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Greater Mark of Attack Speed( +15.3% attack speed)
Greater Seal of Armor( +12.69 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist( +1.35 magic resist per level (24.3 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage( +6.75 attack damage)
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Summoner Spells
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mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 2/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 4/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 2/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility
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Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Blast Shield
QVault Breaker
WDenting Blows
EExcessive Force
RAssault and battery
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mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 2/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 4/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 mastery 4 2/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/4
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Blast Shield
QVault Breaker
WDenting Blows
EExcessive Force
RAssault and battery

Champion Matchups


Vi the Piltover Enforcer has become a force to be reckoned with on the Fields of Justice. A melee fighter, Vi is a very strong jungler that is an absolute blast to play. With unique abilities and an amazing ultimate, Vi has the option to be played a number of different ways including an assassin, tanky dps, initiation tank or peeler. I prefer to play Vi with a balanced playstyle that utilizes her strengths while using runes, masteries and a build that helps minimize her flaws so that she can be an asset to any team.

Her kit is very unique and contains two passives, two crowd control abilities and a rechargable on-hit ability with splash damage. Vi is also capable of many things in game that many other junglers are not capable of including traversing terrain, different jungle paths and item build flexibility. Vi is also capable of carrying games from the early game throughout the late game with her ability to output a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

  • Can carry hard from the jungle
  • Very fast clear speed
  • Great initiation and peel
  • Strong build paths
  • Amazing ultimate
  • High ganking potential
  • Ability to pass walls with her Vault Breaker
  • Very quick counter-jungling
  • Can shred armor with Denting Blows
  • Excessive Force is an auto attack reset
  • Denting Blows provides an attack speed steroid
  • Very useful passive
  • The most bad-ass champion in the league
  • Has her own theme song

  • Sometimes difficult to gank before level 6
  • Can be kited
  • Lack of sustain
  • Weak against several other junglers
  • Several ganks can be counter-ganked easily
  • Can be bursted down very easily early game
  • Easy to dodge Vault Breaker

Stats + Scaling:
Health 440 (85)
Health Regen 7.5 (0.9)
Mana 220 (45)
Mana regen 7.0 (0.65)
Attack Damage 51 (3.5)
Attack Speed 0.643 (2.5%)
Armor 16 (3.5)
Magic Resistance 30 (1.25)
Movement speed 350
Range 125

Stats courtesy of: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Vi/


Vi Champion Spotlight

While I don't agree with everything Phreak says in the video, I do believe that it would be informative for players not familiar with Vi. At the very least, you can see her abilities in action and some examples of her playstyle.


Vi's Release

Vi's popularity diminished quickly after she was released on December 19th. Many players did not consider Vi a top pick for top lane or jungle and were turned off shortly after having the opportunity to try her. Admittedly, I considered Vi to be a much stronger jungler than a top lane because it is easier to utilize her kit as a jungler (her mobility and clear). For example, while Excessive Force is an amazing ability to use in the jungle, it is not used that often top lane because it pushes the lane and her Vault Breaker is held on to as an escape and can not be used consistently.

Statistics as of January 9th, 2012


At the time of thise guides release, Vi had the 13th lowest win rate of all champions in the league. I didn't find this to be accurate of her ability at all and believed that with a proper setup, build order and playstyle she could be used as effectively as any other jungler.

Update: Since then, Vi has seen a significant increase in her win percentage since the above data was gathered. Vi held a win percentage of 51.07% for the week of March 1st with a popularity of 20.25% and ban rate of 59.12%. Vi has been picked or banned in a total of 79.37% of all solo queue games. I contribute this to more people playing her as a jungler rather than top lane and more experienced Vi players playing her to her potential.

Statistics as of March 1st, 2013


Classic Vi

Neon Strike Vi (975 RP)

Update Log

May 11th, 2013
Some house cleaning!

March 30th, 2013
Over one million views! Thank you and hopefully I've helped people looking for information on how to play jungle Vi!

March 1st, 2013
  • Updated for patch 3.03
Base Attack Damage reduced to 54 from 58
Vault Breaker now goes on a 3 second cooldown and refunds 50% of the Mana cost when interrupted instead of fully refreshing the cooldown and refunding 100% of the Mana cost
Denting Blows damage reduced to 4/5.5/7/8.5/10% of maximum Health from 6/7/8/9/10%

Warmog's Armor: Passive Health Regen reduced to 1% of maximum Health per 5 seconds from 1.5%
Spirit of the Elder Lizard: Incinerate damage reduced to 14-50 over 3 seconds from 15-66

These changes have affected Vi's jungle clear negatively. She will still have a fast clear but her early ganking potential is affected as a result of the initial clear and the change in her base AD and skills. The change on Vault Breaker is also very significant as its misuse can cause Vi to be locked down more easily.

January 28th, 2013
  • Added more information throughout guide
  • Organized chapters

January 24th, 2013
  • Cleaned up the use of images.
  • Provided additional information in the masteries, skills and summoner spell sections.
  • Added skins section.

January 20th, 2013
  • Guide was created.



My preferred masteries for Vi. I run these in every game. The offense tree is great for providing that extra punch (see what I did there?) that Vi needs to clear the jungle more efficiently while strengthening both her teamfight and ganking potential. These masteries allow Vi to act as an assassin early while providing enough tankiness with the additional health to survive. The tree is fairly straight-forward as it picks up everything that benefits Vi while ignoring the AP masteries. I avoid Lethality and Frenzy because Vi does not make use of it in favor of cooldown reduction. The player has an option of taking armor in the defense tree instead of tough skin and bladed armor but it is a personal preference.

4% attack speed. Attack speed is amazing on Vi because it helps proc her Denting Blows more quickly. This is very important in the early game during the initial clear of the jungle when Vi has to depend on Denting Blows and her AD. Since I do not build attack speed items for Vi, this mastery comes in very useful throughout the game.

3% cooldown reduction. Cooldown reduction (CDR) is another great stat on Vi. While having her Vault Breaker and her Assault and Battery come up more quickly is nice, the real benefit of CDR is it's effect on Excessive Force. Since the recharge time on Excessive Force is affected by CDR this mastery essential boosts Vi's DPS output.

+12 AD at level 18 (scaling per level). Since all of Vi's abilities scale well, extra attack damage is a great stat to have. Unfortunately, this mastery is not that useful early game.

Weapon Expertise
Ignoring 8% of the target's armor synergizes great with Vi's kit and her item build. Denting Blows also shred's armor and building a Black Cleaver late game is icing on the cake. This large amount of armor penetration is why I utilize attack damage quintessence's on Vi.

A 2% increase in damage. I am personally not a huge fan of this mastery but the extra damage may come in useful when that enemy champion has only a sliver of health left.

Brute Force
+3 attack damage. As mentioned before, Vi scales well with additional attack damage. While not a large amount, it does help with the early jungle clear and early ganks.

+5 armor penetration. Another great stat that works well with Vi. Coupled with Weapon Expertise, Denting Blows and items, Vi is not in need of armor penetration.

5% increased damage to champions under 50% health. The crown jewel of the offense tree. This mastery is amazing and compliments Vi's role. Since Vi usually dives high priority targets late game in an attempt to assassinate them (or at least disrupt them) this mastery helps finish the job. Highly recommended to go down the offense tree just for this mastery on top of all the other goodies the tree holds.

