JANNA BUILD GUIDE: (UPDATING AND CONDENSING FOR S4) Janna and You: An Anti-Alt Tab Guide by Feyvern

by Feyvern (last updated 1 month ago)

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Greater Mark of Armor(+8.19 armor)
Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration(+3.69 mana regen / 5 sec.)
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power(+14.85 ability power)
Greater Glyph of Ability Power(+10.71 ability power)
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mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
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mastery 3 0/3
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0 Offense
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9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 3/3
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mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 3/3
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21 Utility
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QHowling Gale
EEye Of The Storm
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Hi my name is Feyvern and this is my first guide! Enjoy!

Janna is a very special and unique support. The utility that she offers is quite absurd, and her disruption/denying is very powerful. Her strengths lie in zone control, peeling, following up on/creating engagements, and both offensive and defensive plays. Her ultimate is one of, if not the most powerful disengaging tool in the game. As a forewarning, this guide is VERY long (tl;dr worthy), so I recommend actually reading it instead of alt-tab reading.

Note: By the time you finish reading this guide, you will be sick of hearing about tornadoes and Janna's ulti. If you aren't, I salute you. I tried to make this a learning experience, but also an entertaining one, as games are supposed to be! :)



I use this set for basically every match up except for when they have heavy magic damage, in which case we swap our our AP Glyphs for MR.


mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
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mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
0 Offense
mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 2 1/1
21 Utility
This page is good against both kill lanes bot and poke lanes. It provides a lot of damage reduction from the 9 points in Defense and a the necessary Wealth and other utility based passives from Utility. It also goes down and picks up Wanderer for added mobility.

Defense Tree: 9 Points (9 Core, 0 Spare)

Block (2/2) - Flat out reducing damage from attacks is more efficient in the early game than Armor. Even though it's only 2 damage per auto attack, it makes you deceptively tanky.

Recovery (2/2) - 2 HP regen is helpful in lane for after trades and if you need to tank minions near tower. It can also mean the difference between life and death if the opposing support takes Ignite.

Unyielding (1/1) - See Block.

Veteran Scars (3/3) - Extra HP is very helpful in lane, especially against all-ins. It's also helpful because Janna is one of the squishiest supports until she buys items, and even then she's pretty squish. 1 points ~ 0.462 HP quints, therefore 3 points ~ 1.385 HP Quints. Not bad for a 3 point sink.

Juggernaut (1/1) - Same as Vet Scars, but the % health is more effective for late game. Early you probably won't see a difference, though.

Utility Tree: 21 Points (21 Core, 0 Spare)

Fleet of Foot (3/3) - 1.5% MS is really helpful for chasing, running away, getting back to lane faster, etc.

Meditation (3/3) - 3 Mana regen is really useful in lane for mana sustain, as you'll be using your shield and tornado from time to time.

Summoner's Insight (3/3) - Summoner Spell CDR is an exclusively mastery based stat outside of Smite on jungler items ingame and it's very powerful.

Alchemist (1/1) - This mastery basically gives you some free money by making potions better, and considering you don't have a ton of gold as support, it lets you spread some wealth around.

Culinary Master (1/1) - First of all, not only does this make you better at baking cookies than Morg and Pantheon (xD), it also makes your HP pots mini fort pots. If you're really ballsy, you can abuse this to bait people into really close fights with the extra 20 HP it instantly restores. Keep in mind it will be halved by Grievous Wounds (Ignite, Morellonomicon passive, etc). The 10 mana is a nice bonus and honestly is enough to warrant not buying mana pots.

Greed (3/3) - GP10 is really useful for supports because you won't be farming much, if at all. It helps you sustain wards and work towards bigger items.

Wealth (1/1) - 40 extra starting gold is absolutely essential for supports in order to buy almost every core start.

Scavenger (1/1) - This synergizes well with your Ancient Coin start, as you'll get a bit more gold every time your ADC farms. The only thing is, they have to kill it; it can't just die. It relies on how good your ADC is at farming.

Bandit (1/1) - +3 gold when you hit an enemy champ is a nice reward for harassing, and you should be. Harassing is very important on Janna because you can abuse your shield and powerful CC spells. Just don't get baited into a bad spot.

Intelligence (3/3) - 5% CDR and 10% item CDR is very good. You can't realy get item CDR anywhere else in the game, so that alone makes the mastery invaluable. 5% CDR will help you in lane and might save your life, but more importantly it helps count towards your 40% CDR cap when you're not buying a ton of CDR after Talisman.

Wanderer (1/1) - 5% MS outside of combat is very helpful overall, giving you with just this mastery and your passive, 10% extra MS outside of combat and 5% MS inside. It helps you when roaming around trying to get picks.

Summoner Spells

Exhaust & Flash
Exhaust - Exhaust is standard on supports mainly for the AS/MS slow, but is also useful for reducing damage output. You can use this to help secure kills, kite enemies, or reduce damage of massive spells like Katarina ult and Nunu ult. Exhaust is now my situational summoner against hyper carries.

Take it against: Vayne, Kog'Maw, Jax, Irelia, Fiora, Yasuo, Yi, Rengar, Riven unless you feel comfortable without it or someone else has it.

Flash - Flash is absolutely essential and should never be skipped. It is your get out of ganks free card and what helps you make amazing plays with your ult. You can use it to close gaps for clutch shields, reposition to tornado, etc. Seriously, just take it.

Tl;dr - Exhaust for damage reduction and slow, Flash for reposition
Heal & Flash
Heal - Heal is a very powerful newly reworked spell. It now heals and speeds up you and a target champion closest to your cursor. It's very powerful now, acting basically as a mini-Shurelya's Reverie and regular heal. You can use it to bait enemies into bad situations or even to chase with the speed buff. It's excellent whenever you don't need to bring Exhaust, but most of the time ADC tends to bring it, so Exhaust is more common again.

Flash - See above.

Tl;dr - Heal for the heal and speed buff, Flash for reposition
Ignite & Flash
Ignite - Ignite is a more aggressive set that can be used when you're confident that you don't need the slow from Exhaust and would rather try to kill your enemies in lane. I don't use this very often, if ever because I just prefer Exhaust, but if you take Ignite you need to be trading a lot.

Flash - See above.

Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
Ancient Coin Start
Doran's Shield Start
Spellthief's Edge Start
Starting Items:

Ancient Coin Start -
The Ancient Coin start provides you with all the HP and mana regen you'll need in lane and gives a steady flow of income regardless of if you can get a last hit in or not. I see this as the safest of all the starts and find myself getting it more and more, as it also builds into Talisman of Ascension which is the S4 version of Shurelya's Reverie. This is the best possible start on Janna, as to make the most efficient use of your limited gold, but if you're just starting, I would still recommend the D-Shield start. In addition, the extra potions and mana pot allows for early trading.

D-Shield Start -
The D-Shield start is most effective against very dangerous lanes such as Leona, Thresh, and Taric lanes. It's actually extremely important to buy this item against these lanes for the extra bonus health and auto attack reduction. It increases your survivability in lane at the cost of delaying your Shurelya's a bit. You don't lose any HP regen, but you do lose some vision control. It's actually my recommended build for newer Janna players as she is very, very squishy, and it's very easy to just get insta-gibbed in lane.

Spellthief's Start -
The Spellthief's start is very aggressive and dangerous for Janna. It gives her combat stats but no tankiness and no health regen. It's ok if you're messing around or if you're very confident in your ability to out trade your enemies, though it's a bit predictable. Frost Queen's is actually not bad, but keep it at Frostfang for the most part.
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items
Boots - For boots, I normally take Mobi Boots because I love the extra mobility and flexibility it gives me, but Merc Treads are ok for when they have too much CC or if you need the MR. Swiftness Boots are really good for late game when you need the speed, but don't need to roam quite as much. It's also good against low/soft CC comps. I don't recommend CDR boots anymore because CDR just comes on most of the items you can buy and you already have 10% CDR from masteries anyway.

Ruby Sightstone - You MUST keep your Sightstone on you at all times mainly because with the S4 vision changes, you really don't have an excuse for not using what limited vision you have. Also, it gives a nice HP bonus, so get this sooner if you need to be a bit tankier.

Gold Generation Item - Whatever gold generation item you have will be here. The game probably won't go on long enough, but honestly, I find Talisman of Ascension's active to be superior to the other two items' actives considering AOE speed buffs aren't common and Janna doesn't build tanky enough for Face of the Mountain to really be good. Frost Queen's Claim's active just isn't very good, and honestly, if you started Spell Thief's Edge, I would just keep it at Frostfang until you're ready to buy a Talisman unless you really need a slow.

Oracle's Lens -

** Make sure to keep buying pinks until you have two or more inhibs down, in which case you'll siege the last turret and have little need for them. After that, you can buy one of the following items. **

Zhonya's Hourglass - Zhonya's is one of my favorite items to get on Janna because honestly, it makes your already hard to kill nature unkillable. Seriously, 50 Armor is nothing to scoff at and the active is really useful if you get in a sticky situation, especially after Flash ulting. The extra 120 AP is a really nice bonus, giving +12 AD to your shield. If you're planning on getting one of these, an early Seeker's Armguard is good in lane where you can stack if if you went Relic Shield start. Either way, the extra AP and Armor is helpful.

Morellonomicon - I like to get Nomicon in the midgame when the mana regen really comes in handy as teams are starting to siege towers, skirmish, and fish for kills. The extra CDR is helpful if you didn't get a Talisman as your gold item and it will finish off your 40% CDR cap if you did get one. Nomicon's 75 AP is also really nice for buffing your abilities in addition to giving you more reason to use them to counter enemies with heals (ex: Vlad, Soraka, Taric, etc).

Rabadon's Deathcap - Deathcap's 120 AP and +30% AP is really good as a last item mainly because Janna doesn't build that much AP in the first place, so the +30% AP is kind of wasted until you have one or two other big AP items like Zhonya's, Nomicon, or maybe a high stack Mejai's. Either way, it will really amplify your spells once you get some AP to back it up. Alone, it's weaker than a Zhonya's buy, so if you don't really have any AP yet, just get Zhonya.

Build Order
This is a sample build using the Ancient Coin Start into the sample final build. By no means should you always follow this build. Find a build that works for you and change it up to adapt to different match ups and different teams.

Note that I start with a Warding Totem, but after buying the Sightstone, I switch to a a Greater Lens (assuming you're at least level 9). This is because once you have a Sightstone, the Warding Totem is unnecessary and the ward clearing offered by Greater Lens is more effective. Also, keep in mind how many components I buy in the early and mid stages of the game. Keep in mind that supports don't always have a lot of gold and they can use the components well. You just need to plan out what you're going to build according to what kind of team you're up against and what kind of team you have.

Situational Items

Aegis of the Legion
Aegis is useful against heavy AP comps like teams with double AP top/mid or an AP jungler. It makes Janna pretty tanky and can be built into Locket of the Iron Solari which is mentioned a few down from here. The aura stacks on you and anyone else who has it, so you and whoever else has it will get two stacks of the aura, but nobody else will get double stacks. They'll just get one. However, it's not an extremely efficient item on Janna anymore, seeing as high AP damage comps are relatively less common these days. This item can also be bought against AD teams with relevant magic damage like Shyvana.
Banshee's Veil
Banshee's is an extremely important item against pick and heavy initiation comps. You need to buy this after Talisman and/or Mikael's against teams with champions like Nidalee, Leona, Amumu, etc. What do they all have in common? An extremely powerful single spell that can be nullified by Banshee's Veil's spell shield. Yes, it's a selfish item, but it's important to have it for survivability because late game, even if you die, it can mean game over for your team.
Deathfire Grasp
DFG is a very unconventional support item and I've been thinking about this for a while now. Janna herself is not very good at killing things. Her "burst" is more like a tickle if you use a no charge tornado and Zephyr, but if someone just HAS to die, you might be able to help with this... This item is really for the troll inside of you. You know it's there. Also, if you have a really strong AP that you tend to be near, you can basically make them a 7 item carry.
Locket of the Iron Solari
Locket is the upgraded version of Aegis and offers the same aura, but better individual stats and an AOE shield active. It's kind of like a mini Summoner Heal and is good against AOE comps. If you buy an Aegis, make sure to eventually upgrade it into this because it's pretty useful for what it's worth. Just keep in mind it IS a gold sink.
Mejai's Soulstealer
Mejai's or as I like to call it, the BM Book, is actually very good on Janna once you get a feel of what you're doing. Janna is legitimately hard to kill if you play it right, and that's perfect for Mej, especially since Janna typically gets a lot of assists. This item becomes gold efficient after 5 stacks of Soul Engorgement and is a nice buy if you're ahead in a lower ELO. In higher ELO, people just don't die as often so I wouldn't recommend it all the much past high Gold/low Plat unless it's just a complete slaughterfest which sometimes happens.
Mikael's Crucible
Mikael's is basically QSS for an ally with a heal tacked onto it, but it will NOT cleanse any sort of SUPPRESSION (WW ult, Malz Ult). It also gives you some much needed mana regen so you don't need to back as much. To note, if you cleanse a target with the Fizz fish on him, it drops the fish where the target was standing... but this also means whoever runs over it can still get hit. Also, you can't cleanse Zed ult with this either. I know I said the heal is kind of just tacked onto the active, but it's actually really good for saving allies because it's % Max Health based. I get this every game as my first or second item as a follow up from Chalice regardless of if I need the CC removal.
Nobody buys this item but it's really funny when you're sieging a tower and then suddenly your entire team dives because you disabled the turret. It gives a nice chunk of 50 AP and some HP on top of that so go ahead and try it. I normally don't buy it, but it's always hilarious if you do.
Randuin's Omen
Theoretically, you'll be close to your carry, so you can make good use of the active slow, but it won't be quite as effective as if you bought it on a tankier champion like Leona or Thresh, as the active duration scales off of Armor/MR. Also, something hilarious about buying Omen on Janna is that people don't expect a tanky Janna at all, so when they try to hit you they'll be like "Wait, what???" when they get slowed and realize how little damage they dish out to you.
Talisman of Ascension
This is one of the absolute best items you can buy on Janna. It's helpful in helping your team initiate or disengage as it has the second strongest speed buff on items. You don't need to necessarily buy this item early, as the gold generation doesn't change between Nomad's Medallion and the Talisman, but keep in mind, the active is super strong. I strongly recommend buying this item as early as possible in the game, only swapping to buy an earlier Mikael's if you need the anti-pick.
Twin Shadows
The spooky ghosts are good for catching enemies out of position and also give you a nice chunk of AP, MR and the all important % MS. However, this item's active has a very long CD of 2 minutes, so use it wisely. I rarely actually get to buy this item because I tend to spend a lot of money on vision control, meaning pinks, but if the game goes late enough it's useful for getting picks.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's is a very effective item to provide you with a good amount of AP and armor in addition to a helpful temporary Invulnerability. Since Janna's not exactly the tankiest of champions, many teams like to try and pick her off before fights start, especially with poke comps like with Nidalee or Ziggs. It's simply useful in every situation; you can always find a use for it.
Boots of Swiftness
Swiftness Boots are situationally superior to Mobos in the late game when you're not roaming alone that much. I really like these against heavy slow teams too, but there are some situations when I would buy these instead of Mobos in the first place. For example, if you're not just roaming around between lanes a lot in the midgame and you're all teamfighting instead, Swiftness Boots are better. It's actually a little harder to utilize Flash + R in the beginning of fights but easier in the middle of them with Swiftness Boots.
Boots of Mobility
Boots of Move Really Fast are very good for midgame when you're roaming a lot and if you find yourself backing frequently. TBH these are my standard boots because I don't need the CDR from Lucidity boots since I find it elsewhere. In addition, they help you help more people more quickly.

