LUX BUILD GUIDE: Utility Carry Lux [S4 Updates in Progress!] by Trickysticks

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Greater Seal of Armor(+12.69 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist(+0.45 magic resist per level (8.1 at champion level 18))
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist(+8.04 magic resist)
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power(+14.85 ability power)
Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration(8.1 Armor Penetration and 5.58 Magic Penetration)
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Full Item Build

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mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 3/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
0 Defense
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
9 Utility
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Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
QLight Binding
WPrismatic Barrier
ELucent Singularity
RFinal Spark
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Guide is currently undergoing some maintainance to bring it in line with Season 4 and Solomid changes. Sorry about the mess.

More specifically, in the process of reformatting matchups. If you desperately need them, use the Matchups section near the end of the guide.

This guide is meant to be a general list of options, with many ways to build her items and methods of playing. There is no one "correct" way to play a champion. You should use your brain and build items according to your opponents, play differently based on how they respond to your antics, etc. Following a cookie cutter build is a good way to get crushed by people who know how to counter what you're currently doing.

The way I play her is as a utility carry. I use my abilities to kill enemies and assist teammates in killing enemies. is not . You are not going to singlehandedly wipe out the enemy team...unless you're obscenely fed. In which case, good job. Instead, she can output good damage WHILE offering slows/snares/shields, aka utility. If you outright kill someone, great. If not, they're missing a good chunk of health and are crowd controlled. Your shield-protected top lane can now kill everyone and steal all the glor- er, your team can win.

To elaborate, the "utility carry" designation means that I play to support my team over killing people. If given a choice between saving a teammate and killing an enemy, I'll almost always save a teammate. You don't need something like Aegis or Twin Shadows to be a utility carry. The utility is in Lux's kit and playstyle.

With that said, she's not perfect. There are tradeoffs you make when you choose Lux over other people.


+ Excellent harasser
+ Utility in all of her abilities
+ Ultimate is on a low cooldown
+ Long ranged
+ Respectable damage
+ Best laugh in the game


- All of her abilities are skillshots, they can miss and you'll be useless.
- Probably not someone you want to play if you normally have a high ping
- Mana costs unforgiving until you get an item to help with mana
- Cooldowns relatively long
- Very squishy mage with no innate escape
- Junglers REALLY like ganking lanes with Lux in them.
- Won't 100-0 most targets unless fed
- Ultimate name tampered with, she still has nightmares about it


* Her movement quotes may inspire ridiculous amounts of positivity, team work, and good will.
* Teaches you about double rainbows.


Hybrid Penetration marks penetrate a chunk of magic resist, allowing you to consistently do more damage. You also get armor penetration to make auto attack harass hurt more. Though Magic Penetration marks allow you to do more magic damage, you SHOULD be making good use of auto attack harassment early, which does physical. At the very least, you should be auto attacking to apply your passive. As such, I take hybrid pen over magic pen. I'd only really take magic pen if I can't afford hybrid pen in the first place.

Flat Armor seals are pretty much standard on just about everyone; they give enough armor to protect against basic threats such as minions(these seriously matter), their jungler and their mid laner on occasion, and turrets. Armor is an overall very useful stat and there isn't much else you can put here.

Flat & Scaling Magic Resist glyphs increase your magic resist to lower magic damage taken. I use three scaling and six flat glyphs, as I found that this works best for me. Six is a good buffer for the early game, and as the game goes on I gain additional MR for later on in the game. Feel free to take only one or the other, or mix them however you like.

Flat AP quints make your abilities do more damage. Pretty efficient and give you a relatively large amount of AP for the early game. As early game is when you do a lot of your harassment, boosting this potential damage is very significant, as every point of damage counts.


mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 3/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
0 Defense
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
9 Utility
I take a 21/0/9 Mastery set on Lux, taking all of the Ability Power boosts available in the Offense tree, as well as some cooldown reduction and general damage increases. I take Double Edged-Sword since Lux is able to dish out damage without taking it, and every little bit counts. Dangerous Game is a nice safety net, like if there's a 2v2 in mid and both mid laners are low. Kill the other guy first, and maybe you can get away scot-free. In the utility tree I take mana regen and summoner spell cooldown reduction, since having Flash up more often is extremely vital on a squishy, relatively immobile mage. Feel free to switch 3 points in Meditation for Fleet of Foot, as both are quite good masteries.

Summoner Spells

Flash & Ignite
Flash: To secure kills. To go over walls. To escape. To chase. To get in range for a clutch Final Spark. Use this both offensively and defensively. Use it to punish the other team's positioning errors, or as a Get out of Fail Free card. Since you have no innate mobility and you're pretty squishy, taking Flash is a must. Ignite, on the other hand, is used to mitigate healing received by enemy champions, be it from lifesteal, some abilities like or simply health potions. It also does a true damage-over-time effect, which makes it handy for securing kills on fleeing opponents. Overall it gives you increased kill potential in lane, and also throughout the rest of the game.
Flash & Barrier
However, maybe you don't want increased kill potential. Maybe you're laning against a Zed or LeBlanc or some other assassin(s) and don't really WANT to become mush on the floor. In this case, you probably aren't going to get any kills, so why get something geared for kills? You're still going to take Flash, but maybe that's not enough. In this case, take Barrier. The shield from Barrier, though brief, can block quite a bit of damage and save your life. Using it to block an enemy's burst damage, or any damage at all, can turn the tide of a teamfight simply by keeping you alive a little longer. This is also a nice safety net for newer Lux players who have trouble positioning.
Flash & Teleport
Think you lack kill potential, but the enemy also lacks kill potential on you? In that case, you might simply want to push your lane and roam elsewhere for kills and objectives. Teleport allows you to quickly roam the map and gank unwary foes. It's also particularly satisfying to Teleport and ult someone immediately afterwards. This doesn't have any direct combat application, since it's not going to save you (usually) and it won't directly kill the other guy, so be wary that your 1v1 ability isn't as high as it could be.
Flash & Cleanse
Similar to taking Flash and Barrier, but instead of damage your issue is with CC. Laning against a Veigar and his can be quite risky, but being able to remove the stun and run away from him helps immensely. Also applies to certain junglers like Fiddlesticks and Sejuani. Generally, if you don't like the amount of crowd control on the other team, take Cleanse and you have to worry a tiny bit less. Be sure to actually use it.

Item Builds!

Starting Build(s)
Default Item Start
Lux is a relatively strong laner, who excels at whittling someone down to either force them out of lane, or kill them. Starting with a Doran's Ring will amplify your ability to both dish out and take harassment. You can also do it more frequently thanks to the additional mana restoration from this item. You should also purchase two health potions, since the enemy should definitely be harassing you back and you want to have some health sustain to account for that. The trinket you should start with is the Warding Totem, since you honestly won't have time to clear enemy wards with (you'll be too vulnerable anyway) and is just not useful early game. The ward might not last all that long, but any bit of gank prevention will help.

Sometimes, this might not be the ideal starting build for what you're laning against. Check the tabs on the left, and look at the build that fits you best.

The final build doesn't change all that much, but build progression will vary depending on what you start with. See each build's respective tab on the left for build progressions.
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items
Your core items are Sorcerer's Shoes, Athene's Unholy Grail, Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff, and Zhonya's Hourglass. This build will give you a lot of damage while also having the magic penetration, cooldown reduction and mana regenration to consistently do that damage. Be sure to upgrade your totem if you have spare gold, since longer wards don't hurt. Your sixth item is situational, with Lich Bane being my go-to option if I don't see the need for anything else.
Build Order
(This build order assumes that you're starting with a Doran's Ring.)
Generally, your build order is extremely flexible and depends on when you need each compenent of your build. Find yourself focused in teamfights? Get Zhonya's before a Void Staff. Think you need a few more raw stats early game? Buy another Doran's Ring at some point. You typically buy items in pieces, but I've only listed Chalice of Harmony since it's a pretty major purchase that allows you to use skills a lot more liberally, and Needlessly Large Rods since they're quite expensive pieces and represent major damage boosts. Your last item is always situational and you should upgrade your totem when you have spare gold.

Situational Items

Situation: A lot of healing effects that need to be dealt with.

Morellonomicon provides a good amount of AP, as well as mana regen and it comes with a grievous wounds passive, for reducing the healing of those pesky AD Carries and their lifesteal, or certain other champions with profound healing effects like . It also gives a whopping 20% CDR, allowing you to easily reach the CDR cap when combined with an Athene's Unholy Grail or blue buff.
Liandry's Torment
Situations: Enemy team is stacking a lot of health. You find yourself doing a lot of poke damage. Your team has the constant cc to make the burn damage even more profound. You want more magic penetration, some health, and a cool mask.

Liandry's Torment is an item designed to shred high health targets, while also making you slightly more durable and boosting your ability power. It also gives 15 magic penetration, which isn't some ridiculous number, but every little bit helps. Primarily for poke, this will greatly augment your poking ability and also your ability to damage high health targets.
Lich Bane
Situations: You need more movement speed to kite effectively. You want more damage and a bit more mana. You need to destroy structures. You don't really need any of the above items.

For die-hard Lux players that really want to auto people in the face. Just like with your passive, you do not need to always get into auto attack range and use this. Getting into auto attack range has become more and more suicidal, but you should definitely safely use the passive on the ability on any enemy champion you can. Applying this is when another good portion of it comes in handy: It gives extra movespeed, to allow you to get in and get out quicker. It also gives a nice amount of AP, of course.

