TRUNDLE BUILD GUIDE: The King's Jungle (Extensive Guide) still updating by 2island

by 2island (last updated over a year ago)

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed(+10.2% attack speed)
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration(+3.84 armor penetration)
Greater Seal of Armor(+12.69 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist(+1.35 magic resist per level (24.3 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration(+7.68 armor penetration)
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mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 4/4
mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 2/2
mastery 4 2/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 2/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility
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King's Tribute
WFrozen Domain
EPillar of Ice
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Hello people of solo mid. My name in game is 2island and this is my jungle Trundle guide. Let me give a quick history of important events in Trundle.

LONG longtime ago, I started playing league during season 2 and Trundle was a swamp troll. He had a lot of differences and was clunky in design. Not many people played Trundle and he was sadly forgotten in favor of junglers who were popular. Flash forward to season 3 and Riot decided to relaunch Trundle again with a new backstory and ice related moves. His W gained increased healing and his ult did damage on a percent rather flat amount, making Trundle feel strong. Trundle become a strong champion but lacked one thing from being used as a staple jungler, the Meta. The Meta didn’t favor junglers like who subpar ganking and above avenge pushing. Sure, Trundle could take towers with his Q and W, but having only single target damage meant his wave clear was weak. Flash forward to today; he is a staple top laner due to his strong health regain and attack draining Q.

For myself, I was a season 3 gold 1 player. I played a bit during preseason took about a 3-4 mouth break to study in school. While I’m no expert on league, nor am I up to date with my league of legends meta champions because of my break from league, I do feel like I can teach anyone reading this guide how I play Trundle jungle. Sure, not everyone will agree with, but I hope to inspire anyone reading this to play Trundle.

Please note that this guide is out of date a bit. I will do my best to fix this guide up so please bear with me. I want to build each part from scratch until this guide is updated. If anyone has any ideas for me, please let me know.


For myself, I pick 3 armor pen marks and 6 attack speed marks. With 3 armor pen marks combined with armor pen quintessences, you have 12 armor pen which is strong because Trundle is almost able to remove all the jungle creep's armors. The attack speed marks are used because they work better then attack damage early game. Armor seals are because armor is needed to take the physical damage from the jungle. Scaling magic resist is for better late game safety.

Runes overall


Attack speed: My number 1 choice. They allows faster clear times and scale well with AD and armor pen because Trundle's damage is based on his basic attacks. Trundle doesn't need a lot of attack speed, but 10% from runes and his W is all he needs. Plus, if I need damage, there are better attack damage items than attack speed items. In other words, if magic resist is needed, maw of malmortius is better than wits end.

Armor pen: My second choice because jungle monsters and enemy champions have armor. Armor also scales better than attack damage because every champion has armor pre level. Also, Trundle has only 1 attack damage ratio, and it's 1 to 1 at early levels. I get only 3 armor pen runes, which I will explain below.


Armor: The only option for any jungler unless you are someone like fiddlesticks. Trundle will take too much damage early game without them because jungle creeps do physical damage. In my build, I don't buy armor for a while because I spirit items first, making armor seals more needed. There are no other options for seals unless you change your whole build and rune set just to have different seals.


Scaling Magic resist: My first choice of glyphs. Wolves, golems, lizards, and wraiths all physical damage, not magic, getting scaling allows more magic resist late game. The reason I choose defensive glyphs is because most offensive glyphs fall off late game and don't increase Trundle's early clear times much. In short, scaling Magic resist is investing for the future


Armor pen: If attack speed marks are used, then armor pen is my pick. It helps remove enemy armor and put out more damage. Armor pen is hard to buy as well. Again, Trundle has only 1 attack damage ratio, and it's 1 to 1 at early levels.


mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 4/4
mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 2/2
mastery 4 2/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 3/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 2/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility
This is the only page I use. Here are the main points in the defensive tree

(2 point) Enchanted armor: Having two points here is an investment into Trundle's mid and late game. Besides items, Trundle's ult gives armor and magic resist. So, the more he drains, the more this mastery will be used.

(2 points)Tough skin: Like Armor runes, 2 points into this mastery are used to not die in the jungle. Assuming you get attacked by each Jungle creep at least 3 times, you save 12-18 health per camp. They fall off late game but for early game, but are golden.

(3 point) Veteran's scars: This makes you tanker because 36 health goes a long way. This point isn't just 36 health because Trundle has armor and magic resist to make 36 last longer. If you lived with less than 36 Hp, for whatever reason, thank this point.

(1 point) Bladed armor: It's very impotent to get this to clear camps. The creep will start killing itself so it saves time in clearing a camp. That way, you might save one or more attacks when clearing the camp.

(1 point) Oppression: As long as a Trundle pillar, this point helps. Also, because i like both Blade of the ruin king and ice born, giving reliably slows.

(1 points) Juggernaut:This works off both health gained though items and base health. At level 1, juggernaut gives a little over 15 Hp and scales really well into late game. I like getting a frozen mallet so I can use the 1 points a lot.

(3 points) Hardiness: Armor is better on junglers than magic resistance because jungle creeps do physical damage, not magic. The less damage after the first clears the better. There is no reason not to get this.

(3 points) Perseverance: For 3 points, Trundle can regain a lot of heal back when low. I don’t know the numbers, but it’s worth getting now that this is percentage regain (used to be flat). Also, it unlocks second wind.

(1 point) Reinforced armor: . This point is good because it weakens every ADC that gets crit. However, it is really a late game point and is an investment. Unless the enemy team doesn’t have any chmapions that will get crit, always get this. (ex: Urgot ADC)

(1 point) Second wind: This point helps Trundle duel at low health. This combined with a Trundle ult can fights that can get a kill. Not only this ult, but also life steal too, making this a must have point.

(2 points) Tenacious: A good mastery. 10 free armor and 5 free magic resist late game for 2 point is really helpful. It isn’t the most needed Mastery, but 2 points here does more than 2 points elsewhere.

(1 points) Legendary guardian : After going this deep, this point is the big one, the 21 in 9/21/0. Once Trundle gets spirit golem, this goes down from 15% to 10% but its still worth having. The reason is because of how it stacks with tenacity. So with the tenacity, Trundle takes only 55% of all CC that hits him, which is why this point is worth it.


(4 points) Fury: 5% attack speed is not much, but it speeds up Trundle's jungle and every bit helps. The reason I take this and not cooldown reduction is because 5% is doesn't do much for Trundle. Attack speed allows Trundle more solid damage while cooldown reduction can be brought though items.

(1 point) Double edged sword : I like this point, because assuming Trundle does over 100 damage per attack, it will equal the butcher. Unlike butcher, the damage works on champions making this point worth more. Don’t worry about the damage return, Trundle’s sustain is so high it be noticed.

(3 points) Brute force : Attack damage per level is great on any champion who uses basic attacks. However, it gives another important point.

(1 point) Martial mastery : The reason for going 9 points in this tree. Having five more attack damage really helps early game in clearing the jungle, which is the reason for going into this tree.

Trundle isn't a support jungler. Damage will allow him to dual others, peel better, and clear camps faster. Utility is better for counter jungleing as whole because of the lowering of cooldowns on smite and flash, but it doesn't make up for the lack of damage. After all, the more damage, the higher the chance Trundle can come out on top in dueling.

Summoner Sets

Primary Set
All junglers, big and small, take smite. This spell is what separates a jungler from any laner in the game. Without smite, junglers lose a few different things. Clear times, counter jungling power, and buff control.

The first is clearing camps. Clearing camps is the main way a jungler gets gold. Having a fast clear time means more gold income. Without smite, the other jungler will always have more gold. The second is counter jungling. Like clearing camps on your side of the river, a counter jungler like Trundle needs to clear the other side fast too. If you try taking the enemy wolf camp and the jungler comes, he can smite the big wolf of the camp and you just wasted a good amount of time. The last is buff control, which is too good to give up. Every buff you take from the enemy team gives your team and advantage. The same is true for baron. Smite matters with both because it can be used to finish off the lizard (RED), the golem (BLUE), or Baron (PURPLE).

A jungler without smite is weak, so always jungle with smite and use smite wisely.

Flash is the most used spell in the game and has 101 uses. On a counter jungler, it allows jumping over walls, which is can be used to escape from the enemy. It also is "safe" because Trundle doesn't have a gap closer and this will replace one every 5 minutes. Staying alive is worth using this flash. In terms of offensive uses, a flash then pillar allows better chasing power for you and your team. Flash smites on baron are common when stealing baron too.

Keep in mind that this summoner spell is not like smite. Five minutes for a flash is a long time and I other spells, ghost and exhaust, have lower cooldowns. It can be replaced, but I take this spell because it is less of risk to have.

Other spells.

This spell is basically movement speed that works well on Trundle. This is the best replacement for flash for one important reason. Having a shorter cooldown allows Trundle to have ghost up more often, which helps when Trundle is the main team fight initiator and for ganking. Also, ghost wins in the long run, in distance and puns. However, flash is normally picked because Trundle already has good movement speed and often, more is overkill.

It's strong, even stronger than flash if used right. For example, exhausting the ADC in a team fight can win the team fight. Also with this spell, Trundle is able to out duel anyone, AP or AD if this spell is picked and increases your ganking power, which are the highlights. It's a good replacement for flash, but it's safer to pick flash because saves your life than exhaust.

Trundle has low burst but good damage over time with basic attacks. With this spell, ganks would have more brust if your laner doesn't take Ignite. The problem is this is too much of a kill spell and other champions can use this better. The only time I would pick it is when no one on your team has this spell and you want to risk mobility spells.

Believe or not, some junglers can/ do pull this off. I don't get this spell because flash has more uses and it’s hard to use this spell to equal the value of flash. It may be good to move around the map more but it has the same cooldown as flash. Not recommended unless you know what you are doing.

A must pick when playing on Dominion. I'm a huge fan of this map type and have played Trundle on this map often. HOWEVER, this jungle guide for S.R and it's best to leave revive for Dominion. The reason this spell is not good on S.R is because it doesn't give a Jungler anything needs in terms of ganking, dueling, or map control.

