. This is a must get in all situations. Buy this as first main item.

If you are doing winning or tied in lane, build this second, right after your completed . The reason behind this is because you will be able to stack faster and accelerate into your late game powers.

Without a doubt, is the best armor item for . It has Mana, armor, and cooldown reduction. Get or after and/or , depending on how well you're doing.
If you need more armor you can consider getting or . In my opinion, I Zhonya's is the best item in the game. It negates many abilities and deaths if you use it right. It can change a teamfight or allow you to live through that last tick of . On top of that, it gives both AP and Armor! Consider over

These are Ryze's Magic resist items. I highly recommend amongst the three because it gives cooldown reduction and amplifies healing from Ryze's . is good against poke champions or hard engage champions . I don't like very much because it is a wierd mix between damage and resistance. It is good if you are snowballing or there are many AP champions in the game. But overall I would prefer amongst the three.

I usually buy after and . Sometimes i will buy after if I am doing well and do not plan on roaming. I will upgrade my boots anywhere after I finish my .

Consider if:
-You are doing well
-You have a tanky team
-The enemy is very squishy
-You want to hyper carry
-Enemy has little to no CC

Consider if:
-The enemy has many CC abilities
-The enemy has many AP champions

Consider if:
-The enemy has only AD champions.
-You are losing lane to an AD champion.

If you are losing early on against a AP or AD champion it doesn't hurt to buy one of these because they will eventually build into something within Ryze's Final items

I really do not like because there are so many better items. Ryze's build usually consist of the same items. For example, the standard Final items listed in this chapter. There is only one item slot left and I would rather buy other items than . It's okay if you have AP champions like . But Ryze's will compenstate for .

I really like . It adds more utility to Ryze's kit. On top of that his and are single target spells, so the slow will have full effect. also offers a steady amount of health and ability power. can kite against champions like easily with . Overall is a very underrated item on Ryze.
is good against champions that deal true damage such as . It's good with and because you will have all three components of being a tank.

Common last item against teams that are very tanky.

It is pretty good. Build it against all in champions/teams. Or if you are a threat and want to stay alive build this. I prefer over in most situations.

Get this if you are constantly being engaged on by champions such as and you cannot use in time before you die.

Another underrated item that is very good on Ryze. However you will be trading your tankiness for full AP if you build this. This item topped with will easily net you over 450 AP. Get this item if you are ridiculously ahead and are confident that you will carry.

Most importantly, buy wards. If the enemy has a really aggressive jungler these consumables may save you from ganks. Buying an early and placing it somewhere safe (like ally buffs) is better than never buying one.

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Arcane Mastery
WRune Prison
ESpell Flux
RDesperate Power
This is the standard skill order. Remember to upgrade only if you are need it at level 1. Just don't upgrade anything unless the situation is right.


Arcane Mastery
This is a very powerful ability that allows Ryze to spam numerous spells. This passive allows you to combo your skills, so after each move you can cast another Overload. Refer to the skill combos chapter.

40% Cooldown Reduction topped with will dramatically increase Ryze's damage output.

Fortunately it is very easy to acquire 40% cooldown reduction on Ryze :)
-He has 10% innate CDR from maxed out
-Items such as and do not only offer resistances, but they also offer CDR.
-Masteries such as and grants CDR.

Your bread and butter skill. Always max this out first, as it offers high damage and low cooldown. Chain this with your other moves to repeatedly cast this over and over again due to your sick passive . Overload also gives 2% passive cooldown reduction every rank up. This skill is a strong harassment ability in lane, so try to use it whenever the enemy farms.

Obviously use this spell to charge up

You should use this in between spells to maximize damage. Refer to the the combos in Chapter 6.

Use this to last hit when necessary.

Use this spell wisely early game (as in first 5 minutes). You must acknowledge your low mana early game.

Rune Prison
Rune Prison is powerful. Not only is it a lock-on root, but it also deals alot of damage as it ranks.

Most amateur Ryze players will use in split-second fights. This is because they have gotten into a habit of harrassing, last hitting, and doing pretty much everything with casting first. Overload has a cast time that may possibly get you killed. The most important thing you should know about Rune Prison is that it deals damage INSTANTLY upon cast. This is good to keep in mind when you are about to finish off a buff, dragon, kill, etc.

Use this skill FIRST when chasing down running opponents.

Upgrade this at level 1 for invades level 1 fights, level 1 ganks, etc.
Spell Flux
Very overpowered spell if used correctly.

The spell states, "the orb has no effect on Ryze if it bounces back to himself." Normally when the spell flux bounces back to Ryze, it deals no damage. However if you were to activate and then throw a close ranged , the bounce back to Ryze will do 50% AoE Damage to the enemy.

A combination of and deals massive aoe damage to a clustered group.

Long lasting Magic resist reduction (5 seconds).

Also when you snare an enemy, you can run up to them and use , as Ryze can make the spell flux bounce off himself and hit the enemy multiple times.

This is very effective when the enemy is way too close to you. Use this to punish them. The total damage of the bounces is ridiculous, especially at level 2.

This is an old video that shows you that the enemy Diana is in melee combat of me, so i use spell flux which bounces off of me and onto her multiple times. This quickly kills her and allows me to by the skin of my teeth.

Desperate Power
Many people look down on this ability, but I find it to be extremely potent. It offers so much utility in a single spell.

Remarkably low cooldown if CDR is put into account.
42/36/30 Second cooldown at 40% CDR.
Additionally, further reduces the cooldown of Desperate Power.

This Ability gives you movement speed and makes your spells do 50% AOE damage.

This Ability gives you spell vamp which allows you to sustain and clear waves.

Desperate Power hastes Ryze and allows him to catch up to that or .

Champion Matchups

Favors You
Should be an easy matchup. I recommend taking against Aatrox so that you can mitigate his innate sustain, and increase the chances of killing him. Early game if he seems to heal back everything you throw at him, don't worry. Simply try to perfect your farming and you'll out scale him in no time. In fact there is no point in trading with him early game because he will heal with his . Keep your lane frozen as much as possible.