While there is no question that the offense tree is great for Vi. There is flexibility in her mastery build because she can choose to have 9 points in defense or 9 points in utility. I prefer to have 9 points put in the defense tree to supplement Vi's early game and provide extra tankiness.

Summoner's Resolve
Grants 10 bonus gold for every Smite used. Fairly straightforward. The extra gold will help early game and allow Vi to pickup items just a little bit earlier than she would without this mastery.

+108 health at level 18 (scaling per level). I love this mastery as it makes Vi stronger as the game progresses. And since Vi is always a target for the enemy team, extra health is very useful in team fight situations.

Tough Skin
Reduces damage taken by monsters by 2. While this mastery may appear to be lackluster, it actually helps Vi a lot in the jungle during the early game. Reducing 2 damage per monster (after mitigation) helps Vi maintain a higher amount of health which could be the difference between a successful gank or invade.

Bladed Armor
Deals 6 true damage to any monster or minion that attacks you. Mostly useful early game as it helps speed up Vi's initial jungle clear. Just be careful when donating buffs to your laners that this mastery does not steal it from them.

Veteran's Scars
+30 health. I love this mastery. The extra health is the reason I go into the defense tree in the first place and I find this extra bit of health more useful early game than what is offered in the utility tree.



While this mastery page provides more defensive stats, I feel it hurts the effectiveness of Vi greatly. While champions like Nocturne and Lee Sin (for example) can run 21 in defense and still be successful, I do not think that Vi can afford that tradeoff. These masteries are still viable, however, and may be better suited to a more defensive player/role.

+5 armor. Hardiness allows Vi to mitigate more damage and stay healthier during her early jungle clears. Very useful but not a necessity.

I coupled these two masteries together because they accomplish the same thing. It mitigates damage from other champions by 2 and helps reduce the damage taken from basic attacks by 3. I consider this to be more of a laning mastery than a jungle one despite taking it on all of my defensive mastery specced junglers. This is very strong early game and can assist in early ganks.

Increases maximum health by 4%. I love this mastery and I wish I could have it on all of my champions. This is better for Vi late game when she starts getting tanky for team fights but it still synergizes well with the rest of the tree since it provides additional flat and scaling health.

Grants 1 additional armor and magic resist for each nearby enemy champion. While some people may argue that it is better to put points into flat armor or magic resist earlier in the tree. I feel that this point is more than worth the one point. Just one point in this mastery has the potential of 10 extra stats (5 armor and 5 magic resistance). While the armor doesn't help in the jungle the benefit it gives during ganks and team fights is amazing.

Reinforced Armor
Reduces damage taken from critical strikes by 10%. I am still on the fence with this one. This point is taken to mostly mitigate late game damage from the enemy teams AD carries. Since Vi is usually a target of these champions it would make sense to take this mastery and mitigate critical damage taken. The problem with this mastery is that its usually not useful late game. But I believe that the tradeoff is worth it.

Honor Guard
Reduces damage taken by 3%. One of the main reasons why people love the defense tree. Taking less damage doesn't require an explanation. This is very good and should not be skipped over if you are going down the defense tree.



Similar to the 21-9-0 page but instead of putting points into the defense tree, those points are allocated into the utility tree to provide Vi with additional movement speed between camps, cooldown reduction on summoner spells and Runic Affinity so she can hold on to her buffs longer. While these stats are useful, I prefer the extra tankiness from the defensive tree.

Summoner's Insight
Reduces cooldown of Flash by 15 seconds. Since the cooldown of Flash was increased recently, this mastery helps combat that and allows more Flash engages or escapes.

2% increased movement speed when out of combat. I really like this mastery and take it whenever I can. This is useful for running between camps (increasing clear speed) or heading to a lane to gank. While its not a large amount it is noticeable and makes a difference.

Increases mana regeneration over 5 seconds. Put the extra point here because mana regeneration is always nice despite it being a small amount.

Reduces the cooldown of summoner spells by 10%. This mastery is amazing and should always be taken. It is worth the three points to have both your Flash and Smite up more often.

Runic Affinity
Increases duration of buffs by 20%. The jungle staple. If you go in this tree you better be taking this mastery. Helps you hang on to your blue and red buff for an extended period of time.



After a great deal of testing and min-maxing, I have found this rune setup to be the most effective for Vi. This setup allows for a very fast clear while adding much needed tankiness.

Marks: Greater Mark of Attack Speed

These runes are needed for Vi to proc her Denting Blows more quickly and provides Vi all of the attack speed she needs (coupled with Denting Blows) to be successful.

  • Optional: Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Seals: Greater Seal of Armor

There is no other choice. These are needed to jungle.

  • Optional: None

Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

I prefer Scaling Magic Resist glyphs to provide late game magic resistance to a build that focuses primarily on damage early while tanking up for late game. If you choose, Flat Magic Resist glyphs can also be used or additional Attack Speed glyphs to assist with the first couple jungle clears.

  • Optional: Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Quintessences: Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

To ensure that Vi has a strong early game and a quick jungle clear, additional attack damage is needed from masteries and runes. Movement Speed quintessences are also an option here to improve Vi's mobility at the cost of damage.

  • Optional: Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Summoner Spells


The best combination of summoners for Vi. I don't take any other summoners for jungle Vi. The utility that Flash brings is too high and Smite is needed on every jungler. Other summoner spells are a possibility for vi but I have had the most success with these two. The reasons for selecting these summoners is discussed below.


Smite brings too much to the table for a jungler not to use it. For those that don't know, Smite is a targetable summoner spell that deals true damage to minions or neutral creeps. Generally, only junglers take smite for team. This summoner does not damage enemy champions and assists in clearing the jungle and securing buffs. Smite scales with each champion level (starting at 490 damage at level 1 and scaling to 1000 damage at level 18). Smite also synergizes with the mastery Summoner's Resolve which grants a bonus 10 gold on use. Smite should not be used when starting camps to reduce the time it is down for other camps, however, and should instead be used when the target is low enough to be finished off. This secures the target for yourself and removes the possibility that it can be stolen by an enemy champion (and sometimes even your own).

  • Secures buffs for your team
  • Significantly faster jungle clearing
  • The ability to counter-jungle quickly
  • Securing global objectives (dragon and baron)
  • Synergizes with Summoner's Resolve mastery (grants 10 bonus gold on use)
  • Lets your team know that you are the jungler in lobby

In patch V1.0.0.153 the values of Smite were adjusted to combat other non-summoner abilities (Cho'Gath's Feast and Nunu's Consume primarily):

Courtesy: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Smite

Tip: When I'm jungling I will hold my cursor over the minion, monster, buff or global objective that I am about to Smite so I can see their health in the top left of the screen. When the health value is lower than that of your Smite, you can secure the buff for your team.


Flash is considered by many to be the most powerful skill in the entire game. A blink that moves your champion 400 range instantly while on a 300 second cooldown (that can be reduced through masteries), Flash is also the most used summoner for many different reasons. But why Flash on Vi? Flash helps Vi initiate while ganking or starting teamfights. A quick Flash+Vault Breaker or Flash+Assault and Battery can close huge distances. For the most ridiculous gank, try Flash+Vault Breaker+Assault and Battery. Nobody can escape that. Flash also helps Vi get out of sticky situations while her Vault Breaker is on cooldown or can't be used. To summarize.

