SINGED BUILD GUIDE: mid lane, jungler, and top laner by alolex

by alolex (last updated over a year ago)

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Greater Seal of Armor( +12.69 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power( +1.53 ability power per level (27.54 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed( +4.5% movement speed)
Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration(8.1 Armor Penetration and 5.58 Magic Penetration)
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mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/3
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mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
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mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
0 Offense
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/1
30 Defense
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
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mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
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mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
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mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
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mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/1
30 Defense
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/4
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mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
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mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
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Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Empowered Bulwark
QPoison Trail
WMega Adhesive
RInsanity Potion

Champion Matchups


So I've decided to make a singed guide.
What started me playing singed was dyrus' video on youtube, the one where he gives us the "in-depth commentary" lol. I laughed so hard.
After i played him for a bit, i got pretty good with him. I admit, i started out not knowing anything about him, but now I have about 60% win rate with him in ranked 5v5 (season 2).
In season 3 I have about 80% winrate with him, with over 100 games played.

An amazing thing about him in my opinion is he is definitely not confined to solo toplane as people would think. Sure, he is viable as support but he gets seriously underpowered in that lane. Obviously he can't be an adcarry, since none of his skills stack with ad, and he doesn't have the range for that position.

Singed is a decent jungler, with a fast clear time, and his tool kit is made for ganking. His + combo burns flashes every time he shows up in a lane.

He can even go mid (no i'm not trolling). His skills stack decently with ap, and he gets very tanky naturally as the game progresses.

I'll give you guys a detailed description for each of these possibilities for singed, although I won't go too in-depth towards singed top-lane since that's been covered again and again on here.

so now, without further ado, I GIVE YOU SINGED!!

Why is Singed the best?
In my opinion, Singed is the one champion that requires the most mechanical skill and practice time to play well in the entire game. I know I'll likely get raged at for saying that, but I back this up one hundred percent. Sure, once he's fed it's extremely difficult to lose the game. However, unlike most champions it is ridiculously hard for singed to get kills early in the game which means you have to get your items through cs alone.

He has literally a tonne of different, extremely viable build options that fit every single situation you can come across. He is an ap bruiser. NOT A TANK. If you build singed without any damage, nobody will focus you. You might as well be playing support.


I didn't like the laning matchups I had on here so I'm redo-ing all of them.
early/mid/late game explanations coming up soon.

Mostly finished this guide, editing everything now and adding an entire matchups section.
I ran out of time the other day so I added a very brief matchup guide in the "laning goals" chapter.
I'll add an entire matchup section when I get the time.

OCTOBER 20th 2012
Did the math on archangel's, and if you have 2500 max mana (frozen heart + level 18 singed + Roa +TotG without stacks) it only gives you about 75 ap making deathcap or voidstaff a much better buy. The extra 130 hp doesn't make much of a difference late game.

OCTOBER 22nd 2012
Realized that I'd forgotten a point in masteries.
I had only one point in the damage reduction in the defensive tree where I now have 2.
Also starting to add dates to all the editing that I'm doing.

October 26, 2012
Edited items section to keep it short and sweet.
started highlighting and title-ing things. more to come.

October 29, 2012
Will add a teamfight section soon, currently adding pictures and aesthetics to existing parts of guide.

October 30, 2012
Continuing the editing process, added teamfights chapter.

November 1st, 2012
Hopefully done editing everything, going to look over matchups section tomorrow or later today and clean it up a bit.

November 8th 2012
realized I'd restated a whole 3 paragraphs in two different sections. I edited that out.
Now I'm going to add pictures to a couple more sections and inquire about approval again soon.

November 26th, 2012
Reviewed jungling section, made several changes.

November 29th
Still working on matchups section. Gonna take awhile.
Reworked rune page section and added thoughts on different possible marks.

December 1st
Messed around with a couple of different builds, and the skill order that I usually do against certain champions and have changed a couple of things. Firstly, it's better to leave and opt for just maxing and when against strong melee fighters like jax, xin, and riven, etc. I would get rank 1 of like normal and just leave it like that until I have maxed both fling and poison since rank 1 is good enough to allow you to kite the opposition.
I tried several games rushing sheen, and it's an amazing item on singed. It increases his burst potential by a lot, and it procs with his skyautoattack making it a viable buy, but only if you've mastered this ability. Otherwise you will have to chase them down to use your sheen passive.
It also procs with your , making it an effective item for long, drawn out fights as well.
I haven't tried buying lich bane, but what I've noticed is that after sheen you need more health. Sheen does give you almost 100 hp from the bonus mana, however this isn't enough. You need either giants belt into rylais or catalyst into rod of ages.
Adding a new section today, "theorycrafting" and "off the beaten path build options".

December 4th
I am practicing and experimenting with all the new masteries.
The masteries up currently are the ones I use for singed right now. I will update these as time goes on and will let you know when I come to a conclusion about the best masteries to use.
For jungle singed I am using 5/25/0. I take all the armor and health regen/ increasing stats in defense, with the attack speed and minion damage in offense. In the new jungle you need to start with the blade thing that gives you increased damage to minions (it costs 300g) and 5 hp pots. The first clear sucks.... you can't do golems anymore. To get the smite timer down I go for an early gank now instead of doing golems.
Hopefully I figure it out so it will be easier, but these jungle masteries look final.... doesn't seem to be anything better for jungling right now. New jungle is just too tanky.

january 1st
almost done figuring stuff out for singed.
i run 0/30/0 masteries grabbing all the resistances, health, damage reduction, and tenacity options. Currently working on my mid lane singed masteries and build options.
runes are still the same. move speed quints are an absolute must now due to lack of move speed from masteries.
on my iphone right now so i can't change the mastery set up, hopefully i'll get to that tomorrow.
build options for singed are the same, except instead of getting force of nature you should buy spellvamp (no need to upgrade to will of the ancients until late game) and abyssal sceptre as well.
abyssal is a very strong item right now since there aren't many viable magic resist build options.

I won't be able to finish this guide until I figure out the new masteries. I'll try to update periodically, but it looks like I'll be playing more than writing for awhile.

January 8th
updated masteries, both visual and the chapter.
I've tweaked my playstyle a bit. I'm going to start reworking this guide to fit how I play my singed now as opposed to how I used to play him.
Gone up to summoner spells for the re-work.

jan 31
hoping to finish most of the updates today

Feb 1st
Currently working on the jungling part of the guide.

putting down all laning matchup info. very rough, once all notes and ideas are down i will refine it and make sure everything makes sense.
there are over 100 champions in the league, so this may take awhile.

march 18th
have been working on getting ideas down on laning matchups. realized that my items section still hasn't been updated so i'll focus more on editing that.


Aight season 3. Here we go.

The new masteries are amazing for offense and for defense, with utility almost being used only for the support role.
I think this is how it should have been from the start. The biggest difference is that the new defensive tree is amazing for champions like singed. I take 0/30/0 because you really need everything that this tree can give you.
The generic counters to singed are usually champions with a slow (soft cc) or stun (hard cc) that can kite and harrass you while your movement is impaired. Champions like etc.
The new tree largely reduces these effects as well as crowd control and a number of other useful things.
Why don't I go into the offensive tree for the extra damage?
Your job as Singed is to get focused, but not die. This is your job. I've tried many times to run something like 16/14/0 to get the mastery for the ability damage per auto attack, but the problem with this is you first need to build up your ability power. You can't do that if you get destroyed by your opponent in lane due to lack of resists/hp. Also, when it comes to teamfights and you're going all out offensive, you can guarantee that you will be focused. Even with your up it will be easy to burst you down and make you leave the fight without accomplishing anything. That is the downside to this season.
I highly suggest running 0/30/0, however you can also take out the slows/cc masteries when your opposing team has NO CC (highly unlikely) and put them into either the offensive tree for the cooldown reduction and extra ap/spell penetration or into the defensive tree for the mana regeneration, possibly either summoner cooldown or the biscuit, or even some gold masteries if you want to invest in something.


i now recommend taking flat ap blues to compensate for the lack of overall damage from your flip.
these increase your ability power enough to bring your damage to within 8 points of pre-nerf flip, as well as increasing your early damage with poison.

Runes are still the same for season 3.

Move speed quints are a must on singed. You are absolutely worthless without them.
I know they're expensive but honestly, they're soo worth it.
None of singed's abilities are real gap-closing abilities (like jax's jump, fiora's lunge, etc.). All of his abilities depend on him being able to chase his enemies (to them), or run away from them (kite them with ) and . This makes them the most effective quintessences for singed.
These are even more important now due to the rework of masteries.
If you look closely, the extra move speed in the first tier of utility is only if singed is not in combat. If you aren't in combat, then you don't need move speed. That mastery will help you get back to lane faster by one, maybe two seconds, but it is useless in the grand scheme of things.
Also, you have to go all out into the utility tree to get the big move speed bonus, which means getting a lot of other things that you don't need as much as what you can get in the defense tree.

i am currently experimenting with magic resist quintessences for facing certain hard lane matchups.

flat ap blues can be swapped out for mr/lvl runes.

I take flat armor yellows because most early damage is from auto attacks. this is not limited to just melee champs, mages use AA's just as much early game due to their large cooldowns. Most ap carries have a low mana pool early on in the game. This causes them to run out of mana very fast, which means they can't spam spells at you all day (at least, until they get a blue buff).

My reason for not taking armor/lvl is because the scaling isn't worth it. Once champions get past level 6 (this is where armor/lvl starts to become better than flat armor yellows) they won't be using their autoattacks as much (unless they're ad carries, and if you're laning against one of those you'll need the flat armor for early game anyways). The flat armor runes give you solid defence early so you can run around farming those minions without having to worry too much about that kind of harass.

For reds you can take straight mpen, or you can also increase your damage that extra little bit by going mpen + armpen. This depends on your matchup in-lane though.
Why armpen and mpen?
As singed, you naturally have a high base attack damage. It's actually higher than the base AD of most AD carries. Since most top lane champions have armor yellows (or some form of armor in their item builds, masteries, or they simply have naturally high resistances) taking greater mark of destruction reds will add to the damage that your auto attacks dish out. Taking these marks would only decrease your magic penetration by 3, which isn't very significant compared to 9 armor penetration.
This is especially effective early game, when your and your don't do as much damage as two of your auto attacks.
Also, after you flip them you get a free auto attack due to singed's sky-autoattack ability (after right click them for a free attack. I will go more in depth on this later).
If you buy a sheen, this armor penetration will affect the amount of damage from it's passive as well, making it an even better buy than it already is.

This is true for most cases. However, when facing champions that are ranged, and that don't have much natural armor you should take standard magic penetration marks since they will run away from you and try to kite you. This causes you to be able to auto attack them less.

Champions you should take magic penetration marks against:
, , , , etc.
You should also take these marks when against any standard squishy ap champion such as , , , etc.

Champions you should take magic penetration and armor penetration marks against: , , , , , , , and most bruisers that like to 1v1 you in such a way that you will get a lot of auto attacks off on them.

There are certain champions that you will face in lane who will simply tank through your early damage. we can't have that.
to remedy this, i like taking flat ability power quintessences so my damage will hurt them more.
examples of champions like this:
malphite (perfect example of this, your damage with these quints will eat through his passive with ease), cho gath (toss up here, move speed lets you dodge his abilities easier, however the extra ability power will help you push him out of lane easier), shen etc.
now note that i said tanky, not bruisers. bruisers like darius and jayce you most definitely require move speed quints (for darius to juke q's, and jayce to dodge his harass and move quickly from bush to bush) and so on.

For Jungling you will want attack speed reds like most junglers. This lets you clear the camps slightly faster.
If you clear the camps faster (even by as little as 1 second per camp) you will decrease your clear time by at least 10 seconds. This means you'll have more hp at the end of your clear since you will have taken less damage from each creep camp.