...I also get this against annoying people that actually dodge my skillshots to the point where I'm mad and want a targetted "ability". I'm human too.

And best of all, this works on structures! Need to backdoor or otherwise tear through turrets with ease? Buy this.
Guardian Angel
Situation: Despite all of your precautions, you still get focused and blown up in fights.

So, it's lategame and you already have a Zhonya's Hourglass. Not even that is enough to save you.

If this is the case, just buy more defense! Guardian Angel provides plenty of armor and magic resistance, and if the raw stats fail you, you can revive once every few minutes. A last resort of sorts, since you won't actually have all that much health when you revive since you are an awfully squishy champion with a low health pool, but every bit of damage and shielding you can do counts.
Banshee's Veil
Situation: There is one key ability you need to negate in order to do your job effectively.

In addition to providing a bit of health and mana(never bad things) it gives magic resist and a one-shot spell shield every now and then. I don't buy this often, but if there's a 800 AP running around spearing everyone, this should come in handy. Also useful against burst mages, as you can block an integral part of their burst, and take reduced damage from the rest.
Mejai's Soulstealer
Situation: You're snowballing.

Mejai's is a situational item that's meant for snowballing. I typically get it if I'm like 5/0 by 10 minutes or something obviously ahead, and can fit it into my build. If I'm confident in my ability to keep it stacked without dying, I might risk this purchase.
Don't buy this if...
  • You're dying a lot
  • You don't actually get kills/assists constantly
  • Everyone focuses you(aka you die a lot)
  • You get instagibbed(aka you die a lot)
  • Everyone on the other team absolutely hates your face and will stop at nothing to...

Well, you get it.

tl;dr If you are getting constant kills/assists and not dying, go for it!

Note that this also stacks with assists; if you're 2/0/12 or whatever and the assists keep rolling in, it's perfectly fine to go for this. Be an all-powerful assist king/queen, I guess.

This item will also draw some negative attention, since someone on the other team is bound to notice the Lux running around stealing souls, and they may call for focus on you to deplete your stacks. As long as you can keep Mejai's at or above 8 stacks, it's quite gold efficient and worth the buy.
Mercury's Treads
Situation: oh em gee CC.

These are my go-to choice against pesky or players. Sometimes against a good too. Reduce their obnoxiously long crowd controls, while reducing their damage and in the case of Veigar, dodge his . Otherwise I get them when the enemy team has tons of (preferably long ranged, like ) CC I really can't be bothered dealing with. If you think taking Cleanse won't be enough, buy these during the mid game.
Boots of Mobility
Situation: Want to run around murdering people.

For tons of roaming capability. Sometimes I run movespeed quintessences and buy these, and zip around the map showing people the light. AKA killing them. You sacrifice magic penetration for these, however, so be sure to try to actually get something off of your additional movespeed, like ganks and objectives, or else you may as well be wasting them.

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
QLight Binding
WPrismatic Barrier
ELucent Singularity
RFinal Spark
First of all, until you get to lane or encounter a situation where you want to use an ability, you shouldn't put a point in ANYTHING. You might wish to quickly Q someone you see invading/when you are invading, you might want to clutch shield someone so they don't die from an Ignite tick, or you might want to start with E.

Now that that's settled...

> > >

is a consistent damaging tool with an AoE. It goes through everything AND grants vision. As it is a very useful ability and reliable(as reliable as a skillshot can be) damage source, I max this first.

is a good source of damage, but it is unreliable compared to so I max this second.

is a very useful ability that can save allies or yourself, but by the time teamfights happen it'll normally be mid to late game, and a larger shield isn't that useful compared to more damage when 1v1ing an enemy laner, so I get one point in this early but max it last.

is a massively damaging beam of light with a short cooldown. It has the highest AP ratio and base damage, while offering vision granted for a short duration. As this only gets better as you level it, I upgrade this whenever possible: Levels 6, 11, and 16.

This skill order is not set in stone. Though I get a point in at level 4 normally, do not hesitate to get it at level 3, or even level 2, foregoing a point in , if you think you need it.


Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for 6 seconds. Lux's next attack ignites the energy, dealing 20-190 (10 + 10*level) magic damage to the target.

Lux's passive is essentially a mark applied to a target if they are hit with any of her damaging abilities. Using an auto attack or her ultimate on the target will detonate the mark, dealing bonus magic damage. Using this mark increases her damage output, but you shouldn't feel like you NEED to detonate marks, as you might take more harassment back than damage you dish out.
Light Binding
Lux releases a sphere of light that binds and deals 60/110/160/210/260 (+70% AP) damage to up to two enemy units, dealing half of the damage and snare duration to the second target.

Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds

Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 mana

Range: 1175

Light Binding sends out a skillshot from Lux's position that travels in a straight line, hitting the first two enemy units it collides with. The first target hit takes magic damage is snared for two seconds, and the second is snared for one second, also receiving half of the raw magic damage that the first received.

Light Binding tends to be the opener for Lux's skill combinations, as it snares targets hit for your other abilities to be guaranteed to land. It's also simply good for locking down targets, be it to get away or prevent them from doing so. This doesn't mean that Lux has an escape, however; it's still minion blocked and a snared target on top of you can still hit you. It's on a long cooldown, so intelligent opponents might suddenly become more aggressive if you miss it.
Prismatic Barrier
Lux throws her wand to a target location and back, bending the light around herself and any friendly Champions it touches, protecting them from 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 / 180 (+35% AP) damage for 3 seconds.

Cooldown 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 seconds

Cost: 60 mana

Range: 1075


Prismatic Barrier is an ability that sends a boomerang projectile out from Lux. It extends to its max range and reverses direction towards Lux, shielding allies both on the way out and on the way back. Lux herself is also shielded twice, initially when the shield leaves her, and also when it returns to her.

Prismatic Barrier is Lux's most support-like ability, as it is potentially a team wide double-shield with no damage attached. Landing it on as many teammates as possible can turn a teamfight, and as Lux's AP grows, the shield values start getting scary.

Note that running towards the projectile will renew the shield faster. If you're running away, throw your shield in the direction you're running and keep running.
Lucent Singularity
Lux fires an anomaly of twisted light to an area, which slows nearby enemies. Lux can detonate it to damage enemies in the area of effect for 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+60% AP).

Cooldown: 10 seconds, cooldown timer starts upon first cast

Cost: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 mana

Slow: 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 %

Range: 1100

Lucent Singularity is Lux's bread and butter ability. It fires a projectile towards target area. When it reaches target area, it applies a slow to all enemy units inside the area. Lux can activate the ability by pressing the key again, dealing magic damage to all enemies inside its AoE. Additionally, the ball of light provides vision of the areas it flies through, and the area it lands in, until it is detonated. If you do not manually activate this ability, after five seconds it will detonate itself.

This ability has many uses. You can simply use it to scout bushes so you don't walk into ambushes ( and , scary), to check on Baron/Dragon from behind walls, place it and activate it immediately for quick, safe damage, or place it in such a way to zone the enemy from something.
Final Spark
After gathering energy for half a second, Lux will fire a broad and long-range beam of light in a line that will instantly deal 300 / 400 / 500 (+75% AP) magic damage to all enemies in the area. In addition, the beam will trigger Illumation, and then re-apply a fresh Illumination mark.

Cooldown: 80 / 65 / 50 seconds

Cost: 100 mana

Range: 3000

The laz0r, Finales Funkeln, the Final Spark, the Mega-Death Laser, Infinite Light(gross), whatever you want to call it. Lux's ultimate is what makes her Lux.

After casting for 0.5 seconds, Lux fires a long ranged beam of light, damaging all enemies hit. As a bonus, this detonates any Illumination marks on the target, doing the passive damage based on your level, and reapplies the mark.

This thing has 3000 range. That's pretty long. It's good for executing targets who have flashed away, assisting with a team fight from a long distance and scouting as it also provides vision for a short duration.

As you gain ranks in Lux's ultimate, its cooldown scales down drastically. It starts at 80 seconds at rank 1, 65s at rank 2 and 50s at rank 3. With 40% cooldown reduction, these cooldowns become 48/39/30 seconds. At level 16+ with 40% CDR, you can pretty much use your ult for whatever you want. Use it to quickly farm a minion wave, get the last hit on a buff your jungler is trying to give you or even steal a buff from the other team, steal Barons and Dragons, and more. And it'll be up again in just 30 seconds! For reference, minion waves also spawn every 30 seconds.

Note: Lux's channel for her ultimate is special, and the same type as Ezreal's in that once it starts it cannot be interrupted by any cc, except for DYING. Lux can fry people even while being cc'd, if you start the cast before the cc lands. However, displacement effects will move the hitbox of the laser, while the graphic will stay in the same spot, which can lead to some confusing scenarios.

Champion Matchups

Favors Enemy
Playing against Ahri in lane is more or less a skill matchup. You want to poke her, and she wants to poke you. You have a hard CC ability and so does she. Like with many champions, you do outrange her, so use this. Pre-6 her main harassment will be , with and thrown in if you give her a chance to use them. Charm will both make you unable to dodge her stuff, and it's arguably better for jungle ganks than your snare since you're forced to walk into a more vulnerable position. Stay behind minions and/or keep moving.