Flash also open up the possibility of stealing dragon or baron safely. Vi can use her Vault Breaker to enter the pit, attempt to steal the global objective and then Flash out safely. Without Flash, Vi would surely succumb to her death. While not the easiest thing to pull off in the game, a great dragon or baron steal is always admired by your teammates and is one of the reasons why I love being a jungler.

  • Provides Vi a great initiation tool
  • Flash gives an escape
  • Confidence to counter-jungle
  • Great synergy with her abilities (Vault Breaker and Assault and Battery)
  • Can be used to secure kills
  • Used to follow enemy champions that have used flash to escape


Optional Summoners: Since Vi has a built in dash with her Vault Breaker that can allow her to escape danger over walls or build distance between champions, several other summoners become options for her.

Vi lacks sticking power early on without Red buff and Exhaust can be used to great effectiveness early. While it has been nerfed recently, it can still be useful.

Vi can have trouble being kited by the enemy team and Ghost can help close the gap and let her stick. Red buff + items can be used to alleviate this problem without the cost of a summoner.

I have not tried this but it can be an option. Similar to the way Shaco ganks with ignite, Vi can dash in and attempt to burst a target with the assistance of Ignite to help cover any needed damage and ensure an otherwise lost kill.

Only if you are the mighty SilSol.


Avoid These Summoners: There are some summoners that should not even be considered as Vi or any jungler for that matter. They are listed and provided an explanation below.

Usually taken on supports, taking CV hurts your dueling capability and mobility.

While Vi does use mana, this skill is not worth it for junglers because you can easily back when you need more.

Do you plan on dying a lot to make this summoner worth it? I don't.

While there is the possibility that this can be used effectively, I don't consider it an option because of how difficult it is to use. Teleport on junglers without a speed boost may have trouble using this. Teleport requires the perfect storm so to speak. With that said, maybe Homeguard+Teleport Vi can become a new thing...

To be honest, I've never really been a big fan of this summoner, not even on ranged AD carries.

Cleanse is certainly useful but I don't see it being anywhere close to as useful as the other summoners. You should be building somewhat tanky late game anyway, remember?


Passive: Blast Shield
Innate: When Vi's activated abilities damage an enemy, she gains a shield equal to 10% of her maximum health for 3 seconds. Blast shield has a 18 / 13 / 8 second cooldown.

Blast Shield provides Vi a shield that scales with how much maximum health she has every time she uses an activated ability (not Denting Blows) on an enemy. This passive is great for jungling (in addition to being a great damage soak while in combat) since it procs off of jungle camps. Unfortunately this passive is not affected by cooldown reduction.

There is a countdown reading on the skillbar when Vi's passive is on cooldown. Always be mindful of when your passive is up as it could be the difference between life and death. You can also maximize how much your passive absorbs by timing your abilities to synergize with it, ensuring that it is up as often as possible. This is helpful during the first couple jungle clears. Even if you are low, for example, this passive will allow you to clear an additional camp before you go back to the fountain.

  • Scales with health
  • Able to be used in the jungle
  • Increases Vi's dueling potential

  • Cooldown is not affected by cooldown reduction
  • Blast Shield does not proc Denting Blows
  • Very high cooldown early game



Q: Vault Breaker
First Cast: Slows your movement speed by 15% while increasing damage and dash range over 1.25 seconds.

Second Cast: Vi dashes forward, dealing physical damage and applying Denting Blows to all enemies hit. Vi stops upon colliding with an enemy champion, knocking it back. Vault Breaker deals 75% damage to minions and monsters.

Minimum Physical Damage: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+70% bonus AD)
Maximum Physical Damage: 100 / 160 / 220 / 280 / 340 (+140% bonus AD)
Dash Range: 250 - 725
Maximum AOE Range: 90

Cooldown: 18 / 15.5 / 13 / 10.5 / 8
Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 mana

A very useful dash that can be used in a countless number of ways. Vault Breaker provides Vi with a gap closer that also acts as a knockback. This ability also grants Vi the ability to pass through a number of walls on Summoners Rift which increases her mobility and gank potential. Vault Breaker can also be used as an escape when Vi is in an unfavorable situation. As a jungler, it is beneficial to use this ability to counter-jungle the opposing teams jungler by passing over terrain and then escaping.

Care must be taken when using this ability, however, since it is very important to land when engaging an enemy. The extra damage coupled with Denting Blows being instantly applied translates to a great deal of damage and that damage can be the difference between a successful gank or an unsuccessful gank.

Also be mindful of other enemies when engaging on a target. If your goal is to hit their AD carry, try not to position yourself so that Vault Breaker hits their frontline, blocking you from engaging. More experienced players attempting to protect their backline will take the hit from you so it may be better to engage with Assault and Battery in this case. The use of this ability is very situational so do your best judgement to decide how to use it.

Patch 3.03: Vault Breaker now goes on a 3 second cooldown and refunds 50% of the Mana cost when interrupted instead of fully refreshing the cooldown and refunding 100% of the Mana cost.

This change is very significant and provides opposing champions the ability to counter Vi's Vault Breaker. Three seconds might as well be a lifetime in League of Legends so use this ability with care.

  • Excellent initiation tool
  • Can knockback the enemy champion
  • Used to traverse many walls
  • Gives Vi a great escape option
  • Allows Vi to counter-jungle quickly

  • Slows Vi while it charges up
  • Needs to be charged up to deal maximum damage
  • May be difficult to land
  • Enemy champions can predict the direction of Vault Breaker
  • High cooldown early game



W: Denting Blows
Passive: Every 3rd attack on the same target deals additional physical damage equal to a percentage of the target's maximum health,reduces target's armor by 20%, and grants Vi bonus attack speed for 4 seconds. Denting Blows deals a maximum of 300 damage against minions and monsters.

Bonus Physical Damage: 4 / 5.5 / 7 / 8.5 / 10% of target's max health (+1% per 35 bonus AD)
Attack Speed Bonus: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%

This ability helps Vi clear the jungle quickly and helps her damage scale late game against enemy champions. Vi does not need to have attack speed in her item build because this passive provides enough attack speed to be effective in and out of the jungle. It is important to note that this passive deals bonus physical damage to champions based on their max health and not their current health, making it a very noticeable damage boost. The armor shred is very useful throughout all stages of the game, especially late game when the enemy has built armor. It is important to always hit the same target three times to proc this ability.

Attack Speed marks help proc this passive against jungle camps and enemy champions. Once the third hit procs the passive, the attack speed steroid is very noticeable and Vi's damage output is increased significantly.

Leveling this ability first to jungle clear does leave Vi very vulnerable during the early game and a nonfactor in early level 1 teamfights. So take extreme care in the early game until other abilities are leveled.

  • Noticeably speeds up Vi's jungle clear time
  • Scales well into late game
  • Armor shred
  • Attack speed steroid
  • Based off of enemy champion's max health
  • Benefits from life steal

  • Requires three attacks to proc (if Vault Breaker isn't used)
  • No active
  • Leaves Vi vulnerable early game (until Vault Breaker is leveled)
  • Weak in level one teamfights
  • Considered a one point wonder



E: Excessive Force
Active: Causes Vi's next basic attack to deal bonus physical damage to the target and enemies behind it. Vi periodically charges a new punch and can hold up to 2 charges at once.

