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Greater Seal of Armor(+12.69 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power(+1.53 ability power per level (27.54 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power(+14.85 ability power)
Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration(8.1 Armor Penetration and 5.58 Magic Penetration)
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Full Item Build

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mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 4/4
mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 3/3
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mastery 1 1/1
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mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
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0 Defense
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/3
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mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 1/1
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mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
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mastery 2 0/1
9 Utility
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Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
QBlinding Dart
WMove Quick
EToxic Shot
RNoxious Trap
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mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 4/4
mastery 3 0/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
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mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
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mastery 3 0/1
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mastery 1 0/1
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mastery 2 0/1
0 Defense
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
9 Utility

Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
Default Starting Build

I ALWAYS GET THIS MAJORITY OF THE TIME : dorans-ringhealth-potion2

Teemo's Toxic Shot has a 0.7 total AP scaling. Doran's Ring gives you 15 AP, 15*0.7 is 10.5, round it off we get 11 bonus damage. Comparatively, it does 1 more damage than a Doran's Blade and is much cheaper, making it more viable solely because of the 75 gold you have remainder. The passive and mana regen you get from this is also pretty neat for the laning phase, allowing you to spam your Blinding Darts without much worry of maintaining your mana.


If you're versus dual AP (Top and middle)


When you're versus a balanced team comp e.g Top AP mid AD


(Prioritise Twin Shadows / Seekers armguard first depending on who your lane match up is. If you feel like your enemy is someone who is not a huge threat to you, then you can feel free to get Haunting Guise haunting-guise first as it gives the most damage amongst the three)


wits-endabyssal-scepter Are very very viable replacements if you dislike the notion of buying Twin Shadows.

Alternatively, you can also buy banshees-veil if you're terrible at dodging Blitz hookz or Ahri charms or anything dangerous in general.


What my final items always look like.



Boots enchantment :enchantment-alacrity/enchantment-furor

FO DA GIGGLEZ : enchantment-captain

ALWAYS BUY sight-ward. Your ward brethren have no legs and thus cannot walk to lane and ward for you. As the leader of the wards, you must escort your kin to wherever you want to light up, even if it means leaving your lane for five seconds.

I will go in-depth my itemization choices.
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
QBlinding Dart
WMove Quick
EToxic Shot
RNoxious Trap

The golden changelog

I've been updating this guide a lot so I thought I'd add in a changelog. I plan on fixing and polishing a lot of things I feel are wrong and adding a lot more.
13/7/2013 : Highlighted some stuff. I feel accomplished. Also added a Q&A at the bottom. Corrected some grammatical errors I found and added a little more detail to the Lane match up sections. Fixed some stuff that was incorrect. Also added another video of fighting an Elise. ALSO ADDED MOAR PICTURES!

14/7/2013 : Added a new chapter. Deleted the mushroom placements chapter and added it into laning strategies. Added Blade of the ruined king to the Other items section under Itemization. Added more detail into the Laning strategies section.

15/7/2013 : Added a Yorick match up video. Added more into the Vladimir section. Complete remake of laning strategies section. Added one question in the Q&A below! Added a picture into the introduction. Had to replace all the photos I posted because photobucket sucks. Added a skill order chapter.

16/7/2013 : Fixed some errors I encountered, removed some unnecessary pictures. Renamed Laning strategies to Early game and added more detail to it. Added more detail to Flash and ignite. Added a Mid game chapter regarding when to split push or stick with your team. Changed the size of the item icons as it was unnecessarily big. Added more detail into the Early game thingy. Fixed TECHNIC[highlight]AL H[/highlight]IGHLIGHTING ERROR. Added more detail to the Mid Game section. I will add more to the split pushing section of mid game by tomorrow :D! Fixed a grammatical error.

17/7/2013 : Added Wits End and Runaan's Hurricane into the Itemization section. Added stuff to Comments

18/7/2013 : Added a shen match up video!

19/7/2013 : ADDED A NEW CHAPTERZ! YAY? Fiksed sum br0kn3 gramar n spelin. Aatrox picture was finally implemented, or at least I finally saw it under the options of available images :D! Added an image of abysal scepter to the Itemization on which I will go in-depth once I'm done with defenders quest. Also added a slight amount of detail onto why I don't like Rylais. ADDED A NEW LANE MATCH UP VIDEO *background applause*. FIXED THE VLADIMIR VIDEO CAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY LINKED IT TO AN EPISODE OF BRAVEST WARRIORS INSTEAD OF THE VLADIMIR VIDEO BUT NO ONE SAW THAT RIGHT..? Right..? Also updated the ranked stats picture !

20/7/2013 : yay im in challenged tier now. I still think Riot should've called it the Legends league. Added a video in the Skills section on how I like to use Teemo's passive!

21/7/2013 : Reconstructed the detail on the Elise match up. Added more stuff to the early game. Added a tad more detail to the Rumble match up.

22/7/2013 : Added a tad more detail on Doran's Ring on when I would get it.

25/7/2013 : Finally managed to make a video on how a well placed shroom rewards you. Updated the ranked stats :D

26/7/2013 : Added a Zac match up video.

27/7/2013 : Added more detail to the Early Game section. Added information to Abysal Scepter. Finally added something into the Mid Game section Choice B. Added 1 more question into the Q&A

28/7/2013 : Fixed some technical errors.

9/8/2013 : Wow nearly 500k people has seen it already. Thanks guys :D! Fixed bits and pieces, nothing major. I plan to add in videos on how mushrooms affect the game.

13/8/2013 : Added a new video regarding Teemo's passive. It's less luck based this time :P. Added 1 more question to the Q&A.

15/8/2013 : Updated ranked stats.

17/8/2013 : Update! Uploaded a commentary :D

20/8/2013 : Changed the description on mejai's soulstealer. Changed the description on Void staff. Added a bit more to the Comments section. Changed some stuff in the Itemization chapter and the Item build. Revamped Darius' description in the lane match ups. Revamped Rumble's description in the lane match ups.