Less time spent in camps = less damage taken by camps = more hp left at end of jungle clear = more ganks possible.

Summoner Spells


Ghost is just one of those spells you absolutely must have on singed. It's like not taking on a squishy champion that is building entirely glass cannon (no resists/hp, just damage). You have no escape.

Reasoning behind taking teleport:
Teleport is good for laning against, well, anyone really. The main reason I take teleport is to affect other parts of the map more. In particular, bot lane. I've found that the biggest reason I lose ranked games is due to my bot lane just not being up to par with the rest of my team.
Solution? teleport to a ward in the bottom bushes and get a double kill to stop their adcarry from getting fed.

Teleport is also the spell that affects the late game the most (besides exhaust). Split pushing pressure is the second hardest problem to deal with as a team in the entire game. The first is trying to deal with a super fed adcarry in a team full of tanks that peel for him/her.

How to split push? make your entire team go to the opposite side of the map as you (if you are pushing top, they should be bottom, and vice versa). Have them push that lane while you push top.
If the opposition comes top to deal with you, have your team force an objective like a tower, dragon, or baron. If the enemy team tries to contest the objective, you can teleport to them and fight as a full 5 man team against the 4 or 3 members of the opposition on that side of the map.
This is your biggest power as singed, since you can push lanes harder than any champion out there right now. They HAVE to send someone to deal with you since you can easily take down a tower in less than 20 seconds.

When to split push?
This play comes into effect once objectives come into play. You can do this to get a dragon, get a top turret, or do whatever you like with it.
However, this creates a massive effect in the late game especially. This is when Baron is a huge option, and any teamfight or tower lost gives a chance to kill baron and win the game.


Passive: Empowered Bulwark
Increases Singed's health by .25 for each mana point he has.


This is what makes singed singed.
This allows him to get hp regen per % max mana masteries since it goes into his passive, and basically increases the viability of buying any mana increasing items such as fh and roa.

Q: Poison Trail
Toggle: Singed lays a poisonous trail which deals 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+30% of ability power) magic damage per second.

Cost 13mana per second
Range 20


This is your main ability. max this ASAP.
Little known fact: your poison stays behind you (after you've toggled it off) for three seconds. meaning, to deal (22 damage x 3seconds = 66) magic damage at level one, you only have to have it toggled on once every three seconds. Leaving it on only renews the three-second duration, it doesn't add to the damage making singed very mana efficient, especially when jungling.

also, as of season 3, this ability procs the passive of tear of the godess.
singed is the fastest "tear stacker" in the game right now.

W: Mega Adhesive
Singed throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75% for 5 seconds.

Cooldown 14seconds
Cost 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120mana
Range 1000


This is your "gap closer". Some have jumps, singed has a slow.
This will bait out , create kill opportunites, and cause havoc in a teamfight when you pop it in close quarters.
A good escape and chase tool.
I used to max this second after , however I've changed my playstyle a lot recently. I get one rank between level 7-9 and max it last. Why?
The damage on your is too good to pass up. The problem with his early game is both lack of damage from abilities, and lack of tankiness. So if You max Singed's damaging abilities first, You solve one problem.

E: Fling
Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and slowing the enemy when they land.

Cooldown 11.5 seconds
Cost 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 mana
Range 125


This is mostly used for its ability to seperate an opponent from their team. If you have a lot of mana you can use this to last hit since it procs faster than an autoattack and has a relatively short cooldown.
it also helps a lot in 1v1 fights. you flip them dealing damage, then kite them with poison, also dealing damage.
There's a certain combo that many people don't know about with singed. it's a type of attack called a skyautoattack.

It takes a bit of practice to do, but it increases your damage output by a lot early on in the laning phase, especially if you have marks of destruction. Afer you flip your target, there is a short amount of time where you can auto attack them while they're in the air above you. It's a very narrow window of opportunity, but practice makes perfect.

After you , you can either right click on them while they're in the air (i find this very difficult to do because i'm not that co-ordinated). Or you can use your "attack move" hotkey (mine is shift+right click) and singed should attack the closest opponent, which will be your flung target.
The attack move option doesn't always work, sometimes singed hits minions instead of his intended target. Sometimes if you right click after you tell singed to , but before he actually performs the move, his auto attack will cancel and he will just do an AA.

**update** October 2012
I think they messed with the attack-move hotkey last patch, singed doesn't attack the flung target like that anymore. You have to right click them as soon as you fling them.
**update** October 2012

This requires a lot of practice and timing, but it significantly increases your damage early in the game. It's about 60 free damage (base attack damage at level 1) you can unload on your target early game.
after the recent nerf (march 21st) this deals significantly less damage and scales a little worse with ap than it did before. however, taking flat ap blues negates a lot of this nerf since this ability still scales decently with ability power.

R: Insanity Potion
Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him 10 / 15 / 20% crowd control reduction and 35 / 50 / 65 ability power, armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health regeneration per 5, and mana regeneration per 5 for 25 seconds.

Cooldown 120 seconds
Cost 150 mana


This is actually so OP. If you get caught, simply press r, press w on your enemies, turn on poison and walk out of there.
People get so pissed off at singed because you just can't kill him with his ult up. it's like mundo's ult, except instead of massive hp regen it gives you armor and mr, with a modest amount of health regen, mana regen, ability power, and cc reduction.

Use this to get out of sticky situations, to go full retard on the enemy and make it out alive, for prolonged fights so you can get the upper hand (this lasts for TWENTY FIVE SECONDS!!!), to regen hp when low in lane, and to get the move speed bonus so you can land your flip on a slowed opponent.

After 2nd rank of this (at lvl 11) you can use it to regen your mana as well as your hp.
the mana regen at rank 1 only gives you a little over 150 mana back, which is what this spell costs.

This ultimate, combined with ghost, allows you to rip across the map at dazzling speeds while being nearly unkillable.

Skill Order

max first, then , then while grabbing every time you can.

Early level poison isn't very useful, but it is amazing after level 2 or 3.
You can do huge amounts of damage to your opponents just by kiting with this ability.

I max first only when jungling. The slow scales with each level, making it easier to gank lanes.
I used to max this second after in any lane I found myself in. However I've changed my playstyle a lot recently. I get first rank of between level 7-9 and max it last. Why?
The damage on your is too good to pass up. The problem with early game is both lack of damage from abilities, and lack of tankiness. So if I max Singed's damaging abilities first, I solve one problem.

Also, this gives singed more burst damage as well as sustained damage with poison. rank 1 is fine for your slow, increasing it any more than that is only slightly more useful. Although the last rank of is an insane slow, one of the strongest in the game.
Maxing is still great for utility, if you fall really behind (i.e. you didn't connect to the game initially and now you're ten minutes behind) you should still max this second.

Item Builds

There are lots of things to build on singed, and these depend slightly on which matchup you have.

vs bruiser :
First thing to do is build . If you don't want to go that route you can rush an early , since that will make the most of your money giving you flat hp, ap, and the slow is amazing for teamfights, ganks, and general escapability. However, gives you more health and a lot of mana. By my calculations, Rod gives you 200 more health than rylais (including the health gained from your ). if you buy a tear of the godess, you can get it to full stacks within approximately ten minutes. this item gives you more mana than roa, as well as giving you about 150 health from your passive making it a much more cost effective buy than rod of ages right now. the only thing missing is ability power. unfortunately, you have to sacrifice 2000 gold to upgrade to archangel's, making ap on this item very costly.
i don't usually have time to upgrade to archangel's, however every game is different. it is a more cost effective upgrade than, say, a deathcap so if you are missing out on damage this will be worth investing in.

The reason is so good on singed is because it gives him increasing hp, mana, and ap. These are all stats that we want our singed to have. The reason being that because of his passive, singed gets bonus health from all that mana on top of the already decent health that provides.

Why would you go first?
you may notice that champions gain a certain amount of base health/mana per level, and around level 8 or 9 they have a lot of hp and mana naturally.
Since singed gains a lot of mana per level without runes or items, he will naturally get more health than other champions as the game progresses due to . This means that the passive isn't very helpful past level 12 (it does give you more hp than other items, however at this point an extra 100 or 200 hp means little to you, especially since the tear of the godess item stacks really fast on you in season 3).
The passive from makes it a better buy than in general. Also, gives you more hp than before stacks.

When should you buy ?
I only really get this item for the catalyst procs. They are amazing against good harrass champions like , , , etc. Otherwise I start every game, omitting completely my .
gives you more hp than so you will withstand more damage, but you will have limited sustain.
to increase my mana, i buy tear right after giants belt. this combination of items make you very strong early, especially against bruiser champions. you will have more health than them, as well as a nearly unlimited mana pool so you can harass them and force trades with fling and poison.

After your first item (or halfway through your first item) you should get tier 2 boots. You must choose these depending on your matchup in lane.
Against ad:
Against ap/stun:
Against farm lane: or boots of mobility.

If you are having trouble getting minions in-lane you should consider investing in a . This will give you more regen, since singed's only real trouble early is against "bursty-harrassy" champions. The regen allows you to tank through their burst easier.
If against a ranged ad top: get . This will negate a huge amount of the damage that they can dish out.

your core items as singed should be rylais and tear of the godess.
the rest is entirely situational.

if against ap heavy team, and you need to either be more tanky, or can't take their harass/poke go for a spirit visage. if you have money left over consider buying a hextech revolver. spirit visage will increase your spellvamp even further, making it a worthwhile item to buy. however, there is no real need to upgrade hextech revolver until you have finished all of your other items first.
math on spellvamp:
by the time you get both spirit visage and hextech revolver after you finish the core item build of rylais and tear, you will have rank 5 in poison. this gives you 70 damage per tick. it lasts for approximately three seconds and scales off of 30% of your ap.
this means that you deal approximately (70+ (0.3*161))*3 damage in 3 seconds. just with poison.
now since poison is aoe, the spellvamp is reduced from 12% to 4%. this is fine, it still gives you 14 health regen per 3 seconds, and that's only one target getting hit by poison. that's also not even counting the vamp from fling which gives a full 12 percent spellvamp.
finally, if you include spirit visage into your calculations (the extra 20% increase to your spellvamp) you have an end value of 17 health regen per 3 seconds in only single target poison damage.

abyssal sceptre would be my second choice against this same kind of team composition, because it doesn't give you any sustain. it does give you more overall damage though and is one of only three items you can really buy for magic resistance on singed (the three are spirit visage, abyssal sceptre, and mercury treads).
i would only ever buy banshees veil if i already bought a catalyst and decided not to turn it into a rod of ages.
the reason banshees isn't a very strong item on singed is the same reason it is so strong on other champions. the passive causes the opposition to cast spells on the rest of your team, rather than waste a spell on your shield. your job is to get focused, yet remain alive long enough to deal a large amount of aoe damage. if you aren't getting focused, you're not doing half of your job.

against an ad heavy team i would never get a thornmail. the only time i would consider buying this would be if there are two or more ranged adcarries on their team.
the passive of thornmail only counts if they are auto attacking you. no champion except an adcarry would just be straight up auto attacking you for a whole fight.
plus frozen heart is a much better all around buy, regardless. it gives health (from passive) mana, cdr, as well as armor and an attack speed reduction aura.

randuins omen is also an extremely good anti adcarry tool. i personally like this item more than frozen heart because its active also lowers movement speed as well as attack speed.

lich bane is an amazing item on singed. you think i'm joking but this item gives you so much burst that you can two shot just about anyone.
to make this item really efficient, you should only consider purchasing after you have over 250 ability power (not including your ult, or the ap gained from this item).
this item's passive procs off of your flip (your skyautoattack will have the effect of the passive) as well as your ultimate and your slow. so in a fight you can proc this up to 3 times within 5 seconds reaching a total of almost 1000 damage, just off of this item. not only that, but it also gives you some decent ability power so this item will increase your overall damage as well as your bursting ability.

liandry's torment is an extremely good item on singed. it is especially effective if you have rylais as well. this item, when combine with rylais, will nearly double your poison damage.

this is my patented "i'm singed, i will carry you by dealing tonnes of damage" build:
boots of speed (with +15 move speed upgrade) rylais, archangel's staff, randuins omen, lich bane and liandry's torment.

this is the "i'm singed, no one can kill me" build:
mercury treads, rod of ages, rylais, frozen heart, hextech revolver, spirit visage


For jungle you go the generic jungle start with + .
on your first back you should have about 700 gold, more if you got a kill or assist.
with this money you can upgrade your hunters machete to either spirit stone or madred's, your choice. if you do upgrade to spirit stone you can purchase either spirit of the spectral wraith, or the ancient golem. both of these items synergize really well with singed.my personal favorite is the spectral wraith, it gives you more damage, and you are able to kill camps faster with that.
however, more health doesn't hurt.

after that it is a generic singed build minus the rod of ages. it just puts you too far behind since it's so expensive.
i like to build boots, then giants belt and tear of the godess. both of these items are essential imo since you will want to build a rylais, and the extra mana means you will never need to take a blue buff.