Unneeded spells

This spell should never be picked. Early game, it doesn't help keeping Trundle healthy in the jungle because health pots are all Trundle needs. It is okay for tower diving but mobility spells work just as well for getting out. It helps when dueling but exhaust brings more utility and helps with dueling as well. Overall, most other spells are better for junglers.

This is too much for a counter jungler. Wards are all Trundle needs for vision and this spell doesn't improve ganking, dueling, or sneaking around. The big eye removes the aspect of taking the enemy jungle before the enemy team notices. If anyone on your team is getting this, it should be the support, not you.

I get spirit stone myself, so the mana from this spell isn't needed. But even without spirt stone, mana management should be used to prevent Trundle from running out of mana. This spell also offers nothing Trundle can use for ganking or dueling. Also, it works on maximum mana and because Trundle has around 1000 mana at level 18, without mana items, it gives at most 400.

Trundle has a weakness of CC, but items that give tenacity remove that problem. Spirit of ancient golem or mercurys treads are better buys and because of that, there is no reason to not buy tenacity, making this spell not needed.

Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
Default Starting Build
Build 2

This is the most common way to start in the jungle. Not many champions can jungle without this item. This is normally started because it is the best way to get Trundle's clear time up-to-par with other junglers. Mana pots can replay 1 or 2 health pots because passive keeps Trundle's jungle healthy and Trundle without blue gets mana hungry. This is more risky, but can be rewarding.

This start is the safest and easiest way to start.

After doing some testing, I find this item works well as a starting item. The ten magic damage Trundle loses when taking camps is replaced by eight attack damage. Trundle also loses 10% increase damage which can't be replaced. Why go this start if you lose damage in clear time? It gives ten attack damage which helps when ganking and dueling. A level 3 gank is more powerful with more damage and can secure first blood. Regaining five health per basic attack can't replace five health pots, so I suggest life steal runes if possible. Those runes will keep Trundle at full health after taking red without a single pot used.

I prefer using this start now because I enjoy having this early game damage Vs champions. All I had to do was replace some armor pen with life steal.

Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items
Example final builds

- # 1 balanced

- # 2 enemy team is heavy AD

- #3 enemy team is heavy AP

- #4you don';t like spirit stone

Basically, each build has its up and downs. You don't need to stay as one build each game, get creative and build based on what the game calls for. Do you need to do a lot of damage? Is the enemy team heavy AP or AD? Am I playing a more supportive role? Questions like those allows your build to match the game. If you build a lot of armor but the enemy team is AP heavy, you have wasted armor.

ALL Items

Spirit Stone
VS : Debate
This is debate that every jungle must face. Some junglers like Shaco can pick madreds due to need for fast clear time and do not need mana from spirit stone. Junglers like Hecarim or Udyr are better with spirit stone because of the mana regain and the upgrades are strong on that champion.

Spirt stone VS madreds on Trundle

  • Mana regain is great on Trundle (more spamming without fear of OOM)
  • Armor isn't needed from madreds because it's easy getting armor items
  • 2 of the 3 upgrades are great on Trundle.
  • Ancient golem has better defensive stats than Wiggler's.

  • Armor is a strong stat for taking less damage from most other junglers, towers, and jungle creeps.
  • Much faster clear times than spirit stone if you have the mana
  • better for getting dragon.
  • Mana problems shouldn't happen if you learn to manage Trundle's mana right.

Trundle is able to go with both, but I prefer spirit stone. My guide is on spirit stone and I prefer it because of 2 main reasons and 1 small reason.

1) Mana regain is hard to get on Trundle and this is the best place to get it. Yes you get faster clear times, but being able to use Trundle's skills more also helps his clear times.

2) The upgrade spirit of the ancient golem plus boots of swiftness is great combo on Trundle. Those two items + Masteries would allow Trundle beat all cc that enemies place on him. This is my personal favorite reason I pick spirit stone because this is my favorite item combo and I love using it.

3) My small reason is that Trundle can use the mana regain for speeding up his clear times. If Trundle is able to use every Q and W in this clearing, this clear time increases. Why? He will be able to get more attack speed and Q bites off. Madreds may increase his clear times because his Q and W work from madreds, but without mana, none of that matters. (It's a small thing but still important)
Boots of Speed
Boots are an important to buy around 5-15 minutes on Trundle. The reason is because Trundle is completely based on movement speed for ganking, chasing, and running. Also, a key fact on any counter jungler is being able to control both blue and red buffs, taking them, and getting out before getting caught and keeping the timer to yourself. Boots can be delayed on Trundle because of his base movement speed of 350 plus his W but 25 movement speed goes a long way for controlling the jungle. However, don't delay too long or other junglers will out run you.
This is great as an early game item. Health is great for many reasons but the real value is the cool down reduction given by the item and its upgrades. Cool down reduction is hard to get on non-mages so kindlegem is much loved. Plus, 3 upgrades for this item are great on Trundle.
Vampiric Scepter
Getting this item is needed every game(unless you go with steal quintessences). It provides lifesteal, which is strong on Trundle thanks to frozen domain. 8-20% increase in the amount Trundle gets is too good to pass up. This item can replace health pots and it is offensive to increase Trundle's ganks. Ten attack damage is a noticeable speed up for Trundle. Also, some times I don't get lifesteal runes, so this item and it's upgrades are the only lifesteal I get.
Spirit of the Ancient Golem
This item is powerful on Trundle. Trundle relays on movement speed to get to his enemies and CC is the best way to stop that. However, when tenacity from spirit of the ancient golem, the weakening slows with boots of swiftness and the 15 more movement speed from those boots, and masteries, CC is less of a problem. 500 health is nothing to laugh at and the mana regain is never a bad thing. The best time to get both items is when CC is becoming a problem mid game or before team fights start.
Bilgewater Cutlass
After some deep thought, only keeping this item for life steal early game is all Trundle needs. 25 AD is strong on Trundle's Q and 12 percent life steal is able to replace Trundle's passive for sustain. The active is great for ganks and 1800 gold for the upgrade is not worth it early to mid game. It costs 600 to upgrade from vampiric scepter so it is better to upgrade this item after other tank items are brought.
One of the best items for increasing Trundle's damage early. Sheen works off your total ad, which gets buffed by each Q. The 2 work hand and hand. Sheen has 2 useful upgrades that have slows but it doesn't give a slow by itself but its upgrades do have ways of slowing. This item helps his damage A Lot.
Boots of Swiftness
My favorite pair on Trundle. Slows are the most common CC and being able to remove 25% is fantastic on a champion who relays on movement speed to reach his target. The 60 movement speed given by this item allows better kiting. your ganks might not be as strong or fast as boots of mobility but in a team fight, boots of swiftness is always better. However, without tenacity, other types of CC will stop Trundle.
Ninja Tabi
This works if the enemy team has little to no cc and is ad mostly. The passive is strong and I find that it can be used to help duel junglers. It also makes up for Trundle's low armor per level. It's wise not to forget this pair because it helps you against fed AD carries.
Iceborn Gauntlet
Trundle needs to slow on his basic attacks to keep chasing his opponents. Ice born is really great item for an Aoe slow to solve that problem. A stable amount of Cooldown reduction and armor while keeping the sheen and slow cant be overlooked. With Trundle's Q on 3.6 second or less , the slow would be up often. Plus there is no reason to hate mana on Trundle and the Aoe is great for pushing because Trundle doesn't have any Aoe overall.
Blade of the Ruined King
This is the best life steal item on Trundle and should be the number 1 pick when upgrading vampiric scepter. The passive on each basic attack is really strong because it counters health and makes dueling even better. The passive plus Trundle's W should be about 15% of their current health over 2 seconds and that is nothing to laugh at. That is the only reason why the attack speed is useful is because of the passive being really strong.
Spirit Visage
I found love for this item now. For 2625 gold, it provides every stat needed on Trundle. It gives a lot of magic resist, health, cooldown reduction, and increase the health Trundle gets from his passive and life steal, so it stacks with his W. Even the health regain is good because it scales with his W as well. It is a selfish magic resist item, but it's worth every gold coin. I still don't like the picture; it should have gotten an icon change.
Maw of Malmortius
I like this item. It gives great damage (more when Trundle is low) magic resist, and also a 400 magic blocking shield that is great for baiting. It's like free health against mages and you still have the 40 magic resist. It's cost efferent now but if this item is your main magic resist item, Trundle loses cool down reduction. So if you take this item, find other ways to cool down reduction.

: This item is just really good. Keeping this item and getting Spirit visage is a good combo to fight "fed" AP carries. You could upgrade it later.

(optional if the enemy has a lot of magic damage)
Trinity Force
The most offensive item besides life steal items. The only defensive stats this item gives is 250 health, which isn't much compare to 700 from frozen mallet. It doesn't give a slow but the rage passive makes up for it a little. With a slow, Trundle can keep enemies in frozen domain longer, while rage doesn't. Sheen is amazing because it goes to 200% and zeal is useful for basic attacks.

(optional sheen upgrade)
Sunfire Cape
The simple mix of armor and health that helps against many bruisers. The damage is best used for clearing waves of minions to push up a lane. Its best to get after the core items because like warmonges because it doesn't offer anything Trundle needs early game. This item does well with wits end. This item is best if you want to split push.

Randuin's Omen
Like sunfire cape, this item is a mix of armor and health. What makes it good is the active and passive on this item and the main reason to get it over sunfire cape is the active when, combined with Trundle's ult, is needed. It does weaken slit pushing compired to sun fire, but it much better in a team fight. If you go Ice born, this item is a bit over kill for armor.

Note: This item is a must get when playing against a vayne because lowing attack speed is the only way around Vayne's sliver bots. (assuming vayne attacks you)

Enchantment: Alacrity
This enchantment is ok. It doesn't give anything useful besides movement speed, plus, it cost more than boots for less movement speed. Something I learned is that after you have 415 movement speed, any amount of bonus movement speed is reduced by 20%. Because Trundle already goes pass that while in his W, this enchantment gives less.