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
QHowling Gale
EEye Of The Storm
For Skills, you generally want to take E level 1, followed by whichever you didn't take. Afterwards, max E, W, then Q last, taking your ult whenever it's available. There's an alternate delayed ult build that you can find on the side.

E is first for stronger shields and better AD bonus.
W comes second for better slows and a stronger passive MS buff.
Q is last because we don't need more tornadoes and the mana cost gets a little high.
R is taken at 6, 11, and 16 in most cases for more frequent Monsoons. In solo q this is almost necessary imo.


Janna's passive basically gives a +5% MS aura in an 800 radius for her allies. It makes her super speedy and with 0/9/21 masteries, you'll have +11.5% MS out of combat! In combat, you'll have +6.5% MS. This is basically the reason you can skip boots until later, but can also save your allies if you're close enough. Every little bit of MS counts, yeah?
Howling Gale
The tornado is really easy to pick up, but difficult to master completely. It knocks up enemies in a very wide line. The mechanic requires that you double-tap the Q button to cast her tornado immediately. Otherwise, it will charge and increase the range, knockup, and damage for every second that it's charging up to 3 seconds. I do not recommend using this spell to push lanes past early game, and only recommend doing so if you're sure that it's safe to.

A Note on the Knock Up Mechanic:
This spell interrupts almost every dash in the game. This includes anything from Shyvana's Dragon's Descent (LOL) to LeBlanc's Distortion. However, it will NOT knock up enemies that cannot be targeted. This includes but is not limited to: Malphite's Unstoppale Force, Vladimir's Sanguine Pool, Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows, etc. You can also style people by using your ult to knock them into a tornado :P

Max this ability third because you don't really need extra tornadoes or the damage. Plus, it makes the spell more expensive which can be annoying if you don't have a lot of mana regen.
Zephyr does minimal damage without AP, but applies a powerful slow that scales with AP (+50 AP = +3% Slow). As a trade-off, you also lose your speed buff and the ability to run through minions. When running away from champions, use this on solo pursuers, otherwise you typically want to keep it for the passive MS bonus. Also, if you're about to run into an area with lots of minions, you might want to save it because minion block OP. You can also help your teammates escape the enemies chasing them by using this over walls, etc.

Max this ability SECOND for midgame mobility and catches.
Eye Of The Storm
Janna's shield is an instant cast spell shielding for a decent amount and applying an AD bonus to the target (including Turrets). It's important to prioritize shield targets and keep your situational awareness up because you don't want to miss your ally dying from Ignite and float away... It's also important to use this ability to bait enemies and sustain allies in fights. In lane, this spell is used to block damage during trades and often in tandem with Barrier to bait enemies into overextending. Because of the AD bonus, you can also drop this on your ADC when he's behind so he can farm at turret.

Max this FIRST because it scales the hardest of your abilities from levels.
Janna's Monsoon makes her one of, if not the most powerful disengage champion in the game. The AOE knock back gives you huge responsibilities for saving your team if they get in a bad situation but also gives you many difficult to execute plays.

Them plays below are some common methods for using Janna's ultimate. Follow up these with your other abilities.

1. The Disengage - When your team is engaged upon, run between your team, and the enemy team, and ulti. This will push back the enemy team and, as titled, disengage the fight. This also applies when you're being chased and your ulti is the last resort. Alternatively, if your reaction time is fast enough, you can ult big initiators like Amumu away during their gap close.

2. The NOPE - Basically you just run in front of your enemy and proceed to completely screw them when they try to run away because you ulti them right back into your allies' faces. Proceed to slaughter and profit. Just be careful because if they Flash in front of you right before you ult, then you just saved them, so I normally give it a slight delay in case they Flash, so I can Flash too. On the other hand, you can combo this with your Zephyr and tornado to delay them and just Flash ult.

3. The Split (sometime mid-team fight) - This is optimal is when all hell breaks loose in a team fight and some enemies dive too far ahead of their team. You basically run in between those enemies and their straggling allies and blow the stragglers away while your team om nom noms on the divers' faces.

The second way is when you're in the middle of team fight and use it as a cc when your allies are all fighting. To do this, you must be very aware of what's going on. Ask yourself, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"If I use my ulti, will I end up saving my ally, or saving the enemy?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" You have to be really careful in this situation because more often than not, you can end up saving an enemy with low life. However, this is an extremely powerful play if you can pull it off.

4. Surprise Party Janna <3 - This is only possible with Flash. Basically, this is a hyper high risk/reward version of splitting the enemies. Flash into the middle of or behind the enemy team, typically before the fight, quickly position yourself, and ult. This pushes the enemies behind you into your team, and those in front of you away.

Surprise Party Janna as I call it is a technique that really depends who you knock into your team. If you knock, say, Amumu or Leona into your team, you basically did their jobs for them. They will proceed to initiate and make you sad. On the other hand, if you knock someone like Vayne or Kog'Maw into your team, you have succeeded and basically won the team fight before it even started with them plays because they're squishy cannot escape. In addition, it also depends on where the enemies end up at the end of the knock back. For example, knocking Cassiopeia back into your team is a good play right? Maybe yes, maybe no. If she doesn't end up in the center of your team or isn't chain-cc'ed right off the bat, she'll just ulti your entire team and walk, er, slither away. If you knock Tristana back, she'll just Rocket Jump out unless chain-cc'ed immediately. You REALLY have to know your team and the enemy team to successfully split the enemy team for the better. Also, you have to plan out what you're going to do too, because you can set up tornadoes to keep them locked down if you're good at aiming your ulti.

5. Janna is a Ninja <3 - This is something I actually stumbled upon while experimenting with Janna's kit. I have never seen anyone do this except for myself, but I see it as an extremely risky and very rewarding play if you can actually pull it off... Ok, so here goes:

Basically, this play requires some set up and works with most walls. You have the other side warded and and camp your side. You can either set up a tornado to knock up your target that is hugging the same wall as you are (except on the other side), or try without it. Either way, you then Flash onto them (preferably when they're knocked up if you set up a tornado), run behind them so they are between you and the wall, and ult them over the wall into your team. Yup. This will also push away any other enemies allowing you a relatively easy escape, but make sure they didn't see you before hand. On the bright side, this is not a typically anticipated play, so you have the advantage of surprise. Somehow I pulled it off a couple times...

Other Reasons to use your Ult:
Sometimes you will not be able to pull off one of the aforementioned plays or even one of your own, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't use your ultimate. In most situations, you would use your tornado to interrupt a lot of channeled spells, but sometimes you really need to just get someone away from your team.


Amumu - If he Bandage Tosses onto your team and you don't like it, ult. He won't be able to engage again until his Bandage Toss CD is up. You can also use your tornado here, but make sure he isn't in range to just Flash ult anyway.

Cassiopeia - She's going to stun your entire team? No. No, I don't think so. BUT, if she does get a stun off and you happen to avoid it, a well timed ult can save your team and actually turn the fight around.

Fiddlesticks - says \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and you say \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"LAWLAWLAWLAWLAWL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" as you ult him away from the team fight as soon as he Flashes in! Try to deny his ult because it's really, REALLY strong and can shred your team fast. It's best to catch him before he Flashes as referred to above.

Galio - This guy is just a pain. If he ults, it's preferable to interrupt it with your tornado, provided you haven't been caught, but if it's down, just ult. If you get caught with your team in it, you can't really do anything but try to save the fight and disengage as best you can.

Gragas - Something interesting here, is that with the mechanics of both your displacement abilities being the same, you can pull off some weird plays if his ult knocks your team around in a favorable manner. Depending on positioning, if you get knocked into the enemy team and they don't CC you fast enough, you can end up splitting their team up too, and instead of a slaughterfest, now your team has a free clean up. Just remember, you're probably dead if he knocks you into the enemy team.

Hecarim - Well Horseyman can do all he wants and charge into the middle of your team, but you can really screw him up too because normally, if Hec is engaging, his team is lagging behind a little bit so you can keep them away with your ult while your team shreds him.

Irelia - Same idea as Horseyman, but smaller window of opportunity. If the Irelia is smart though, you won't really be able to deny her easily since she has so much CC reduction and low dash CD. Also she's super sticky and really fast.

Jarvan IV - You can make a smart J4 become \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I'm Jarvan. I'm helping.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" This is because if you're good at aiming your ult, you can actually trap enemies in it, etc. This is a huge judgement call though because using terrain and your Monsoon is always a REALLY high risk/reward play.

Karthus - If he's shredding your team, disengage. Remember that he's one of the best AP carries late because all he does is afk farm all game long and then come back late game with half-your-life ultis etc. If you time it right, you can knock him away with your ulti if you know that a projectile that will definitely hit him, will kill him. It's hard to do, but if you can get him killed in a spot away from your team, it really lowers his DPS.

Katarina - It's better to interrupt her ulti with your tornado, but sometimes that's not an option, so don't hesitate to just blow her away with your ulti. Also, in some situations where she'd probably just shunpo-hop and kill your entire team, it's better to ulti and deny her hops.

Kennen This guy gets denied so hard by your ulti... But if you don't deny him you're gonna have a bad time. He can shred your team and stun them all almost instantly so make sure he can't do that.

Example: Chauster at EU LCS 2013

Lee Sin You can deny his Resonating Strike kills. No seriously you can. If you time it right, you can even use your tornado, and end up screwing him over because you're locking him down and he dove too far. It's even more funny when he tries to turret dive you and you end up 1v1 killing him.

Malzahar It's better to interrupt with your tornado, but sometimes them eye beams are initiating and you might not like that fight.

Master Yi Can't be slowed? Too bad Janna doesn't need to slow you.

If she doesn't spell shield fast enough, you can really screw her up if she flash + ultis in the middle of your team. Be careful though, because if she Zhonya's before your ult hits her you'll look really stupid ulting a golden Morg.

Nunu Make sure to interrupt his ulti with tornado or ulti. I don't care which you use, just interrupt it. It does insane damage and slows your entire team.

Champion Matchups

Favors Enemy
Alistar can make the lane either very boring or very scary. It's pretty much a skill match up because both of you can deny the others' attempt at making a play. Pre-6, neither lane can really go aggro because if you or then he can just or , and vice versa. I would say it favors him pre-6 because it's harder to tornado quickly if he Flash + Q. However, your 6 is stronger IF you play it right. You really need to keep him away from the fight if possible because he has so much control. If their jungler decides to camp you're going to hate life, even post-6 because Ali has so much control and just loves to dive.

Tl;dr - Interrupt his combos with Q and be careful pre-6. Post 6, be creative with ult and you'll win. Jungler ganks are op with Ali.
Favors Enemy
This little girl will make you cry ALL DAY. At all levels you must be wary of her all-in's because your shield isn't made for such fights. It's made for trades and mitigating sustained damage. I would say this is one of the hardest match ups because you can't really stop an Annie Flash + Tibbers stun, but at your 6 you can disengage the fight which helps.

Tl;dr - Play REALLY SAFE because her all-in > your all in at all levels. She also outranges you hard with autos.
Favors Enemy
This is a really weird match up because it almost completely relies on dodging hooks and avoiding his knock up. Pre-6, hooked = dead for you, but hooked = maybe dead for your ADC. A trick I like to pull is to use to knock him up before he can . Try to play aggressive because Blitz is pretty much worthless in trades unless someone gets hooked. At your 6, you should win IF YOU DODGE HOOKS (see a pattern here?) because you can use your Get Out of Jail Free Card, I mean , and deny his hook plays.

Tl;dr - Play passive/aggressive and DON'T GET HOOKED because you'll win trades otherwise.
Favors You
She likes to poke, you like to poke, and her all-in relies on hitting a slow skillshot while your all-ins rely on hitting a huge freakin' tornado. Only trade when your shield is up and play really passive/aggressive because she'll go oom pretty fast if you do so. However, be careful of her overall damage because it's all percent. Her damage in spider form is also really scary so make sure to mitigate it as much as possible. This lane only gets easier at 6 because she has no real ult.

Tl;dr - Play passive/aggressive and dodge . Careful of percent health burst damage.
Favors Enemy
I hate Fiddle a lot, but it's actually a pretty simple lane. Don't let him walk into range to fear you or your ADC and shield his harass. Play aggressive pre-6 because his fear will still have a short duration and long CD, but be careful of the E bounces. Ward liberally in this lane post-6 and be especially careful of jungler ganks. Ganking for Fiddle is kind of a jungler's dream... Also make sure to interrupt his ult channel if you can and if he stands there and channels , interrupt that too. He doesn't have a lot of damage alone without ult, but his utility is just disgusting, kind of like you.

Tl;dr - Avoid fear as much as possible, especially later. Shield his poke, and ward liberally past 6.
Favors Enemy
Gragas' poke is really, really strong, especially considering he has near infinite health and mana from his and . You can only shield so much of his damage, so do your best to dodge barrels. The problem with this match up is that he specializes in poking you down so he can all-in you, something Janna doesn't really do well against specifically because his poke is stronger than your shields AND is AOE. However, he IS melee, so try to abuse this and ward bushes a lot. At 6, really weird things can happen because your ults are the same except yours is stationary and heals while his is ranged and deals a metric crap ton of damage. I can't really give you much advice post-6 because this lane is absurdly volatile, but what I can tell you is to look for splits if he ults first.

Tl;dr - Try to avoid poke and do your best to deny his all-in's. Lane gets really volatile post-6.
Favors Enemy
This lane is honestly not that bad because she loves to poke and unlike Gragas it's not too much to handle. Her is a lot easier to dodge than barrels, but you need to be really careful of her spells. They're very strong and can turn fights around rather quickly. Don't get baited by her Mantra W because she'll heal a lot from it, and know that her Mantra E is really annoying because it makes them faster than using a .

Tl;dr - Her poke is annoying but easy to manage, but her Mantra spells are dangerous. Don't get baited by Mantra W. If you don't dodge you will lose.
Favors You
The real danger of this match up comes in the first few levels and at your 6's. Her level 2 burst is very powerful, especially if she takes and can potentially be as strong as if she was mid Leb depending on what she bought. Once she hits 3, she'll have her core pick combo with a silence, gap closer, and snare if she hits everything. LeBlanc's damage can be mitigated with shield, but it comes in waves, as she goes oom pretty fast if she does a complete combo. You can also interrupt her with your tornado and screw up her by slowing her down long enough for whoever's hit to get out of range. At 6, she'll have more damage for free with her ult and you'll have to play a lot safer. Her pick potential is very high, but if you play safe it won't be a problem. As the game progresses make sure to look at what she builds and determine how much damage she does.

Tl;dr - Careful of her level 2/3/6 burst/pick potential and keep an eye on what she builds. She has VERY high pick potential.
Favors You
You are a soft counter to her as tornado can interrupt Zenith Blade, her main source of engaging, but post-6, it gets a lot harder since she can engage with Solar Flare and bypass the knock up. The first two levels are her weakest, as she won't have Eclipse yet, so use this to your advantage and play decently aggro. She's extremely deadly past 3, especially with an ADC with extra CC like Jinx or one that can go aggro on the fly like Ezreal. Jungler ganks are really scary with Leona, but she's pretty susceptible to counter ganks because she HAS to go all-in or she just loses every time. A tip I learned on Krepo's stream: assuming you have the same CDR, the CD on her is 1 second shorter than on your tornado, so if you cancel her dash, she can immediately engage again before your tornado is back up, so be careful.