Off the beaten path Item builds

These build options are also available to singed players, however they are rarely seen.

If you rush a you will increase your damage output by a significant amount (your base attack damage is 60, which means you will deal a free 60 damage with each skyautoattack just from this awesome passive. This increases your burst potential, and allows you to go toe to toe with most melee champions.
Everyone knows that singed deals more magic damage than physical. Players counter this by building magic resistance. Now, the damage you deal from sheen's passive is physical, which means that it will be much harder to counter you. This item also gives you 100 hp (from ) and 350 mana, plus some useful ability power which gives you even more damage.
A good all-around item for singed. Buy this if you are facing a melee champion (like , , , etc.). If the champion you are facing is a ranged champion with very good harrass (like , (ad), , etc.) you will likely need to buy a catalyst first just to stay in lane. But after you get that, it's up to you whether you want to buy this or not.
I would only get this item if you have completely mastered the skyautoattack manoever. Otherwise you will be chasing after them to try and land an autoattack, wasting a lot of time and taking away from your burst potential.

is now an extremely viable replacement for . The passive mana pool increase procs off of singed's making it extremely easy to increase your mana pool.
Once upgraded to , it gives you more ability power than , making it a more viable pick in my opinion. However, at max mana (750) it would only give you about 150 hp, making roa more viable if you are looking to be a huge tank.

this just in:
i've worked out the season 3 equivalent to force of nature.
it's a little more expensive, however it helps a lot both in lane and late game.
hextech revolver combined with spirit visage gives more spellvamp and regen from your ult and other items like catalyst.

useful on singed. however, i will only purchase a spellvamp item after i pick up tear of the godess.
the vamp from your poison is negligable. the vamp from your flip gives you a lot, however it costs a lot of mana. especially if you are spamming it to heal.

Ideas on lich bane:
Lich bane is an extremely good pickup on singed. However, you need to have a lot of ability power already for this to be an effective buy. By "a lot" I mean over 250. This increases your burst extensively. It gives you both ability power, and the spellblade effect which is like a super powered sheen. With one skyautoattack you could one shot any carry. Unfortunately, this item doesn't give you the effect after using , however even just using it after or or even is much more than enough for this to be an extremely effective damage item.

Hextech revolver?
This item is really useful on singed, however it gives very little spellvamp in the early stages of the game. I would only pick this item up after I already have archangel's (or roa) and rylais crystal sceptre.

Bilgewater cutlass?
Only useful for the slow, and is not cost effective enough to actually purchase. It is much better to either buy mana items so you can spam , or buy .

is likewise not cost effective. You could buy for about the same price and get a slow, some ability power and close to the same amount of health.

Shurelya's reverie is a very good pickup on singed if you are behind. It gives you a speed boost equivalent to and is an extremely useful laning tool.
I have yet to buy this in a match, however in theory it works really well.

More coming soon....

Other items currently being looked at:

atma's impaler (late game item option)
shurelya's reverie (actually using in-game)

Why mid lane singed?

1) the trololololos
2) you are guaranteed farm in this lane since no ap champ can push you out early (except the ones in the matchups section). When they start scaling, you will be much more tanky and will be able to withstand all of their burst/dps.
3) this lane forces you to build at some point, which is the most amazing item in the game for singed. It's actually ridiculous. When combined with his ult you can go from 1hp to full in 60 seconds flat.
4) junglers tend to gank mid at least twice every game. with your exhaust/ghost/ult/slow/flip/poison you are virtually ungankable. An unsuccessful gank puts their jungler behind and causes their mid to miss out on cs.
5) proximity to wraiths/wolves and their jungle.
6) ability to gank either top or bottom lane.

For mid lane, you need to know your opponents' abilities. Can you dodge his skillshots? if so, then this will be an easy lane (example, ap ez, orianna, morgana, gragas, etc.). Well, not easy but you know what i mean. A farm fest. Neither of you will be able to push the other out of lane unless someone gets ganked (in which case you will have the upper hand to get away due to your abilities). If they chase you when they're ganking you, make sure to let them know how close your turret is by using into your turret and them.

They'll learn not to gank you again, and if they do it'll be a free kill since you rape later in the game (and you'll have ult).

Try not to lane against ryze, swain, vlad, or especially kayle mid. These champions can:

1)stop you from running at them with a trap/slow/cage when you slow them, negating all of the zoning potential from your .
2)kite you until you die.
3)out sustain you.

Ap kayle however is really difficult since kayle has a slow and a speed boost which totally negates your w (except at max level which will only be reached after laning phase). Kayle can also kite you with her e, which will wreck you. And finally, her ult makes her unkillable. If you get close to killing her she can ult herself (her ult will stop your ticks as well).

I've found that the basic laning phase for singed is like morgana; just out farm your opponent. When they get too close, make sure they pay for it by using , , and then into your poison with your skyautoattack.
You don't have to play extremely passive in lane, but you should mimic your opponent. If they play passive, play a little more aggressive and vice versa.
Make sure to harass them whenever they use one of their abilities on you (preferably their main damage ability). Ap champions have at least a 5 second cooldowns on their abilities (some even longer), so use these to your advantage.

Early Game

Early game your main focus is farm.
Singed is a champion that is worthless without items, that's another reason that he isn't a support character (support champs only start buying real items around 20-30 minutes).

Last hitting singed-only tips:
With my set up I have attack speed runes, since I'm cheap and it's also my ap jungler rune page. With attack speed runes I don't have a hard time last hitting but these tips will work if you aren't cheap like me:

1) your procs slightly faster than your auto attacks, and does more damage. However it costs a lot of mana early to mid game so use it only when you have more than half your mana, or your opponent has left lane and you need to push.

2) your damage is instantaneous. It doesn't do a lot of damage though so use it only when your auto attack hasn't reset yet and the minion has a sliver of health left.

3) practice last hitting with your on. This is actually harder than it looks. You have to be able to predict which creep is getting hit by your creeps, while looking at the ticks from your poison. This allows you to simultaneously push lane and get every single last hit.

4) makes taking wraiths, amd wolves the easiest thing in the world. Take them as often as possible, but be careful to not get caught by your opponent. Keep one eye on him when you leave the lane.
If you had to get to mitigate your opponent's damage you can take golems easily with your and . Do this as often as you can, but remember one golem only gives you slightly more gold and exp than one creep in-lane does, so only do these when your lane is pushed their way (same goes for wraiths and wolves).
Try not to push too hard until level 3 when you get your second skill in .

Your goals are pretty much the same in mid lane as well, except it should be a lot easier to farm. AP champs don't become a real threat until level 4 onwards, and that is when you become a threat as well.

If your opponent in mid has a stun you should get . even if they haven't hit you with their stun yet. It's always a possibility, and it will open you up to a gank, or their entire spell combination.
These boots also provide enough magic resist to carry you through the laning phase.
If you are still having trouble with them, build a . This can easily be built into later.

Once you have that second skill in you need to start taking wolves and wraiths.
Push lane as hard as you can, then take your wraiths and wolves while the lane resets. Make sure to time this, wolves/wraiths take a minute to spawn.
After you get your at level 6 you should take their jungle whenever your + is up. You will be able to escape whatever their mid and jungler can throw at you (especially if you grabbed ).

Leashing for your jungler as mid singed:
Since your trail stays behind you for 3 seconds, and buffs spawn at 1:55, you can press at 1:53 and run away. This gives you time to get out of range and will cause the camp to chase after you while getting damaged by your jungler.
This isn't a great leash, but it is still better than nothing.

In the jungle you should try to end your jungle clear with a gank (or two if you burn a flash). Try to maintain map presence at all times, even if one of your ganks is exceptionally bad.

I try to show up more in lanes that are having problems. I sometimes just show myself so that the enemy sees me (without trying to go for the kill). This will zone them out a little and hopefully put your ally slightly ahead or allow them to catch up.
Granted this takes away from valuable jungling or ganking time so I do this only when I have nothing else to do and the lane is ungankable.

Mid Game

By now you should have built your rod of ages or rylais, finished upgrading your boots, and finished your second item. Dragon is a real possibility at this point.

Mid game is all about trying to keep your opponent from leaving lane. When you notice him go mia, push hard and force them or their jungler to come back to deal with you. Since you push harder than most champions you can run down to gank mid (or bot/top if you're in mid lane) or steal their jungle while they try to push back the creeps from their tower.

Most important thing on singed: NEVER stop farming. You need items more than most other champions. Take your own jungle, their jungle, and when one of your ganks fails you can steal a minion or two to make up for lost time.
A good goal is to have about 10 cs per minute.

A couple facts about cs:
minions spawn 6 at a time, once every thirty seconds after the first wave which starts at 1:30 (both sides reach mid lane at 2:00, top/bot lane around 2:10).
This means that if you make every last hit you should have about (6cs*8minutes*2wavesperminute) 96 minions at ten minutes without leaving lane or farming jungle.

In mid lane the same thing is true. However, you sbould pay extra attention to your opponent. This is the time when ap carries start to deal a tonne of damage. Don't hesitate to stop building your original item plan and focus on magic resist and survivability.
Also, try to save your ult for teamfights only, not to regen hp. AP singed relies on his ult heavily in fights since he is more squishy than full-tank singed.

When jungling, by now you should have finished your gp10 items, boots, and bought either giants belt or catalyst. You should get oracles now if you haven't died or only have one death. Keep wards clear of dragon at ALL times.

Right now you need to put pressure on bot and mid lane. If their bot or mid lane recalls or dies. ping dragon. You can tank it with your ult up, just as long as you have two other champions doing damage to it.

Late Game

The best part about singed is his late game. This is where you shine the most.
You can tell when it's late game because most of the champions are level 18.

Late game tips:
Mid lane:
Again, try to save your ult for teamfights only, not to regen hp. AP singed relies on the resistances from his ult heavily in fights since he is more squishy than full-tank singed.

In general:
Try to always be present in a teamfight. That means you should re-sort your priorities from farming to fighting.

You shouldn't focus on farming too much at this point since you already have most of the items you need. Sure, that extra 100 gold means a lot early-mid game but at this point 100 gold doesn't make a bit of difference. Kills mean everything right now.
A kill at this point means a baron, and a tower or two. This is much more important than getting 10 or even 20 more cs since the gold from baron and towers will result in more money than a few minions/camps.