21/8/2013 : Apparently the picture to my Teemo ranked stats wasn't displaying and instead presented the link to the picture itself so I fixed that. ALSO THERE IS A WEBSITE THAT RECORDS MY MATCH HISTORIES ETC WHICH IS SOMEWHAT SIMILAR TO LOLKING. I LINKED MY PROFIEL IN THE Q&A

25/8/2013 : Added a Wukong lane match up

30/8/2013 : Took down the Wukong video. I don't know when I'll be able to reupload it but hopefully soon. It wasn't any legal issues, it was more of something private so I tried to trim out the video but my stupid video editor decided to end its demo and now I'm looking for a new video editor.

23/10/2013 : Ho shizzles it's already october and still no massive update! Well I'm in Singapore now so I have plenty of time to rework on most of the stuff. Oh hey I did do a update! But it wasn't massive at all! :D

24/10/2013 : Fixed a couple of doodads and changed a couple of things. Changed a few things. Added a new section for lane match ups! :D

5/11/2013 : Added a new lane match up video.

6/1/2014 : Added a Teemo vs Shyvana video!


(by beanbean1988)
hiho. watashiwa Higgabes from the SEA (South East Asia for you dummies) server. I've been playing Teemo since I first started league of legends and he's still overall my favourite character.

I used to play AD Teemo or tanky on-hit Teemo pretty much all the time. It is pretty strong but in my opinion gets outclassed by AP Teemo. I only discovered AP Teemo when my friend BlurCCookie, who only played Teemo showed me the light.

a lot of people look at Teemo as an extreme pest and he is most definitely a pest. What people don't know however is the massive DPS and DoT he can dish out in a matter of seconds.

I'm in challenger right now and I can say that Teemo is incredibly strong.
But its just my opinion, go ahead and try him out yourself
I will go in-depth about my thoughts on Teemo and how I play him later on

Shortcut meanings incase you don't know:
DoT : Damage over Time
MR : Magic resistance
TL ; DR: Too long Didnt read
AA : Auto attack

So what makes AP Teemo so special


AP Teemo has extreme DoT and burst mainly because of his skill set and their AP scaling.

Having an AP scaling of 0.8.
Having a total AP scaling of 0.7
Having a total AP scaling of 0.8

Ap Teemo, like On-hit Teemo / AD Teemo does not necessarily rely on mushrooms to dish out damage, however it is most definitely needed majority of the time, like any other Teemo.

As you may refer to the scalings above, the reason I say that AP Teemo shroom is not so shroom dependant is because of his 0.7 total AP scaling on his Toxic Shot. This means that no matter what time of the game it is, your auto attack will always do 75(mastery spell sword included)% of your own AP + base damage. With nashor's tooth, it would do 90% of your ap + 15 magic damage + base damage. Now isn't that dandy.

His biggest strengths to me, is his mobility along with decent AP scaling that can make him a very relevant threat if fed. He can easily take out any unfortunate AD carry if they were to step on his shroom because he can simply just blind them for 2.5 seconds and mercilessly hound on them.

Furthermore, at full items, per auto attack, Teemo can do around 400 to 500 damage ( and 's passive along with the spellsword mastery. AP Teemo scales incredibly well with items thus making him a huge threat late game with mobility and map control with his mushrooms. He also has insane baron control once he gets liandry's.


AP amplifies his strengths
Devestating DoT
A 2.5 second blind
One of the best baron and dragon controls in the game

Farm and item dependant in order to be truly effective
Short range exposes him to danger
Gets shutdown fairly easy early game
Weak early levels.



Well, the new masteries have finally been implemented in my server. I don't think investing the leftover 9 points into defense tree isn't as worth it anymore, since it hardly offers much. In all honesty though, the 1.5% bonus movement speed from the utility tree pretty much reeled me in.



Reds - Hybrid pents

Yellows- Flat armors

Blues- Per level MR

Quints- Hybrid pents


I picked hybrid penetration for marks because Teemo's early game damage come's from physical damage. Later on when you reach level 5, then the magic penetration portion will come into effect.
The yellow flat armour is pretty basic and important on someone as squishy as Teemo. It greatly helps him when fighting champions like .
I picked AP Per level for blues because it helps me scale into late game since most of the items I buy early game / mid game don't really give that much AP compared to something like Rabadon's Deathcap
Flat AP Quintessence for that nice bonus AP which gives your Toxic Shot 11 more damage, easily making it superior to flat AD quintessence which only gives 8.5 damage.

Summoner Spells


Well flash is the best summoner in game and your is pretty identical to a . It just does a better job at saving you than can in my opinion because of the instant repositioning provided by it / wall jumping. Other than that, I have bagged a lot of kills simply by Flashing > Ignite > AA > Q as most people underestimate the amount of damage AP Teemo can dish out. Furthermore, the ability to reposition yourself if caught is irreplaceable, which is why I would never prioritize Ghost over someone who already has a built in permanent movement speed booster.

Secure kills. It complements your already deadly DoT. A must have on AP Teemo in my opinion as it is just plays such an important part in your laning phase. I would NEVER EVER trade out Ignite for anything else. The only summoner I would ever replace Ignite with is Barrier, against someone like Annie or Fizz, a predictable yet instant burst. Even in that scenario however, I still don't favour Barrier over Ignite as it just takes away so much of your early game presence.

Other viable options :
If you prefer to sacrifice your Ignite for either ghost or exhaust or even barrier then go ahead, but know that you won't do as much DoT as you would with ignite.

Other summoners and my opinion:
only against Annie but I don't like trading Ignite off for Barrier
it's like a 5 second ward. You dont need that.
MOAR SHROOMS?!?!?1 (no)
like.. cleanse your sins..?(no)
barrier is better
lol. (no)
vroom vroom nascar vroom vroom(no)
not recommended because he already has his W to get back to lane quickly and run around the map. putting teleport also takes away a lot of his killing capability


Passive: Camouflage


Pretty neat little passive. it saved me on more than one occasion. It can secure you kills upon unsuspecting enemies. If it's late game, and the enemies still don't have oracles (god help them if they don't), then this passive will win you the game if you have/are in :

  • A well placed mushroom
  • A good position
  • Teammates that don't shout out "LOL TEEMO NEXT 2 U"

An example of how I like to use Teemo's passive most of the time. I was pretty lucky this time lol.