Once you have mana items and around level 5-7 you easily kill him. If you are going to fight him keep a constant amount of pressure on him otherwise he will heal up. Beware of his all in.

If the Aatrox plays very aggressively, you can consider maxing second over , but this is not needed. (skill order chapter will clarify).

Run 21/9/0 masteries.
Favors You
Ryze is known to counter Ahri. Ahri's ultimate is good at dodging SKILLSHOTS. Ryze has no skillshots, and he has a snare to prevent her from dashing everywhere. The best thing to do against Ahri is DODGE her skillshots. If she can't land anything she won't kill you. Never get hit by her charm. This is easily done by hiding behind creeps.
Ahri is an assassin that has relatively short range. This is good for Ryze will usually be able to reach her.

DO NOT blatantly chase her in a straight line. Maneuver and predict her skillshots if you are chasing her, otherwise she can easily turn on you.

She can always push lane and roam, so notify your team that she is missing.

Ahri is really squishy. Wittle her down with your , until you feel that you can all in her.

If Ahri rushes as her first item, she will be EXTREMELY squisy. Take advantage of this, but do not underestimate her damage.

If Ahri builds , she will be somewhat tanky, and will easily forbear some of Ryze's damage.
Favors You
Akali is an intricate champion. She may seem weak pre-6 but as soon as she turns level 6, her kill pressure skyrockets. You can bully her all you want pre-6, but be vigilant of her stacks.If she gets a lead on you, it is very difficult to come back.

Fortunately Ryze outscales Akali. Investing in a Magic resist item right after is a wise choice. This will mitigate her damage and allow you to kill her.

Akali is one of the champion's that I would highly consider maxing instead of because there is really no point in snaring one of her many gap closers. You really cannot run from her, so you must fight her by punishing her with your bouncing . (skill order chapter will clarify).

21/9/0 is recommend if not cautious.
Favors You
Alistar is curently regarded as one of the strongest top laners by Korea (as of 8/24/2014). The reason behind this is that people max out his first. Headbutt can be comboed with a free auto attack and does not allow the enemy to retaliate. Very strong against Ryze because he has short range. However if you're fast enough, you can snare him as his is casting. This will make root him after his cast animation is complete, allowing you to walk up to him and use your abilities.

Be careful when you extend because Alistar top has strong gank synergy with any champion.

His ultimate is broken. Don't bother using your spells unless you are certain that he will die. Also keep in mind that his ultimate gives him alot of attack damage, so beware of his autos.

is good for free recalls. This should be enough to sustain against him until you get items to kill him .
Favors Enemy
I feel vulnerable to getting outplayed in this matchup. Anivia pushes the lane so hard, making roaming as Ryze nearly impossible. Also when you are chasing Anivia, trying to cast spells, it is remarkably easy for her to land her , followed up by a . This combo is absolutely devastating especially when you have not yet to purchase any Magic Resist. This matchup is rather difficult, as Anivia counters Ryze in many different ways. What I would do in this situation is farm and wait for a gank. Anivia is somewhat easy to gank. Once she is in her passive, she is practically dead. ALWAYS buy some type of magic resist against Anivia, DO NOT underestimate her burst.

are highly recommended

is a good pickup.

If the Anivia is skilled, this matchup is almost impossible to win 1v1.
Favors Enemy
Annie does way too much burst damage early game. She scales inversely as Ryze. Try to avoid fighting her early on.

She will probably push, leaving her vulnerable to ganks.

Late game, given that you have magic resist, you will crush her just as she crushed you early game.

Early is highly advisable.

Favors Enemy
Brand can be tricky to play against because if you run towards him he will blast you with his 2 second stun . He also has range advantage with his . If he misses an ability try to punish him by playing aggressive for the interval in which the ability is on cooldown. If he misses 2 abilities, you must use this window of opportunity to establish your dominance in lane.

Easy lane if you can dodge his skillshots, otherwise he has the advantage.

are highly advisable.
Favors Enemy
This matchup is hell. Cassiopeia's abilities have slightly longer range than those of Ryze's. Her is on a short cooldown, and once you get hit by one, she will unleash her chain of . This matchup is very hard to win. She will always be safe from your spells granted her longer range. There is some outplay potential with flash, but otherwise you're going to need to rely on ganks. You need to focus on last hitting and dodging her

Her early game is powerful as well as her late game and teamfights. With your movement speed boots,movement speed masteries, and movement speed runes, dodging her skillshots should be rather simple. Just be unpredictable with your movement. Here's a tip that works very well against Cassiopeia: When you see her ultimate animation, what I like to do is either flash in a safe area, maybe even behind her. Or you may simply turn around and not get stunned.

Starting or is highly recommended.

Cassiopeia counters Ryze only in lane Phase in my opinion. Out of lane phase, Ryze offers more than Cassio.
Favors You
If he goes full AP Chogath, buy some mr.

Your will be enough for you to withstand his ultimate.

If he goes tanky cho, there is almost no way he can 1v1 you unless you screw up really hard. If he does go tank Cho, should be a free lane

Very easy to poke him. Run 21/0/9 masteries, this is a free lane.

Chogath has high mana costs early on.

are recommended for his slow and silence.

Favors You
This matchup should be fairly easy because you are ranged. As long as you keep your distance from his you should be fine. If he misses his , this is a window of oppurtunity for you to blast him with your spells. has a really long cooldown, so make sure to abuse that factor.

Very easy to gank

Is a really good pickup against Darius, because you can kite him and the health will mitigate his ultimate .

Be careful of his level 2
Favors You
Diana is very tanky once she buys .

You should play aggressively before she hits 6 . Spam your autos and abilities on her as much as you can.

Her is an intricate skillshot. As long as you dodge this you should be fine. Boots will help .

Favors You
This is a free lane. Mundo cannot kill you and it is very easy to dodge his . Simply hide behind minions.

Farm up and carry. You will be able to kill him by picking up , but really there is no point. Just perfect your farm and make plays off .