Once she gains her her threat increases quite a bit. She can Spirit Rush into position for a Charm, which, assuming she actually lands it, can be a death sentence. Her ultimate also decreases her ability to be ganked, since she'll just ult away when cornered...usually. She can't use it through cc, so if you combine crowd control with someone else she's usually doomed. Once she has this, her roaming and ganking capability exceeds yours, so she might just try to push the lane and go murder someone else. If this happens, warn your team and try to follow her immediately.

In teamfights, she might take on an assassin role and attempt to burst squishy targets. You're a squishy target. Save your cc until after she uses a dash, as there is a small time in between dashes where she can't use them again. If this fails, unless you have some other defensive measure (like your team actually peeling), you're kinda screwed.

If you've absolutely murdered her in lane, she might just become your run of the mill mage . She won't be much of a threat to you from the back of her team unless your team is losing, in which case she'll chase after you once your front line is down. CC her, run away, etc.

Generally you're even in lane but she can do a lot more out of lane than you can.
Favors Enemy
Akali is a melee mage. Normally you'd probably step on her, and I suppose you can do that early on. There her only real form of harass is her , which doesn't really hurt THAT much early on...unless you let her walk up to you and proc the mark. In which case, you may have other problems. Feel free to smack her like any other melee in mid. She may try to place on your minions and go in it to try to farm. Respect this and give her space, as it stealths her when she's not attacking while she's in it, and also provides bonus resistances regardless of her combat state.

Don't just ignore it and let her Q + auto attack you. It hurts.

This pre-6 time is probably the best time to go for a kill, as she can't gap close and is relatively vulnerable.

Then she hits level 6 and gains . She now gets a long-ranged gap closer. She suddenly got scary, gasp! Getting close to her will probably result in you losing half of your health or something. Luckily, you're Lux. You can play the "farm from 1400 range" game. You can certainly try to poke her down a bit, but it probably won't stick because of the spell vamp potion of her passive and she'll probably buy a as soon as possible anyway.

can build one or two damage items and then get away with building tankiness. This is...annoying, to say the least. You probably aren't bursting her, especially if she's in her shroud, so focus on the "utility" part of Lux.

Her stealth is counterable by placing a in the general area of the shroud or by someone using a . Who cares if she's 20/0/14 somehow, if you can see her and focus her down?

Aside from this, she doesn't just instakill you at level 6. Once she puts a rank into her ultimate, she needs time to store charges of it. During this lull of sorts, you can probably bait her into jumping on you if she's bad, and then she'll have not much else to follow it up with. Once she does get charges, however, she gains extraordinary sticking power with three dashes, a slow, and her base movespeed isn't too shabby either. Dying to her sets a snowball rolling, that can roam everywhere and decimate your team. Beware the shadows, indeed.

In teamfights she's going to attempt to assassinate squishy targets. You count. Try to snare her and do your burst combo on her, and your team should be able to peel further and/or finish her off. Otherwise, use defensive items, run away from her, pray, etc.
Favors You
Facing Anivia is more or less a farm fest, though it is slightly in your favor. Early on, she probably won't kill you unless you get hit by too many skill combos, or her jungler intervenes. You can pretty much poke at her for free, since she has the lowest base movespeed in the game and her long windups on her abilities and auto attacks mean she'll spend more time stationary than most other mid laners.
Don't underestimate her damage, though. If you get twice by ( once as it passes through you, once when it explodes and stuns) and then are hit by E, you're pretty much looking at half of your health early on. As such if you get hit by this combo twice you're dead.

Post level 6, she does become more threatening. A into combo does hurt, but you should be able to retaliate. Just try not to stand in her ultimate during your attempts to trade.

Essentially, you outrange her and she's much slower than you so she can't even try to retaliate unless you put yourself in range or get hit by a long range Anivia Q. In that case, sucks to be you.

Some things to note: Her passive means that she'll turn into an egg if brought below 1 health. Early on, she'll have reduced armor and MR, so if you can force her to egg you can probably auto attack her to death, and/or wait for an ability to come off cooldown and use that. You can click on her to see when her egg is up. When it is, tower diving her is probably not a particularly good idea.

Similarly, be aware that she has . Chasing her down a narrow jungle path might result in her walling you in with her. And her friend, the jungler. If this happens, hope you can flash over some wall somehwere (you can flash over the wall created too), or enjoy dying to their ///whoever.

As she is ridiculously slow, you can probably try to roam and leave her hanging mid. Her pushing power is quite good, though, and even if you do kill enemy laners she can easily push the wave and proceed to murder your turret. Make sure you'll get something from your ganks, or have your jungler hold your lane. Whatever works for you.
Favors You
Annie is a short ranged mage. This fact alone would make her a pretty easy matchup, honestly, but she's the definition of "burst mage" and you are burstable. Pre level 6 her only real method of damaging you is walking up to you to toss at you, and if she has her up she'll probably follow up with as well. As usual, when someone smacks you over the head you want to try to retaliate. Other than abilities, her auto attack range is actually pretty high, so she might try to whittle you down with them. This does sting a bit but it's not major damage...unless she's running AD runes or something. In which case, that's hilarious. You want to last hit normally and try to deny her last hits through good use of your Lucent Singularity, and snare her if she tries anything.

Post level 6, she gains and can pretty easily up to you and proceed to burst you down. You should REALLY keep your distance, especially when she has her passive up. Farm from way back, if she tries to walk up to you, Q and E her if possible. Don't proc your passive unless you're close to killing her and want to all-in, or she'll just unload spells on you anyway. She does a lot more up-front damage than you do, and her cooldowns are lower.

Q has a travel time, so if she tries to toss one at you to get a stun and her jungler pops out of a bush, you have enough time to flash towards your tower. Flash into R is a practically unavoidable stun, however, and if her jungler is near you are SCREWED. You'll probably die even if they aren't, honestly.

Things to Note: A particularly smart can leave her passive stacks at 3, and then use her to bring her stun up, and then use an offensive spell immediately afterwards to catch you off guard. She can even use E while her Q is mid flight and it will stun you upon hitting you.

If she does summon Tibbers, you really shouldn't stand around letting it hit you. It comes with a small aura that damages everything near it, including blonde light mages, and it can also auto attack you for even more magic damage.

Swirly things around her mean her next offensive spell will stun you. She'll even laugh like a crazy person, so there's enough warning.

Overall, spacing is key. Keep out of her range and she can't kill you, simply put. This is especially true later on in the game, where she has items.
Favors Enemy
Cassiopeia is terrifying in the right hands.

Though no one seems to play her, Cassiopeia is a very real threat to most mid laners, including Lux. Her dueling potential is ridiculous, and if she wishes she can just max Q and have good poke as well.

Welp, let's begin. Level one. She'll likely take and...use it on you. It's a low cooldown ability that she can more or less spam liberally, so stay on your toes. Getting hit by it at level 1 isn't as life threatening as it is later, but of course with all damage, you want to avoid taking it. Stay on your toes and move unpredictably to avoid getting hit, while not neglecting your farming and maybe throw a Singularity at her if you can spare the mana. Note that landing a Noxious Blast gives her a movement speed increase if she lands it on an enemy champion.

Once she levels up , her landing a Q just became a huge problem. Now that you're poisoned, she can gleefully use the movement speed to approach you and press E on you. A lot. Using Twin Fang on a poisoned target resets the cooldown to 0.5 seconds, so she can use it many times in quick succession. Q's cooldown is also low enough so she can use another one on you and continue her E spam. Of course, if you see that she uses Twin Fang on you without you being poisoned, she just lost a huge chunk of her dps and you can aggressively move in on her.

Some time betweens levels 1 and 6, she'll probably get a point in . This ability can be likened to Lucent Singularity, as it generates a slowing field. This field expands over time, reaching a maximum size and disappearing. Of course, the area also poisons you, which hurts. This'll also reset Cass's E if she uses it on you, but she won't gain movement speed. Being slowed WILL make it easier to land a Q on you, though. And the combination of you being slowed and her being sped up is frightening.

Though she's capable of doing a lot of damage quickly, there's counterplay: Don't get poisoned. She has to land a Q or W on you to be able to unlock her full potential, and she might telegraph when she's going to do so. Dodge her stuff, hit her with yours.

Assuming you haven't been fanged to death, you'll lane until level 6 and she'll get her ultimate, . Basically, it does damage to you. If you're looking in her direction while she uses this, you'll be stunned. If not, you'll get slowed ridiculously instead. Obviously both effects suck, but being slowed is much less debilitating than being stunned. Both effects make it easier for her to land poisons and commence with the fangs. As it has an obvious start up animation and sound effect, try to look away from her. It's a pretty natural instinct to run away from her anyway, so you may already have your back turned. This ability doesn't poison you, and rookie Cassiopeias may try to use fangs on you immediately after ulting you, which is a huge mistake. Regardless of the circumstances, as long as you aren't stunned you can probably just snare her and then either get away or try to burst her if she tries to ult you. Especially if she wants to ult you, as she'll be an easy target.

She can push well with her tons of poisons, and her ganks aren't exactly terrifying but she isn't either. She could try to push and roam, so warn your team if she does so, blah blah blah. Try to farm and take potshots at her, and go in for the kill if you think it's prudent. Otherwise, dance and pray you don't make a wrong step.
Favors You
This is a hugely boring farm lane. Though Cho'Gath is likely to be seen more as a top laner or jungler, sometimes he'll make a nice journey to mid. It will suck.

is an AoE skillshot cc that is absolutely debilitating. DO NOT GET HIT BY THIS. The ridiculous combination of a knockup and a slow will at the very least annoy you, and at the most can be an easy setup for a jungler gank. is an AoE silence and another irritant. If you're not careful in lane, he'll basically just wear you down and might be able to actually kill you. You can try to harass him down, but his passive will make harass not stick for long.

