CHO'GATH BUILD GUIDE: Jungle Cho'gath by Joequel

by Joequel (last updated over a year ago)

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed( +15.3% attack speed)
Greater Seal of Armor( +12.69 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist( +1.35 magic resist per level (24.3 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed( +4.5% movement speed)
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mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 2/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 2/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 1/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
9 Offense
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 2/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/1
21 Defense
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility
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WFeral Scream
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mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 2/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 2/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 1/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
9 Offense
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 2/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/1
21 Defense
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility

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Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
WFeral Scream
EVorpal Spikes

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Hey there!

I'm Joequel and I've been playing this game since early 2011, and have played over 3,000 games of League.

I've mained top / jungle for the majority of this time and plan to write guides while my internet is down.

This guide will be going over Jungle Cho'gath, how to build him and a few tips on what to do. This is a guide on a Tank / Support Cho, meaning we'll be steering away from the AP route.

I've noticed quite a bit of AP Cho guides, so I figure I would try to get an updated jungle guide out there for everyone, hope you enjoy the read!

New Here?

Hey, this part of the guide is for the really new players of League of Legends, I've added this in hopes of catching your attention before you run off and just read a guide about a champion and jump in a game.

Table of Contents
1 Slang / Abbreviations
2 What is a Jungler?
3 Why have a Jungler on a team?
4 Situational?
5 What a Guide is to me

1-------------------- Slang / Abbreviations
First off I want to give some of the slang or abbreviations I may use commonly, this will help you get adjusted to common terms in League of Legends, a lot of it may even be self explanatory.

AD: Attack Damage
AS: Attack Speed
AA: Auto Attack
LS: Life Steal, a stat that gives you a % of health based on your auto attack damage.
SV: Spell Vamp, a stat that gives you a % of health based on your spell damage.
AP: Ability Power OR Ability Power Carry
ADC: Attack Damage Carry
Top: A spot or position on the map where you commonly see a single Tanky champion, Bruiser champion, or AP champion.
Mid: A spot or position on the map where you commonly see a single Mage or Attack Damage caster.
Bot: A spot or position on the map where you will see a duo of a Support and an Attack Damage Carry.
Jung: Short for jungle, for more on a jungler I'll discuss in the next section.
MR: Magic Resistance
ArP: Armor Penetration, a stat that determines how much armor is ignored when attacking a champion.
HP: Health Points
CC: Crowd Control, which is any state afflicted to a champion. Some examples would be slows, stuns, suppression etc.
Hard CC: This is CC that stops your character from moving or attack, which consists of stuns, knock ups, suppression, and knock backs.
Soft CC: This is CC that messes you up, but doesn't necessarily stop your character from moving or attack, examples would include silencing and slowing.
CS: Creep Score, this is how many minions you've killed in a game, may it be objective, neutral or standard lane minions.

2-------------------- What is a Jungler?

What is a jungler? We ask ourselves as we're first introduced to the game, well to put it shortly it's a standard position you find in this game.

It's a junglers job to defeat the enemies on your side of the respective jungle. This is going to allow you to have 1 less person in lane, this opens up the opportunity to have 2 lanes with just 1 player and have your third lane with 2 people.

The standard set-up is as follows
Top lane: Bruiser / Tank / Mage
Middle lane: Mage / AD Mage
Jungle: Tank / Bruiser
Bottom lane: Support + AD Carry

Not only does the jungler hold the job of clearing the jungle, but it means he's all over the map, this makes him able to walk into certain lanes to give his teammates a hand here and there. That's what we call a gank.

A gank can have many side effects, let's go over some common ones.

-You may successful gank the enemy laner and get a kill or assist.
-You may die to the enemy laner.
-Your teammate may die to the enemy laner.
-You may make the laner waste a summoner spell to escape from you.
-You may scare the laner and force them to miss CS because they are afraid you may show up again soon.
-You may hurt the laner so badly that they are forced to back off in fear of dying.

3-------------------- Why have a Jungler on a team?

Why have a Jungler? Sure the ganking sounds nice, but what if they don't have a jungler? Now you have a situation where 1 laner is against a group of 2.

While this is very common in early levels, once you get out there a jungler is seen every game, with the exception of goofing around or stubborn people who won't adjust for a team.

Let's get back at the situation where 1 laner is vs 2.

The single laner will get more experience, but he may be zoned out from some of it.
The single laner may get more CS since the other two are sharing, but he may get zoned out from some of it.

The problem with early levels of play is people don't understand that in some situations is worth losing a few CS to have a Jungler. While the beginning of the game may be very aggravating or boring, as long as you aren't dying to the enemy duo lane you and your jungler will hit level 6 before the enemy duo lane, this gives you a substantial advantage if you force a fight before they hit 6 so only you have your ultimates.

Basically you keep a jungler because you get more experience overall on the team, as well as more gold as you add in the jungle gold as well as you have another solo lane to soak up all of the gold in a single lane. It just takes getting used to playing against the 1v2 lanes.

4-------------------- Situational?

Situational is my favorite expression in League of Legends. I say it so much that it gets obnoxious.

What you have to understand in League of Legends is many things can change or sway in games. You could have one character do better or worse, you could have a different team set-up, you could be up against a different team set-up, you could get a kill in game, but get an assist in another, and then no kills in the next.

What you really have to understand is, ADAPT. ADJUST. LEARN TO CHANGE. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW IT'S SAID, DO IT! This game is so fun because of all the curve balls that can be thrown at you. Don't get stuck on 1 way of playing, learn that things can be different and you may have to adjust to fit what the current situation is.

5-------------------- What a guide is to me.

The last thing I want to quickly go over is what a guide is to me, the writer, Joequel.

When I started I followed guides 100%, or seemingly 100%. I figured whoever took the time to write it was better or more educated in the game than I was, and while that is true some of the time, it isn't true all of the time.

Many opinion falls into guide writing, and it's something you must always keep in mind. Some people are taught by their friends and old habits die hard when typing it into a guide.

Negative or inefficient things may fall in the writing of a guide and you need to be aware of that. Guides are to help steer you in the direction of another's mindset, they aren't 100% perfect runs of what you need to do.

The other thing to keep in mind is the game changes constantly. What was once good may no longer be good, some may update their guides while others may forget about it.

So read a guide with an open mind, make sure what you're reading is still accurate, and remember. A guide is there to help you, it's not a sure-thing. Make changes if you really feel they fit, or if they fit to your play-style. At the end of the day you're playing a game and you're supposed to have fun, maybe getting better is how you have fun, then by all means, keep at it.



9 - 21 - 0

Here's a very simple run down on why I choose these masteries.


We're here to get 2 main stats, % magic penetration and cooldown reduction. I'll quickly go over why.

Cooldown Reduction: We need this stat because Chogath is being played for his tankiness, and his ability to disrupt. Well, Chogath, like every champion, must deal with cooldowns. While his ultimate isn't as high compared to most ultimates, getting the lowest possible time on his Q and W are vital for your team. The more you can knock people up or silence them, the better it is for Chogath.

Magic Penetration: Now here's a more tricky one. While Chogath isn't brought to the jungle for his magic damage that he does to a team, there's still the fact that there's a lot of magic damage to be done. As a tank you have to realize that you'll be in a fight much longer than your comrades, and while it isn't your job to do as much damage as your carries, it doesn't hurt to stay relative to their fears. Sure they will always fear your CC, but all of the magic damage you'll get for using your CC and auto attacking is what is really going to shock the foes. Vorpal Spikes will eat enemies away as you simple auto attack any old target. % penetration helps you bypass a percentage of an enemies magic resistance, so it'll help you decently throughout the game.


Here is a lot more simple run-down. You want to get the reduction on minion damage and reflecting of it because you're the jungler! You deal with neutral minions quite a lot. We tack 2 points into armor to help us go further up on the tree, and we take the mastery point for smite, because the gold you gain from it, though may not see much at times, it DOES add up.

Heading through the tree we find ourselves with more flat HP and HP per level, HP is just overall a very solid stat to get on a tanky champion like Chogath, especially in a meta where a lot of penetration is being built on both AD and AP champions.

Tenacity, % HP and % Slow Reduction are a bit different from the rest of the points we've gotten, we grab these because of the mid to late game power it gives us as a tank. Chogath loves to build HP and CC is one of the only things that will hold you back in the later stages of the game. All of these masteries help make you that much more dominant in what you do.