Overall, The other enchantments are better.

Special thanks to InvertedComposer for teaching me this.
Enchantment: Captain
A decent enchantment because you end up in the fount line a lot. The movement speed it gives if everyone is running towards you makes up for costing 650 gold. The minion part is good for pushing down towers fast.

I would get this if I need to push down a tower fast or help my team as a diver. Other then that, It is not that good.
Enchantment: Distortion
This is really good if you pick flash or ghost. Trundle can use his only mobility spells more which can make a team fight in your team's favor. Because you take smite, you can't have two spells that this enchantment works with which takes half its power away.

This is a good pick when mobility is key to win fights
Enchantment: Furor
Trundle can use this one often because he is so basic attack reliant. I'm sure it works off the first tick of Trundle's ult as well. People shouldn't be able to run from you without burning a jump or a flash.

If you need help kiting and you don';t need mobility, this pair works.

Enchantment: Homeguard
Every champion can use this enchantment. Doesn't matter if you are winning or you are losing, it pays for itself after a few recalls and can save you so much time.

When you cant decide, get this.

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
King's Tribute
WFrozen Domain
EPillar of Ice
Max Q first

Max W second

Max E last

Put points in Trundle's ult whenever possible.

I like maxing Q first for 3 reasons; the first is it is a reliable source of damage. You are going to have to use basic attacks if you want to do damage so using a chomp in-between each attack is reliable. The second is it increases the TOTAL AD ratio with each point put into it. Even without buying AD items, chomp does a lot of damage by itself because the AD gained though his Q is increased on his second Q. The last is it increases the amount of AD stolen from each target. My way of playing Trundle is dueling early on and stealing AD greatly and increases Trundle's dueling powers more than his W. Gain AD and removing AD is better than gaining attack speed.

After maxing Q, I max Trundle's W because of the self utility it brings. I don't buy attack speed items until late-mid game or late game so maxing W second allows me to increase my damage without buying many damage items early to mid-game. It also is better when you need to snowball more because it offers more than the pillar for keeping the lead.

I max E last because it's utility without damage. The scaling on Trundle's E is on the movement speed debuff and cooldown of his pillar. As long as the pillar is used at the right time, 25% slow is all that is needed early game and mid game. If used right, it is a one point wonder.

Your ult
Put a point into Trundle's ult whenever possible. That means level 6, 11, and 16. 10 seconds off can mean the difference from one team fight to another and the amount of health Trundle drains goes up. Only a few champions can get away from not putting points in their ult but Trundle isn't one of them.


King's Tribute
This passive is really strong all game. Its main function is to keep Trundle healthy; however, the use for this passive will change during the game so I will explain this passive though early, mid, and late game.

Early: This passive allows Trundle to stay safe in the jungle because of the high health jungle monsters. Here are some of the Hps jungle creeps at 1:50.

large = 1000 HP (2% = 20)
Small = 100 HP (2% = 2)

Large = 1100 HP (2% = 22)
Small = 200 HP (2% = 4)

It isn't much health, but if both camps are cleared by leave one, it adds up to 58 health back level one without being inside Trunlde's W.

Also ganking and getting a kill give some health back witch is useful after a tower dive

Mid: at this point, you don't need this passive for staying healthy in the jungle and team fights haven't started yet. So it's best used after taking dragon and baron and having a lot of health back. Another use is the tower diving powers this passive provides. If you feel like tower diving is going to get you a kill then remember this passive. By mid game, Trundle can tower dive well and this passive helps Trundle not die to the tower.

If baron/dragon has 6000 health (depending on level)
3% = 180 HP
4% = 240 HP
5% = 300 HP

Late: Now this passive is at its strongest. This passive allows snowballing in a team fight after one kill. Another reason to peel is because it's based Max HP so Trundle gets back more HP from high health tanks so killing tanks is really useful.
AD carry with 1600 HP + 6% = 96 HP
Tank with 4000 HP + 6% = 240 HP .

Tip: smiting a jungle creep if you're about to die can save your life sometimes
This is Trundle's most important skill. It allows dueling for Trundle because it takes AD, gives you AD, and lasts 8 seconds. With 5 points, Trundle gains 40 AD, giving about 1550 gold wealth of AD. Notice how the attack damage ratio goes up with every point put into it. This is really important, because early game, armor pen is better but late game, attack damage become stronger. This is the reason why I like armor pen runes because Trundle gets free AD already and AD is better late game, which can be brought though items. The damage this does is based on the CURRENT AD Trundle has at the time of the bait. If you have the AD buff, Press Q again and wait a few seconds, lose the AD buff, and then Trundle can't use the extra AD for the bite.

Early in the jungle, if you spam this skill without blue, Trundle will run out if mana. Without blue, do only 2 bites pre camp. The camp should be cleared in 12 seconds or less.

-The cooldown is 4 seconds and last 8 seconds so it's possible to weaken two targets at once.
-A reason to peel is because most people who dive the carries are ad, so removing 20 ad is notable.
-This gives a little more room for chasing (not much but it helps)
-This restates Trundle's attack timer, so its best used after a basic attack.
Frozen Kingdom
This skill is the hardest part of learning Trundle. It gives so much utility that it must be used at the right time for the right reason. The attack speed is really strong and makes attack damage MUCH more valuable and lasts 8 seconds (the same amount of time as Trundle’s Q). Placement is the reason this skill is hard to us and don’t get tricked into walking out of space. Make full of this ability whenever possible.

The movement speed last 8 seconds if Trundle remains in his W and sometimes, Trundle has to run for this life. With this spell, Trundle can get away with powerful jukes. All you need to do is use on walls that Trundle can move around to the skill at full power. It's all about the placement, which I talk about a little more in the jungling chapter.

One reason I like Ice born is because Trundle is able to keep his enemy inside longer, which means keeping the attack speed and movement speed longer because the enemy champion can’t walk out.

Note: Life steal scales with this ability so Trundle can heal a lot from just 10%
Pillar of Ice
This skill gives Trundle about 70% of his ganking power. It can be used to block paths mostly but the slow around the pillar is deadliest part. When used to block someone it's best to place a pillar in a way so that if the enemy champion tries to walk around, that person stays within the slow. It also breaks channels and can be used to stop recalls and other spells, which is useful for ganking.

This skill shows into the fog of war (the black areas players can’t see) and can be used to check areas like baron, dragon, and buffs. However, this skill is Trundle’s only hard CC so it must be us wisely.

This skill does 1 true damage. The reason for that is because when you tower dive, it attracts the tower to start attacking sooner. Always remember this when tower diving. Likewise, it also removes passives that work until damage is dealt. An example is Miss Fortune's passive.
This ult is Trundle’s main tanking skill. He is able to remove armor and magic resist from any champion so Trundle can delay armor and magic resist. Being able to remove the defensive stats from a tank/busier so that the AP/AD carry can kill that tank/busier can be godly. This skill also makes health more useful on Trundle because Trundle already steals armor and magic resist. Using this ult in the carries will deal more damage but using this ult on a tank will take more armor or magic resist.

One thing that people forget is that it steals based how much magic resist and armor that champion has. If the enemy has 2 tanks and one tank has more armor then the other and you need more armor, Ult the high armor one. That champion will give you more armor to work with.

Remember, keeping your carries alive is just as good, if not better, then going after the enemies carries, so using this ultimate on the tanks and not the carry perfectly is fine.

Tip: This skill drains health from a range of 700. That means it can be used to finish off people at really low health. This RARELY happens, but it has scored me kills before. You can also keep the stats for 4 seconds too.


Base stats

Health: 455 (+96)
Health regen: 8.0 (+0.85)
Attack damage: 55 (+3)
Attack speed :0.672 (+2.9%)
Mana :206 (+45)
Mana regen :6.5 (+0.6)
Armor :19 (+2.7)
Magic resist :30 (+1.25)
Range: 125
Movement speed:350

I will give a few things to note. The highest base movement speed in the game is 355 and Trundle is only 5 off that. This is really good on a movement speed base champion. With his W, moving around without boots is no problem. Trundle also has the highest magic resist per level in the game, which works well with magic resist per level runes. Lastly, Trundle has one of the lowest armor per level for a jungler. It's okay after level 6 because Trundle can steal armor with his ult but because I run spirit stone, armor seals are a must.

Stats though items

Trundle, like most champions, has stats that are needed, enjoyable to have, and are wasted on him (not bad, but wasted). I wanted to create this chapter to help point some of those stats out and placing it after the item section helps reinforce my choice of items.

Ability power : Trundle has one AP ratio, the 0.02% it’s on his ult. Ability would only affect that skill so AP isn’t viable in any type of game. My reason for bring it up is simple, the item sheen. When Trundle has 25 ability power, his R will increase by 1%. It isn’t much, but it shows that the AP from sheen isn’t wasted. Remember; never get amplifying tone because 20 AP won’t increase his ult by 1%

Conclusion: Never get AP though runes and masteries but with items, the only AP item that is good on Trundle is sheen.

Attack damage: This is the most common way to increase Trundle's raw damage. He is basic attack reliant and does have a 120% total attack damage ratio. I think AD works on Trundle but feel that cooldown reduction is far more useful for putting out damage. Still, extra AD works if you need to carry your team.

Conclusion: Unless you have max cooldown reduction, you need ad to do more damage.

Attack speed: This stat is like attack damage. Trundle already has 80% boost from his Frozen Domain and his Q resets his attack timer, so you shouldn't buy too much attack speed. The only attack speed I get on Trundle are Runes/masteries and Blade of the Ruined King, all had reasons which I gave already in this guide. Check the runes and item sections for more on each.

Conclusion: Attack speed is mostly used to duel, so getting a good amount helps dueling

Armor pen : Every champion has armor, so this stat is never bad. The important fact about this stat is that it is hard to build. Not many sources provide armor pen, so getting this stat though runes and items is important (It is super easy to build attack damage). Also, having only 1 attack damage ratio makes this stat better on Trundle than champions like Kha’zix who have 3.

Conclusion: If you can get this stat without losing anything too important, it can increase Trundle's damage a lot.

