FIZZ BUILD GUIDE: Fizz's Jungle Cookbook by doo0ooooooom

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed(+15.3% attack speed)
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power(+4.95 ability power)
Greater Glyph of Ability Power(+10.71 ability power)
Greater Seal of Scaling Health Regeneration(+0.99 health regen / 5 sec. per level (17.82 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Armor(+8.52 armor)
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Full Item Build

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mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 1/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 2/2
mastery 4 2/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
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mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility
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QUrchin Strike
WSeastone Trident
RChum the Waters
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Fizz Jungle overview


Fizz is an early game focused assassin who has strong ganks to snowball your lanes through the early game, similar to shaco and lee sin. For the mid-late game, I often prefer to build him as a bruiser, rushing iceborn gauntlet with an otherwise tank build. Fizz has enough base damage to still be able to kill people with this build, and it is far less gold-reliant than a full AP build.

He's actually a lot like lee sin: Two gap closers plus a CC ult and an AOE slow. I feel he scales better late game than lee due to superior itemization choices (lee doesn't benefit nearly as much from iceborn gauntlet, an amazing item for jungle fizz), although early game lee can outduel fizz. Lee's q has better range, but fizz's q can't be juked. Lee's dash requires a ward and doesn't break projectiles or avoid AOE. Lee does more damage early game though and is a better duelist, although fizz's damage is hardly bad.

Advantages of Jungle Fizz:
  • Fast and non-mana dependent Clearing speed with the passive from his W.
  • His passive greatly reduces the damage he takes from monsters, keeping him high hp in the jungle.
  • Very strong ganks with high damage, two gap closers and a slow before level 6. Once he gets his ultimate he gets another gap closer and a long range initiation. Four gap closers in all if you count flash.
  • Can choose his fights extremely well due to his high mobility from Playful/Trickster.
  • His high mobility and high single target damage make him a natural counterjungler. He is able to bully tank/support junglers and steal camps quickly and safely.
  • Can "Kite" some melee champions who lack cc by casting through them at close range to gain distance.
  • Can split push.

Disadvantages of Jungle Fizz:
  • Does not bring as much late game team utility compared to tank/cc oriented junglers such as amumu, sejuani or maokai
  • is not as good a duelist as similar junglers like lee sin.


I have recently updated this guide for patch 4.21. Here is a quick list of major changes to the guide:

  • Iceborn gauntlet is now a 100% core item. Always build it.

Now that the jungle hurts so much more and the jungle items no longer give lifesteal/spellvamp to sustain you and instead give flat health regen--iceborn gauntlet is not only the best utility item for bruiser fizz, it's also the best item for jungle clearing. Its high armor will reduce the damage you take allowing you to sustain your hp with just machete upgrade, and if you rotate your skills correctly, its AOE ice damage proc will speed your clear by more than an equally-costing amount of AP.

The new jungle also gives less gold so it is even more difficult to pull off the lich bane build. I recommend never building lich bane now, even if you get fed. it's better to simply buy an early iceborn which you can use to snowball your advantage through the mid-game by improving your ganks and your jungle clearing. Although there's nothing wrong with building AP after you get iceborn.

  • Level 2 ganks are more viable than before, due to the diminished importance of blue buff.

In previous seasons, blue was very important but in this jungle it's just another camp. It gives the same xp as every other camp. You don't need the blue buff to clear with the new machete mana regen. The blue buff is nice for having the mana to camp lanes, but otherwise its irrelevant.

The main disadvantage before of level 2 ganks was that your blue buff would be stolen--if you show up in lane at level 2 without blue, you're basically announcing to the enemy team that your blue is available and you're nowhere nearby to defend it. So they can steal it if they want, and they usually would. But in the S5 jungle this isn't a problem because you don't actually care if they steal your blue--you don't need it and they can have it.

  • The hybrid build is now bad since elder lizard was removed and warrior enchantment lacks the true damage bleed.

10 armor pen is nice on some champions but not fizz... the main reason lizard was good on champions like eve or fizz was the high stat efficiency and true damage proc. The warrior enchant doesn't have this so its better to build the AP item if you need damage.

  • Since 4.21, they buffed the jungle items (by giving them gold generation), so they're worth buying now. Ranger's got nerfed but I like the new skirmisher's sabre (and it will probably be nerfed soon).

  • The build order I recommend is Machete --> Skirmisher's --> Tabi --> Iceborn --> Either Juggernaut or Magus enchant depending on whether you want to build tank or damage this game. You will need to buy extra health potions with this build, but you should be able to afford them.



  • Marks: Attack Speed. These are the best for jungle clearing and have good synergy with the active portion of Fizz's .

Other Options: Magic Penetration or Hybrid Penetration. These are both much worse for jungling but better late game if you run an AP heavy build. If you use the bruiser build and plan to auto attack at least twice for every time you , you're better off with attack speed as they'll be nearly as good as mpen or hybrid pen even late game and much better early. I prefer attack speed overall.

  • Seals: Health Regeneration per level.

I like these to give fizz some sustain for the jungle. On your first clear, armor are better than these, but for all subsequent clears these are better than armor for the purposes of jungle sustain. by level 9 a set of these will start giving over 100 hp a minute, which will save you a lot of health potions.

Other options: Armor, Health.

  • Glyphs: AP, for more jungle damage, more ganking damage, and more damage. These help your jungle clear more than other runes, also.

Other good options: If you want to be tankier late game, you could use magic resist/level glyphs. CDR are also nice.

You could use AP/Level glyphs for worse early game but better mid/late game. These break even at level 7 with flat AP. I prefer flat though because the extra damage early can help you snowball your team.

  • Quints: I use 2 armor quints + 1 AP quint now.

New jungle is a pain and the armor quints really help you keep high HP in the jungle, especially for first clear. They save about 100 hp on first clear. AP quints are also great on fizz, i used 3 of them last season.

The reason I still use 1 AP quint is because with my current setup, that gives me just enough damage to one shot the small raptors at level 2 with auto attacks + seastone trident after opening on them with playful. (This improves my preferred jungle route: Krugs --> Raptors --> Red).

Other Options: The only other good option besides AP or armor is move speed quints which IMO are not needed on fizz.

Don't use AP/level quints, these don't become better than flat AP quints until level 12 by which point over half the game will probably be done with. Early game damage is generally a bigger factor than late game damage IMO due to possibility of snowballing out of control. 12 is just too late of a breakeven point to be worth it.

AD quints are also not a good idea on fizz. Fizz has a pretty good AP ratio on his auto atacks from W passive + w active + spellsword, so he clears the jungle about as fast with AP quints assuming you have enough mana to use W active.


mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 1/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 2/2
mastery 4 2/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility

Fizz scales with both AP and AD... better with AP, but still, some of the AD masteries are pretty good so I take some of both.

Offensive spec is pretty obvious for fizz as he is an assassin. Even if you transition into a bruiser like I almost always do, runes/masteries are mostly for early game benefit so you'll still want an assassin style rune/mastery set.


Looking through the offensive tree, some masteries are worth it and others aren't really:

  • Double Edged Sword (+2% damage dealt, +1% damage taken, 1 point:

This mastery is completely worth it. In the first place, even if you value offense and defense equally, this gives you a net +1%, and +1% offense is clearly worth 1 mastery point. Offense is worth more than defense on a champion like fizz, anyway.

  • Butcher (+2 minion damage, 1 points):
This is really not a lot of damage and only works vs minions. In most situations I can't really justify putting a point in this with all of the other good masteries in the offensive tree. That said, if you prefer the counterjungle path where you steal enemy red, speed is of the essence, so picking this mastery up if you prefer a counterjungle-thief playstyle may be a good idea.

  • Fury (+5% attack speed, 4 points):
This is a nice mastery and I want to take it but there's so much other stuff that I want more. This will help your early jungling, late game it's not as useful. So like butcher you may prefer this mastery. Some testing reveals that you do not need this mastery to get off 4 procs of the active per activation at level 1, however the timing is very tricky without this and much easier with a couple points of it. (you have to cast mid-auto attack animation to get 4 hits off, and the timing without this mastery is especially unforgiving). Anyway, I don't take this because its not as cost efficient as the other masteries in the tree. CDR is a more expensive stat than attack speed, generally. (for example: CDR glpyhs, the best rune source of cdr, only give .83% cdr. In comparison, attack speed marks give 1.7% attack speed.) I prefer the CDR mastery to this, I think it's better generally.

  • Sorcery (+5% cooldown reduction, 4 points):
I like this as it lets you cast more often, CDR is a pretty good stat for fizz and you need to put 3 more points in something in this tier to move down the offensive tree.

  • Brute Force/Martial Mastery (+10 attack damage @ level 18, +4 attack damage, 4 points):
This is an AD mastery but it's extremely cost efficient so I still take it. On Fizz I value each point of AD at slightly less than a point of AP, but 4-14 extra ad is a lot for 4 points, and the 4 ad for one point you get is even better. So these masteries are worse than the similar mental force/arcane mastery masteries but they're still a steal for only 5 points.

  • Mental Force/Arcane Mastery (+16 ability power @ level 18, +8 ap):
This mastery is extremely cost efficient. The typical mastery is worth ~40g. each point of ability power is worth about 20g. The 6 ap alone is almost worth the 4 points just by itself.

  • Expose Weakness (Damaging an enemy with a spell increases Allied damage to that enemy by 1% for the next 3 seconds)

debatable, but as a jungler you're often helping your team kill people and upping their damage is just as good as upping yours.

  • Feast (Killing a unit restores 2 health and 1 mana, 1 point)

If you kill 10 monsters every 1 minute, hitting the gold mark of 10cs per min, this is worth all of 1.66~ hp/5 and .83~ mp/5. You're not getting that many cs on a jungler, anyway. Skip this.

  • Spell Weaving (Damaging an enemy with basic attacks increases spell damage by 1% for 3 sec, stacks 3 times)

This is nice, fizz auto attacks a lot and also does a lot of spell damage. So take this.

  • Executioner (Increases damage dealt to champions bewlow 50% health by 5%)

This is annoying because it costs 3 points and only works on champions. I only took one point in this because the first point is better than the other 2.

  • Blade Weaving (damaging an enemy champion with a spell increases basic attack damage by 1%, stacking up to 3 times (max 3% damage increase).

I don't think this is worth it, fizz does auto attack a lot but most of the damage comes from procs not his basic damage.