The last points we toss are in Defender and Honor Guard. Honor Guard is pretty self explanatory, no matter what damage you take, whether it be in the jungle, ganking, or team fighting. You take less damage, and as a tank, that's also a good thing to have.

The point in Defender is because we need to place a point somewhere, and this I feel, is the most useful of the choices available to us. As a jungler it's true that you won't be seeing champions all the time, but what you do have to realize is that you're a champion that's going to be jumping into a lot of other lanes often and the variety of power this gives you is why we put a point into it. If you gank a lane and take an enemy out, chances are you aren't going to get fought by the enemy champion, so saying you only get 1 stack from this passive would more than likely be wrong. The only exception to this however, is if you're invaded on. But people don't always want to invade Chogath because he's very good at keeping himself sustained with his passive, and his ability to hold an enemy champion in place and bring a sudden burst of true damage make them think twice about sticking around in your jungle.

This means that most of the time this mastery will only kick in when fighting 2 or more enemy champions. While it's not guaranteed,if you think about how you're positioned and the situations you could be put in, this is more than likely going to happen in those moments. The other great benefit is that it gives you ARMOR and MAGIC RESISTANCE. If we had not put the point here chances are we would have put it in one of the singular armor or magic resistance spots.

Masteries (In Depth)

Here's my attempt that going in depth into the mastery trees. I'll try to give my opinion on each and every option, and tell how it relates positively, or negatively to Chogath.

I'll quickly summarize each tree though.

Offense: While Chogath can go offensive, as a jungler you're more here for tanking and being like a second support to the team. We find ourselves generally putting 9 points into offense because we still do some damage, but not enough to merit more points.

Defense: The defense tree is very strong, it's unreal how good this tree is to a lot of different positions. As both a tank and a jungler Chogath will excel at abusing as many points as possible in this tree. While you could put all 30 points into this tree and be fine, there is a point where you start going overboard and would probably be better off going into offense or utility.

Utility: While Chogath would enjoy a lot of these masteries, it's just very hard to compare the benefits of going in the defense tree. Lastly when compared to dropping 9 points in offense or utility, it's better to have the offense later in the game as the utility masteries only really give Chogath increased buff duration (which you start passing the blue buff to your mid or top, and the red buff to your ADC when the time is appropriate) and summoner cooldown reduction (while this is good, flash shouldn't be used carelessly and smite already has a pretty short cooldown and doesn't gain much from this tree).


[http://i.imgur.com/Hyi7jA1.png]Summoner's Wrath

This is a very solid mastery if you were to use the summoners accociated with it. For information as to which summoners you should use, head over to that section of the guide.

Exhaust: Reduces the armor and MR of the foe you use this on by 10. This is great for early game ganking as it drops their resistances to help you do practically true damage.

Ignite: AD and AP is gained while the summoner is on AD. It helps last hit in lane, but won't help much as a jungler.

Ghost: Increases movement speed when you use ghost by a great amount. Worth using if you take ghost.

Garrison: I'm not a fan of this summoner in dominion, so I wouldn't use it.


This mastery gives you attack speed which can help clear the jungle to have vorpal spikes go off more.


This mastery gives 4% cooldown reduction to Chogath, a very good mastery since between philosopher stone and frozen heart you only hit 30% CDR.


This applies bonus damage to minions and neutral monsters that you auto attack. We skip this mastery because you get enough extra damage on your vorpal spikes.


Chogath doesn't need AD per level as he's a champion that deals his damage through magic skills.


Chogath doesn't really need the AP per level that he gets from this mastery, but it opens up the spell penetration mastery, Arcane Knowledge, which will be discussed later.


Increases damage to turrets by 5%, it's really not a mastery worth it on a jungler. If you were to push down the tower as a melee champion, this mastery wouldn't make a big difference.


This mastery increases your damage by up to 2%, it's really such a small amount that it's neglegable. There are a better use of 3 points than to get this mastery on a tank.

[http://i.imgur.com/2Ttb5l4.png]Weapon Expertise

Because Cho is more of a magic damage dealer, we don't want the armor penetration.

[http://i.imgur.com/5BSlDuu.png]Arcane Knowledge

% magic penetration is a great statistic to get for free, especially on a tanky champion like Chogath who isn't going to build much into this statistic, it helps him ignore that extra bit of magic resistance.


Critical damage? Not on Chogath. You can forget this mastery.

[http://i.imgur.com/QK0Jekp.png]Brute Force

Attack damage on a champion like Chogath isn't really worth the investment. The boost from your vorpal spikes are going to give you more than what you need over raw attack damage.

[http://i.imgur.com/eTwCxC3.png]Mental Force

Flat ability power isn't going to give you much, your skills don't scale enough for the small amount of AP to make a difference.


As a tanky character, you won't find yourself building too much AP. So this mastery is ignorable.


You don't get critical hits, so this mast㼁ༀy isn't worth investing in.


Armor penetration isn't need on Chogath, the majority of your damage is magic, between the magic and true damage your physical damage is pretty ignorable.


As a tanky jungler, you really won't find yourself building ability power too often. So a % boost to your AP is an ignorable mastery.


Chogath doesn't need the offensive points to get this far, and even if he did the point in this mastery isn't that needed. As a tanky champion you're not building for the damage that you deal.


[http://i.imgur.com/oOIl72T.png]Summoner's Resolve

This is a very good summoner if you use the summoner accociated with the mastery. As a jungle Chogath we would definitely take this to get the extra gold for the smite mastery, since you'll be taking smite no matter what.

Cleanse: Increases the disable reduction by a second, it's not anything you would be carrying on a tanky champion.

Heal: Passively increasing health by 5 per level, again this isn't a very useful summoner for a jungle champion.

Smite: Extra gold on a jungler? Yes! This adds a lot of gold and should be grabbed on a jungler.

Barrier: 20 extra shield amount is good for an early usage, but really seems like a lackluster point compared to the rest. This isn't a useful summoner on a tanky champion.


Since we're playing Chogath we will be getting a lot of regeneration from our passive. So the extra regen from this isn't very necessary, and compared to the other points in the defense tree, it cannot compare.


Health per level is a very good stat to get on a champion like Chogath. The health is going to build up overtime for free, and as a tank what more could you want? Oh you have to level this to get Veteran Scars? Icing on the cake, we'll talk about that mastery later.

[http://i.imgur.com/opqELvS.png]Tough Skin

Reduces damage taken from monsters. VERY good for a jungler, and it opens up Bladed Armor, which is a very VERY good mastery for junglers, but we'll talk about that in a bit.


Armor? Armor! This is a helpful mastery for a jungler, however we only put two points in it because of all the points we put into the first row.


Magic resistance is a helpful statistic for tanks, however as a jungler, we'll be dealing with armor for the most part, the APs will stick to mid lane so we have time to build our own MR, we don't need our masteries to give it to us.

[http://i.imgur.com/RWwvt1N.png]Bladed Armor

Deals damage to monsters that hurt you, as a tanky champion who built for durability, this is going to help you clear quite a bit. This is a very solid mastery to pick up.


As a champion who deals mostly with neutral monsters, reducing champion damage isn't going to help you much. You don't do much trading like lane champions, and if a champion were to go all-in you most likely wouldn't be standing with 2 health. While in theory it COULD help you, it's such a long shot that I would say that it's not worth investing in this mastery or it's higher point.


Reduces slows by 15%, as the giant target that Chogath is, this helps you negate a lot of kiting that people may do with you. While it won't make kiting impossible, it's always nice to make the slow less effective.

[http://i.imgur.com/wCngSkV.png]Veteran's Scars

30 flat HP for free? This is one of my favorite masteries, so my biased says to always get it. It's a great mastery to give you some good health right from the start of the game.


5% damage from turrets, while it sounds nice, it's so niche and random that you'd be better off investing in anything else. It's really just something that you don't need to invest mastery points into, but while your buy more items, you will be able to tank turret shots better overall.


Reducing damage from champion basic attacks is just like unyielding, it's useful, but not useful enough to merit the use of your mastery points. It's something you'll build into.


Reduces the duration of CC. Vital to all tanks, a VERY solid mastery. It's not something you can just build more than one of, so all the extra points help with your task to becoming the tank of your team!