Total Physical Damage: 5 / 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 (+115% AD) (+70% AP)
Charge Reload Time: 14 / 12.5 / 11 / 9.5 / 8 seconds

Range: 600
Cooldown: 1
Cost: 60 mana + 1 charge

The ability that makes Vi such a fast jungler. Excessive Force just melts creeps and can also be used as an auto attack reset. Auto+Excessive Force+Auto will proc Denting Blows and increase Vi's damage and attack speed. This ability also offers a 600 range AOE behind the target allowing Vi to damage multiple enemies. Unfortunately, the AOE cone will not proc on-hit effects like Frozen Mallet aside from the initial target. The AOE can be used as a ranged harass, however, when creeps are in range of the target.

This ability can be very mana intensive early game if used off cooldown, so be responsible with its use. Also keep in mind that this ability can be seen through walls by enemy champions when farming jungle camps (notably wraiths), so it is a great idea to position yourself behind the camp and then use Excessive Force. I prefer to use Vault Breaker on the entire camp and then use Excessive Force to quickly clear it.

  • Auto attack reset
  • 600 range AOE behind initial target
  • Excellent wave clear
  • Able to hold two charges
  • Remains 60 mana per use
  • Procs lifesteal
  • Increases Vi's auto attack range to 175 (usually 125)
  • Can be used on turrets if it is the main target

  • Can be mana intensive early
  • Charges have high cooldown recharge early
  • Can be spotted by enemy champions if used on jungle monsters
  • AOE cone will not proc on-hit effects



R: Assault and Battery
Active: Vi targets an enemy champion and chases it down, knocking it up for 1.25 seconds, dealing physical damage.

While charging, Vi is immune to crowd control and will knock aside enemies in her way, dealing 75% damage to them.

Physical Damage: 200 / 325 / 450 (+140% bonus AD)
Physical Damage to Secondary Targets: 150 / 262.5 / 375 (+105% bonus AD)

Range: 700
Cooldown: 130 / 105 / 80
Cost: 100 / 125 / 150 mana

Vi's monster ganking tool. A high damage ultimate that scales great with AD damage, Assault and Battery also acts as a CC ability. Vi knocks up and throws down her target, offering her the ability to dunk a target. A great bonus to this ability is that Vi is immune to crowd control during it and will knock aside enemies in the way between her and her target. Vi also damages the enemies that are knocked aside. It is also important to mention that Vi will be placed behind her target at the end of the cast.

Most of the time, Vi will want to target the AD carry in the backlines of a teamfight which usually guarantees that multiple targets are damaged.

Using this ability acts similar to Maokai's root as she will still target the enemy even if they flash. This will cause Vi to travel a great distance to that champion which may put Vi in an unfavorable position, so caution needs to be taken into consideration before using Assault and Battery. This ability also paints a giant bullseye on Vi's back when used in teamfights since it is very noticeable. Enemy champions will usually draw their attention to you and attempt to kill you. This may or may not be beneficial to your team depending on your build and the status of the game.

  • High burst potential
  • Targetable
  • Will place Vi behind the enemy target
  • Scales well with AD
  • Can travel large distance

  • Can place Vi in an unfavorable position
  • Does not proc on-hit effects
  • Very noticeable by enemy team (bullseye!)


Skill Order

Max: > > >

Fairly straight-forward build path for Vi. I max Excessive Force to assist with the jungle clear and increased damage output followed by Vault Breaker for its damage and utility. Of course, always put a point in Assault and Battery whenever possible while leaving Denting Blows with one point in it (that you skilled at level 1) until the end.


Level Assault and Battery whenever you can as the damage increase and the cooldown reduction on it is exceptional and allows you to gank with it more frequently and more effectively.

Leveled at 6, 11, 16.


A very effective jungle/wave clear ability that increases in damage as it is leveled. The reload time is also reduced with levels, effectively increasing the damage output of Vi as points are put into the ability. An additional point of Excessive Force can be taken at level 3 (with Vault Breaker being learned at level 4) if you are not early ganking.

Leveled at 2, 4, 5, 7, 9.


Another ability that benefits greatly from levels. Many top lane Vi's will level this ability first to help maximize single target damage. Once again, the cooldown is reduced with levels.

Leveled at 3, 8, 10, 12, 13.


The one point wonder ability that is picked up at level one to clear the first camps and then not leveled again until late game. Bonus physical damage and attack speed is granted with levels when it is finally leveled late game.

Leveled at 1, 14, 15, 17, 18.


Why Max Over ?

It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to max Vault Breaker over Excessive Force but I feel that the additional points in Excessive Force are much more useful for jungle Vi. How come?

With 5 points in Vault Breaker you receive an additional 120-240 damage and 12 seconds off of its cooldown.

With 5 points in Excessive Force you receive an additional 60 damage (in an AOE)and 6 seconds off its recharge time.

Many people see the extra damage used by leveling Vault Breaker and may consider it the superior choice. But I don't think so for a number of reasons.

  • Vi usually only has the opportunity to get off one Vault Breaker during a gank.
  • Two Excessive Force can be used during a gank
  • Excessive Force is a much better wave clear in the jungle
  • Vault Breaker is better saved as an escape or a utility tool
  • Excessive Force costs much less mana
  • Vault Breaker is not a consistent damage source
  • Excessive Force can damage multiple enemies

Hopefully that settles that debate.

Item Builds

Vi has a lot of flexibility in what she can build out of the jungle. Her excellent clear speed lets her generate a lot of gold and her great ganking potential can greatly supplement your income. While there are several items that are great on Vi, her final build needs to compliment her needs. All of my Vi builds meet the following criteria:

1.) Tenacity

Without tenacity, Vi can be kited easily and can be locked out and placed in positions where she is a detriment to her team. To fulfill her role, Vi needs tenacity. Since I prefer to run 21-9-0 as my masteries I look to acquire tenacity through items.

2.) Tankiness

Vi dives hard with Assault and Battery and as a melee fighter needs to be in the thick of things to do damage. This means taking damage and through my experience with Vi, she is always one of the priority targets of the other team. She needs defense to survive late game and do her job.

3.) Attack Damage

To do damage and remain a factor, Vi needs to build damage. She doesn't need to build glass cannon due to her kit but she needs enough where she scales into late game and can accomplish her job of killing high priority targets.


Start: hunters-machetehealth-potion5

It is possible to start Cloth Armor+5 Health Potions but Vi's clear time is affected negatively and since she upgrades it anyway, there is no reason not to start with a Hunter's Machete. The additional 10 true damage to monsters is very helpful early game as well and the sustain from the health potions is needed to survive the initial clear and be healthy enough to gank afterwards.


As mentioned previously, Vi has a great deal of flexibility in what she can build. All three of the jungle items are viable on her.

Preferred Jungle Item:

My preferred jungle item for Vi in roughly 90% of my games. I have found the attack damage and passive extremely helpful in finishing off targets and speeding up her jungle clear. The cooldown reduction synergizes great with Vi's kit while the health and mana regeneration help keep her sustained in the jungle. Without including the true damage passive (that procs off of Vi's Excessive Force), Spirit of the Elder Lizard provides 3246 gold worth of stats for a measly cost of 2300 gold.