Cooldown reduction : This is the strongest stat for increasing Trundle’s damage and usefulness. Here is why. When you buy attack damage or attack speed, those stats are only useful when in 125 range of any target. Once you get in range, getting more Qs and Ws in a team fight does about the same increase of damage as raw damage increasing stats. HOWEVER, cooldown reduction will allow more pillars in a single team fight (if you have mana). That peeling or chasing power can turn the fight around. Also, Trundle will be able to use his ult from one fight to another because it goes on a lower cooldown. See my point? If you need me to explain this better, just message me.

Conclusion: Trundle scales better with cooldown reduction when raw damage.

critical strike chance: This might seem appealing on paper, but the stat is unneeded. Yes Trundle has great attack speed with his W and he is basic attack reliant, but it is too offensive. If you want a critical strike item, you pay for only damage and no defensive stats. Life steal items are better because healing during a fight is just as good as defensive stats. Also, most critical strike items give attack speed, a not so needed stat after Blade of the ruined king. The only time I can see a use for critical strike is when you build Trundle for damage overall.

Conclusion: Life steal items out class this stat most of the time.

Health: Health is the best tank stat in the game and Trundle is no exception. What makes health strong on Trundle is his subjugate. Being able to steal armor and magic resist means Trundle is able to replace both stats with health to keep the balance of health and resistance.

Conclusion: It is more important to get health early because it scales with Trundle's ult.

Life steal : Life steal is great on Trundle, it helps keep his health near full during the early game. The main problem with life steal is it falls late game on Trundle if you don’t keep getting damage. So, unless you are ahead, this stat isn’t needed late game (unless you get a blade of the ruined king early).
Conclusion: This stat is so good with Trundle that can be unnoticeable

Mana/mana regain: One of my two main reasons for going spirit stone is because of mana troubles on Trundle (troubles not problems). Most of the time, Trundle has great cooldowns on his spells and I build cooldown reduction so his cooldowns are even lower. At max level, Trundle has less than 1000 maximum mana without items, so mana regain is useful. Also, none of Trundle's mana costs go up. My point is, if Trundle uses every ability off cooldown, he can run though his mana fast. This can be prevented with mana management but at some point, Trundle's damage goes down because he can’t use his Q or his W as often.

Conclusion: Nothing is wrong with mana and mana regain because both increase Trundle's damage by letting him use more abilities.

spell vamp There are some AD casters that can use spell vamp like Garen (Garan's E heals him with spell vamp), but Trundle isn't one of them. The only skill Trundle will gain health off of is his ult. However, building spell vamp, or asking your support to build will of the ancients is not worth it.

Conclusion: Don't get, but it does help your ult healing.

Early Game

Starting areas

The thing to decide before the game or during the first 30 seconds is start at your blue, your red, the other blue for invading, or the other red for invading. This can be decided by which side you start, what jungler the other team has, and CC of other champions on both sides.

Starting at your blue
The default start. Whenever you can't pick and don't know where to go, blue is the best way to go. Free cool downs is great on Trundle because of Q and faster clear times. Blue also gives all the mana you want and makes jungling safe and fast. This start also brings blue back at about 7:07-7:30, so your mid can get blue at a faster rate.

Starting at your red
Staying at your red is more risky but creates a strong ganking power at level 2. It also makes Trundle scarier than most enemy junglers with red because of how reliant Trundle is on basic attacks. Trundle can also kill the enemy jungler with red buff early on but more on that in the jungling section.

The problem with this start is that the enemy mid will mostly get blue buff faster than your mid, assuming that both mids need blue. That is what makes it risky for your team and as we all know, league of legends is a team game, so think about your team.

Going to their blue/red
This tactic is called invading. Why invade? To cripple the enemy jungler. If one buff, whether it is red or blue, is removed, you will most likely get a head of the enemy jungler and reach level 6 while he/she is level 4 or 5. This can cause snowballing if played correctly. Remember, Trundle is a dueler and even 1 level above the enemy jungler means Trundle can easily kill that jungler, assuming you don't get out played.

Most junglers start at blue but some can go to red first. This is based on who the enemy jungler is. A jungler like Amumu will normally start blue while a jungler like Mundo can start ether. No jungler has default start of red because cooldown reduction is almost too good to pass up. Ether way, invading should be based on what CC each team has, so be careful when invading. Blitzcrank and Taric are great champions to invade with but also make it hard to invade against.

If all goes well your team will get a buff and maybe even a kill or 2. However, invading is more risky than starting at your red. If one person dies, gives first blood, and your team is forced to retreat, now you or team might get snowballed.

The rest of early game

One key thing about early game for junglers is map control. To get map control, a jungler must know ether knowing where the other jungler is or being able to control buffs and dragon. Knowing where the other jungler is can be solved by wards. Keeping on ward in the enemy jungle is expected early game, this way, you have some vision. Placement of wards is just as important as having them, so always place wards in the right areas. Example: if you place a ward at a buff 1 minute after you or the jungler takes that buff, what good is it? The ward will die off before the buff re spawns. A better time to ward a buff is placing a ward 1 minute before it re spawns. Almost every time you recall to base, about 1 ward should be picked up along with other items.

One thing I like to do with my top laners that don't ward is buying and placing a pink ward at top. This way, I kill off enemy wards before ganking and ward my lane for my team. The top laner might not thank you, but you did the right thing. This works in other lanes too.

Buff control is something that isn't as easy to solve. It requires knowing the timing of when all buffs are killed, then planning on being there before the other jungler can get there. The up side is that Trundle is strong at taking buffs and running off scott free. After all, taking a buff is nothing if you end up dying with it. At about 7:20, the first blue or red on each side re spawns, use this to counter jungle

Besides map control, a jungler must know which lanes need help or ganks. If top is having problems, do your best to help that top laner. Does it mean if that laner fails in lane it is your fault for not helping as much? No, but do your best to help if possible. For Trundle, firing a pillar in lane will scare off the enemy laner, which is "help." It may not be a kill, but you don't play Trundle for ganks. Remember, Trundle is picked to counter jungler, so if you think that your team will need help before in ganks for whatever reason, Trundle may not be the best pick. Still, while in game, help out your lanes that need the most help.


Ganks are the harder for Trundle than other junglers because Trundle relays on his pillar which is not always reliable, leaving his ganks messy. Non-the-less, if Shyvana can gank and get kills than Trundle can too 3 times better. Like I said in the skill section, 70% of a gank is his pillar so if ganking, place the pillar behind the enemy champion and use frozen domain as soon as the enemy is slowed. Kite around the enemy and use basic attacks until whoever you gank runs to their tower or flashs out. Remember that getting a summoner spell and damage on that enemy is still a great gank because it gives a large advantage to your laner.

All of Trundle's ganks are about placing his W and E in a way so that both you and your laner can attack non stop while trying to kill the enemy laner. The placement of the pillar needs to be in fount of them to apply the first tick of slowing CC. If not, the enemy laner can walk around it, making the pillar on cooldown whiling doing almost nothing.

When do you place the pillar? Depends on who you are ganking with. If you have a champion with CC in your lane, placing a pillar from max range is good because the slow lets your laner do follow up CC so you can come and use basic attacks. However, if you gank top lane from behind and your laner has no CC, wait until the enemy laner tries to run away, then place a pillar to keep the chase up. So its not a "rule" for the pillar in a gank expect if Trundle's pillar is put out of place, Trundle's ganks are him running up and using a few attacks.

When ganking top or bot lane, the enemy team will try to abuse the bushes to get away. Trundle can beat this trick with a pillar in the bush that champion is in, but be careful. If the pillar is used and the enemy champion isn't in the first tick of the slow, the pillar is only used to show the enemy. So using this in bush is guess work.

Note: When Trundle reaches 6, you can remove armor and magic resist, making most of your damage almost true damage, and because it is a target skill, you don't need to worry about placement for that skill.

(more on junglering early game in the jungling section)

Mid Game

Mid changes from game to game. A good rule of thumb is that as soon as tower goes down, mid game starts, but this isn't always true so use common sense.

Over view

Mid game is the hardest part of the game. It is easy to forget when mid game starts and what to do. For Trundle, it means moving from the jungle to the rest of your team, so think of it as starting to group. When mid game starts, both blue and red buff should be transferred to your carries accordingly, blue is normally given to the AP carry and red to normally given to the AD carry. Both of which can use the buffs more then Trundle.

Farming changes during mid game because their is less of a need to be in the jungle. While farming the jungle is still important, lanes start to open up, meaning that the lanes start to roam and leave the lanes open to take. When taking lane minions, gold earned goes up, but the lane get pushed. So the best time to farm lanes is when the no ally champions are in that lane and the lane is being pushed by ether champions or other minions.


For Trundle, mid game becomes about roaming with your team rather ganking for kills, then to take towers. The best way to roam is ambushing the enemy team who try to roam. Roaming is a max of map control and killing enemy champions that move around the map.

Trundle has strong ambushing powers in the jungle with a well placed pillar and should try to caught enemies that roam too. The key to finding enemies to kill is placing wards. Early game, as long as the enemy laner stays in lane you can get kills from ganks, but in mid game, placing wards in the enemy jungle is the main way of finding enemies that roam. Taking kills allows for objectives such as towers and dragon to be obtained easily because it's safer to take the outer towers if no one can defend them. Taking towers becomes increasingly more valuable because people don't need to stay in lane. So always take a tower if able.

Map control mid game
By mid game, map control is about still important but the biggest difference is where wards are placed. In early game, wards are placed to prevent ganks, but in mid game, wards are placed in areas to find the other team.

When offensively warding, place wards in the enemy jungle. Bush near the enemy red and blue camps insure you whenever the enemy team is take their buffs. If that person is alone and you are near, rush to that buff and take it with smite. If you are also at higher HP and have better items, try killing the enemy champion. This is an easy kill or buff and it only costs 75 gold for a ward. This trick works when a enemy champion wants the wraith camp and placing a ward in the bush near that camp. There are more places to ward offensively, but this are best examples because warding is base on which part of the map you want vision. Defensive warding this about the same but on your side. If you know that the enemy team isn't in your jungle, then they must be in their jungle. Placing wards near your buffs means you can watch to see if the enemy team tries to steal your buff camps or non-buff camps.