4% maximum health increase. On a champion like Chogath this is going to stack with your passive stacks as well as any health that you build on your champion. This is a great mastery to put points into as the second to last row isn't the best.


Getting points based on the number of opponents is not the beset mastery. But what you have to realize is that out of the points available it's going to offer you stats that will be useful when they kick in. Say you're counterganking, well you're going to get some magic damage tops or jungles, and some physical damage. Well this is going to cover both of those instances, instead of dumping the points into just single armor or magic resist. It's also a great mastery for invasions, as the early extra armor and MR may save you from a bit of early damage.

[http://i.imgur.com/VqlMwmt.png]Legendary Armor

5% on bonus armor and resistances just isn't enough to dump 3 defense points so late, there are much better masteries to put points in. Even with 200 EXTRA armor you're only getting an extra 10 armor. At this point 10 armor makes such a little difference that it just shows how worthless this mastery is.

[http://i.imgur.com/nD02lGl.png]Good Hands

10% less time spent dead really doesn't mean much to you. You don't want to die, dying is bad. You don't want to waste mastery points for lessening a bad thing. Just don't do it!

[http://i.imgur.com/tTD5BnP.png]Reinforced Armor

10% less damage from critical strikes isn't really worth it. It's such a small portion of the damage you'd take, that it isn't worth such a late point in your mastery tree. Remember, the majority of your mastery points are there to help your early, not necessarily your late. (There are exceptions, but this isn't one).

[http://i.imgur.com/jcj37wV.png]Honor Guard

3% reduced damage taken from EVERYTHING? Hell yes. As a tank 3% less damage from everything is just too good to pass up.


[http://i.imgur.com/0VFZh2M.png]Summoner's Insight

A great mastery for summoners that are used on your champion. However, for Chogath we tend to wanna go 9-21-0, if we put a point in this for our flash we would lost out on our magic penetration in offense, or our damage reduction in the defense tree. It's not really worth losing for just a 15 second shave off of your flash cooldown.

Revive: Grants bonus health for reviving, but since you wouldn't take revive on Chogath, this is a very neglectable benefit.

Teleport: Reduces cast time by 0.5 seconds. Doesn't really help much even if we ran teleport.

Flash: When you take Flash it's always nice to have it up as early as possible. I have set up mastery set-ups where Cho could take this mastery, but ultimately I've decided it wasn't the best choice. If you want to set up in the utility tree it can work, remember no masteries are perfect and there are sections in the utility tree that Chogath can benefit from.

Clarity: 25% extra mana, Chogath shouldn't have mana problems, and even if he did, this summoner and mastery is not the answer.

Clairvoyance: Reveals champions seen by clairvoyance, we keep this summoner to the support, there's no reason to take this mastery for clairvoyance on your jungler.


Movement speed when leaving the jungle to get in place for ganks. It helps you place ruptures and get successful ganks off. It's a solid mastery for Chogath.


Mana regen to help you get more mana, and allows you to pass off your blue buffs to your mid with less regret. However, with Chogath's passive it really isn't a necessary grab, it's more of just a luxury grab for people who are too spammy on the usage of their skills.

[http://i.imgur.com/ysADwtD.png]Improved Recall

Helps you recall a second earlier in Summoner's Rift. It's an alright mastery that's usually grabbed for filler. I wouldn't suggest it on Chogath as you're going to be in the jungle, and shouldn't be too worried about people popping up where you would recall.


Extra vision when wards are placed for the first 5 seconds. It's a point I never really found to be that useful. As a tanky jungler you're expected to be like the second ward placer on the team, but I still don't feel that this mastery is worth the point compared to the rest.


Lower cooldown on Flash and Smite? I think it's a very solid mastery to go into if you find yourself going down the utility tree. 10% cooldown reduction on summoners is cool as not much really lowers the cooldown on summoner spells.

[http://i.imgur.com/GTHp3LH.png]Expanded Mind

Mana per level, while it isn't a bad stat, it cannot compare to the other options in the row, it's just not something you really need on Chogath. There are better options.


Reduces the cooldown on activation items, while this sounds good, it's not going to compare to the lowering of cooldowns on summoners. It's a solid pick-up on Chogath because you find yourself often with Randuin's Omen and Shurelia's Reverie, but it's just not enough to take mastery points from other grabs.


Extra gold over time is an interesting stat on a jungler. You should still be able to clear while having this statistic, but you're really dipping too far into the utility tree that you're taking too much out of the defense tree. It's an alright grab though.

[http://i.imgur.com/TnWhely.png]Runic Affinity

When you go for 9 points in the utility tree, this is the point to get. Increasing the buff duration is a very useful thing, and the only thing that can do it is this mastery. It's a very solid point to get, and as a jungler you utilize this to more than the most on your team.


Lifesteal and spellvamp, when you have a passive that gives you the sustain that Chogath's gives, you really don't need a small amount of healing off of skills and auto attacks.


You do not need the biscuit as you have your passive and many health pots at the start of the game. It's really just a waste of a mastery point this far into the tree when you already have so many better options.


Extra starting gold gives you another potion, but with your passive you really don't need it, there are other places to put your mastery points than in this mastery.


This increases your experience gain by up to 5%, this is a great grab for if you are heading this deep into the utility tree. While I don't recommend coming this far, if you did this would be the mastery in this section of the tree to grab as getting your ultimate opens up a lot of possibilities such as a strong gank, countergank, or even a dragon.

[http://i.imgur.com/9febzHs.png]Strength of Spirit

Extra health regen for the amount of mana you build, outside of frozen hear we don't really build much mana, so this really isn't a mastery you should even consider dropping points into.


A 60 second ward that you get at the start of the game. It's really something you don't need to consider as there are far too many options this far in for Chogath that you wouldn't even begin to consider Explorer, besides you wouldn't even want to grab Biscuiteer, the prereq to get this mastery.


5 gold for auto attacks you land on enemy champions based on a 5 second cooldown. Sadly you don't see many enemy champions in the jungle, so this is a heavily wasted mastery on Chogath.


If you were to go this far into the utility tree, may you be happy to find 6% CDR close to the end. While it's not the most important thing, as Chogath can build many items efficiently that give CDR, it's a nice grab if you're shooting very far for the utility tree.


Last, but not least, Nimble. Extra movements speed is a godsend on Chogath. While it's not something I would ever recommend as you are wasting a lot of durability building so far into the utility tree, if you made it to this point at least you can say you walked away with a nice boost of extra movement speed. It's a hard stat to build outside of boots, and Chogath can't get enough of it as it only helps allow you to get into position to use all of your skills to be the best disrupting tank as possible.




Attack Speed: To help you get the most out of your E and make your clear as fast as possible.

Armor: Chogath does a lot with his base damage, he can get away with taking armor in his reds in place of attack speed and still clear just fine. It also helps his jungling as he takes less damage.

Magic Penetration: Magic penetration runes will help you deal damage earlier and help you a bit later in the game as you mitigate a bit of the enemies magic resistance. However this is a set-up for a bit more situational circumstances and I really suggest that you don't get these.


Armor: Helps you take less damage while jungling, these are very important for your yellow runes and really cannot be compared to anything else. These are the most cost efficient seal runes and should be owned by all summoners.


Scaling Magic Resist: As a jungler you will find yourself fighting the jungle creeps for a majority of the earlier stages of the game. The magic damage dealers shouldn't give you too much trouble while jungling. So for the most part as a tank who already has scaling magic resistance, a little more never helped.

Flat Magic Resist: While it's less efficient on Chogath, it can help if you find your enemy to have a lot of magic damage that you may have to deal with early. Take these for those certain situations.

Attack Speed: Chogath really doesn't need more attack speed, but it's always an option for those who just want that bit of a faster clear.

Armor: Armor blues are very inefficient, it's better to go with magic resistance, but it's always an option.

AP: Any AP blues can be used on Chogath, but this guide is to build for a tanky jungler. AP is a different set-up and if you're going for a cross-over between the two it's just going to shake up your role and what you should do. If you don't have the runes these are an alternative, but I would suggest any of the above in their stead.


Movement Speed: One thing Chogath will always love is his movement speed. It's a very hard statistic to build, but once Chogath has it, it opens up many of opportunities to use your disruption skills and better get you in place to succeed in hitting with them.