Alternative Jungle Items:

While I find Spirit of the Elder Lizard to be the most effective jungle item on Vi, Wriggle's Lantern and Spirit of the Ancient Golem offer two amazing alternatives that provide stats that are extremely useful.

wriggles-lantern Wriggle's Lantern is great on Vi because it provides armor, attack damage and life steal while allowing Vi to quickly clear the jungle without using her mana. While still an affordable item, an option is to only purchase the Madred's Razors portion of the Wriggle's Lantern and then build other items. This allows Vi to still have the proc and additional armor but allows her to build her core items more quickly.

spirit-of-the-ancient-golem Spirit of the Ancient Golem is also a very cost efficient item that is useful on a more defensive, utility based Vi. Offering a great deal of health, armor and both health and mana regeneration this item gives a total of 2843 gold worth of stats for a cost of 2300 gold. The amazing thing about thsi item is that it provides Tenacity, which allows Vi to skip Mercury Tread's.



Remember to buy and as you see fit. Make the most out of the gold you do get. Late game you may need to purchase a for global objectives.


Preferred Boots Option:

mercurys-treads Since I usually buy Spirit of the Elder Lizard I need tenacity in my build and fulfill that need by building Mercury's Treads a majority of the time. These boots help prevent Vi from being kited and also provides her with important magic resistance. I have found myself waiting to upgrade my boots in my games but when I do I'll usually go with Mercury's Treads. Just be careful that if you do build Spirit of the Ancient Golem that you do not build these boots because the tenacity does not stack and other boot options may be more beneficial.

Alternative Boots Options:

These three boot options are also great on Vi. However, I usually only find myself building them in the rare occurrence that I build Spirit of the Ancient Golem because I prefer having the tenacity.

boots-of-mobility Boots of Mobility are usually my second choice for boots and if I do buy them it will be early to constantly gank lanes. I see these boots as a 300 gold investment since they are purchased for 1000 gold and I usually sell them back late game for 700 gold to upgrade to Mercury's Treads. They sure are fun though even though they aren't a necessity by any means.

ninja-tabi Ninja Tabi are great for double AD bruiser compositions. I will almost never purchase these in any other situation since I usually purchase an adequate amount of Vi for late game team fights. The passive on the boots also loses its effect with the more armor you build since the effect only stacks multiplicatively.

Boots of Swiftness can be an option for the simple fact that the passive helps counters the self-imposed slow on Vault Breaker. I prefer Mercury's Treads to these despite that benefit though.

I always aim to have Boots of Speed with Madred's Razors or Spirit Stone early game.


Core Items:

the-black-cleaver Black Cleaver gives Vi a very large damage boost early in the game and also provides health and most importantly both armor penetration and armor shred. This item synergizes well with Vi's Denting Blows since that ability already gives Vi a 20% armor shred against enemy champions. If the game is not going that well or you need extra tankiness, you can buy the Brutalizer and then upgrade it to the Black Cleaver later on in the game when you have sufficient funds. This item is a must buy.

frozen-mallet Frozen Mallet is needed on Vi for several reasons. Most importantly, it allows Vi to stick to targets and prevents her from being kited (one of her major issues as a champion). The additional AD is great since Vi scales well with that stat and the extra health benefits her Blast Shield on top of giving her much needed health. If the game isn't going well, feel free to purchase a Phage and then upgrade it to this item later game. I make sure to have this item before late game team fights breakout because it allows Vi to complete her job more effectively (initiator, assassin or peeler).


Next Items:

maw-of-malmortius After building the two core items I look to round out my stats as Vi and build tanky while still building enough damage to remain a threat. Maw of Malmortius fulfills both of these goals. Providing magic resistance, a great shielding passive and additional AD that scales off of how much health you have lost, this item is amazing on Vi. I highly recommend an early Hexdrinker against heavy AP teams.

randuins-omen Rounding out the build, Randuin's Omen offers a lot of health and armor for Vi. This item is important because you will most likely be targeted by the enemy teams AD carry late game while you attempt to take them out. The passive and active assist with catching and the extra stats assure that you survive the encounter.


Other Offensive Items:

the-bloodthirster Huge AD and lifesteal. I will sometimes build this item if I don't get a Wriggle's Lantern because Vi lacks sustain. At the very least, this item can be purchased to replace Wriggle's Lantern extremely late game once your build is finished and there isn't anything else to buy.

trinity-force Not worth the cost anymore. Plus Frozen Mallet is already core. Some of the stats are wasted on Vi as well making this item a poor choice.

zephyr An interesting item that has tenacity. Unfortunately, Vi doesn't need the attack speed and there are better items to buy. There is the potential for a build including this item Wriggle's Lantern and either Boots of Mobility or Ninja Tabi but I don't recommend that at all.


Why Not ?

Iceborn Gauntlet is not needed because the stats on it are acquired elsewhere in the build and Frozen Mallet is the superior item to purchase for sticking to an enemy. This is due to the fact that Vi's Blast Shield scales with health and she makes great use of the AD on the item. The AP on Iceborn Gauntlet is wasted as well.


Other Defensive Items:

runic-bulwark An amazing item that every team should have. I will sometimes buy this item if the support or a laner does not purchase it. The great all-around stats are amazing on Vi and the aura helps shut down AP comps.

guardian-angel Great defensive stats and the passive is great for a diver like Vi. Unfortunately, the passive may end up not being useful since Vi is in the middle of the fight and may die again instantly upon coming back to life.

warmogs-armor Great health total for low cost. Really OP item ATM. But the build mentioned above already has a lot of health. Would probably get this item if I am behind due to its cost. Really strong item if rushed early. I have had some success rushing this item after building Wriggle's Lantern.

frozen-heart Great stats and passive but doesn't fit the build that well.

locket-of-the-iron-solari A great cheap armor item. Can be used to mitigate damage from burst comps or something like Karthus ultimate.

Health and armor item. Don't usually pick this up since I prefer Randuin's Omen. Can be bought for really heavy AD teams.


Why Not ?

Last Whisper is not needed on Vi due to the fact that she will build Black Cleaver and her Denting Blows reduces the target's armor by 20%. This armor penetration coupled with Vi needing tanky DPS items for late game makes Last Whisper a difficult item to purchase.


Boot Enchantments:
enchantment-furor Helps Vi stick to targets.
enchantment-homeguard Great for defending base or moving out to another location.
enchantment-captain Interesting enchantment that works on Vi because she usually dives the backline.
enchantment-alacrity Additional movement speed never hurt.


Sample Build #1: the-black-cleaverfrozen-malletmaw-of-malmortiusranduins-omen

Cost: 16,200
Health: 3,558
AD: 313
Armor: 162
MR: 138

Sample Build #2: mercurys-treadswriggles-lanternthe-black-cleaverfrozen-malletmaw-of-malmortiusranduins-omen

Cost: 15,400
Health: 3,558
AD: 287
Armor: 192
MR: 138

Sample Build #3: the-black-cleaverfrozen-malletmaw-of-malmortiusranduins-omen

Cost: 16,000
Health: 4,058
AD: 265
Armor: 192
MR: 113

Sample Build #4: the-black-cleaverfrozen-malletmaw-of-malmortiusranduins-omen

Cost: 16,000
Health: 4,058
AD: 265
Armor: 217
MR: 113

Stats courtesy of: http://leaguecraft.com/

Blade of the Ruined King

What Does It Do?