Whenever someone dies, it's a strong shot at baron for the other team. You can use this to your team's advantage and set a trap for your opponents.
Destroy the wards around baron (with pink wards or oracles) and wait in one of the bushes with your team. When their team comes by you can burst down one of them and the rest of the fight will be 4v5.

Late game singed carries super hard. You can't kill him when his is up, and you can't chase after him due to his dealing loads of damage.
In teamfights you deal amazing amounts of dps, and you can isolate any target away from their team.

Don't get too cocky though. You can still die, it's just really hard to kill you.

Team Fights

Level 1 team fights:

Don't level any of your skills until you know what kind of engage will happen. You should level your when a teamfight has already started, or they're invading and you need to run away.
You should level only in certain rare situations, but this skill is still important for a good level 1 fight.
1) When your team is invading and there isn't any other initiate skill ( pull, pulverize combo, etc.).
2) When they are trying to invade, your entire team is waiting for them, and there is no other initiate on your team.
Again, this is only for specific situations so when in doubt level your .

Early roaming team fights (before level 6):
You are still squishy at this point, so try not to initiate unless you have a healer ( or , etc.) or a shield ( or etc.) or you catch one of the enemies out of position.

When in an all-out battle (doesn't happen very often at this stage in the game) make sure to turn on your and let it run for the entire fight. I know it only refreshes the duration, but that one extra tick of poison can lead to a kill. Also, make sure to their big damage dealer. It may not be the adcarry at this point in the game. It could be their jungler, or their top laner, or even their mid if he is an ad champion like .
Also, use your whenever you can (while keeping an eye on your mana pool). This causes havoc in teamfights. It also creates the option for your team to kite them which could be the extra bit of damage you guys needed to win the fight.

Mid game team fights:
These will most likely revolve around an objective like dragon. Baron isn't much of a possibility at this point in the game since it is really strong and your entire team needs to be there to do it.

When your team is trying to do dragon:
Use your to zone them out. It's your only ranged ability; you should use it to its full potential here.
If they initiate onto your team, you have two goals.
1) Try to keep them away from your damage-dealers with and your trail.
2) Zone their damage dealers out of the fight with , , and . If needed use . This is by far the most important in my opinion, so when in doubt always go for this option.

When should you do #1?
Whenever their bruiser or jungler could kill your team's squishy 1v1. Otherwise let them take care of themselves.

Why is #2 the best option?
If you zone out their biggest damage dealers (the apcarry and the adcarry) then what's left is basically a 3v4 in favor of your team since both damage dealers on your team are there and theirs aren't being useful.
pay attention to other players' builds as the game progresses so you can make the best decisions andtarget the right people in every situation.

What this boils down to is experience. You can be the best laner in the game, yet have terrible teamfighting skills. Practice makes perfect here.

For any other team fight, the same rules apply. However, as singed you have the option of initiating. Do this only when you have really good survivability (i.e. they can't kill you easily), and you have your up.
If you see the enemy, and your team is ready to fight them, you can simply charge in and a squishy into your team. This is what makes singed singed, they can't burst you down when you have your items built and your up, so they have no way to stop your initiate without using a stun, snare, or some other ability on you. And whenever those abilities are down your team should follow up and start the fight since their cc will be on cooldown.

Goals in each lane


Farm as much as you can. Whenever you see their jungler go below mid-lane you should push your lane with and steal their jungle. This creates more pressure on their team, since their jungler will be raging at his top for letting you run around the map.
After you do this a couple of times, their jungler will likely camp you top. You shouldn't die to any ganks with your ///.

In top lane I generally start catalyst and rush roa. This is better against sustain lanes like vlad, swain, rumnle or morde (once they get hextech) etc.
You would do better to grab a giants belt against champions that are really bursty pre-level 6 (like riven, renekton etc.).
Rod of Ages gives you more health than rylai's does, as well as those catalyst procs to help you stay in lane. However you have to build the full rod of ages to get any real health from it. The giants belt builds into rylais, and gives you a lot of hp right away.


As soon as you hit level 3 and get your second rank in you need to take your jungler's wraiths and/or wolves whenever you can. You can rack up cs really easily this way.

Buy lots of hp pots, any burst champion can combo you down fairly easily when you don't have your ult and you're at less than half hp. After level 10 you shouldn't need hp pots anymore.
Whenever your is up you should push lane and either take their jungle or gank top/bot lane.

Laning matchups

Quick Overview Of Certain Matchups

Top Lane:

Some match ups to avoid at all costs:

4)Any ranged, bursty ad carry with a gap closer/escape tool (i.e. , , etc.)

Most of these champs have really good sustain (morde is hell after he gets hextech) and out-damage you. Do not go up against these guys in-lane unless your jungler is ready to camp you for the first couple of levels.
Ranged ad champions simply out-range you. Once you close that gap with your they use their escapes (graves dash, corki valkyrie etc.). This negates all your damage potential since you can't catch them. Also, you can't kite them for the same reason.
Kayle falls under the ranged ad class as well since he has a speed boost (his heal) as well as a slow. Added together these are basically the same as a flash escape in a 1v1 situation.

You can beat these champs after you've farmed and have your ult up. So see if you can swap into mid lane or jungle in champ select if you see the enemy take one of these counters.

match ups that will be difficult but do-able:

1)Teemo or Kennen
10)xin xhao

Most of these champions can harass you from range, but close that gap and you can beat them. Don't try to trade before you get ult, they have strong damage early game.
Some of these champions actually do out damage you in close quarters, however, if you use your poison to kite them you can easily win trades.

garen is difficult, but his q (the speed boost) that initiates his combo has roughly the same cooldown as your . When he runs at you flip him away with a skyautoattack, and if he's still chasing you just kite him with your and .
Jax, Renek, and Riven matchups can go either way. It just depends on who snowballs first.
Jax and riven are both strong early, but if you play passive until you get ult you should come out even.
These champions are both melee, so they have to be

For xin you need to apply everything in every single trade. Look at your creeps and try to predict when he'll go for a last hit.
When he does, and run at him. Flip him with a skyautoattack and kite him. When he jumps at you, him and kite him some more. The trades will be about even, you should come out on top due to your regen. Just don't let him auto creeps if you can help it. He has a high amount of lifesteal. Don't engage him without your , EVER.

When against teemo or kennen stay in the bush and only come out to last hit. Lane should push to your tower so last hit as much as you can.
This lane will be hard until you get ninja tabi. After that you should get one or two regen pendants (build these into force of nature later). The extra regen mitigates most of the harrass that these champs can put on you. Keep in mind that if they're attacking you, they're missing creeps while your trail will pick up creeps for you while you duel them. You should come out even in this lane if you play it safe.
Once you get your ult, you can run at them with it on, slow them and close the gap. If you keep engaging them like that you'll come out on top since you out damage them up close. Be conscious of where teemo places his mushrooms, if you keep hitting those he will win exchanges and come out on top.

Mid Lane:

match ups to avoid:

You beat morde before he gets hextech, make him pay for that. Engage him whenever you can. When he gets hextech though, you can't win. That lifesteal is ridiculous when combined with his shield.

Vladimir is the hardest singed counter. He outdamages you up close, any damage/harrass you can put on him is healed up quickly, and when he gets rylais you can't outrun him. Also, if he's smart, when you go to flip him for a skyautoattack he will pool away. Vlad can also use pool to avoid the slow from your if he uses it before he walks over it.

Swain is fine until he gets his ult. Then there's no way to win except engage when he's out of mana.

The rest of the champs mid lane can't damage you or burst you until later in the game, which is when you will have a lot more hp and survivability.
The easiest matchup in mid lane that i've done is against gragas. It's hard for him to land his abilities because of your move speed, and he can't burst you down before his ult, and that will only happen if you're already below half hp without your .

take note of how these champions are being played. with swain, vlad, and mordekaiser, as with any champion, they have cooldowns on their abilities.
if they use their abilities to clear minion waves, you can apply tremendous pressure on them while their spells are down.

Super In-depth Lane matchups:

hard lane once she gets ult. Before that though it's a joke. With your move speed you should be able to dodge her charm, just keep your distance and run from side to side when farming. Be careful of ganks.
Once she gets ult make sure you have a catalyst, giants belt, or a bunch of health pots to keep your hp above at least 3/4. Her burst is hard to counter since she can hit you for half your hp with her combo, then ult at you until her skills come off cooldown and hit you with them again.

I start + + in this matchup because jungle presence will be the only thing that can kill you until ahri gets her ultimate.
If you push the lane hard then she will be forced to use her mana to clear waves. She has very limited mana early levels, so abuse this as much as you can. Make sure you have warded both sides of the river though, this is a very risky tactic mid lane.

This lane is meh. You counter her invisibility with your poison because it damages her when she's in her shroud. Don't stay in lane with low hp when she has her jump up, she can burst you down pretty hard since she only has to wait on cooldowns for her spells, being an energy-based champion.
She'll throw her q at you almost every time it comes up, however these don't deal much damage until she activates the marks. Just rely on hp pots until you get catalyst and giants belt. You may find it worthwhile to purchase giant's belt before or right after you get your catalyst for the health.
Akali is predominately magic damage, even if you see her get something like a vamp sceptre or dorans blade. Her passive turns extra attack damage into spell vamp.
I start + + in this matchup so that i can chug pots through her q harass, and to avoid ganks which should be the only way you will fall behind.

Ap alistar is a beast. I haven't played this matchup before, however it should be fairly easy. Buy a catalyst and pot up to outlast his heals. I would also start +
If he uses ult, don't fight him just kite him with and and until it runs out, then go in for the kill.
Push lane hard in the early levels. He can clear fairly fast, however he has a low mana pool early levels. Make him run out of mana and you will win.
I would likely start + + in this matchup to heal through his w q combo and to help outlast his heals. Also grabbing the two wards for ganks since any gank with an alistar in it is a deadly one.

If he's jungling make sure you have wards. his ganks are very strong early, you can't counter them if you don't know they are coming.

I also haven't played this matchup in-lane before. This should play out just like an alistar matchup though. You'll need sustain from hp pots and catalyst.
I'd get merc treads against him due to his stun combo. That combination will set his jungler up for a good gank and you don't want that.
Try to stay behind minions since his bandage toss stun only hits the first enemy minion, champion, or neutral monster it collides with.

Fairly difficult. Anivia gets strong when you get strong, so this matchup should stay the same throughout the game unless one of you makes a mistake and gives the other an advantage.
Once she gets ult this will become a farm lane. she'll clear your wave of minions, you'll clear hers after, and it will go on forever.
I would rush giants belt in this lane since anivia is more of a quick burst champion rather than a sustain champion. However after giants belt I prefer grabbing rod of ages for even more health and some mana.
In this lane I would start + for some sustain and the increased move speed. The only way you'll get harassed hard by anivia pre-6 is getting stunned by her q, and the move speed helps me dodge them.

Get mercury treads asap. Her stun allows her to combine all her abilities so she can faceroll you to a third of your health.
This is another rush giants belt lane.
If you are wondering when her stun is up, you can click on her and it will display below the hud that comes up in the top right of the screen. Red means her stun is up.
When her stun is up just play it safe. If you miss cs, it'll be ok. You won't have to worry about her once you get giants belt and negatron cloak.
I would recommend grabbing mr/lvl blues in this lane instead of ap/lvl blues. This will help you more than the extra ability power.

This lane isn't as bad as you would think. You can push harder than she can after you get 2nd rank , and you can harrass her whenever due to her low move speed and lack of escapes. Sure she has a slow, but it's only 15-35 percent which you can negate with your (which has a 35-75 percent slow).
Punish her whenever her flash is down, since she has no other escapes.
I start either + or + + depending on their jungler's amount of cc.