Attack Speed: It helps your clear, compared to movement speed it's quite negligible but it never hurt to clear the jungle that little bit faster.

Armor: I would put these on the same level as Attack Speed, not necessarily needed but it would never hurt to use if you didn't have movement speed runes. It's going to help you take less damage in the jungle and will give you a bit more tanking power for your game.

AP: Just like AP on your blues, this guide is to build a tanky Chogath, while AP isn't a bad stat on Chogath, it slows down the power of you becoming a tank and you don't gain enough to really merit the use of AP runes.

Summoner Spells

Smite: All junglers take this, without exception. Always have smite as a jungle. The ability to have smite to finish a buff, dragon, or Baron Nashor is without a doubt a very important tactic.

With Chogaths Feast dealing 1000 true damage and smite dealing 1000 true damage when you're level 18, this adds up to a total of 2000 true damage to a neutral minion, making you arguable one of the best Dragon/Baron Nashor finishers in the game. REMEMBER it's VERY hard to stop a smite. Outside of a Suppression or Knock-up you aren't going to stop a smite.

NO JUNGLER should be without this summoner spell, love it and cherish it, it's something all junglers must hold dear. We owe it to our team so that they may enjoy their extra gold boosts and purple swirly ball bonus.

Flash: Escape an invade or close some distance to get an ideal engage. Flash is all around the best thing to carry on Cho.
In an instance where you're caught in the jungle at low health, or even in certain situations of chasing, this summoner may be the single thing that's going to safe your live or help you get that knock up to secure a kill for your team.

Another use of Flash is the ability to instantly close and gap and use Feast! ONOMNOMNOM! Instant true damage to whoever you just jump on! It's a very scary thing and when used properly could turn a fight in your favor.

Other Summoners:

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: While I will go into more detail on other summoners, I want to get one thing clear to anyone reading this. Smite is without a doubt REQUIRED to successfully fill your role as a jungler. It's more than help in the jungle, the control it gives you to finishing important objectives is too big to pass up.

Since one summoner must be wasted (and I use wasted very lightly) on smite, we find our last summoner more-often-than-not going into flash. This is simply because of the mobility and escapability Flash gives us. While smite is 100% necessary, Flash can be replaced. THOUGH I DON'T EVER RECOMEND IT, I will be putting this information in terms of replacing Flash, as you would always want smite on a jungler.

Barrier is a summoner spell that's going to give you a small shield in order to soak up some damage. While we're a tank and we want to soak up damage, this spell really isn't worth it.

Remember that you're a champion who has ranged CC. In most situations the enemy is going to run from you, and if your cooldowns are down, you probably won't want to be in the fight. This summoner really has no place for the way that we fight with this champion.

A summoner that reveals a spot on the map. While it's a useful summoner, we don't find it on junglers because we already give up one summoner for objective control, we can have two summoners going into giving our team utility. It simply makes us too big of a target (if we weren't already big enough with 6 stacks!).

This summoner really just won't work on Chogath.

Mana is a thing a lot of champions use, and Chogath is no exception. But we must all learn to manage our mana efficiently. We have a passive to manage our mana, so it's easier on Chogath than a lot of other champions. So this mastery really doesn't see itself on Chogath. We also must remember we're giving our escape to use another skill, which probably has a decently long cooldown!

With Chogaths cooldowns and passive in mind, mana shouldn't be too big of a problem, and if it is, a Frozen Heart is a fine purchase on Chogath which helps with any mana issues you may have.

If the enemies are using their CC to lock you down, chances are you're in a good place because it means the CC isn't being used on your carries. We don't need cleanse to remove the CC because as a tank we have enough HP and tencity to live through the CC used on us.

If there was any summoners I would say COULD replace flash, I would say it could be exhaust or ghost.

This summoner has it's uses and I'll quickly go over them.

1. You gain a slow and attack speed debuff, since Chogath has problems brawling with other champions, this gives him a small edge that may be enough to turn a fight in his favor.

2. The slow is used as guaranteed CC, while his Q is a skillshot, and his W is a cone, this is a point-and-click summoner, meaning it's guaranteed to hit the target you use it on.


There are many flaws with this summoner. I'll now list those.

1. You have NO ESCAPE if you get caught in your jungle or the enemy jungle, this restricts A LOT of freedom and should make you feel scared in the jungle if wards are not kept up by your team, which in solo queue, isn't the easiest thing to guarantee.

2. You cannot flash Feast an opponent. This hurts some vital moments where you may snag a very important target on the enemy team.

Whether you take Exhaust or Flash is your choice, there are trade-offs, so it's up to you which is more important in your situation.

Ghost is the other summoner I MAY consider taking instead of Flash.

The movement speed is Chogath's friend, and it could help you gank or chase in certain situations. However I'm going to skip to why you shouldn't take this, as the only real reasons to tank it are for ganking and chasing.

Your Q has a LONG range, and hitting it doesn't really require a giant movement speed boost. You should be able to come into lane without relying on a summoner.

Chasing shouldn't be a big issue with you, as with your movement speed quints and mobility boots you should find yourself faster than most other champions anyways.

On top of all of these issues, like exhaust, you lose out on all the escaping and engaging mechanisms of Flash.

Heal is honestly like a weaker version of Barrier. There really is no reason to take this summoner as you have MORE THAN ENOUGH healing coming from your health potions and passive.

Ignite adds damage to your ganks at the cost of your escape. The thing is though, Chogath isn't played for his damage, he's here to provide his CC in ganks and tanky presence in a team fight. Leave ignite to the carries!

A summoner who's entire purpose is to rely on dying is just a really negative thing to bring to battle. There are a very teleport strategies to make this summoner work efficiently, but since we're required to take Smite, I'm just going to say dream on and continue reading the rest of this guide and forget this summoner.

Now I may have lied, this summoner has some potential as a jungler. It allows you to teleport to minions or wards and opens you up to ganks. The issue with this though is that you're trading off your escape all game, and you're risking an entire summoner on a hit or miss gank. It's practically ONE USE then you wait for the cooldown, you aren't a great split pusher so it really just ends up being a waste of a summoner spell.

BASICALLY, teleport is a fun spell to use and can make a difference in games, but it's such a hit or miss, that I wouldn't suggest using it unless you're just trying to have fun in a normal game.


Passive: Carnivore

Whenever Cho'Gath kills a unit, he recovers 17 + (3 × level) health and 3.25 + (0.25 × level) mana.

Explanation: Great for keeping you sustained while you jungle. Very useful passive. Not much to say about this passive, but remember that finishing minions or creeps can give you a good surge of health and mana. So you may be low but holding a lane for someone as they back may be able to get you in good enough shape to go back in the jungle.

Remember this passive goes off of minions and champion kills as well, if you're IGNITED this passive may be the single reason you survive the last few ticks of that dastardly summoner spell.

Q: Rupture

RANGE: 950
COST: 90 mana
ACTIVE: After 0.65 seconds, Cho'Gath damages and knocks up enemies in 700-diameter area, slowing their movement speed by 60% for a further 3 seconds.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 305 (+ 100% AP)

Explanation: A ranged skill shot that has you place a circle somewhere in a fixed ranged from you. After a short delay, it knocks up all enemies in the circle and does damage to them. While champions are knocked up all of their skills and movement are disabled. This is because Rupture is a hard CC. Hitting this skill is what enable Chogath to run into a lane and force fights in your favor.

The main drawback to this spell is the delay before it knocks enemies up. This means that if another person on your team can slow or stun the enemy first, it helps enable the chance of this skill hitting. Coordinating with your team to maximize your stun duration is very important.

Cooldown stays the same with level and the knock up duration stays the same with level, meaning the only benefit you will get from increasing the level of this skill is the magic damage you will deal. Try to use this skill to start off your ganks and hold the enemy in place. Learning to time the delay is going to be your biggest obstacle, but it's necessary for Chogath to have successful ganks. Your other skills don't really help hold the enemies down for you.

W: Feral Scream

RANGE: 700
COST: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana
ACTIVE: Cho'Gath damages and silences all enemies in a ~60° cone.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+ 70% AP)
SILENCE: 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3

Explanation: A cone is placed in front of Chogath and he yells out dealing magic damage and silencing all enemies in the cone. Silence disables the enemies ability to use skills, they can still auto attack and move, they simply just cannot use skills.