If you haven't somehow killed him before level 6, you can pretty much give up on it and continue farming: His ultimate allows him to increase his health pool further, and he's probably going to buy items for tankiness/sustain like a or .

Of course, laning isn't solely about killing the other guy, though it IS fun. Farm, dodge skillshots, and see if you can try roaming to be of use elsewhere.
Favors Enemy
Ah, Diana. Like Akali, but with counterplay. Gasp.

Early game, you can basically harass her since you're ranged and she isn't, though be wary of her , as it does actually do significant damage. It curves to her right, so moving to her left or even walking towards her can assist in dodging it. If you get too close to her, however, she can pull you in with and smack you a bit. Her does hurt, so not letting her auto attack you three times is a pretty good idea. Her shield is good for ignoring your harass and allowing her to farm without taking much damage, and if you let her pull you, hurts a lot as well. Diana sure hurts, doesn't she?

At level 6+, the tide turns heavily in her favor. She gets a long ranged gap closer, what fun. It does have a 20 or so second cooldown normally, and during its cooldown she's still her pre-6 self. However, if she lands a Q on you, she can use on you without it going on cooldown, increasing her ability to chase and damage output further. A smart Diana will wait until you try to run to E you back into her, so snaring her doesn't really help for anything other than doing damage back to her. This is still a good idea, of course. Trading 101.

From this point, you basically want to farm safely and avoid being hit by her Crescent Strike. If she does hit you, try to back off until the mark wears off, or shield yourself and brace for some heavy damage.

She has cheap waveclear, so she might try to push and roam, like most assassins. As an assassin who's actually good at it, be sure to warn your team and follow if possible.

Early Game

I define the early game as levels 1-6.

At the loading screen, observe what summoner spells the enemy team has and take note of them. You should also prepare something witty to say about toasters in case someone takes ages to load, and remember that the team with more skins wins. Totally.

As the game begins, you want to quickly purchase your starting items and watch for a jungle invasion or maybe invade yourself. Luckily, since you're , you can use to check a bush before walking into it and facechecking that ready to you. If you're invading, however, you should take first in order to snare any unsuspecting targets and allow your team to murder them.

Assuming you aren't invading, you should be leashing for your jungler. As you're the mid laner and sticking around for an extended amount of time means you lose minion gold and experience(one or two will die before you can last hit it), just hit the large buff monster once or twice, using E if you want, and go to lane. If you do this quickly, you won't miss a single minion. You'll need to learn the timing of this.

Typically, using mana at levels one and two to harass your laning opponent is a waste of time, as the base damage of Lux's offensive abilities don't justify spending a lot of mana on minor harass they'll probably simply regen back at these levels. Cautiously last hit minions with auto attacks, if you can freely auto attack them without giving up a minion kill then feel free to. You aren't going to murder people at level one, so you shouldn't really try to. Unless they're of questionable intelligence and try tower diving. Bleh.

At level three, I tend to start trying to harass them with E. At this point, with your proc as well it should stick. If they are prime targets for a , use that first to ensure your Lucent Singularity hits. Be sure to try proccing your passive with an auto attack before detonating E if you do a Q+E combo, as you get two activations of your passive instead of one being potentially wasted. THIS IS STILL NOT MANDATORY AT ALL. Don't walk straight into 's in an effort for an extra 40 or so magic damage. You'll just get smacked over the head and take more damage than you would've dealt.

At level six, you acquire your . This adds about 300 damage of burst, and if you've poked them down a bit, one full combo led by can probably lead to a kill.

Level 6 Raw Damage Reference w/ 25 AP
- 77.5(60 base + 17.5 from AP)
- 165(150 base + 15 from AP)
- 318.75(300 base + 18.75 from AP)

: You're flinging this at them to do damage? lol scrub

Each proc: 70 damage.

Total Burst Damage with One (Q E R): ~631
But Wait! There's More! : 631 Magic Damage + 170 true damage DoT.

For a grand total of 801 raw damage. Not to mention that your auto attacks do damage, and the destruction of the minion wave you probably just fried with your abilities lets your minions attack them too. Your opponent also has magic resistance, of course. There are many damage factors, but generally, Lux is not to be trifled with.

Mid Game

I define the mid game as any time after level 6, but before late game.

At this point, you are level 6 or higher and have a rank in your ultimate. This is your strongest point as your damage is at what may as well be its highest point, since your enemies most likely don't have defensive items yet and your damage only increases with every level and purchase. Feel free to return to base and purchase items, and start roaming!

Roaming is simple: Leaving mid lane to help elsewhere. As fun as possibly killing their over and over is, he stops being worth more gold than a minion after a while, and your bottom lane might be losing horribly.

Generally speaking, just firing your can be called a succesful gank. That 350 or so damage can be the difference between your bottom lane dying and theirs surviving with 100 hp, or your getting a double kill. (For more on roaming, see the part about ganking within the Mid Lane Dynamics section.)

Unfortunately you can't just abandon mid lane to run around killing people all the time. You do need to still farm and generally...be mid. Since it's past the early game, champions should have their ultimates and be much more threatening. You should still exercise caution when laning, and play normally.

Pretty soon, towers should fall if they haven't already and people start to group up.

Late Game

Late game isn't really easy to define. See below.

Hypothetical Situation: It is 40 minutes into the game, everyone is now level 16 or higher, major items are completed, and people are moving in groups of five. Towers are falling, objectives like Baron Nashor are being contested, and your is being yelled at for getting caught and throwing the game. At this point, you do not want to waltz through their jungle to see if you can steal their golems or whatever. Stay with your team, or at the very least don't walk into possibly unsafe territory. Getting caught out, with how long death timers are at this point in the game, can lose you major objectives, including inhibitors, your nexus, and your self-esteem. Safely farm lanes, not going past any destroyed turrets unless you see their team elsewhere, or have ward coverage.

At this point in the game, the enemies should probably have some defensive items. Bruisers get scaling magic resistance, a may be complete, their might have a . Generally, you probably can't just use your skills on them and kill them in one go. This happens to any mage, unfortunately. Luckily, there should come a time when your team and theirs come together for an epic fight. This is commonly called a teamfight(see relevant section).

This far into the game, you probably aren't going to instantly kill their AD carry (like said above) unless they have zero defense. If they do, feel free to. Otherwise, you tend to transition to the role of a second support of sorts. Do 70% or so of their healthbar, and get to helping people!


Now your team is fighting their team. How exciting! As , you're both squishy and a major source of damage AND utility. Running into the middle of the fight to snare their squishy people will get your focused and killed (unless the enemy team is utterly stupid). Instead, you probably want to toss out a on as many people as possible. You may want to wait to snare someone to protect your carry, or use it immediately to catch someone out of position. Do you want to snipe someone with your ultimate or use it when it'll hit as many people as possible? There is no real set formula to teamfighting, but you should follow some basic tips:

  • Stay out of the middle of fights! Instead stay on the outskirts, tossing spells at them whenever possible. If you need to, save a cooldown to protect yourself or others.
  • You generally do not need to save your ultimate for sniping low health targets. Use it when it will hit as many people as possible. Your K/D/A isn't everything, do your damage swiftly and efficiently.
  • If you're losing a teamfight, and everyone is dying, just run. Using to try to kill their 10 hp just results in you dying to the rest of his team and no one(probably) being able to stop them from taking objectives.
  • Your is huge in a teamfight, as it can shield upwards of 300 damage for your entire team TWICE. You can also probably cast it more than once per fight. Be sure to shield as many people as possible, as often as possible!
  • If you win a fight and everyone significant on their team is either dead or severely wounded, try to push down turrets, kill the dragon or Baron, or do steal buffs. Make good use of your time!

Positioning isn't something I can just teach you. The best way would probably be to watch videos of pro players playing Lux and see where they are relative to every other player.

General Tips

There are also many pieces of advice that aren't specific to Lux that can be good to know.

  • Using skills on enemies that are attempting to get a last hit typically makes them easier to land.

To get a last hit, the other person has to stand still momentarily, be it to auto attack or cast a spell. During this time, it's much easier to land your skillshots and start punishing them for it. Naturally, the lower the champion's attack speed, the easier it is to land. Poor Anivia.

Then again, why not go even further! You can see the health of your minions, so predict when the enemy will want to go for one, and aim for where you think they'll be if they go for it. You'll probably hit them, or they might decide to just back off and not take the minion at all. So, you either damaged them, denied them a last hit, or both. Yay.

  • Keep track of your enemy's cooldowns, and become more aggressive when you know they're down.

So, the enemy just used her Q and missed you. Good job on dodging. Though this is usually a bad matchup, she just missed an important ability and can't eat your face for the next 5 or so seconds. During this time, you can throw spells at her with little retaliation, move up to farm without fear of getting jumped on, or simply laugh at her. All effective courses of action.

  • If the enemy has no mana, don't be afraid of them!

Goes hand in hand with the above tip. Cassiopeia sure is scary. Oh wait, she has 5 mana. She can't do anything to you. HIT HER.

This doesn't apply to resourceless champions (they...don't run out) or those based on auto attacks since they don't need mana to hit you.