Before Mundo shops , he is very weak. You should establish dominance before he buys his items.
Favors Enemy
This matchup is impossible to win 1v1. Fiddlesticks Lane is one of the best counters to Ryze.

His cc both make Ryze useless.

You cannot trade against him because he will just heal off of you with . Ryze's DOES NOT STOP .

However it is very hard for fiddlesticks to farm and push lane. You can exploit this weakness by focusing on farming and roaming.

is rather squishy. So if you get a gank, that might be enough for you to win lane.

are a MUST.

Be careful if he suddenly goes missing. He may be preparing for his
Favors You
This lane is hard for the first few minutes. Fiora is known to counter ranged champions because of her gap closers and counter .

If she plays really aggressively max over (refer to skill order chapter)

As soon as you get an armor item such as , this lane should be easy. She is so squishy, so you can probably all in her.

DO NOT screw up early game, or else she will snowball.

is good against her

Run 21/9/0 masteries.
Favors You
Fizz is very easy to play against because he cannot dodge your abilities if you . Also if he manages to dodge your , it is such a lowcooldown that you will probably have it up as soon as his ends.

You may buy a qss to make his ultimate useless, as well as giving you some magic resist against Fizz. Or a simple will make him think twice before all inning you.

Try to constantly poke him whenever he is trying to farm. Abuse the fact that he is melee. Constant harrass with will deteriorate him. If he dodges one of your , that is a good thing, because now you can land 1-3 free because of the fact that his is on cooldown. Manage a perfect balance between harass and farm.

If he is one of those guys that run double offensive summoner spells like , beware of his all in. Fizz at level 6 has high burst.
Favors You
Galio is very easy to play against because his is only good against weak spells or damage over time spells such as and . Ryze's abilities are so spammable that Galio cannot heal everything back.

He will probably just focus on pushing the lane with his waveclear abilities

Galio is melee, so abuse this factor. He may have alot of magic resist, so make sure that you are using your auto attacks as well as your abilities.

If he aims his abilities at you try to dodge them. If you are having trouble dodging them, you can buy in between or after

If he has a ton of magic resist, invest in a
Favors You
If he is tank gangplank, there is no way he can kill you. His early game will hurt, but by level 5 your spells should outdamage his .

If he is full AD, this matchup should be even easier. He is so squishy that you can probably burst him down with your spells. Beware of his early game damage. His autos and are enhanced by his and . Don't let him get close to you.

Purchase a if you are having trouble. Build it into a and you should automatically win lane, as long as you didn't screw up early game.
Favors You
easy lane because as long as you keep a distance, he will never damage you. If he tries to simply counter it with a . Harass him with your and autos and utilize the bushes to drop minion aggro. If for some reason he gets in range of using on you, you can get full damage from bouncing .

Once you are 6, he should never be able to catch you. tops .
If he rushes boots or you suck at positioning, purchase early boots after or before .

is a VERY good item against garen. It will practically make it impossible for him to stick on you. He will have to resort to bush tactics, so beware.

Run 21/0/9 for and 3x will facilitate in kiting him.
Favors You
The fact that you are ranged gives you an advantage against Gragas. He will either take free damage from your autos and or will be forced to farm with his .

STAY AWAY from your minions. This will force Gragas to choose between throwing a to farm or damage you.

Keep distance from his . If he does use a , he has no escape. Use your abilities and bounce around your.

Run 21/0/9 for . This and your will help you dodge his .
Favors You
Heimerdinger is a nuisance because he pushes the lane. This is one of Ryze's flaws. Ryze cannot push lane as well as other champions. Heimer will force you to focus on farming under tower, and all the while he will harass you with his .

This lane is very difficult to win. He is very difficult to gank because he will sit in his .

Overall the best thing you can do is focus on farming, if that means losing tower then do so.

Once he completes it is so much harder to kill him.

He is not as useful in teamfights as he is in lane. His turrets can be quickly destroyed and he is very squishy. Live until Late game.
Favors Enemy
At one point Irelia was my second most played champion besides Ryze. A good Irelia player is almost unbeatable in lane. Irelia does very well against Ryze because of her and gap closers . Irelia scales similarly as Ryze.

In lane the best thing you can do is stay away from your low health minions. This is so that she cannot use to come close and you.

Irelia has an advantage over Ryze at level 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9. She pretty much always has an advantage over Ryze in lane.

If Irelia runs , she will be able to 100-0 you easily. This is because her and both deal true damage. This is detrimental to Ryze because his best armor item is and true damage penetrates through the armor. Frozen heart offers no health.

Max over if the Irelia plays very aggressively (refer to skill order chapter).

In teamfights both and are equally strong.

There will be a point where Ryze deals more damage than Irelia because the Irelia will be building tank.

If you can land free and autos without getting comboed by her and you can potentially win lane that way. Utilize bushes, and stay away from your weak minions, I cannot stress this enough.

Always run ATLEAST 9 points into defensive mastery tree.
Favors You
People say Jarvan counters Ryze, but he is only good early game. At level 2 he can combo you with and and deal massive amounts of damage. However you can counter this by upgrading level 2 and trade equally.

It is VERY easy to dodge his combo.

Be careful of his burst with . Once you buy some armor or finish you should be able to outrade and kill him.

Alternatively, you can always just focus on outfarming him. You will immensely outscale him.

You can consider maxing over if he plays very aggressively (refer to skill order chapter).
Favors You
Ryze counters Jax really hard because Jax cannot safely onto Ryze. Ryze will either or Jax after he lands. It is hard for Jax to stun Ryze because he can simply be rooted in place . On top of that if Jax uses his offensively, he will have no escape from Ryze's burst.

It is very easy to deny Jax at his tower by simply throwing a and auto every time he tries to farm.

If Jax does not build magic resist, you can easily kill him once he is below 70-50% health.

is broken against Jax.

Play aggressively early game to establish lane dominance. Never give him room to breath.

Maxing either or second is effective depending on the playstyle of the Jax. If he is playing aggressively, punish by maxing second. If he is playing passively, max and freely harrass him.
Favors You
This is a skill matchup. Jayce can kill you early on with his high burst damage from .