This skill is very devastating to mages and certain champions who rely on chaining skills or even using skills to deal all of their damage. Some examples to explain this will be listed below.

: Leblanc is an example of a mage who relies on chaining her abilities to get maximum damage / effect. A silence on her could interrupt her combo and severely cripple her.

: Riven is an example of a character who relies on their skills to disrupt and deal as much damage as possible. By silencing Riven, she's forced to sit around and auto attack for the 2 seconds she's silenced, it also really hurts her mobility in a fight.

E: Vorpal Spikes

RANGE: 500
TOGGLE: Whenever Cho'Gath performs a basic attack, he will launch spikes damaging enemies in a line in front of him.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 (+ 30% AP)

Explanation: Auto attacking as Chogath sends out a forward set of spikes that deals extra damage to the minion or champion you attacked as well as minions or champions behind the target to as far as the spikes send out. This skill is togglable, meaning you turn it on or off. When clearing the jungle or in a team fight you will want it on, but when under an enemy tower you may want it off so you don't pull aggro of the enemy tower. (However, if it would be ideal that you take aggro to start up a fight, by all means, go for it).

R: Feast

RANGE: 150
COST: 100 mana
ACTIVE: Target enemy takes true damage. If Feast kills the target, Cho'Gath grows larger and gains extra health and basic attack range, stacking up to six times. Cho'Gath loses half of these stacks, rounded up (Lost stacks being rounded up, thus, kept stacks rounded down), whenever he dies.
Feast deals 1000 (+ 70% AP) true damage to minions and monsters.
TRUE DAMAGE: 300 / 475 / 650 (+ 70% AP)
MAX HEALTH INCREASE: 540 / 720 / 900
TOTAL BONUS RANGE: 23 / 37 / 50

Explanation: You select a target foe close to Chogath and he feasts on this enemy minion, champion, or neutral minion.

Neutral minion / Enemy minion: This attack will deal 1000 true damage to that target.
Enemy Champion: It deals an amount based on the level of this skill and the AP Chogath has built up to inflict true damage on an enemy champion. True damage is damage that isn't mitigated by resistances.

When you use feast and it's the finishing blow, may it be to minion or champion, you gain a feast stack. Each feast stack will give Chogath some flat HP depending on what level his ultimate is. This allows Chogath to get a lot of health without building it as it passively builds up as your use this ultimate.

If Chogath dies he loses half of his stacks (rounding up) so it's important to get stacks, and also avoid dying so you can keep the stacks.

Because the power of having a true damage nuke is very important, it takes time to learn when to prioritize using the cooldown or not. That 5th stack may be helpful, but not having that damage in the fight following 20 seconds later may turn out to make you use more stacks than you gained.

In the early game you want to try and prioritize it on minions in lane or jungle so that you gain stacks, but also is very useful if you are going to gank a lane. In the mid/late game it becomes really important to use it on enemy champions in team fights. Try to prioritize it on important targets.

Skill Order

R > E > W > Q

R: Level your ultimate when available, this stands true for all champions. 6, 11, and 16 you level it.

E: This is going to help you clear your jungle. This is important to max first for the reason of keeping up with your lanes.

W: We max this second because the silence duration goes up and that's more important than some damage on Q.

Q: This is maxed last because the highest possible CC from it is met by putting 1 level into this skill, all you get for leveling this skill up is DAMAGE. In all jungle situations this skill should be maxed less. The utility from 1 level is all you'll ever need.

Items to Consider


Hunter's Machete + 5 Health pots: This is the standard start for most junglers, and it comes with clear reasoning.

The Machete is going to help your jungle clear fly by that much faster. It's a very important item, especially early because jungle monsters hurt! However, upgrading this item is really situational and often isn't done until you have the gold to fully upgrade it, and that's only if you need the tenacity.

Spirit Stone: This item is very solid and cost efficient, but for Cho'gath it's isn't the most necessary, you can keep to your because your passive is going to keep your mana and health up for you.

Looking at the stats..

Health Regen: This isn't necessary on Chogath because of his passive giving him more than enough sustain.

Mana Regen: Same reason as above, Chogath's passive really kills the need for this stat.

Faster Clear: Chogath's clear is ALREADY amazing. It's not a bad thing to get faster, but you would get so much more if you spend that 500 gold on getting tankier or faster than getting a little faster jungle speed.

Anicent Golem: Now this item has REAL potential. What's so great about it? Tenacity. There are 3 items that you can find yourself holding with Tenacity. Let's take a quick look at options.

: The Zephyr blade is cool indeed, however building Attack Damage and Attack Speed aren't necessary on Chogath. We don't need to itemize for those stats, our jungle clear is already sufficient! That's why we ignore this item on Chogath.

: Mercury Treads were the best tenacity item for all of season 2, and we can see why. Many champions find themselves asking "What boots are best?" while ADCs can grab Berserker Greaves to maximize DPS and Mages will grab Sorcerer Boots to get passed magic resistances, most other champions found themselves building Mercury Treads because it was the only way to get the full amount of Tenacity. Now we have other options, but tanky champions like Chogath still like to grab Mercury Treads.

: The spirit golem itself. This is the item I was supposed to be talking about, remember? Health and Tenacity. Two great stats. While the regeneration stats are a bit ignored, it's still a very cost efficient item and gives you some good stats to go with it's efficiency. I feel what you should be asking yourself is what do I want? Boots that will speed me up or suck up some of that damage from the AD champions, or CC reduction boots. If you didn't choose the boots, this is your alternative if you need some support against those CC heavy enemy teams.

Chogath finds himself rushing Mobility Boots, why is that you may wonder? Well let's look a bit into it.

Champions have been prone to build boots LESS often than before. Taking starts that involve playing safe with wards, sustaining with potions, or even starting as offensive as possible. This already helps a champion like Chogath who still finds himself using movement speed quints, but with Mobility Boots it just INCREASES the insane pressure Chogath can put on enemy lanes when ganking.

HOWEVER: When ganking becomes less prevalent, you need to make a decision when it fits your budget to update your boots. If mobility aren't doing their job anymore, it's time to get a boot that does do it's job.

Mercury Treads: Remember the Ancient Golem discussion a little bit above? Well here's a choice. After selling your boots this is a cheap buy at 1200 gold and gives you the tenacity you may need in a fight.

Ninja Tabi: Maybe you took the Ancient Golem? Well that opens the choice of your next pair of boots. Ninja Tabi found themselves a buff and with it comes reduced damage from ALL basic attacks. You could even rush these boots in certain situations as it'll help you take less damage in the jungle. It's not necessary is a lot of situations though, as your passive does the trick for a lot of sustaining in the jungle.

Ionian Boots of Lucidty: If you find yourself short some CDR in your build, which may very well happen, this is another alternative to Ninja Tabi. Maxing CDR to help you get off all the Q and W's in a team fight could help you substantially, so topping off your CDR is also a positive!

Aegis: Solid item for giving your team a magic resistance aura, though a bit nerfed it still fills a fine role on a jungle role.

But Joequel! My support is going to build the Aegis for our team!

Slow down buddy, I want to intervene and explain a little to you.

Aegis gives off an aura to all of your team mates, this aura gives them the stats. However, this Aura isn't applied to yourself as an Aura, it's applied to you as if you just own the item, which is true. Why would it be an aura when you own the item?

So what this means is that if both you and your support own an Aegis/Bulwark, you will each benefit from each other's aura, since you don't get an aura buff from your own item (since it isn't treated as an aura). Basically, this means you can only have 1 aura buff, but your own item doesn't count as an aura buff on yourself. This means you and the support make each other tankier, so in theory, building one on each isn't a bad thing.

However, I would recommend talking to your support and trying to talk them into letting you build the aegis for the team, so they may work on other support items. HEAR ME OUT, it's a fine item on supports, it's just a big money dump for them, and you'll make more use of it consistently than they will. If you can make it so you build the only one, go for it.

Sightstone / Ruby Sightstone: An amazing item introduced in Season 3, it gives you the power to place up to 2 (or 3, for ruby) wards down and the wards expire after 3 minutes or until you exceed the number of placed wards and place somewhere else. You may hold 4 (or 5) wards and it refreshes each time you back to your fountain.