  • Warlord (+5% bonus AD, 3 points)

5% of almost nothing is almost nothing, you don't build AD items often enough on fizz for this to be worth anything. Skip.

  • Archmage (increases AP by 2%/3.5%/5%)

This is not worth it either with the way i build fizz. If you prefer a full AP build you should obviously take this though.

  • Dangerous Game (Killing a champion restores 5% of missing hp and mana)

I don't think this is worth a point. unless you like tower diving early game and 50 that hp is going to clutch save you, It isn't really relevant until the teamfights start because if you kill a champion you're pretty much done ganking right there. it could clutch save you from an ignite but that seems like an edge case. My problem with this is if you're already getting kills, you're already winning. You should use your mastery points helping you get kills in the first place.

  • Devastating Strikes (+6% armor/magic pen, 3 points)

6% armor/magic pen for 3 points is definitely worth it.

  • Frenzy (Critical hits grant +5% attack speed for 3 seconds (stacks up to 3 times))

You don't build crit on fizz so skip this one.

  • Arcane Blade (+5% ap damage on auto attack)
This is quite good. With my rune/mastery set, i'll have 33 ap at level 1, and more later. 5% of 33 is 1.65 magic damage on auto attack, making this mastery better than 1 point in the brute force mastery even without any items. Once you get AP items like iceborn gauntlet this mastery gets even better.

  • Havok (+3% damage)

The top tier and most cost efficient mastery in the tree, obviously you should take it.


  • Block/unyielding (3 points, -2 damage from champions all sources, -2 extra from champion auto attacks)
This is nice but i think the other other masteries in defensive are better in the current state of the game. This is very good for early teamfights but it doesn't help your jungling at all, so you'll be low hp for those teamfights anyway. Unfortunately if you take this you have to drop either bladed armor or veteran scars, neither of which I want to drop. If you like to invade at level 1, you should probably drop either veteran scars or bladed armor and pick this up.

  • Enchanted Armor (+5% armor/mr, 2 points)
I build fizz as a bruiser so this mastery is solid. It doesn't help much early though. Not bad for two points though.

  • Tough Skin / Bladed Armor (reduced monster damage by 2, neutral monsters bleed for 1% of current hp every second if they attack you, 3 points)
This works on baron/dragon, and generally speeds your jungle clear. Integer damage reduction is also really nice. Season 5 jungle is hard, I wouldn't skip this in the current patch.

  • Veteran Scars/ Juggernaught (+36 hp / +3% hp, 4 points

The extra hp is good all game.

Summoner Sets

Smite & Flash
Summoner Spells:

Standard for all junglers. If you don't take this you will not be able to secure important jungle objectives such as baron or dragon, and your jungle will be slower and more dangerous. You should always take smite on junglers.

I prefer this for my second summoner. This spell nice because it can jump walls that can't, and also you can catch people from even further out of their sight range. Between flash, and , you can initiate a gank on someone from a distance where they can't even see you. Mobility is hugely important and so there's a reason that 95% of people take flash.

Another good option. This gives fizz some CC to help him gank and also gives great utility in late game teamfights. He can use this to peel for his teammates and also to lock down enemies. Since fizz is pretty mobile with E, taking Exhaust over flash wouldn't be a bad idea. It's hard to decide between this and flash as my 2nd spell. In draft mode, You might take this if the enemy team comp has some kind of heavy auto attacker that you need to shut down, such as tryndamere, vayne or irelia.

I don't like this on a jungler because the laners are usually packing it. If you both ignite the same person at the same time during a jungle gank, it's really stupid and you'd rather just have exhaust. I guess if you could coordinate it, "I ignite first, then you ignite." it could work. Personally, I'd rather have exhaust,Ii think it's more versitile. That said, if your laners don't take this for some reason you could take it for extra burst, although you already have a healing reduction on your so it's still somewhat redundant.

The super-troll spell, but with the homeguard boots this might actually be viable as a serious summoner even for junglers. IDK, I've seen it work. All I know is that teleport-to-ward-with-homeguard ganks are scary as hell and really hard to avoid. For some reason you don't lose the homeguard move speed bonus after using teleport. That said, the cooldown on this thing is annoyingly long. I'm not going to take this although maybe you could try it out and let me know how it goes.

I don't think this is a good idea on fizz because he already gets the non-collision from his passive. I don't think it fits him as much as flash especially if you run boots of mobility like I do.

Sample Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
Basic Jungler starting items
Machete now gives gold generation so its an obvious first buy.

The nice thing about the new machete is that it gives mana regen now, so you don't really need blue (not that you needed it much before, but now you can use E more).
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items
Ok! New Season 5 jungle items! They're nice, but iceborn is better to rush. I recommend picking up skirmisher's sabre early--mostly for the gold generation, but it can also help you with a level 4 gank: after backing at level 3, You could head to the blue side of the jungle, smite one camp and kill two others, then you'll be level 4 with skirmishers ready to kill something.

I like the new true damage bleed on skirmishers. It does a lot of damage and also reduces their damage to you... and easy to apply on fizz as his Q applies on hit effects. Great for dueling in the jungle. fizz is a middle of the road duelist, but if you pick up this he's a top duelist... assuming the other jungler didn't buy it also!

The other options are also viable. Ranger's gives some AOE damage and some hp/mana sustain. I don't think the sustain is necessary. if you do not use the armor quints and hp/5 seals that i recommend using, you may want to pick up rangers to make up for the lost sustain. It's also a good idea to take rangers if the enemy team is so overwhelmingly magic that you don't buy tabi this game--the lack of tabi will cause you to need extra sustain in the jungle.

I don't see the point of stalker's blade on fizz, if you're close enough to smite them you're close enough to just stab them with Q. Once you get iceborn its totally pointless.

You want iceborn gauntlet soon after boots because the AOE damage and extra armor makes jungling a breeze, also its great for everything. This item is just so cost efficient and you need every stat/bonus it gives. This item is cost efficient even vs teams with only one source of physical damage, the AD carry. (I guess if the enemies are running a troll comp with no ADC you might skip iceborn, but otherwise its 100% always buy)

This item doesn't scale as well as lich bane, but in the current jungle I recommend never building lich bane because you throw your mid-game if you don't pick up iceborn as soon as possible. Jungling is harder without iceborn and your mid game will be much weaker if you don't build it.

After that I recommend upgrading the skirmisher's sabre. Magus and Juggernaut are both good options, depending on what you need.

Take a look at the enemy team comp: do they have a lot of annoying cc? Do they have rammus, fiddlesticks, ryze, braum, lissandra, etc? If yes, you probably want tenacity this game so buy juggernaut. You'd also want juggernaut if you're running a full tank build.

Otherwise, magus is a great option for more damage option if you feel you need more damage at this point in the game. Don't buy warrior or devourer, if you need damage, magus is better than either.

after that you'll probably want some MR so get a banshees, or maybe a locket of the iron solari. If the enemy team has a big source of magic damage, somebody is going to need to build a locket, so talk with your support about who is going to be the one to build it this game. Vs some enemies (heavy magic, Karthus, vladimir, anivia, etc), you may want to build locket even before you buy magus.

If you end up building both locket and magus, don't build DFG, as then you'd be overcapped on CDR. If you don't build locket, DFG is often a good idea for more damage.

Your final item could be something like zhonya's hourglass, or just a tank item like randuin's or gaurdian angel.
Build Order


Skirmisher's Sabre
This is quite strong for ganking. with the ranger's nerf I think this is now the best machete upgrade. The 20% damage reduction is also very useful for diving a carry in a teamfight as you're going to reduce any retaliation damage they try to send back to you.

If you use this you have to plan your jungle ganks around when you have smite up--because you'll still want to smite jungle creeps sometimes-- for example, say you're level 3 and gromp/blue/wolves are up.. you could smite gromp, then do wolves and blue, then gank bot or something and smite would be back up to use to kill one of their laners.

Even with this item i still use smite more often on monsters than on players--despite that, this item could give you the extra damage and survivability you need at key moments to survive and get a kill in a close fight.
Ranger's Trailblazer
You don't really need this, although it still wouldn't be bad.

One annoying thing about skirmisher is that if you use it in the big teamfight, it means you won't have smite up for the inevitable dragon/baron attempt after-- so after you kill two people on the enemy team, the baron might get stolen by an ezreal ult or something random. With ranger's you don't have that problem, smite is smite not a weird version of ignite--it's simple you don't have to think. Plus you get some sustain when jungling.

This is definitely easier to use and possibly better if you're running a less jungle-focused runeset/item build. If you don't have the scaling hp regen seals or armor quints i use, or if you don't build tabi or iceborn, the jungle is going to beat you up without ranger's.
Ninja Tabi
I buy these in like 90% of games now. Even if the enemy team is 75% magic damage these are still a decent buy. These really help in the new jungle which hurts like hell.
Boots of Mobility
Risky but good for ganking/roaming style. Buy these only if you don't fear the enemy jungler. The lack of combat stats hurts you if you find yourself in a 1v1 or 2v2 situation. These also don't give armor like tabi does so I rarely buy them now... did I mention that the new jungle hurts? Armor is your friend.
Sorcerer's Shoes
If you plan to try for a lich bane AP build, you should probably buy these. But I dunno how you're going to get enough gold to make that work from the jungle. I recommend not attempting a full AP build when playing jungle fizz. If you like full AP fizz, try the mid lane, it works much better there!
Mercury's Treads
If you seriously need tenacity this game. You could also get tenacity from juggernaut enchant. In fact, I think juggernaut is a much better option for tenacity, so i rarely buy these.
This item has huge synergy with fizz's kit, as it is both proc'd and applied by his Q, and it also works great with his W which is an auto attack enhancer that does not interrupt auto attacks. I buy this after boots.
Iceborn Gauntlet
100% always build this, core item now

I was already building it 90% of games before S5, but with the jungle being harder now and the spirit stone upgrades being removed, I now build this every game and earlier than before. Even if the enemy team is 75% magic, you still need the armor and aoe damage to jungle. None of the machete enchantments help your jungling very much. This does. Rotating your skills correctly gives you three AOE ice procs to clear out the camps, plus extra armor and mana. It also gives you good wave clear for lane minions without having to build 300 ap, which you don't have the gold to do.

Fizz has huge synergy with Sheen proc due to his Q, which both activates it and applies sheen. So you'll definitely want one of the sheen upgrades, and this is the best one.