Tl;dr - You can interrupt her so you win pre-6 almost every time, but post-6 your life is hell; careful of jungler and keep yours nearby because she must go all-in every time.
Favors Enemy
Lulu is a honestly a more annoying matchup than anything. She's the jack of all trades support but goes oom really fast. Her poke is stronger than yours and can probably 1v1 your ADC until 6 unless you get ahead early. Many Lulu players are starting to max Help, Pix! for the stronger shield/poke which makes your life pretty difficult in lane. Honestly, this lane is pretty boring unless junglers interfere because neither side can kill the other's ADC without significant errors. Post-6, neither side will get a kill if both play it right.

Tl;dr - She's really annoying and you'll never kill her ADC, but she shouldn't be able to kill yours that easily either.Her early game dps is deadly.
Favors You
Her skillshots are decently fast, but her most important one, her Light Binding, is really slow. Basically this lane is all about mitigating poke damage and not getting snared. If you get snared, this lane gets really hard, especially since if Lux gets ahead, your life becomes hell. She often transitions into a second AP carry if she gets ahead, so be warned: Lasers WILL hit like a truck. You can win a poke war against her if you time shields correctly and don't spam too much, but I find that all-ins are decent against her too, but only if you dodge her spells or engage when they're on CD. Look for opportunities to insec her Janna style because many Lux players are over aggro even with her long range.

Tl;dr - Dodge her spells or you will lose, but they're pretty slow anyway. If she gets ahead you're going to be dealing with a second AP carry.
Favors You
Morgana is a very good support, but this lane can get kind of weird. The danger of this lane is twofold pre-6: the first is her Dark Binding, and the second is her Black Shield. Post-6 it becomes a little harder too. This lane is all about dodging her bindings so she can't go all-in on you or your ADC. It starts as a 2 second snare, but scales up to 3 seconds at rank 5. In addition, she hits like a truck even without AP and loses no utility from building support. Be careful of insec'ing people when she's around because her spellshield will deny your play hard and then you'll die. Also, she tend to shield herself when ulting, so your ult will be useless against her a lot of the time. A nice trick is if she Flash ults with spellshield, to run up and Monsoon all her teammates away so she just dies before the ult goes off. In addition, she won't be knocked back because she's spell immune. When she gets Zhonya's your life = hell, but that won't be until really late because she's building support.

Tl;dr - Dodge the snare like in a Lux lane and try to knock her back if she ults. If she spell shields, be creative and use the spell immunity to your advantage.
Favors Enemy
This is a heavy poke lane and you'll have a really hard time dealing with her sustain on top of everything. Her bubbles are really slow, so you shouldn't have too much trouble dodging them, but be careful of the jungler because this lane is extremely deadly with chain-CC, particularly with a Vi jungle. Your shield will do well mitigating the poke and if she casts too much she'll go oom fast. Engage once she's low on mana because her autos are quite pathetic, akin to yours. Post-6, her all-in potential gets a lot better, but it's pretty easy to kite back/dodge her damage and then all-in.

Tl;dr - Fight when her spells are on CD or when she's oom. Her poke is really annoying and ganks are deadly.
Favors You
Supportalee's main threat is her poke, and it's not even reliable. The way this lane plays out is literally dodgeball. If you dodge, you win, if you get hit, you will lose. She will always outdamage your shield unless she's massively behind, but she will lose in a long drawn out fight. She has to get close in order to dish out her full cougar combo, and then she leaves herself open to Janna style insec'ing, which is made easier by the fact that she jumps towards you. The real annoyance is in the combined poke/sustain and lane control via traps. With Nid's recent rework, her traps are even more dangerous, so choose which trap to step on first wisely.

Tl;dr - Dodge spears still = win.
Favors You
Nunu lanes are basically reliant on his ADC because his main ability is to buff the carry's AS/MS almost permanently. The only difference is if he maxes his poke, in which case you simply do exactly what you would do against regular support Nunu: shield the poke, knock up the ult, and you win. It's a pretty simple lane, but be careful of ganks because the Iceball's slow effect still persists and that in itself can be deadly. And do be careful if you somehow feed him; AP Nunu is a nightmare.

Tl;dr - Shield poke, be careful of the slow, and you win.
Favors Enemy
Supportiana can go two ways: the first way it can go is for massive poke with max Q or W, and the second way is with max E, her shield. If she maxes Q or W, try to fight when her spells are on CD as she won't be able to retaliate. If she maxes E, she's going for sustain Janna style, but the key thing about Ori's shield is that it gives bonus armor/MR to the recipient. It's basically the opposite of Janna's shield. At 6, you need to be really careful of her ult, especially when the jungler ganks because she can easily set up a gib.

Tl;dr - Dodgeball
Favors Enemy
My god, Sona. Seriously, this lane is hell. She pokes harder than you can sustain, sustains harder than you can poke, and engages harder than you can disengage as long as she has an ADC that has a bit of CC to back her up. Do not, and I'm serious here, by any means push up against her unless you have maybe a Caitlyn or a Lucian because she'll single-handedly zone both you and your AD off the wave so hard that you guys will miss at least a wave or two. However, the same goes for Sona; if her lane pushes too far you can abuse the fact that she's squishy and immobile via jungler gank. At 6, her R is going to make you cry, but if you dodge it you can just disengage.

Tl;dr - Sona = the devil and DON'T PUSH UP.
Favors Enemy
Raka. Her lane pushes VERY hard with spam Starcall and sustains just as hard with her stupid heal. Remember that the heal doubles as an armor buff (there will be an aura around her target for a few seconds indicating the buff). What's really annoying is that she can trade really well with Janna lanes since she can silence you or your AD and then spam her Q. The strongest point of a Soraka lane is levels 1, 2, 3, and 6 but for different reasons. At 1, if she started Q, she'll have the strongest level 1 duel in bot lane if it's a 2v2 or 1v1. At levels 2 and 3, she gains access to her other spells, and at 3, she'll have everything. At these levels her Q damage is still rather potent so be careful. At 6, her Q damage starts to become a bit more manageable but she gains access to Wish, the opposite of Karthus' ult with a global heal. You need to all-in this lane to kill it, but that's kind of hard as Janna.

Tl;dr - Don't fight her for the first few levels if she picked Q first; if not kill it.
Favors Enemy
All Syndra has is damage a slow and a stun, all of which are unreliable and rather easily dodged. What IS dangerous about support Syndra, is the terrifying prospect of when people finally figure out that dropping a Dark Sphere, ulting someone, and THEN knocking all the balls back is disgustingly powerful if done correctly. Did I hear anyone say 5 man stuns? Anyway, just shield her pokes and dodge if you can. She's pretty squishy too, though, and extremely immobile, so get your jungler to kill her pretty easily.

Tl;dr - Immobile mage support = gank it, kill it, dodge it.
Favors Enemy
Taric isn't popular anymore, but he's still really annoying in lane. His aura makes his ADC pretty stupid tanky and he has a point 'n click stun which can basically get you killed if you're not careful. His heal is pretty weak so don't worry too much about it, but at 6 be careful because his ult hits decently hard and aura buffs. Focus the AD hard because Taric isn't gonna die.

Tl;dr - Focus the AD because Taric is too fabulously tanky.
Favors Enemy
Thresh. Madlife. The real Hook God. In this lane, if you get hooked, you DIE. If you get flayed, you DIE. Seriously, if he catches you with anything you're just dead because of how squishy you are. On the other hand, if your ADC gets hooked or flayed, you have a chance to save him if you're fast enough. You can knock Thresh up during his Q's second part dash and due to the nature of his dash you can possibly Insec him, but that's not always a good idea... You might end up sealing your doom because of his box. Another massive danger is his lantern ganks... Yeah... Thresh is seriously a nightmare.

Tl;dr - Do. Not. Get. Hooked.
Favors Enemy
Zyra is an interesting support. She is the /highest/ damage support in the current meta and builds like an AP mid for the most part, excluding Mikael's and Sightstone. What's most dangerous about her is the range of her auto attacks and how powerful her spells are. She can basically 100-0 you at level 6 alone if she's ahead, but her spells are all relatively slow, so dodge. Her snare will go through minions, and the plants will make you cry, so make sure to get a bit of mana regen... You'll be spamming shield. If you can reliably dodge her spells though, you'll have an easier time. Remember that she's immobile too, though, so you can catch her out relatively easily... Just make sure you're not getting baited cuz her R is one of the best bait/disengage spells in the game.

Tl;dr - Dodge spells because they hit HARD.

But Doesn't Janna Suck?!

Janna isn't what you would call "in the meta" right now. Currently, the best supports are Morgana, Leona, and Thresh. Have you noticed something? They're all aggressive supports with very high kill potential. Morgana bind, Leona stunlock, and Thresh hook all make for very powerful 2v2s with the right ADC. The current ADC fotms are Draven, Lucian, Sivir, and Caitlyn. Again, notice the kill potential . What makes Janna special is the niche role she fills: she hard counters all-ins and is the queen of kiting and peeling. In addition, she can deal very well with poke lanes as long as Sona isn't present with her shield. Her most powerful ability is IMO a split between her Q and R because even though her R has way bigger impact overall, the frequency of which you can actually use the tornado and the impact it does create during this time is actually insane. If it did more damage and had a higher ratio, it would be and ultimate. Doesn't it remind you of Cassio's ult? Instead of stun/slowing it knocks up.


1. Queen of Kite - Her entire kit screams of "stay off my team" and "you're not getting away" if they run into a bad position.
2. Abuses positioning like a GOD - The fact that she has an AOE knock up and an AOE knock back allows her to make insane plays with or without Flash.
3. Scales HARD with AP - Everything in her kit has a very high AP ratio except her double-tapped Tornado.
4. OP with others around - Her entire kit focuses on helping others and synergizes well with everyone.


1. Difficult to Play - If you're bad at Janna you're making it a 4v6, but if you're good at her, the enemy team will hate you SO MUCH and sometimes it gets so bad that they try to focus you over the real damage targets.
2. Requires extreme positional awareness - You need to be very aware of everything going on in order to correctly use Janna's AOE spells, especially Monsoon.
3. SQUISHY - Seriously, she dies if someone looks at her funny.
4. You're very very weak alone - Unless you're AP Janna, you have NO DAMAGE because her base damages are complete and utter trash.

Janna's Role, Mindset, and Playstyle

Firstly I want to thank Kusanagi for suggesting this section and I apologize for not getting to it sooner! Here goes:

Janna's Role:
Janna's has many roles throughout the game, but her absolute main role is to set up objectives for her team. She is most commonly played as a support for the ADC, and excels in disrupting enemies. In lane, she is to shield her ADC whenever he/she comes under attack in order to out trade your opponents. Her role is also to make plays leading to aforementioned objectives with her amazing skill set and keep allies alive as much as possible, especially once she hits 6. She can even roam a little if your ADC can solo lane well and survive the 1v2. Janna players must always buy wards (green and pink), counter ward, and clear as many enemy wards as they can with both pinks and Oracle's Elixir. She must ward high traffic areas and sometimes the jungle to allow for counter play in both your jungle and the enemies'. These wards also allow for easy objectives and denying enemy objectives through map control. In the Mid and Late game, she also holds a huge responsibility with her ult as she can reset a fight whenever she needs to, thus denying the far more important enemy objectives that would occur after the fight. Janna excels at doing so much with so little, and really, she epitomizes the support role.

How to Think as a Support:
To play support, you must be constantly observing and assessing threats. It's really a mind game with these champions. Always keep track of enemy CDs whether it be a Summoner Spell CD like Flash or Exhaust, a short CD like Alistar's heal, or a long CD like Nami's Aqua Prison. This will allow you to calculate when you have openings to engage, poke, all-in, or take objectives. Observe when important CDs like Teleport and Shen ult are up or not on both teams because if one of these are down, you may have been given a free objective. You must always know the ranges of abilities and when you can turn and fight. Always time wards and ping them for your jungler, telling him/her again when he asks for the timers. In the early game, you must check your enemy support's inventory to predict if he/she has warded and where. As you play more support it becomes easier to do this, but it's very difficult in the beginning. You must always check the mini map as much as possible and predict where the enemy jungler started to know approximately when it is the latest that you can afford to ward. Afterwards, you must always predict where he/she really is. You need to know where wards are and if you don't know, predict it. You must keep track of how much damage and utility each player brings to a fight on both teams and assess who is the most valuable target on both teams. Note who the enemies focus and who does what in team fights, as it is crucial that their focus lives and your teams' focus dies. You are just as important as your teammates are, and cannot think of yourselves as any more or less important. Do what you have to do, even if it means sacrificing your life for the greater good.

Playing support is a mind game. You must outsmart your opponents and make as much as you possibly can from almost nothing. It is like chess as the only way to win is to outmaneuver and be tactically superior. It requires cunning, strategy, and is an extremely difficult role.

The Playstyle:
Janna is passive/aggressive, meaning she takes advantage of chinks in the enemies' armor and goes for openings when she sees them while playing passively when there are none or few. She wards aggressively when she can afford to play aggressively with her ADC, and defensively when she must. You must fight for ward dominance and map control. If you're calculating, good at observing, and cunning, Janna is the right support for you.

War of the Wards (if you understand then <3)

Vision is the most powerful tool that every support player must bring to the table. Warding is extremely important, as I hope to have already emphasized enough. Warding is tricky and easy to pick up quickly, yet difficult to master. In this section I'll go over the basics of warding, essential ward spots, advanced warding, and tips and tricks.

The Basics: and

The Sight Ward - Sight Wards or green wards are the basics wards of the game. They dispel fog of war for 3 minutes and cost 75 gold. They do not reveal stealthed or invisible units or other wards, but can give you vision of the warding animation when enemy champions ward (if you're watching your map like you should). When killed, they reward 15 gold to whoever killed the ward and 15 gold to whoever revealed the ward. They are typically referred to as just wards.

The Vision Ward - Vision Wards or pink wards are the advanced wards of the game. They also dispel fog of war for 3 minutes, but instead cost 125 gold. This is because they also reveal stealthed and invisible units in addition to other wards including other pink wards. Anything a Sight Ward can do, a Vision Ward can also do, but not the other way around. When killed, they also reward 15 gold to whoever killed it and 15 gold to whoever revealed it. They are typically referred to as pink wards.

The Bot Lane:


With basic warding (we'll assume you're not lane swapping for the moment) you simply need to ward the tri bush (the bush that looks like a triangle if you played connect-the-dots) and the river bush no matter which side you're on. There's also a spot between river bush and tri bush that can give you a hybrid vision spot if you feel lazy or need to conserve wards (keep in mind this is risky). Warding the lane bushes helps spot lane ganks and gives you bush control which can also help your jungler pull off a lane gank or keep you safer from hooks! This is why it's so important to ALWAYS BUY WARDS.

(Absolutely) Essential Ward Spots:

Objectives on Summoner's Rift:


The Bare Minimum:

[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091228051724/leagueoflegends/images/c/c9/DragonSquare.png] Dragon - Starting from approximately 5 minutes, you'll need to start warding the Dragon Pit with a VISION WARD. You can use a regular Sight Ward if you want, but you need to have vision control of it, thus a pink ward is necessary most of the time. This area should be warded for the rest of the game. Once killed, it will respawn after 6 minutes.