Now that I've explained it let's talk a little bit about why this item is so good on a jungler.

It's going to give you vision over the map in places you may not have had wards early in the game. (Top, mid, or even in your enemies jungle!). What does all of this do?

Well for one, your top and mid laner will be able to use their gold on their items and pots and it saves them the trouble of warding their lane as often. They should still be warding, but you lessen the burden on them. This means when you gank or fights start to occur, your solo laners should be stronger than the enemy laners.

There's more! Because you warded their lanes, they saw that silly Amumu coming to gank their lanes! Take that Amumu!! No kill or assist gold for you! My team mate saw you and survived.

But wait! Joequel!! I'm not a support, how dare you tell me to use this item.

Haha, you aren't the support, but the utility you help provide ends up in a lot of gold saved for your team. Let me explain it a little bit more.

While these items are also helpful to your lanes pockets, it's not that big of a waste to you either! You see, as a jungler you're expected to be bringing many wards into the game, and this item helps remove that burden from you, but wait, there's more!

(For just 3 easy payments of $19.99 you may find out how cost efficient this item is. I'm kidding, this is just very long and if I don't hold your attention I'll lose you!)

1 ward is 75 gold.
Sightstone is 700 gold.

Running out of the base with a Sightstone gives you 4 wards. (300 gold)

After only 3 base runs, assuming 6 minutes pass 3 each for 2 wards, you just used 900 gold after the 3 base runs. You've already made your money back and more in only 18 minutes! While that may sound bad, 700 gold isn't a hard investment early and the average game DOES last 30 minutes.

Randuin's Omen: Health and armor, what more could you ask for as a tank? An active that slows the movement speed AND a passive that slows attackers attack speeds AND movement speeds! This item is INCREDIBLE on Chogath. As a champion who gets a lot of extra health and builds tanky, this item really makes carries think twice about attacking you.

It also weakens kiting Chogath with red buff or auto attack slows, as it will also slow the attackers ability to put the slow on you, as well as hurt their movement speed. If you slow them enough the strong strong from this item also stops them even more from running!

Frozen Heart: One of the highest armor items you can build. Between this and Randuin's Omen, these are the only ways you can slow the enemies attack speed in terms of items. Chogath slowing every enemy champions attack speed really puts him up on the list of targets that the enemies want to get rid of.

On top of the high armor and attack speed slow, you get a few more stats from this glorious item. The mana is a nice touch as it opens Chogath to have less mana problems (even if he didn't really have them, it gives you a bit more mana which could prove very helpful in drawn out scenarios) and a whopping 20% cooldown reduction! That's massive amount of CDR!


Situational means you need to realize when it proper to build these items, they aren't just used as a "last item" but they can be that or placed anywhere else in the build. We just need to understand when to build them.

Shurelia's Reverie
: This item should be built when you're starting to group up with your team as it gives you a great engage and disengage. The problem with Shurelia's is how it was nerfed this season. While it's a great buy, and can fit on the majority of Chogath games, remember it's not as strong as it once was. So keep that in mind when purchasing it.

A very underrated item, while it's underrated, many look at it to be bad because people don't understand the correct scenarios to build this item.

This item reflects auto attack damage back to the sender in magic damage. This could mean the death of certain attackers as DPS champions will build pure damage and find themselves getting weakened by doing their own job. Here's the main issue with Thornamil...

This item is PURE armor. There is no HP in this item. If you do not have the HP to back up the resistances you've wasted the whole point of the resistance. You need to maintain a healthy balance of HP and resistances. If you have no HP built and grab a thornmail, chances are you'll die before you really get an effect out of the thornmail because you'll be bursted down too heavily be magic damage or the trade off of physical attacks being through at you won't help as pure resistance build gets less effective the higher you get.


Resistances = good
Health = good
Lots of resistances no health = bad
Lots of health no resistances = situationally bad(see *)
Medium health and medium resistances = perfect.

*A common occurrence right now is that we see a lot of AP and AD champions building a lot of penetration, while this isn't a bad thing for them, it kind of weakens the whole building resistances early. That's why we're seeing a lot of tanky champions or bruisers starting off by rushing health. However you have to realize builds differ, and you can't always rely on the enemy building in your favor!

Here is the exception to AP resistance items in my opinion! If you have a mage on your team this item can be built on Chogath to relieve them of the burden of building this item. The lowering of an opponents magic resistance is going to not only help your damage, but your teams damage. That's the point of this item in this build. HELPING YOUR TEAM.

I've tried explaining constantly in this build, building damage is not what we want here, but this item is sort of 50 / 50 with an aura to help the team. It's sort of an offensive support item.

Magic Resistance: Good for Chogath, it's hard to build on him efficiently.

Ability Power: Bad in this case, as we're building for a tanky Chogath, however, we DO use the ability power, so it's not necessarily a wasted stat, it's just not as utilized, like all the stats were when we built Aegis.

Passive Aura: GREAT IF YOUR TEAM DEALS MAGIC DAMAGE! If you have a mage or mages who will benefit from the less of magic resistance then by all means ask if you should build this item!

BASICALLY Abyssal Scepter relies on knowing what your team needs and communication so you're the only one building this item. But it can be a very effective buy for your team, remember it!

Other Items

This section is here to tell about the other items and why I would or wouldn't suggest building them on Chogath.

Remember there are situations for all kinds of items, just because they may be bad on a general note, doesn't mean they should be left unbuilt. Try to understand when you need certain items that are out of the blue.

This item really shouldn't need too much explaining. It's a big money investment and we don't use all of the stats on it to the fullest in the jungle.

MR: Yes, small amount of magic resist. Probably the most useful thing from this item, which is bad considering it's so low.

Mana Rengen: We don't need to itemize mana rengeration since we have our passive, this is really a wasted stat. (This is the whole point of this item!)

AP: I cannot stress it enough, we don't make use of the AP we get in the jungle. Our clear is based off of us auto attacking minions, the AP really goes to waste and doesn't make a difference to justify it's purchase.

CDR: We can build it elsewhere.

GP10 items that see their way on too many greed junglers.

While it's true that as a tank CC jungler you find yourself needing less bulk at points and needing to hit as much CC as possible, there are MANY limits. Investing in both Sightstone and Philosopher Stone is already a 1400 gold investment that could have been put into tanking. Now you want to waste more gold on more gold generation?

It's not a good idea. I strongly recommend you ignore these two items, as a jungler you do find yourself with less gold as a lane, but don't use that as an excuse to build these items, show how amazing you are by utilizing the 2 utility items you already got and maximize the gold gain from those.

Here's another situational item that could find its way on Chogath. The issue is the fact that you're building a Catalyst to get to this item, meaning that you're building for a passive you don't really need. It's a fine late buy if you find yourself against very scary CC teams, but for the most part this is a pretty ignorable item. It has it's uses, but don't get attached, the ruby crystal could have been built into your Aegis, Ruby Sightstone, or the Kindlegem for your Philosopher Stone. This item is really only bought for it's passive.

AP Items (these and more!) are just a big no, Chogath isn't played in the jungle to become a damage machine, there are many better options to this, I would suggest you look at a mid Cho guide if you really want to build AP.

While dying is never a good thing, you probably won't find yourself exploding much in fights, nor will you find yourself in too many situations where you'll have the gold to afford this luxurious item. While when fed it is very strong on Chogath, in a standard case it's an item you probably won't want to build. But it's very viable and does work wonders, especially in late game fights.

An absolute annoying item to see on junglers. I cannot stand seeing this item, it truly makes me unhappy. So I'll try to not sound too biased.

1. You need this item early, considering you're putting 2400 in early investments, (mobility boots, philosopher stone, and sightstone) it's a really poor buy. Next we look at what we achieve for building it.

HP: Used stat.
Mana: Kind of used.
AP: Kind of used.

As a tank you only really use 1/3 of the stats you're building here. While it's "tank ap" you have to realize we're here for "tanky disruptor" not "tanky ap".

Kind of like Rod of Ages, but perhaps a bit more useful as you don't have to waste a lot of gold on mana and wait for the item to get to it's full power.

Bad part? It still needs AP to build and the passive it gives you is really poor considering your skill set up. Rylais slows but on AoE skills the slow is reduced, all of Chogath's skill are AoE besides R. It DOES proc on E, but it's AoE and that makes it negligible.