Another matchup I haven't tried. This one should go the same as amumu, be careful if he goes ap. He actually does a lot of damage.
You outpush him at all stages of the game. Once you get some wards, push this lane hard and force him to use mana to clear the wave.
Stay behind your minions, his grap works exactly like ahri's charm.
Same start as Ashe.

This matchup isn't as bad as you would think.
Brand has his e which deals instant damage, however this costs a fair amount of mana for him. Also, brand has no escapes. Whenever his q is on cooldown (q is his stun ability) run at him and combo him. You'll find that this lane ends as a farm lane if neither of you gain an advantage.
His stun hits the first thing it collides with, so when you see him trying to work his way around your minions towards you, run. This could mean one of two things:
1) His jungler is nearby and is ready to gank you.
or 2) All of his spells are up and he's going to combo you down.
Neither of these things are good so back out until he uses a spell, backs off, or you are certain his jungler is gone and that you can take him.
I start + + in this matchup so I can tank through his e's while warding the bushes to watch for ganks.

This girl falls into the category of ranged ad champion that counters you.
She has an escape combined with a slow, almost doesn't require wards due to her traps, and she has two high damage abilities, one of which is a locked on ability.
Basically, you will lose this lane. It just depends on how hard.
Use bushes as much as you can, stay above half hp with pots (you don't want to get pegged by her ultimate), and only chase when she overextends and you can overtake her even when she uses her escape.
If you can dodge her net, this lane won't be too bad and it'll end up about even, maybe slightly in her favor.
Unfortunately, even if these lanes come up equal she can still kill you.
The best thing you can do in this situation is to rush followed by . After that you shouldn't be hurting too bad from her harass, and will be able to lane fairly evenly against her.
I would start + to tank through her harass and to get a head start on your ninja tabi.

This is a standard lane. You shouldn't really have problems farming, make sure that when she gets her poison on you after level 1 you run away until it ends. Never underestimate her damage when you're poisoned.

You should also know that when cass uses her ultimate (the stun-vision thing) it only stuns you if you're facing her. So try not to do that.
It's hard to tell when she's going to use it, but if you think about it, she'll only use it when she's:
1) about to die
2) trying to burst someone down
3) in a teamfight to initiate
so just watch and if any of these criteria are present, turn your back to her.
I start I start + + in this matchup because if she does land her abilities, you will get chunked really harshly.

Cho gath:
If he goes ap, he is very bursty. Just be careful and make sure to stay above 3/4 of your health if you can.
You should have no problem avoiding his q (the spikes) but watch out because if you get hit by that it opens you up to his full spell combination which can decimate you.
If you survive his level 6 and keep your health above his bursting ability, this will become a farm lane. Neither of you will want the other to free-farm so no one will leave lane for more than a minute.
I would buy both catalyst and giants belt in this matchup before continuing to rod of ages.
The catalyst gives you the sustain to stay in lane against his passive, and the giants belt gives you the health to survive his burst.
This matchup is a lot like a darius lane, however unlike darius, cho gath's abilities cost a lot of mana. I like to push this lane as hard as I can until He hits level 6, then I start to play more passively since that is usually when I run out of wards with my + + start.

Nightmare lane.
He has very high burst, you can't kite him due to his valkyrie, he has armor shred, and his passive is true damage. Very hard to win against.
Utilize brushes, and rush ninja tabi, catalyst and giants belt. I would purchase giants belt first, just because his burst is very high and you can always buy more hp pots to make up for the lost catalyst procs. Giants belt is also cheaper, and you will have trouble farming in this lane.
I would start + to negate some of his damage, sustain through his harass, and to get a head start on ninja tabi.

Play passive until you get your . If he chases you kite him with , if he gets too close or uses his pull on you use .

Darius is a very high burst, melee champion and the only way to really counter that is to hit him as hard as (or harder than) he hits you. Your helps a lot with that because he won't be hitting you as hard due to the regen and armor/mr, and you'll be hitting him harder due to the extra ap you receive from it.
When he fails his pull you should play super agressive and force him away from creeps.
This is a lane where I would purhcase rod of ages. The sustain and ap will help you more than health in this case, since he will burst you and run out of your poison trail, making your altercations very short.
The sustain from catalyst will negate some of his damage, making the trades about even if you rank and skyautoattack him constantly.
I found that the best start for this is + . It negates most of his damage (his passive is magic damage, however it doesn't do much unless you let him stack them on you).
I almost forgot to mention, if you have 3 or more stacks of his passive bleed on you, just run away. It's not worth staying and fighting if you're constantly bleeding throughout the fight.

She is fairly easy. You have the move speed to avoid her long-range strikes, just make sure to keep your distance when that ability is up. It really hurts after level 4, and when she gets her ultimate it makes kiting her extremely difficult.
With this matchup I would start with giant's belt and go rylai's, then upgrade boots to merc treads before even considering rod of ages.
The reason being that any harrass she can put on you in lane is easily mitigated by health pots.
Plus the slow from rylaist will help you more than the extra health and sustain that roa would provide in lane.
if you push hard early you will force her to use mana to clear waves, which is definitely not ideal for her.
i like starting 5hp pots, 2mana pots and 3 wards since you need to ward both sides of river to be safe while pushing lane.

easy lane early, make him pay for his terrible early game. When you hit level two skyautoattack him as much as possible while keeping an eye on your mana. Dodge his cleavers, and if you can't do that just stay inside of your minions. If you have him zoned you can tank a couple of cleavers when he tries to cs with them, however be careful since those start to hurt a lot after level 7.
This would definitely be a sustain lane, so make your first purchase a catalyst into a rod of ages.
Little factoid:
His cleavers do magic damage, so buy mr if you need to.

I would get hextech revolver after rod of ages in this lane just because of the sustain. after that i would purchase a spirit visage, giving me more mr as well as making full use of my ult and spellvamp.

Not a bad lane. His axes make it easy to predict his movements. However, this is a cautious lane. Draven fits into the category "ranged ad with an escape tool" due to his stand aside manoever. It slows you, and knocks you to one side, making it twice as effective as a normal slow.
He is squishy though. Close the gap with your , unleash your combo on him and he should be brought down to about half hp.
If he is getting some really good harass on you I would rush a . If he's more focused on farming than harassing you, I would rush a and start to play more aggressive. You outdamage him up close so utilize brushes and max . The extra points in don't help much here, you need to slow him enough so that his stand aside doesn't act as an escape tool anymore. The extra damage helps, but it won't be enough to kill him, your full combo should take him to half his hp regardless.

She has really good burst potential so rush a , followed by either or . Rylais is extremely useful in this lane due to the slow. She has a speed boost, and the slow from rylais is enough to mitigate most of that.
Her e is a melee ranged ability which means that in order to nuke you down she has to be in melee range. If she tries that fling her away with a skyautoattack. This lane should end about even.
Careful for her roaming ganks, this is what makes eve mid-lane so powerful. If you really need to keep tabs on her consider buying vision wards rather than sight wards.

This lane can be a nightmare. Like most ranged ad's in the current meta, ezreal has an escape tool that is pretty much flash, except on a 19 second cooldown instead of 150. This makes it easy for him to negate your slow from . The only way you're catching up to him is if you use the brush, catch him without using which will cause him to use his flash ability, and then you slow him after he uses that.
You will need ninja tabi in this lane. After buying that item, rush a catalyst followed by a giants belt. In order to stay in this lane, you need really good sustain, and a lot of health.
I wouldn't rush sheen in this lane. It will be very difficult to catch him for a skyautoattack.
You need to outsustain him to come out even.

The skill you need to worry the most about in this lane is his fear. It lasts between 1-3 seconds (depending on it's rank) and it is instantaneous with a range about half as much as your . This opens you up to ganks, stops you from running towards him, and when he gets his drain ability, he can use that on you and heal himself. He also has an ability that silences you for 1 second for when you do finally recover from fear (his ability... or the emotion. take your pick).
While he's using drain you can fling him to stop the ability. However this will take you half a second to close the gap, plus a 1 second delay if he initiated with fear. This means that he will deal about 120 damage to you at level one, and heal himself for 60% of that (72 hp). After you fling him (or if he knows what's coming he will cancel drain (dealing only 60 damage) and hit you with his silence for another 65 damage (up to 195 damage) and you won't be able to use abilities between 1-3 seconds depending on how many times it bounced to you.
In short, this lane is about the same as a vladimir lane. It is extremely difficult (especially in mid-lane without bushes to hide in) to come out even. He outsustains you and outdamages you. However, it is playable. you really need to stack magic resist and health against him.
Try not to fight him where he can bounce his silence at you more than once. If you are apart from any of your minions, ally champions, or neutral monsters you can trade with him. If he gets one other bounce from his silence ability on you then he will win the trade. Otherwise you come up even. That is, until he starts ranking his abilities past level 1.
For this lane I would rush mercury treads, followed by catalyst, and giants belt. You will be missing out on a few minions since you can't trade with him, so take your jungle's monsters whenever you can.
I would definitely not get a sheen here. The problem isn't your damage output, it's his silence and his fear. To mitigate that, you need hp, sustain, and tenacity to reduce the duration of his silences and fears on you.
I would start in lane with 2 wards and max out health pots. this will sustain you long enough to grab some health and magic resist items on your first back.

She is really weak early game. To be strong, she needs to be able to combine all of her abilities so she will become more of a problem after level 3, and especially once she gets her ultimate.
In this matchup I would rush sheen, get rylai's crystal sceptre, and purchase frozen heart after that. If she starts hitting you harder with her basic attacks you should purchase ninja tabi. Although she will only really hurt you with those when she gets more items under her belt (like a couple dorans, a bf sword, etc.) so you needn't worry about it until she hits level 6 or later.
Her passive gives her some decent sustain, however she needs to be able to autoattack minions to do it. Freeze the lane and last hit with autoattacks only. Make her have to come through you to last hit.
You win this matchup early game. If you extend your advantage enough by freezing the lane and zoning her out, you win this mid to late game as well. If you let her farm and you push lane (letting her last hit under tower) you lose this mid-late game.
The reason you shouldn't push lane is that she has an ability called lunge. it works a lot like irelia's dash ability except that instead of refreshing on a killing blow, she can use it twice within 4 seconds of casting it. This ability lets her last hit under tower with relative ease. You're also a melee champion, so you can't zone her out from underneath her tower unless she is below 1/4 of her health.
i would start 2 wards, 1 mana pot and 8 health pots. since she has a weak early game, she will try to outsustain you and look for help from her jungler until she reaches level 6.


this matchup can get really difficult, however this is very winnable.
due to fizz's passive, he will take less damage from your auto attacks. he is also able to get away from you very quickly, as well as becoming untargetable so you can't fling him for a short period of time.
this comes down to playing mindgames with him. you have to "trick" the trickster.
if you run at him, he will expect you to fling him, so he will use his escape to both damage you, and get away cleanly. however, if you auto him only, and save your fling until he lands, then you can put some damage on him.
after you get second rank of fling, you outdamage him so play very agressively. try not to trade auto attacks with him because his hurt a lot more than yours. kite hime with poison instead.
in this lane i would start either boots and 3 health pots, or 2 mana pots, 5 health pots and 2 wards. the boots 3 start is if you plan on last hitting only. the latter is if you intend to push lane hard and play very agressive.

this lane is ok. you need to play very cautiously if you're below 3/4 of your health once he has his ult. other than that, this lane is mostly a farm lane. neither of you can kill one another.
rush catalyst followed by giants belt. you need both sustain and health to do well. due to galio's passive, extra ability power won't help much so go for early tank/sustain items first.
after catalyst is upgraded i would consider grabbing hextech revolver and spirit visage for the health, sustain, and magic resist.
abyssal would be a great buy in this matchup as well.
for starting items. i would grab 2 wards and 7 health pots and push my lane as hard as i can with poison. keep your health bar high with pots and be aware of ganks with wards. galio is very mana dependant early on, so make him waste it on creep waves.

