SONA BUILD GUIDE: [S4] Tig ol' Bitties [s4 update in process] by Solvanas

by Solvanas (last updated over a year ago)

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Greater Mark of Armor(+8.19 armor)
Greater Seal of Armor(+12.69 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration(+0.495 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (8.91 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Gold(+3 gold / 30 sec.)
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Full Item Build

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Power Chord
QHymn of Valor
WAria of Perseverance
ESong of Celerity
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Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
Standard Starting Items
Alternative Item Start
Starting Items:

Doran Shield start is super effective for early game harass. Base health regen helps you prevent spamming your to keep you sustained, and the bonus health is awesome on a support as squishy as Sona. If you like going ham in lane, this is probably the preferable start for you. The only downside with this start is your lack of vision.

Ancient Coin start is effective at hording gold. If you can harass safely at a distance, and your play-style is less aggressive, then the coin start is probably the one for you. You can keep your distance while effectively collecting gold the entire laning phase.
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items
provide you with map pressure. It's easy to rotate when you have a ton of movement speed, especially with your aura.
is a must have item. It collects you gold throughout the entire game, while the active provides you movement speed that can be used to engage or disengage.
is also an extremely strong item on Sona. The active is a cleanse + heal for anyone on your team (but doesn't work on suppress). The item also provides insane mana regen, which is effective on Sona, especially during prolonged team-fights, sieging a tower, or pressuring objectives.
is your typical core support item. The aura provides magic resist and health regen, whereas the active provides a shield for everyone around you. This item is especially great on Sona because her base defensive stats are low, and her base health is also very weak. This item provides you a bit of everything.
I like this item on Sona a lot. It helps you stay alive during fights without getting instantly blown up. It also helps you peel for your carries, because the active is an AOE slow. If you stand near a carry while they get jumped and pop the active, it helps them re-position themselves and hopefully stay alive during the fights.
your typical core support item. Wards and health!
I feel that this trinket is the most preferable one to have outside of laning. It helps create map pressure by clearing wards, and with a sightstone you shouldn't need the bonus ward. I always sell my greater totem for a sweeper when laning phase ends.

Other Item Options?:

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Power Chord
QHymn of Valor
WAria of Perseverance
ESong of Celerity



Hello, this is my first guide I have written. I finished with 2030 season 2 and I am currently Diamond. I would consider Sona to be one of my better supports, and my outcomes with her are generally good.

Sona is a versatile support that can be played passively or aggressively, though she should be played aggressively in most situations. Her in lane harass shines compared to most other supports, and her ultimate can be a game changer if used properly in team fights. She shines throughout the entire game and is also extremely fun to play. She is good in both solo queue and in tournament play, and overall is probably one of the best supports to learn.

About the Author

I have been playing League since pre-season 2, and I have been playing almost solely support and AD. Sona has become one of my favorite supports and for the most part my outcomes with her have been quite good. I find she has a huge outcome in teamfights, and she can be game breaking if played correctly.

Overall stats with Sona:

Season 3 Sona stats currently:


For runes, I prefer running flat armor reds and yellows because it lets me get in the enemy AD's face and harass like crazy. For blues, I run mana regen/lvl because it provides me more Q harass. For quintessences I will use 1 gold/10 sec because it provides me all the gold I need.

Sometimes I will run mana regen yellows and MR blues if I want the early MR. I will usually do this when I am against supports like Lux, Zyra, and Lulu who have tons of AP poke. It will help you stay in the lane longer.


The armor in defensive stats are practically a must, due to the fact Sona had her base stats nerfed and base stats were reduced with the start of season 3.
Biscuiteer is a good start because it lets you be more aggressive and is basically a health and mana potion.
Pickpocket is a must in my opinion since you should be harassing a lot in general.
I take exp gain over cooldown reduction because you should be buying and CDR items either way, though you could choose to opt out for the CDR mastery.
The movement speed mastery is nice also because since you have no real escapes other than your ult it allows you to run around with a better chance of not getting caught.

Summoner Spells

For summoners, I will almost always use and .
is good because if you get caught, it provides you an easy exit, or if you want to initiate on the enemies, you can flash and ulti them.
Other good summoners for Sona:
: provides map control, but you shouldn't need it if you have a general idea of jungle timers.
: gives an extra boost in a fight, or it can help you bait out the enemy team into an easy bait. This skill is a mroe viable option now, especially since this summoner gives everyone an equal amount of health when used.