Jayce is glass cannon. You can easily burst him, if you manage to safely get in range of using your abilities on him.

Focus on farming, you will be able to kill him once you finish and/or a defensive item .

If you are running keep in mind of his . This is the main reason why he can kill you. If for some reason both of you are running , you have the advantage in lane.

If he uses his shock blast in cannon form, you have a small window of oppurtunity to trade with him.

Once your starts to do 15% or more of his health, you can easily burst him down.

Jayce is one of the fastest tower demolishers with his in cannon form.
Favors Enemy
Karma is a pain because she outranges you. She can stay at a safe distance and throw at you. It is hard to catch her with the burst of movement speed that comes from her . Her empowered deals a ton of damage, and allows her to escape with the after-effect slow. However if you manage to land a snare on her, you can burst her down. With help from your team, she is very squishy and easy to kill.

Late game she acts both a support and AP carry. Ryze deals more damage and is tankier than her.

You should be fine as long as you don't get poked down too hard.

Favors Enemy
The reason why I think Karthus beats Ryze is because he outranges Ryze. Karthus can safely farm and harrass with his . Once Karthus gets his and he is too tanky for Ryze is instantly kill.

Karthus' stops Ryze from being able to run up to him.

Karthus can simply farm and push lane while assisting his team by pressing . You CANNOT stop his ultimate with a snare .

If the Karthus is bad and he gets in range of your spells then this lane is easy to win. Otherwise, it is very hard to hit him. His range is 875 compared to Ryze's 600 ranged spells.

His deals as much damage as you late game.
Favors You
New Kassadin is not as good as old Kassadin because his does not silence. You can bully him by using your range advantage.

It is better to freeze than push lane because Kassadin farms easily under tower due to his new . If you freeze early game, he will be susceptible to ganks.

Taking is a good idea to add kill pressure. You want to make his early game resemble hell.

Favors You
This lane should be easy as long as you avoid all ins with her. She has higher burst damage, but Ryze has higher DPS. Simply and her in lane and walk away to prevent her from retaliating with . If you feel that you can add more spells to the harrass, feel free to do so. Avoid getting hit by her .

If her is on cooldown, take full advantage of this situation.

She will have the advantage at level 6 , but besides that, you should have the upper hand in this lane.

If she is missing, make sure to notify your team. You can easily lose the GAME from allowing her to snowball of other lanes.

Ryze snare DOES NOT cancel Katarina's ultimate .

She is hard to gank, so you'll be independent for the most part.
Favors Enemy
Kayle pushes lane which doesn't allow Ryze to fight her. Kayle and will forever push Ryze in and allow Kayle to do other things such as objectives, ganks, or jungle.

A good Kayle counters Ryze because she can use to negate Ryze's insta burst combo.

Overall Ryze cannot do anything against Kayle push besides asking for a gank.

You can punish her level 1 before she has her . You can also fight her as soon as her is on cooldown, so pay attention to that timer. However once she obtains her she will practically have her on at all times.
Favors You
This lane is so easy because you out-trade Kennen in every aspect.

If Kennen is AP, this lane matchup is very easy because he will rely heavily on his . Simply dodge it and harass him with your abilities.

If he uses counter with .

If he uses counter with and run away with .

If Kennen is AD , just be careful of his early damage. Besides that you should be able to out trade him once you obtain some levels (level 5+)

if you are losing to AP Kennen.
if you are winning/tied.
Favors You
Haven't played too many Khazix matchups. I will treat him like any other assassin matchup.

His early game damage is okay. It increases if you're isolated, so stay behind minions to avoid getting hit by his and isolated . You should have an advantage early game, because he probably will not retaliate.

If he evolves , it will be much easier for him to poke you down, so stay behind minions as always. When his is on cooldown, try to harrass him.

Khazix is full AD despite some damage coming from his . Build armor after .
Favors Enemy
Lulu is tricky to play against because she will always build magic resist from her . The magic resist from adds on to her defensive spells and . She is a nuisance in lane and in teamfights, but she is definitely killable.

She might push lane, and if she does just outfarm her. It is actually rather hard to farm as lulu and if you outfarm her then you're doing well. You have kill pressure on her once you buy assuming you're not behind.

The best tip that I can give in this match up is to juke her . Once you juke her , you have a 3 second window to unleash your combo and repeat.

It is VERY hard to chase Lulu because of her and. Try not to run in a straight line if you are chasing her. Predict her .
Favors You
I play Malphite and I believe Malphite fairs well against Ryze. Malphite can build and and be able to withstand alot of harass.

Malphite is very weak when it comes to farming under tower, HOWEVER, Ryze is vulnerable when he is pushing, so pushing to Malphite's tower is a double edged sword. If you have adequate ward coverage, push and bully Malphite under tower.

Malphite can easily trade with and walk away because it steals movement speed. However has a fairly moderate cooldown, so when he uses make sure to win the trade by using more abilities than him to win trades.

BE VERY CAREFUL OF HIS ALL IN LV 6. Always buy against Malphite. Be atleast over 40% health at level 6 so avoid his all in.
Favors Enemy
Maokai is a very popular pick against Ryze primarily because of Maokai's crazy gank setup with . Ryze is extremely vulnerable to camp and ganks, and Maokai brings both to the table.

Try your best to not push up against Maokai. His early game (level 3-9) is generally stronger than Ryze's because Ryze is too squishy at that point. Once Ryze finishes or , Ryze can easily dumpster Maokai. Ryze Deals more damage than Maokai can heal, just make sure to combine your with autoattacks.

If he jumps on you, and you are at full health, remain calm and use the full damage combo. Open up with then to reduce magic resist then . This will ensure that you win the trade, and he will most likely take full damage if not atleast 2 bounces off of . He can't escape after using .

If he freezes, try to roam. It is very likely that he is prepping for a gank.

Maokai level 6 is much stronger than Ryze's both defensively and offensively.

Maokai's is actually very short range, but nevertheless, try not to get in range of it.