Since this item has gotten changed and everybody is talking about it, I felt the need to include a chapter in this guide dedicated to it.

I feel that BOTRK is a viable item on Vi but is very situational and greatly changes the dynamic of her core build.

For 2850 gold BOTRK grants 30 attack damage, 15% life steal and 40% attack speed. This item also has a passive that grants your attacks to deal 5% of the targets current health in physical damage and a 4 second active (on a 60 second cooldown) that instantly drains 15% of the targets maximum health (and heals you for that damage) and steals 30% of their movement speed.

The item is worth 3133 gold without the passive and active.

Is It Worth It?

I think BOTRK is amazing on several junglers including Nocturne and Shyvana. On Vi I am very mixed. There are pros and cons to the item on Vi.

  • Amazing buff and objective control
  • Offers an affordable source of lifesteal
  • Passive allows the ability to stick on targets (an alternative to Frozen Mallet)
  • Great at taking down tanks and bruisers

  • Attack speed is not a sought-after stat on Vi
  • BOTRK offers more sustained damage and Vi does most of her damage upfront
  • No defensive stats

While its an interesting item, I don't think Vi uses it to the fullest of its potential. Vi still needs to build tanky while remaining a threat to the enemy team. With that said, it isn't the worst item and can be accommodated into a build.


I feel that BOTRK can be built to replace the damage provided by Spirit of the Elder Lizard and the stick provided by Frozen Mallet. With that said, the health that is lost by not building Frozen Mallet needs to be worked into the build in another way. This can be done by building Spirit of the Ancient Golem. Now of course this means that Mercury's Treads can't be bought because we don't want to have an overlap of tenacity since that would waste stats in the build. So a choice of boots can be purchased along with the rest of the balanced build (Black Cleaver, Maw of Malmortius and Randuin's Omen).


Early Game (Jungle Routes)

Vi is one of the most versatile junglers in the game. Her jungle routes are flexible and she is capable of ganking any lane early no matter what side she started on. Despite this, I make it a habit to gank top lane early every game because that is where I generally have the most success. Let me highlight that.

Vi is capable of ganking any lane before 3 minutes with double buff no matter what side she started on.

How is that possible? Well very simply.

Never smite your first buff as Vi.

Vi can clear her first buff quickly enough without smite that she can rush her double buffs if she desires. She is one of the few junglers in the game capable of this.

However, since Vi usually begins the game with Denting Blows, she is not very strong in level one teamfights. Keep this in mind have your team take up defensive positions. If I am against a strong jungler like Lee Sin, I will usually ask my support to ward the buff that I am not starting at. Ask for damage on your first camp and first buff and then move to the buff that you didn't start or look for a counter-jungle opportunity. Knowledge is power and it is important to know what the other jungler is capable of, especially in the early game when Vi has a lot of potential to make plays. Stealing the other junglers buff and securing three out of the first four buffs will greatly put you ahead and put them behind.


Blue Side Clear, 2:55 Double-Buffed (No Leash)

1.) Wraiths: Spawn at 1:40. Skill Denting Blows first. Get your mid lane and bot lane to come help you put damage on the camp. Make sure you hit the big wraith first and then finish the small ones.

2.) Red Buff: Spawns at 1:55. Hit the large lizard and start using health pots. Finish the camp without smite and head upwards. Check the other teams inventories to see who bought wards.

3.) Blue Buff: Skill Excessive Force and use the auto attack reset feature of it to quickly bring down blue buff. Use your smite. During this time make sure to see where top warded if they purchased a ward.

4.) Gank: You will be double-buffed around 2:55. Make sure to use your health potions to heal up. Skill Vault Breaker so you have all three of your abilities. Avoid any wards and choose the best way to gank top lane (through river or behind). If there is no gank available top lane, trying ganking mid lane, farming or counter-jungling.


Purple Side Clear, 2:55 Double-Buffed (No Leash)

1.) Wolves: Spawn at 1:40. Skill Denting Blows first. Get your mid lane and bot lane to come help you put damage on the camp. Make sure you hit the big wolf first and then finish the small ones.

2.) Blue Buff: Spawns at 1:55. Hit the large golem and start using health pots. Finish the camp without smite and head upwards. Check the other teams inventories to see who bought wards.

3.) Red Buff: Skill Excessive Force and use the auto attack reset feature of it to quickly bring down red buff. Use your smite. During this time make sure to see where top warded if they purchased a ward.

4.) Gank: You will be double-buffed around 2:55. Make sure to use your health potions to heal up. Skill Vault Breaker so you have all three of your abilities. Avoid any wards and choose the best way to gank top lane (through river or lane). If there is no gank available top lane, trying ganking mid lane, farming or counter-jungling.


Ganking Early
Of course, with the changes to season 3, as a jungler you NEED to check to see what items are in the other champion's inventories at the start of the game to see who is carrying a ward. Of course, gank the lane that isn't warding or make the choice to counter jungle the opposing teams jungler. You can do this by estimating the strength and speed of their jungler and comparing it to your own.

Counter-jungling the second buff from the other jungler is very easy as Vi. Once you secure your first buff (don't smite), level Vault Breaker and use it to dash over either the dragon or baron wall depending on which side you started.

Blue Side -> Baron Wall

Purple Side -> Dragon Wall

You use Vault Breaker to dash over these walls to avoid walls and to get to their buff as quickly as possible. If they do get a smiteless on their first buff, however, they may meet you at their buff. You will have Flash and Vault Breaker to escape or contest the buff.

If Counter-Jungled
Vi is weak level one since she starts Denting Blows. Therefore, if you are afraid of an invade, ask your support kindly if they can ward your other buff with their Explorer Ward if they specced for it. Another option is to ward just outside the first buff you are starting to see if they are coming for you.

Vi can quickly recover from jungle invades because she can clear so quickly. If I know where their team is I will go to their side of the map and steal back the buff they are taking from me. That is of course up to the player to decide if that is a wise decision. Sometimes teams will come just to ward your buff and head back to their own. Do not get caught at their buff.

The Option of Rushing Level 6
If you don't want to rush double buffs and gank a lane it is a fine alternative to farm your jungle and rush level 6 if there aren't any gank opportunities. This is due to the strength of Vi's Assault and Battery and just how great of a tool it is in assisting a gank on an opponent. Early level ganks with Vi can sometimes be difficult to pull off and this method is safe and sets you up for a strong mid game.

Ganking Lanes

With the number of high mobility champions that have become popular in season 3, Vi may have some difficulty ganking lanes before she hits level 6. Thankfully, her Assault and Battery is an amazing ability that makes ganking lanes a breeze if used correctly. It is important to always keep your eye on both the minimap and the opposing teams inventories as much as possible to see where wards could be placed.

Vi's main ganking combo is:

+ AA + + AA +

You want to hit your Vault Breaker to apply Denting Blows to the target and then use your Excessive Force as an auto attack reset.

This combo is very deadly and can put out a great deal of damage.

Even if wards are down, Vi's Vault Breaker makes it possible to avoid them and get in position to gank an otherwise difficult lane. The range on Vault Breaker is quite high and allows Vi to bypass walls. The range of Vault Breaker can be seen below. If possible, use Vault breaker to initiate a gank.