Passive: Power Chord
After casting 3 spells, Sona's next attack deals 14 damage + 9 x lvl in bonus magic and a bonus effect depending on Sona's last song played.

Additionally, Sona's Auras persist for 3 seconds after deactivating and set off a 2 second global cooldown.

Power chord can make a huge difference in various situations:
is good for harassing in lane, because it does double damage after activating the spell.
is good for reducing an enemy carry's damage. The reduction is 20% less damage for 4 seconds.
is good for slowing an enemy that is trying to escape. The slow is 40% for 2 seconds.

Q: Hymn of Valor
Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Hymn of Valor, increasing nearby allied champions Damage and Ability Power by 8/11/14/17/20.

Activation: Sona fires bolts of sound, dealing 50/100/150/200/250 (+70% ability power) magic damage to the nearest two enemies (prioritizes champions).

Power Chord - Stacatto: Deals double power chord damage

Cost 65 Mana
Range 700

Sona's is your main source of damage. The harass from it is amazingly strong, and you should abuse it in lane with your to force your enemies out of lane.
Her on activation will auto target enemies, though her must be used through auto attacks.
Things to keep in mind:
  • The passive aura range is 700.
  • The active will target anything within 700 range, but will only auto target champions within a 550 range.
  • Passive aura Attack Damage & Ability Power increase per level: 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20
  • You can use your to empower your next ability.

W: Aria of Perseverance
Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Aria of Perseverance, increasing nearby allied champions Armor and Magic Resist by 7/9/11/13/15.

Activation: Sona sends out healing melodies, healing Sona and the most wounded nearby allied champion by 40/60/80/100/120 (+25% ability power). Grants double her passive aura bonus to her heal target and herself for 3 seconds

Power Chord - Diminuendo: Debuffs the target to deal 20% less damage for 4 seconds

Cost 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 Mana
Range 1000

Though the heal from is not great, having an extra point into it can keep your AD in lane for a long time. The damage reduction is also amazing during fights, so be sure to use it on an enemy carry.
Things to keep in mind:
  • The buff when you cast the spell lasts for 3 seconds.
  • Passive Armor & Magic Resist per level: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15
  • Active Bonus Armor and Magic Resist per level: 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20
  • Passive aura range is 1000.

E: Song of Celerity
Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Song of Celerity, granting nearby allied champions 8/11/14/17/20 bonus Movement Speed.

Activation: Sona energizes nearby allies, granting them 6/8/10/12/14% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

Power Chord - Tempo: Slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds

Cost 65 Mana
Range 1000

This spell gives your team great chasing and escaping potential. The power chord, though it only lasts 2 seconds, is very effective when trying to pick up kills after a fight.
Things to keep in mind:
  • Passive Movement Speed per level: 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20
  • Active Bonus Movement Speed per level: 6% / 8% / 10% / 12% / 14%
  • Passive aura range is 1000.

R: Crescendo
Sona plays her ultimate chord, forcing enemy champions in a line in front of her to dance, taking 150/250/350 (+80% ability power) magic damage over 1.5 seconds.

Cost 140/120/100 Mana
Range 1000

Huge AOE stun, her ultimate can be a game changer if used properly.

Skill Order

> > >
Sona has many options when it comes to skill order.
I will always max first. The early game damage is too great to pass up. Though, if your AD is having trouble staying in lane, you can always put an extra point or two into to make sure they don't get forced out of lane. But after that I will always finish maxing .
max is good if the enemy team has a lot of poke and you're pressuring objectives, or if you don't want your team to blow up quickly against a bursty enemy team.

> > >
Many Sona players max secondly. I do not think this is always necessary. Sometimes I will max instead. The chasing potential is amazing, and the passive aura speed is great to have. I will usually do this when my team has a lead.

Ward Placement & Timers

Baron Timer: 7 mins after death. Spawns at 15 minutes.
Dragon Timer: 6 mins after death. Spawns at 2:30.
Buff Timer: 5 mins after death. Spawns at 1:55.
Small Camps: 1 min after death. Spawns at 1:40.

Item Builds

Sona is a very versatile support and has many options when it comes to itemization.