Lich Bane has more damage and better damage scaling and a small amount of move speed. Trinity is nice for ad champions. But Iceborn has a nifty slow, cdr and lots of armor. My opinion is that the slow on iceborn is really nice, and lich bane's damage doesn't really ramp up until late game when you also have a couple of other AP items to make use of its strong scaling. However, it's almost impossible to get enough gold to make the lich bane build work in the new jungle. While laners are rocking 300+ ap, they'll be making much better use of lich bane than you will.

The slow on iceborn also gives fizz utility in teamfights and CC for initiating, allowing him to peel for his teammates and it gives him the option of playing the tanky bruiser role without being useless.

Stat wise, the sheen effect on iceborn will add about as much damage to a single target as 60 AP. More than that if you can make use of the aoe. On top of this it gives 30 ap and 10% cdr, so it is quite good for damage. Not as good damage as lich bane, obviously, but you've got to give up something for the awesome slow effect and 60 armor and better jungle clearing.
Skirmisher's Sabre Enchantment - Magus
I think you should buy one of the enchantments next thing after iceborn gauntlet, although vs certain team comps (heavy pick or poke comps) it may be better to get banshee's veil first.

This is a good buy after iceborn if you want more damage and CDR.

Don't buy devourer or warrior on fizz. If you need damage, this item is better.
Skirmisher's Sabre Enchantment - Juggernaut

The other good enchantment. If you need tenacity, this is a good item. Nice item vs rammus. That taunt is so annoying. Also buy this vs fiddlesticks or ryze, or if for some reason you want to go full tank this game.
Banshee's Veil

Go to item for magic resist and poke protection. Very solid, cost efficient. Rounds out your tank stats if you already have iceborn. Very good on any brusier.
Locket of the Iron Solari
Go-to all purpose tank-support item:


Whether to build this or banshee's is a good question--if the enemies have a lot of CC that they could pick you off with, banshee's is probably better. But vs heavy aoe magic damage enemies, such as karthus or vladimir, you'd probably rather have this. You could build both if you want to be extra resistant.

You don't need to rush it but every team needs one of these unless the opponents are extremely heavy AD. But jungle fizz isn't necessarily the best one to build it on all teams. That said, if nobody else builds this, and the enemy team has a strong source of magic damage, you should get it. So have a chat with your support or whatever tanks are on your team about who is going to be the one to build this thing this game.

This item is extremely important vs enemies with delayed or predictable AOE abilities such as Vladimir or Karthus. If vlad pops his ult on your whole team, you pop this on your whole team, negating much of his damage. In most cases it's hit or miss whether the shield on locket helps any particular teammate as the enemies may or may not damage anyone who has the shield, but karthus ult and vladimir ult gives you a strong tell that damage is coming on your whole team so you can make excellent use of the active on this.

NOTE: I see some teams lately are running double locket. I don't really think thats worth it, at least not for fizz. The If your support already plans to build this, i recommend not building it.
Abyssal Scepter
This is a nice item if you need both damage and some magic resist. It also gives a magic resist reduction aura so it's better if there's someone else on your team who does magic damage that can also benefit from the aura. I don't buy this as much as locket or banshee's but its still an option.
Lich Bane
I never buy this item now. it CAN work, but its just such a risk and it's too hard to make the full AP fizz build work from the jungle. Besides, the solo laners are usually better positioned to perform the glass cannon damage role on the team as they have more reliable farm and are generally higher level. It's really hard to 100->0 people on jungle fizz which is what you're trying to do if you buy this item.

Anyway, you might just have a more assassin style than I do, so maybe you'd like this. I'm not saying AP jungle fizz is unplayable, I just feel that iceborn gauntlet is way more reliable in the current jungle.

The thing about lich bane is that it isn't cost efficient unless you buy ~2 other damage items, so by buying this you've really committed yourself to building glass cannon this game. Glass cannon fizz works well from lane where you have 250+ cs and more levels but thats really hard to pull off from the jungle... you're going to full combo people to 40% hp then you just die.
Void Staff
If the enemies are stacking magic resist

This item is useful to cut through enemy MR, and besides that it also scales very well with any additional AP items you buy, moreso than the other items. The reduction in enemy magic resist increases the value of any further AP or integer Magic penenetration you build. Once you get void staff, items such as deathcap, deathfire's grasp, and zhonya's become somewhat cost efficient (moreso slot-efficient) and lich bane and liandry's become even stronger.

Since this item has no defensive stats at all, you should buy a void staff if your team is tanky enough already and you aren't too worried about getting exploded in teamfights or poked down. This is mostly a counteritem to super MR tanks like mundo that you need to bleed down.
Needlessly Large Rod

Do not save for or plan to buy this item or any of its upgrades until late game. Attempting to build a large rod early is a huge trap which can ruin your early game.

The problem with needlessly large rod, besides that its not even that good, is that it costs 1600g in one pop. As a jungler you will rarely find yourself in base with 1600g, you probably aren't that rich, and if you find yourself in base with 1000g and decide to save up for this, you're setting yourself back a ton in the meantime. If you don't back when you're at 1000g at a good opportunity to save for this, you're also setting yourself behind. You could use that 1000g to buy a kindlegem or a blasting rod or a giant's belt or an amp tome and a ruby crystal,etc. If instead you buy nothing you run the risk of throwing the next gank or teamfight in the next 5 minutes because you are too weak.

If for some reason you happen to be in base with 1600g early, and you really like DFG, you could pick this up early game if you really want it. But you're still setting yourself back because the magus upgrade to your machete costs 1500g and gives the same amount of AP, but also gives 20% CDR.

Late game you might want to pick it up as it builds into DFG which is a great option for more damage.
Deathfire Grasp
Of the Large Rod items, DFG is probably the best for fizz if you can remember to use the active. As the Active is based on %hp it's better late than early, but it's not really a counter to high hp like liandry's, it's more of a general purpose burst AP item. This item adds very good damage despite the awful build path.

If you're the type of person who forgets to use actives, forget about this item. But otherwise it's really good, it has strong synergy with fizz's ultimate. It's one of the more cost-efficient damage items you can buy, the only problem is the build path sucks. If you can land the fish then cast DFG, the shark's damage is amplified by DFG. So it's a nice item if you get enough money to build it.
Trinity Force
This item isn't terrible and I won't flame you if you buy it, but IMO iceborn is basically always better. The sheen effects don't stack so obviously you shouldn't buy both.
Zhonya's Hourglass

Zhonya's is interesting because it gives you a good defensive stasis which you can use to wait out the cooldown on your spells . It also grants 120 ap. This is a good defensive item for glass cannon fizz, or you can stack it on top of banshee's veil to make yourself really hard to target.

You could also build this to counter champions with ticking-time-bomb type abilites such as Zed. If you get ulted by Zed, you know that a huge damage spike is coming 3 seconds later. You can activate this to use the stasis to avoid that damage.

This item is not as cost efficient as it is slot efficient. If you're running out of inventory spots consider picking this up as a final item.
Liandry's Torment
A good item if the enemies are stacking health.


This item becomes good if the enemy team has large amounts of HP. If you see a bunch of warmogs on the enemy team and you need to cut through it with %hp based damage, this is your go-to item. Unfortunately this item's proc does not apply from , but it does proc off of . This item synergizes well with iceborn gauntlet as the slow from iceborn will increase the damage of the dot. So don't get this item before you get Iceborn, and I don't recommend building it on lich bane builds.
Ruby Sightstone
I don't usually buy this, because fizz really needs items to be useful. But sometimes nobody else will ward and you get pigeon holed into building this.
Rabadon's Deathcap
This item is really not that good unless you have lich bane. If you're building iceborn rather than lich bane, it's really hard to get enough AP to make this thing cost-efficient compared to other AP items.
Guardian Angel
Could work as a defensive item on otherwise glass cannon build, only if you're fed.

Or you could sell your spirit item for this if the game goes to stupidly late game such that everyone is 6 slotted.
Ranger's Trailblazer Enchantment - Warrior
Lizard was good for fizz but this lacks the true damage of lizard and is bad. Its worse than the AP jungle item.
This gets better the more armor you have. This is basically a counteritem to annoying auto attacker melee carries who you can't duel otherwise, especially AD splitpushers like shaco. If you buy this you can probably 1v1 a shaco late game at anything close to gold parity, although be careful--if he's split pushing all game, he probably has way more gold than you do.
Warmog's Armor
Need hp and sustain? Your go-to item.
Sunfire Cape
I usually don't buy this except against teams that have almost no magic damage at all, since i already get so much armor from iceborn/tabi
Randuin's Omen
As a 6th item this is better than sunfire IMO just because it is more slot efficient, but mid-game i'd prefer sunfire.

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Nimble Fighter
QUrchin Strike
WSeastone Trident
RChum the Waters
I prioritize spell for the early levels for a few reasons:

1) It adds the most single target damage. Ranking first increases 's damage by 30 per rank. In comparison, ranking increases 's damage by 10 from the passive, 5 from the active, and whatever 1% of their missing health is. Ranking is almost as good for damage as ranking is. That makes it better because this also increases the damage of your auto attacks.

2) Ranking this skill fist allows you to easily clear the jungle without spending mana. The passive on this does a lot of damage and this is your best jungle clearing skill.

3) Ranking this does not increase the mana cost, unlike ranking your other skills. This is important until you you get sheen which gives you extra mana.

After that, I max mostly for the shorter cooldown juke and aoe damage in teamfights that you can actually use since it will come back up in a few sec if you max it, assuming you don't die first. Although its debatable, I used to prefer urchin strike to stab people more often. I don't think it matters too much what you max 2nd, it's just that you need to max W first to jungle properly.

Obviously you should rank R at every opportunity.


Nimble Fighter
  • Nimble Fighter

This passive is huge for jungling. If the jungle mobs have 30 attack damage on average at level 1, the -4 damage from this reduces the damage you take from the jungle by a full 15%, And as you level up, the damage reduction increases along with the jungle's damage.

This is also great for diving creep waves. The creeps do not do a lot of damage to fizz, espeically late game. Jumping into a big wave of creeps is less of a problem for fizz than for other champions.

It also allows you to avoid collision which makes it easier to dive past creeps and also makes it easier to dodge skillshots or run away due to no pathing issues from minions.
Urchin Strike
  • Urchin Strike

This spell is an interesting dash in that its targeted but can still be used to escape by dashing through the opponent and then some additional distance.