you both do the same amount of damage close up, however 1v1 fights (without kiting) will go in his favor due to his poison. how do you avoid this? don't let him auto attack you if you can help it.get in close for a skyautoattack, then kite him with poison. if he spams parrley on you in-lane, just chug potions. that is the only harass he can get off on you, and it does a lot of damage if he gets some crit on him. however, you should be fine. once that spell goes on cooldown you can zone him really hard.
i would start 7health pots and 2 wards so you can tank through his q harass.
catalyst will help a lot here for sustain, and the ability power from roa will help in trades so that is why i would make this my first purchase. after that however i would grab a tear of the godess so i will be accumulating more mana, health, and i'll be able to spam my abilities on him in lane. my next item would likely be rylais for the slow, health, and ap.

this guy is actually fairly easy to trade with. his q initiator (his speed boost/silencer) has approximately the same cooldown as your fling, so when he runs at you, click on you poison and fling him away with a skyautoattack. doing this consistently, you will trade even with him. do this and kite him with poison, and you will win all trades.
in order to keep my mana up so i can spam fling, i start 5 health pots and 2 mana pots with 2 sight wards.
if you have any problems, buy a doran's shield or two.
if you are doing well, buy tear of the godess first, and rush a rylais. you don't need to go roa.
after rylais consider either the new force of nature build (hextech + spirit visage) or liandry's torment.

this is the easiest matchup ever. gragas needs to hit level 6-7 before he starts to deal damage, and you can just tank through all of it.
before he gets his ultimate, and when his barrels are on a long cooldown, you can apply tremendous pressure on him. as long as you use wards to be aware of any incoming ganks, you can freeze the lane and completely zone him from the wave.
in this lane i would start with 3 wards, 6 health pots and 1 mana pot. the wards keep you from being ganked, the pots help keep you above his burst range, and since you will have to be overextended in order to zone him fully, the wards

this is another champion in the category of ranged ad with an escape tool.
the worst thing about graves is that his passive gives him bonus armor and magic resist, which will make him quite tanky early game. unfortunately, this hurts you the most because now, even if you do catch him, he will still outdamage you.
i would start cloth armor and 5 health pots. the only way to come out even, or at least not too far behind in cs is to hide in the bushes (assuming you are in top lane) and only come out to last hit melee creeps and siege minions.
once you hit level 6 you should be able to play more normally, however he will still outdamage you so be extremely careful.

you outdamage him. freeze lane and force fights, just be aware of his jungler. that's the only way you would lose this matchup.

he outpushes you, and outdamages you. he has a slow/stun, and once he gets rylais he will kite you for days. how is he not categorized as an unbeatable champion? because he has extreme mana problems early on. you can outsustain him until level 5-6, then once you have your ult you can outsustain him even more. you also do much more damage for your team in fights, whereas heim's only real help is a stun, and objective control with his turrets.
i would start boots 3 in this matchup. the lane should naturally push your way regardless, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about their jungler. the only real problem you have is heim's stun, and his rockets. you will be able to dodge his stun, and run faster than him to get out of range of his rockets thanks to boots
rush giants belt for hp, and get magic resistance. i recommend two negatron cloaks; one for spirit visage (you should get hextech at some point to make full use of this item) and the other for abyssal sceptre. after you get those items you should resume your core build.

you do fairly well against irelia.
instead of rushing a catalyst in this lane, i recommend buying 1 dorans shield and a tear of the godess. after level 6 irelia starts to get very agressive. the doran's shield mitigates her damage a little bit (as well as giving you increased health and health regen) and the tear allows you to always have enough mana to cast fling and insanity potion. remember to stack your tear up! that's an extra 250 health when fully stacked.
for starting items i recommend 8 health pots, 1 mana pot, and 2 sight wards if you are planning on being very agressive early. if not, cloth armor + 5 health pots is just as strong against her.

no comment.

jarvan 4:
this could go either way. if you let him burst you with his passive and get away, you will lose. what you should do is force him to stay in your poison for as long as possible. if he runs away, fling him back. continuously auto attack him into the ground. this is where the hybrid marks really pay off.
if you are having trouble, buy a dorans shield or two.
i like starting cloth 5 in this matchup because he will more than likely try to beat you down early. sacrifice two pots for a ward if you feel it's necessary.
you should seriously consider taking flash instead of ghost this game. his ult completely wrecks your usefulness in teamfights.
flash is still a very useful spell for singed, just as useful as ghost imo, so you really shouldn't hesitate switching them.

you counter jax, hard.
when he goes for a last hit, poison your creeps so he can't auto them without taking damage.his burst gets pretty scary once he reaches level 6, however, make sure once he jumps on you fling him as fast as you can. if you do this correctly you shouldn't get stunned, and you will have taken very little damage while dealing a lot to him.
having trouble? buy a null magic mantle (turn this into merc treads asap to lessen the effect of his stun) and two dorans shields. if you are still having trouble, abyssal sceptre should reduce most of his ability damage, while giving you a huge damage boost.
i would start cloth armor, 5 health pots so i can 1v1 him early.
rush giants belt for the health. the next items are your preference, i would get a tear of the godess, followed by spirit visage and hextech revolver.

everyone seems to think he is an amazing singed counter. however, in reality the only harass he should be able to put on you consistently comes from auto attacks. if he makes the mistake of switching to melee form and trying to burst you down, fling him away and kite him. you outdamage him when you apply skyautoattacks and kiting with poison.
once you have ninja tabi, it gets incredibly hard for jayce to harrass you.
the tricky part about this lane is the start of it. to avoid his auto attacks, hide in the bushes. only come out to last hit. if jayce's wave of minions gets really big (9 or more creeps) fling him towards his tower and poison the wave while running away from him.
i would rush ninja tabi in this lane, followed by giants belt and tear of the godess. after that, i would either buy a frozen heart or a rylais.

no comment.

this is a strong matchup for singed. karthus wants to stay in lane, farm everything, and use ult to pick up kills. you want to stay in lane and farm until mid game, then roam or push towers. you can also cancel his ult, so you will do a lot for your team by simply staying in lane vs him.
make sure to stay inside of your minions so his q can't catch you alone.
it is generally a better idea to freeze the lane and zone him off the wave so he can't farm under tower, however, if you are unable to zone him completely you should continuously push the wave to his turret and roam or take jungle creeps.
for items i would start with either boots 3 health pots (if you are planning on zoning him hard) or crystalline flask, 1 health pot and 1 ward if you are planning on passive farming/creep pushing.
for this matchup, in order to scale well you should grab the hextech/spirit visage combo. this will give you enough sustain to save your life if there's a karthus ult incoming.
i would skip rod of ages and go straight for rylais and tear of the godess. they just cost less and tear takes less time to stack.
lich bane would be a really good buy once you complete your core build. it gives you tremendous burst, and the best way to 1v1 a karthus is to kill him iwithin a couple of seconds.
unfortunately, lich bane no longer gives magic resistance, so it would not be a good item to rush first in this matchup.

he gets free qs on you, so stack health pots. i recommend 9 health pot start with 2 wards.
on your first back, get a negatron cloak and a null magic mantle if you can. you should go back as fast as you can to get a giants belt and another negatron cloak.
the null magic mantle will build into mercury treads, the giants belt into a rylais, and the two negatron cloaks will build into a spirit visage and an abyssal sceptre.
only get rod of ages if you think you can afford it.
the key here is magic resist and health.
he won't spell spam you too much early on, he'll run out of mana too fast. just make sure to poison your creeps so he can't auto them without taking damage.

this lane can go either way. she plays a lot like akali, try to not let her trigger marks from her q without giving her a fight.
the good thing about this lane is that neither of you should really be able to get too agressive. if you try to fling her, she will shunpo away. if she shunpos at you or near you you can fling her away for free damage.
the hard part about this is that she has free damage on you with her q, however if you chug through health pots until you get a catalyst you should be fine.
i recommend 9 health pots plus 2 wards to start. rush catalyst followed by a negatron cloak. the cloak can turn into either abyssal sceptre or spirit visage, your preference.

this is terror. absolute terror.
1) she does just as much as you do in team fights (her splash damage hits harder than your poison, and she has both a heal, a slow, and her ult gives invulnerability for several seconds).
2) she has a slow as well as a haste that totally negates your slow (even at max rank).
3) her slow increases her damage output on you for several seconds.
4) she has a ranged form that costs very little mana.
5) this ranged form deals splash damage, so even if you turn this into a farm lane you will still take lots of damage.
6) she outsustains you with her heal.
7) even if you do manage to start winning 1v1 against her, her ult gives her invulnerability from damage for two full seconds.

i think that's everything.
how do you do anything with this?
1) abuse her cooldowns. a lot of kayles will ability spam you as soon as you come out of the bushes. if she throws her q at you, run back into the bushes so she can't harass you further. once the slow runs out, you have about 10 seconds to pressure her as hard as you can.
her ranged form cooldown is only about 4 seconds however, so be alert.
2) if you managed to reach level 6 without dying, good job. now is the time to push the minions as hard as you can. both you and kayle can clear waves in a very short amount of time, but this will still give you the best chance of both keeping the wave between her side and the river, as well as picking up as many creeps as you can.
3) build up your resistances as well as your health.
a lot of kayles are starting to build straight ap items with attack speed. this helps you since all you need to build is magic resist.
however, some still build her as an adcarry, or as a mix of magic and attack damage.
if she is going full ad, her abilites will still do a lot of magic damage so i suggest building mercury treads (this also minimizes the effect of her slow). then a glacial shroud if you can afford it.

top (ad/ap mix) :
his early game harass is really strong. i'd suggest cloth 5 in this situation, and on your first back get a negatron cloak and a doran's shield if you can afford it.
as long as you don't get stunned you should be fine (his stun occurs when he hits you with an ability 3 times). just use the bushes and come out to only last hit and/or clear the wave.
once he hits level 6 you should be careful. if he stuns you, he can flash ult ignite and spell spam you into the ground.

literally, all you have to do is stay behind your minions so he can't q you. still have to be careful of his stun though, his burst gets pretty huge after level 6.

kha zix:
haven't faced him as singed yet.
the way i've beaten him with other champions is to keep out of range of his jump, and push wave really hard so it becomes a farm lane.
as singed, you should fling him away as fast as you can when he jumps on you. if he gets both his vorpal spike and his buffed attack on you he will win the trade.
he's all physical damage, so i'd recommend buying two doran's shields, followed by giants belt and tear of the godess. while you are acumulating stacks on your tear, finish your rylais and move on to either hextech revolver and spirit visage (if their jungler and mid are both ap). if one of them is ad, build frozen heart instead.

kog maw
i think of this lane the same way i would think about facing a jayce. he has the same mana problems early, and most of his damage comes from auto attacks.
rush ninja tabi, followed by one or two dorans shields. after that this will be a piece of cake. your armor should mitigate most of the damage, and your regen will heal the rest of it.
he does out scale you after level 16, so if you're 1v1 against him be extremely careful.

extremely difficult if you play this wrong.
first thing you need is mr/level or flat mr glyphs instead of whatever else you are using. this is a MUST, especially since there aren't many magic resist items you can buy in season 3.
1) magic resist
2) health

since she will be able to damage you for free, i pick up either 9 health pots + 2 wards, or even 11 health pots + 1 ward.
on your first back you need to pick up a negatron cloak and a null magic mantle as well as some extra health pots. you should be able to tank through most of her harass now.
your next buy should include a giant's belt (catalyst would be a good choice, however it is usually mid game at this point and giants belt costs less while giving you more health) and finish off mercury treads. this should allow you to play more agressively against her.
she is a squshy champion, so once your defenses have been built up force some trades.