Difficulty Pre-6: Easy, becomes Medium
Difficulty Post-6: Hard

Fizz, probably known as one of Lux's hardest matchups, is a melee AP assassin who can dash around and become briefly untargetable. This is a problem, but like any champion with a combination of smart movement and skill usage you can survive.

So, you stop crying in despair and walked into lane, and it's level 1. He's still a melee champion and he only has one ability, so do that you should normally do: hit him. If he's particularly reckless and took at level 1, he might try to use it on you. Which is a big mistake, as it really doesn't hurt that much, he put himself in range for your auto attacks (which have a lot longer range than his), and your minions will promptly start to murder him. In this case, you probably just won lane and can play normally. Otherwise, he'll probably be somewhat passive early and deal with your harass.

As he gains levels, he'll get points in and . Seastone Trident amplifies his auto attacks and allows them to both reduce your healing and apply a magic damage-over-time effect to you. His Q will apply it if he has the ability learned. He can activate Trident to do even more on-hit damage. His E is the thing that probably makes most Lux players tear their hair out, as it makes him briefly untargetable and allows him to move a short distance and deal damage to anything he lands on.

From level 4 or so onward, Fizz will likely get more aggressive. He'll move towards you, turn W on, Q at you and likely E away. The order of this might vary slightly, but he'll usually try to dodge a skillshot with E and lay into you regardless. So, what can you do? The obvious thing is to back off if he tries it. If Fizz uses W, there's an obvious audio and visual effect to alert you to this, so retreat and try to wait it out. If he's foolish and tries to use E to close the gap, you're pretty much free to hit him with an easy snare and combo it into a Singularity. But if you manage to find yourself in his range, you should shield yourself and plan a course of retaliation. A common mistake is not retaliating at all, which is a poor decision and turns a trade into you taking free damage.

If Fizz hasn't used E yet, try to wait to throw skillshots until he uses it. Some Fizz players will use it as a reaction to your skillshots, while others will do it as if it's muscle memory. If Fizz just Es after his harassment combo for no reason, punish him by waiting until he lands and throw your skills at him. If Fizz uses it as a reaction, however, you pretty much want to bait it out with one skill and hit him with the other. I usually try to throw a snare and then land a Singularity, as the latter does more damage. If you're feeling particularly crazy, don't shield yourself until after he finishes his Q and throw it at him. He might use E on reaction and you'll have two offensive skills to use on him. Rarely works after the first few times, though.

Assuming you aren't shark bait by level 6, he'll put a point in his ultimate and his threat level will rise even further. is a skillshot that'll summon a shark that damages and knocks up enemies where it lands, regardless of if it hits someone or not. If it hits you it'll stick to you, and this is obviously unpleasant. It also allowed him to easily combo you, keep hitting you and go for the kill. So, you REALLY want to dodge it. If it hits you you'll probably be forced to or die horribly. There's an animation and Fizz will cry out when he uses it, so if you see him throw one from a long range be sure to avoid it. Note that if you decide to walk near it when it's on the ground, you'll still get hurt, so please don't.

So, if you get hit by a fish you'll probably die and even before he hits 6, he'll hurt. However, he does mostly magic damage and there are a few magic resistance options to allow you to go toe-to-toe with him. Athene's is always a good buy against him, but you can also consider an Abyssal Scepter. He'll put himself in range of the aura, and it gives more offensive/defensive stats than Athene's in exchange for no cooldown reduction or passives. He's still a squishy mage, so you can burst him down if you hit him. Aside from itemization, you can change your playstyle. Fizz's pushing power is either nonexistent if he doesn't max E, or costs a ton of mana if he does max E. You can push the lane and prevent him from roaming, with the risk being that you have a longer distance to run if he goes in on you.

Aside from this, one thing to note is that he ignores unit collision due to his passive . This will also reduce minion damage, but won't outright ignore it. It's still a good idea for you to fight in your minion line, as the tide will turn in your favor.

Sure, it's not a good matchup and I really wouldn't pick Lux against Fizz. But it's not completely unwinnable and good play can prevent him from making mincemeat of you, and you may be able to kill him in retaliation.


Difficulty Pre-6: Easy
Difficulty Post-6: Easy

Karthus is one of the easier matchups, lane-wise. His laning is somewhat bad though he can just farm from a long distance if he needs to, and he scales pretty hard into the lategame.

Level one. He REALLY should have taken and will proceed to use it to earn last hits. He'll probably also use it on you if you make yourself an easy target. Though he won't kill you at level one you want to avoid tasting the rainbow and getting hit by skittles. Rainbows are your domain.

At level two he should probably get and as such he both gains mana upon a unit kill, and can spend mana on AoE damage around himself. As such walking next to Karthus is a bad idea. From this point on, keep harassing him while moving unpredictably to avoid his Q. He's still a squishy mage like everyone else, and to use Q he has to stand still briefly like most another spells. Throw a Singularity, hit him, laugh at him in the process.

Some time between two and six he'll probably get a point in . He can decide to wall you and aggressively fling skittles at you, which is a thing to watch out for. The slow is also large and will make you an easy ganking target. To combat this, snare him if possible along with E and back off. The wall also shreds your magic resistance, making him hurt a bit more.

Eventually you'll both hit level 6, and he'll gain . As with all global ultimates, tell your team when Karthus hits level 6. This makes him a global threat and you should try to keep him in your sights at all times. Though you cannot outright stop the channel, if he decides to foolishly cast it while in range of you, you can probably outright kill him. If you're quick enough and do enough damage, the channel won't complete and he'll die. Yay. If not, you still took off a large chunk of his health and he's forced to play even more passively. Since there's a very obvious red line above yourself during this, you should shield yourself if you see it coming, and any teammates that happen to be nearby. Walking back into mid lane and see your jungler walking by? Shield them while you're on your way. Lane-wise, he has some more damage he can throw out if given the chance, either by him somehow whittling you down and him using it on you as you try to flee, or by you killing him and putting him in his passive.

Speaking of Karthus' passive, basically allows him to stay where he died for 7 seconds and cast additional spells without a mana cost. This means that if you kill him you should promptly make yourself scarce and run the heck away from his dead body. Lingering around a dead Karthus and getting Q'd is a wonderful way of getting yourself killed by Requiem a few seconds later.

In teamfights Karthus will probably try to wall off as many people as possible and walk into your team, with Flash being optional. You should try to snare him during this, so that he doesn't get as much as a chance to do damage, or at least so he doesn't die in the middle of everyone. After you kill him, back off and deal with the rest of his team. Of course, teamfights don't always follow this formula, but you basically want to stop the advance of Karthus and move on. Shield your team from Requiem (though you should be shielding them regardless), and teamfight normally.

You should really destroy him in lane and move elsewhere to snowball your team before he gets going. If he does get going, then he's a threat but your cc combined with everyone else's should be able to cull most of his threat.


Difficulty Pre-6: Easy
Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Kassadin is a melee mage who can transition into a mobile assassin that absolutely destroys everyone. Your job is to abuse him so hard he can't do that.


So, the first thing I'd do is start with an item build that has a ward, and place it shortly after reaching lane. This is to make your aggression safer (yes you should be aggressive) since getting ganked and giving Kass a kill is a good way to set a snowball rolling.

Now that you've actually reached lane, you should take this into account: Kassadin is a melee mage. HIT HIM. REPEATEDLY. He might try to use on you, but you can't silence auto attacks. Keep hitting him. If he tries to cs normally, he'll take an awful lot of damage, and if he doesn't then he's not csing. He might hang back and try to use his Q to farm, in which case he can't even retaliate. During this vulnerable pre-6 state, you should keep harassing him while not neglecting your own farm, and while keeping an eye out for ganks. Q does have travel time, so if you're quick you can shield yourself and then try to retaliate once the silence wears off. It's a very bad idea to just let him Q you and get away with it. That's how Kassadins manage to kill people pre-6, other than ganks.

As laning goes on, he should be learning his others abilities and possibly using them. Kassadin's will passively grant him mana when auto attacking a unit, and can actively be used to amplify his auto attacks. As such don't let him walk up to you and hit you. If you can deny him from even hitting minions, he'll also be unable to sustain Q spamming and eventually be shoved out of lane/to his turret. Kassadin's E is a slow that requires nearby spellcasts to charge up, regardless of team alignment. You can charge it, he can charge it. Its range is not all that long though, so not walking next to him should let you deal with that.

So, Kassadin will hit 6 eventually unless you abuse him so hard he ragequits. He'll be able to use to close the distance and lay into you.

It's really not that bad.

First of all, it has an obvious animation and sound effect. You can shield yourself in reaction to this, and kite him backwards if he tries to pursue. He'll likely Q you but you can simply snare him after the silence wears off and hit him back. Riftwalk's cooldown is quite a bit longer than his silence duration so you should be able to hit him before he jumps out.

Otherwise, you may want to try shoving mid as mercilessly as possible to prevent him from roaming. Always buy wards, as cc junglers can give him a kill and wreck your day. If he does roam tell your team, try to cc him in teamfights, typical assassin stuff.

How the lane goes is basically dictated by how you treat him. If you give him space, he'll suffocate you. But if you go aggressive, he'll likely be far behind and struggle to catch up.


Difficulty Pre-6: Skill Matchup
Difficulty Post-6: The above, only more deadly!

First of all, I don't think that vs is as one-sided in Kat's favor as people think it is. Sure, she has to potentially dodge things, but she can't dodge what you don't throw at her. More on that later.