This video is less luck based and is one of the many ways you can use your passive to bag a kill on an unsuspecting opponent.

Q: Blinding Dart

Burst dmg, renders AA reliant champions useless for 2.5 seconds at max level.

You generally want to max this after you max your and under no circumstance do I prioritise maxing over .

In the laning phase, whenever you harass your enemy, you generally want this to happen:

AA > Q > AA

That is the standard combo against any champion and it should do around 250 damage by level 5.

Try to land your blind shot on an AD carry if you can. If not, use it on the closest thing to an AD carry.

Overall, this spell is good in terms of disabling an AD opponent and also plays a big part of your burst. most of the time, I usually fail to kill an enemy due to either me not using or I'm out of mana.

W: Move Quick



What this skill does most of the time
  • Helps you run away from the authorities
  • Secure the kills
  • Get around really fast

This skill just makes Teemo an even bigger lane bully. unless you're fighting someone who can lock you down, like Ryze, this skill will always be useful and is usually what saves you most of the time. I learn this at level 2 instead of the blinding dart because it saves you from early ganks. There are however situations where I level up Blinding Dart 2nd instead of Move Quick .

The factors which influence which skill I choose to level up at level 2 is :

  • I just saw the enemy jungler at bottom lane, so I know that he won't be up here so soon.
  • My enemy can't reach me nor harass me without coming into melee range.
  • My enemy is an AD carry
  • My enemy cannot lock me down with CC.

E: Toxic Shot

Toxic Shot? You mean one of the most annoying passives to fight in the entire laning phase? This spell is what makes Teemo such an insane lane bully, along with his .

Max this spell first. ALWAYS MAX THIS SPELL FIRST. It is your everything. Your lane harass, your insane DoT, your lane pressure. EVERYTHING. I would never max anything else regardless of match up mainly because there is hardly a match up where you need to max Q at top lane.

In laning phase, a level 4 Toxic Shot can already do around 130-200 with just one shot (MR DEPENDANT)

In late game, when you're all puffed up with items you should have roughly around 670 AP. Because of that, this passive, along with nashor's tooth will make you god. You will do around 450 impact damage and 200 DoT per auto attack. That is an insane amount of damage for something that comes out every 1.4 seconds. Now if we were to add in the damage included with your mushroom and blinding dart :


450 (impact damage) + 75/s (Poison) + 796 (blinding dart) + 247/s (mushroom) + 4% of their current health over 3 seconds + 410 true damage (Ignite)

Now lets assume the enemy who stepped on your shroom has around 100 MR,3K health, and within 4 seconds you dished out 5 auto attacks.

(450*50%)*5 + (75/s*33%)*4 + 796*50% + (247*50%)*4 + [(Enemy's current health - 888/s)*4% of Enemy's current health]*50% + 102.5*4 True damage (Ignite) = 1125+150+398+486+410+120+84+48+16 = 2896 damage within 4 seconds. So that means you only need 5 seconds to kill someone with 100 MR and 3k health if he stepped on your shroom and you ignited him.

If there was an AD carry, for example who had stepped on your shroom, has around 2000 health and 50 MR. Using the equation below, Caitlyn would die within :

(450*33%)*3 + (75/s*33%)*2 + 796*33% + (247*33%)*2 + [(ECH-1141/s)*4% of ECH]*33% + 102.5*2 true damage = 900 + 100 + 525 + 326 + 80 + 210 + = 2362 damage within TWO SECONDS. Caitlyn wouldn't even live long enough to be cured of the eye cancer Teemo gave her.

R: Noxious Trap


Teemo shrooms is what makes him undoubtedly unique an one of the most irritating champions to fight against.
The mushrooms synergize incredibly well with Liandry's, since the mushrooms already impair movement.

Mushrooms have several purposes in its lifespan of 600 seconds:

  • map control
  • lane brush control
  • finishing off 100 life champions
  • irritating your enemies to no end
  • Initiating teamfights when an AP or AD carry steps a shroom dangerously close to the turret

The one thing I love about Teemo shrooms is that it can either be game breaking, or completely useless. It is very high risk high reward due to its ability to finish off low HP opponents, but must also be in the correct spot at the right time. It can also initiate a fight when an important target steps on a shroom and your initiator just happens to be close by. Unfortunately, this is also heavily countered by an oracles, your worst enemy. However, fear not, for there are places called 'choke points' which is an area where an enemy will most definitely hit the mushroom regardless of where he is coming from. Such an example is the brush right next to the wraith camp.

There is a pretty neat trick you can do with your mushroom, which is when you're about to be engaged on by someone who can jump on you, you put down a mushroom in front of you or whichever direction the gap closer is coming from before you get jumped on. It is very effective against someone like Pantheon.

Skill Order

Always max E and under no circumstance would I ever max anything else. Nobody should ever max anything other than E mainly because of how much sustained damage it gives Teemo. This spell is why Teemo is a lane bully and if you don't max this first, then I wouldn't say that your laning phase would be harder, but I'd say that you won't have any sustained damage because if you max E first, you would do 170 + 70% of your AP as total damage. That is an INSANE number for something that is permenant and has absolutely [highlight]ZERO CONS.

During the laning phase, your general harass combo against ANYONE is and will always be

AA>Blinding Dart>AA

This short combo is mean't to take a few bars of life without wasting time trying to commit to harassing him.

Always do this to whoever you're laning against as it is your main harass as it punishes him for trying to CS. When you're laning against someone who has no gapcloser and has to get into melee range to retaliate or has a gap closer but is auto attack reliant in order to do damage, then the combo would be different. It would be much more punishing :

AA>Blinding Dart>AA>Move Quick>AA (as many times as possible without putting yourself in harms way)

I would also do this to champions who I have to go all-in on such as and even just because of how squishy he is and also the fact that you HAVE TO SHUT HIM DOWN EARLY OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE THE LANE.