One of the easiest mistakes you can make on fizz is to use this skill when the opponent in a direction which you don't want to go! If you cut off your opponent, blocking off his escape, you shouldn't use this skill until your opponent overtakes you or you'll go backwards! So sometimes you have to save this for when they position themselves in the correct direction by running past you or running sideways. Just auto attack them with W in the meantime.

Once you get iceborn this item is especially good as it both activates the proc and applies it in one move for a very quick and easy sheen effect. This also applies on-hit effects including both the passive and the active from . It applies liandry's proc and rylai's. It does not crit, unfortunately for those who wanted to try crit fizz builds.

You can also use this spell to kite melee enemies. If you use it in melee range you will dash strait through them and out of their range. Then you can run away until this or playful comes off of cooldown, continuing the kite. With this, along with the slow from iceborn, you can effectively kite and defeat stronger melee champions by bleeding them down with and .
Seastone Trident
  • Seastone Trident

The largest overall portion of fizz's damage comes from the passive bleed on this ability.

Most of the damage on this is from the passive, not the active, so once you have iceborn gauntlet, you should save the active on this specifically to proc your iceborn gauntlet's sheen effect. Keep an eye on the iceborn gauntlet in your inventory, it will appear to go on cooldown for a couple of seconds after you open with . Once iceborn is ready, use for an additional slow and sheen proc. You can then use e, slowing them again, then auto for another iceborn slow, and by then Q is probably back off of cooldown.

This is a really cool spell. Fizz is such a fun champ!

This spell is a double gap closer combined with a projectile break and a short invulnerability. Both jumps have the same range, which are shorter than flash. Combined they are longer than flash, individually they are shorter. This can't jump all walls that flash can. However, the double hop makes it extremely useful for positioning yourself to jump a wall. It also does good damage if you use it offensively.

It can also be used for a powerful 2 second slow which helps for ganking and for aoe damage during wining teamfights.

In teamfights you can combo this ability after someone else's AOE CC, for example, a malphite ult, slowing and damaging everything that was hit by the initiation.

Avoid throwing this out aggressively unless you're pretty sure you can secure the fight with it as it is your escape move.

Especially, you should be very hesitatant to throw this out just to close distance to get in range of Q. That's a great way to get baited into a bad fight. Only do that if yo'ure sure your at a large advantage and you know where all enemy champions are.

The animation isn't too fast and they'll often flash or something before you get to them, so a flash Q is often better. Also, this ability is way more useful in a fight than flash.

If you find yourself slowed, use the first hop of this spell to position yourself next to a wall that you can jump over with the 2nd hop. This takes practice but is a consistent way to escape. Jumping a wall with the 2nd hop rather than the first is a often smoother way to escape as it makes it difficult for the opponents to flash after you (they'll have to run closer to the wall to get in flash range).

A key use of this ability is to break key projectiles such as taric stun, nunu iceball, caitlynn ultimate, karthus ultimate, tower shots, or any skillshots heading in your general direction. For the .75 seconds when you are in the air, you become untargetable. Note that for targetted projectile spells, timing the projectile to the .75 seconds is unnecessary, the spell will simply fizzle as soon as you use . For non-targetted spells such as karthus ult or vladimir ult detonation, you need to time this well and not use the second jump.

You should also use this spell to avoid the inevitable AOE barrage that comes at the start of many teamfights.

This spell breaks all projectiles, including turret strikes! You can use this to gank people from behind their turret without taking any damage from the turret itself.

This spell can be used to jump some walls, but not most. When jumping a wall, start as close to the wall as possible and always jump at an angle precisely perpendicular to the wall. It's not as forgiving as flash and it's not like flash is particularly forgiving... So this is very easy to mess up and takes some practice. Before playing fizz in a serious game, I recommend just playing a custom game on summoner's rift and buying craptons of mana pots and taking E at level 1 and then just running around the jungle spamming E to practice jumping walls to get good at it.

Both the first jump and the second jump have the same range.

Here's a map of summoner's rift:
Places where it is possible to jump the wall with fizz's are marked in blue:

Chum the Waters
  • Chum the Waters

This is a nice ult, the range is huge! It has roughly the same range as your sight radius. It's great for ganking and also great for initiating or teamfighting.

This skill reveals stealth for any target that it locks on to, but it doesn't break stealth. So you get 2 seconds of true sight to kill that invisible twitch until the fish comes up.

One key thing to keep in mind is the fact that even if this skill misses, it stays on the ground creating a large zone of control. You should plan around this and aim it in a way that even if they juke it, they're cut off by the fish. So try not to click it inside walls, instead aim it for paths they might want to cross, so in case it misses the fish is still useful for zone controls.

For example, when ganking you can lead the enemy and throw this between the enemy and his preferred escape route (still trying to hit him of course...) If he jukes it, he still has to go around it somehow, wasting his time, time which you can use to catch up to him, so it's not a total loss. If the enemy is inexperienced with fizz they may go to close to the fish and still get hit with the shark when it comes up (the aoe radius on the shark seems to be slightly larger than the circle).

In teamfights, you should try to use this to hit something that is not a tank. This is tricky because it's a line shot and attaches to the first thing it hits. You could also use it to try to burst down any enemy that is out of position.

Mathematical Basis of Item Builds

(NOTE: This chapter is outdated since patch 3.10)

The Basic Spreadsheet:


Ok, Above is a screenshot of the spreadsheet I use for evaluating items on fizz. This has a lot going on under the hood, I'm not going to explain all of the formulas in detail, but I'll give a rough explanation of how it works. If you have any questions about it or find any bugs feel free to leave a comment. You can download the spreadsheet here and tinker with it yourself here:


At the top of the chart you have a list of items and their stats, along with a few summary rows at the bottom:

  • Stat points: This is the total estimated gold value of all stats on the items, not counting passives or actives or obscure stats like spell vamp% which aren't listed in the top grid. Some of these are formulas based on other figures in the spreadsheet. For example, warmog's health regen number is based on your current hp, void staff's magic pen number is based on enemy magic resist (since it's a percentage reduction)
  • Arbitrary points: this is the total estimated gold value of all actives/passives/auras/stats that are not accounted for in the stat points. Some of these are formula's based on the estimated total damage or defenses added by the item.
  • Scaling Bonus: This is a bonus point added above the stat points based on the benefits of having multiplicative stats on the same item. For example, magic penetration scales with itself, magic penetration scales with AP, armor scales with health, etc. This attempts to account for this by giving a point bonus to items with complementary multiplicative stats based on a formula.
  • Total Points/Gold: This is an estimate of the cost efficiency of the item based on all of the above. It takes the total points from the 3 points rows and adds them together and divides them by gold cost. It is also color coded, items in blue are more cost-efficient than items in white, and items in red are generally bad.

As a change from previous spreadsheets, the estimated value of most stats is now calculated from user inputted information about damage rotations, current health pools, etc:

The spreadsheet uses formula's to compare the gold values of various stats based on how much they increase your defense or offense on a percentage basis compared to your current stats. For example, if you currently have 2000 health and zero health regen, and your opponents do not do %health damage, each point of health increases your defenses 1/2000 or .05%. Health is defined in the spreadsheet at a set value (2.5g by default) and all other stats are compared to it. Using the % increase of defenses that are gained by increasing health by one point yields a "Gold Factor" which is the estimated value of one gold. So in this example, take .05% and divide by 2.5 to get the gold factor, which is .02% in this example.

Therefore: in this example, a .02% increase in total defenses, whether it comes from health, armor or magic resist, is defined as worth 1g. Note that as you increase your total defenses, the gold factor will decrease as the more defense you have, the more gold it takes to increase your defenses by the same relative %. This will generally decrease the value of defensive items and increase the value of offensive items as calculated by the spreadsheet.

The Assassin Factor and Offensive Stat comparison

The "Assassin Factor" is an arbitrary number which is used to compare defensive stats to offensive stats. It's a measure of how much more you value offensive stats than defensive stats. For example, if you have an assassin factor of 1.7, that means that you value a 1% increase in your offensive power the same as you would value a 1.7% increase in your defenses.

This is probably the biggest question mark in any itemization evaluation, and you can enter whatever you want for it. The default is 1.7. Since fizz is an assassin and already has a good defensive move with playful/trickster I think that offensive stats are generally better on him, but defense is hardly useless. A factor of 1.7 seems like a good compromise. You might disagree with that number so feel free to set it to whatever you want. You can also tinker with it depending on whether you plan to build bruiser or assassin this game. On a bruiser, a value of 1.0 to 1.5 is probably what you'd want. A hardcore assassin fizz may prefer a factor of 2 to 2.5.

This factor is used to compare offensive stats to the gold factor, which is derived from the value of health. For example, if your assassin factor is 2, and we're using the above 2000 hp example, then a .01% increase in your offenses is worth 1g. (as you recall, a .02% increase in your defenses is also worth 1g in this example).

The model input

At the left you have the "Model Stats". These are your current stats before you buy any items. These are used to calculate the value of item stats based on what you need and what helps you.

The "Your Phys Damage" and "Your Magic Damage" are based on a model of fizz's damage that I use, which consists of 3 casts of , 3 auto attacks times your attack speed bonus, 13 seconds of passive, 75% uptime on active, one damaging use of , and one damaging use of . You can adjust this model to your liking, adjust the number of points you put in each skill, adjust your level, and all of the other numbers in the spreadsheet will automatically update to reflect your preferences. There is also a section for %magic damage which comes from the bleed on Fizz's W and the damage added is based on the inputted value for enemy health.

The "AP Ratio" figure is the full ap ratio from this combo, including spellsword. The AD ratio is the full ad ratio from the model.

We also have your current AP, ad, armor pen and mpen values, which in this version of the spreadsheet come from runes/masteries. As we get more items and build more damage, we can add additional stats to the "Bonus" column, which is added together with the base value column to get the total amount of that stat.

Next to this are statistics for the enemy champ who we're trying to kill, including HP, armor and Magic resist. There are also four columns which attempt to estimate what % of the enemies damage is magic, physical, true or % health. These are used to calculate the relative values of HP, armor and MR in relation to eachother.

All of these numbers are crunched together to get a model of fizz's total damage from an arbitrary number of attacks of each type, which can then be compared to any increase in damage on a percentage basis. The percentage is then compared the gold factor after being multiplied by the assassin factor to determine the gold value of offensive stats.