So, levels 1 and 2. She might throw at you to do about 0 damage. You do more than her at this point, and she's melee, so feel free to harass her to your heart's content. Feel free to use sparingly as well. Her leaves a mark she can trigger with an auto attack or any other ability, so avoid that if possible.

From there onward, she may become a bit more irritating. A typical can use her Shunpo to dodge a snare or get out of your Singularity, and then use to both damage you and speed herself out of there. The solution? Don't use your snare.

...at least, not until she burns , regardless of the reason. Else, she'll probably find something to jump to and your snare goes on its hour-long cooldown.

Post-6, it's pretty much the same thing. is a channeled ability that does damage to up to three targets standing within range. As it hurts, you shouldn't do that. It also applies a healing reduction debuff and is overall a pain to deal with. It can be stopped with interrupts, like a stun or knockback, but you only have a snare. is quite content to stand still, in any case. That said, if she tries to use this on you, back out of range and use a spell combination on her in return.

As Katarina is manaless and her ultimate is on a short cooldown, she can whittle you down indefinitely, assuming you somehow don't whittle her down in turn. At this point she can pretty easily tower dive you, and use her cooldown-refreshed skills to get out of there. As such don't hang around if you're that low, I suppose?

If you make the first move, she will most likely dodge it and lay into you. If she makes the first move, you can aim carefully and lay into her. Honestly, in a perfect world these champions shouldn't kill each other, as Lux can mitigate the damage from Death Lotus and get out of there, while Katarina can dodge quite a few skillshots and blink to her escape.

Katarina IS pretty good at effortlessly pushing the minion wave and then running around killing people, however, and she can do it for free. Thanks to her passive allowing her to get another skill rotation after killing someone, and innate mobility, she can do this more easily than most. Warn your team and follow if possible, the usual drill.

If you want to fight her in her ult for some reason, put two points into and throw it out. Both halves should negate a hefty chunk of the damage, and you can still use other abilities while she's stuck channeling.


Difficulty Pre-6: Don't Get In Range
Difficulty Post-6: You REALLY Shouldn't Get In Range

LeBlanc, the Deceiver. She'll deceive you by erasing your lifebar if you make mistakes. Enjoy.

But really, she's an AP caster mid laner with high amounts of single target burst damage. She's not overpowered, or a n00b champ, and if anything she's a bit on the lackluster side.

At level 1, she isn't going to instakill you, so feel free to play normally(whatever that is...). Last hit minions, auto her a few times if she lets you, walk in circles, yadda yadda. She can try to toss a at you, but it'll do negligible damage at level one, and she's in range to throw your Singularity at her and proc your passive additionally. Boom, you win the trade, barring minions and the like.

From level 2 onward, she gets a bit scary. She can now activate the silence of her sigil with another of her abilities, and assuming she's not BAD and has a point in her , she'll happily chain you after giving you a hug with . All of her skills in conjunction hurt a lot, of course, but she shouldn't be able to 100-0 you without her ultimate. Take too much harass, however, and she'll kill you. Isn't that true with everyone?

Assuming you didn't let her walk up to you and kill you, you're both now level 6. Your damage spikes, and so does hers. By a lot. She gains the ability to one of skills, allowing it to do increased damage. Most LeBlancs will probably use to get into range for her Q, and then use it (duh). She'll then use Mimic on her Sigil, silencing you and applying ANOTHER mark on you. She can optionally toss chains at you to trigger the Mimicked mark as well, and either use Distortion again to return to where she started, doing hefty damage and take none in return, or keep on chasing you for the kill.

Or, you could be...special, and simply let her WALK into range for Q. Then she can use her W for damage instead of as a gap closer. +++, add for good measure. Congratulations, you're dead!

As Lux, you should have a somewhat easier time against her by virtue of having long range. Stay away from her, farm with from a long distance, don't feed the monster. You can easily push her to her turret by virtue of having an AoE damaging tool, and LeBlanc cannot push back to save her life. Unless she blows her ultimate on mimicking W. In this case, her ult is on cooldown and she probably can't kill you. Feel free to be more aggressive.

LeBlanc is a snowbally assassin that will fall off in usefulness if not fed. You can ensure that you don't feed her, and by pushing the lane you ensure that she can't just run off bot lane and Sigil your in the face. As always, be sure to tell your team that she's missing if she does run off somewhere, and if possible, follow at a very safe distance.

If you still have trouble, you can invest in magic resistance. There's no shame in buying a for laning, and you can build it into an . and by extension are good items for magic resist, and they're especially good on Lux for being able to sustain farming from a mile away.

I'd like to talk about Abyssal Scepter in particular, as in most cases you won't be in its aura's range to actually make use of the MR reduction. LeBlanc actually has to gap close to you in order to fling sigils at you, and she outright puts herself within range. She's also fairly squishy, and you can combine the magic resist reduction with a quick reaction time (throw when she uses W, zap her for it) to swiftly retaliate. You probably won't kill her since you aren't going heavily into AP, but she shouldn't be trying that again. Or maybe you will kill her.

Don't feed her, don't try to directly fight her. Laning isn't about getting the most kills, but farming gold for items. Farming the other guy is nice, but unless you want to BE farmed, stay safe. You're more useful than her in the long run, so just hang in there.


Difficulty Pre-6: Keep Your Distance
Difficulty Post-6: Still Need to Stay Back

is a mobile melee fighter, that revolves around c-c-c-combos of her abilities to deal tons of damage.

Seriously, she does a lot of damage right from level 1.

Though she is normally seen in the top lane, and occasionally as a jungler, some Rivens will make the great trip to mid in an effort to utterly destroy your face. As I said, from level 1 she potentially has access to her ability, which will do a lot if you let her hit you with it. Naturally, you're ranged, so don't. As she gains levels, she also gets access to a short-duration stun and another dashing ability. These make her able to dodge your skillshots with ease, if she has good reactions, and promptly lay into you, if you're in range.

Once she hits level 6, her threat largely increases as she gains access to , which amplifies her damage further and allows access to a long ranged finisher. Naturally, you can't be finished if you don't let her in range to finish you...or start, for that matter.

Farming from max range should work pretty well here. If she tries to push, then you can farm under the turret relatively freely. If you push, however, her abilities make farming under it extremely easy, so try to avoid doing that.

Riven herself isn't actually that tanky, and she may be trying to build like a glass cannon. Poking her down is definitely possible, though be wary that her does block a hefty amount once she gets AD. She can probably dodge if she has a clue, but if you whittle her down enough, it doesn't hurt to try. Especially since she's melee, it isn't uncommon to both get farm with a Singularity, and hit her as well.

The combined range of three Qs (260 each), E (325) and (400) is 1505. This is longer than even , but if she does this then she definitely can't kill you alone, as her Q is on cooldown. Alternatively, you're getting ganked by someone else and she wants to initiate. Even then, you'd have to be a bit special to fall for this, as her abilities do have cast times and you have plenty of time to react. If you see her slash at you wildly, you might want to back off or try for a snare.

She can try to push and roam, but it's not like she has long ranged crowd control. Warn your team, follow if possible, basic stuff.

Though I wouldn't actively pick against , it's a perfectly doable matchup if you're appropriately careful.


Difficulty Pre-6: Annoying
Difficulty Post-6: Very Annoying

Though people seem to like playing Soraka as a support, (aka: "I suck at support so I'll afk in a bush spamming heals") you occasionally get those brave souls who play her in the mid lane instead.

She's very, very annoying.

To begin the annoyance, her passive is . Free magic resist for her and her friends. Yay. As a mage who does primarily magic damage, this is a bit annoying. She might save someone from a well timed laser just by derping around near them.

Level one, she'll probably take and promptly use it on you. At every chance she gets. As it's a free ability with a relatively short cooldown, this can quickly add up if you let it and will serve to annoy you. Not to mention that Infuse silences you so that retaliation can be delayed or not come at all. Of course, it'll probably be fairly obvious when she plans to do this, since she'll probably walk at you. Throw out a shield/snare to stop her from doing so, though if you don't have either of those skills yet you can take it like a good light mage.

Past this phase, she'll gain access to and . Her heal increases her armor and...heals her, but its cooldown is fairly long and its mana cost becomes an issue for her, so she can't really sustain it. It's still another annoyance regardless, as you're a poke champion and she can negate a very large chunk of it. Starcall, on the other hand, is another of her offensive tools and the source of her pushing power. She basically hits everything around her for some magic damage, and shreds their magic resistance. Though getting hit by it once or twice won't kill you, it is a VERY, VERY dumb idea to stand next to her auto attacking while she spams it. Having negative magic resistance is a good way to get yourself killed. Starcall will hurt more and more as she consecutively hits you with it, and Infuse on a MR-shredded target is a potent nuke.

Assuming you don't ragequit, she'll hit level 6 and gain . After a very brief cast animation, she'll heal all of her allies, including herself. Functions as a reverse Karthus ultimate. As such, you want your team to know of this as soon as she reaches that level. Since it's another heal to add on to her W skill, don't get baited into trying to tower dive the juicy low health Soraka, only to find that she suddenly gained 400 health and has silenced you.

Overall, she's a big pain in the behind who you probably won't kill unless you somehow burst her in one rotation. She'll be a pain to you due to infuse and starcall spam, and if you manage to poke her she'll probably heal it. She'll be a pain to your teammates because she can save their opponents from mid lane and if she actually gets in range of one of them, she also gets an additional heal. She can push to your tower if she so chooses and chuck bananas at it.