Early Game:
If you can buy double GP/5 before 15 minutes, go for it. It means you can rush and not fall behind in money. The speed boost for Sona is good because it stacks with her and could potentially lead to many kills if you can catch people off guard. It also helps because Sona has no hard escapes other than her.
If you find you're taking too much early game damage you should buy a .
If you plan on building a or it is usually ideal to buy these during the early game.

Mid Game:
By mid game, you should have at least 1 completed item, and be nearing a second.
Usually by mid game, ,, and are the standard items you should have. You should most likely finish your aegis into a if the enemy team has a lot of AP threats on their team.

Late Game:
By late game you should probably have 2-3 support items, unless you've been buying a lot of oracles for your team. Make sure to always have on objectives such as Dragon and Baron.

Core Items:
or : overall good with your passive. Especially good for Sona due to the recent base stat nerfs. It will help you stay alive longer while buffing your team.
: provides insane movement speed on top of your . No enemy should be able to escape you! This item is also good for catching enemies off guard and picking up a few kills.
: the best boots on Sona in my opinion due to her high cooldowns. As long as you position properly, sit back and buff your team, you shouldn't be caught very easily, therefore not needing other boots.

Alternative Items:
: good for extra sustenance for your team if you have a lot of ap casters. The spell vamp and ap is nice for yourself as well, as it effects all of your abilities.
: always a good pick up against an auto-attack heavy team due to the fact it reduces auto attack speed. The armor it provides is also nice since Sona is an extremely squishy champion.
: provides extra sustain in team fights on top of your heals, the CDR and extra health is also an awesome bonus since Sona's cooldowns are long.
: amazing item against an AD heavy team. The downside of buying this item on Sona is that you should almost never be in the middle of a team fight to use the active (AOE slow). The only real chance you would get to use the active is when you or if an enemy jumped onto you.
: strong when you have an AD heavy team, the lifesteal it provides helps keep your ad's in a fight longer then just your could.
: good against an enemy team that has a lot of ap casters on it. The defensive stats are good for you, since Sona is squishy in general, and the bonus stats stack on top of your which is even better.
: good for chasing opponents, especially since this item provides an extra 5% movement speed. The extra speed helps you get away from scary situations, and chasing enemies down with it on top of your is good for picking up kills.
: an awesome buy with a hard engage, such as Nocturne or Malphite, etc. The AOE slow it provides helps keep the enemies within your teams range for a longer time, usually leading to more kills.
: this item helps Sona keep her mana up all the time, which is extremely good for keeping your team alive while pressuring objectives, and removes all CC (except suppress) on an ally. A good item against a CC heavy team, such as Amumu, Taric, etc.
: an extra little speed boost for your team if they are near you. Nice to have with your aura and .
: if you find yourself using your often, for engages and whatnot, these would probably be the ideal enchantments.
: if the enemy team has a lot of CC these boots may be ideal.
: if the enemy team has a lot of AD these boots may be ideal.

Laning Partners & Opponents

Sona is quite versatile so she works well with just about any AD, though she does better with some more than others.


Strong Lanes:


Usually Passive Lanes:

Laning with: Ashe's laning isn't the strongest, and that's where Sona shines. Try to harass when you see an opening but don't go too crazy, since your only form of peeling for Ashe is your and , whereas Ashe has no escapes. Once she has some damage you should be able to start doing work, especially at level 6 where you both have ultimate's that can stun.
Laning against: Harass her like crazy once she uses her level 1 crit. Her volley is on a high cooldown until level 7, so you should be able to poke her like crazy while you take minimal damage in return. Just don't get hit by her arrow, because you will most likely die quickly due to your low base stats.

Laning with: Caitlyn and Sona are both strong laners, so with your aura, Caitlyn benefits bonus damage. Her poke will be stronger because of that, and on top of Sona harass, you should be able to force your opponents out of lane quickly.
Laning against: Laning against Caitlyn is a little tricky because of her traps. Try to take brush control quickly, and her when she goes in for creeps or to harass your AD. Be careful not to take too much free damage though, because your heals are weak. If your AD doesn't know how to trade properly, just max and try to keep them in the lane for as long as possible.