[http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091221184103/leagueoflegends/images/1/10/Baron_Nashor.png] Baron Nashor - Starting from approximately 20 minutes, you'll need to ward Baron Pit with a VISION WARD and I'm not giving you a choice this time. Baron is a MUCH more important objective than Dragon is seeing as it gives more gold, more experience, and a buff to boot. Once killed, it respawns in 7 minutes.

Less Essential Essentials:

[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091227202918/leagueoflegends/images/3/33/GolemSquare.png] Ancient Golem (Blue Buff) - If your jungle is getting invaded, make sure to ward your blue buff so it doesn't get stolen. On the flip side, if your team is invading a lot, you can ward their blue buff and counter it or steal it. You may need to use a pink ward if you suspect that the enemy jungler or support has warded it. Also, in the beginning of the game, if your jungler is slow and started red buff, you may wish to ward his blue buff to watch for an enemy buff steal. This is only necessary if your jungler is slower than the enemy jungler. Once killed, it will respawn after 5 minutes.

[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091226085309/leagueoflegends/images/4/4a/LizardSquare.png] Lizard Elder (Red Buff) - Red buff is the same idea as blue buff. You need to ward yours if your jungle is getting invaded and theirs if you're invading their jungle. Also, if your jungler starts blue and is slower than the enemy jungler, like with blue buff, ward his red buff. Like the blue buff, once killed, it will respawn after 5 minutes.

Advanced Warding:

Early Game:

Take a note of what kind of jungler your opponents have. Does he start red or blue buff? Is he a gank oriented jungler or a farm jungler? This will help you determine when to ward and where. I'll divide this section into "Blue Side" and "Purple Side" to help clarify further.

Blue Side: The first thing you need to do on BLUE SIDE is analyze the enemy jungler. If the jungler starts red buff, then the earliest he could gank your lane directly from red buff at level 2 is approximately 2:30 minutes, and the earliest he could gank your lane after his initial jungle clear at level 4 is approximately 3:20 minutes to 4:00 minutes depending on his jungle clear time. If he started blue buff and directly ganks your lane, the earliest he could gank is approximately 2:10 minutes, and if he wants to gank your lane after his initial clear, then it will be approximately 4:15 minutes too 4:30 minutes. Keep in mind that he will not likely run all the way across the map to gank your lane, but you always have to be careful for early ganks. Aggressive junglers require earlier warding while passive/farm junglers do not. On blue side, you most likely need to ward the RIVER BUSH because it is the largest section and most likely spot the jungler will gank from. It is also possible for them to come from tri bush, but through good communication, you can possibly prevent this by having mid ward his bottom bush (assuming their jungler started red) because it kills two birds with one stone, blocking the enemy jungler's path to your tri bush and allowing you to see him if he goes through river. Make sure to watch out for lane ganks though. This is what bush control is for!

Purple Side: Again, analyze the enemy jungler. Everything on your side is swapped for timings essentially considering their red buff is now closer than their blue buff. Junglers starting blue and clearing the entire jungle will arrive at approximately 3:20 minutes to 4:00 minutes while if they start red and clear the jungle first they will arrive at approximately 4:15 minutes to 4:30 minutes. You need to always remember this distinction. On PURPLE SIDE you can get away with warding only river bush AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT PUSHED UP. Bush control on purple side is IMO more important than on blue side if you want to only ward river. This is because you have no vision of the tri bush or of behind the wall in bot lane which can hide pesky junglers. On purple side, you must also ward the bush behind your turret, though. However, you only need to ward it if you suspect their jungler may come through it and help them dive you and your ADC under tower. It is more important to ward this bush if they have either a very tanky CC jungler, a tanky support, or a high damage burst. Notice that all 4 of these conditions make for good turret diving.

Outside of Lane: Make sure to fight for control of vision of the Dragon Pit because it does give a substantial advantage early and mid game. Remember you need to use pink wards to clear enemy wards and I'll even add more pictures to show you nice ward spots for Dragon Pit.

The Dragon Pit with Explanations:


Although it isn't shown here, warding the blue side tri bush is also very helpful in defending a Dragon attempt as purple side. I usually use about 1-2 pinks and 1-3 green wards per Dragon attempt with a pink always on it.

More on Defending a Dragon:


So more on line of sight... Notice how each ward I have placed gives as much unobstructed vision as I can provide for my team. This is because when you ward, you need to take into account that it's as if you were standing there without moving. This is a concept that goes beyond Dragon, really, as junglers often guess where your wards are and then use the line of sight to make it easier for them to gank your lane.

The Baron Pit:

Tips 'n Tricks:

~ none right now but there will be soon!! ~

~This is a work in progress and I will update it as much as I can in the near future~

Janna's Friendly Laners and Junglers

Janna's Friends in Bot Lane:

Categories of ADC: Poke, All-in, M6(Monster @ 6), P/A (Passive/Aggressive), LGM (Late Game Monster), MFE (Must get Fed Early), NTE (No True Escapes)

Ashe: Poke, M6, P/A, LGM, NTE - Ashe likes passive/aggressive lanes, and Janna is happy to comply. Janna can peal for Ashe in lane and synergizes well with Ashe's perma-slows and the Arrow of Truth. Also, if Janna starts E first, Ashe's level 1 crit + Volley poke becomes all that much more powerful. This is a very good lane to gank because of Ashe's amazing CC and damage output. Once Ashe hit 6, this lane becomes VERY scary.

Caitlyn: Poke, P/A - Caitlyn loves abusing her stupid range when farming and poking. Janna and Caitlyn can peal for eachother (Janna tornadoes and Zephyrs, Caitlyn traps and nets). Janna can really help Caitlyn abuse her passive and stupid range by shielding Caitlyn when she get's a Headshot proc. It makes the poke stronger and protects Caitlyn from being poked.

Corki: All-in, P/A - Corki is the most annoying lane other than Tristana with Janna. He will NEVER die EVER... if you play it right. This lane can be passive or aggressive because of Corki's Valkyrie and Janna's skill set. The enemy can engage on Corki all they want, but they'll have a tornado in their face and Corki's fire bombs in front of them. This lane is also good to gank because of Corki and Janna's mobility.

Draven: Poke, All-in, M6, MFE->LGM, NTE - Okay I've had this lane before and it is amazing. Draven is a very poke then all-in oriented ADC, similar to Ezreal, but has shorter range and harder poke. Janna's shield is just ridiculous with his Spinning Axes and her entire kit compliments him well. They can slow down enemies just to speed themselves up and then keep them around for quite a long time until they just die.

Ezreal: Poke, All-in, P/A, LGM - Janna and Ezreal can be a very strong poke lane with Ezreal's Mystic Shot synergizing well with Janna's shields, while if they engage on their enemies, Ezreal's high mobility and Janna's high utility can synergize well. Her tornado can ensure Ezreal's Mystic Shot + Essence Flux hits, while Ezreal's snipes can become even stronger with Janna's AD buff. Ezreal is still better with Taric though.

Graves: All-in - Firstly, Graves will always be better with Taric on the grounds that Graves has high burst. However, with Janna, he can still do well. He will still have good burst because of Janna's AD steroid, but not as much because she doesn't have armor shred like Taric does. However, Janna makes the lane much safer, even without a heal. This is a great lane to gank because Graves can cut off their vision while Janna CC's them.

Jinx: All-in, M6, P/A, NTE - Jinx... What can I say about her except that not only is she a poke MONSTER, she can easily turn pokes into all-ins, especially past 6. Janna's kit basically fixes what Jinx lacks: ESCAPE. Like seriously, Jinx only has her dinky snare to get away from mean bruisers and assassins, so unless she's obscenely fed or the assassins are just bad, she won't survive. Play really aggressive but ward hard because a jungler can really screw up your day. Late game, she's going to be very powerful with AOE 1000 damage rocket crits and that cork of hers so make sure you're ready to fend off a 3 - 5 man dive...

Kog'Maw: Poke, P/A, LGM, NTE - Since Kog'Maw has no escapes, Janna can really help him farm safely. This would probably be a defensive Janna lane, where the lane is passive until the jungler comes in for a gank. If engaged upon, just disengage because Kog'Maw isn't that strong until late game, similar to Vayne.

Lucian: Poke, All-in, P/A - Lucian is very strong in early and mid game with extremely high burst damage spells and autos, especially if he's not stupid and actually uses the Lightslinger passive. He's gonna want to trade a lot early because of his kill potential, but honestly I wouldn't really pick Janna with Lucian. They're kind of on two different brainwaves.

Miss Fortune: Poke, All-in, M6, MFE->LGM, NTE - MF can be good with Janna because of her high poke damage with Double Up. Also, MF's passive works well with Janna's passive and helps her escape ganks with Janna's tornadoes. Janna can also make plays to keep the enemy inside MF's ulti. Janna helps MF bully their enemies in lane, and if MF can get fed, she can easily shred a team with Janna pealing for her.

Sivir: Poke, P/A, NTE - Sivir and Janna don't really synergize very well together because Sivir and Janna suffer the same problems that Graves/Janna does; Sivir is just better with some hard CC to ensure a double proc on Sivir's Q. Although Janna's shield DOES buff Sivir's damage, especially once she hit's 6, this is not an optimal lane.

Teemo: Poke, P/A, M6, NTE - A somewhat uncommon ADC, Teemo and Janna can work well together if they cooperate and communicate well. Teemo's emphasis on early harass with auto attacks and Janna's shield synergizes well, while he can pretty much escape anything other than hard chain-cc with Move Quick and Janna's tornadoes. Also, their engage is really scary because if the enemy bot lane engages first, Teemo can blind the enemy ADC, and once the blind is up, Janna can chain the disables with her tornado and Zephyr. Once they both hit 6, Janna can make plays, forcing them into Teemo's mushrooms. This lane is really hard to gank for the enemy jungler, but the enemy bot lane can easily shut this down because of how fragile Teemo is early on. Just remember that Teemo has global taunt and you'll be fine.

Tristana: Poke, All-in, M6, LGM - Oh god, Tristana and Janna. First of all, Trist is probably never going die in this lane because of her Rocket Jump and Janna's tornadoes. Also, even though Trist is a bursty-AD like Graves and Sivir, her higher mobility and less emphasis on bursting, make her a terror with Janna because Janna's disables combined with Tristana's ever-increasing range can out-kite enemy ganks, out dps enemy bot lanes, and later, insta-kill people. When both Trist and Janna hit 6, they can pull off some freaky stuff with their ultimates; 2 knockbacks are REALLY strong together because they can completely lock down a single enemy in their lane and then bully the remaining enemy. They work well with ganks because of this chain-cc.

Twisted Fate: Poke, P/A, MFE, NTE - Also a rare pick, AD TF can really benefit from having Janna because TF's low range and natural squishiness can be evened out by Janna's shields and tornadoes, though it would probably be better to pick someone like Soraka for higher sustain. Remember that TF is prone to getting harassed hard and that his ultimate will sometimes take him out of the lane. TF and Janna can also chain Gold Cards and tornadoes into some crazy plays with Janna's ulti. AD TF and Janna can do well with ganks because if AD TF gets ahead, he can try to punish enemies for getting into his range.

Twitch: All-in, P/A, LGM - Twitch and Janna CAN work well together... This lane has a different play style than the other lanes because this can be an offensive Janna lane or a "protect the low-range ADC" lane into a surprise party. This is because Twitch's new stealth mechanic with his Venom Cask benefits greatly from Janna's shield and high utility. Twitch has really high sustained burst damage and high burst with his Expunge spell. Because he's so squishy, sometimes the enemy lane can just turn around and 1-shot him, but Janna denies that. Janna can keep Twitch alive long enough to kill the enemy laners and pull some really scary surprise parties with him. This lane is very powerful with ganks because of Twitch's high damage output.

Varus: Poke, All-in, P/A, LGM, NTE - Oh Varus, how Janna loves you. Janna and Varus work very well together because of his Q poke with Janna's shield, and her ability to disable the enemy long enough in skirmishes for him to get a 3-Blight Piercing Arrow or Hail of Arrows off. If Varus uses his Hail of Arrows to proc his 3-Blight stacks, Janna can help him follow up with Zephyr and auto attacks while once they both hit 6, they can chain their ultimates so hard that the enemy bot lane will need a Janna themselves to deny this lane. Varus synergizes perfectly with the passive/aggressive style because he is very similar to a DotA style champ where you poke a lot and then go for an all-in when you can get the kill. Once Varus is 6, this lane becomes stupidly easy to gank, but it's still pretty easy to gank pre-6.

Vayne: All-in*, P/A, LGM - Janna and Vayne... an interesting lane. They work similarly together like Kog'Maw and Janna, but Vayne and Janna is a better lane because of Vayne's higher mobility and the ability to stun. Although Vayne is still better with Taric or Blitzcrank, Janna can set up some pretty nice Condemns for her to capitalize on. Also, since Vayne's pretty much the squishiest ADC early (other than Kog'Maw), she benefits from Janna's utility and shields. This is an excellent gank lane because of the possible chain-cc. One good tornado can lead to a double kill if Vayne can stun and kill someone. However, this lane can also go the opposite way because if the Vayne gets bullied too hard, Janna can't really do too much for her. In this lane, Vayne can be a little more ballsy than usual because of Janna's safety, but Janna has to be a lot more vigilant than usual because Vayne can be so easily instakilled.

Janna's Friendly Junglers:

Alistar just has disgustingly good ganks for pretty much any lane. He's one of your best friends FOREVER. Also if you're feeling REALLY mean, you can play ping pong with them as Ali knocks them towards you and you ult them back. At 6 this combo makes it pretty easy to blow them into your turret given the right circumstances.

Amumu and Janna can chain their CC like no other; he's your little yordle buddy, especially once he hits 6. His high CC makes it easy to split the support and ADC if needed as well as you can easily reposition yourself to ult.

Jungle Blitz is very rare these days, but he's a good friend because of his high CC and the hook. Blitz and Janna can chain their CC hard and easily ensure a kill for the AD, no matter who it is.

Cho'Gath's ganks are very strong with Janna and an AD like Vayne where you can easily set up chain CC. It's hard for Cho to hit his abilities though, so here it's best for Janna and her ADC to engage the enemy, only for them to find a 2v3.

Jungle Darius is not your friend. He steals your kills with his ultimate QQ. Just kidding; Jungle Darius can be good with a Janna lane, but it really depends on your AD. Darius has no hard CC except his wimpy little pull so if you have an Ashe with Janna, even better.

Jungle Diana can gank a Janna lane pretty hard once she hits 6 because of how hard she hits the low MR laners down bot. It's best if the AD also has some CC here because of how low CC Diana is; her Moonfall just doesn't cut it all the time.

Mundo's ganks are really scary in a Janna lane. Perma slows from cleavers, constant damage from the ADC, and Janna's disables spell some easy kills. If Mundo misses his first cleaver though, the gank will be really hard if you choose to follow through.

Evelynn's power comes from popping up out of nowhere, and she can become a very powerful ganker for a Janna lane when Janna hits 6. If Janna can split the two laners and Eve comes in guns blazing, The poor sap who got split into you is probably dead. However, pre-6, Eve can't gank this lane with huge impact unless the enemy pushes up and doesn't have a pink ward.