Note: that any value in white background in a black box is somewhat arbitrary and feel free to adjust these values as you see fit. The rest of the spreadsheet will automatically update. The values with gray backgrounds are calculated fields where the estimated stat is calculated from elsewhere.

Also note: if you adjust the value of hp, the value of almost everything else in the spreadsheet will change, since most things in the spreadsheet are valued by comparing them to hp. The only exceptions are the totally arbitrary bonuses (listed at the bottom) and arbitrary stats such as tenacity, mana, cooldown reduction, etc. If you feel the total value of everything in the spreadsheet is inflated due to your preferences, you could reduce the value of health, thus keeping your calculated stat valuations roughly in line with the arbitrary stat valuations. (for example, if you set the enemy %hp damage percentage to something absurd like 99%, the value of all calculated stats will skyrocket as health becomes useless. So in this case it may be a good idea to reset the value of health to something proportionally low)

The other arbitrary values are mostly listed at the bottom of the spreadsheet. These included arbitrary valuations of things such as the slow on iceborn gauntlet (which I personally value at 1100g, if you disagree adjust that value to whatever you want).

With that in mind, let's take a look at the items on the spreadsheet:

Here's the default version of the spreadsheet, which assumes a level 13 fizz with no items, attacking an opponent with 2000 hp, 120 armor, 80 magic resist, and with an "Assassin Factor" of 1.7 (that is, how much you value offense over defense).


Since this version of the spreadsheet uses a no-item fizz as a basis, Numbers in blue in this screencap represent good first buys. I've also sorted the items in the spreadsheet based on this, so items to the left are generally better than items to the right. (although items to the right might have better situational or late game uses).

Let's look through the list of items from left to right:

1) Spirit of the Ancient Golem: 1.576 Since they reduced the price of this, this is now just barely the most gold efficient item in the spreadsheet. Note that I put the price of it at 1790g, not it's actual cost of 2000g. That's because it builds out of spirit stone which you buy anyway for jungle sustain, so you can either sell your spirit stone for 490g late game to buy something else, or upgrade it to this. For all practical purposes, to a jungler this costs 1790g not 2000.

2) Iceborn Gauntlet. 1.564 This item is very costs efficient, although it can become situationally worse than lich bane if you don't value the armor or the slow as high as the default spreadsheet. It also scales worse than lich bane with AP items so if you get really fed such that if you can afford a lot of AP this game, you should consider getting lich bane regardless.

3) Sheen. 1.476 The spreadsheet rates this slightly worse than ancient golem but I buy it first anyway because I like the early game damage/mana. Makes for better jungling and ganking. I don't need to be tanky with tenacity until the teamfights start.

4) Locket. 1.39 The next best tank item after ancient golem. I don't buy this as much on fizz as ancient golem is better in most situations IMO.

5) Lich Bane. 1.378 Very solid item, but you have to pick between this and iceborn. It scales better than iceborn, If you have about 180 or so AP not counting lich bane itself, the spreadsheet starts to like this item better than iceborn. So this is a core item for lane fizz, but jungle fizz has less gold to work with and most games I prefer to run the iceborn build for more utility. This is a good buy vs magic based teams where you don't want the armor on iceborn.

6) DFG: 1.36 The most cost-efficient pure damage item besides lich bane. Large rod is a pain to build though.

7) Banshee's: 1.29 The bubble on this thing shouldn't be underestimated in value vs certain team comps. If one teemo shroom does 700 damage to you, and hp is worth 2.5g per point, you just saved yourself 1750g worth of hp right there, plus you don't get slowed. In my spreadsheet, I only value the bubble at 1300g but vs certain team comps its worth more or less. This is also the most cost efficient magic resist item on the list, magic resist items tend to be bad in general.

8) Elder Lizard: 1.28 Lackluster since its nerf. Since this item doesn't scale with AP items, the only thing it had going for it was being stupidly cost efficient as a sole damage item. As of now it's rarely a good idea as the ap items both scale better and are comparable to start with.

9) Abyssal Scepter: 1.27 . The best of the Magic resist + damage items. Magic resist is an expensive stat. If you crank the enemy magic damage proportion up to 75% or more, this item becomes more cost efficient than iceborn as a first buy. So this is a core item vs heavy magic teams. This also has strong synergy with lich bane as the mpen and ap will scale with the lich bane proc better than the physical damage level-scaling iceborn proc. So this is a core early item vs heavy magic teams, you could also pick it up late game on any build to fill out your defenses and add more damage.

10) Rylai's: 1.256 . This item has a cool slow but iceborn has a better slow and is more cost efficient overall. You can buy this for the slow if you bought lich bane instead of iceborn, although if you're running lich bane, why not just keep building damage?

11) Spirit of the Spectral Wraith: 1.227 Ok, this item is not that good on fizz. Yeah, it has ap on it, but spell vamp is a bad stat for fizz. Spell vamp doesn't work with his passive or active W, doesn't work with the physical damage portion of his Q, works at reduced effect with his AOE that is his R and E which you don't normally use for wave clear so this won't give you much sustain. This also doesn't work with sheen procs. The only thing you're getting significant health back from is smite. You're not elise or something where you can just waveclear with your spider and spam Q in both forms to suck up loads of health.

I guess you could buy this if you're running a hardcore glass cannon AP build, but in that case you should probably just sell the spirit stone and buy a bigger AP item.

12) Liandry's: 1.225 The spreadsheet damage math on this assumes you have a near permaslow so don't buy this unless you bought iceborn or rylai's. This is a good buy late game vs hp stackers. The default spreadsheet assumes 2000 enemy max hp, if they have a lot more than that liandry's becomes a solid buy as it does % current hp damage.

13) Rod of Ages: 1.216 The most cost-efficient of the items that there is no reason to ever buy. This item isn't terrible but it's just outclassed and doesn't have any situational uses. The mana on it its redundant with the mana on either iceborn or lich bane. You'd want it early if at all to take advantage of the stat growth but there are much better early game choices.

14) Zhonya's Hourglass: 1.207 Very expensive and has an interesting stasis. Not a bad idea as a last item if you need something expensive with late game teamfight utility to top off your build.

15) Trinity Force: 1.206 It's a sheen item so of course its cost-efficiency is not terrible, but both Lich Bane and Iceborn are much better than this in all situations. No reason to ever get this.

16) Nashor's: 1.19 Good for split pushing, I guess? But I hate attack speed items that don't have tank stats. If you want to build glass you need to build for burst not sustained damage. So I don't see the point of this item.

17) Void: 1.177 This is really bad as a first buy but late game when the opponents have 100+ magic resist on average, it becomes quite solid. It also scales well with AP items like lich bane or liandry's, if you built those.

18) Aegis: 1.1365 The go-to support tank item. Do you really want to play support-tank fizz? This is not very cost-efficient on an assassin.

19) Wit's End: 1.12 This item got reworked and i have done the math and it's still bad for fizz. The spreadsheet assumes that the mresist steal is worth 15 magic resist/magic pen on average. This builds out of recurve bow so there's no reason to ever buy it as if you're back in base with 2000g you need to strait up upgrade this from null mantle, you should really buy something better than this.

20) Deathcap: 1.12 I want to emphasize how terrible this item is as a first buy. Never rush this. The only reason to buy this is if you already have a lich bane; if you do this starts to become very cost-efficient. If you don't build lich bane, don't build this either.

21) Runic Bulwark: 1.10 If you bought aegis for some reason you could upgrade it to this.

22) Randuin's Omen: 1.10 I don't see the point of this most games, if you needed armor you should have built iceborn and how much armor do you really need? I guess you could sell something like golem for it late game vs heavy physical teams if you're at 6 items and still have gold.

23) Blade of the Ruined King: 1.10

The best of the AD Carry items besides triforce, but still bad. Fizz's Q applies on-hit effects including the passive on this, and the active is nice. That being said, Fizz really shouldn't build AD.

24) Haunting Guise: 1.08

I added this to the spreadsheet because on a lot of champs that value mpen heavily, guise is a good item to rush. Fizz does a lot of physical damage though, especially early game, so this is not as good as him as it would be on a pure caster, and really isn't more cost-efficient than the typical mid-tier or basic tier item.

25) Twin Shadows: 1.07

This is the least gold-efficient item on the spreadsheet that I actually sometimes buy. It's too expensive for what it does but sometimes the wraiths are useful. Depends how you value them. If you think the wraith active is worth 800g or so, this item becomes strong, but I only valued it at 400g in the spreadsheet. The 2 min cooldown on this thing is too long IMO so i don't normally get this. It's still situational though as it has magic resist and a good build path (builds out of kage's).

Jungle Path, level 1-3

  • In season 5, you want to gank at ether level 2 or level 3. Try to be unpredictable but also keep in mind the power spikes of the champions and laners.

The new jungle is interesting in that it makes level 2 ganks are far more viable and often preferred. This is mostly due to the changes to blue buff.

Level 2 ganks where you start red leave your blue buff especially open for stealing, since you'll be on the opposite side of the map with no blue, announcing to the enemy jungler that your blue is available for easy taking. In previous jungles this was a problem but in the current jungle, who cares. It gives the same exp as every other camp and its buff is less useful than krugs' buff for early clearing. So really, they can have your blue if they want it that bad.

So level 2 ganks are a great option... The nice thing about level 2 ganks is that the enemy laner will still be level 1, so if they have some key escape ability that they don't get before level 2 or 3, ganking them at 2 is a great idea.
Examples: vladimir probably won't have pool at level 1. Ezreal probably won't have arcane shift. Jarvan will certainly not have flag toss spear combo to escape. Wukong will not probably not have stealth yet.

Level 2 ganks is pretty simple, you sneak into river and walk up behind them and then stab them with red buff. If they flash, use E to close the distance and slow them. Easy, really. I don't recommend taking Q at level 2, since you need the damage that seastone trident provides if you actually want to kill them.

also keep in mind the skills of your laners or how the early matchup goes. If the enemy champion is someone annoying who is going to try to zone from level 1, they'll probably be really overextended.

For level 2 ganks, It's typical to gank the side lane near red buff (either bot or top depending on map side) after doing red, but if you feel you don't need red to get the kill you can start somewhere else and gank a different lane. Killing red buff and then invading immediately wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Level 3 ganks

These still work fine. Krugs --> raptors --> red is the safest and highest hp version, but any 3 camps will get you to level 3. Before doing a camp, if your smite is close to being off cooldown, wait until it's ~14 seconds from being off cooldown before starting thee camp. It should come up just in time.