To choose, offensively warding is mostly used when a head and Defensive warding is mostly used when behind. Trundle is going to move over the map so buy wards and don't relay on your support to buy every single ward. After all, it is easier for you ward baron on the other side of the map than your support who is still at bot lane.

Map control is also being able to go whenever you want and the enemy team is scared of you. Normally this is achieved when ahead of the enemy team. Make the enemy pay for going to your jungle by circling that enemy and killing him. The same works in the enemy jungle with wards but its harder. when going into enemy territory, make sure no one else from that champion's team is near, then try to burst him down. By mid game you should know if you are ahead or behind, I will talk more about this in the Ahead/Behind chapter.

Dragon control

Dragon control is about the same as in early game but now it's more of a target. This is because now, more people are roaming, towers have gone, and junglers brought more damage or defensive items, all making dragon a better and more noticeable target. Keep a ward at dragon at all times if your support doesn't place one there. If there is no wards at dragon, use your pillar to check it. Dragon is worth 975 + 10 gold each time you kill it (190 person, 25 for the who kills it, and 10 more if smite is used), making it valuable. How do you open dragon up? Gank bot lane. As long as you get a kill or lower the enemies health that bot has recall back to base, it opens up dragon. (this is why the meta has 2 bot)

Blade of the ruined king allows for fast dragons when going spirit stone. It doesn't completely male up for not having madreds razors but it helps.

Note: you can't steal AD from dragon with chomp, so you can't gain AD ether.

Late Game

Late game is about team fights and finishing the game. Trundle does not fall off late game so it is fine if the game lasts more then 30:00 minutes.

Taking towers
The key to getting an advantage late game is taking towers because 150 gold for each player is 750 gold. Trundle is one of the best at taking towers because of his W and Q. When going for a tower, after having the AD from biting a minion, Trundle can bite towers. Using Chomp and then frozen domain will make quick work of a tower. The reason you bite a minion is because 40 AD over 6 basic attacks makes up for losing one chomp. Placing frozen domain behind you while staying inside of it allows a fast escape if the other team comes to you. Remember is risky to push towers if the other team is nowhere in sight. When minions are not around and you have to tank the tower, only do this if you know your team can take it without being ganked by the other team. So don't get cocky and think back dooring is the best thing to do if your team needs you.

Defending towers
Trundle is weaker at Defending towers compared to taking towers. He has no range for damage besides his ult to poke from under a tower (which shouldn't be used for poking), so wait until you can commit to an all in attack. If someone over commits when trying to take down a tower, place a pillar to block that person off. When committing, it means ether going risky by using a pillar behind a champion and charging at that person, or attacking the tank/busier that tries to take tower.

Almost always block skill shots that are aimed towards the easy to kill targets in the back. Trundle must rely on his team more for keeping this towers alive. Keeping the champions who are good at defending towers is a must.

Baron is the biggest monster in the game, making it your job by default. Like dragon, it must be warded almost every second of late game because it is worth more than dragon (300 per person and baron buff). I suggest pink wards because the other team is going to ward it too. After getting baron, Trundle gets back a ton of health. He doesn't need to go back to base to heal so your team can go take an objective.

To get baron, killing the jungler is the best way. It will remove the enemy smite, removing the best way to steal baron. While killing anyone on the enemy team opens up baron, the jungler is the biggest threat, usually. Once you and your team starts baron, smite it while it almost dead, based on how much smite does, to ensure baron buff. To make sure the other team doesn't contest with any of their spells, a pillar over the baron pit wall should give vision of anyone with a spell that might steal it, unless you're playing against an Ezreal or Draven, who have global Ults.

If enemy team is taking baron and you can't stop them, aim for a tower or go to dragon. Taking a tower opens up more space on map and still gives global gold. More importantly, an inhibitor down makes it hard to push against your team. Trundle's strong pushing power allows pushing down towers and inhibitors. Trundle also doesn't have range spells to steal baron, so towers are better when your team can't contest baron.

A pillar of ice is able to keep entice to the baron small and can be used to keep the enemy team stuck in the baron pit. This is big. It creates team fights in your favor because the slow on the pillar only slows the enemy team, not your team.

Team Fights

Team fights win late game. The key to winning fights is to have the team fight in your team's favor from the start of the fight. That means playing smart by working with your team to make plays that win the fight is more important than just doing whatever you feel like doing. If Trundle is needed to go after the carries then let Trundle go after them and if Trundle needs to keep the carries safe then let him.

Anyway, Trundle can do one of two roles in a team fight. The peeler role or the diving/starting a fight role.


The peeling role is better overall for Trundle, as I was saying thought the guide. To peel is to keep the enemies off your team's carries. First off, always try being in-between the enemy and the carries in case of skill shots that are aimed for the carries. This works great on Trundle after he gets bigger from his ult. Also almost always use a pillar to keep a gap between the carries and whoever dives them. So wait to use it as the right time and be very careful not to use it too soon. Next, Trundle should have a slow item on him by the time team fights start. This is important because reducing the movement speed on whoever wants to kill carries forces that tank/ busier to attack you and guess what? Trundle can out duel almost anyone, even late game.

Once the tank/ busier attacks you, the carries can help kill that champion with their damage. Your carries live, you might live, and now you force the enemy carries to fight you. Even if you die, to die for the carries is better than the carries being dead and your team not having damage to keep the fight going.

During a team fight, using Trundle's ult on whoever has high armor and magic resist gives the stats stolen and prevents Trundle from going down in a fight quickly. So if you know the enemy team has champions that build a lot of magic resist, buy more armor and health and steal that champion's magic resist, keeping you tankly in all three aspects.

  • Keep carries alive at all costs
  • Never stop using basic attacks
  • Keep a bridge between the tank and the carries

Diving/ starting a team fight

The diving role is harder for Trundle because of his need to run to his target compared to a gap closer. However, it's more rewarding if performed well. Trundle's way reaching the carries on the other team is to move as close as possible, then once in range for his pillar, to aim the pillar behind his target. Often, it is better to start a team fight in the jungle because of the smaller space to keep Trundle's pillar strong.

Once Trundle reaches his target, he will be able to lock that target down with a slowing item and frozen domain. The enemy carries will always try to run away, so use a basic attack, run, basic attack, run, and repeat. This will keep you in range at all times, if that carry wants to run from you. With life steal items, Trundle should have better healing as long as CC like Anvia's wall doesn't prevent you from attacking. If Trundle can't attack, he is mostly a dead troll.

I like to think of driving the carries as a trench war battle. Both teams just waiting for the other to do something wrong, then strike before it's too late from behind the trenches. As soon as you move out of trenches (going after the carries on the other team) the other team is going try their best to shoot you down.

  • If you have to, dive the carries
  • Never stop using basic attacks
  • Try not face tank every spell
  • Trundle's ult does lot damage on a low MR carry

Comparing Trundle's driving

When looking at diving, it's best compare Trundle to others who would dive/ start a team fight. It's a small chapter but I feel it's needed to explain my play style that prefers peeling over diving.

  • Has the range of 1100 on this Q.
  • Amumu's projectile speed of his Q is 1800.

Trundle has to move 1100 units at the speed of 1800 if you want to compare. It is almost impossible to reach 1800 movement speed, even with boots of mobility. The slow on a pillar helps even the odds but it isn't enough. In short, out classed

  • Has the range of 1000 on his ult/R
  • I couldn't find the speed of ult/R but I do think its more then 1000

Once again, Trundle has to move 1000 units at the speed of 1000 at least if you want to compare. Even if Trundle can reach those speeds, this pony comes with a hard CC fear, unlike Trundle. In short, out classed.

  • Has a Q range of 650 with speed of about 750
  • Has a ult range of 1175 with speed over 1000

This pig riding girl has 2 ways of starting a team, can jungle, and has built in slow reduction. A living CC machine that can start a fight afar or up close. Plus, slow reduction makes it harder to keep this pig at bay. 99% out classed.

What is my point? Their are other champions out there are by far better at starting/ diving, so it's better to let them do that job if you can allow them. Nothing stops Trundle from doing the diving himself, but going back to my trench warfare paragraph in the late game chapter, think of other tanks as planes and Trundle as a ground troop. Its much easier to shoot down ground troops then planes unless you ambush the enemy.

Season 4 update

I'm still working on the season 4 patch. I'm working as fast as I can. Everything after this hasn't be updated for season 4.

Champion Matchups

Favors You
Amumu has CC and does magic damage but his low sustain in the jungle can be abused. Take as much from Amumu's jungle because often, he can't stop you with his team. So Trundle should always be healthier than Amumu and counter jungling is easy.

Amumu is hard to out gank and will most likely get more kills in ganks than you. Be prepared when Amumu gets to 6, because he will almost always get a kill with his ult.

In terms of dueling, I recommend flat magic resist to counter his passive. His passive is removers a falt amount, so getting flat magic resist absorbs most of his passive. Getting mercurys treads and not upgrading spirit stone to ancient golem helps against Amumu's CC and damage in one pair of boots. Taking out Amumu before late game is a must because Amumu out scales Trundle. Amumu is known for team fights but has a weak early game that Trundle can use to counter Amumu. If Amumu gets ahead, he can carry just by being in a team fight and using his ult right.
Favors Enemy
This matchup isn't fun. His clear times are faster because of his Aoe from his skills. When he reaches 6 you won't be able to control your buffs easily.

His burst pre 6 is decent but you have more of a window to kill him. Cho'gath has low health per level and base health so he is easy to kill before he feasts on some one. When he gets to 6, never duel with his ult. With his ult, he will eat. Keep his jungle warded to watch for his feasting. When it's down, he can't burst you down and you can easily duel him.

In team fights, he wins if he has feast stacks. This is why taking him early game is crucial, because you don't want a large Cho'gath no one can kill. CC wise, his Q is better than your pillar. On the up side, if you end up killing a fully stacked Cho'gath, you regain a lot of health back (passive).