Of course, there is a bright side. Starcall spam takes a while to get going, and she has to be relatively close to people to do it. Your team should be able to kill the pony before she can drop meteors on your head. If not, you always outrange her and can run away, I guess.

Don't underestimate her, farm and deal with her BS. When teamfights come, you can show her your true power.


Difficulty Pre-6: Easy
Difficulty Post-6: Medium

Swain is a relatively uncommon champion, but people do play him. Known for turning into a bird and healing off everything you do to him, he's a moderately tanky mid laner with regenerative capabilities.

Doesn't matter since you don't need to kill him to win the game.

So, level 1. He actually hurts a lot at level 1 if he decides to take , as it's a DoT that amplifies all damage he does, including auto attacks. So if you let him E you and then smack you with autos, it will hurt. The solution to this is not letting it happen. As you progress to level 2, you may want a point in early. All of his skills bar are damage over time, meaning your shield can block a large amount of his damage if utilized properly. As he gains abilities, his threat level increases, but you do outrange him. Be sure to try to dodge Nevermove, as the snare that results from it can allow him to get off more spells on you. Nothing stops you from using your shield during this time, of course, so feel free to.

Once he hits level 6, he gains . This allows him to spend mana to heal based on damage dealt. You may be thinking "oh well he's invincible can't poke him down gg" or something equally negative. However, there are a few things to know about this ability: It costs a lot of mana to keep up, it does have a cooldown between uses, and he only heals if he has something to heal from. If you keep poking him, he WILL eventually run out of mana(barring blue buff), and your poke will start sticking. He's also still a squishy mage archetype until he gets items for defense like , and as such is still perfectly killable in a combo early on. reduces his healing since it applies a healing reduction debuff. Every aspect of his kit has counterplay. Yay for balance!

Since you can deal with his damage over time and bleed his mana pool by poking him, you should have a fairly fine time against him. Your shield doesn't exactly block everything he does, however, so don't just stand there auto attacking him and expect to win any trades. Once laning ends, he is a big threat to your team, however. Try to shield everyone (which you should do anyway) and keep him off of carries.

I'd say this matchup is a stalemate, unless he likes to hang around with no mana. Farm, farm, roam, farm. He can't push as well as you(if he does want to, it'll take time since targets minions randomly (he'll probably miss some because of this), his Q and E are damage over time and unreliable for last hitting, and Nevermove doesn't actually do all that much without points in it. Pushing and roaming works wonders.

Feel free to fry the chicken early on, and farm past then.


Difficulty Pre-6: Skill Matchup/Push Wars
Difficulty Post-6: See Above

Xerath, the Magus Ascendant. It might be a nice change of pace to have to weave through his spells to reach him, instead of having others need to weave through yours to reach you.

Compared to Lux, Xerath does a bit more damage and has longer range on his basic abilities, but he has less utility and has to lock himself in place with to extend his range to rival yours.

Pre-level 6, he only has two damaging abilities. Like you. Sure, he can probably stun you if you stay within his range too long by proccing his , but this is pretty obvious as he tosses a projectile towards you. His only method of proccing this stun is with , a relatively narrow linear skillshot. A mini version of , I'd say. Feel free to go aggressive on him, dodge his Arcanopulse and unleash your spells. If he DOES stun you, however, you're going to eat some auto attacks, both from him and minions. They DO matter, so you should really avoid this.

Post 6, he gains the ability to nuke you down if you eat too much poke, as his ultimate is a rather large damage spike. 's damage is actually quite high, making level 6 a large increase in power for him. He'll probably use E to place a mark on you, proc it with one R charge, get a free Q on you while you're stunned, and continue to zap you with his ultimate.

As a reminder, he needs to stand still do amplify his range and magic penetration. You can strafe towards him and land spells with relative ease.

All of the above aside, if he doesn't want to fight you, he probably won't. His Q is on a much shorter cooldown than your E, so he can easily push the wave to your tower and take potshots at you while you try to farm minions under it, or go roam/clear wraiths/afk/whatever. In teamfights he lacks the ability to shield everyone, but he can pretty much camp in the back zapping everyone and stun those who get too close to him. Sorta like you!

If he does want to fight you, then it's down to skill. If he decides to lock himself down at the wrong time, then he'll eat your skillshots. If you fail to dodge and get stunned, prepare to eat his.


Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
Difficulty Post-6: Hard

Though she's usually played a support these days, Zyra is a very potent mid laner who you'll see from time to time. A mage with potent crowd control and damage, she's not to be messed with.

Laning against her sucks.

From level 1 she has access to quite a bit of pushing power assuming she takes Q. Q, , is basically a skillshot nuke of sorts. Marker appears, damages whatever's in it. Logically, you don't want to be in it when that happens. Unfortunately, unless you're spamming E to farm or dead or something, you have to be in the danger zone in order to farm. Of course, this holds true for Zyra as well, so if she is able to poke you, you should be able to poke her. Once she hits level 2, she should take either E or W. Zyra's E, , is a skillshot snare that does damage to and snares all targets hit. It's basically your Q on steroids. Of course, if you're hit by the snare she can Q you without you being able to dodge it and proceed with her laning. She'll also gain access to some time in the first four levels. If she hits a seed with Q or E she'll spawn a cuddly plant friend to do even more damage to you. As such you might not want to hang around near them. Basically, early laning will be a bunch of plant related skillshots (and plants) everywhere. Have fun.

At level 6, her burst AND dps increase substantially. is both an AoE nuke with CC attached, AND it increases the attack speed of all plants in the area. It's a nuke, so it hurts. You're cced so she can maybe have time to cast another spell and hurt you more. And her plants will whack you more often. Fighting Zyra post 6 is a very dangerous lane, as one snare can result in you dying. As such, you want to take precautions against this. Avoid her poke like the plague, invest in Athene's ASAP and maybe buy a Doran's Ring to increase survivability further. You should still be poking her if possible, but remember that you don't need to proc your passive. Running at her is not a good idea unless you plan to all in.

As for her roaming capabilities, she's actually quite slow and somewhat fragile otherwise, so if she shoves and roams (she's good at the shoving part, at least) you should be able to ping her route and follow her as soon as possible. If you're lucky, the person(s) she's trying to gank might just be able to kill her with the help of a laser. In teamfights she'll probably throw plants down and ult to cc people, so stay far back as usual and hopefully you won't be within range to take the brunt of the damage.

Overall, Zyra's zone control exceeds yours and her burst and sustained damage are both large. Be on guard.

Patches and What They Mean For Lux

Before patch 3.5, the last balance change was July 2012, in direct relation to Lux.

Patch 3.5

Base movement speed reduced from 340 to 330.
: Cooldown changed from 80/60/40 to 80/65/50.

Lux being nerfed? That's...new, I suppose.
The ultimate cooldown nerf is relatively insignificant. At 40% CDR and level 16, its cooldown will be 30 seconds instead of 24 seconds. You can still laser every minion wave.
The movespeed change, however, is the big one. 10 movespeed is actually pretty significant, and will affect how you lane with her. Harassing and quickly getting out of range won't be as easy, as your movespeed will be lower or the same as the movespeed of most mages instead of higher.

This doesn't make her trash or anything, but playing her will be a bit tougher.

Also made some matchups like vs scarier, as you no longer outrun them.

Patch 3.8

: Cost reduced to 400 from 475. Health reduced to 60 from 80. Mana restore on kill reduced to 4 from 5.
: Cost reduced from 350 to 325, all other boots have their combine cost increased by 25 gold.

These changes are geared towards allowing more flexible starting item builds. Starting with a ring is now less completely moronic, and the boots + potion start has changed so that you can buy 4 potions instead of 3. Overall a fine change, your starting item build is still up to you but you have more viable options.

About the Author

So, who is Trickysticks? Is he some MLG pro Challenger tier Lux player?


Well, no, unfortunately. I'm a LoL player who specializes in the support and mid lane roles, but can also do any other role to varying degrees of success. Lux is my go-to mid lane champion, being my first champion learned (she was free the week I joined) and I've stuck with her ever since. Though I don't do ranked games all that much, I've managed to reach Silver I and am slowly rising. I might not be a pro, but I'd like to think that what I have to say is valid regardless of rank.

Final Comments

Lux is a good utility carry that gives a lot to her allies. She is not perfect in any way, but she's very fun to play in my opinion, and useful to your team.

Lux can also make a somewhat decent support, but there are separate guides on that as well.

If you ever want to talk to me or harass me or play with me or whatever, feel free to add me ingame. Trickysticks is the name, NA is the server. I have a EUW account as well but I honestly never use it.

Credit to Abel9210 for being a perfect guinea pig...or something.


Where I log changes! Month/Date/Year format.