Sheen and all of it's final items. Let me put it this way, Chogath doesn't have the cooldowns for Sheen. Thus making Sheen and all of it's upgrades a big money waste that isn't utilized to their full potential on Chogath. Nice and simple, I wish everything was this easy.

Armor, Health, free damage.

Use all stats

Better armor items (bulwark, randuin, frozen heart, thornmail)
Doesn't make use of aura as well without magic penetration
A lot of gold is wasted in cost of the aura

Basically Sunfire Cape is a fine item, and you can't really say it's a bad buy on Chogath, there are just better items.

Health. Regen. Tank. Awesome.

As I've brought up, building pure HP is strong right now as penetration meets close to core in many builds in today's builds. But the issue with this is Chogath already gets a high amount of flat HP from his ultimate passive. Between the HP you build in Aegis, Ruby Sighstone, Shurelia's, Randuin's etc, you should be getting tanky enough to skip over this item.

Attack speed items are suggested by some as your E goes off more as you attack more, well Wits is the only attack speed item I would even consider. (Maybe Zephyr, if you REALLY wanted to push it. But I explained how I felt about that item in the last section).

MR, attack speed, and more MR as you auto attack in a team fight. This and extra damage to whoever you attack is an alright buy if you find yourself snowballing. But I really can't justify this item as a buy. The purchase of attack speed and extra damage isn't worth it. When Aegis exists and Abyssal is there to fall back on in magic heavy teams, I can't see a reason to build this item.

The ability to give auras to buff your team or debuff the enemy team feels a lot more important than making your damage a tiny bit better. It's how I feel about the item, and you just have to learn to trust your team mates.

Item Speed Run


AP is wasted but if the aura helps your team consider it if no one else wants to build.

Itemizing mana isn't good on Chogath.

You don't need that much mana regen.

Very situational, leave it to the support.

Only as a late to last item, not worth buying in parts.

AD and LS? On top of that a physical damage passive, not a good buy.

Very good early, opens you up to a lot of pressure.

Alright option, but there are better choices.

Not worth it since you aren't building the penetration for it.

Early AD isn't needed and the life for killing a minion is already achieved with your passive.

Works for a lane Chogath, but in the jungle we're able to consistently kill minions to get mana regen with his passive. Ignorable item.

Got nerfed really hard season 3, I wouldn't suggest it unless you're falling behind and just need some quick health and armor.

You don't need to itemize regeneration with your passive.

Very solid armor item that punished enemy ADCs.

Too much gold wasted for the slow, you would be better off building Warmogs if you really wanted to use the HP as an excuse.

It can work if you snowball hard, but you probably aren't the main focus anyways, so continue building supporting actives or auras for the team.

Building AP and AD? No.

Too much gold going into sustain, not something Chogath needs to build in.

Sheen proc too difficult to get up consistently. Waste of gold.

AD? No.

Solid buy if you don't need tenacity or if ninja tabi won't help you more.

Chogath doesn't need armor penetration.

We aren't building for AP, so the penetration would go to waste.

Chogath doesn't have the cooldowns to justify the sheen passive, as well as this takes a lot of AP that we wouldn't fully utilize.

A very solid early item and gives a lot of benefits to Chogath and his team. While it isn't core it can fit into many tanky Chogath builds.

A lot of wasted gold goes into the AP portion of this item. If you really wanted to build attack speed, there are better options.

Don't need to itemize for mana.

Magic resistance is nice, AD isn't. Forget about this item.

Very solid item that's a great buy to get much needed tenacity on your tank champion.

It can work if you find your carries getting wrecked by CC. Try to see if your support can get it, if unable, then you could possibly build it. However by building this item you're giving up a good amount of tanking presence.

Too much of the itemization is going into AP and mana regeneration. Cooldown reduction is nice, but it's not an item you would want on Chogath.

CDR, attack speed, and AP. It's a cool item if you wanted to mess around in a normal, but it's nothing to get used to. You don't need the AP or the attack speed to do what you need to do.

One of the better boots to replace your mobility boots with later in the game. Also a solid grab earlier in the game as it reduces the damage taken in the jungle.

Bad item. No. The effect isn't worth the cost. You pay a lot of gold and get very little stats.

Critical % and attack speed isn't needed. Movement speed and unit collision isn't a reason to build this expensive item.

If enemies are blowing their CC on a tanky Chogath you should have tenacity built, not build an item to get rid of the CC on you. You have the health and resistances to sit there in a stun for a second or 2.

AP, % ap extra. Great for a mid AP Chogath, but very unnecessary on a tank Chogath.

Incredibly strong item on Chogath. It punishes enemy champions for auto attacking you and meets with a slow to help your team catch up to theirs or lock in certain important targets.

Health regen, attack damage and life steal! Chogath doesn't need any of these stats and already has 3 AoE abilities. His clear is strong enough.

Too much is relied on grabbing this item early, which Chogath cannot afford. Also a lot of the cost is put into AP and Mana which aren't necessary to build.

Very good item on a jungler. One of the most cost efficient items in the game as it only gives you more gold the longer you use it.

"Ranged Only" .. Chogath is a melee champion.

HP is good, AP isn't needed, and the active is bad because all of your skills on a decent cooldown are AoE, meaning you get a weak Rylai effect on enemy champions.

Very early item that turns into a waste of space very fast. Chogath has enough gold coming from his philosopher stone and saves enough while using his sight stone. The Kage's Pick just makes you waste too much early gold.

Very solid item and a great buy on an initiator like Chogath. You can get a very early philosopher stone and turn it into this item when necessary for some health, cooldown reduction and amazing active.

You aren't building the AP to justify building magic penetration.

Great alternative to Mercury Treads. Something to turn that Machete into later if you have the gold to purchase this.

Don't need the extra clear power or the AD.

You have enough sustain and don't need the extra clear power.

You have enough sustain so you don't need the passive, this item is there if you don't need Bulwark, Abyssal or Veil for MR options, but falls short in most situations.

Crit, AS, not needed on Chogath.

It works, but there are better armor alternatives.

You don't itemize AD, so the free crits go to waste.

The armor penetration and active goes to waste because the only form of physical damage is from your auto attacks. Not worth it because you don't use any stat but the HP.

Lots of AD and life steal. Nothing Chogath wants or needs.

Solid item when you have the HP to back up the active and flat resistances that you build.

Chogath doesn't have the cooldown to support the sheen, the AD to support the zeal, and the phage really isn't worth it's cost on this champion.

While the item seems decent enough, it's a really early/mid game item, and the active isn't that great. Leave it to your support and build towards your Randuin's for the slow.

AP and % magic penetration. It's great if you were an AP Mid Chogath, but we don't need it on a tanky Chogath.

A solid item, you need to understand when you need resistances and when you need health, but it can be a very good purchase to add to your arsenal. You just need to realize when to actually pick it up.

Itemizing for spell vamp isn't necessary, this item isn't worth the buy.

Probably the best attack speed item on Chogath. He has many other magic resistance options, and attack speed isn't a stat you need to build for. It's an ignorable item.

Don't need to itemize for clearing or life steal. The armor would be used, but that's it. A madred may work, but upgrading it wouldn't be the answer.

Attack speed active, armor penetration, crit.. nothing Chogath wants to buy.

This item really bit the dust with this season. Flat attack damage isn't a stat people really need.. and Chogath isn't the one to build it anyways.

Attack speed and AD isn't used, the tenacity is but you'd be better off buying Mercury Treads or Ancient Golem.

A solid item on AP Chogath, but it isn't very helpful on a tanky Chogath. The AP isn't utilized to it's full potential, and there are many better armor options.

Champion Tips

  • Try to use your Q after another one on your team uses their CC. This helps ensure that your skill will hit the target.

  • Make sure to get your W on as many targets possible, but realize who's going to suffer the most from your silence. Don't just blow your skills because they're on cooldown.

  • Toggle your E when attacking turrets. You don't want the turret to attack you!

  • Your ultimate is used as a true damage nuke as well as something used to give you extra HP for fights. Finally it's a great addition to your smite to make sure you get any objective (Dragon or Baron Nashor).


Jungling on Cho isn't too complicated. He's pretty solid at clearing the jungle and does what you expect from a champion.