Surprise Party Fiddlesticks with that fear forever... He's where you get your namesake, Surprise Party Janna Split. He's a good friend because of his silence and fear. Janna and the ADC can follow up on his engages really hard, and once he hits 6, proceed to collect free kill.

Jungle Fiora has pretty much the same problem as Shyvana and Udyr; she gets kited really hard. However, with Janna and an ADC with CC, her high damage output can really ruin somebodies day... Not not your day, the enemies' days.

Jungle Fizz basically has the same situation that Jungle Fiora has, but once he hits 6, all his problems go away except that he's kind of squishy until he gets some of his items. The shark is really good with Janna's CC.

An uncommon pick these days. GP is rather weak early, and not even Janna can alleviate this. Fortunately for him, with the ADC they might be able to pick up a kill, but it's not probable.

Jungle Fatman! He can gank for a Janna lane decently with his attack speed debuff and slow. Once he hits 6, he has a ranged Janna ulti that does damage, and they can chain their ultis really hard. He can easily secure a kill for the ADC, with or without CC.

Jungle Hecarim, or Horseyman as some people put it, can be really good for a Janna lane. If Hec comes in behind the enemy and pushes them back, Janna can chain her ulti with it and keep them disabled for a really long time. Also, Hec can carry if he gets really fed.

Jarvan IV and Janna can do well in a gank, or just fail really hard. If there isn't a lot of communication, J4 might ulti when you're trying to disengage with your ulti, ensuring not a kill for your ADC, but likely, rage from J4. However, if there is clear communication, they can have really strong ganks with the chain-ccs.

Jungle Jax works best with an ADC that does lots of damage. Jax and Janna can chain their cc while Jax and the ADC shred the enemy hard.

A rare pick, Jungle Karthus' walls of destiny can be chained with Janna's cc pretty hard. Also, it lets Karthus and the ADC use their sustained damage to overpower the enemy bot lane with the armor/MR shred from Karthus' wall. Also, with a Karthus in general, you can call for him to use his ultimate and then engage on the enemy bot lane even without a gank. This is because Karthus' ultimate will do a good 250+ at level 6, and this can help secure a kill early.

Kayle does stupid damage early, and works best with Janna and an ADC with CC. Janna can help Kayle abuse her early damage really really hard because of her high utility. It's best if Kayle can hit her slow early in the fight to amplify whatever damage that Janna and the ADC do.

Free Win the Blind Drunk's ganks with a Janna lane are really good. He's your best blind friend because of his absurd damage early and the cripple on Tempest. It makes it hard for the enemy ADC to fight back while your ADC shreds him. Free Win works best with Janna when Janna can make a play so that the enemy is cc'ed when Lee throws out his Q, ensuring the hit.

Jungle Malph works best with a Janna lane after he hits 6. Pre-6 it's very hard for Malph to gank a lane in general because of his low Q range and no gap-closer, but if he can get close to your lane's enemy ADC, he can shut them down with his attack speed debuff and slow, so try to force the enemy into Malph.

Maokai is the reason why Janna is a tree hugger. He can chain his CC with Janna really hard pre-6, making him one of the best junglers to gank her lane. He doesn't do too much damage early, though, and since there's so much CC between the tree and Janna, it's best if the ADC has a lot of damage.

Master Yi is not your friend. You can't really help him gank your lane that hard even with tornadoes, and even once he hits 6, you'll have a hard time making a play for Yi and your ADC.

Spider Naut is similar to Blitz and Amumu because it's really easy to secure a kill for your ADC if all goes well. Janna and Naut's chain cc is just stupid, especially once they hit 6. The ADC has to be asleep for this gank to fail if Naut and Janna play well.

Nocturne is a good ganker for a Janna lane when the ADC can CC the enemy. His fear is good with Janna's tornado and Zephy, but he can be kited if he misses his Q. Try to help Noc not get kited.

Jungle Nunu should be focusing more on counter jungling rather than ganking, but his Ice Ball and ulti synergize well with Janna's kit. He can gank especially well when the ADC is more on the damage side.

Jungle Olaf can work decently with a Janna lane, but if he misses the Undertow, it will be hard to pull off the gank. Just keep them close to Olaf and far enough away from your ADC that they can't turn and instakill him, and you can out damage the enemy hard.

Jungle Mantheon's target stun works well with Janna's chain CC. Once they both hit 6, Janna can make some serious plays with the ganks for the ADC. Also, you can sandwich the enemy bot lane with Mantheon's ulti if you and your ADC are chasing them.

Jungle Rammus is pretty much never seen anymore because he gets outclassed pretty hard. Rammus can roll in and chain his CC with Janna's if Janna makes a good play. If they can chain their cc, the ADC pretty much has a free kill.

Rengar has powerful lane ganks with Janna, especially because she has such good zone control. She can force the enemy bot lane closer to the bush that Rengar is waiting in and then engage on them. Rengar is prone to getting kited though, so try to help him allleviate that.

Jungle Riven is good with Janna if they can chain their CC well and burst down the enemy hard. Jungle Riven has more sustained damage than burst damage, though, and her stun only lasts like almost one second, but once Janna hits 6, she can keep the enemy bot lane in Riven and the ADC's face.

Jungle Sejuani's infinite slows synergizes well with Janna lanes and make it really easy for Janna to make plays splitting the enemy, etc. She works best with Janna when the ADC has more damage because Sejuani's flaw is no damage.

"SHACO OUT OF NOWHERE!" Shaco pretty much works well with any lane that has a hard CC for him to capitalize on; this includes a Janna lane. He can secure a kill for the ADC pretty easily with Janna's disables.

If you're lucky enough to have Shen, send him top; he's better there. But if you do have a jungle Shen, remember not to tornado them until the taunt is up, unless you have to engage with it. Also, ping and call for Shen's ultimate and you can bait the enemy bot lane really hard with a low HP ADC or Janna.

Jungle Shyv has a hard time ganking because she has no gap closer until level 6. Janna can help her not get kited, but Shyv still doesn't work too well with Janna because she also doesn't have any sort of CC.

Jungle Skarner works best with Janna once they both hit 6 because he can grab them and Janna can lock them down, making the poor grabbed enemy and easy kill for the ADC.

Talon can work well when Janna and her ADC have some more CC rather than damage because Talon focuses (almost) exclusively on damage. Remember that Talon is an AD mage so shielding him can buff his burst substantially.

A rare jungler, Jungle Taric works very well with a Janna lane because of the targetted stun. Taric's armor shred and Janna's disables can give the ADC an easy kill.

Jungle Troll can disable the enemy bot lane really hard and force them into Janna's spells. Alternatively, Janna can force the enemy into Trundle and use Trundle's poopy pillar to her advantage. It's best if the ADC has more damage because of Trundle's pillar.

He has a slow and a dash, making it easy for Janna to help the ADC pick up a kill with Trynd. He also scales hard off AD so shielding Trynd can sometimes be a better idea than shielding the ADC.

Jungle Twitch... Basically the same thing as laning with Twitch. She can really help him do all the damages, but on the other hand, if Janna and the ADC don't help Twitch fast enough, the enemy lane can just turn around and instakill the squishy rat.

Udyr gets kited. Hard. Help him not get kited. It's rather simple. We've been over this with all the other junglers who get kited (Fiora, Shyvana, etc.). If he can hit his stun, you can follow up with tornadoes and slows to make for an easy kill for your ADC.

Volibear is pretty much never seen anymore in the jungle, but if you do get a jungle Coca Cola Bear... I mean Volibear, remember that his toss is slightly smaller than a Singed Fling, and that it's his only CC other than his (rather weak) AOE slow. Adjust your tornado aim accordingly and help him not get kited because he gets kited really hard too.

Warwick becomes your best friend when he hits 6 because of Infinite Duress. WW's ulti and Janna's disables can completely shut down a target in lane while your ADC is a'pew pew pew'ing, leading to an easy kill.

Wukong is kind of a weak ganker pre-6 if he isn't played well, but his ganks become stupidly good once he gets his ulti, especially in a Janna lane. If you see Wuk coming in for a gank, try to help him stealth into a Crushing Blow -> Nimbus Strike instead of forcing him to use his gap closer first. It's preferable that your ADC has CC pre-6, but once Wuk is 6 it doesn't even matter anymore.

Win Nhao is in the jungle? Oh god why. His damage is REALLY good early game, but all he really has in terms of CC pre-6 is a slow from his Audacious Charge. Try to help him stay on his target if he doesn't have boots yet because he can get kited if he doesn't have boots or phage (and his gap closer is down). It should be pretty easy for the ADC to pick up a kill with a Win Nhao gank.

Jungle Zed is a rather weak ganker until level 6 because of how hard he gets kited, but like Udyr and Shyvana, Janna can help him not get kited as hard. Once he hits 6 he becomes a monster, though, and his burst is comparable to Talon's, if not higher. Your shield would not go to waste on him!

Janna's "Friendly" Laners and Junglers (Hint, she hates them with a fiery passion)

This section will include (briefly) how the champion can get around Janna's abilities and how she can counter these counters, or avoid them if possible. It also yields tips 'n tricks to certain champs.

In Lane:

It's pretty hard to counter Janna in lane, but these scumbags did it! Let me explain...

He's basically a melee tank version of you with a heal instead of a shield/AD buff. He peals harder than you, and can not only deny aggression harder than you, he can force engages harder than you. On the other hand, you have shorter CDs. Abuse that.

Them hooks. If you dodge them, Blitz is not a problem because he doesn't really have much if engaged upon. He has the element of surprise and if he gets you, you lose.

She can be a really annoying laner because of her traps and stupid range. Make sure to shield yourself or your ADC when she goes for a Headshot auto attack harass or when someone is blocking her ulti.

If you don't interrupt his Valkyrie, you're going to hate this lane. Also, be careful of his high burst damage early game and late game.

His damage is just too much for her to handle. Try to make the lane into a passive farm lane, but more than likely he'll just speed boost with Spinning Axes and kill your ADC if you're not paying attention. Peal for you ADC and yourself as best you can, and try to help your ADC get some farm in.

Ezreal's poke is just annoying if you or your ADC can't dodge. He forces you to waste mana spamming shields in the aforesaid case.

He's a pain when you don't have a lot of communication because he blocks field of vision with his smokescreen. Also his burst is really annoying at 2 because he has his Quickdraw and his Buckshot. Try not to get hit by more than one Buckshot projectile if any. Also, at level 6, he will out-burst your lane. Period.

That's right. Yourself. You're your own worst nightmare because YOU ARE JUST AS STRONG AS SHE IS. You should only get this problem in blind picks, but in this case you just have to out play her or have better synergy with your ADCs than she does.

An uncommon support; she's player more mid and top, but she can heal/shield bait pretty hard so don't fall for it.

Leona is only annoying once she hits 6 if you can successfully deny her Zenith Blade. It takes a lot of practice to tornado her at just the right time, but if you can do just that, You won't have any problems with Leona.

Supportiana is a very rare pick in the current meta where she's played as an AP Mid, but she's real pain because she has a shield that mitigates more damage than yours, gives armor/MR when the ball is on her ADC, and can burst you down with high base damage. She also has a free ward with the ball. This lane has to be played carefully because Orianna can control zones more easily than Janna, but can't disengage as easily. Janna also has better CC than Orianna with her tornado whereas Orianna has her Dissonance. Don't commit too hard unless you can secure a kill because she does surprisingly large amounts of damage with her combo and auto attacks.

That's right. Janna hates Taric because of his stupid stun. She can kind of peal for her ADC if he/she gets stunned, but more often than not, your ADC has already taken a lot of damage or is dead. Taric lanes all-in much harder than Janna lanes do, so try to keep disengaging anything Taric tries to do. Wait for a gank to engage them unless you're confident you can come out ahead... But don't engage a Graves/Taric or Ezreal/Taric because they'll just stomp you. Hard.

Pesky Junglers:

Janna only really hates junglers who can chain-cc by themselves or are seriously annoying. Make sure to deny junglers and enemy laners trying to engage on you during a gank with tornadoes.

Alistar: Everyone loves and hates the cow. He's your best friend, but he's also a traitor. Jungle Ali is MUCH harder to deal with than lane Ali. Ward up.

Amumu: You hate Mumu once he hits 6, but he hates you too. Pre-6 he's not a problem if you dodge the Bandage Toss.

Blitzcrank: Dodge the hook and you'll be as k as Gangplank is. Be advised, however, that many Blitzcranks simply run up to you at super speeds and fist you, then wait to pull you 'til after you're about to get away.

Diana: You hate her when she gets her dash, but until then, not a problem. Just make sure to dodge her crescent skill shot. More in the next section as she will get her ult sooner in mid lane than in jungle.

Dr. Mundo: Mundo is only a threat if he hits a cleaver. As long as you can dodge it, all is well.

Evelynn: She's invisibruu!!! Too OP right?! Wrong. You see her? She can't slow you pre-6 so laugh and walk away. Once she hits 6, it's a different story. She'll slow you and make you an easy target for the bot lane if they have more CC. Start with double pink wards in this match up if you're scared.

Hecarim: Horseyman is a traitor too. He's only annoying once he hits 6 (as long as you deny his move speed charge)... See a pattern coming along?

Jarvan IV: Annoying when he hits 6. Otherwise, deny his Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike charges and you'll be k. You can blow him out of his ult though, so keep this in mind.

Jax: Deny his jump and you'l be k because then he won't be able to stun you. If he DOES jump on you, you will die.

Lee Sin: If you can stay away from his Tempest, it will be hard for him to gank you unless he does a ward-hop + ulti. If he does this, you can ulti and blow him into your turret, lock him in it, and then turn around to the bot lane. Otherwise, don't get ninja-ganked from behind because those are the worst. Also remember that his early damage is stupidly high.

Malphite: He's a problem when he's level 6 because you can't deny his ulti charge with your tornado. Make sure not to panic tornado him because it would be a waste. Also remember that your engage will be significantly weaker if he's against you because your ADC's attack speed will be shot. He can also steal movement speed from you or your ADC, so try not to get hit by the cheese wheel.

Maokai: Janna's a tree hugger alright... But she hates Maokai too. She can't deny Maokai's Twisted Advance with her tornado, so, again, don't panic tornado. Make sure to save it until he's actually a tree again. Also, depending on where he ends up after charging, you may be able to split them and knock him into your turret.

Nautilus: Spider Naut has ALL the CC's and is hated just as much as Amumu for it. Even if you dodge the anchor, he can still ulti your ADC or you at 6 and then it will be difficult to escape.

Nocturne: Once he hits 6, ward aggressively to watch for his Paranoia charges. You have to be really careful against him because his ganks are really strong if you're out of position. Also he has a spell shield so make sure you know what you actually want to hit him with (tornado or ulti) rather than be surprised and go "WTF SPELLSHIELD?!"

Shen: Everyone hates Shen. "OH ONE MORE HIT!-BSHSSSSSSS... SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!" Everyone knows that feel. You're about to kill them. Suddenly it's a 2v3. Or maybe he was top and the jungler ganked and now its 2v4. You have to be REALLY careful whenever an enemy team has a Shen that hits 6 because of just that. If he's the jugnler, odge the Shadow Dash or deny it pre-6.

Skarner: Make sure to deny his ultis because if he gets you or your ADC that person is really dead. Also, if you get caught, you're perma-slowed. (Skarn, Skarn, Skarner!)