Max mushroom whenever possible.
Max Blinding Dart after maxing Toxic Shot because as an AP Teemo, your mid game will hardly benefit from maxing Move Quick second and as such, maxing Blinding Dart is the only logical option in order to maximise your damage output.


You can start off with a / if they don't have much jungle presence OR if you're fighting someone like where you need to constantly dodge his Q.

If you're against very annoying AD caster champions such as who can harass you from a distance then you should most definitely get to sustain in lane and not get bullied out.

If you're against AP Champions such as Elise or Rumble I'd probably go for and freeze the lane so I don't get ganked. Also, rush your MR item of choice.

Unless you can bully the enemy champion very hard, I'd recommend to just play passive and farm because is extremely prone to ganks pre 6.

Do your best to farm up and only play aggressive if their jungler is on the other side of the map or if the enemy is going up to farm.

Getting one or two of /

Get for your boots. I really don't recommend because if someone were to step on your shroom during homeguards, it would immediately cancel the speed buff.



Note: these items can be built in any order, depending on the lane match up.

Optional: AND/OR Can be included the build and most of the time usually are.

I like building these items as my core first, because they give me the necessary damage and I need to be a relevant threat and at the same time make me tanky (twin shadows and seekers armguard) giving me quite a lot of resistance along with a lot of movement speed.

Alternatively, I also recently tried going when faced with a dual AP team composition as I needn't the armor urgently. This has gone with some success.


Quick question you might be wondering : Why do I get Twin Shadows as one of my first items?

Well, Teemo is prone to ganks, and the defensive stats you get from Twin Shadows along with it's unique active, helps you run away if caught or about to be.Its unique active also lets you chase down running champions or help you find invisible champions like . Most of the commonly picked top laners do mainly magical damage anyways so to me, it's like an item that can save your life, hunt down enemies and also help you in the lane.


Heavy AD's on their team? rush


Enemies all stacking health? rush

Once you get either zhonya's or liandry's its time to build the former/latter depending on which you chose.

Never do I get nor before any of these items because while you may not do as much damage as you would with these items, zhonyas hourglass, twin shadows and liandry's provide you with a decent amount of damage along with resistance and actives that could very likely save your life or secure you a kill.

Once you're done, proceed to create a as this along with liandry's accounts most of your damage. Nashor's Tooth scales on AP (15% of your AP will be done as bonus damage) so thats why I dont like building it first, along with its high price.

I finish off my build with a just for that super damage. I dont like rushing deathcap just because I feel that having the actives from zhonyas and twin shadows that can save you or hunt down an enemy is just way more important. Also, by the time I build zhonyas and twin shadows, the enemies start stacking life at that point so I get Liandry's Torment to counter that. Then I get Nashor's Tooth because I really need the attack speed and the passive from it. The AP and cooldown reduction is pretty neat too. By the time I get all these items, its usually 30 to 40 minutes into the game. I'll have probably around 380 AP which is pretty nice considering the fact that I don't have and also the survivability and provides me.

I do not really think other items can work as well with Teemo as these can because, as I probably stated a couple of times before, these items provide you a lot of damage along with giving you MR and armor, making you a tanky walking ward spawner who can summon ghosts.



- I wouldn't get this item because it is too situational to actually work and there are other stuff that gives you better passives. Teemo also does not scale with CDR very well.


Well yes, but I read a guide which explained why getting CDR on Teemo is useless.
Here's the link. Scroll down to the middle and look for a table chart with pictures of other champions.

- item costs too much and you don't benefit much from spell vamp and lifesteal and twin shadow's active is identical to the gunblade active minus the damage.


- would only get to replace boots late game.


- Good against Proxy Singed. I would get this if I know I will face roll very hard. I rarely have the opportunity to do so however.


-Why??? bad stats, you don't benefit from mana regen either. Only 20 AP more than Twin shadows and does not give you movement speed or a useful active.


- Not worth it. It takes too long to charge up.


- you already have super damage. active is just unnecessary assurance. The only circumstance I would purchase this is if the target that I need to kill is tanky OR I need to kill a target very fast before any counter attack occurs. Would only buy to replace boots.


- surprisingly viable. I always thought this item was pretty trash but I guess I was wrong. Your toxic shot which has a total ap scaling of 0.7 (DoT and impact damage combined) gets bonus 11 damage from dorans ring, which is exactly one more damage than dorans ring. I consider this as a possible and very likely replacement for doran's blade, considering it's cheaper than dorans blade by 75 gold. In what situation would I buy this? I would get this when I'm fighting someone like Kennen/Jayce/Ryze because I don't benefit from boots start.


- No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. You don't benefit from spell vamp and other items give you better stats.


- Useful for late game if majority of the enemy team is stacking MR. Potential replacement for Rabadon's Deathcap? That's for you to decide!


- You don't need this. Your mushroom already provides a slow. If you buy this because you want to slow someone with your Q, twin shadows does pretty much the same thing.
Buying this decent amount of tankiness and AP it gives? Save up 360 more and you'll have enough for Zhonyas, which gives you more effective health and more AP AND A USEFUL ACTIVE.


You have all the defence you need from and.


The attack speed items! I think both of these items fit Teemo's kit very well, due to being an attack speed item with its unique perks. I would only get Runaan's hurricane as a replacement for my boots though, because I don't think any of the items I often build are worth being replaced. Same goes for Wits End, although a friend pointed out to me that it could replace Twin Shadows. I agree that it could be a potential replacement for Twin Shadows, if you dislike Twin Shadows as it gives you :

  • 42 Damage on hit
  • 40% Attack speed
  • 25 Magic resistance and steal 25 magic resist, giving it 10 more MR than Twin Shadows would.
  • 500 Gold more than Twin Shadows

Now if we compare it to Twin Shadows..

  • 40 AP (0.7*40 = 28 total damage On hit, 0.8*40 = 32 bonus damage for your Q and R.)
  • 40 MR
  • 6% Movement speed
  • Active releases two ghosts which will hunt the nearest champion, and slow that champion if hit by the ghost, revealing the target for 2.5 seconds.