When killing raptors (wraiths), kill the small raptors first. They hurt.

Early Game (Jungle Strategy and Ganking (levels 3-8))

  • Key point: Keep track of enemy wards

At this stage in the game and even earlier, you need to pay special close attention to any wards the opponents buy. Every so often open the tab screen and look to see who on the enemy team bought wards. Pay attention to the lanes while jungling and see if you can spot them place their wards or see if they haven't gone back in a while. Pay particular attention to lanes you might want to gank at some point. -- when planning to gank a lane, it might be a good idea to trinket ward that lane, just to see where they put their own wards.

Knowing the location of the enemy wards is key to ganking for several reasons:

1) If you know when a ward was placed, you know when it expires, and then you can come back just after it expires (3 min later) and gank the lane no problem.

2) If you know where a ward was placed, you can often go around it. Wards outside of the tribrush can be avoided by going through the tribrush, possibly by jumping over the dragon or baron wall with . Wards in the tribrush can be avoided by just going through river and hugging the wall. So unless the lane is warded twice, you can still gank it as long as you know where the ward was placed if they are sufficiently overextended.

3) If you suspect a lane is carpeted in wards, you can drop a pink ward to clear it out, or just try a lane gank.

Ask your team to ping any wards the opponents place that they can see, and keep a mental note of their locations. You could also keep a timer of them, and try to head back to the lane just as they expire. You can often catch them in the river as they try to reward, and if they don't reward, just kill them with a normal river gank.

Types of Ganks:

  • The Standard River Gank (top/bot/mid)

This is your everday casual bread and butter gank. If you suspect the river isn't warded and they are overextended, just come through the river (the middle of the lane) and kill them. Nothing complicated.

Keep in mind that this is the most obvious type of gank so you're open for countergankers. It's somewhat dangerous to gank losing lanes with this method as you could chase the enemy too far resulting in a successful countergank from the enemy jungler. If you feel you can win a 3v3 though this isn't too dangerous. Avoid using unnecessarily during this type of gank or else the other jungler might jump out of a bush and kill you. Better to open with unless you saw the other jungler recently and know he's somewhere else. You can save for chasing them down once you're sure you need it to secure a kill, or for leaving if you can't secure a kill.

  • Jump dragon wall to tribrush gank (top when blue, bot when purple)

Jump the dragon wall and then head to the tribrush from behind. This is the ideal gank when the river is warded and so are enemy wraiths but the dragon/baron is not warded and neither is the tribrush. When you do this, you may want to wait a few seconds before going in for your E to come off of cooldown.


  • Tower Juking side-lane Gank (top when purple, bot when blue)

This makes use of the projectile breaking capabilities of fizz's . If you wait for the tower shot to almost hit you, then hit , you take no damage from the tower when coming from behind the lane.

After using this type of gank, resist the urge to immediately the opponent, as that will ruin your positioning. Instead, hit them with or just auto attacks empowered by as you wait for them to try to move around you and back towards their tower. You can then hit them with as a finishing move when you think they're close to being dead, but watch out for that tower you just passed.

  • The fish over wall lane gank (top when blue, bot when purple)

This is my favorite type of gank because it works so well with fizz. Fizz Ult is such a long range and if you're behind the wall they can't see the projectile coming, especially if they hug the wall. If your ally is constantly pushed against their tower, this is the best way to gank, and the route you come from is unlikely to be warded, unlike the river.

You hang out behind the wall and throw a fish. It's usually pretty easy to land if they're in range as they can't see it coming. You after you catch them with fish, you can then jump the wall with flash (sorry, fizz isn't good enough to jump this wall) or just run around the wall. Fizz's slows them for a very long time followed by a knockup, so it's quite good for keeping them relatively still as you get to them. If time is of the essence, you'll have to flash the wall. This is a relatively safe way of ganking losing lanes as you're so close to your tower:


  • The Tower Dive

Ok, this gank is also fairly straitforward and it's the riskiest of them all, I recommend never doing this unless you 100% know where the enemies all are because the other jungler could come in and completely ruin your day. This also works much better if you get your mid laner or top laner to roam come help you dive.

anyway it's pretty simple: your laner pushes the lane hard against the tower, then you come up behind the tower and dive in with W->Q. Then throw a out and after maybe tanking the turret a bit, you juke the last tower shot with and then get the hell out and let your team clean up. When tower diving, you should go in first, as you have a solid escape with E which you can use to leave once you get too low.

For riskier dives you can open with from across a wall and if it misses you abort mission. But if it lands it should be much safer for everyone to go in and dive for the kill.

  • Gamble your Fish Ganks

Fizz is similar to ashe arrow although it's not global it has very long range, you can toss it out from a bush or from behind a wall and if it lands you can score ganks that would be impossible otherwise.

If you're hiding in a bush and the enemy is in range of but otherwise ungankable, you may as well toss out to see if it hits.

The best place to throw this is along or through a wall that blocks vision. This way they can't see it coming until it's too close. For Mid lane here's a good spot to throw it from:


for bot ganks when blue side or top ganks when purple, another good wall to throw the fish accross is the thick one between the tribrush and the lane. Throwing the fish through a wall is is a great stategy because they won't have vision of the fish until it fully crosses the wall, giving them much less time to dodge.

  • The standard lane gank (top, bot, mid)

another standard gank, only really works if you have boots of mobility or your laners have tons of cc, or you're willing to bust flash and then try to skillshot your ult. But if your team has someone like taric or thresh bot and the lane has wards, this may be the only way to gank bot.

Just run into the lane and let your allies start a fight just before you get into sight range, then run as fast as you can at the enemies, you may have to bust , and/or flash to catch them. Fizz has a lot of ways to close the gap. It depends how much cc your allies have and what gap closers the enemy has as to whether this is viable or not.

You can also try to sneak into the bushes if they aren't warded and jump out when the lane pushes back. If you can get into a bush that isn't warded, you can often skillshot them with when they're least expecting it.

Note: the closer they are to their tower the better idea it is just to open with . You want lock them down and CC them before they get into tower range, which means you don't have time to dash to them even if you're close enough to do it.

Try to aim your such that even if it misses it blocks their preferred path so even if they don't get cc'd directly they'll have lose a lot of time avoiding the ground where the fish is.

Understanding Sight Range for Lane Ganks:

It's difficult to demonstrate the sight range in a lane where there's so much going on, so let's do it behind a lane.


This screenshot of fizz behind bot lane is a good intuitive explanation of how far everything can see. The sight range for minions and champions is the same. This is one of the caster minions in a 6 pack, the only one that can see fizz. This is approximately the maximum range possible where minions can still see you from, any further and you would be invisible.

Go to "More Options" and de-select "Line Missile Display" Now, when you mouse over or activate the non-smart cast version of fizz's ultimate, it will give you a cast radius which is slightly smaller than the sight radius of fizz. You can use this as a good guidepost for how far things can see you from. If there is a minion or champion within about 1 teemo from the outside edge of the blue circle, you're visible. If not, you're clear.

It's important to know the sight range of enemies for lane ganks, you want to get as close as possible to them without being seen while you wait for a fight to start or try to sneak into a bush.


  • Try to get your buff mobs dead about when they spawn.

You can keep tabs on them with timers if you want. But don't leave these alive for very long or it'll put a dent in your XP and they may get stolen If your mid lane is not feeding and is nearby when blue spawns you could give your blue to them.

  • Buy wards if your laners don't.

Ok, On jungle fizz sometimes i buy lots of wards all game, sometimes I buy none. It really depends on how much your laners are warding. Whenever you're in base, take a look at the mini map and examine whether your team has good ward coverage. Are all entrances to the river from the enemy jungle warded? Do all three lanes have good lane coverage? If not, you should probably pick up a ward and use it to fill any gaps in your ward coverage.

Warding is really a team effort, some laners buy wards, some don't. if the laner doesn't have a ward for whatever reason you really ought to buy one and donate it to them so they don't feed. Also, wards make it much easier for you to countergank as you can see the enemy jungler coming for good baits. So you can just farm your jungle waiting for him to appear somewhere then go where he does.

  • Farm your jungle on the way to gank lanes.

Usually when you gank is not too important, occasionally you're in a hurry but not usually. If you have a smaller camp like wolves still alive and you're about to head top, you may as well kill wolves first if it's not urgent. Killing small camps is just as opportunistic as ganking, do it when you happen to be in the area for whatever reason.

  • Farm your jungle hard when you're just short of an item.

If you're 50 to 300 gold short of an important item such as boots of mobility, sheen, iceborn, etc, just start farming your jungle in the wolves --> wraiths --> doubles --> wolves pattern until you get enough gold. Then you can recall, med up, and buy your item and be stronger for your next gank.

  • If your team is winning, focus on farming, counterganking and objectives, rather than attempting risky ganks.

if you've gotten a few good early ganks you may have an early lead, you could continue attempting to gank but it may be more difficult as the enemies are probably scared and tower hugging now. Also, ganks are inherently risky as you could get counterganked or the other jungler may perform a successful gank somewhere else after you reveal yourself on the m ap.

If you already have a lead there's no reason to play dangerous, so it may be better to farm the jungle, while warding up the entire river and being ready to countergank the enemy jungler. You should also start to focus on objectives such as dragon, which should be easy to secure if your team has a lead.

  • Otherwise, prioritize ganking over farming.

If I'm not close to an item and there is no nearby camp to kill, and my team hasn't pulled into a lead, I generally prefer to gank a lot or maybe even camp a lane and ignore farming. If there is nothing to gank, you can look for a countergank. Try to look at your lanes the way the enemy jungler would, and see which ones you would try to gank if you were him, and go to that lane and sit back and wait to ruin his day.

Fizz is pretty damn versitile in how he ganks anyway, there's almost always something that can be ganked somehow if you know where their wards are. Also, If your team has good ward coverage overall, and it should if you're buying wards, you can often set up a strong countergank.

  • Recall in bushes that don't have wards to trick the opponents into thinking you're camping the lane.