Laning with: Both Corki and Sona deal a good amount of damage. Since Corki scales some off of AP, your gives him bonus damage on some of his abilities. You should be able to poke your enemies down quickly, and probably pick up a few kills since Corki deals good burst damage and can all in when he sees an opportunity. When you are level 6 you should be able to combo with your AD and pick up a kill almost every time.
Laning against: Play safely when you are laning against a Corki. He can poke you down quickly and valkyrie to you when you're low for easy kills since you aren't very tanky. Try to him down when you see an opportunity, but don't go full retard in lane, otherwise you will most likely die.

Laning with: Fairly easy to get kills in lane with Draven since you both deal ridiculous damage. Harass as much as you can early for easy kills.
Laning against: Laning against a Draven is quite hard for Sona. You die quickly if you get caught out of position. Your best bet is to max and wait for an opportunity to get kills, or until your jungler comes to gank.

Laning with: Strong level 1 burst with your and Ezreal's Mystic Shot. Poke them down as much as you can and Ezreal can most likely pick up quick kills. At level 6 his ultimate and your should be able to secure a kill almost every time.
Laning against: Hide behind creeps when you try to harass Ezreal so he can't get free damage with his Mystic Shot. He's very squishy so he isn't hard to kill when you get level 6. If you play the lane smart you should be able to win it.

Laning with: Your level 6 burst combo is amazing. Poke hard in lane and you can probably get kills before then though, since graves can just dash in and buckshot to finish opponents off.
Laning against: You have more range than Graves so harass him when he goes in for creeps. Just be careful because he may dash to get in your face and buckshot you. Try not to let this happen because if you get caught out of position it will be a kill for him.

Laning with: Harass when you see an opportunity, other than that though play safe. Kog has no hard escapes compared to other AD's and you have no strong peel until you get your .
Laning against: Take advantage of Kog's weak early game and harass him as much as possible to try to delay his late game for as long as you can. He should be fairly easy to get kills on.

Laning with: You are both bursty champs, so you should be able to rack up a few kills in lane. Especially at level 6, your locks an opponent down while her ultimate should be able to pick up the kill.
Laning against: Laning against MF is a pain in the nuts. She can kill you quickly if you get caught out. Play the lane smart, harass when you can but try to not get caught out. If she doesn't get too far ahead it should be easy for you and your AD to try to kill her later on in the laning phase.

Laning with: High burst damage and at level 6 you should be able to pick up kills. Poke the enemies early and you may be able to pick up a few kills before 6.
Laning against: Sivir can kill you quickly if you take a full boomerang. Her passive gives her movement speed so more likely than not you will die if this happens. Make sure you her when it isn't obvious otherwise you will give her free mana from her spellshield. Auto attack her when you can too, because she can't shield that. You also have range over her so it should be easy to harass her. Just don't get caught and you'll be fine.

Laning with: Tristana's level 6 combo on top of your and should be a free kill every time your spells are off cooldown. Try to poke your opponents down when you are both nearing 6 to pick up a kill or two.
Laning against: Harassing her early on is easy because her range is short. Take advantage of that as much as possible. Be weary of her jumping on you though, because if she gets a full combo off on you, you will more likely than not, die.

Laning with: Try to play the lane safely until both you and Twitch hit 6. At 6 you could possibly pick up a kill if the enemies are somewhat low. You could also try to bait the enemy to you with Twitch stealth and use your
Laning against: Twitch is very squishy, so getting him low shouldn't be too hard to get him low. Just don't let him get too many poison stacks on you when you trade with him, or you will lose the trade.

Laning with: You and Urgot can do a fair amount of damage, and once level 6 rolls around you may be able to get a few kills. He isn't one of my favorite laning partners as Sona, but he still does a decent amount of damage, the only problem is his mana. Once he lands his bomb on someone, if you at the same time you should be able to do about half of someone's health.
Laning against: Urgot isn't too hard to harass as long as you don't get caught by his poison bomb. If you can avoid it you can do as much free damage as you want until it's cooldown is up again.

Laning with: Laning with a Varus should be treated like laning with an Ashe just because of the fact that he has no real escapes. The plus side about Varus though, is that he does put out way more damage than Ashe does, so when you are aggressive you can capitalize on it and try to pick up some kills. Harass when you see an opening, and at level 6 try to combo your ultimates to rack up kills.
Laning against: Laning against a Varus is a little tricky, especially since he has a heal debuff and outranges you by 50. As usual, him when he goes in to farm, and when he gets his debuff on you (his AOE slow), wait it out before you heal. Your heal is already very minimal so it's best to get as much health back as you can (unless you're in the middle of a fight and you can't wait it out, then go crazy).