So, overall, Wits End is clearly a better choice when it comes to providing more DPS(14 More damage per auto attack and 40% attack speed AND MR SHRED [R.I.P. ]) and MR, however in my opinion is lacking in the utility aspect. The unique active from Twin Shadows is the selling point for me. That's why I would choose Twin Shadows over Wits End. This is all personal preference by the way.

- It's pretty neat, giving a nice MR reducing aura, 35 more AP and 5 MR than twin shadows would. A very viable replacement for Twin Shadows.

Early game

When I play AP Teemo, there are times when I play very aggressively and times that I don't play aggresively in the laning phase. Most people will underestimate the amount of damage you can dish out and you should use this to your advantage to bagging kills and winning your lane.

There are a few things to keep in mind when fighting your opponent.
  • What are his starting items? Don't fight him all in if he started an elixer and 3 pots.
  • Does your opponent have low magic resistance and armor? Feel free to harass him early! Take advantage of weakness!
  • Don't get baited by your opponent. Don't tunnel vision and if you feel like the enemy jungler is coming up and your opponent is baiting it, don't go for it.

That aside, assuming that I have proper opponents and what not, how I would play would be below.

When I play aggressively.

I play aggressively against these champions because once they cast their spells, they can't retaliate anymore so they will most likely retreat the moment they poked you with their spells. Vladimir is a clear example of what I mean. Once he uses his Q and E on you, he'll run away because he cannot win an auto attack fight against Teemo. The reason I like to play aggressively against these champions is because they have sustain and they all have some form of poke to harass you. Therefore, you cannot win in a simple poke trade. You have to go all out on these people.

When I play passively.

These champions are hard to lane against in my opinion because they can shrug off your damage and go all-in on you easily because of your short range. You cannot fight these champions in a head on battle due to their insane early game damage and their ability to lock you down.

On and off

Sometimes I play very aggressively against these champions and sometimes I don't. These champions are all have high burst, can counter your aggro and as such are very inconsistent when it comes to the laning phase. The only champion here I would play very aggressively against is Ryze when I'm around lvl 3 because he is very squishy and you can trade well with him. Watch out if he took ignite though.
Always assess these champions before you choose to engage on them using the criteria below :

  • Did they just use their spells to farm / missed a skill shot?
  • Are they low on mana/energy?
  • Do you have Twin shadows? (Very useful for locking down these champions, forcing them to either fight you or die, which is why I rush Twin shadows right after seekers armguard against Jayce / Zed)

No mercy mode

These champions are the champions you want to unleash your pent up anger upon. Singed and Garen cannot do anything to you as they must come into melee range in order to dish out damage, and Master Yi along with Fiora are just so auto attack oriented that they will naturally lose to anything that can render their auto attack. Do your best to zone them, don't let them farm a single creep and you should be fine. I only advise you to not get carried away while bullying them as most of the time when I'm caught up bullying the enemies too much, I never watch the map and get ganked and die. :(

I hate these champions

You know what all of these champions have in common? You can beat them early on, you can squash them if you play it right, but if you don't get any kills early on. Oh boy if you don't get any kills early on. These guys will absolutely WRECK you. Play it aggressive against these champions and always do your best to shut them down early on. Once they reach a level 7, they'll be absolute wrecking machines.
Do not play too aggressive against Rumble or Elise as they can easily counter you if you expose yourself to their skillshots. Akali is self explanatory as anyone who has fought her in lane knows how dangerous she is at lvl 6. I recommend staying behind creeps when choosing to harass these champions and stay out of their skill shot line.


These guys will mess you up hard. They can beat you early, they can beat you mid, they can beat you late. You stand little to no chance of fighting these guys, especially if they're good. Best advice I can give is to not lane against these guys AT ALL.

Mushroom Placements


Ideally, these are the places you would want to place mushrooms if you are pushing as a Teemo if you're on the blue team. The logic behind these placings is that since you're pushing really hard and playing aggro, you'd generally want to place mushrooms at these places as they are the most realistic places people would walk.

How you ideally want to use your shrooms, as it will secure you kills.

Difficult lane match ups

These are the matchups I have trouble with most of the time. I feel like I'm bad at explaining things because my thoughts are very disorganised, so if you don't understand any of this or it's not really helping you, there's a game play section where I'll try and collect videos of me fighting these top laners.
If there isn't a video of the champion you want, tell me who it is and I'll try to get it for you.

Difficulty : Pretty hard

This lane match up can go either way depending on whoever got the more effective jungler ganks. However, if there is to be no intervention from the junglers, then it'll be a match up of skill then. Rush and get a if you need to. Use twin shadows when hunting akali down or when during an engage and she puts down her shroud. You must place your mushrooms in a way that she can't engage on you without taking heavy punishment. Refer back to the 'Skills' where I wrote that if you're fighting an enemy jumper, put down a mushroom if you anticipate that an enemy will jump you. Pre level 6 this lane is yours, but once she hits level 6 it becomes much harder, therefore, play aggressive early on and try to deny farm. Do not get too carried away with being a lane bully pre-6 as you will most likely get ganked.

Difficulty : Dunktown

Ohhh boy. Don't believe what championselect.net says. He can absolutely DESTROY you because of your short range. The difficult part when it comes to fighting Darius is because if he's smart, he'll take advantage when you try to harass him by closing in and then hooking. He will then follow this up with an AA>W>Q>AA which would take a chunk of your HP. Let's not forget his passive, which is pretty similiar to that of an Ignite. Why can he close in and hook. Isn't Teemo supposed to be really good at kiting? Well yes, Teemo is supposed to be good at kiting and dodging skill shots with his Move Quick. Alas, the problem is with Teemo's auto attack animation, as it forces him to stand still for a near second, giving Darius enough time to close in and hook. Therefore, playing aggressive against Darius is dangerous, but if you have confidence in your ability to read your opponent's movements, then you're more than welcomed to go HAM on Darius. Once Darius burns his hook, he is INCREDIBLY vulnerable to your harass as it has a twenty second cooldown.