One of the important psychological factors of being a jungler is keeping the enemy scared and on their toes. After you fail to kill the enemy in a gank, you could go to a nearby unwarded bush and recall. If they facecheck the bush before you finish recalling, hit them with WQ and some autos then back up into the bush and then recall again, but otherwise recall as normal. Be careful interrupting your recall to attack them more than once, as they may bait you into a countergank if the enemy jungler is strong, and they probably wouldn't facecheck the same bush twice unless they were getting help.

They may play safer because they don't know if your'e camping the lane or not. You could cost them a lot of farm even if you're not there anymore and potentially cause them to recall. You can also waste the enemy junglers time as he comes to help his teammate and try to countergank you, but you'll probably have recalled by the time he gets there and if not, you are fizz, you have a pretty good escape move.

Note that this doesn't work if they have a good bush check, obviously.

  • Gank top often

Top is the snowballiest lane, it's also longer than mid, it's generally easy to lane gank and it's unlikely to have more than one ward. If they ward the river, come through tribush. If they ward the tribush, come through river. It's easy to gank top, just watch out for the enemy jungler.

  • Play safe when you have doublebuff

You don't want to give this up to an enemy. Try to play careful if you have it.

  • Gank lanes that are overextended (obvious, but with some disclaimers)

if the enemies are overextended but they're not too strong, you can come through river and gank them. But this doesn't work if they're fed because they will kill you and/or you will get counterganked and the lane is possibly warded. You need to have a good idea of where the enemy wards are before attempting a standard river gank, you can learn this by monitoring the tab window constantly and seeing who bought wards.

Obviously you should be checking the map to see which lanes are gankable and which not. Keep special attention to the minion counts on each side, the side with the most minions will usually start to push. If your minions outnumber theirs, it may be a waste of time to go run towards the lane, as by the time you get there it will be pushed. If their minions outnumber yours, you could plan to be there soon.

  • Don't open with solely to close distance unless absolutely necessary and unless you are fairly confident you can secure a kill.

One use of is simply to get in range of . I recommend not regularly using it for this purpose and instead saving it. It's often better to wait for the enemy to be more ovextended so that you can just then without wasting E first. Alternatively, you could throw out and see if it lands, or you could open with -> if you think you will need flash to succeed at this gank. Using flash early and saving E will allow you more flexibility to chase down your opponent as you'll have access to better, longer, damaging 2nd gap closer with a slow component.

Keep in mind that that is Fizz's escape move, so if you throw it out at the start of the gank, you leave yourself strongly vulnerable to being counterganked.

E is also really good for the slow, sometimes you need that slow to chase them down.

Since using E solely for distance reduces your options so much, I recommend only doing that when the opponent is very low health and you can kill them quickly, preferably with one Q. Don't harass enemy laners with the double-hop into Q combo when you don't know where the enemy jungler is, that's just asking to get counterganked.

  • When to use for the slow as an opener:

Fizz's hop is so versitile you'll have a hard time deciding how to use it. I don't always open with it for the slow but often it's a good idea:

1) If your laner is too far back to catch them without your slow.

2) If you can juke one of their spells in the process. For example, if taric throws a dazzle at you or you think he's about too, might as well juke it with while slowing them at the same time. Vs with a gold card opening with for the slow is probably your best bet.

3) If they're pretty close to their tower but not under it yet, you'll want to slow them as fast as possible.

4) If you're for some reason directly behind them and they have some kind of jump-to-you gap closer (talon, irelia, etc), you should pop while you're still just out of range of them, making you untargetable to their gap closer. You don't want them to jump to you to gain distance so you pop this mostly for the untargetability. If they run strait at you you can probably hit them with the slow. If not you've cut off their escape at least, which has the same practical effect of helping your laner to catch up to them.

5) To check bushes that you're sure they're in. Sometimes enemies will run into a bush when they see you coming making them untargetable. They'll often have some kind of CC they're planning to use on you when you follow them into the bush. You can just E into the bush making you untargetable and then they will get slowed when you fall down. That usually works better than facechecking the bush and getting hit with whatever stun they have as they run into the other bush before you can use Q.

But in many cases I just open with , or if you're behind them you may be able to catch them by just walking up to them and auto attacking. The slow on is not really necessary for many ganks esp if you have red buff, so you can just save the ability to chase them down in case they flash or something, or save it in case the enemy jungler comes to kill you. Some ganks you don't even need to use E at all, it's not like fizz would be a bad ganker if he only had Q and red buff, especially if the laner has some CC. So for ganks you're pretty confident about you can just save E for flash or save it in case something unexpected happens.

Mid Game (levels 9-12)

This is pretty similar to the early game. For junglers there's not a lot of difference between early and mid game strategy.

One key difference is dragon control becomes more important. try to keep a timer on dragon and hover around nearby when it spawns. You could buy a pink ward to clear out enemy wards from the dragon area. If you see the enemy bot lane back or the enemy jungler near top, or feel that you outnumber them near dragon, you should probably start the dragon and try to kill it with your team. Don't try to 1v1 dragon until late game as fizz.

The main difference between early game and mid game is the laners start roaming a lot more, so you won't be the only roamer on your team anymore.

If the mid laner on your team goes to roam, you have to decide whether to take over their lane and guard it/push it, or whether to follow them in their roam and make it a two-man gank. Generally I just do whatever is closest. If I'm at the top part of the jungle and the mid laners roam bot, I'll just push mid. I'm probably not going to get to bot in time anyway so I might as well put pressure somewhere else on the map by pushing a lane. If I'm at the bot part of the jungle I'll usually help with the gank.

If you decide to push mid rather than helping your team, make sure you communicate this with them so they don't get caught up in a bad 3v4.

It also depends on how many creeps there are in the lane: If there's a huge wave of creeps and the laner isn't even there, you should really farm them all as fast as you can unless you're 100% needed immediateley somewhere else.


Counterganking is always important even in the early game, but moreso in the mid game where people tend to tower dive more and chase further. If you see a gank or a fight break out somewhere you should really go get involved and help out your team. If you have nothing better to do you could hover around near a lane or near dragon and be ready to defend it: this is especially true of a lot of enemies are MIA.

Full tank or build AP? Depends on teamcomps

I recommend not going full AP for jungle fizz, you won't have any armor/sustain to keep you high hp when clearing, and you won't have enough gold to make it work.

So the question is whether to build damage items like Magus enchantment or DFG after building iceborn, or just keep building tank.

First thing, check the enemy team. Do you see any of the below champs?

These three champions counter assassin fizz with their long duration instant non-projectile CC's that can't be easily avoided with . If you try to build assassin vs a team with these, you will die. You need to build juggernaut enchantment to reduce the duration of their CC, and/or banshee's to avoid the CC.

If you see any of these champions on the enemy team, or especially more than one, full tank might be a good idea:

generally, the more CC they have the more likely you would be to want to build tankier. Just a little cc can usually be juked with , but if they have too much you're going to have trouble not getting locked down and killed. Kayle also gets put into this category because of how annoying her ult is. If a target is immune to your damage, your damage becomes useless and you just need to survive for kayle's ult to expire.

Your own team comp is also important:

You always want a good mix of front line and back line champs. If you have enough damage already on your team but lack front line and initiation, you could build fizz as a tanky initiator.

The interesting thing about tanking in league as a bruiser is how it's a catch 22 whether they attack the bruiser or not: If they attack the bruiser, and the want him to actually die, they're going to have to use some key cooldowns. Once they've busted their cooldowns on the bruiser, that talon or whoever is going to come out of the bush and eat their face. If they don't attack the bruiser with spells, the bruiser is going to eat their face. Many champs, particularly non-mobile burst mages, can't really do anything about this problem. They can blow their spells on the bruiser and get him to half hp instantly, stun the bruiser and kite him a bit by using gap closers to escape, but then die to the assassin who has superior mobility. Or they can ignore the bruiser and die to the bruiser, and the assassin who they could one shot with their full combo never shows his face. So that's why a good team needs both damage dealers and bruisers or tanks, the bruisers go in first and force out the important cooldowns, then the carries come in and clean up. Or in the case of tanks, they can keep the enemy cc'd long enough for the carries to do their damage.

Late Game

Late Game, Fizz can either split push or he can teamfight.

Split Pushing

Split pushing is sometimes a good idea, but it's very situational. If you like split pushing you should run some kind of damage build and not my bruiser build, my bruiser build doesn't really push fast enough. You should also max E ASAP for wave clear.

I recommend not split pushing if the enemy team has a fed Kassadin, Ahri, or akali, because they will chase you down and kill you. Master yi can also probably chase you down and kill you especially if he uses ghost. An ezreal with red buff or iceborn can probably catch you if he can land a slow, but not otherwise. There may be somebody else who can catch you who i'm not thinking of. But as long as the jungle near where you're split pushing is warded well and you have boots of mobility and don't get surrounded, you shouldn't be in too much danger. Just don't split push without good ward coverage, that's just asking to get surrounded.

Basically what you're trying to do with split pushing is force them to send someone to stop you who is more useful in a teamfight than you are. That way you can relieve pressure on the map indirectly by threatening their turrets.

You should also split push if there is a messy teamfight somewhere but you are not close enough to help. while they're busy killing eachother you can take a turret or two.

I recommend not split pushing at low ELO because people tend to start fights without looking at the map first and your team might get caught in some bad 4v5s.


Fizz is also pretty good at initiation. It works the same as ganking, really. You catch the enemy with your fish and force them to fight you. Like for ganking, you often want to toss the fish over a wall or from where they can't see you so it's harder to juke.

Note: just because you can intiiate doesn't mean you should. Only do it if your team seeems to be at an advantage (for example, if you know its a 4v5 or you think you can quickly kill one of their squishier champions. )

Waiting patiently for a fight to start while following your team.

This style of play is somewhat infuriating to someone like me who mostly plays tanks, but if you're playing assassin fizz its often the best strategy, you just sit around with your team waiting for the opponents to make a mistake and attack, then you pounce on them. Fizz does some good burst damage with his Q and R and it's really easy to combo someone if you wait for them to make the first move.

Try to position yourself near key objectives like towers or baron

You don't want to be in the middle of nowhere before a big fight starts. If baron is up try to be nearby. If you must back do it when the opponents are not near baron and pickup homeguard.

You should also be pushing lanes constantly if you have nothing better to do (but not bot lane when baron is up). You might be able to take a tower if the enemies are out of position or at least you can force them to defend the tower.