Laning with: Vayne's early game is pretty weak, so you should try to play the lane passive-aggressively. If you harass well enough, Vayne may be able to capitalize on that and get a kill or two out of it with her condemn. Make sure to keep all the brushes warded if the enemy support uses the brush a lot too, so it's a guaranteed condemn when the opportunity presents itself. Your extra and aura are insanely strong with a Vayne, so when you see someone half health, or beside a wall, use your and you should be able to get kills or force your opponent out of the lane.
Laning against: Laning against a Vayne is usually fairly easy. harass her every time she goes in for creeps, since her auto attack range is the same as your and auto attack range. Be sure to not stand against walls when she is near though, because if you get caught by a condemn it may be the end for you due to being squishy. You should be able to blow her up really fast at level 6 with your combo.

Laning with: Quinn's Q does a fair amount of damage, so try to harass early on with her. Since she has a blind it can help you be reckless when harassing their AD while taking minimal damage in return. At level 6 you guys should be able to combo them with your power chord+q/ult combo and her ultimate.
Laning against: First of all, Quinn has a base range of 525 whereas Sona has 550, meaning free auto attack harass whenever she goes in for creeps. Her ultimate is also high risk high reward, so if she dashes onto you or your ad, seize this opportunity to ult her. She is not tanky at all, so if she isn't smart with her ult it is a free kill every time.

Laning VS Other Supports:

Easier to Play Against:


Hard Lane:

Harass him as much as you can before he hits level 2-3. He won't have a full combo before level 2, and no heal until level 3 (usually). Once he has his full combo play safely and harass him when he gets in your range, but don't run up to him to try to do some damage, because you will most likely be caught by him.

Blitzcrank is probably the most annoying support to lane against. If you get grabbed, you're pretty effed. Keep all your brushes warded for vision, and once he misses a grab you can go in to get some damage on your opponents. Other than that, play safely and use missed hooks to your advantage.

Janna is probably one of the best supports you can lane against. She has no hard poke and no real sustain unless she lands every shield. Try to bait her shield out and once it wears off use your to harass them. You also have a lot of range over Janna, so be sure to auto attack harass as much as you can.

Leona is another extremely hard lane for a Sona. Harass her pre level 2, because she won't have her dash/stun combo. Once she gets level 2-3 play more safely. Treat a Leona lane like a Blitzcrank lane. Keep the brushes warded and once she misses her Zenith Blade go in to deal as much damage as you can. Once she is level 6 be careful because she can ult you from a long range. If you get caught you are most likely screwed. You can always try to counter initiate onto their AD if she uses her whole combo on you though, and you can possibly turn the fight around in your favor.

Laning against a Lulu is a hard match up, but it can go either way. You both deal a lot of damage, but the advantage Sona has over Lulu is that her can keep her in the lane longer. Be smart when you harass Lulu, and once she uses all her health/mana potions you should be able to force her out of the lane.

I haven't played this match up much, but all I can really advise you to do is to avoid her bubble and out harass her. You will deal more damage in the end, and your ultimate is more effective because it locks people in place whereas you can easily avoid hers. As long as you don't get caught in her bubble you should be fine. This lane is pretty similar to a Taric lane in my opinion.

Nunu is fun to lane against. He can't sustain his AD at all, so harass as much as you can. Try to not to overextend and get caught by a snowball so his AD can deal free damage on you and you should be fine. Most likely you will win this lane. When Nunu uses his ultimate though, try to get both him and his AD in yours, which effectively stops his channel and stuns the enemy AD as well.

Soraka is annoying. She out heals almost all of your damage. Auto attack her so you don't burn through your entire mana pool, and use your whenever you feel you have enough mana to do so. She is squishy and has no escapes, so once you get level 6 you may be able to pick up some kills. Try to not get baited by her heals, but other than that she isn't a threat in the lane.

Taric can be a tricky lane, but I feel like you can win it. As long as you don't get caught by many stuns, you should be able to harass him out of the lane. Keep the brushes warded so you know when he's going to try to go in for a stun, him, and take a step back. Keep doing this and gradually he should run out of mana and you can start taking advantage of that.