Difficulty : I have arachnophobia

Elise is one of those champions who you want to play aggressive and reach lvl 2 before she does. Bully her before she reaches lvl 7 because she's pretty godlike at that point. How you want to play aggressive is that you want to stand behind creeps and stand near them, so that when Elise comes up to CS, you will be there to harass her. To me, standing behind the creeps when harassing Elise just gives me a confidence boost because for some reason, I just feel like she's less dangerous. That is true though, as standing behind the creeps greatly reduces the chances of getting hit by the cocoon.

Difficulty: Pretty hard

This matchup can go either way, depending on how you play it early. You can go aggressive on him pre 6 or you can choose to play passive and farm, since he can't go aggro on you without taking damage from creeps and your counter. It's post 6 that you gotta worry about since if there's a higher risk when approaching him. There is hardly a way you can stop him from advancing upon you unless you there is a mushroom to cover you. Be prepared for this because it can seriously burst you down very fast to about 30-40%. Do your best to juke his Q's because thats a main part of his damage as well. If you have twin shadows, I doubt he can bring you down from full to zero immediately. Make sure that he's at least around 75% hp or less before choosing to engage on him, because then you take less risk of dying from him. Play aggressive if you see him use his Q or his auto attack buff thing on the creeps.

Difficulty:Rock Hard

Crazy annoying once he gets chalice. hard lane imo. there is no counter play for his passive and Q. Just farm up and push the lane when you have the chance and do your best to not let him roam. If he has teleport then nevermind and just farm. Overall not much to say because I don't really know how to counter this immovable rock (lol). If you really want to try and win your lane however, you're going to have to go all in while his passive is down. Only go all-in if he steps on your shroom.

Difficulty: Hard the first few levels. Medium once you have shrooms.

The only hard time you'll have with this champion is the early levels. If you can survive that without losing too much XP or gold, then you can beat him easy. Pre lvl 3, I do not recommend going within his stun range just to get one cs because it really isn't worth it. Let that CS go if you must and just grab whatever you can. Make sure to ward up because his flash > W can set up ganks and you'll probably die if this happens. If you know when to place the mushrooms infront of you, then this lane should be a breeze.
Also, on a side note, if he's level 6 and you're around 60% health and below, get out of the lane immediately.


This lane match up depends on your opponent. If he's smart, he'll go cloth armour 5 or doran's shield first to negate your early damage, and then play aggressively, taking advantage of AP Teemo's weak early laning phase. The biggest issue I have against fighting this mechanized menace is his ability to wipe you the moment you get caught by his SUPER ELECTRIFIED HARPOONS OF DEATH. This lane gets especially dangerous when he reaches 7 as getting caught by one harpoon away from your turret when his heat bar is yellow can and will most definitely be fatal to you. Use creeps as cover and position yourself as such that he would step on it if he were to W-Q, then follow in with a AA>Q>AA

Difficulty: Annoying

Troublesome and annoying. you can completely crush him if you play it right though. I have fought a bunch of vladimirs and the most effective strategy I have found is that :
If you walk up to harass him and he Q's you, don't stop chasing him. Keep harassing him and all-in him until you can't catch him or you think his Q is back up. If he goes tanky, then he won't be able to kill you BUT on the other hand he can also just sustain you out of lane. If he goes AP, he can both kill you AND sustain you out of lane. In both cases, the best choice is to go all-in because as long as he steps on a mushroom and you have ignite, the fight is as good as yours.

Difficulty: Cancer

Very hard to deal with. You cannot win him in poke trades and you can't harass him out of lane. The only way you can win is when you have your mushrooms, because your all-in is stronger than his all-in due to the massive DoT from mushrooms, toxic shot and Ignite (You must have ignite if you want to all in him. Heavily recommended).
Another important tip is to not put your mushrooms right in front of him. Most of the Yoricks I fight often forget that his W can pop the mushrooms. Even if he steps on it though, he can just shrug off the damage which annoys me to no end. Utilize the brushes and run into them when yorick casts his E / W as they will stop chasing you unless the brush is warded.
I would stock up on health potions and proceed with standard build. Just hope that he's impatient and tries to all-in you, because that's the only time you'll be able to kill him if you have a well placed mushrooms and Ignite up.

Difficulty: ALT + F4

I have never fought this champion before at top lane as Teemo, but I've played as Swain a dozen of times and I am very sure he is perhaps one of the best counters to Teemo as a whole. Lets take a look at the stats shall we.

Teemo :
  • Short range which Swain can easily counter
  • His escape relies on his W, which is countered by slows.
  • Does damage over time
  • Blind does absolutely nothing to Swain because he doesn't need to see to know that this lane is as good as his

Swain :
  • Has a targeted slow
  • Can transform into a super giant death bird of doom which in turn spawns angry mini super death birds of doom that heals him.
  • Has a snare to follow up his slow
  • Beats Teemo pre lvl 6 and owns him post 6.
  • His heal can shrug off the DoT from Teemo
  • Can go tanky and still kill you.

Call in the jungler strike force and only fight him 1v1 if he has either no mana or no brains. Always remember to ignite him if you're planning to kill him in one go.


If you have trouble with a certain champion that you aren't comfortable fighting against and it isn't on the list, then tell me who that champion is and I'll add another section for that kind of stuff. If you have a replay of that game, upload it somewhere like youtube and send me the link then I'll check it out and possibly do a commentary over it (laning phase only though)


I have no comments regarding other top laners because there's nothing to say. You should do fine against other top laners.

Other lane match ups.

The details I write here are mostly people who have problem with 'x' champion and asked me for general advice regarding 'x'.

I will not be writing exactly HOW you should be fighting these champions, but instead the general idea of how you would want to go about it.

There are a few things to keep in mind when against Riven. First thing first, what are her starting items. Does she have low magic resistance and armor? Did she start ? How many health pots does she have? What did she learn at level 1? If she has low resistance, then try to harass her whenever possible and slowly force her out of lane. Does she have elixer 3 pots? She probably wants to all-in you! Avoid confrontations with that jerk around level 3 because thats when Riven is the strongest! Did she learn her stun at lvl 1? That fool! Punish her severely for making such a mistake since she has no gap closer yet. Rush a Seeker's armguard if you feel squishy and get a haunting guise after. Surviving the early levels is generally the most important part against a Riven as she snowballs from any early lead.