The biggest tip I can give a Chogath player is to make sure you're positioning your E in camps to make sure you hit as many jungle minions as possible!

Ganking on Chogath is very simple, place your Q in a position where it will hit the enemy champion, keep mind the delay time, and if it hits chances are you'll have a successful gank; may it be for their flash or their life. Chogath ganking is almost exclusively stuck to his Q, but with red buff you can catch overextended enemies as well.

Basics about Jungling

At 1:40 in the game 3 camps will spawn on each team, each containing Golems, Wolves or Wraiths. At 1:55 2 more camps will spawn wielding the Ancient Golem and Elder Lizard buff, these will give you differing benefits based on if you hold the buff from slaying the big buff monster.

At 2:30 Dragon spawns, and when slain, he gives the entire team 190 gold.

At 15:00 Baron Nashor appears, slaying this beast will grant everyone on your team 300 gold and a buff giving you many additional stats and incredible health regeneration.

After 5 minutes of slaying the ENTIRE camp (all minions in the camp die) of the Elder Lizard or Ancient Golem, it will respawn in the same location.

After 6 minutes of slaying the Dragon he will respawn in his lair at the bottom side of the map.

After 7 minutes of slaying Baron Nashor he will respawn in his lair at the top side of the map.

As a jungler it is not only your job to secure these buffs, but to also keep tabs on when they spawn and when they will appear for your team's benefits. It's also beneficial to know the enemies timers as it will give you a hint to where they are, or if you see them on the map, open your way to make counter play by stealing their buffs.

Go to your options in game and turn on time stamps to see the exact time Dragon and Baron are slain! This will make recording A LOT easier!

Some generic routes are as follows:

Standard (Farm) Paths

Wolves -> Blue (smite) -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Red (smite) -> Golem / Base / Gank

Wraiths -> Red (smite) -> Golems -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue (smite) -> Base / Gank

Fast Gank Paths

Wolves -> Blue (smite) -> Gank

Wraiths -> Red (smite) -> Gank

Smitless Paths (Level 3 Gank)

Wolves -> Blue -> Red (smite) -> Gank

Wraiths -> Red -> Blue (smite) -> Gank

Early Game

In the early stages of the game you should fixate on farming the jungle. As Chogath this should be quite a simple task. Simply auto attack the camps with your Vorpal Spikes on and make sure your spikes are hitting all or at least the majority of creatures in the camps. Make sure to focus down the big creature of the camps, as the little creatures will die in the process of killing the big one.

Use all of your skills while you have blue buff, but when you do not do a fine balance of skills making sure that you passive makes up for the mana loss of what you do use. It doesn't cost mana to auto attack, so take advantage of that so you have mana when you gank.

Ganking with Chogath is usually determined by how your enemy pushes out in certain lanes, and if you have CC on other champions in certain lanes on your own team.

For example, if your top laner has a stun, it's more likely that you will hit your Q if your top laner uses his stun first, allowing you to easily set up your delay and stun the enemy even longer. This will give the two of you a fair amount of time to get in and deal damage and possibly secure a flash, or even a kill.

Mid Game

Here we start pressuring for Dragon. Cho'gath is one of the best dragon finishers in the game. Having the power to use your smite and R at practically the same time is going to give you 1000 + smite damage to the Dragon. We want to try and focus this to secure the Dragon.

The other thing you need to be ready for is a team fight. Since Dragon shouldn't be given up for free it's practical to say that the enemy jungler will also want to get this gold buff to the team. In the scenario of a fight you're going to want your ultimate off of cooldown, how you use it though, is a different question.

A] Finishing dragon if your team decides to go for the kill. This isn't recommended if you are behind, as you're tossing a big nuke to get that extra gold and if it results in the enemy team engaging on you and them winning, it was all for nothing.

B] Dealing the damage in a team fight. At this point in the game taking out the enemy jungle, mid, or ADC could be extremely impactful and cannot be ignored. If you ace the enemy team you will get all of their bounties and walk away with the dragon gold buff for your team.

Late Game

This is where grouping is necessary if you want to go anywhere in this game. You should also find yourself with a fair amount of stacks and some tankiness allowing you to be a big disruptor in fights.

Also remember that at this stage is the time to contest Baron Nashor, he gives 300 gold to each member of a team and a massive damage and health regeneration buff. However, he tears apart the team that fights him so go at it cautiously. Make sure to pick up a pink ward or oracle's elixir so that you may do the Baron without the enemy team being able to steal it or engage at a weak point.

Your Smite (at level 18) + Feast is 2000 TRUE DAMAGE TO BARON NASHOR! Remember this! This will help you grab that Baron for your team!

Other than that you need to keep wards up, make sure other members are warding, and stay with your team. This is a very important stage of the game for you. One mistake could make this game end in the enemies favor, even if they're behind! The rate of how fast towers are taken down is devastating, you don't want to find your team getting the death respawn times of 60 seconds at this point.

A very important part of the late game is the team fighting, I'll try to break that into it's own category so we can make sure you understand this to the fullest.

Team Fights

There are two options you are going to be struggling with for the majority of team fights, you need to learn which one applies to you during which situations. I'll try to explain these two options..

A] You could be initiating. That's fine, do your best and help get a fight started. Start with a Q and keep the fight going by using W on important targets. Using R on an important enemy target is also very useful. However, you can also use the R on a low health enemy who may not be the target, just getting them out of the way could help your team.

B] You could have to peel. Your ADC at this point is going to do A LOT of your DPS (assuming all lanes went even and no one is fed) so you will want to protect this champion with your life. If you get a Q and a W to tie the enemy down long enough for your ADC to finish them, then you did a good job.

Learning when you need to initiate or peel is what's going to make you a good Cho'gath player.

The other thing you need to be weary of is the fact of who's fed and who's not. While your ADC may deal a lot of DPS, if their ADC has substantially more kills or farm, you really need to make sure they die as fast as possible. But remember, it's not always the ADC. The AP, solo top, or even jungle could be just as devastating and knowing who and what can be shut down by you is key.

Final Comments

I hope you found out what you were looking for reading this guide.

If you have any questions or concerns leave a comment or even add me in game on the NA servers (Joequel). If I'm around I'll accept it and try to help you out when I can.


November 5, 2013 - 05:58 AM #1

What are your thoughts on Atma's? With all of Cho's HP, it adds a small bit of armor and a nice chunk of damage to mid/late game skirmishes. I ask because I find myself having difficulty pulling focus during fights- other than using my CCs and feast once every teamfight, it feels like I'm not contributing much.

October 9, 2013 - 02:50 PM #2

I would like your opinion about the following build:

ancient golem, wits end,randuins, frozen heart, swiftness boots (homeguard enchantment) and liandry.

I ended up 14/4/11, carrying my team, and although you said liandrys magic pen is waste without ap, it procs on vorpal spikes, and it was really useful in conjunction with wits end.

nice guide

May 10, 2013 - 09:07 PM #3

Dude,This Guide is AMAZING its one of the best Cho guides around.

Jungel is my main so most of the stuff i knew but i had a friend wanting to start to jungel(l.20) i explained him everythink simple and the i found this guide----> AMAZING he dient die at red anymore he knew slang and stuff and got lot better!

Dude i Love your guide pls continue!!!



April 27, 2013 - 06:43 AM #4

I'm flattered everyone! Thanks for your comments each and every one brightens up my day when I read them. :] I may not always be able to respond immediately, but when people take that small second to like or even comment it really makes me feel it was all worth the hours spent. :P

I don't put too much depth in my guide, so I don't expect too much praise, but I'm still very happy with what I get for my basic run through of champs. :].

April 26, 2013 - 08:14 AM #5

love this guide ...and i also really enjoyed the nasus one :D

April 15, 2013 - 10:04 PM #6

Wow, this Cho guide is fantastic. Thanks for the time and effort that you put in as I'm sure it was pretty time-consuming. I will definitely implement these tips and strategies when I attempt to jungle Cho. Thanks again

April 9, 2013 - 02:48 AM #7

Best cho guide i have seen :)

March 23, 2013 - 10:20 PM #8

I love everyone that has <3. :]

March 23, 2013 - 08:54 PM #9

I did what zousigo did :)

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Thank you! That means a lot :).

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