Skill Combos

There are a few possible skill combos that can maximize your damage over time, or unleash a wave of damage in a split second. Abuse the passive to dish out the most damage.
I will not include the ultimate in this chapter, it can be used at anytime, just use it when you think its best needed.



This is the skill combo that allows the most damage over time, by maintaining the cooldowns. Use this on buffs, baron, dragon, tanky champions, or champions that won't kill you relatively fast and you can take your time on like:, etc people who wont instantly kill you and you can trade much more better if the whole combo is used properly. Using right after the initial reduces the magic resist of the enemy of which you are casting your spells upon. This is the reason why is placed second to maximize DPS.

IMPORTANT: This skill works best when you have 20% + cooldown, because if not, there will be a noticeable delay between casts.



This skill order serves as the most damage in a split second. Use this on very lethal yet squishy targets like: etc. I find this to be the perfect balance between the strongest and fastest burst. The reason why is cast before is because in a split second the enemy must be rooted for this spell to work. If the enemy is not rooted, he can easily walk away. It all depends on the situation, but again if they are running use before .



Use this skill order to take down running champions. You may also use a or activate your ultimateduring the pursuit. Open up with otherwise if you were to use or the enemy may have left the range of your .


4.) Enemy Facechecking/Self Bouncer

When you are in an unwarded bush, and you spot an enemy about to enter the bush you are currently in, this is what you should do. As soon as the enemy facechecks, you should stand as close to him as possible and throw your Q to start off this devastating combo. QUICKLY follow it up with an E , which is the whole point of this trick. The reasoning that you need to stand close to the enemy champion is because Ryze will act as a wall and bounce the Spell Fluxback and forth to the enemy repeatedly, dishing out tons of damage within a second! Follow this up with the rest of your spells for maximum damage. You may also activate during the bouncing of the to increase damage that would have been otherwise rendered useless.If done correctly, this is one of Ryze's most devastating combos. This combo right here is a reason why certain Ryze players decide to rank up Spell Flux over Rune Prison


Some Secrets You Should Know!


There are some small secrets that every Ryze player should know! You may already know some of these, but I will explain them anyway. The more secrets I find out, will be posted here.

Short Cooldown

- This trick is somewhat useful, and you should get into a habit of doing this when you play Ryze. This is very easy to perform. Simply throw out your Q and while it is still in flight, activate your ultimate . This makes your Q come back 1 second faster with your passive . Again very easy to do and may mean a kill or death.

Enemy Facechecking/Self Bouncer

- This isn't necessarily a secret, but more of a habit that you get into! When you are in an unwarded bush, and you spot an enemy about to enter the bush you are currently in, this is what you should do. As soon as the enemy facechecks, you should stand as close to him as possible and throw your Q to start off this devastating combo. QUICKLY follow it up with an E , which is the whole point of this trick. The reasoning that you need to stand close to the enemy champion is because Ryze will act as a wall and bounce the Spell Flux back and forth to the enemy repeatedly, dishing out tons of damage within a second! Follow this up with the rest of your spells for maximum damage. If done correctly, this is one of Ryze's most devastating combos. This combo right here is the reason why few Ryze players decide to rank up Spell Flux over Rune Prison. Refer to the Skill order chapter for more about Spell Flux over Rune Prison.

Lane Matchups

Who Peanut Head Does Well Against

Ryze is known to counter Ahri, when I fp Ryze and someone chooses Ahri afterwords, i just laugh. Ahri's ultimate is good at dodging SKILLSHOTS. Ryze has no skillshots, and he has a snare to stop her from dashing everywhere in your face. The main thing I do against Ahri is DODGE her skillshots. If she can't land anything she won't kill you. Never get hit by her charm. A easy way to do this is hiding behind minions.

Ryze is known to do well against Fizz, because of his low cds. Fizz uses his playful/trickster, to absorb strong shots such as morgana binding, cassio ulti, annie q, etc. However your skills comeback really fast because of . Constant harrass with will deteriorate him. You may buy a qss to make his ultimate useless, as well as giving you some magic resist against Fizz.

Ryze can break Morgana's spell shield in a single which is why Ryze does well against her. Don't get hit by her bindings. When your jungler is about to gank, make sure you break her shield first. Don't just go in with a snare when her black shield is up. Most Morganas will try to avoid getting near your cast range. They usually just farm and push the lane. Morganas also tend to throw an "invisible binding" through the fog of war, so that you can't see her cast animation, making the binding hard to dodge. To avoid this, hide behind minions and ward the lane to see where she is going.

Just because you use mana, doesn't mean he won't do damage. Don't underestimate this tiny master of evil. I like to build mercury treads against all Veigars. It makes the stun duration of his e lower, making it very easy to dodge his w.

Ryze trades SOOO well against vlad. Once he gets out of his pool, you can punish him alot more, because your skills should be up by the time he hits the surface. Also Vladimir is a poking champion. He can't poke very well against you at like Lv 7+ because you can anal him when he tries to.

Ryze is one of few the that does well against Katarina. Ryze can constantly throw a to harrass and zone katarina. When she shunpos to cs, punish her by using all your skills. She is very hard for junglers to gank, so you'll be independent for the most part. Katarina is scary when she snowballs. But if she doesnt shes just, meh. Sometimes I pick up exhaust against assassins like her. Just use it when she channels death lotus. Keep in mind Ryze snare does not interrupt Katarina ultimate, beware.

Who Peanut Head does ok against

Careful of her bubble, dont get too close, play passively at lv 6, because she will start playing more aggressively once she gets her ultimate. Buy a pink ward and it will come in handy. At prelevel 6, don't let her come up to you and trigger her q passive. You will take tons of damage. Sometimes I see exhaust working against her crazy burst.

Brand's w is his main source of damage. Try your best to dodge it. Brand out ranges Ryze which gives him a major advantage. When trying to chase Brand, he will try to set you on fire and stun you, causing tons of damage, so be VERY careful when chasing him. Never facecheck bushes that you think he might be in. Also Brand does one of the most destruction in teamfights, so never cluster up against him, and consider magic resist at some point in the game.