First Rule: attack any non-tank who dives your ADC

The first rule of teamfighting, is that if some enemy dives your ADC and they are not a strait up tank like maokai, alistar or amumu, you need to kill them. Enemy assassins who are in the thick of the fight are always kill priority #1.

Note the exception to the first rule of teamfighting: if your ADC is clearly dead, dead, dead as a doornail, caught in the smoking pile of rubble of the entire enemy team before anyone can do anything about it, in this case before you valiantly charge in to die with them you should consider the possibility that you might still be able to defend your inhibitor turrets 4v5 but not 0v5 so instead of reinitiating it may be a good idea to fall back and take your losses.

Second Rule: watch out for the AOE ults!

If someone on the enemy team like amumu, malphite or sona has their ult ready, you should try to position yourself such that it is impossible for them to aoe you AND anyone else on your team. Even if this means putting yourself a little bit out of position, fizz is pretty mobile and he can position himself well with E, so if you have to be spread out it's better for someone like fizz to be the one on the team to take the more dangerous positions in the spread-out-ness.

The easiest way to lose a teamfight is to have your entire team get caught by a big aoe stun such as a sona ult or an amumu ult.

If you think amumu is about to ult you you can bust your e for the invulnerability or just to reposition yourself, but it's tricky to time. Think to yourself "If I were Amumu, would I press R now?". If the answer is "Yes", press E and go somewhere else.

Teamfighting as an Assassin:

Fighting as an assassin is all about watching the enemy cooldowns and positioning like a hawk and waiting for the perfect time to strike.

So, think to yourself: Does that annie have her stun up? if yes, stay the hell away from her and wait for her to bust the stun on one of your tanks or bruisers. If no, you can probably kill her with help from your team.

Also think: Does that Akali have any energy? If yes, well, maybe you should play it safe. If no, then that's the perfect time to strike! Make sure you brought a pink ward.

Wait for the key skills to go flying before jumping in. If you go into a dangerous position, try to do it at a time that coincides with when the other carries on your team go in, so that there are multiple threats for the enemy to focus down and not just you, and again, don't do this until the aoe has already went flying.

If the enemy team is not an aoe comp, you should attack low hanging fruit on the enemy team, such as anything that is melee and is already attacking someone on your team: you should probably try to kill them if you have nothing better to do. Even if it's just a tank, if the rest of the enemy team hasn't committed to the fight yet, there's no reason not to attack the tank with W at least until the rest of the enemy team commits. The exception is of course, aoe comps, as already mentioned. If the enemy tank is amumu you should stay away from him until he ults. (I usually build bruiser vs amumu, anyway)

Focus fire is extremely important, if you see a mage or ADC or any other high damage champ on your team commit to trying to kill something on the enemy team, you should follow up and add your damage to theirs. If you can kill them before they can do anything it doesn't matter how much damage they can do to you, so you have to have a good idea of the damage you can do so you know when you can burst them to death before they can retaliate.

VS non-aoe comps, or after the aoe has already gone flying, if you go in at the same time as the rest of your team, you're less likely to get focus fired and if you do then you can try to juke with and at least the other carry has free damage.

Fizz can be more aggressive than most assassins if he is willing to blow his cooldown immediately after engaging. If you see a squishy target out of position but still near their team, you can hit them with and then immediately backwards to safety. This will soften them up and also slow them if you built iceborn, making it easy for your team to follow up for a kill if possible.

One thing to think about with the full AP build is who the primary target of the opponents will be. If the tanks on both teams are all dead and the ad carries are about ready to duke it out with eachother, you should just jump in and pretend you're a tank even with the assassin build, because you're still lower a lower priority kill than the AD carry is, late game at least. You can also tank a little even on the glass build by juking whatever they throw at you with .

So, anyway, your role as an assassin is to go in and kill everything, but patience is key: you can't just go in rambo style and expect to live. You need to keep good positioning and let the tanky champs on your team soak the damage and cooldowns, let the aoe go flying and then charge in when it's safer or when the enemy is low enough hp from the bruiser or tanks damage for you the two of you burst them down before they can react.

Teamfighting as a bruiser

This is mostly the same as above but one key difference is positioning. You should generally position yourself between the squishier champions on your team and the enemy to make them think past before diving past you, unlike on assassin fizz where you should position yourself somewhere safe.

As a bruiser, if your team is fighting you should always be fighting as well, charge in together with your tanks and try to focus down whatever they catch, be part of the front line. With a tanky build you have much more flexibility to put yourself into the thick of it relatively early in the fight to soften up the enemies health and slow them and bait out key cooldowns from the enemy mages.

You should also always be looking for opportunities to initiate fights on good terms with or , which slows them since you built iceborn.

Even on a bruiser, intiiating with is dangerous as that's your escape move, you're not THAT tanky. So don't ever start with E in late game teamfights, I don't care how tanky you are. You should be relatively safe starting fights with or , saving your for the invulnerability if they try to kill you or for the slow if you're winning the fight and they turn to run.



Change Log

3/18/2013: Guide Released
3/23/2013: Revisions
3/27/2013: True damage on SOTEL nerfed two patches in a row. I don't think its worth getting anymore.
4/7/2013: More revisions.
4/10/2013: They buffed SOTEL, reducing its cost again. Added it back as an optional item. Spirit of the Ancient Golem also buffed and is now more of a general purpose tank pickup in addition to being a counter-item for CC heavy teams.
4/26/2013: Guide approved!
4/26/2013: Added mention of not buying iceborn gauntlet and maybe even getting a lich bane late game vs fed AP assassins such as Akali. Both the slow and armor are mostly useless vs Akali so iceborn is probably not a good idea in that situation.
4/26/2013: cleaned up masteries chapter
4/27/2013: General cleanup and minor updates.
5/4/2013: Added Lissandra to "Always buy ancient golem vs this champion" list
6/14/2013: I think I was overrating Iceborn vs heavy magic teams and underrating the synergy between Lich Bane and Abyssal Scepter. If they're 60% or more magic damage or so, you should probably just build Sheen --> Abyssal --> Lich Bane + Ancient Golem and forget about iceborn.
6/14/2013: Elder lizard got nerfed again, so the hybrid build is not as good as before.
6/15/2013: updated math chapter.
8/3/2013: Updates for 3.10
9/6/2013: Trinity got buffed, its no longer a bad item. I still prefer iceborn in most situations, but trinity could have its uses if you want to do physical damage. (if the opponents are stacking MR for example)
11/18/2013: Trying to think of how to format this guide now with the site revamp >.<
11/19/2013: Reformatted guide for Solomid.net site revamp.
1/10/2013: Updated guide for S4. Not a lot changed really
1/10/2013: Updated map of playful/trickster to indicate that you can now jump the base walls between the inhibitor turrets (You couldn't jump them before but you can now... I'm not sure when this changed...)
2/1/2013: Updated some builds. After the spectral wraith changes, I think it's worth building spectral wraith on the Hard Ap Carry build now. Also, I re-added the old hybrid-assassin build from S3 that I removed after the elder lizard nerfs, since elder lizard got buffed back in S4 and is back to being a decent item.
2/2/2013: The Anti-Caster Caster build has also been updated to use spectral wraith. I also added elder lizard to the kiting carry build (the true damage bleed fits with that build nicely). In S4, the new elder lizard/spectral wraith items got buffed enough that they're often worth buying now, although this doesn't affect my primary "Standard Bruiser" build which hasn't changed and still uses ancient golem.
2/10/2013: Perseverance given well deserved nerf. Back to offensive masteries for Fizz.
4/19/2014: Changed 2nd summoner spell from flash to exhaust due to overabundance of feral flare junglers.
4/19/2014: Feral flare is op as hell and it's debatable whether jungle fizz should take it in its current OP state. It's certainly not worth rushing, but since the stacks start when you build machete, you start machete then build iceborn or something then get wriggles second--it will quickly convert to feral flare. I'm not going to bother speculating too much on it though, because the item is surely going to get nerfed, and once it's nerfed wriggles will go back to being trash for fizz.
4/28/2014: feral flare got nerfed as expected. I'm switching back to flash for my second summoner spell.
7/2/2014: Spirit of the ancient golem rework makes it useless for fizz. Merc treads are now a serious consideration, and the hybrid elder lizard build is now standard.
7/6/2014: updated item builds for ancient golem rework.
11/20/2014: Updating for S5. under construction.
12/10/2014: updates for patch 4.21


December 5, 2014 - 12:35 PM #1

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April 30, 2014 - 02:12 PM #2


April 12, 2014 - 03:24 PM #3


February 11, 2014 - 12:03 AM #4


January 21, 2014 - 12:37 PM #5

amazing guide, really needed the depth and breadth that you've explained the itemizations and other choices you've made. Definitely made me want to buy the fish.

January 20, 2014 - 09:36 PM #6


January 11, 2014 - 05:03 PM #7

@slippery. the problem with that bulid is that you're glass cannon on a build that requires constant auto attacks. Tri and Blade are both really expensive, can't build them both on a tank build. So you're going to be both 1: up in people's face constantly and 2: squishy. If you want to build glass i think the lich bane build is better because it's more bursty, you don't have to constantly be auto attacking to do damage, you can just dash in and out and still do crazy damage. I prefer playing him as a bruiser, anyway.

Tri is not bad though, it's a good item over all, you can build it then go full tank if you want a hybrid build. IMO blade is not worth it.

January 11, 2014 - 06:03 AM #8

I personally tend to build jungle fizz as more of a sustain fighter rather than with burst. I've done both and both seem to be quite effective. I actually run the same masteries you do so we have the same tastes there. I take one of the blue items first and usually go for a blade of the ruined king/tri force combo depending on how well I am doing. If Im back at base with over 400 gp I'll usually throw a dorans ring in there somewhere. Later I grab a zhonyas and some penetration or another defensive item if needed. Also I max w first to take down dragons faster, between your w,blade and blue item you do a lot of damage to big monsters. Just figured I'd share where I differ.

August 30, 2013 - 09:42 PM #9

Buff Duration, Cookie and most importantly Lifesteal plus bonus smite gold and minion damage reduction...

level 2 redbuff ganks are solid and these days the leash almost always is enough for fast double buffs

August 30, 2013 - 01:17 PM #10

13/3/14... i don't see the point of that, what are you even taking in def and utility?

Doran's blade start could work, but it doesn't build into anything and you' be very reliant on a strong leash or you wouldn't have enough hp to gank at level 3.

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