I haven't really played this matchup often, but I would suggest to treat it as a Blitz lane. Hide behind creeps and abuse him whenever he misses a hook or tries to go in to get a soul. His resistances early are also very low so try to take this into account and take advantage of that, but other than that: hide behind creeps and treat this as a Blitz lane. If you have harassed the enemies to half, you could always try to bait a hook into an ult, but be wary of this - you could get blown up quickly.

Early Game

First of all: BE SURE TO WARD. Sona is squishy and susceptible to ganks, so make sure you have everything covered, or it may lead to losing your lane.

Tip: Charge your at base, because it will force the enemy AD use a if you get the full combo off. This could also lead into an easy level 1 kill for you.
ALSO if you have trouble landing your ultimate, use your to slow the enemy first and then ultimate, it's a guaranteed hit every time!

For early game, you should be harassing the enemy AD. Since Sona has the auto attack range of a standard AD carry (550 range), you can always auto attack harass every time the enemy AD goes in for a creep. This also works well when you want to them.
You can from the brush without revealing yourself, so try to abuse this early on.
If your AD loves to take free damage, throw an extra point into your to keep them in the lane.
Make sure to objectives - like the Dragon - and save for jungle entrances or brushes so you can prevent yourself and your AD from being ganked.

Also, for early game harass, make sure when you have your up, try to use it with your so you do twice the damage.

If you want to deal as much damage as possible with taking minimal damage in return, you should the brush you will be in for the longest amount of time (depends on how the lane is pushing). You can run in and out of the brush harassing effectively while you will rarely take damage in return.

Laning 101:
  • If you want to do golems, kill the small one first. Your will kill it quickly. Use a health potion if you have to afterwards.
  • If you want level advantage over the enemy lane, push the lane up as soon as you can at level 1. It could lead to greater zoning potential.
  • You can harass the enemies under turret with and take no turret damage in return. Stand on the far side of the turret when you use it. (shown in image below)

Mid Game

Mid game will usually begin around 15-20 minutes, though sometimes it will be forced early. It is when you will be contesting objectives and starting to team fight.
Sona excels at team fighting because of her . If you can hit 3 or more people with it, the fight will usually be favorable for your team. If you cannot reach an enemy carry and it is almost mandatory to kill them, don't hesitate to them to get a kill. Try to not do this often unless you are certain your team will follow up on it.
If you have a lead and you want to keep it, buying an will help you keep the advantage, especially because having map control can lead to free kills or being killed.
Make sure to clear all jungle entrances and objectives. Once the map is clear, force dragons if you can (ex: if the enemy jungler is top, make a move for dragon, or if your team has killed someone in the mid or bottom lane).
It is always good to for your mid lane if they don't seem to be buying many themselves. It will keep your lane safer, and prevent them from feeding.

Late Game

Late game you should be clearing all of the enemies with your . You will always want Baron control. Same as early and mid game, you will want jungle entrances to have , and if you can, try to ward the enemy buffs so your team can contest them.
Try to force/bait barons if you're ahead, especially if you've managed to kill their jungler.
Your job as Sona is to sit in the back and buff your team. You should never be in the front of a team fight unless you had to .
If you cannot get a favorable ultimate off in a fight, try to use it when an enemy jumps onto your carries. Even if you only kill their front line, it's still a small victory for you, and could probably lead to pressuring big objectives (turrets, dragon, Baron, etc).

Team Fights & Tips

Sona has amazing team fight potential. Her provides many options.
In a team fight, if you see an opening to and , and get their carries in it, go for it. With their carries disabled for 1.5 seconds, it should almost always guarantee a won fight for your team.
When fighting against an enemy carry in a team fight, try to get your off onto the carry. It will reduce their damage by 20% for 4 seconds, which is a huge handicap for them in a fight.
If you cannot get a good off onto the enemies carries, save it to keep your carries alive. Just by doing that it could win you the fight.
When chasing an enemy, use your on them. It will slow them for 40% for 2 seconds, which will make it easier for your team to catch up to them and potentially get a kill.
Keep your aura when pushing turrets or taking objectives. The passive damage will help you clear it faster.
If you believe you're going to be initiated on use your aura. The armor buff will help reduce the damage you take.