Twitch: That sneaky rat... If he catches you off guard, you're gonna have a bad time... No seriously he does a lot of damage and if he catches you off guard it's gonna suck. Deny him if you can. Try to practice movement prediction despite his stealth. If you have a pink ward, use it on lane or river and you'll see him coming at you bro. Many times I have denied Twitchs or Eves ganking my lane with these methods.

Warwick: Just save a CC for his ulti once he hits 6 and you'll be k. If you don't you're screwed. Unfortunately if he targets you, you're gonna have a bad time.

AP Mids that Janna Completely Hates: <- Thsi section is moving to the new section, slowly, but surely. So if you don't find the champ you're looking for here, they will be described in greater detail in the next section ^-^ (most likely).

Janna hates AP Mids with hard CC, mobility, and worst of all, un-interruptable spells.

Lasers. Lasers everywhere.

Her Q's move pretty slowly, so you shouldn't have TOO hard of a time dodging them, but once she spellshields herself and ults... It's not going to be fun. Don't let it happen in the first place.

He can't be interrupted with your spells, but he can be kept away. Just be wary of his snare because he has quite a lot of damage.

He's REALLY fast as an AP mid and has high burst. You have to be on your toes if there's an AP Sion.

Okay... If it's a GOOD Syndra, you should be terrified because NONE OF YOUR ABILITIES COUNTER ANYTHING SHE HAS. She can stun you from a mile away and has ridiculous burst. IF it's a BAD Syndra, no worries. You can easily deny a bad Syndra because bad Syndras deny themselves LOL.

There was one game where Talon literally dodged all of my spells including my Monsoon by running and then jumping onto me. I'm not kidding. I had a mini-heart attack and went WTF!? So yes, you hate Talon, especially because of his sneakiness and burst... especially really really f***ing good Talons....

TF's ganks can be denied by timing a tornado at his teleport spot (if you see it), but more often than not, you've already used it aimed at your lane.

His range is really good, so you have a hard time denying anything he really wants to do.

This is basically the same idea as with Syndra. If she's GOOD, you're going to hate life because of her stupid plants and piercing Morg Q. If she's BAD, well... you know the drill. No worries.

Tl;dr -

Best Synergizing ADCs: (basically, ADCs that can be aggressive whenever they really want, can easily capitalize on her abilities, or are amazing pokers)

Janna's Friendly and Not so Friendly Mid Champs

In this section, I will go over how to both synergize and counter champions hailing from the lane called middle.


Champion Pic, Champion Name - A short something

A short introduction to him/her

Synergizing: blah blah blah

Countering: blah blah blah

Shall we begin?

The Champs (or Chumps):


Ahri is a very mobile assassin/sustained magic damage dealer once she hits 6 with the help of Spirit Rush. She essentially has a stun in her E ability, Charm, and also has True Damage on the return portion of her Q spell (throws her orb out and pulls it back). If she has Rylai's she can slow for a good amount, especially with her Fox Fire ability. She has 4 Flashes... Yeah...

Synergizing: You want to try to set up an easy Charm for her by zoning and subtly pushing the enemies towards her. Sometimes you can use your ulti to push them back into the Charm, but it's hard to do, so be careful. Also, if they're knocked up, they can't move! Once she gets the Charm off, you CC them hard and keep that unfortunate fella around as long as possible. In team fights, she's one of the easier mages to save because of her ulti, but that's assuming she still has a charge or two of it.

Countering: Like I said before, Ahri is extremely mobile when her ult is up. If she starts dashing in, remember you can interrupt it midway with your tornado if you're fast enough as it isn't instant like Flash. Once she throws her Charm out, you HAVE to dodge it or you're going to die considering her substantial burst damage. Also, just as Rylai's is great for you, it's great against you too. Remember she can pull you our of turret with Charm and end up slowing you down enough to kill you through Fox Fire's single target damage (it will proc full Rylai's slow). Her 3 ult dashes do give her damage and allow her to dash over most walls, so be aware. Also she's one of the hardest mages to keep off your ADC because of the nature of her playstyle (and 4 Flashes like the b!@#$ she is).


Akali is an extremely bursty melee assassin mage that will MELT whoever she chooses to kill. All her damage is based on hitting and then proccing her Mark of the Assassin spell with either and AA or her E spell (Crescent Slash). She can drop an AOE that both slows enemies and stealths her inside of it, giving her an added bonus of +Armor/MR. In addition, she has 3 dashes to enemy champs, enemy minions, and neutrals that can be used.

Synergizing: Akali has no CC save her very small AOE slow. You basically want to delay the enemy long enough for her to melt their face off. You can do so with tornado, Zephyr, or ulting them back. It might be a good idea to separate the ADC from the support here if the support has a lot of CC or heals considering Akali is focused on damage.

Countering: If you see a Mark of the Assassin flying at you, chances are, Akali's foot will be the next thing you see flying at you and then you can kiss your lifebar good bye. You need to interrupt her Shadow Dance dashes with tornado and make her waste the charge. It can save you and your ADC more effectively than it really seems. If you have to, you can also knock her back with your ult. Remember her burst is disgusting, so expect to die if you get caught by her (the same goes for most ADCs). Keep in mind, however, that she is also only stealthed within the AOE of her smoke screen, so you can just push her out of hit and laugh if she's low enough to get bursted immediately.


Aniv is an extremely slow, CC heavy, and zone control heavy AP mage. She has an slow AOE stun and a large AOE DoT/slow. In addition, she can use her Crystallize ability to block off whoever she wants. Her burst is strong, yet low range.

Synergizing: The bird synergizes well with you, especially in team fights. When she walls, you can aim your tornadoes to that little choke that is left and deny the enemies' escape. If they Flash over the wall, then it's kind of hard to follow up on that, but they wasted Flash, so whatever! If by chance they get stunned, it lasts quite a long time so it gives you a chance to chain your CC with her stun/slows and pull a Lee Sin and knock them right back into your team. Just make sure it's actually safe to do this because sometimes you can't get into the middle of everyone.

Countering: The bird has an EGG FORM! OP NERF PLOX!!! ... hue hue hue... As expected of enemies... you can push her backwards with your ulti in EGG FORM. Also, you can interrupt her ult by knocking her far back enough with ulti or knocking her up with your tornado because it's a channel spell. In addition, you can deny her stunning if you time your knock up perfectly. Just make sure to try and avoid the stun in the first place and don't get in a position where you can easily be walled off because she can probably 1-shot you and your ADC. An early Mikael's may help you if you ADC gets stunned.


Annie is currently borderline broken as a support but in mid lane she's just not that good. She gets outranged by almost every other mid laner in the game and even if she isn't, smart players stay counter her Flash Tibbah by simply Flashing themselves or moving away. The problem that Annie runs into most of the time is her abysmal range combined with high burst making it very risky to actually kill things.

Synergizing: Make sure you do not engage without her ulti in most circumstances. She still has the potential to stun both enemies with her Incinerate, however, the AOE is actually much smaller than many people see it as. Remember that she has the most burst in the game at level 6 considering an even mid lane (she has more than LeBlanc, but Leb is just more mobile by FAR, and has more than Malz considering Malz's pool does nothing early on) and can easily get a double kill for you and your ADC. Try to set up an easy double stun for her and peal for her because she can't escape on her own.

Countering: Annie is kind of easy to counter when she goes mid lane. It's called don't walk within 2 feet of her and make sure you know when she leaves lane. Her range is disgustingly small and a lot of times she'll need her Flash to gank or have somebody else initiate. When fed, she's scary, but her burst is just subpar without her bear. So basically, know that she will Flash to stun you and you have to anticipate this and try to avoid it. Avoid clumping in team fights because she'll 5-man stun you all and then you'll probably be dead or almost dead. Force fights when she has no ulti and it will be in your favor.

Brand - And I set fire... to the world! Watched it burn, as I, raped your faaaaace!
Brand has a lot of power, but his skills are hard to land. His stun relies on hitting you with another of his spells first, and his main nuke has a very long delay. He's known for his crazy AOE damage in team fights (as he sets fire to the world), but doesn't clean up like Kat. He is rather uncommon and among the squishier AP mids, yet has burst almost comparable to Annie.

Synergizing: When you have a Brand on the team, always check to see if he has ulted before you use Monsoon. Brand's ulti bounces and burns enemies that are hit for tons of damage, but is only effective if it bounces as many times as possible on enemy champions (it can hit minions). This sets up some sneaky plays where you can use Monsoon to blow two enemies together as Brand nukes them and you've already blown enemy minions away. Also, try to set up an easy stun for him because all of his abilities are high-risk/high-reward in that they cost a crap ton of mana but deal high damage.

Countering: His pillar and stun should rarely, if ever hit you as you are very fast, but if they do, you will probably be chunked to ~40-70% life depending on what you have. Your allies, on the other hand, will be very vulnerable to whatever he throws at them, should they have a low movement speed or, worse, low effective HP (HP w/MR factored in) vs him. If there is a Brand on the team, make sure to remind your allies to split when he ults, if possible, because it mitigates his damage severely (and he'll cry if you do it too). In addition, if Brand has just attacked an ally and they're pretty low, watch out for his Ignite/Passive combo since the combined DoT is really strong and can easily finish off any one. Try to force fights when his ult is down as it is a main source of his team fight damage.

Cassiopeia - I heard you liked poison so I poisoned your poison with some poison so you could eat poison while you get poisoned.

Cassiopeia... Where to start... Alright her entire combo relies on hitting her Q or W spell (preferably the former) as they will apply a poison DoT to you and set up for her E. Both Q and W are small AOE DoTs, but the difference is 1. Q does way more damage and speeds her up if she hits you, and 2. W leaves the Miasma pool and slows you if you run into it. Once you're poisoned, she can spam her flat damage E ability on you for tons of damage. It's just a simple nuke that refreshes to .5 second CD if it hits you while you're poisoned. Her ulti, on the other hand, is what makes her so deadly. In a cone, she can either stun or slow you depending on if you're facing her or away from her, respectively.

Synergizing: A good Cassio shouldn't have a problem hitting her spells, so just CC for her normally and help her kite. You can use your ulti to help set up easy Cassio ults or to follow up on a crazy stun that she just pulled off. In fact, you and Cassio work well together in that both of you want to kite quite a lot.

Countering: Again, you're really fast, so you soft counter skill shot based champions. It will be difficult for her to hit you, but if she does, again, you're very squishy so try not to get hit. Many Cassios have a tendency to Flash in and ult if they see an opportunity even if Janna's right there. If you see her Flash in and start her ulti, there is a slight delay between it actually hitting and the cast (~half a second from my estimations) that you can abuse to turn the other way or run/flash through/away from her. If you choose the ballsier path, once she does this, you can ult and push her into your team just as the stun wears off and push her team away. Cassio will hate you. If you choose the safer path, you can just turn around, get slowed, and ult the entire enemy team away from your team, pop Shurelya's and disengage. Just make sure to shield her poisons because they're deceptively potent and try to force fights when she has no ult.


Cho used to be a popular mid laner but is uncommon now. His ratios are very high with a whopping 1 to 1 AP ratio on his Rupture and even a decent AP ratio on his TRUE DAMAGE ult. Cho mid maxes his cone silence first as it is the most reliable source of damage, but all of his abilities are very strong. He has an auto attack modifier that shoots out spikes in a line from his AAs as well that helps him push. Keep in mind that his ulti gives him free health per eat kill.

Synergizing: Cho is similar to Brand in that his spells are difficult to hit, but very rewarding. However, for similar damage, Cho also gets a knock up, a slow, and a silence... in exchange for a melee AA. Keep in mind that he will lead the target quite a lot, so plan your tornado accordingly or if you see Cho you can chain your CC spells. Rupture is a good time to knock enemies back with your ulti as they are knocked up, then slowed, or if you're feeling lucky (or are crazy good at Janna) you can knock enemies INTO the Rupture! AP Cho, however, is rather squishy without 6-stacks on Feast, so make sure to watch his health bar as he will drop pretty fast.

Countering: Avoid his Rupture at all costs as it will make it nigh-impossible for you to escape his wrath. If he does hit you with it, you'll probably have to pop Monsoon to knock him back before he can use his scream and eat either you or your ADC. If the ADC gets caught, try to guesstimate how much damage Cho will do and help accordingly. In most situations, however, Cho will just destroy your AD unless you can keep him kited with Tornadoes, slows, and perhaps even ult. Against Cho, you may wish to buy a Twin Shadows to help slow him down and keep him off your AD or perhaps an early Mikael's Crucible to cleanse the slow from Rupture and/or heal before Cho eats him.

Diana - It's a bird... It's a plane... No... OH GOD WHY IT'S DIANA!

Diana is another tanky melee AP nuker. She has half-decent sustained damage when built as a tanky AP with her passive, but her burst is insane for how fat she is. Diana also has the ONLY curved skill shot in the game. Note that it will ALWAYS go along HER right side, meaning her model's right side (the side holding her crescent blade) as the spell effect begins with her "throwing" the crescent of moonlight. She can interrupt channels with her Moonfall ability and pull people into her as well as tank extra damage or Ignites with her shield that does damage. Her ulti is similar to Akali's Shadow Dance, but instead of using charges, it has a flat CD if used on an enemy that has not been hit by her skill shot.

Synergizing: I've mentioned Diana before in the jungle section, and just as she isn't a problem pre-6, she cannot do too mcuh pre-6 for you either. Post-6, treat her like Akali except tankier and with CC and a shield instead of stealth.

Countering: She isn't a problem pre-6, but once she gets her ult it becomes increasingly difficult for you to peal for your ADC. Her nuke is devastating and she can stick to you like glue. You just have to dodge her skill shot, really. If she just charges onto you, she won't be able to charge again and you can just kite her.

Dr. Mundo - He goes where he pleases, and mid lane pleases him!

Like Diana and Cho, I've mentioned Mundo in the jungling section. He has a skill shot slow that deals % health damage and an AOE damage spell that hurts him too (but cannot kill him). It reduces CC duration on him as well. He can also increase his AD based on how low his life is and sacrifice 20% of his current life to have all the health regens and move speeds.

Synergizing: Mundo does a lot of damage if he's in your face perma-slowing you, but he has a problem getting there as cleavers don't go through minions. Try to help him get there . You shouldn't really need to shield him too much in fights as he's really tanky, but keep an eye on him.

Countering: You have to just keep him off your ADC and dodge cleavers. Use everything you have to peal for you ADC or he'll die.

Elise - ...I... have arachnophobia...

Elise is a very, VERY strong tanky AP as she has mostly % health damage. She has shape shift at level 1 into a spider. She can either focus on wearing you down in lane or flat out bursting you up close depending on if she maxes her Q (poke/execute) or W (nuke/steroid) first. Her Cocoon/Rappel spells are both extremely irritating as the range on her stun is insane and her Rappel gives her the ability to never die and never be pushed off of her target.

Synergizing: Elise just does so much damage that it's best to try to set up an easy stun for her such that you can work with her and the ADC to burst down your target. You can even try to blow people into her stun or into her Rappel range if you're feeling lucky!

Countering: Try to predict where she's going to Rappel and tornado it. Also, you HAVE to dodge the Cocoon or you WILL die to her extreme damage. She can shred you like paper and you don't really have a way to directly counter her other than trying to just run away.

Evelynn - That sneaky sneaker snicker snocker!