i recommend building both spirit visage and abyssal sceptre after you pick up your mercury treads.

lee sin:
hard if you play passive.
if he lands his q on one if your minions near you, either fling him when he comes or run out of range of his e. if he lands q on you, run at him and fling him as soon as he goes on you.
he has an extremely good kit for killing you when his jungler is there, so be extremely careful with ganks.
other than that, play agressively and you will win this matchup.
ninja tabi doesn't really help here, lee sin will want to harass you with his spells, not auto attacks.
for a build, i would get rylais and rod of ages. the health and slow helps you more than armor 1v1 against him
after that though, frozen heart would be a good choice since it will affect the opposing adcarry as well.

no comment

never faced her 1v1, however her ult is annoying. her toolkit makes tower diving almost impossible.

lux doesn't really become a problem until her lazer gets on a 30 second cooldown.
i would pick up merc treads and abyssal sceptre, then continue on with the core build.
starting options are varied, i would rather start boots and 3 health pots to make it easier to dodge her skillshots.
freeze lane or push it, it shouldn't make a difference to either of your scores. lux has good aoe skills so she can farm under tower, and she outranges you so you can't deny her.

in some games, you will do better in lane if you run ap quints. this is definitely one of them.
the extra damage helps you cut through malphite's passive, as well as giving you a high kill potential on him at levels 2-5.
his damage is really negligable, the only trouble is ganks from his jungler. especially after he gets ult.
once he is forced to farm with his q, you've won.
when i reach level two i like to spam skyautoattacks, so i would either start 7 health pots, 2 mana pots, 2 wards, or flask 1 health pot and 1 ward.
if you start potions, you will never have to buy another for the rest of the game.

he gets free damage on you with visions, so be careful. keep your health above 3/4 with health pots and it should be fine.
the best thing you can do is turn this into a farm lane. that means afk poison push the wave to his tower so he is forced to use spells to clear the wave.
once he gets his ult you need to have a negatron cloak and possibly merc treads as well since his burst potential skyrockets at that time.

no comment.

master yi
ad: whenever he uses his gap closer on you, fling him away.
treat this lane as you would vs jax. ad yi has the same kind of strategy.

really good poke, but squishy target and has long cooldowns. pressure him whenever they are down and chug pots through his q harass.
if he's dumb enough to use q directly on you you could likely kill him. just save fling for when he meditates if you can.

miss fortune
hard, yet easy if you play it right. play passive agressive. agressive when her spells are on cooldown, and passive when you're going to be kited.
she has no escapes, so you will have constant kill potential on her until she builds health and/or resists.

easy in the beginning.
you have more consistent damage than him, so if he tries to hit you and run away, force the trade to keep going with your flip and slow if need be.
he does have more burst than you, so keep your health above 3/4 and you will be fine early game.
his ult does percentage health damage, so even if you build straight health items it will still hurt.

morde is another champion which would be better played against with ability power quintessence. the extra damage will cut through his shield faster.
try not to let him e you while you're in your minions. make him throw it at you when you are alone so he gets less shield.

i would build with an emphasis on magic resist and regen, and have health as a trait to pick up after i accomplish the first two.
because of this, i'll rush a negatron cloak, possibly mercury treads, and then go for hextech revolver and rylais. after that i look to pick up spirit visage and possibly abyssal sceptre if the lane phase continues.

if you let her hit you with dark bindings, you won't win this lane.
instead of orb walking front to back, do your best to walk side to side from her perspective. and stay inside of your own minions.

for the entire lane phase you should push minions right up against her turret. ward both sides of the river in case of ganks.
her w costs a lot of mana and does very little before she ranks it to at least level 3. force her to farm under tower early.

i would focus on health, mana, magic resist, and ability power in this matchup, in that order.
first item would definitely be a catalyst, followed by rod of ages as well as tear of the godess for both mana and health.
merc treads works well in this matchup to reduce the duration of her bind.
abyssal sceptre would also be a good pickup in order to strengthen you resistances, as well as do more damage.

if she shields herself, fling her and continuously auto attack her. your fling damage wrecks her shield and deals a bit of damage to her so your poison can now damage her too.
i admit, if you can wait for her shield to end before flinging her that would be best. but use your own judgment. if you can stay behind her until her shield runs out then do that.

your flinginterrupts her ult, but only when she has just clicked it and the attack animation is not finished. it doesn't interrupt it after that so be very aware of where you fling her in teamfights.

you outdamage him early, so zone him away from creeps.
do not leave lane and let him farm. stay too, until the end of the game if you have to.
teleport is an essential tool here for that reason.

if you have him farming with his aoe spell, you've won the game.

no matter what you build here, you should win this matchup early. nasus without damage on his q can't touch you.
so look at the other kanes to determine what you should be building.

also, freeze the lane. don't ket hin farm under tower.
even a terrible nasus will be able to cs half of the creeps under tower, and that is a lot more than he would be getting if you freeze the lane.

the most cc heavy champion in the entire game. no exceptions.
absolute terror jungler, however he is really slow and his hook is easy to dodge. pre level 6 ganks shouldn't be a problem, and if he's camping you every time he has ult up you had better have some wards down.

watch her stats and play accordingly.
if she is running ad runes/masteries you should play this like a jayce matchup. try not to let her land free autos on you. utilize bushes and only come out to farm with poison and last hit. rush ninja tabi followed by catalyst into roa keep a mental note of where her traps are being placed and tell your jungler.

if she runs ap runes/masteries you will want to play really agressive until she hits level 6. once she hits that she can actually outdamage you up close with cougar form.
if she's going fulltank, you won't be able to do anything to her. she will try split pushing and keeping you top lane to deal with her. however, this isn't necessary. assist your team and simply ignore her unless it's absolutely essential to turret survival. take down mid towers and bot towers, kill dragons and barons. your team will be fighting 5 on 4 and there shouldn't be any way you could lose.
teleport is useful in this situation, however it isn't necessary.

i haven't come across this matchup often. i remember playing against some really good nocturnes on the old twisted treeline though.
i would face this matchup much like going against a darius. he outdamages you up close, but kite him and you should be good. get slow at level 4 so you can use it when he casts fear.
i would start cloth armor and 5 health pots. you'll want to just outsustain him, and tank through his q's for the first couple of levels until you have enough for two dorans shields. he has naturally high ad, made even more fearsome if he takes ad runes + masteries.
he doesn't have very high armor or magic resist, so take advantage ofthat early. kite him, don't let him auto attack you more than once if you can help it.
after the doran's shield(s) i would get both tear of the godess and start working on my boots and rylais.
you need to always have your fling ready for when he goes on you, so tear will help with that. boots let you kite him easily, and rylais will both help you kite him, deal more damage to him, as well as give you more health.
for teamfights, randuin's is a great item to counteract his ult if you can find him. he has to auto attack to deal damage, and randuins will also slow his move speed so his fear tether will be easier to break.

ap nunu is harsh. you have to force trades to go on for as long as possible, you excel at these with your poison. he has only one damage ability, so make sure your trades last just long enough so he can only use it once.
he will heal off of creeps, but try not to let him get his free ability from his passive. force him to use his ice ball to farm by covering your creeps with poison.
key to this matchup is magic resist>health>ap .
rush two negatron cloaks and mercury treads, followed by rylais.

no joke, you will likely have to turtle through his levels 6-9 if you didn't gain an advantage early.

priority number one in this matchup is health and ability power. even if you stack a tonne of armor, his true damage will still cut through you. the ability power just helps kill him faster.

the rod of ages and rylais combination would be good items to get in this lane

if you can dodge her ball, you will be fine. if you can't, this will be really difficult.
prioritize health>mr>ability power.
i would start with 9 health pots and 2 wards, since her autos hurt like hell until you get magic resistance. don't let her auto attack you more than twice if you can help it, her autos deal increased damage to the same target.
rush negatron cloak, and merc treads for the move speed and mr. from then on i would continue with the core item path rylais and tear, and go from there.
the neg cloak can be upgraded either to abyssal, or spirit visage, your choice.

hard matchup with the current meta. he can stack mana pots and flask against you and just spam spears until you die.
the key here would be armor, health, and health regeneration.
the early phase is hardest against him, you're going to want to start cloth armor and 5 health pots. those should last you until you have enough miney to buy two doran's shields.
the doran's should give you enough regeneration and armor to tank through most of his harass. next, you'll want to grab a catalyst (into a roa+ rylais build) if you're not too far behind. if not, then extra armor and health always helps so go for a chain vest and giant's belt. if you didn't get a catalyst, you will need mana so make your next purchase a tear of the goddess.
after that just piece your build together. sunfire wouldn't be a bad choice here, however i personally like frozen heart and rylais better.

you outdamage her. her passive doesn't matter to you much, since your poison is damage over time.
force trades as often as possible. you will force her out of lane really fast so you don't need the extra sustain from a 9 pot start.
you can start cloth 5 if you're worried about ganks, or crystal flask, 1 hp pot and a ward. flask will be all around useful, because you won't need to buy pots again.
she deals mixed damage, however it is all pretty much negligable. just build your core items and build for teamfights and late game.

he is a hella strong jungler, although he really needs to hit level 3 or 4 to get his full ganking kit.
once the time gets to around the 3-4 minute mark start warding. ward farther up so you can see him start to spin.
if you are 1v1 against him in lane, you don't really have anything to worry about until he gets his ultimate. you will outdamage him since you are an ap based champion.

don't let him stun you. if you can flip him before he stuns you, this lane will be fine for you.
if he lands stun he can combo you down, then dash away to safety without taking damage.
dorans shield is highly recommended, it gives you health, sustain, and armor. don't buy more than two though.
he is all physical damage, so you can stack armor against him. however, i would first buy your core items before getting randuins (or frozen heart, etc). health and ap will be just as effective as health and armor.

zone him out of bushes. stay in them and own the space around them. if he is allowed in the bush, he can hop around the lane all day and that mobility is what usually allows him to make plays and win lanes.
try your best not to get hit by bola strike. it is his engage tool, if you don't get hit he can't catch you without flashing or jumping.
keep your health bar above 3/4ths. he is a very burst-heavy champion, so stack health, armor, and sustain.
i would start cloth armor + 5 health pots. it allows you to survive his eaely burst, and to sustain through anything he can dish out.
on your first back pick up two doran's shields. after that simply continue with core items rylais and tear.
armor is a decent buy after core items, however you should focus more towards building for teamfights. he shouldn't be a problem 1v1 anymore.

she is extremely strong between levels 2-6. keep your distance as much as you can and stay in brush for the most part. rush ninja tabi to mitigate some damage from her passive, and build a doran's shield or two.
after that tear will be a good pickup so you don't have to worry about your mana pool and can spam flip every time she goes in on you. rylais is also an excellent pickup so her gap closing abilities are less effective.

what to focus on building:
movespeed>health>armor>ability power

similar to rengar, yet different in a way. if you get hit by his slowing spear a lot you will lose. it allows him to hit you with his flamespitter and possibly his harpoon again.
to put it into perspective, if he hits you once with his harpoon it's about the same damage as two ticks of your poison, however if he hits you with it twice it deals more damage than your level 1 fling (before the nerf).
add to that his flamespitter and you're in for some serious trouble.

there's no way you can completely avoid his flamespitter damage, so magic resistance is key here. mercury treads, abyssal sceptre, and spirit visage are really strong items for this matchup.
i would rush the magic resistance compnents for those items first, then move onto the core item build.
hiding in bushes doesn't help you much in this lane. if you are away from your minions he can spam abilities at the bush. what you have to do is stay inside your creeps. if he uses flamespitter on you he will be pushing the lane, and he shouldn't be able to shoot you with his harpoon if you are hiding behind creeps.