An example of using Vault Breaker to gank mid lane can be seen here. I personally use this strategy a lot and find it to be very effective.


If you can't get in range to attack an enemy champion but are near creeps, it is possible to hit the creeps with Vi's Excessive Force to put damage on that out of range champion. Remember that Excessive Force has a 600 range AOE behind it that can be used to secure a kill if needed.


I feel that the most important thing to remember when ganking with Vi is:

Once 6, if possible, do not initially engage with your Assault and Battery. Wait for the enemy champion to attempt an escape or use a summoner and then use your Assault and Battery to catch up to them.

Mid Game

When mid game approaches you should have attempted a handful of ganks and farmed enough gold to afford some starting items. Global objectives are becoming more important and buffs are about to respawn.

Buff Control
The first buffs will begin to respawn at around 7:15 since blue and red buff respawn every 5 minutes. This is an important time in the game and you can choose to be aggressive and contest their buff or simply play it safe and secure your own. With how fast Vi is at taking buffs (especially with a Madred's Razors or a Spirit Stone) I often attempt to counter-jungle the other jungler's buff. Of course this depends on how strong the other jungler is and how strong the laners are since they will more than likely become involved in the skirmish.

Always keep an eye on your minimap to locate the other jungler. If you know he started the game at blue buff and is on the other side of the map attempting a gank or watching a lane, steal his blue buff. Be mindful not to keep your buffs up too long.

And while blue buff is amazing on Vi, I will usually give my second blue buff to my mid laner. Let them know in team chat and ping the buff. Then take down the buff so they can easily take it for themselves.

Despite how fast Vi is at jungling and how great she is at securing buffs, she is not the best jungler for securing dragon. This is simply due to the fact that her kit lacks sustain. If you went the Wriggle's Lantern route you will be able to finish dragon quickly. If you went the Spirit Stone route you will most likely need assistance from your laners. I usually purchase a Vision Ward early and keep it to pink dragon in case an opportunity arises to take it.

I will usually attempt a gank bot lane when I feel it is a good time to take dragon. I do this to either kill the enemy teams bot lane or send them back, making it very easy to take dragon with the assistance of your team.

Dragon is very important early game and can swing the game in your favor when behind or help build on a lead. Dragon gives 190 gold to each person on your team (plus 25 gold to the champion that got the last hit on it, hopefully you with Smite) and 400 experience. Take not that dragon respawns every 6 minutes and write down the time that it will spawn next in your team chat.

Continue Farming
This one goes without saying but many junglers get caught up trying to gank that they fall behind in their farm and don't transition that well into late game. Vi needs gold to be successful late game and luckily she is great at farming. Cover lanes when the laner is not there and get as much farm as you can. Make the most out of your time. Finishing your core items is very important and will have a large impact on how the rest of the game plays out.

Late Game

Late game approaches when most item builds are close to completion and there is an added emphasis on global objectives and team fighting. The main priorities at this time are taking baron and taking/defending towers.

Baron Dance
If a baron dance breaks out Vi's main goal is to either peel for her carries or dive theirs, ultimately splitting their team. You need to be careful to not get too separated from your team, however, or the other team will make short work of you no matter how tanky you are. A goal of Vi is to position herself in a way that when her Assault and Battery is used on the backline that as many members of the opposing team are damaged by it, softening them for the rest of your team. Of course, this isn't always possible but it has a large effect on the outcome of the fight.

I make sure to buy wards for baron around the 20 minute mark of every game and make it a goal to keep it warded all game. While it would be nice to have your teammates ward it for the team, this isn't always possible. Your teammates may not be aware that they should ward baron or may be frugal with their gold and opt to purchase items instead. Map vision wins games. Yes, Vi needs gold for items to be strong but buying wards is an investment. Too many games have been won or lost with an easy baron because one team didn't have vision of it.

Sieging towers is difficult with Vi. Unfortunately, she doesn't offer much in the way of poke other than her Excessive Force. It is best to wait for the enemy to make a mistake and engage away from the towers and split the their team the best you can. If a dive does occur, hopefully Vi is tanky enough through her items that she can tank the damage and absorb what she can through her Blast Shield.

I like to think of Vi has a wall between your backline and the enemy team. You need to be able to push in enough that it gives your team enough presence to take down the tower but not enough that you get caught and ultimately through the game. Its a fine line and its better to be safe than sorry.

Team Fights

As the game progresses, your role as Vi begins to change. Early in the game you are more of a glass cannon ganker that farms quickly. Late game, with items, you become a very tanky DPS capable of absorbing a great deal of damage and killing high priority squishies like the enemy team's AD carry.

Vi gets in the middle of a fight and dishes big time damage. You should know your limits and push them. To steal a phrase made popular by Najin Sword's Maknoon: "Do Dive!"

Using Vi's Assault and Battery effectively is the most important part of her team fighting. Vi can get into the middle of the fight in two ways.

1.) Diving their high priority target(s)

If your team is ahead then it is very likely that you will be on the offensive and initiating fights for your team. It is your main goal to take out their carries as quickly as possible and increasing the chance that your team comes out victorious in the fight. Most of the time the target that you should be aiming for is the AD carry.

Using your Assault and Battery to catch enemies out of position and creating a 5v4 situation for your team should always be a goal. Always look for mistakes that you can capitalize on.

2.) Peeling for your carries

Both Vault Breaker and Assault and Battery are great tools for protecting your teams carries and creating distance between the engaging enemy team. These fights usually occur when your team is behind so look to do your best carrying their divers and then moving on to their higher priority targets.

Jungle Matchups

The difficulty of facing other junglers as Vi will be discussed in this section. The overall difficulty of the matchup will be rated using Heart of Gold's. Five HOG's is the toughest matchup while one HOG is considered to be a relatively easy matchup.

= Easy matchup
= Moderate matchup
= Difficult matchup

This section is my opinion based on experience of the matchup. While you may not agree with my opinion, the following should at least bring insight into each of the matchups and how to handle them.



Alistar is a shell of his former self. The cow used to be one of the most feared junglers for his tankiness and godly ganks and now he is very weak with a slow clear that keeps him very low. Alistar is easy to invade and even easier to kill. Once he hits 6, he is more difficult to kill and you should keep in mind the position of his lanes who may rush to his aid.



Vi has a huge advantage early over Amumu. You can easily steal his red buff and set him back if he starts his blue. Late game he is a monster and you can't counter his ultimate. Do the best you can to set him back. Always be mindful of his position late game and don't get caught out. If his team has the advantage you may have to wait for a mistake to capitalize on.



Cho'Gath is a very difficult matchup due to his sustain and get CC. His ability to lock you down is difficult to deal with and his ability to burst you once he hits 6 is very high. Build health earlier than usual. An advantage Vi does have his that her Denting Blows affects how much max health her target has and Cho'Gath will most likely have a lot of health late game.



His ability to put out massive amounts of damage make Darius a tough matchup. You can't trade with him early due to his three types of damage output. This matchup is all about counter-ganking each other while the ganking lanes are low. Avoid him like the plague and look to your teammates to assist you in fights.


Dr. Mundo

Mundo's fast clear speed makes it near impossible to counter-jungle him and his slow is difficult to deal with as it allows him and his team to kite you. Late game he becomes too strong to kill alone. His Infected Cleaver hurts your mobility a lot and its poke is underrated.