A hard lane match up if Kayle went AP. Her early burst damage is crazy and Teemo lacks the burst or CC to kill her before she can use her ultimate. But this lane match up isn't impossible of course! Or maybe it is. I haven't fought Kayle at top as a Teemo before to be honest so this is all theory alright? Anyways, I would say that Teemo can out damage her at level 2 given that you took Blinding Dart. Teemo can outtrade almost any champion at level 2 if he's within the range, so now would be a good time to go for it. I highly recommend rushing Twin Shadows first. It goes without saying that its unique active will be very useful for you when chasing Kayle or running away from Kayle. Haunting Guise and Sorcerers Boots next and you're all good to go. It's also extremely important to come into lane with maybe 3-5 health potions as you're going to need to be able to sustain if you want to compete with Kayle.

Lane match up videos.


Know that I am born,raised and currently live in South East ASIA, so that's why I type stuff like 'la' or 'sia'. Some of the youtube video's description contains detail on who I fought, what to do and sometimes that detail isn't in this guide.

Versus Elise

An example of a hard elise laning phase.

An example of an easy laning phase against Elise without jungler intervention.

Versus Yorick

An example of how to combat Yorick in lane. I like to play very aggressively against Yoricks because I believe it is the only way you can kill them.

Versus Shen

Fighting shen is an incredibly easy lane match up and you should never lose unless you get ganked over and over again.

Versus Vladimir

Versus Zac

Versus Fizz

Versus Shyvana

Hamster vs Hamster


If you enjoyed the video or it helped you, please subscribe! It boosts my self esteem :D

Das Commentary

This is my first commentary and it's against Jayce.

Commentary Take #2 vs Zac the evil slime monster from Japan.

Mid Game

The mid game which is around 20 minutes in, is when the laning phase stops and teams start running around, grouping up in order to secure objectives (e.g. teams gathering mid for a push). By this time, you should have your core, as stated in the Item section. If not, continue farming until you have them as Teemo is farm dependant and not so team fight effective without them. Why? Because Teemo scales on attack speed, and if you don't have that, at least have a good amount of AP to cover it up. Since my items prioritize team fight survivability with a mix of utility offense, I believe it is a better alternative simply due to the fact that stacking attack speed items will leave you prone to burst.

Anyways, once you reach this point, you can decide to either :

  • Choice A.Stick with your team
  • Choice B.Split push

I would usually split push at this point if my team has a strong mid game team composition or if I am dominating the enemy top laner very hard, allowing me to 2v1 and escape from 3 man ganks with ease. Since AP Teemo scales more towards a mid-late game due to his mobility, the passive from nashor's tooth, his toxic shot and liandry's torment.

I would only stick with my team under these circumstances :
  • My team is behind and needs help
  • My team is not a mid game based composition but are ahead in terms of kills,gold and plan to all mid.

I also assume that by this point of the game, you have your enemy laner's first tower taken down because it should be down by now. If not, go destroy it right now.

So which of the two choices have you chosen?

Have you chosen.. CHOICE A? (Thunder and deep voice echo)



So you're the team player kinda guy eh. Too bad I don't think alike. Got your items? Got your summoners up? Got the first tower down? You're all grown up and ready for war now. Plant mushrooms around dragon if it's already up / about to be up and gather with your team. If there's got to be one thing I learned from team fighting at any time of the game as an AP Teemo, it's that you should never stand next to your AD carry.

Why? Cause the enemies will always be aiming your AD carry. Many times you will be forced out of position as a result. Don't take this the wrong way though. Don't distant yourself from your AD carry as though he has some viral plague. Just maintain a relatively safe distance. Help your ADC if you can, but if he got caught by something like a Blitzcrank's hook or Ahri's Charm, then leave him.

Here's a random tip :
Leave your teammate behind if he got caught in a stupid fashion with no way of escaping even with your help. Losing one member is bad enough but two is just a throw. Get what you can and get out before you get caught. By this, I mean that if you can at least do damage, then do damage. If you can't then don't bother.

If the enemy AD carry / mid laner / squishy top laner is within a few centimetres reach, then go for it and kill them first. Only aim for the tanks if there is no alternative as all the other targets are way at the back.

When you're chasing an enemy, REMEMBER TO USE YOUR TWIN SHADOWS ACTIVE. It should only be used when you need to peel an enemy OR chase an enemy.

I have no other comments regarding Choice A.

Choice B

Yay u liek split push? Me 2. BFF 4 eva!

Split pushing is what Teemo's mid game is all about. His ability to kite and 1v1 any auto attack oriented champion makes him incredibly hard to handle. His mushrooms should be placed at where most junglers or mid laners walk to as they head to top lane. His Move Quick makes him very mobile, making it even harder for an enemy to gank him.

Since Teemo's kit revolves around split pushing and kiting, I would advise to split push until you have Zhonya's and/or Liandry's, which by the time you obtain these items, it should be near mid-late game, wherever that is. Be prepared to get ganked multiple times, and always have a mushroom path to run to/cover you. Always ward, because your mushrooms are definitely not enough to completely cover both vision and an escape path.

Don't get impatient or reckless by diving an enemy who has:

Full health.

Summoners and cooldowns up.

A jungler nearby

Your goal is to down the turrets, bring jungler attention to you so objectives such as mid lane turret / dragon can be taken with ease. That is why you do not want to die. If you have no wards, no mushrooms to cover you and you're still pushing, fall back and stock up. Also, always trust your instinct if you believe that a jungler or mid laner or whatever is headed to gank top. Most of the time, your instinct is probably right.

Late game team fights

Late game team fights are very unpredictable and as such, there is no actual way for me to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. I can however, give you some general advice on how to respond to these situations.
General Tips
  • Stay away from the CC inducing tanks that can really mess up your positioning, like . It is very hard to ignore these guys unless you have high resistance and HP, or they are just weak. Especially since you're a Teemo, they make your life way harder. Luckily though, no one actually aims Teemo in late game teamfight because everyone on the opponent team is all like "GET VAYNE" to actually care about you. Still, I wouldn't recommend being anywhere near these freaks unless you want to contract 'Rage'.