Eve is a very sneaky and very rare melee AP mid that has high mobility and the fear factor, similar to Shaco. She has passive stealth, insane burst, and once she gets DFG, can instagib your ADC. With a spammable auto-targetting spell, speed buff/semi-cleanse, 1:1 ratio nuke, and % health AOE ult, she is also a team fight monster.

Synergizing: Eve's ganks are very strong and rely on NOT BEING SEEN. If you're purple side, she will be seen if she goes through the tri-bush behind the enemy as she goes past the little jut in the walling, so be sure to engage right before or as she's seen. Also, let her know if there's a pink ward because normal wards don't see her. In team fights she's just going to try to ult all 5 of the enemies and go for their ADC (or AP if fed) so keep an eye on her and try to cover her when she runs out or gets too low.

Countering: First, PINK WARDS and MAP AWARENESS. You HAVE to know where she is at ALL times. She has no hard CC, but it's deceptively difficult to keep her off your ADC. Eve's damage is very high, especially since she essentially shreds about 40% of her target's life instantly. Try to keep her from instakilling your AD with your spells and shield, most of the time you want to try to counter her with Oracle's and a mobile AD.

Ezreal - And you thought AD Ezreal's ulti hurt...

AP Ezreal has fallen out of favor but potentially has one of the highest magic damage bursts in the game with the right build. Only problem is he can't push for anything without blowing his ult. On the other hand, Blue Ezreal is really strong and destroys everything...

Synergizing: Well... You CC, he kills them. He doesn't really benefit from your shield unless he's Blue Ezreal. You can keep them around for longer than they'd like and he'll benefit.

Countering: Shield is your best friend because he LOVES to poke. You can't interrupt his ult with your spells, so don't try to, but you can definitely zone him out with your ult. Just make sure he used Arcane Shift first. Keep wards up so he can't gank you.

Fizz - I. Hate. You. So. Much.

Fizz is a versatile, slippery, and ANNOYING AP burster. He just slaughters anyone he touches which is good and bad. He's squishy when his Playful/Trickster is down though, so keep that in mind.

Synergizing: Fizz excels when enemies are caught out because he can basically instagib almost anyone. If he's your mid, keep the river and tri bush pinked so he can gank a lot and make sure to try to catch enemies out of position late.

Countering: Tornado his Urchin Strike, shield his target, and hope he didn't already fish them. You really don't got much unless you blow your ult. In lane, make sure you ward hard so he can't gank you because a surprise fish = DEATH.

Galio - I'll keep an eye out for you if I ever go to NYC...

Galio is a teamfight monster and pushing master. His ganks are decent but he suffers from CDs. He stacks MR like a beast because he converts it to AP, but he's susceptible to AD damage. He can also speed you up!

Synergizing: His ganks are mediocre so help him out with that if he goes for it, but most of the time he'll be pushing mid, really. In teamfights knock enemies back into his ult if he misses them and queue up your tornado to hit as many as possible as soon as his ult wears off.

Countering: You're one of the banes of his life because you have two abilities that counter his existence. Your shield also blocks a lot of his damage. Make sure he doesn't get off a good ult in fights and that's enough.

Gragas - That Graggy Ice, man!

The Fat Man has an ult like yours which can be really fun to go with and against. He also has lots of burst and tricks up his sleeve, so keep that in mind. His Q also slows AS which is helpful/annoying.

Synergizing: Oh man... His ganks and teamfights are brutal post-6 with a Janna because they'll be around for a LONG time unless they burn Flash fast. You can keep the enemy team split for a long time or really screw up their channels.

Countering: Refer to Monsoon section for countering Gragas.

- "Tutti frutti turret block!" - SivHD

He's an uncommon pick and pushing god. Super annoying in lane, his rockets will tear his opponent a new one and the grenade is slow but misleading sometimes. He's just going to push lane all day.

Synergizing: You can try to blow your enemies into ulted Heimer turrets and kite them around them, but Janna and Heimer don't synergize too well.

Countering: Take Smite and 1-shot his turrets if you want to be a dick to him. If not, your ult blows them away too, so you can be a mega dick LOL.

Janna - You'll only have this problem in Blind Pick...

She's you. You have the same skillset and can do all the same things. This is a skill match up and also depends on the ADC unless one of you goes mid.

Jarvan IV - I'm Jarvan. I'm helping.

J4 is actually quite strong in mid lane as he's naturally tanky, so he can withstand a lot of the burst damage that mid laners commonly bring to the lane. It's kind of funny because he can essentially make it a second top lane if it's something like Kha'Zix vs J4 or J4 vs Jayce. Keep in mind that J4 mid will probably build slightly more on the damage side instead of the tanky side.

Synergizing: You can knock enemies into his ult or his E + Q combo, or chain your CC with his. Also, you can keep them around long enough for him to go ham on them. He actually does pretty good damage, especially from his abilities and passive, so your shield isn't wasted on him, really.

Countering: If he tries to E + Q combo you, all you have to do is throw a tornado or ult if you're desperate. Also, you can knock him away out of his own ult with yours or even make a disadvantageous engage into a favorable one by splitting their team. When J4 engages, his team typically lags behind a bit, so you can use this to your advantage.

Jayce - So. Much. Damage. JAYCE. STAHP.

Jayce has ridiculous poke in Cannon Form and and equally ridiculous burst in Hammer Form... His all-ins are terrifying, especially in mid lane where the laners tend to be even squishier than in top lane.

Synergizing: If you can land a shield on him before his Shock Blast hits the enemies, it will add bonus damage because of your AD bonus. You can also use his Acceleration Gate to help make plays and abuse his knock back.

Countering: You can interrupt his Hammer Form Q, To the Skies! and sort of deny his engages. Your shield is not powerful enough to deny his poke by any means, but at least you can try to mitigate it. Jayce is prone to diving onto a target to all-in them, so you can sometimes take advantage of this and use your ulti to separate him from his team.

Karma - I miss old Soul Shield :(

Karma doesn't do much damage and doesn't really have much utility for what she is. She's kind of a weak pick these days and doesn't really fit into the meta well. Nevertheless she has slows shields and a delayed snare. She's really more of a support than a mid though.

Synergizing: You can keep them around long enough for Karma to snare them and help her kite... That's kind of about it unless you want to blow ult to knock them into her Mantra Q...

Countering: Laugh as any one of your spells kind of defeats the purpose of her existence because your Q, W, and R, all counter her snare, your shield destroys her poke, and her shield is way weaker than yours so your lane will probably out-trade hers any day.

Karthus - AFK-R

Karthus is still a late game monster and very squishy. He relies on dying in the middle of everyone so he can keep killing them while in his passive state. He deals a lot of sustained damage and can also utilize Revive like no other.

Synergizing: Well, what can I say? If they want to escape, you can deny it. His wall is very powerful when combined with your skillset and you can even set up a teamfight so he ends up in the middle of everyone! Also you can CC or displaces people with shields when his ult is about to hit so you might land him some extra kills :D.

Countering: Refer to the Monsoon section for countering Karthus. In addition, you can really save your team with your ult and shields here. Against Karthus, ALWAYS get your ult at 6/11/16 because the heal is a life saver. I can't tell you how many times people have freaked out because I tell them to STOP MOVING when Karthus' ult comes down at the end of the fight/skirmish and I blow ult and shield saving like 3 of them. He hates Janna. Like, a lot.

Kassadin - He fights fire with fire if you get what I'm saying.

Kasadin is a high mobility melee mage that blinks around the map like a crazy guy leaving only death in his wake. He's weak early and a complete monster later, but it's really hard to truly shut him down because he can just abuse his mobility to catch up hardcore.

Synergizing: Dude he doesn't even REALLY need you to help him. He'll just destroy the enemy ADC and walk away. But seriously, you can help him when he dives because he's kind of squishy against physical damage as his Void Stone ability only affects magic. You can also set up people to be caught out for him.

Countering: Well... If he jumps on your ADC, you have to have hyper fast reflexes and tornado him ASAP. It doesn't matter as much where you ward against a Kassadin because he'll just Riftwalk right past your wards or laugh and jump over a wall. You have to try to CC him long enough for your ADC to burst him down, but it's really hard to do against a good Kassadin because he'll make sure to have a Warmog's or some sort of wild card to ensure that this doesn't happen.

Katarina - She hates you so much.

Kat has a lot of damage in her channeled ult and excels in teamfights because of her innate, Voracity, resetting her abilities to keep eating squishies. She's also a high risk/reward champ.

Synergizing: Try to set up a reset kill for her every fight. It's really that simple. If she can get a reset, she'll do the rest and destroy everything. Keep track of who has CC and who doesn't so if she jumps in too early you can tornado them before they stun/silence her and give her a few extra tics on her ult.

Countering: For the love of all things in the universe DO NOT LET HER CHANNEL HER ULT. PERIOD. Seriously, just deny her reset kill and laugh as she becomes useless in the fight without her ult. Don't be afraid to blow your ult denying her because it's far more valuable to deny her ult than do practically anything else in the fight.

Kayle - She's an angel with a flaming sword. Run for your life.

Kayle is one of the most terrifying or laughable champions in the game as it depends on if she's good or not. She has the potential to carry super hard and make amazing plays with her invincibility ult while dishing out insane damage.

Synergizing: It's really easy to set her up for kills considering she basically does it herself with an insane slow and ridiculous sustained burst damage. Yeah that's right her sustained damage is basically burst damage per swing of her sword. You guys can set up ridiculous plays if she's good.

Countering: When she ults herself, blow your ult and force her to engage without it. Then you have a chance to blow her up if she goes too aggressive. Try to catch her out of position, but it's really hard to do so because she's such a powerful duelist that catching her out tends to become a double or triple kill for her...

Kennan - The Stun Storm has arrived

Kennen revels in team fights as his ult can potentially stun everyone on the opposing team while dealing a huge amount of damage. His real problem lies in cleaning up the fight after a favorable engage. This is where clean-up champions like Katarina come in and where Janna can help him in a way.

Synergizing: Kennen pretty much out trades everyone in lane if he plays it right and destroys everyone who sticks around too long once he hits 6. If he comes to gank your lane, be sure to keep the enemies inside his ult as long as you can because they'll get stunned from it. You can also help him clean up by delaying your enemies' get away.

Countering: Kennen players have gotten pretty creative in initiating fights with Slicing Maelstrom. Thus, we, as Janna players, must be even more creative! It's honestly pretty easy to deny Kennen ults because all you have to do is press R yourself and laugh as he flies away, wasting his ult before he can even Zhonya's. It's preferable to knock him over a wall like Chauster did at the EU LCS, but not necessary. You can also mess up his engage if you Zephyr him. It makes it harder for him to run into the middle of your team.

Kha'Zix - *Hop, kill -> *Hop, kill -> *Hop, kill.....

Kha'Zix relies on resets in fights to escape and deal maximum damage, so always be aware of it. He has more single target damage as of now, but it's a bit better since his Void Spikes was nerfed.

Synergizing: All you have to do is get the enemies out of place and he'll do the rest. Boom. Getting Kha'Zix fed on your team is terrifying... Past 11 in team fights, set up a reset and watch your team destroy because he'll keep jumping around.

Countering: If you see him jumping on someone, tornado it and try to deny his target. It's like fighting Kat where you have to deny his reset or you'll have a bad time. Oracle's is a good buy to counter his ulti. Also, against Kha'Zix you're a huge target because you're basically a free reset.

Kog'Maw - I don't care how cute you are, I'm not taking you home!

Kog'Maw is a weird mid that relies on rushing level 6 for his spammable long range mega nuke. Every ult level makes him oh so strong and his spells are relatively difficult to dodge if the player is experienced with Kog.

Synergizing: Don't move them around TOO much with Monsoon because he'll have a hard time targetting, but seriously if you have to Monsoon just do it. Keeping them around for him to shred is enough.

Countering: Shield his poke... he's not going to be in range of the fight for you guys to kill him anyway. It's really hard to catch a good Kog, just like a good Xerath because their range is just so big.

LeBlanc - Oh hi LeBla-DEAD

Leb is a high magic damage single target assassin, NOT AN AP CARRY. She does not CARRY in the traditional sense of killing their entire team very fast. Her role is to eliminate a target such that if the enemy team wants to contest an objective they must fight 4v5 and probably lose. She has extreme mobility and kind of falls off late game.

Synergizing: Just set up a kill. No seriously, just set up a single kill and you've won the trade because after that you push the bot lane tower, mid lane tower, or take dragon. DO NOT WASTE THE OPPORTUNITY SHE GIVES YOU. This is why LeBlanc is here. She is NOT here to carry you; she's here to offer you a ton of global gold in OBJECTIVES which is the point of the game. A lot of people don't understand the point of LeBlanc, so I'll just write it out a bit here:

LeBlanc is kind of like a loan. And by that I mean she gives you a ton of money at once that you must take advantage of, but over time you pay for it. She makes it super hard for the enemy team to be aggressive early/mid and forces them to waste money on MR instead of building to counter your ADC, making your team fights that much better and allows for early dragons, early towers, and a very strong early/mid game. If it gets to late game, this is when you will pay for it, and you'll have to work really hard to help her catch someone out. When you have LeBlanc, you MUST take objectives early and abuse your advantage.

Countering: Just ult. I'm not kidding, just ult her away and don't let her kill anyone EVER. Rush for Sightstone to help mitigate her burst and give more vision because if she can't kill someone, she's done. Pre 6, tornado her in the middle of her Distortion... And after that don't get caught because you're a huge squishy target for LeBlanc.

Lee Sin - It's not nice to call a pretty lady stinky.

Lee Sin is a less common mid champ as of now and more commonly played as a jungler, but it's important to know how to beat him/help him. He has high physical damage burst and good mobility. He also has a great knock back if used correctly.

Synergizing: Take advantage of his skillset and ward around accordingly. You can help him avoid wards if you know where the enemy wards are by putting a ward down yourself and letting him Safeguard to them. Then, he can easily gank from behind, the side, or even head on. Also, you can chain his kick with your Monsoon to really screw someone over.

Countering: Just don't let him kick your ADC with Resonating Strike and ward a LOT. Even ward behind because he might try a Ninja Gank (He'll Resonating Strike to your minions and kick you out of the tower). Be careful of getting marked with his abilities because he can seriously make plays from nothing.


Ruru is a scary utility champ in mid and bullies hard early/mid. Late she basically becomes a second support with lots more damage. She can't carry a game by simply killing people once it gets past approximately 30 minutes because her enemies will just be too tanky.

Synergizing: Well... Basically with Lulu and Janna your ADC should pretty much never die. Between Janna peal and Lulu's everything, not even the stickiest of bruisers/assassins can kill your carry with any sort of ease. If she ganks your lane, just make sure to follow up because it's practically a free kill with her 80% slow.

Countering: She shouldn't be too much of a problem late, but early just try to keep her from dropping Pix on your carry because it almost ensures a free Glitterlance. Later, you really don't have any specific counters against her but sometimes you can keep her out of fights with your tornado and ult. If she's the only one standing between their carry living and dying, this might not be a bad option.

Lux - L...Lasers....

Lux is a long range mage with no mobility. Basically her job is to insta-gib one person in a fight (with damage splashing to nearby targets) or to just drop all her spells on the entire team and melt the squishies in the process. Her burst is crazy and her ult has a 30 second CD on 40% CD.

Synergizing: Do NOT ult the enemies out of her binding. Other than that, as long as she places them well during ganks, it's a free kill. If they might escape, you slow or knock them up. If they Flash, it's already worth it. In fights, try not to disengage before her spells drop because there's a split second channel time for her ult.

