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Hello there and welcome to my generic guide on the masteries and items that are extra useful in The Howling Abyss in a game of ARAM.

ARAM = All Random All Mid

This game mode has no recalling. The fountain does not heal or regenerate mana. You cannot shop after you leave the fountain. As such, the only way to buy items is to die.

The items section of this guide is going to highlight some items that are extra useful in ARAM and should be considered in a different light than in summoner's rift, twisted treeline, or dominion.


I'm going to highlight masteries that are more useful in ARAM. I might give a few example builds, but you should be building your champion similar to normal and tweaking masteries for ARAM.

Good Masteries (that you might not normally take)

Summoner's _____ - All three summoner spell masteries are solid choices depending on which summoner's you pick.

Destruction - Like in summoner's rift, the point of the game is to down enemy towers until you can reach the nexus. In ARAM you might have a composition that is devoid of AD champions. In that case (or if you happen to be losing and don't often get a chance to push towers down), then this mastery can help you take the towers down quicker and move on. If you're going into the offense tree, I recommend you pick this up.

Spellsword - If you're playing an AP champ and are going deep in offense, then this can help you put out that much more damage in your combo. Since you'll be fighting constantly, this damage can really add up.

Perserverance - When you're unable to recall, you'll often be low HP. Since regen is reduced in ARAM, this can help out a bit.

Safeguard - Mainly for tanks and tanky champions, many fights will be fought at enemy towers. If you're going into the defense tree than this mastery can greatly help your ability to survive fights under the enemy tower.

Defender - In ARAM you'll be near enemy champions most of the time. While this may not be the best mastery for other game modes, its nearly always useful in ARAM for a single point.

Good Hands - In a close ARAM match, most champions will die a decent amount. In a particularly close game, its not uncommon for each player to have 10+ deaths. Cutting the amount of time dead by 10% is certainly significant.

Mastermind - Summoner spells can be an amazing help in ARAM. Being able to use them more often is very useful.

Artificer - This one depends on your champion and build, but if you have important item actives than this is a solid choice.

Bad Masteries (don't take these...)

Butcher - Farming is emphasized much less in ARAM. You won't be farming enough for this mastery to be worth the points.

Bladed Armor - While Tough Skin might be useful for mitigating some minion damage, bladed armor hurts minions and that isn't useful.

Wanderer - You'll be in combat quite often, and theres no roaming that can be done. Save your points.

Improved Recall - This should be self-explanatory to anyone who plays ARAM, but basically you aren't allowed to recall in ARAM.

Scout - There are no wards in ARAM.

Runic Affinity - There are no buffs to boost in ARAM, making this useless.

Wealth - Unless you have a specific item start (that costs 1400 or 1425 gold) then pass on these. You start with 1375 so the mastery has less value compared to summoner's rift.

Explorer - Like Wealth, unless you have a specific starting item set that costs slightly extra (up to 1450 with both masteries), then this isn't worth it.


It is difficult to truly discuss item builds of every champion for ARAM, so I'll focus on items that have extra value or are extra useful in ARAM. You should build your champion in accordance with your goals and the enemy team, but give these items an extra hard look.

Mana Items
- In a game mode focused on constant killing and teamfighting, this item returns mana whenever you get a kill or assist. Take on any champion who has mana issues.

- This item gives significant mana regen and also has an active that can be put to great use.

- An item that is cheap, gives good regen, reduces the CD of , and also disappears after holding it for 3 levels in order for you to make room for something else. Especially with heal, this is a great item. Build it out of by level 15, or you can even start out with it (significant early regen and disappears by 6).

- If your team has many champions who could use some extra mana regen, then this isn't a bad item to get. Builds into .

- A solid early buy for any champion who can effectively stack it. Stacking is often easier in ARAM with the constant fighting. Its often left as a tear until fully stacked, and then turned straight into a /.

Gold Generation Items
Items that generate gold are quite useful and you'll be able to stack up quite a bit of gold throughout the game.