Farm farm farm farm. This is a very boring lane. Galios tend to take wraiths from the enemy of allies. So make sure you ward those spots and prevent him from taking them. You can't burst him at all due to how much magic resist and sustain he will obtain.

Be very careful of him, build magic resist and stay at a distance, he will fart on you. Hide behind minions, so he cant get the full effect of body slam. Flash is your savior. Just time it and dodge any one of his skillshots. During lane phase, try to poke as much as possible, because Gragas is a melee champion. Just do whatever you can to dodge his body slam.

Leblanc without a doubt can dish out major damage when she hits 6. On top of that, she has low cooldowns. You may struggle against her in lane, just make sure you aren't under 75% health at all times. I highly recommend building a negatron cloak against her. Leblanc is a caster that specializes in roaming. She will be ganking other lanes quite frequently. So follow her when she does this. Some things that Leblanc sucks at is pushing the lane. Push out the lane so she can't roam as much. Her late game is her major downfall. By then you can instantly burst her if she has no magic resist.

Lux is an all skill shot champion, so what you want to do is dodge as many skillshots as possible. Make sure to never get hit by her q, as you will take damage from every single one of her skills afterwards. Lux is really far range, and can safely farm without getting ganked, hurt, or even poked. It is also rather hard to kill her once she gets some Magic Resist like an Athene's unholy Grail , along with her shield, arguably one of the best shields in the game. Also never chase her down while walking in a straight line, UNLESS, you know her q (bind) is down. Farm until late game and fight when possible.

Karthus is a very passive laner. His main goal is to farm all day long and do global damage. Karthus is one of the most strongest late game casters. Usually when I get Karthus matchups, it is very hard to kill him if his lane isn't pushed. He can farm from a safe distance. Just try to push the lane and gank other lanes. Careful when it comes to teamfights. Karthus will try to die in the middle of your team and slowly rot your health away with his Defile (e). Be wary of this and try to burst him before he dives in.

Fairly easy lane once you hit mid game. I highly recommend building a Quicksilver Sash after your Rod of Ages . Building a Quicksilver sash against Malzahar will not only give you Magic Resist, but will also stop his ultimate! Stopping Malzahar's ultimate is vital, because once it is, much of Malzahar's damage is negated. Just be sure you use this as soon as he casts his Ultimate on you, to reduce maximum damage. Early game will be a pain, as he will push you out and you can't do much about it, however he won't kill you unless you take all of his harassment damage for some reason. After you get your Tear of the Goddess and Catalyst , you should be winning 1 on 1 trades with him. By late game he will stand no chance against you.

Burst him down when his shield is down. Don't let him get too much wraiths, or he will be out of control. Mordekaiser lacks early game damage. He is also rather squishy and very vulnerable to ganks early game. Once Mordekaiser falls behind, it is very hard for him to come back.

Swain has a very good lane phase. He can get unlimited mana with his passive, and heal off that with his ultimate. He also has really strong harass. However, Ryze has a slight advantage in this lane. What I would do in this matchup is play passively until I hit somewhere around lv 5-7. Then you can recall, shop, and get a fresh blue buff. From there the matchup get's somewhat easier. Just trade with him whenever you get your cooldowns back. Don't trade in 10 second intervals, as he will get his spells up by the time. Dodge his snares, which is relatively easy. To be safe buy some magic resist against Swain.Ryze can just simply outburst Swain.

Ziggs functions somewhat like Zyra. His q and passive is his main harass and damage dealer. Try to dodge it, or stand behind minions. Zigg's ultimate travels rather slowly, so try to run out of it with or just flash out of it. There will be a point where you can just all in Ziggs, because he is a relatively squishy champion.

Zyra relies on skllshots. Her plants can deal much damage over time. Don't ever get caught by her e, or you will lose tons of health, as she will follow up with all her other skills. She lacks escape mechanism and she is a very squishy champion. NEVER forget about her passive. That thing does ridiculous amounts of damage. So try your best to juke it.

He will outpush you and just gank other lanes. Make sure you warn your teamates beforehand. He can't beat you 1v1 usually. In pre-teamfights, dodge his wild cards, or your team will slowly wither down by his poke

Who Peanut Head Stuggles against

Note: The main counter to Ryze is long range, and kiting potential. This is because Ryze's skills are short range compared to most AP Casters.

Believe it or not, when I play against an Anivia as Ryze, I feel very vulnerable to getting outplayed. Anivia pushes the lane so hard, making roaming as Ryze nearly impossible. Also when you are chasing Anivia, trying to cast spells, it is remarkably easy for her to land her Q: Flash Frost, followed up by a E: Frost bite. This combo is absolutely devastating especially when you have not yet to purchase any Magic Resist. This matchup is rather difficult, as Anivia counters Ryze in many different ways. What I would do in this situation is, wait until a gank, as Anivia is somewhat easy to gank. Once she is in her passive, a simple combo will K.O her. Also depending on the Anivia player, if their playstyle is not aggressive, but rather safe just build sorc boots and try to dish out combos when the situation is right. ALWAYS buy some type of magic resist against Anivia, DO NOT underestimate her burst. Magic resist can be banshee's veil , abbyssal scepter, or even simply a negatron cloak and/or Mercury's treads .

Most popular counter to Ryze. Her early game is powerful as well as her late game and teamfights. With your movement speed boots,movement speed masteries, and movement speed runes, dodging her skillshots should be rather simple. Just be unpredictable with your movement. Here's a tip that works very well against Cassiopeia: When you see her ultimate animation, what I like to do is either flash in a safe area, maybe even behind her. Or you may simply turn around and not get stunned.

Orianna's basic attacks can be a hassle, especially if she auto attacks you consecutively. Her passive makes her basic attacks more and more powerful after each hit. She may also zone you very easily with her ball, if placed correctly. She is a very squishy champion so if your teammates gank, it'll be easy. One trick I like to do is just simply walk away from the balls at all times. When you think she is going for a killing blow, flash her q and she'll be screwed. Never sit on top of her ball, that is simply asking to be killed. In teamfights, her ultimate can easily determine victory or defeat.