3/17/13: Guide made Public. Yay!
3/19/13: Did some typo fixing and changed an inconsistent image. Added damage details for Final Spark.
3/21/13: Fixed typos, added Archangel's Staff to item builds section. Tidied up some formatting. Tidied up matchups. Finished Akali. Fixed typo on Anivia.
3/22/13: Matchups! Designated Annie as "Hard" post level 6 instead of Medium. Added a reference video.
3/25/13: Formatting changes, added minor amounts of info to Lux vs Xerath matchup.
3/26/13: Added more to Lux vs Xerath, expanded opening statements. Fixed an incorrect image. Fixed a typo.
3/28/13: Even more formatting fixes, changed sections worded...stupidly, to say the least. Fixed yet another incorrect image.
3/31/13: Re-did the entire matchups section, getting rid of tl;drs. If you can't read the whole thing, maybe you shouldn't know, eh? Typo fixes, reworded some sections, general cleanup.
4/1/13: Guide approved today. Hopefully it's not a joke! Going to reformat matchups in general soon, so they're all more in-depth like 's. Fixed an...embarassing, to say the least, typo. Reworded repetetive sections.
4/3/13: First comment. Yay!
4/4/13: Changed an error in the Early Game section. Added a section about patches and how they affect Lux.
4/7/13: Added a silly Q/A section. Going to change masteries and offer alternatives to my mastery set soon, I promise! Major edits to sections, making some sections more clear and fixing typos(especially in Matchups). Added a little bit of info for Diana.
4/8/13: Added more about the Abyssal Scepter and when to consider buying it, changed information about Mejai's Soulstealer to include assists, general typo fixes and minor changes.
4/9/13: Changed more typos, changed personal information (Silver IV --> Silver II). Added Banshee's Veil as a possible defensive item, thanks to Maerissa for bringing it up. Clarified skill description of Lucent Singularity. Added a section on Haunting Guise, and why you shouldn't start with a ring.
4/12/13: Added additional boots options and why/why you shouldn't pick them. Fixed a typo. Added LeBlanc to the tier of champions whose cc you want to reduce. Changed Final Spark skill descriptions to reflect nerfs, need to actually play the game to see how movespeed nerf reflects upon her laning ability.
4/14/13: Standardized spacing between sections.
4/18/13: Fleshed out Early Game section more.
4/22/13: Fleshed out Mid and Late Game sections. Tried to add vague definitions to them. Fixed a minor error.
4/28/13: Added additional mastery sets.
5/1/13: Added Katarina to matchups section.
5/4/13: Made changes to Katarina. Added Cho'Gath. Various corrections and elaborations.
5/21/13: Added Riven to matchups section. Misc. error fixes.
6/6/13: Miscellaneous changes everywhere, added Swain to matchups.
6/16/13: Minor overhaul, part one. Changed runes, item builds, formatting, etc. Added section about myself, added more/changed images, among other things. Enjoy!
6/23/13: Finished the overhaul. Going to re-do matchups next.
6/27/13: Reducing concentration of pictures due to feedback.
7/6/13: Added a section for General Tips. Will constantly update in the next few days.
7/11/13: Reformatted the summoner spell section.
7/24/13: Changed starting item build.
7/25/13: Mentioned an important part of Lich Bane: Works on structures. Herp.
8/1/13: Changed magic penetration marks to hybrid pen marks.
8/10/13: Added Soraka as a matchup due to a request. Also added Cassiopeia.
8/14/13: Added Karthus to matchups.
8/15/13: Misc changes. Added Fizz to matchups.
9/1/13: I suppose it's been a while. Removed Warmogs from possible item choices because 1K hp won't help if you get caught out, honestly. Buy Zhonya's and laugh at them while you turn gold. Miscellaneous typo changes, added a bit to pros/cons
9/18/13: Added Kassadin(ger).
10/12/13: Updated an image because it was deleted.
10/28/13: Added Zyra.
11/30/13: Updating guide for both the new Solomid layout and Season 4 changes.
12/6/13: Moar updaets.


April 12, 2014 - 03:09 PM #1


January 20, 2014 - 04:08 PM #2


August 14, 2013 - 12:48 PM #3

1) Yeah, Lux will always be a utility carry no matter what because of your kit, you are correct in that. I think Lux is awesome because she still deals respectable damage despite the awesome utility. I actually did mean building supportish after laning phase, including items such as Twin Shadows, Shurelia's, Mikael's etc. This is mostly when you fall behind and realize you aren't gonna carry the game damage-wise, but keep in mind this is still theory in my mind and I have yet to actually test it thoroughly. But maybe you should explain the term utility-carry in your introduction more, I know it confused me a bit after seeing your item choices. Like making a point about the playstyle, like focusing on peeling instead of KO'ing etc.

2) Well I kind of think about the conditions of picking Exhaust this way: 1)Is no one going to pick it, and am I not able to convince anyone else to do it? If so, 2) Do they have good targets for it, such as Master Yi, tryndamere, Vayne etc? If so, 3)Will it be helpful for me in lane (it stops bursting really well, remember the damage reduction) or will I be able to handle my lane even if I gimped myself with the Exhaust? If so, I will definately pick it. Tbh, has happened only couple of times, mainly while climbing to gold

3) As a rush item against aforementioned Champs I do get, good thinking. But I still feel the usefulness starts to vanish the later on game goes, so you should make a point about it in the guide (if you agree with me, naturally). And about Tabi's, yea I noticed now you mention it not really being all that viable compared to Armguard, but you actually have a misunderstanding there: Tabi's aren't good against Physical Damage, but AUTOATTACKING. That is a big difference.

4) Do like I did, and write a little about eveything and then adding stuff, makes the guide look better ;)

August 14, 2013 - 12:56 AM #4

Hi Pähkinänsärkijä, and thanks for the criticism. I'm glad you found the guide worth criticizing, and will try to answer back to the best of my ability.

1) Well, I suppose this is true. I try to utilize Lux's utility through smart ability usage, since I think the "Utility Carry" part comes from her kit, and not necessarily through the items I buy. What would you recommend? Rylai's is mostly superfluous, though perhaps something like Twin Shadows could be a (very) situationally useful buy?

2) I don't really think Lux as a mid laner should be taking Exhaust. Bruisers can be itemized against and the support REALLY should be taking it. If the support doesn't get one, then that might fall into the same category as taking Smite when your jungler doesn't. It's a good spell, and almost a requirement for a team, but you shouldn't be taking it unless you're filling a hole that someone else has made.

3) I think the combination of AP, MR and a magic resist reduction should be able to at least allow you to go even in those close range Abyssal Scepter amplified brawls. At the very least you won't lose as horribly. Zhonya's costs a lot more than Abyssal Scepter so you can't buy it as early, has no magic resistance and leaves you as a sitting duck. Banshee's...is fine, but I say that Abyssal is more or less an item for early and mid game laning. Buying Banshee's that early tends to be not the best idea. As for Ninja Tabi, I do go over every pair of boots and list their strengths. I'm not saying you should buy it, and if anything I pretty much say to buy an Armguard instead one sentence after that.

4) Yes, it's missing matchups and needs some work. I'm working on it and slowly adding more of them to the guide. I guess it's a consequence of writing so much in every matchup. Though I will focus on the more important and popular matchups in the future.

Thanks for the feedback, and if you have any more be sure to comment again.

August 13, 2013 - 11:09 AM #5

I would propably have much more to say, but here are a few things I kinda disagree about your otherwise awesome quide (as the author of, in my opinion, very legit and thorough guide on Lux I like to do comparison and engage in debates):

1) First off, you make a huge deal about wanting to play her as "utility-carry", yet your core item choices are the basic damage-focused items people usually build for Lux and other AP Carries. I find it contradicting. Lux has plenty of neat choices for actual utility-carrying that I intend to add to my guide at some point, but the key point is the fact that Lux can get even or win the lane with the basic early setups and revert to utility purchases by the time laning phase is ending.

2)Exhaust is viable in the situations when you are facing a bruiser mid or your support doesn't get one, for example. Just personally don't like you totally abandoning one of the best summoners in the game, although I admit the viable cases are very, very rare.

3)Disagree with Abyssal and Tabis. You say you use Abyssal against ap champs that will get to you (and good job mentioning that, since when you use ur spells from near to max range the item's passive won't even be in effect) but in my opinion ´the item is still not worth it, you will not win a melee brawl even with the item so keeping distance, buying time with Zhonyas or not getting cc'd via BVeil or QSS is always better imo. Same goes for Tabi, it won't matter if someone gets to autoattack you, you will be dead no matter what if you would rely on Tabi's at all.

4)Your matchup section needs a lot of work as it is missing many, many mid champs. You should at least list the ones Lux has trouble playing against, such as Fizz or Zed, but imo every single champion from Malzahar to Galio needs to be listed, especially since you are listing something like Soraka and Riven who are much rarer to encounter. I also disagree with your classifications, Ahri is my opinion one of the hardest medium matchups and so is Anivia, but we can agree to disagree on this one.

Final note: Having said all this, the guide is pretty good and I like your idea of including maths on burst damage, great idea!

July 24, 2013 - 05:40 PM #6

Glad you enjoyed it.

July 24, 2013 - 05:07 PM #7

This is basically everything I do on Lux ;n; ty now i can tell my friends this is leget

June 28, 2013 - 12:53 PM #8

Seems like a great guide, will try it. Thanks for your work.

June 26, 2013 - 06:51 PM #9

I think you're kinda overusing them. Generally they are good, but multiple repetitions of the same picture in a paragraph seem unnecessary (Annie's passive can be just called "passive" instead of pyromania icon; same with Diana's shield; sometimes using Q/W/E/R is better.)

I'd say more than 10 pictures in a paragraph and using one more than two times is too much, but that's just me.

Hope I helped.

June 26, 2013 - 05:12 PM #10

A question to guide readers: Do you think my use of pictures is annoying? Should I just refer to champions, abilities and items by name?

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