Note: I don't think flat magic resist his needed because his ult does true damage.
Favors You
This match is good, but requires some map awareness. The clear times are the same but he is forced to start blue. Taking his red is easy.

Pre 6, his ganks are weak. You provide more help for your lanes pre 6. At 6, ward your jungle. Smart fiddles can ult from your jungle to bypass wards at 6. If you know where Fiddle is, go stop him before he can ult into a lane. By stopping, I mean duel him.

Dueling Fiddle depends on your pillar. If you have your pillar, you can cancel his drain and beat him in a duel. Always watch your lanes. If you can't see the enemy laners and you have your only CC on cool down, you will get ganked. Once you break a Fiddle drain, he is easy to kill. Assuming his fear doesn't stop you, he can't run from you.

AP carry Fiddle is all about coming out of nowhere in a team fights and killing someone. If that's the case, just keep your eye on him and aim on killing him before he uses his ult. I think a pillar breaks the channel of his ult. A half tank half glass Fiddle is about the same but harder to kill and less killing power. One last tip: A smart Fiddle can bait your pillar with a drain them ult into the fight.
Favors Enemy
I was lucky to play against a few Fizz junglers. Fizz has more Aoe in his kit to jungle with, so his clear times are often better. He doesn't even need armor pen because his damage is magic. He has better gold income as a result.

A Fizz pre 6 ganks are high mobility with low CC. If you can steal his red buff, you remove a lot of ganking power. After 6, he can use his shark and has better ganks. If you bait it out in a jungle duel, you can save the lanes the trouble. Reminder, baiting means dodging his ult if possible, so don't just get hit by it if possible.

This is a hard match up, not because Trundle is bad against him, but because it is easy to be out played by a good fizz player. He is too hard to kill in a duel because he can jump away with his E, so don't expect to kill him without help. Please take flat blues if you know he is jungling. All his spells do magic damage, even when Fizz is AD.

Preventing him from snowballing is the key to winning. A fed Fizz does a lot of damage late game. His shark can start team fights, which is scary because it does a lot of damage. But an under fed Fizz falls off and is easy to beat.

Favors You
This shouldn't be too hard of a match up if counter jungle him well. His ganks are decent but you have a pillar and a speed up to match his speed one.

Always pick a fight if you can. The earlier the better, he's a time bomb like Amumu. The longer the game goes, the harder it is to kill him. In a duel, if you can risk it, place a pillar on top of him to remove his AD from his passive. It is a little risky because you lose your only CC for about 20 seconds, but it can win the duel.

Team fights is where it gets ugly. Hecarim can change into you and start a fight without your permission. He also lives though team fights with his W so you can't kill him. A slow on basic attacks is a must because it will remove his passive AD.
Favors You
This matchup is good. Both Trundle and Jarvan have the same clear times and ganks pre 6. That makes the match up more skill based rather than champion base.

Jarvan is great at bursting and can duel somewhat, but stealing this AD removes weakens his Q and Ult. Trundle's attack speed buff is 20% with one point to match his 20% at level one. His bonus armor is pointless because of Armor pen runes which counter his armor. After this burst, Trundle wins any duel with him, so never try to kill him at low health. At 6, Trundle's ult will counter the damage from Jarvan's ult.

Once late game team fighting starts, he becomes a problem for your team. He can start a team with his ult and keep your carries stuck inside. A pillar in his face won't stop him.
Favors Enemy
This matchup is weird. His clear is fast and save. His has better mobility over the map.

Let me explain what I mean by his ganks are too colorful. Lee sin has about 10 ways to gank with his Q and W. I can’t name them all but I seem them all. Trundle is not as fancy. This means I can't give a who's better; for lee sin vs Trundle in terms of ganking. If I had to put one, I would base it on how creative the Lee sin player is. This is just my belief.

Anyway, when it comes to dueling, Trundle can beat him, but to kill him is hard. If he has a ward, he can ward just nonstop and you can't chase him. However, you can get him low, which is always a positive. As long as you don't get out played, you don't need to fear a lee sin in a duel. I of think Fizz and Lee sin as the same but with different abilities because both have about the same role.

Also like Fizz, a not fed Lee sin falls off. Why? Because other champions, like Trundle, do better than Lee sin late game. Trundle does better at peeling and can start a fight a little better than Lee sin.
Favors You
Malphite is hard but possible. His clear times are normally better than Trundle and his passive absorbs a lot of damage.

The reason Trundle is better pre 6 is because Malphite has to run to his target. So Use that time to your adventage. At level 6, his ganks are almost impossible to stop unless you force his ult out of him.

Malphite is hard to beat in a duel for most champions because of attack speed debuff. Trundle can counter this by reseting his attack speed with his Q. That means wait until Malphite uses his E to Q. His shield is the hardest part of beating him. His shield can be avoided if you meet him after one of his camps, so picking a fight with requires cleverness. His ult will never be used to duel unless you get low and he needs to burst you.

In team fights, he is a problem. His ult can start a team fight so watch out. If he gets to your carries, his attack speed debuff will lower your damage output. Nothing you can do until after his ult, so taking him out early is better than waiting until late game.
Favors You
This tree is my favorite Magic damage jungler and is about even with Trundle as my favorite. His clear times are faster of his Aoe magic damage. However, clearing buffs is hard for him without smite because his damage is Aoe and not target.

One thing that makes Maoki a hard matchup is his ganks, which are a lot better than Trundle's. So he has that advantage in that respect. Taking his blue buff cripples his ganking more than red because he relays on mana so much to use all his spells.

He can't beat Trundle straight up in a fight so always counter jungle because he can't stop you. Take everything you can from him. He has a weak ult early game, so at level 6 it becomes easier to counter jungle. You don't need flat magic resist because his damage is low.

If you counter jungle him well, you can weaken his late game, which the tree is strongest at. He may not do damage without the right items, but his CC more than makes up for that. His ult is a pain as well. Try beating him early so you don’t have to worry late game
Favors You
I was never a good shaco but a well-played one will give problems. First, his clear is nothing special, he can take the big camp monster but the small ones delay him. His clear is the only simple part of him.

In a gank, Shaco is better. He can bypass wards and does a lot of damage at once. It is really hard to match that. However, if you take his red, his ganks get weaker.

Dueling is easy. Keep the fight face to face claim. As soon as a duel starts you are locked in combat because it’s hard to run from a Shaco. Pre 6 is a lot easier. At 6, his clone comes into play. Try ulting Shaco before he clones to make sure you know the real from the fake. In the case where you can't, you must learn to not be fooled by the clone to kill the right one. The clone will always do less damage and take in more damage. As soon as know the clone from the fake, ult the real one.

Shaco has poor team fighting skills. If you end up Advantage or ahead, 5v5 team fights become in your favor. If the Shaco slit pushs, take something faster than shaco can push.
Favors Enemy
I don't know why people don't play udyr, but in the chance you do see him, you do well against him. His clears are faster than Trundle's because of R stance and he has can stay healthy in the jungle with his W. His clear times are weakened without blue so invading his blue is a way around that. His level one team fighting skills are below normal.

Udyr only has one form of CC, his bear stance, which requires him to run up and hit the target first. Having a pillar is a lot more useful so you have better ganks. Taking his red would also kill his ganking power if you choose not to invade his blue.

Dueling Udyr is hard pre 6. He has a shield that can heal him and does both physical and magical damage. I don't advise dueling him in the jungle pre 6 unless you have a level ahead of him and/or you have red buff and he doesn't. Once you get to 6, you gain your ult while he has no ult. That makes dueling easy for you.

Both Trundle and Udyr are close range fighters that do about the same in team fights. The reason I put that Trundle is better in team fights is because Trundle's only CC has 875 more range over Udyr's. Other than that, the team fights should be the same.
Favors You
This matchup is good for Trundle. Her clear time is better because of her skill set but that is all she has over you. Even then, it isn’t much faster than Trundle.

Taking Vi's red buff takes a huge chuck of her ganking power, keep that in mind. Having the same type of ganks pre 6 makes ganks more about who is a better player rather than who has better CC. Still, a pillar from Trundle is better than a Q from Vi. At 6, her ult makes her more reliable in ganking.

Trundle can out duel Vi because of his Q steals AD, which Vi relays on. Trundle can also break Vi's Q with a pillar, so keep that in mind and have fast reactions. Dueling isn’t a problem and she can’t run from the same way Lee and Fizz can.

Another enjoyable thing about this matchup is that Vi tends to dive often and Trundle can peel against her. So late game is in Trundle's favor because Vi can’t beat a Trundle unless she is fed.
Favors You
The first thing about Warwick is he has no Aoe, like Trundle. He has an attack speed buff, like Trundle. He has a Q he can Spam, like Trundle. The idea is, his clear times are about the same, just Warwick has more reliable healing than Trundle.

One think you can do pre 6 is gank better. Warwick has a speed up with his E, but that is not reliable unless the target is at low health. Taking his red buff removes any CC Warwick has pre 6. At 6, every time his ult is up, every lane can be ganked.

Warwick has a single target nuke, magic damage, and healing powers. He isn't easy to duel unless you have an advantage or life steal. By the time life steal items are bought, he might have his ult. If you feel you need to take flat magic resist runes, only do this if you plan to duel him. At 6, baiting his ult before he ganks can save a laner's life.

When in a team fight, unless you have someone else who will break Warwick's ult, save your pillar for his ult. The pillar will break the channel and free an ally. You should be able to keep Warwick off your team easily after his ult is down.
Favors You
His clear times are faster because of his magic damage. He can heal up with his blobs to match Trundle’s Passive.

Zac has scary ganks with his E. He can go to areas without wards and E into a lane. He just doesn’t have hard CC to back it.

The best part of this match is that Zac can't out duel you, even with his passive. You can kill his blobs within the time limit if the enemy team is not around to stop. Always pick a fight with him. His sling shot is strong but your pillar can break the channel so always save the pillar for that if you think he is going to E out of a duel. When you plan to duel him, remember to have smite up. You can smite his blobs when he goes into his passive.