Syndra is a very rewarding champion if all her skills are landed. If all her skills are missed, she is useless. So depending on the Syndra player this will either be an easy lane, or a very hard lane. Syndra will outrange Ryze, which makes this matchup very hard. As you are chasing her, she can kite you and simply outrange you at all times. Ryze struggles against champions with long range and kiting power. Syndra has one of the highest burst damage in the game if played correctly. Think about Syndra as a long range Veigar , you will get nuked down in a blink of an eye without any time of defense. Negatron into or is highly recommended. If this magic resist isn't enough, grab a Mercury's tread . In lane phase, she will constantly poke you with her Q. In most cases Syndra will try to Q you when you last hit, so be VERY UNPREDICTABLE IN YOUR MOVEMENT.

Annie's early game is what defines her. DO NOT get caught by her stuns, and don't negotiate with her when she is lv 6 >:( Passive farming, go for late. Negatron cloak and mercury treads will tremendously null her burst power.

One of the biggest counters i've seen to Ryze. Yorick counters Ryze as well as most champions. VERY VERY hard to lane against. He harrases you constantly and heals up to full in seconds. This lane is usually not possible to win, so a lane swap may be advised.

You are screwed.

About the AD Mid Champions.

AD mid champions including Talon, Pantheon, Zed, Jarvan, and Lee sin are all extremely effective against your everyday ap mid laners. AD bruisers > Ap mids in most cases. My advice for these lanes is to farm as well as you can and build tanky. Start off with lots of health potions to sustain early game. Building a , or , or , or are effective ways to not get bursted down instantly. Don't let the AD Bruiser roam alot, or your whole team is screwed. To do this, you may push the lane as much as you can, or just simply follow them. The good news is that Ryze does do better than most AP mids when is comes to bruisers, for the fact that he becomes naturally tanky, and doesnt have skillshots that bruisers can dodge.

Early Game

As soon as the game starts, grab your starting items, and consider upgrading Rune Prison . Ryze's snare can allow for invades, however once his snare is down, it will be down for a while at level 1, so use it wisely. When aiding the jungler damage the buff monsters, note that you cannot hit the red buff camp from the outside with your snare if you are on the purple team. So walk up to it, and snare it, or just simply auto attack it a few times, then proceed to your lane. Ryze's early game is considered his foible. As ryze what you want to do is play as passively as possible. Just last hit and try not to take any poke damage form the enemy. However when laning against melee champions like I try to poke them with my auto attacks as much as possible combined with spells to maximize damage just to zone them out a bit. But never extend, because Ryze is a very vulnerable target to gank.

Mid Game

Ryze does a fair amount of damage mid game (levels 7+) so then he can start ganking rather well, but if you see an opportunity any time earlier, go for it.

In this video I see Malphite at top going for what looked like a tower dive. Knowing that they are only level 3, it may not result very well, so I head top to ensure that kill and firstblood. Always help your other lanes.

By level 5 or 6 you should have your tear of goddess . At this pace you are doing perfect and everything is going as planned because you have lived early game. Now you can exchange damage against those people who constantly harass you such as . Also when you get your Tear of the Goddess, you can start last hitting with your Q to get mana. Mid game is all about the plays and objectives. Work with your teammates to collect towers, dragons, and kills. So just push your lane out, and gank. I will discuss more about ganking in chapter 12-13.

Late Game/ Teamfights

Alright so right now you are a god. Your burst is one of the highest in the game, and you are so tanky that does 10% of your health in a whole combo. Late game team fights determine everything. Just because you are tanky DOES NOT mean you go facecheck bushes. How I play Ryze in team fights is that I either peel for the carry from deadly bruisers such as , or i go for the enemy carry and attempt to nuke them down instantly. Determine by the positioning, if the enemy carry is out of position, quickly take them out, or if all the bruisers jump on your carry peel him/her. OR when YOU are the carry, STAY IN THE BACK and let your frontline do their job. Just pick off people closest and deadliest to you. Make sure to use your Seraph's or toggle on your Muramana. Some people tend to underestimate Ryze's ultimate forgetting that it deals 50% aoe. Throwing out your empowered with and that will lower the resistance of the enemy when they cluster together, making your damage even more devastating than it already is. This will lower their MR and you can easily finish opposing foes. Keep in mind that you should still be playing cautiously like any other caster, because you will be aimed at some point. Keep your distance and have excellent positioning. Some champions that Ryze Performs extremely well with is Vladimir , singed , and maokai

This is a video of how Vladimir and Ryze Perform well in terms of AoE and destruction. With the vladimir ultimate debuffing the group of people, and ryze's ultimate along with his spell flux, this makes the enemy group extremely vulnerable and weak.

Responsiblity as a Mid Laner

As a middle player, you are expected to help lanes just as much as the jungler. You must determine which lane is best to gank in that situation. For example let's say that the jungler is currently sitting in top lane. In this situation, i would do one of the following.
1.) Head bottom and execute the support and/or AD carry. Then proceed to take an easy dragon or objective, such as blue buff, red buff, or a tower.
2.) You may countergank top as soon as you see the jungler. Never say "It's too late, he will be dead." Just go because who knows, maybe you will get a double kill from that skirmish.


Tips: You will expect the opposing mid laner to follow you. If you see them following you, quickly finish your job before the enemy gets there, or just turn and try to execute the opposing foe.

The Middle laner is in the MIDDLE of the map. So he/she is responsible for helping the jungler in many ways, such as counter jungling, warding, ganking, etc. Just the combination of the jungler and middle laner is powerful. When your jungler is invading, help them invade. When your jungler is clearing wards in dangerous places, help them clear the wards. When your jungler is willing to tower dive another lane, help them secure the dive and live with no casualties. This will guarantee objectives are complete and successful. He or she alone cannot to everything, but combined everything will work out.

Never stand in your lane while a fight erupts, unless you're 100% certain that the laners will be wiped out hours before you get there.

Do you agree to the terms and conditions of a Mid Laner?

