BUILD GUIDE: So you want to feed? by Drmajik

by Drmajik (last updated over a year ago)

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How to feed

Feeding is an art, it requires precise timing and the most subtle of builds. Not being from America gives some people the upper hand but don't fret, you can save the enemy team from a loss.

maybe the best item in season 3.

Champ selections

Charm under their turret

ult to their turret

pulverize their turret, use your ult at 1 hp

bandage to their minions under the turret

wall yourself so you can't run away from the turret, BE A MAN like

Stun yourself under their turret

ult yourself under their turret, be sure to max e for extra gold from killing turrets b/c youll be under them alot

pull yourself to their turret

play like a 2.5k elo player

move yo ass under dat turret

slither yo way to da enemies turret

just like the S1 trailer autoattack the enemy turret

turrets can't hurt you b/c your flying, so its prtty much impossible to feed, try it.


it's to bright outside, so you have to stay in the enemies jungle b/c it's dark so you can be like the moon and suck dick

turret called u big sissy, teach lesson nao NOW

welcome to the league of ballsacks, tell the enemies turret how good you are

idk, she has a big ass in spida form so wave it at the enemy team and dont move b/c your ass is so heavy

stealth by the other teams turret to get the upper hand

The turret is a museum, so go by sometime and study whats inside

sticks and stones may break so fiddledix sucks when your not dieing, DUR

girls cant play league, its gg from champ select

pole yo ass by the enemy turret

if u ult by the enemy turret, your stone, and the turret is stone, so you cannot lose

there are oranges at the enemy nexus, HINT

just play him like you normally would

drink beer and hump enemy turrets

you need to get in extra close to the nexus to deal maximum dmg with your shotgun

if you ult to the enemy turret it will be feared and be forced to run back

I actually find it impossible to lose, b/c u can only take dmg from 1 turret, and YOU HAVE 2 TURRETS seoibndfklsrihbkjngfkjfbf

first you buy boots, then run yo ass to the enemy nexus

your flying so its gg .You stand in the river because you'll make a monsoon with your tornado AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

ult your whole team in the enemy fountain, or enemy turret

lampost great than turret, go ham

the fountain has a leak, you must fix it with your hammer

do bad deeds and get some BAD KARMA

defile the fountain to make the enemy team thirsty

throw purple stuff at the fountain to make the water change culors.

idk ask stratt, hes pretty good at this

intervene then run laps around the fountain, 20 of em

throw lighting at the enemy jungle to set it on fire, giving your team vision,

evolve some stone armor and be a rock

kill yourself and deal true damage to turrets

get really low so your clone takes turret dmg, then auto the turret

your blind so noone can blame you if you bump into the enemy team and die, over and over and over and over and over again

tank turret dmg for your team, better yet, go to every lane and tank turret dmg

pix told you to kill yourself


rocky part 7 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you lose like rocky 1

ult the turret in and win the battle of wits

nature will slowly take over all things, including turrets, sloooooowly

use your shitty ninja skills to die

by the end of the game your team will be MISSING FORTUNE!!!!!!!

your purple team so go to purple teams turrets but if your on purple team, say your colorblind

idk not out yet FFS

WITHER the enemy turret down AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

u have a heal so you can tank turret shots indefinitely

your all alone, but so is the enemy fountain?

your yeti is on a rampage and no turret is gun stop you

true dmg op to enemy turrets

your a machine so you can't die, just get new batteries

BE A FKING MAN AND, well idk ult the fountain


you deal more dmg to turret than it deals dmg to you

your mad so your bad (fury reference)

the thrill of the hunt made you leap at the fountain

redeem yourself by hearing kristina vee die over and over again ingame

you lose control of your machine nothin you could do

he couldn't handle the knowledge in the scroll, ( his father was his asshole)

play sejuani

stack boxes and deceive the enemy fountain

stand UNITED emphasis on stand, and it should be standing still, by the other teams turrets

dragon greater that dragon in the river, so test your luck and solo it, btw there has to be an enemy ward there and u have to be lvl 1

bait the turrets into chasing you.

have a staring contest with the enemy turret, no cryptic gaze cheating though

the boomerang came back and killed you, but it wasn't your boomerang, it was the enemy team


the turret didn't like your hymn of stupidity so you kill it before it doesn't applaud you again

you felt HORNY so you hugged the enemy turret

tactics guide tip number 1, die to the enemy team

just die a lot

you accidentally cut yourself with your own blades

it was a vicious hate crime

eat too many shrooms

jump on top of the fountain to get a bath

make the fountain unsanitary with your pillar of filth

undying rage lasts forever

today wasn't your LUCKY day

in phoenix form, you can't die b/c you come back again

swap places with the enemy turret to gain the tactical advantage

die to the enemy team

someone took your crossbow and condemned you to the fountain

well obviously it wasn't your fault you didn't realize you can walk out of your own event horizon if the turret is attacking you

idk play him too the worst of your abilities

if you pool the turret, it sinks

your natural instincts took over and you hungered the turrets blood

you forgot how to deactive your tether to the ground whilst under the turret


your already dead, I think so it's not a big deal

you feel bad about shen's dad, so you feed shen or anyone else

well wtf, bombs don't kill turrets

you can rez yourself so its okay, but you forgot you were lvl 1 DUR

what'd you expect from a stupid plant?

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