Outside of team fights prepared for flying smites at dragon and barons late game. During team fights, Zac has better team fighting skills because he has Aoe to hit many people player s at once. However, he can’t peel as well as Trundle, so you have that advantage.

Jungling (season 3 still)

Jungleing is the process of getting gold and experience from jungle monsters. However, because junglers don't need to worry about last hitting most of the time, it's important to kill creeps as fast possible, then move to another location on the map.

Basic camp clearing

Clearing camps is very simple. Trundle has an attack speed buff and a skill that works off his basic attacks. Simply put, Trundle only uses basic attacks. After the first basic attack, press Q to restart the attack timer. This makes it really easy to clear camps. You heal for your passive and having team mates to help also gives saves health when getting one of the buffs. The only "trick" is placement of Trundle's W, which I will put in it's own section. What is important about camp clearing is Trundle's mana. Without spirit stone, their is no reason to use 3 Qs and W at every camp (without blue). Use mana wisely and think about whether the mana spent on a spell is worth clearing the camp faster. Remember, if Trundle ganks, it cost 30+60+60 to all his non ult skills on one gank. ( this is =150 mana)

Bladed armor and red buff

Each one does true damage and both need to be used wisely to have fast clear times

Bladed armor: With bladed armor, when a jungle creep is at 12 health or less after a basic attack, don't attack it, let it kill itself and use the attacks you saved from attacking the small ones to attack the big one. Trundle might take a little more damage but the time saved is really helpful for counter jungleing

Red buff: With red buff, it's impotent to learn that the damage over time plus bladed armor can finish a jungle monster at around 35 health, which can save a basic attack.

How much time is saved? Well, lets do some math. If Trundle has 1 attack per second with 1.00 (in theory) attack speed, and a wolf camp has 2 small wolves, and this trick is used on both, Trundle can clear the camp 2 seconds faster. This may not seem like much, but combined with 3 seconds if this is used for a wraith camp as well, 5 seconds is saved. Why is 5 seconds so much? 5 seconds can mean the difference between getting to a lane that is prime for ganking and that lane moving closer to their tower and not being to gank at all. Also, with Trundle's base movement speed of 350, he is able to travel 350 units a second, so having 5 seconds means 1750 units can be traveled. This is one aspect of jungleing for a none Aoe jungler.

Basic routes.


1:55 Blue buff--------------------------------------------------1:55 Red buff

2:25 Red buff---------------------------------------------------2:25 blue buff

3:00 Wraiths or gank-----------------------------------------3:00 wolves or gank

This is the simple routes for junglers. It's used to get level 3 with both buffs before counter jungling. I don't recommended doing this as a counter jungler but sometimes, it's better playing it safe because you know the river is warded and going access a warded river early game is too risky to do. (The times are rough estimates. In game time can be more or less)


Where you place Trundle's W can allow the movement speed to last longer after leaving the camp. So it's impotent to know where you plan to go after the camp. Because the other team can see where you place frozen domain, place it so doesn't splash over the camp.

Example: wraith camp. if the other mid laner sees Trundle's W go though the camp, the mid laner can tell the rest of team where you are and you lose map control.

Example:Do you plan to gank mid lane after a wolf camp? Place the frozen domain in a way so that after you use the attack speed, you can move faster to mid faster.

Overall, it lends to a faster clear time and shouldn't be use carelessly

Counter jungling (season 3 still)

To counter jungle is to take parts of the enemy jungle to prevent that champion from getting gold and EXP. Trundle is able to do this really well because of kit.

Why counter jungle Trundle

First off, Trundle is able to out duel most junglers. The simplest reason is because he steals AD. Most junglers are AD but all junglers need to use basic attacks. Having more Ad means Trundle can attack the other jungler and come out on top more often if both champions meet at once. Trundle has attack speed from his W which equals 20% attack speed with 1 point for 8 seconds is huge. This allows Trundle to walk into the enemy jungle and not be sacred of meeting the other jungler (unless he has this team with him). Trundle has a spike in dueling at level 6. Once Trundle becomes 6, his ult can drain the stats of his opponents to stay ahead. Not all junglers have strong level 6 ults.

Why does being a good dueler help? Because it means you can kill the enemy jungle. If you can kill the enemy jungler, that jungler will never want to face you alone. This gives jungle control and you can pillage the enemy jungle because the enemy jungler will never want to face you. However, this can only happen if you can out duel the enemy jungler

Another reason is Trundle can clear the big monster in a camp fast. His single target skills and attack speed buff lets Trundle clear the big one, then run away if you needed (assuming you need to run away). This works for buff camps too and that can be key crippling the enemy mid if you steal blue.

Starting enemy buffs route


1:55 Enemy Blue buff------------------------------------------------1:55 Enemy Red buff

2:10 your red buff----------------------------------------------------2:10 your blue buff

3:00 wraiths --------------------------------------------------------3:00 wolves

3:00 Or gank -------------------------------------------------------3:00 Or gank

As a counter jungler, taking the one buff from the other team is the best thing to do pre level 4 if you start at their red or blue. Taking your side's second buff is optional after the stealing the other teams buff. If not picked, the up side, make sure the other jungler doesn't take it. One reason not to take the second buff on your side is when you want take it later to replace the one you stole. The opposite is taking your second buff to keep it out of your opponents hands.

Example: Steal the enemy red, then waiting until the red you stole finishes its duration before taking your side's red. However, the enemy jungler might steal your red so it creates risk.

level 1-4 counter jungling basics.

The following is mostly for solo Quene because its almost impossible to get to the enemy red without the enemy knowing. Sill possible but much harder.

1) Having a smiteless start on enemy buffs allows Trundle to move to his red or blue fast and taking an early second buff while keeping the other on your side.

Example: Lets say the other team's jungler is Amumu . You know he is going to start at his blue, so you take amumu's red before your blue. Move though the jungle try taking their red at 1:55. Then take your blue and make sure your red is safe. It would remove the second buff of Amumu.

2) Another early level counter jungle trick is to kill the enemy jungler at his wraiths camp, assuming that jungler starts blue. This more risky then taking the enemy buff but it can be more rewarding.

Example: Lets take Amumu again. If he starts blue and you start at his red, you can ambush him at his wraiths. Get his red and get a level 2 pillar, then wait at the bush near the entrance to jungle by the wraith camp. After you see Amumu walking in the brush, come out of the bush and attack Amumu. With red buff, he should be slowed and a pillar will keep him from going far. Normally, you can get first blood or a flashless, low health Amumu. Amumu is only an example because this works on champions that have weak level 2s who starts blue.

counter jungling level 5 and up.

After the first few levels, counter jungleing becomes easier. Taking camps is the most used way to counter jungle. When deciding take a camp or leave one, remember to think of the next 45 seconds until that camp will respawn. Here are comman examples
  • If you think you can take a camp then come back in 45 seconds and take it again, take the whole camp.
  • If you know the enemy jungler is about to come and take that camp, take the whole camp.
  • If you know you won't come back in 45 seconds and the other jungler might come, leave one.
  • If you take the buffs from your opponent's side, take the whole camp and keep the time to yourself.

Buffs are not as simple. At about 7:20, ether Red or blue will come up again on their side. Taking it is a strong way to cripple their mid (blue buff) or that jungler's ganks (red buff). You can leave a small lizard at the buffs but as soon as that lizard is killed, you have the enemy gets the timer. That makes it harder to come back for round two for stealing that buff. So before you decide to leave, think about what you want to to do because you don't always have to take the whole buff camp. If possible, Ask your mid laner to come with you to steal that buff. If you do, you can keep their buff and give the other buff of that color away to your mid laner. (if you trust your mid laner not to die.)

The only time I leave a small lizard after stealing a buff is when I feel that I need cant came back to that buff to steal it again.

Try to repeat this process again after 5 minutes if you can keep the timer.

TheOddone once said "it is always better to take the enemy jungle than your jungle." This means, always take enemy jungle if you can. Trundle has no fear of other junglers and should control the map as much as possible. (He said this is season 2)


This chapter will show which champions work the best with Trundle in the jungle. I divided this chapter into 2 sections; general and specific.


Initiate: Anyone who can start a team fight by initiating on the enemy team works well with Trundle. I already stated in this guide that his pillar is hard to initiate with. Here are some champions who can, I will can go more in depth on each one later in this chapter.

Examples: Malphite, Leona, Maokai, Nautilus, and sejuani

Poking: : Anyone who can poke the enemy team before a team fight is strong with Trundle. His pillar is great for disengaging from the enemy team if your team wants to keep poking. If you do have poke on your team, maxing pillar second is recommended. Here are some champions who can, I will can go more in depth on each one later in this chapter.

Example: Corki, Jayce, lux, and Nidalee


Alistar is a rarely seen champion. His Q W combo can initiate a fight and is able to peel with the same combo. He can only be played as a support and is normally out classed by other "all in" supports but having this cow on your team makes up for Trundle's lack of initiate.

  • Can initiate a team fight
  • strong peeling powers

  • Little to no poke
  • rarely played

I would always pick Trundle with Ashe if I could. She can initiate a team fight with her ult and peel for herself with her Q. This covers both Trundle's weakness and improves his strength of peeling. Almost no one picks her those.

  • Can initiate a team fight
  • strong peeling powers, allows you to peel for the AP carry

  • Little to no poke
  • rarely played

Whether he is AP or AD, his R is good for poking. His W is both a close gap and disengage tool, so he can help himself in peeling. His lack of CC keeps him in the poking role because he can't initiate a fight.

  • Poke power
  • Can be played ether AP or AD

  • No initiate

Jayce is one of the most poke heavy champions in the game, making him work with Trundle. His Q and E combo makes him poke under towers while being able to protect himself in times of damage. I put Nidalee here too because, as a poker, Nidalee can do the same thing as Jacye. The only difference is that Nidalee does magic damage and is single target.