Change Log

  • Changed guide for S3.
  • Added images, laning partners, fixed intro.

  • Added extra to laning opponents.

  • Added Distortion Enchantments to recommended items.

  • Added Vayne to the laning partners/opponents section.

  • Added a more in depth explanation to the skills.
  • Added images to the skill order.
  • Fixed the heal description for summoner spells.

  • Added extra to early game/late game.

  • Added extras to team fights & tips.
  • Added image to early game for laning 101.

  • Changed opening items because of Crystalline Flask nerf.

  • Fixed Thresh in Laning Partners & Opponents.

  • Added Thresh into Laning Partners & Opponents.

  • Added Quinn to Laning Partners & Opponents.

Final Comments

Sona is an amazingly strong team fighter and laner. Though many think she is easy to pick up, I don't believe that to be true. Positioning and properly using is what separates a good Sona from a mediocre Sona.
Hope this helped. ^_^
& ty to da lovely Breast Support for the help and introduction image. <3 (and creds to the artist of the picture, Rein).


December 25, 2012 - 04:10 PM #11

Very nice guide, I must say :)

Maybe consider Athene's Unholy Grail in build? I had it in big number of games.

December 23, 2012 - 06:38 PM #12

My bad, I added her into the section.

December 23, 2012 - 05:29 PM #13

You forgot about Vayne on the match-ups.

December 23, 2012 - 03:43 PM #14

It's from the clean version of Get Low - Lil' John & the Westside boys.

but I'm sure there are other references to it as well.

December 22, 2012 - 08:43 AM #15

lol yourfavoritemartian reference in the title?

December 19, 2012 - 12:34 AM #16

@A2ZOMG Not sure what your current elo is, but the difference between how people play at bronze and how people play at plat/diamond is huge. A Leona that's high elo will dominate Sona easily if played correctly. Perhaps you should look at some replays of players like Bloodwater.

December 18, 2012 - 08:18 AM #17

The ONLY way Sona can win the match-up is if you aggressively push the lane so Leona will have to dive you under creeps with you having a level advantage from pushing the lane. However if you do this, not only is this hard since the enemy AD + Support will catch on and just counter-push. But you also make yourself extremely susceptible to all forms of ganks. That is the ONLY way you can effectively win the matchup. Otherwise if you EVER get caught as a Sona vs. a Leona. You are Dead, without a level advantage. /end

December 18, 2012 - 08:07 AM #18

"It doesn't mean anything when she actually lacks the damage to kill Sona earlygame."

The fact that you said Leona lacks the damage, just proves to me that you completely have NO IDEA what the match-up is about. Go get caught at Lvl 5 by a Leona. Let her graves just dash forward and buckshot + Ignite + auto you. You will be dead 100%. The whole match-up of Leona revolves around HER AD following up.

Also good luck surviving the lvl 6, where you think you can survive 2 ults and heal back from an ignite. You act as if you will never be in harm of a Leona's effect zone of all-in in Lane which is yet again, completely stupid. It is a very heavy skill-matchup. However I'm sure that playing normals against a Leona that probably has no idea or coordination with her AD to follow-up, would prove otherwise for you vs. logic.

December 18, 2012 - 07:57 AM #19

Right, and your argument is actually faulty because Sona got caught HUGELY out of position in the example you posted. A properly positioned Sona would actually be able to survive even if the other AD carry followed up.

And sure, Leona can always use her gap closer when Sona wants to harass. It doesn't mean anything when she actually lacks the damage to kill Sona earlygame. Yes you might chunk her. She'll just heal up and then go back to business again while you can't safely engage again if you took damage and didn't kill her.

December 18, 2012 - 07:48 AM #20

Also, yet again you completely ignore the whole arguement. The arguement was that if Sona gets caught by Leona, she is basically dead Leona's AD follows-up. I have proved this several times. Also your whole "if sona positions badly against Leona" arguement goes back to the "If Sona wants to have pressure in lane, shes going to have to be in range of Leona, which puts her at risk, WHICH MAKES THE LANE A VERY HARD MATCHUP IF THE LEONA KNOWS WHAT SHES DOING" Your whole arguement is that you can effectively kite a bad leona, which will NOT happen if the Leona knows what she is doing. Considering that her GAP CLOSER is in range when you get in range to poke her and her AD.

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