- A very useful regen item with gold generation. A very solid first item. Builds into /.

- A common starting item for mages. Builds into //.

- Less useful as part of the gold generation is intending for farming, but still a solid start for champions who need crit. Can build into ///.

Aura Items
With a constant battle with your entire team, aura items are extremely useful. I'll list a few useful ones here.

- This is an aura for the enemy team, but can be very useful if you have lots of AP damage.

/ - Very very useful. Gives your entire team solid defensive stats. Especially useful for teammates who don't know how to build a defensive item or two.

- An item that isn't commonly seen, this aura gives health regen and helps your minions push with you. Very useful if your team lacks a champion to easily kill towers.

- Another item with an aura for the enemy, this is almost mandatory if the enemy team composition is heavy with fast attacking AD champions. Also a great source of CDR and armor for the owner.

- Not as common in season 3 with the loss of Heart of Gold, this item can give a shield (230 per person at level 18) to your entire team. Using it every engage can prevent a significant amount of damage throughout the game.

- A very solid tank item with an aura active for the enemy. Tanks who are diving into the enemy team will get great use out of this item in addition to its other stats.

- Giving gold generation, a mana regen aura, and active aoe slow, this item is quite useful in ARAM. Mages and AP supports will make good use out of this and will really help their team out.

- Building out of a gold generation item and having lots of other nice stats, the aura movespeed boost active is great for engaging or disengaging the enemy. It can also help your team cross the map after a team fight to squeeze every second of pushing in.

- Gives an aura with AD and life steal. Will help allied champions deal damage and heal up throughout the game.

- Another item with an aura for the enemy, this item deals constant aoe damage. Best grabbed early on and by a tank, it works extremely well with the MR reduction from .

- A great item for mages, the AP and spell vamp aura can greatly help your team deal damage and stay alive. The AP equivalent of .

The Team Player
Theres two very important concepts in ARAM that lead to a unique item build. First off, we're going to want health regen to deal with any poke the enemy team has, and to heal up after a fight. Secondly, we're going to want to push hard, because thats ultimately what decides the winner of the game. With that in mind, theres a set of items that is very useful for regen and pushing the enemy team hard. They are more common on tanks, but can be built on any champion. Its probably a good idea to build these on champions that don't traditionally do well in ARAM, so they can at least help their team out.

- The health regen aura is very useful in ARAM. You and your teammates will likely be less than full health for most of the game, and this item means that you can heal up over time. It also builds into two great pusher items, and can be purchased with boots at the beginning of the game. Note that this aura doesn't stack with banner of command's aura.

- Aegis and its upgrade, Runic Bulwark, are great ARAM items. It provides defenses and health regen to all of your teammates. It also increases the health regen and defenses of minions, which means your minions will be tankier than the opponents minions.

- This item isn't seen to often, but its another very interesting item for ARAM. It also builds out of emblem of valor, gives you a health regen aura (that stacks with the aegis/bulwark aura), and it provides boosts to minions (in the form of attack damage and ability power). Your minions will push down enemy minions faster, and also push down tower faster. Banner of Command also has an active that allows you to promote a cannon minion so that it gains health, resistances, and great pushing power. Unfortunatly the cannon minions don't spawn while the enemy inhibitor is down, but its still a good active that helps you push.

- The final aspect of The Team Player is a boot enchantment. Slap this captain enchantment on your boots of choice to give your minions a 20% movespeed increase. Your teammates will also move faster when they move towards you.

Once you have an aegis/bulwark, a banner of command, and the captain's enchantment, then you've built the core of The Team Player. You're providing resistances and 2 health regen auras to your teammates, along with a movespeed boost if they move towards you. You're providing your minions with resistances, damage, and movement speed so that they can overpower the enemy minions and towers. You have an aura that can promote a cannon minion for even more pushing. You can turn any champion into The Team Player, and you still have 3 item slots to build for your champion (or even more auras for your team). This combination is rather powerful and will increase your chances of winning (unless you build it on nidalee or something...)
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