  • Poke power

  • No initiate

Leona is a support that can start a team fight with ether her R or E. If she goes full tank, it's ok to have a top lane Kennen or Ryze because Leona is able to fill the tank role. The main down side is that if she can't get gold from assents, she gets almost no tank items.

  • Can initiate a team fight
  • strong peeling powers

  • Little to no poke
  • rarely played

Malphite can be played as a jungler or a top laner. If he is a top laner, your team has a hard core initiator. His R can knock a whole team in a matter of seconds and works great if other champions on your team has AOE skills. Too bad Trundle isn't on one of them.

  • Can initiate a team fight
  • Great vs Armor teams

  • Easy to counter in lane if an AP is sent top.

If I could play ADC well, I would play Varus. He is my favorite ADC to work with because he has everything. He can poke before a team fight, start a team fight with his ult, and has the best weakness ever. He has no jumps and someone should always peel for him. That's where Trundle comes in. If you can as Trundle, peel for this ADC because he works so well with you.

  • Can initiate a team fight
  • Has great poking
  • loves having a peeler

  • easy to kill because he is ADC. (or AP)

When ahead, behind, or even

A lot happens though the first 10-20 minutes of the game. It is easy to tell who is "fed" or is "feeding" on both sides by mid game. So making use of being ahead or preventing yourself from staying behind is important because when a team fight starts, it matters who is in which side of the F spectrum.

When ahead/ "fed"
Almost every jungler's dream is to do well by ganking or killing the enemy jungler a few times, but being ahead and "fed" are different. If you have more farm or better items, you are ahead. In any case, Trundle is the type of champion who can snowball when ahead of the enemy team. Getting a blade of the ruined king by 15 minutes while keeping the basic core items can change the game. People start running from you, you can take whatever jungle creep you want, and you feel like you can't be stopped.

Now, none of that matters if you don't use your advantage right. What can you do? Several things.

Roaming by alone in the simplest thing you can do. It works by yourself because you have the items and damage to kill other champions fast and efficient. You might not buy a defensive item if you are ahead but a blade of the ruined king. This helps keep your advantage as long you keep getting kills.

Always dragon/towers when you're ahead. This works because as soon as you get to their tower, most people won't try to touch you because those people fear you. Dragon is the same but can be stolen. Just don't get ganked by 3 or more people. If you really feel up it, take Baron. This is risky mid game, even when you/ your team are ahead. Only do this if you know that it is a possible because the enemy team can't stop you.

The last one is very uncommon, farming up for late game. This might seem dumb if you are ahead, but if your team is behind and, in general, your team has a better late game team comp, its fine to wait it out. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to take towers, it just shouldn't be as often.

Being able to do any of these is able to ether help you win before late game or win team fights during late game if the game lasts that long.

When behind/"feeding"
All junglers fear doing bad. It's bad for a jungler because it gives up map control. Let say you gank, and the other jungle comes, then you die. It happens to the best of us and it really lowers moral. Like being ahead, just because you are not "feeding", doesn't mean you are not behind. Being behind in gold can be just as bad if the enemy team has 2 towers and 1 dragon more then you.

Being behind is not a "lost game". There are a few things Trundle can do to make up for losing. The first step is to Farm. Gold and items is the only thing that separates a "fed" player and a "fedding" (besides levels) and being able to farm is the best thing for you. Another thing I like to do is max E second. Maxing E second means more pillars and stronger slows. So it helps your team, who will most likely being doing all the damage at this point. It turns you into more of a tank, which is best in a losing solution. When worst comes to life, wait it out. When you have no choice, maybe it is best to wait out the game until team fights. In team fights, smart plays can win games.

In terms of items, you don't need to buy damage when you are behind. Save blade of the ruined king for last and keep Cutlass. You only keep the cutlass because life steal is still a form of defense but 1800 gold is hard to get when behind. I would suggest more tank related items / team related items. This well, like maxing E second, help your team, who will so the hard work.

Moral of the story, don't make things worse.

Some games, it ends up being an equal game for 30 minutes. What must be done is simple, out play the enemy team. There are two of ways of out playing the enemy team, make big plays or just straight up team fight.

For making big plays, it doesn't matter if as a team or not, you must out smart your opponent. Out playing the enemy team is doing something extreme that might work. Making a big plays require a lot of knowledge of the game.

For example: Stealing baron. If the enemy team is taking baron, a flash smite can steal it and win an easy team fight because you have baron buff. This works great for Trundle because you carry mite and an Ult on the right person can keep you alive.

However, if the other teams out plays you, the other team gets a clear cut advantage. Going back to my example, if you try flash smite baron, but the enemy team smiles it first, you are going to die if your team doesn't follow you and try to make up for the lost baron.

As you can see, doing a "big play" is risky but can save you the trouble of trying to start a team fight. Here are two more examples of tactics you can use.

The second example is the classic "wait in a brush." Waiting in the bush with your team until the enemy team comes is high risk high reward. When the enemy team comes, you can jump on someone and burst that person down then start a 5v4. This is more team related because one pillar isn't all that is needed to make the "wait in a brush" effective.

The next one is starting the team fight at your tower. It is really risky if your team doesn't commit 100% to the fight but is strong with commitment. It works because it makes the fight 6v5, the tower being on your side.

For team fights, go to my team fighting section for more.


This chapter is created to show the math behind my build. It is small right now, but it will grow with time. You don't have to read this section if you don't want to.



Damage: 60 more damage each hit.

Damage: 10 plus 20% increase. The 10 true damage is 12 because it is increased by 20%

If Trundle has the base Attack damage of 55 at level 1. The 20% increase on each hit equals 11 damage. 11+12=23 damage. So madreds does 37 damage more damage on each basic attack. That might be true, but because of the scaling of %, it gets better as the game progresses.

If spirit stone is brought at level 4, a few more factors come in. The first is his Q. His, with 2 points in it, deals 40 extra damage and grants Trundle 25 extra attack damage. Trundle's attack damage is also increased by 9 because of his attack damage per level. From the masteries, Trundle gets 2.68 (lets round this to 2.5) more attack damage. One last thing, Trundle's Q with 2 points is 105% of his attack damage. That means, at level 4, with Trundle's damage on his Q, without the extra 40 damage is 66.5 x 105% = about 70. Having the mana to use Q again is will add 25 more damage so the damage is (66.5+25) x 105% = 92.75

Lets add all this up and multiply by 20%.

First basic attack: (55+9+2.5) x 0.2 = 13.3 bonus damage.

Hitting Q after the first basic attack: [(66.5 x 1.05) + 40] x 0.2 = 21.965 bonus damage (about 22)

With 0.810 attack speed, Trundle has 4 basic attacks after his first Q: 91.5 x 0.2 = 18.3 bonus damage.

When combined: 18.3 x 4 = 73.2 bonus damage.

Second Q: (40 + 91.5) x 0.2 =26.3 bonus damage

If madreds does 60 damage each attack, 7 basic attacks equals 420 damage (with 2 Qs). With spirit stone, 7 basic attacks at level 4 is is 237.1 damage (with 2 Qs). 420-237.1= 182.9. If we take the average of the difference, we get 26.13 damage. That means, on average, that each attack loses about 26 damage on each basic attack rather than 37. This number increases as the game continues because Trundle gains more attack damage per level and gains more attack damage from his Q.

My point is, Trundle can clear faster with madreds but not by much. The difference does down the longer the game goes and with more AD, spirit stone wins.

Final Comments

I'm glad to have written a guide and I hope you all like it. Trundle Is very unique and this is how I play Trundle, so don't take my guide as "set in stone." Please leave comments down below if you have any questions about my guide because I know not everyone is going to understand my guide 100%. I am always open to suggestions so don't be scared to suggest something to me and I will always do my best to address it. I will also answer any question about Trundle. Also, if i made any mistakes after any patch, please let me know.

I enjoyed the old Trundle and the new Trundle is still great.

Thanks for reading!

PS, Does anyone know how to remove comment made by myself? I wrote extra comments that are copies.

"A king is not a king without an army"

Change log

This change log is being reset because of season 4.

Before 5/27/13: Too many edits to list.

5/27/13: Guide approved

5/27/13-12/5/13: guide had lived though season 3

12/6/13: Redid the guide, step by step. So far I got up until the early game chapter.

12/8/13: Did some small cleanup in the the areas that need to updated. I finish the updating another day. Also wrote a PS

12/10/13: had to fix the Cho gath match up. Noticed that I still have to update the match up section, will do on the weekend


July 19, 2014 - 12:25 AM #1

For the primary rune page, if you switch to attack speed quints and full armor pen reds, you gain 4% attack speed + 1 armor pen, and lose nothing.

January 20, 2014 - 09:47 PM #2


December 9, 2013 - 02:10 AM #3


Thanks for be honest. I guess I'm lucky my information is good.

December 9, 2013 - 02:09 AM #4


Thanks for be honest. I guess I'm lucky my information is good.

December 9, 2013 - 02:09 AM #5


Thanks for be honest. I guess my lucky my information is good.

December 9, 2013 - 12:49 AM #6

@2island More games played with the champion. 44 games is not much for this season at all. It's hard to trust your guide when you have only played the champion very little and are only gold 1, which is not very high.

December 9, 2013 - 12:05 AM #7


If i may ask, what does it take to be "credibility"?

December 8, 2013 - 08:06 PM #8

You are gold 1 and have a 50% win rate with trundle at 44 games played. IMO this is not good enough credibility to be making a guide.

June 6, 2013 - 03:00 PM #9

He does. I understand your build. I haven't heard any thing about the next so if you could, maybe send information about where you got that info, I would enjoy that. (I live under a rock)

I just prefer spirit stone. Until some thing happens to spirit stone and madreds in the next patch, I'm fine without madreds.

Every item you used is in my item section so I agree with it.

June 6, 2013 - 09:38 AM #10

IMO the build:

Madreds/wriggles -> locket -> Iceborn gauntlent -> Spirit visage -> Situational items (randuins,BoTrK,warmogs,runic ect) would be very effective in teamfights.

I've always found trundle to synergize very well with CDR and being built bruiser much like Hecarim

Also 3.8 Patch will buff Wriggles

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