His CC and utility are a challenge to play against but it is possible to shut him down. Vi can interupt his abilities and out trade him. His late game ultimate can change the outcome of the game, however, and wards need to be placed to catch him.



Easy to deal with before he begins to build tanky. You can out trade him and can even kill him in his jungle early. Late game he is a monster and becomes very difficult to kill. Keep in mind how he is building.


Jarvan IV

Jarvan is manageable as long as he doesn't get ahead by successfully ganking lanes early. You can get ahead by outfarming and counter-ganking him. You can also get out of his ultimate easily.



Kha'Zix is in a ridiculous state right now. His isolated damage can kill you quickly if you aren't careful. Many Kha'Zix players will try and kill you at level 2 at your second buff so make sure to pull it into the bush so you can be prepared if he comes for you. Late game his ranged slow affects your mobility greatly.


Lee Sin

Lee Sin's strong kit makes it impossible to fight him early. You can't fight him and he may attempt to invade you. Your team will have to help you. Don't try to beat him. Just be as useful as you can for your team and make sure they get ahead. Thankfully, he falls off into more of a utility role late game as he peels for his carry.



You can beat Malphite due to your great clear speed. Malphite is not a fast jungler and is not very strong early. Just be careful of his ultimate when he hits level 6 because he can put out a surprising amount of damage.



Maokai is a safe jungler. He can farm well, puts out surprising damage and has godlike ganks. You are capable of out damaging him, however, and you can look to do that by counter-ganking him.



Olaf is scary strong right now. He is a very fast jungle, has great sustain, can slow you and will definitely kill you if given the chance. A very tough matchup for Vi. Play it like Lee Sin and attempt to help your lanes as much as you can so they get ahead. Try and peel him from your carries late game once his ultimate is down.



Nautilus is easy to duel early. All you have to do is break his weak shield and cut his damage output. He still has a crazy amount of CC so be careful of other lanes coming to help and getting locked down.



Nocturne is manageable but he has the advantage. Do not fight on his Duskbringer because he can outdamage you. Make sure to peel him from your carries late game but make sure not to waste your Assault and Battery on his spell shield.



You can't kill Nunu because he can slow you and run away. He is annoying to deal with and may attempt to counter-jungle your larger camps. Just make sure to have great timing on your buffs and try and shut down their AD carry or Nunu's Bloodboil will make it difficult to win the game.



Shaco is very easy to deal with. Have your support use their Explorer ward on your second buff to make sure he doesn't steal it. If you 1v1 him you can out trade him. Just hope he doesn't destroy your lanes early.



Shen is a very slow jungler that is more than manageable as Vi. Just be careful of being taunted and placed in tough positions and do your best to counter jungle him. It is very easy to take his second buff as Vi. The problem with this is that Shen can start either buff and it may be a waste of time trying to invade his second buff only to find it missing.



Shyvana has fallen out of favor in season 3 for a number of reasons. An over abundance of wards makes it difficult for her to gank, especially since an early game oracles is no longer a cost efficient item, and all of the items she used to buy have been removed or nerfed. Still, be careful of dueling a Shyvana that carries exhaust because she can still output a lot of damage. She also still clears very fast.



One of my favorite junglers, Skarner has lost a great deal of his dueling capability with the increased cooldown time on his shield. Just be careful of his permaslow and his teammates coming to help him.



Still a great duelist against AD fighters like Vi. Trundle's Rapid Bite can ruin your day and a late game Pillar of Filth can make teamfighting difficult for Vi. Luckily, Trundle's effectiveness late game is still reliant on items so try and counter-gank him and don't let him get ahead.



I think more highly of Udyr than many people. He has seen reduced play because of how mobility and warding has changed in season 3 but he still remains a huge threat to the other teams jungler through his fast clear speed and damage output with Phoenix or Tiger stance.



Not that strong early but near impossible to duel late game once he gets items and his sustain improves. Be careful of getting locked down by his ultimate late game because he will catch you out and his team will kill you. Building a Mercurial Scimitar instead of a Maw of Malmortius wouldn't be the worst idea in this matchup.


Xin Zhao

His big-time damage output may be more than yours. The kicker is that he also has sustain built into his kit so you can't beat him in a 1v1 fight. You just play your game and assist your lanes while outfarming him since he is not that fast of a jungler.



Zed is a strong jungler right now. He clears very quickly and is capable of putting out tremendous damage. The real kicker is that he can escape very easily with his shadow.

Video Compilation

A short video with a series of Vi gameplay clips.

"Here Comes Vi" courtesy of Nicki Taylor & Riot Games:

Final Comments

Vi is a very fun champion who has a lot of potential. Despite her low win percentage in solo queue and non-existent pick rate in competitive play upon release, Vi has taken the league by storm and has seen a drastic increase in popularity, win rate, ban rate and competitive play.

Despite her flaws, Vi has a lot going for her and with a proper setup with optimal masteries, runes and item build, she can be a true terror to the enemy team.

Hopefully this guide provided some insight on how to effectively play Vi from the jungle and persuade you to give her a try.

And remember...

"Punch first. Ask questions while punching."


January 27, 2015 - 10:46 AM #1

You should swap your Marks and Quintessence, attack speed Quintessences are far superior to AD ones, and the AD Marks would give you 2-3 AD for free.

July 21, 2013 - 03:27 PM #2

nice build there but i have a build that is pretty good jungle first hunters machete + pots then a some boots/frozen mallet then a black clever then bloodthirster then statik shiv then warmogs then infinity edge (and i have never not been feded in a vi game)

July 2, 2013 - 12:44 PM #3

Great Guide, I love it. just played a game with the build and i went 33-0-11

June 11, 2013 - 02:27 AM #4

Great guide, I just played as Jungle Vi, and Jungle being a role I suck at won the game, helping mainly Top. Since Bot was doing great and mid was too, and also Top was so vocal about me being up there twice.

With the help of this too, I also successfully counter-jungled them 4-5 times, at level 1, and their Jungler never received any Red's except for 1. Overall I like this, and I hope you keep updating.

Have a good day or night.


June 7, 2013 - 04:57 PM #5

I just disagree with everything you wrote bro,i'm sorry...

Soon I will release my featured guide on Vi. Maybe it will help you correct a lot of things...

June 7, 2013 - 01:14 PM #6

Slight update to the guide. Fixed up some numbers!

@Nagelthrong: The video is slightly outdated since it was created months ago and Vi has had her base AD nerfed since then. And some streamers may opt to run a different setup with additional AD to start the game. So don't worry, we aren't crazy!

@artexartex: Gold last season and hopefully Platinum soon!

@StrykerG10: One of my favorites as well! Hopefully my guide helped you out.

May 31, 2013 - 11:38 AM #7

Hello there, thanks for a great in depth guide first of. Secondly; I have the same rune and masteries as you have but as I created a custom game I saw that I only get 64 ad to start with, and you have 69 in your video. Other streamers have 69 as well but some how I have 5 ad less. Thoughts? I can´t get my head around it.


April 24, 2013 - 04:26 AM #8

Amazing guide! Just curious what your league is?

April 9, 2013 - 06:28 PM #9

my favorite charater...

March 31, 2013 - 10:54 PM #10

Of course i modify this build depending on opponents, but really nice carried many ranked with this.

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