what to focus on building in this matchup:
magic resistance>health>ap

magic resistance per level glyphs are good for this matchup.

difficult, however not impossible.
use his cooldown on rune prison to your advantage. you move faster than him so there is no way he can stop you without that spell.
rush mercury treads for the move speed, tenacity, and magic resistance. after that, get one or two negatron cloaks (for abyssal sceptre and/or spirit visage) followed by tear of the godess.
once you get tear of the godess, you should have your slow ranked to at least level 1. now when he traps you, you can slow him and trades should be even with him.
if you try this before you get tear, it will be very hard to both deal enough damage and to conserve your mana.

really have to beware of her when she gets her ultimate. other than that her jungle ganks are less than spectacular, and her ratio's aren't anything to write home about.

ganks are decent, however he falls off really fast in the jungle if he doesn't get ahead.
easy to counter jungle, steal his stuff whenever you have the opportunity.

he is strongest between levels 3-5, once he gets his ultimate you outpressure him. his ult doesn't help kill you in any way, so just flick yours on whenever you can to apply pressure and force trades.
you outdamage him at level 2 only, after he hits level 3 just turtle until you get level 6.
the thing with shen is he outsustains you early. he does throw free q's at you so i like to start with 9 health pots and 2 wards. wards are extra important here because with his taunt, any jungle gank becomes extremely powerful.
also, you cancel his ultimate if you fling him. this is worth tanking a couple tower shots if you are able to.
health>ability power > magic resist > move speed
generally, shen builds fairly tanky, with attack speed and a little ability power. his ratios don't scale as good as yours, so you will naturally end up dealing more damage than him. the ability power will help kill him faster, as well as force him to build magic resist items instead of armor, slightly lessening the pressure he can put on your adcarry.
you don't really need to build a catalyst in this matchup, however if you fell behind it does help a lot for regenerating through his harass.
mercury treads will be the most magic resistance you will need in this lane (they reduce the duration of taunt as well).
rylais willgive you health, ability power, and the slow will allow you to outrun him so he can't ki strike you easily.
since shen is an energy based champion, tear would be a good pickup, you can pickup hextech revolver as well if you wish, however you really don't need more regen than your ultimate. it doesn't hurt you though, it will give you more abikity power as well so it will be a decent buy.
after tear i would focus on getting liandry's torment, then build for teamfights.

teleport is an absolute must in this matchup. it significantly reduces his ability to splitpush late game, as well as increasing yours.

this champion's ganks are a joke until she hits level 6. she does have a speed boost though, and if you let her close that gap you will be in trouble. however, she can't stop you from flinging her, so if she keeps chasing you try to land her in tower range.

should i really add a part for 1v1 against another singed?

sion (ap)
his mid game is even more retarded than yours. his abilities combo in such a way that if he lands his stun on you, you will get bursted down. there's really no way around it. even his e gives him a ridiculous amount of ad as well, making it hard to counter. this is possible though.
if you don't feed him between levels 3-11 you can win. i know 3 isn't mid game, but it's when he gets his full burst combination.
what to prioritize:
MAGIC RESIST > HEALTH > move speed > ability power > armor
although his ad is very high with e on, he will be hitting you with the damage from his shield more than auto attacking. just because his lane phase is so retarded, i start 9 health pots and 2 wards. the only real way to counteract his damage early is to just regen through it.
magic resist glyphs are a must.
for items, rush mercury treads. these reduce his stun, as well as giving you movespeed to get out of shield burst range.
after those, buy two negatron cloaks and go into rylais as well as tear. the cloaks will be built into spirit visage and abyssal sceptre later.
if you accomplished that without dying, good job! you just won the game. sion falls off really hard at this point. why? his only use in teamfights will be his burst (which is on a ten second cooldown) and his stun (which is also on a large cooldown). his ultimate doesn't heal his team for very much so just kill the rest of his team while he waits for his cooldowns.
important: if you can burst his shield down before he is allowed to pop it, he can no longer use it to burst anyone down.

sion (ad)
priorities: armor > move speed > health > ability power
he needs attack speed to be truly dangerous. rush ninja tabi and tear of the godess. the ninja tabi will reduce a lot of his damage, as well as give you move speed to get out of autoattack range. tear is a good second pick up here because it allows you to fling him away whenever he gets close. this prevents more autoattacks, and actually is a better pickup than giants belt or chain vest in this situation.
your next item should be rylais, followed by either frozen heart or randuin's omen.
after that you should be fine in lane, or the lane phase will be over, so either way build for teamfights.

priorities: armor, movespeed, health, ability power.
the most important thing is to not fling her when her shield is up. it wastes your spell, as well as giving her mana. she really doesn't have an escape, so she doesn't fit into your counter.
rush ninja tabi for movespeed to dodge her abilities, as well as the auto attack negation and extra armor. after that, rylais and either randuin's omen or frizen heart are good counter items.
when those are finished, you should be good to go.

laning matchups continued

force him to use his ultimate on you and the game will have been won. peel him off your damage dealers in teamfights with fling and slow and make his life hell.
the only reason this champion gets picked and baned is because of his ultimate. his ganks aren't very good, and he doesn't do as much damage as you do in fights, nor does he tank as much as you will when your ult is up.
if he does grab one of your teammates, you can void toss him over a wall so he and your teammate are taken completely out of the fight (this takes a massive combination of luck and skill. void tosses in general are very difficult to land). or fling him into your team. not ideal, but it saves the person attached to skarner for at least a little longer.

no comment

ap soraka is exactly like facing ap nunu. only thing different is instead of one hella damage ability she has one that lowers magic resistance and one that silences.
try not to get hit by her starcall more than twice, the mr reduction stacks and it can kill you.
you will really want to build health and health regen items before purchasing magic resistance for the same reason.

she outsustains you, however her heals are on really long cooldowns so pressure her after the armor buff wears off.
when engaging, try to burst and kite with poison. if you let her hit you more than twice with starcall, she will have won the exchange.

magic resistance > health regeneration > move speed > health > ability power
he is a really hard matchup. you need as much magic resistance as possible, so i usually grab mr/lvl glyphs here.
rush mercury treads followed by one or two negatron cloaks. if you aren't too far behind, grab a catalyst and get your rod of ages.
he gets free damage on you with his e. luckily for you, it doesn't do much unless he follows it up with other abilities so when it's effect is on you, run away.
movespeed is so you don't get hit by his trabs, and can get away easily when he ults near you.

his ultimate is a lot like your poison. it hits 3 random targets continuously.
now, your poison actually does more damage than his ult. however, to be more effective in teamfights you need to have your poison on 3 people constantly, otherwise he will be hitting more targets than you (his ult cannot attack the same target more than once per "flock" which is every second). also, while his does less damage than yours, 1v1 his will hurt you more since he heals off of the damage those crows do.

his ultimate has about a 5 second cooldown, so force trades while it's down.

i admit, i haven't faced a good syndra yet.
her kit looks decent, her balls are easy to land on you early so chug through a couple potions until you can afford some magic resist and health items.
if she can hit you when she throws things, the slow can open you up to her ultimate plus other abilities, as well as ganks, etc.
keep your distance if you don't have wards, her push ability can be combined with her flash to get a good gank on you.

he is strong against you early, however, build health, armor, and health regen (doran's shields). after two doran's shields he will be easy. the counter to talon is health and armor, and you get both of those with your core build (+2 doran's shields).

you won't face a taric 1v1. when in a group, just be aware of the range on his stun. also, always beware of the range he can cover if he flashes and stuns.

arguably a hard singed counter.
if you die to him you will lose lane. teemo isn't a strong champion mid-late game, his only tool to help his team in fights are blinds and map control with shrooms.
survive lane phase without dying and you will be able to beat him 1v1.
how do you survive?
use bushes as much as possible. once you get your ultimate you can afford to play a little more agressive, but until then turtle and only come out of bushes to last hit. he will blind you, but you will have no problems since you can farm with poison and fling (only use fling if it is a siege minion, otherwise it won't be worth it).
if he pushes very hard, run behind him (under cover of brushes) and fling him behind his creeps while poisoning the entire wave. the key here is to keep the lane slightly pushed to your side while keeping it within walking distance of bushes so you can hide.
there is no other start than 7 health pots and 2 wards. you absolutely need sustain through early levels. the wards help if he is pushing, they will let you run behind him and farm waves confidently with poison.

i've gone through a lot of games against teemo, however i haven't actually done many calculations on boots. in theory, mercury treads should help you more. however, i'm experimenting with running ninja tabi currently. the idea behind that is that all of teemo's harass is from auto attacks rather than magic damage (i keep a mental note of where he places his mushrooms, if you get hit by these a lot you will be dead regardless). ninja tabi are also much cheaper.

you will need a catalyst inthis lane, so start rod of ages into spirit visage. the roa will give you ap, sustain, as well as health and mana. the spirit visage increases your sustain, as well as giving you health, magic resist, and cooldown reduction.
rylais would be a good pickup here too, so once you close the gap he can't get away from you.

think of him as blitzcrank. avoid his hook and don't get caught out by it.
obviously you bea him in a 1v1 situation, so you'll never see him played in a solo lane.

falls under the category of adcarry with an escape. will beat you 1v1.
1v1 she just beats you. you have no pressure on her due to her escape, and she deals mixed damage so she is hard to counter. rush ninja tabi as fast as you can, this mitigates most of her auto attack damage.
hide in bushes. only come out to last hit.
randuins is a good item here if you fall behind or are far ahead.
try to save your slow until she jumps away.
priorities: armor > health > move speed > magic resistance > ap
use her cooldowns to your advantage. back out at level 5 so you can get your items before she hits level 6. her levels 6-11 are super powerful, however if you play it right and itemize properly you can prevent her from snowballing.

priorities: magic resistance > health > move speed > ap

not certain. haven't looked at him since his remake.

same as a darius lane. only difference is he relies heavily on his spin. try to save your flip until after he uses it, or use it at the same time he casts it to cancel his movement.
this would be a good roa into rylais lane.
priorities: health > armor > ability power > move speed


Ganking mechanics:

Run in between the opposition and their turret. Try to corner them between you and your teammate. If they try to run past you, fling them towards your team.
There isn't much anyone can do about this. Your ganks are simple, yet devastating. They are made all the more difficult once you get for a hardcore slowing effect.

with move speed upgrade, or , also with move speed upgrade.
You could go , however I find that the other two types of boots will help you more in the game, because of a couple of things. If someone were to waste their cc abilities on you in a fight, then that leaves your entire team free to unload all of their damage. If however you are up against a team with really good area of effect cc (like amumu comboed with leona or something similar) only then would I consider buying these boots.

, , or ?

all the way. It gives you amazing stats (ability power, spellvamp, health and mana regen, as well as increased damage to monsters). For health I generally get a and sagway into a . is a good pickup too for both health and damage.

More survivability?
multiplies the effects of both your regeneration (due to items and masteries) and your spellvamp making this an extremely good purchase, even if you don't require the magic resist.
Tear of the goddess also procs off of singed's now, making it a good replacement for rod of ages. The shield from is very good for getting out of a fight by the skin of your teeth.

Runes: attack speed reds, ap/lvl blues or mr/lvl blues, armor yellows, and move speed quints.

Masteries: 2/22/6 grabbing all the armor/magic resistance, as well as the health and health regen and the damage reduction masteries in defense. I like taking the +4 damage to minions in offense because it makes the clear time faster by a couple of seconds. I also take 3 points in mana regeneration in utility, as well as the increased move speed when out of combat which is extremely usefull when ganking.

Final Comments

any questions let me know.
this is my first guide, i know a lot of people ask to take it easy with them but honestly, i want to hear all of the criticism. let me know what i can do to fix this up and make it better, or any tips you have/info i didn't put in here that you think would be useful and I will do my best.


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