Ganking Routes

I will explain some simple yet very effective ganking routes. Bottom lane is very tricky when it comes to ganking, because of that damn who constantly wards every bush, along with the river. In this map I will show you the ganking routes that work, some better than others. The Red trails are the Hot Zones,as they will bypass most wards and will increase the chances of a powerful and successful gank. The Green Triangles are the spots where the enemy has warded MOST likely.


Now for top lane. The ganking paths are practically the same as it is bot. As always Red Trails = Hot Zones, and the Green triangle are commonly warded spots. What I sometimes do is I stay in the top bushes (Red boxed) and i can stay there until the top enemy comes back to lane. By then they will try to farm, or even play aggressively against my allied top laner. In that position you can freely punish him, by killing him, zoning him, or ridiculously bursting him in that he will have to back again. This will easily help your top lane snowball.


As always make sure to help your lanes as well as your jungler. You by yourself cannot carry. It is a team game so help each other out, this is the most important thing of winning any game. Make sure to know your teammates limits and capabilities. For example, if they think that they will not live a dive, don't dive. Don't force your teammates to do things that they are unsure of, because they are as smart as you.

Top Lane Peanut Head

Towards the end of Season 2, my days as a mid laner had ended, and I transitioned to top lane. Since then I stopped playing Ryze for a period of time.
As of now I main top lane. Then one day I thought to myself, since my top lane mechanics solid, and my knowledge of Ryze is magnificent, why don't I put them together? Innovated by Korean Player, "Shy", I present to you, Top Lane Peanut Head.


Why Ryze top?

As you Ryze to the top Lane, you will use Ryze's potential and skillset to dominant every oppoenent you face. Being a ranged, bulky mage in the top lane, Ryze has a significant advantage over the other top laners. Paired up with the powerful Overload harassing and ability to electrocute your lane opponent, there is no doubt as to why Ryze has become a strong pick in both solo queue and competitive play.

Some may ask, "why? It's the same champion, just in a different lane. What makes the difference?"

Top lane Ryze is latent and under the right circumstances stronger than mid lane Ryze. A majority of top laners are melee, so because Ryze is a ranged champion, you have a distinct advantage in most matchups. The difference in which lane Ryze is in equates to the strengths he has.

Pros of Top Lane Ryze

-Can spam auto attacks and spells at a range to repel opponents from farming creeps.
-Scales really well with defensive items as it typically boosts his offensive capabilities.
-Since you can't push very well as Ryze, you can easily the freeze lane, which is EXTREMELY effective in top lane as composed to other lanes such as middle.
-Significant burst damage.
-Top tier solo laner if played correctly.
-Decent 1v2 champion.
-Safe pick.
-Much stronger Top than Middle. (In my perspective)
-Has all the pros from mid lane Ryze also
-Overall Top>Mid

Cons of Top Lane Ryze

-Requires different skill level and game knowledge in top lane than mid lane.
-Completely different champion in Top lane as compared to Mid.
-Rather squishy early game.
-You must know Peanut Head's capabilities as well as other champions strengths and weaknesses to really excel at top lane.
-Typically no blue buff (not a problem with Ryze )

What I mean by these Cons

Playing Peanut Head top lane is completely different from playing him mid. You must know Peanut Head's capabilities as well as other champions’ strengths and weaknesses to really excel at top lane. It doesn't take more skill, but rather different skill to play him top lane. As a mid laner you must know how to control the map, aid your teammates, and control your opponent from roaming. However, in top lane, you must know how to trade and when is the right time to trade damage with your opponent. This requires more knowledge in other champions strengths and weaknesses. For example, when a Vladimir's sanguine pool is down, that is one moment where you can go all in. You must also know Ryze's capabilities and limits. Early game you are very squishy and vulnerable to strong early game solo laners . [highlight]



Wards wards wards wards wards! That's what everyone is expected to buy! Always buy a few wards each time you back. If you want to be a good player, don't think about yourself think about the team! Buy a ward, save a dragon!

Generic warding spots for any mid player.


Final Comments

Alright so the reason why I call him peanut head is because one of my friends pointed that out. And after I saw that it actually looked like a peanut shaped head, i started calling him that there on.


July 19, 2015 - 11:08 AM #1

This is the best guide www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWxDqOR2gZY

March 15, 2015 - 09:59 PM #2

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September 7, 2014 - 10:29 PM #3

Great guide! What are your thoughts on Iceborn Gauntlet instead of Frozen Heart in certain situations?

August 28, 2013 - 07:03 PM #4

Dude remove your muramana lol it dosent work for Ryze anymore. the spells cast only amplifize physical damage. Yes he can use the auto but wtf late game ryze autoattack is his Q

August 10, 2013 - 11:39 PM #5

Since the new patch I have noticed that it takes around 30-35 minutes to fill your tear. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?

If so, is it viable to take an Arch Angels also, seeing that most games don't last 60+ minutes?

August 6, 2013 - 01:18 PM #6

Looking forward to the top lane part of this guide! Keep it up!

July 28, 2013 - 01:33 PM #7

lmao jungle ryze is good

July 22, 2013 - 01:59 AM #8

For that comment 2 comments down

step one: set all qwer on SMART CAST

step two: Spam qwer in combo order

No "bot" needed, just learn how to play

July 15, 2013 - 01:24 PM #9

Looking forward to more info on top lane Ryze, especially with the upcoming changes which everyone says is going to push him even more in the direction of top lane. I thought people were going 0-9-21 with top lane ryze - why do you choose 21 offense or defense. For runes is it just mpen red, armor yellow, flat mana blue, ms quints?

July 9, 2013 - 12:50 PM #10

Aaand secret of perfect ryze is ----- BOT OF LEGENDS. Sad but 70% of fucking ryzes i see are botters using scripts "spacebar to win" for ryze, while you just have to toogle T to automatic harrass, you have to use auto farm script, and while you got no cooldowns just hold spacebar to do whole combo like robot with 0.1 delay, then just back to farming like nothing never happened... noobs from bronze are going to diamond easily, just getting ryze top/mid/support and holding spacebar x.x

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