  • Don't be anywhere near the enemy initiators who's catches generally win games, such as Ahri or Malphite. You should not be anywhere near them nor the frontline as an AP Teemo. If you can, don't stay all the way at the back line either. I generally like to position myself as such where I can flank the enemy AD carry, or the closest thing to it.

  • Itemize! It's very important to know how to itemize according to your playstyle. Getting caught over and over again is just no good now is it? What can we do about that? If only there was something..... SOMETHING OUT THERE...

*Sigh* If only...

  • Couldn't flank? It's okay. Just aim whatever is infront of you. Be it a tank or not, it goes without being said that you should always aim what is infront of you. Have you ever seen a Caitlyn that ignored a roided Tryndamere and went straight for the enemy AD carry or something just as stupid as that? Good! Now let's not do that! Ever! Because there's nothing more throw than ignorance!


Special thanks

Thank you to my friends, WL, Kelvin, Chloe and KC. Another thanks to John for providing me with feedback and helping me polish half of the guide.
Finally, thank you to my brother who trusted me with xsplit. I'll definitely make something out of it.

Quick Q&A

1. Why do you think AP Teemo is 'superior' to tanky on-hit Teemo?

A: AP Teemo is something that can remain as a relevant threat throughout the entire game if played and itemized properly. People say AP Teemo can't go tanky but thats not true. The build I always use gives me a decent amount of armor, magic resistance and useful actives that can both save me and secure kills. AP Teemo also has very strong map control because of how much damage his shrooms do, forcing his enemies to either buy oracles , or take the risk of stepping on a shroom. Tanky Teemo in my opinion just makes him fall off late game because first of all, he takes quite awhile to dish out damage as he is, as said, tanky. Secondly, his shrooms would hardly do any damage and the enemies won't hesitate to step on them just because. These two things are perhaps the biggest issues I have with tanky on-hit Teemo and thats why I decided that AP Teemo is better because it offers just as much survivability and even more damage.

2. What about AD Teemo?

A: Fun and is pretty much like any other AD carry. Only downside is he has such a small range.

3. I followed your guide and still die in teamfights. What happened to the so called 'survivability'?

A: Are you positioning yourself correctly? Did your enemies all go out of their way to lock you down with CC? Did you do well during your early laning phase? If you positioned yourself correctly and did well during the laning phase, then the only way I see you could've died is only if your enemies went out of their way to aim you first.

4. Why don't you get any heavy AP items like Rabadon's or something that can actually give you damage mid-game?

A: Don't like it. Teemo's short range exposes him to danger and CC, and if you were to be locked down, then you would need some form of escape because your will not suffice. Furthermore, my mid-game build is mainly defensive-offense, so if you'd rather get Rabadon's first instead of Zhonyas then go ahead. Just know that you're increasing your chances of dying.

5. What do you think about Teemo as a mid laner?

A: It's actually not that bad, I play mid AP Teemo every now and then but I would not take mid lane over top lane because most mid laners usually have burst, something which Teemo does not fare well against.

6. What region are you from?

A: South east asia.

7. I can't find you on LoLKing. Why?

Well for some strange reason LoLKing does not record any players from our server (SEA).

8. Do you stream?

A: I get asked this question quite frequently so I thought I should add it into the Q&A. No. My internet provider doesn't provide the bandwith I need to support my stream.

9. Is there any website that keeps track of players from your server then?

A: http://quickfind.kassad.in/profile/sea/Higgabes/ I just found out about it like today lol.


If you have anything you want me to change or you feel is wrong, then leave a comment in the section below with what you think is wrong and please provide text to justify what you think is right cause if you just put something like "get twin shadow first is dumb", I'll just ignore it.

Like if you liked this guide, leave a comment regarding why you don't like it if you don't like it.




April 10, 2015 - 10:07 PM #1

What do you think about Luden's Echo and Lichbane on Teemo?

May 19, 2014 - 12:25 PM #2

What advice can you give vs. A heimer? Since he has been remade I've had a hard time against this champ. I can keep up with his farm easy enough, however I want to do more and be proactive in sitting him down.

April 11, 2014 - 12:43 PM #3


April 4, 2014 - 12:56 AM #4

I love this Teemo build and am Having much more fun playing teemo now that I have a reliable build! Thanks! However, I was wondering if there will be a change made regarding the change to the twin shadows Magic Resist removal. Also I was having a bit of trouble with renekton's 2-6 levels after that it was easier but it was hard for me to get past there the first few times. Anyways thanks so much for making this guide it has helped me out a ton!!!!!

Thanks again!

April 4, 2014 - 12:51 AM #5

I love this Teemo build and am Having much more fun playing teemo now that I have a reliable build! Thanks! However, I was wondering if there will be a change made regarding the change to the twin shadows Magic Resist removal. Also I was having a bit of trouble with renekton's 2-6 levels after that it was easier but it was hard for me to get past there the first few times. Anyways thanks so much for making this guide it has helped me out a ton!!!!!

Thanks again!

February 26, 2014 - 02:04 AM #6

Higgabes, I'm having a hard time vs. Renekton top as well. Seems like it's the 2nd or 3rd game I've lost this matchup. I start Doran's Ring + 2 pots, but it seems like when I try to harass and trade, Renekton is able to catch up to me and stun me, then he trades and ends up healing up. Any suggestions?

February 22, 2014 - 11:08 AM #7

@Regarding the Teemo nerf.
Yes. He would still viable, definitely. His auto attacks will still be a pain, albeit his global presence nerf. It won't affect his laning phase much, but more towards his mid-late game.

February 21, 2014 - 04:51 PM #8

I'm scared for the nerf they might release on his shrooms. It would be a shame.

February 20, 2014 - 03:34 PM #9

Teemo's shrooms got nerfed in pbe from 0.8 ap scaling to 0.4 ap scaling - any comment on this? Can ap teemo still be viable if these changes take place in the main LOL client?

February 10, 2014 - 11:55 PM #10


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