Countering: DODGE OR DIE. It's really that simple. You can't protect your carry from this if she's already casting because of how crazy her range is. If she's not in range yet, just slow her advance. Keep in mind you can't interrupt her ult cast time with anything, but you can save your allies' lives if they would die to her Lucent Singularity. When she throws it, she has to hit E again when it lands to deal the damage, but if you knock her up while your allies run out of it you basically negate her damage from said E.

Malzahar - Face Lasers :(

Malzahar is an extremely all-in'y champion with no escapes. He pushes like a god and his DoTs destroy everyone that they touch. His pool does % max health damage and his targetted DoT bounces to other targets when its current target dies. His AOE silence is a game changer if you can land it (key word: if) but he's most known for his face lasers. Remember Malz's ult CANNOT BE CLEANSED unless you have QSS (or Merc Scimitar).

Synergizing: Keep high priority targets around long enough for him to drop his pool and face laser. If you do that, they die. Also try to keep CC away from him if possible, but don't sacrifice your carry for it. If you can get a split off and drop a high priority target in front of him they will melt, even tanks.

Countering: Interrupt his face laser and shield his DoT. It's pretty simple, really. If you catch him be really careful for the turn around because he typically buys a Rylai's eventually. Therefore, if he turns and slows everyone chasing him and his team is around, they could easily re-engage and wreck you.














Twisted Fate

***WIP - Use your imagination for the unfinished ones XDD***


Who to Peal for:
First of all, yes I know I spell it wrong, and I don't really care. Second of all, 90% of the time, you want to be protecting your ADC. This is because mid and late-game, they'll be doing the most damage out of your team, even more than the AP mid or bruiser. Even if they're underfed or have no farm, the longer they're alive, the higher chance they can pick up some kills/assists and catch up in their build. Remember that ADC champs are all item dependent, and once they have and , their damage will be very good.

How to Peal:
Pealing basically means keeping the person you're pealing for alive by keeping away their pursuers. For example, if the enemy bruiser dives onto the ADC, it's your job to keep the ADC alive. Normally, you want to try to help them kite whoever is chasing them using tornadoes and Zephyrs while mitigating damage they receive with shields. On some occasions, you may need to use your ulti. Pealing is much easier if your ADC knows what they're doing and has good positioning.

Early Game

In early game you're one of the most powerful supports if you start with your tornado. You should NEVER take you first spell right off the bat. Always be reactive to what you need. For example, what if you get invaded and you could have saved your entire team with one tornado but you got your shield right off the bat? On the flip side, what happens if your ally would have lived from that last tic of Ignite if you had only skilled your shield instead of tornado?

If your team is invading, you should be ready to grab your Q spell quickly in the case of catching an enemy. Use Ctrl+Q to grab your spell quickly, or Ctrl+E if you need to shield someone. Getting your Zephyr first is rare because you normally won't need it. Either way, try to CC as many enemies as you can with your tornado and be ready to pop Exhaust for First Blood or for saving an ally if it goes wrong.

Pre-lane Both:
The current junglers typically start on bot side regardless of the buff unless they're blue reliant (ex: Fiddle), but depending on junglers, you may need to ward their other buff, especially if the enemy jungler is faster than yours or has high invade potential. Other than that, make sure to follow if the team decides to invade and don't just sit in lane.

Blue Specific:
If you're on blue side, you need to leash for you jungler and help him if he gets invaded. You can usually hit the buff a few times and then run, but I like to start shield if tornado wasn't needed and shield at 1:53, and wait for the second shield, although the second shield isn't necessary. You can also catch the enemy if they are leashing for their jungler, but Janna isn't the best level 1 duelist, so back out if they're too strong. If he starts with blue buff, you need to keep an eye out for the enemy jungler invading red and must help him. Make sure your ADC is paying attention.

Purple Specific:
On purple side, you basically have to do the same thing as on blue side, but you have to be really careful about them catching you if you go to lane through river, especially if it's a Thresh, Leona, Annie, or Morgana lane. Like on blue side, if the jungler starts on the opposite side, be ready to help them with a buff contest.

In Lane:
If your team doesn't invade, go back to lane and help your ADC however you can. The first thing you have to do is check the enemy support's inventory and see what items they have, taking note especially of how many wards they have and if they have a biscuit or not. If they're missing wards, make sure to call it out and warn your jungler if he's going for a buff steal, but they might also have not bought any wards and simply gone full potions. Make sure to ward early against early gankers like Lee Sin or Shaco and keep tabs on where everyone is. Call for ganks if you need them and keep tabs on where your enemies have warded. Type them out in chat and ping them for your jungler. Wards last 3 minutes, green or pink, unless it is the Explorer Ward which lasts for only one minute. Make sure you check to see which ward they put down.

You always want to be careful of being hard engaged upon at this stage because a successful engage on your ADC or you can be difficult to peal. Remember that you can interrupt a lot of dashes with your tornado(remember that huge section on it?). When your ADC is going in for harass, shield him, and shield him when they're being harassed, preferably before the projectile(s) hits your ADC (you: Obviously Fey, c'mon you're so stupid *scoff scoff). Camp the brush for brush control and try to get control over the enemy brush. This naturally zones the enemy laners and gives you lane dominance. Remember that sometimes you have to sacrifice brush control though. In the mean time, make sure to trade with your autos and follow up on whatever aggression your ADC starts while making some of your own. Your shield should be abused really hard in lane to make sure you always win the trade.

Warding and Objectives:
During lane phase the main objectives are the outer towers and dragon. In the current ranked 5's meta, a 4 man push in top/bot isn't uncommon, but in solo queue you really don't have to worry too much about that. Instead, you need to play according to your ADC and jungler. If, for example, you have an Elise jungle and a Caitlyn as your ADC, you can push really hard with Cait and pressure under the tower, but don't go too ham because Elise is likely snowballing top lane. On the other hand, if you had a Pantheon or a Warwick, you could probably pressure the turret really hard because of the wave clear and tower shredding potential. Dragons are very important to kill, but you need to be careful not to take them when there are too many up or if they pressure too hard. Team comp comes into play here too.

Mid Game

In mid-game, you should have your core build and preferably one or both of your core follow ups. Team fights are starting, and you need to prioritize who you need to peal for, and who the biggest threat to your team is. Make sure to clear wards (with a friend, always with a friend) and always have dragon and baron warded, preferably with a pink ward. Do your best to stay alive since you're really squishy and an easy kill to basically anyone who can burst you fast enough.

Warding and Objectives:
At this point, you should also keep warding your jungle, their jungle, and areas of high traffic. Ping for your team to contest junglers/laners taking buffs, or to gank the enemy mid laner who is stealing your wraiths. Take dragon if possible and/or force dragon fights. If you're really far ahead, your team can go for an early Baron and push, but remember not to make it the throw pit. Just be really careful if taking Baron because it's extremely risky in solo queue and likely a throw. Also stick with your team if they're grouping up for a fight. Remember you still need to check them mini map often and keep up your map awareness. Make logical conclusions when going for objectives like if their entire team is MIA and you don't have dragon warded, that they're probably taking dragon (but that will never happen because you'll always have dragon warded right?). Get and keep map control by warding and clearing enemy wards, but the entirety of the game is based around taking objectives. If you pick off one or two of the enemy, you must push forward for an objective because they're weaker 4v5. However, if your team is too low, then make a logical decision based on health bars, ult timers, etc. Keep in mind that if they burn an important ult like Ori's ult or Sona's Crescendo, that can also be an opening.

The main objectives in the Mid Game are: Dragon and the Outer/Inner/Inhib Towers

Team Fights:
In team fights, protect your carry and peal for them. Do your best not to die because of Oracle's, and do not sacrifice for anyone unless they have a large killing spree (if they are worth +600 rather than your +400). You should control the team fight as much as possible and pull off some of them plays. Follow up on your teams engage with tornadoes and Zephyrs. Also remember to disengage any bad fight. After a favorable team fight, keep the momentum and TAKE OBJECTIVES. Always get your team to take as much as they possibly can off a good fight because that's how you win the game.

Late Game

Once late game begins, all hats come off. Everyone starts to get really scary, but you're not afraid of them because you're Janna. In general you need to always have pink wards and MUST always have wards. Team fights start to get really serious and your team NEEDS you to stay with them when they group up. Remember, that you still need to prioritize who to peal for and who the biggest threat is. At this time, you generally peal for your ADC while the biggest threat to your team is the enemy ADC (big surprise right?). In addition, continue looking for openings to abuse. Once two or more inhibs go down on their side, you can stop buying pinks and get a 6th item.

Warding and Objectives:
Like I said before, always always ALWAYS have wards, pinks, and upgraded scanners. Your main objective should now be Baron. Your team should now be shredding dragon pretty fast and Baron shouldn't be too hard to kill now. Remember to clear wards (again, always with a friend!) and ward high traffic zones. If your team has map control, keep warding and clearing wards to maintain it. If your team doesn't have map control, be very careful when warding and clearing. Try to slowly but surely take over the map. Also remember to take dragon as much as you can because of the global exp/gold, and contest dragons that the enemy team tries to take. Like in Mid Game, take as many objectives as you possibly can after a good fight. You MUST keep map control to keep your team's momentum up. If you're behind, you have to be conservative in objective sniping, but you still have to get as many as you can. You may need to ward your own jungle, etc.

The Main Objectives for Late Game are: Baron, Inhibitors, Nexus Towers, and the Nexus itself. Outer and Inner Towers are essentially free towers if you can draw focus away from it.

Make sure that no one on your team is ever in bot lane (or can be seen near bot lane) because at this point in the game, the enemy can take Baron very quickly (exceptions include Shen, TF, and allies with Teleport). If on your team is at bot lane, the enemy team will rush for Baron (if they're smart) and take it, knowing that your team cannot easily contest it with a 4 or less v5. On the flip side, if your team is fortunate enough to spot an enemy at bot lane, have your team rush Baron. Once you have Baron, you can either go heal or push mid or top lane. Always remember to DO SOMETHING with Baron because having Baron buff is a huge advantage over the enemy team. Don't let them waste your Baron!

On the other hand, if you see an enemy in bot lane, you can also opt to siege the top towers or bait a fight at Baron instead of taking it. These options are typically safer than taking the Baron itself because he does a ton of damage to your team and significantly weakens your team fighting ability if it is contested.

Team Fights:
In team fights, you have to peal for your ADC (or whoever it is that's doing well) and try to make plays (remember them plays up there!). If you can successfully Surprise Party Janna them, you basically won the game for your team, but that goes for all the powerful plays that Janna can pull off. Remember to disengage bad fights, but DO NOT sacrifice for your allies unless they're on a high killing spree, especially if you have Oracle's. Remember that you are STILL worth a lot of money with Oracle's. Control the fight with your powerful CC and zone-control abilities, and once the fight is over, catch the stragglers who are scrambling for their mamas... I mean retreating. Remember that if you somehow lose the team fight (unheard of right?), that Janna can't really protect the tower. She can shield it, but that's kind of it unless she has her ulti still. Though, even if she has her ulti, it's only a knockback, so it won't protect turret for too long.

Janna is really good for sieging enemy towers and pushing. She can give the ADC bonus AD with her shield while keeping the enemy team away with tornadoes and Monsoon if your team decides to dive straight for the turret. She can also shield whoever is tanking a turret's damage. You have to remember to ward around the lane that your team is pushing so that you don't have a surprise party on your hands while your team's still killing the turret.

Final Comments

Overall, Janna is one of the strongest support champions in the game. She has a powerful disengage the second she gets her tornado, and an even more powerful once she hits 6. She is extremely versatile and can be specced with the standard 6/11/16 ulti, or the Xpecial style 6/16/17 ulti. Janna has powerful zone control and is super speedy. Hopefully this guide has helped you not become a better (Janna) player, but to be a better gamer (credits to Day[9] for that line!)! As one final note, I will update this guide and answer questions when I can, so I hope I helped you!

Before I go, I'd like to remind you of one more thing...

Remember this?

Playing support is a mind game. You must outsmart your opponents and make as much as you possibly can from almost nothing. It is like chess as the only way to win is to outmaneuver and be tactically superior. It requires cunning, strategy, and is an extremely difficult role.

-Feyvern, signing off~ *salute



8/29/12 - Updated some tips and notes on the item builds and runes. Also changed some suggestions with the Summoner Spells. Added a "Pealing" section and some more tips/suggestions.

9/1/12 - Added a section comparing Janna to other supports, and giving pros/cons! Thank you, to Kusanagi for the suggestion!

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10/11/12 - Finally finished the Janna vs ______ Section...

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12/11/12 - Finally started to update the guide. I had to experiment with some of the items first! Sorry!!! I'm updating slowly (and actually I updated the guide like 5 times before, but I accidentally hit backspace or the internet died so I had to redo it >_>) Guide name changed to "Makin' Tornadoes and Chewin' Bubblegum"

1/17/13 - Wow! It's been a while! Okay, so here's what's new: Crystalline Flask now costs 345 Gold instead of 225, so the Flask + wards start is no longer as viable... or really as effective. Back to S2 openings! I updated some of the information and build orders, reasons, etc. Added a new section called Janna's Friendly and Not so Friendly Mid Champs! Hopefully this will help you synergize with your mid players!

1/18/13 - Experimenting with adding pictures! I know I have a lot of text here!

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6/30/13 - Updated some info for Early/Mid/Late game, and added a new subsection for "Janna vs ______" on how to counter the match up... I probably should've done that in the beginning.

7/3/13 - Added more to the Mid Champs section of the guide and finished the "Countering" subsection of other supports.

7/9/13 - Updated the vision information for Patch 3.9. This patch really helps out support players in a lot of ways. The one minute timer reduction on Oracle's is IMO a very cheap price to pay for not losing it upon death. Also, the changes to ward gold is helpful (25 gold -> 30 gold) because hey, every gold piece counts. The ward wars change is also helpful and I'll elaborate more later. I also added a section labelled "War of the Wards" to help people learn how to ward!

8/10/13 - Updated for the removal of Bulwark.

10/22/13 - Sorry for ignoring the guide for 2 months </3. I've been super busy with schoolwork and all that jazz. Anyway, I added some minor changes and I'm hoping to actually add more to the guide and finish up the Mid section and Warding section. I'm also considering adding some videos but I'm totally clueless as to do this... So anyway yeah. Updates!

11/30/13 - I've been super busy with school and family, so sorry for not getting to this sooner TnT. I'm currently working on updating for S4, but honestly, this new system is kind of confusing me. I pretty much have a decent amount of info that I want to add/change/remove, but I'm trying to find time to actually work on this guide xD. Updates for S4, mainly in this update.

12/29/13 - I finally got around to do some more changes, so most of the changes are regarding match ups.

2/16/14 - I'm continuing to update the guide as I play more Janna in ranked. Also I finally hit Diamond ranking! ^_^

4/4/14 - I've been playing a lot of Janna in ranked lately, and have been experimenting quite a bit with builds and skilling. Also, I hit Diamond 3 Today! The Diamond 1 Dream is so real!

6/21/14 - Updating slowly... I'm just lazy, sorry ;~;


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Janna is my most favourite support after Leona, I'm really happy to say you've covered ALL the important aspects of playing a good Janna, well done! I especially like the emphasis on saving a spot for 5-ward spamming, I can't get my friends to understand how important it is. MOAR GUIDES PLS

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