VIKTOR BUILD GUIDE: Triple D1 Viktor Main - My Solo Queue Secret Weapon by whatthemoose

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration(+7.83 magic penetration)
Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power(+0.9 ability power per level (16.2 at champion level 18))
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power(+1.53 ability power per level (27.54 at champion level 18))
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration(+6.03 magic penetration)
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Summoner Spells
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Full Item Build

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mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
0 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
9 Utility
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Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Glorious Evolution
QSiphon Power
WGravity Field
EDeath Ray
RChaos Storm
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My name is Matt and I am 21 years old. I am currently studying Sports Therapy, Health and Fitness (3 Years) with Physiotherapy (2 Years) at the University of Kent (Medway) and the University of Essex. I am a keen runner and at the moment I clock 50+ miles every week.

If you are interested in the video component that compliments this guide, feel free to skip ahead to the "Video Guide (Feat. ATN Forellenlord)" section.

In terms of League of Legends, I started playing in Season 1 where I reached around 1840 ELO and had my first game with Snoopeh! I finished Season 1 Gold and was extremely happy with myself!!

Season 2 I reached around 2.4K by playing Diana, Evelynn and Viktor. Which is where my passion for Viktor came from.

Season 3 I got both of my accounts to Diamond 1 by playing Viktor. You know you are doing something right when teams start banning Viktor in tournaments!!

Season 4 I have all of my 3 accounts at Diamond 1, but have found a new passion for Quinn! Videos on my channel and guide inc!

Competitively, I have competed in the LoL LAN Tournament at i49 along side LLL, Reason and Millenium picking up £500 with my ex-team Karnage eSports for a 5-8th place finish: http://www.cadred.org/News/Article/200356/

I run a small YouTube channel with around 18,000 subscribers containing controversial LoL guides, that hopefully helps people to climb the ladder! (I'll put all media links at the end)



Rated as the best Viktor EU W stat wise


And after LoLSkill Updated




First of all I want to make it clear that, in my opinion, runes are very play-style dependent. That being said said there are obviously rune combinations that are statistically more efficient than others for certain champions and just in general. Following on from this it is widely recognised that any magic related runes in the Seal slot are fairly inefficient. However, as you can see my prefer rune set up takes 9 AP/Level runes in the Seal slot offering 17 AP at level 18. This is the rune page I have used in 90% of my Viktor games in getting both my accounts to Diamond 1 and it has worked fine with my play-style.

Obviously you may wish to take flat magic resist glyps and armour seals, if it fits with your play-style. Although the magic penetration Marks and Quints are crucial.

AP/Level Seals and Glyphs

The reason I take the AP/Level glyphs and seals is simply because I don't feel the need for armour. Even against Zed's, I can out trade them early with 0 armour for long enough enough to back and buy Seeker's Armguard. I don't believe that Viktor is particularly mana hungry in lane and I am able to sustain well enough with flask. Therefore I prefer to maximise my late game AP which syngergises with the % increase AP mastery and Deathcap % increase AP passive. (Although I rarely pick up Deathcap). The AP/Lv also works well with Viktor's passive AP/LV.

Magic Penetration Marks and Quints

Viktor has the 2nd highest burst out of all mid lane champions; just behind Xerath. The way I facilitate this is with flat penetration Marks and Quints and going for a heavy penetration build. Viktor's abilities naturally scale well without any AP, with the exception of the damage over time on his Ultimate. Taking magic pen marks and quints significantly increases your damage output post 6 and after picking up Augment Death. With magic pen quints and marks; Sorcerers Boots, Augment Death, Haunting Guise and Void Staff (core) your poke and burst potential is incredible


mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 0/2
mastery 2 0/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
0 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 1/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
9 Utility
21/0/9 Masteries

A fairly standard 21/0/9 caster page taking "Spell Weaving", "Arcane Blade" and "Double-Edged Sword" to maximise damage potential during the laning phase and scaling throughout the game. You may wish to take points in "Expose Weakness" in order to benefit your team (and in directly benefit yourself).

Taking a point in "Butcher" can help with last hitting and it is not uncommon to take a point in "Martial Mastery" to further help last hitting and harass during the laning phase. (especially due to the fact you will be take 3 points in "Devastating Strikes")

Viktor isn't too buff reliant, although in poke comps you want to keep blue for as long as possible to cast more often and maintain pressure, therefore a point in "Runic Affinity" is beneficial. Personally I prefer points in "Alchemist" and "Culinary Master" to facilitate my aggression during the laning phase. You can swap these points out for an extra point in "Meditation" and "Runic Affinity" if you so desire.

A point in "Phasewalker" can also be beneficial.

Summoner Sets

Ignite & Flash
Aggressive Laning and Roam Potential

In the majority of lane match ups you are going to want to be taking Flash and Ignite. Flash is necessary as Viktor has no built in escapes. Ignite synergises perfectly with the early aggression Viktor is able to put down. He has a really safe and relatively mana efficient trade as well as crazy 1v2 potential post Level 4. The ignite allows you to pick up kills in the majority of 1v2 situations with the unexpected damage over time combo of your E burn and ignite ticks.
Teleport & Flash
Poke/Siege Comp, Early Game Map Control and 1v2 Lanes

Flash and Teleport works perfectly in poke comps and siege comps. Viktor has the third best poke in game behind Nidalee and Jayce. The teleport allows you to keep pressure between sieging, it makes transitions a lot easier and gives you a lot of map control in early game compositions. The only way poke comps lose is if they decrease pressure or get engaged on and cannot kite well enough. Teleport also enables you to rejoin fights (with homeguards?) whilst your team is kiting.

Viktor is also incredible strong in 1v2 lanes and although ignite increases kill potential in 2v2's (with your jungler) teleport is necessary for early backs and lane transitions possible for drakes.
Barrier & Flash
Vs Burst Mids/Assasins

Sometimes it may be necessary to take heal/barrier to survive the lane phase. Especially against champions such as Zed. Personally I prefer ignite against Zed to take advantage of Viktor's early game but if they have a Jarvan/Elise jungle I normally get forced into a heal/barrier pick.

Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
Starting Items: crystalline-flaskhealth-potion3 or crystalline-flaskhealth-potionsight-ward

Core 4 Items: sorcerers-shoeshaunting-guisevoid-staff

Typical 6 Item Build: sorcerers-shoesliandrys-tormentvoid-staffzhonyas-hourglassrylais-crystal-scepter

Sustain Build vs. Double AP (Big 2v5 Potential):sorcerers-shoesliandrys-tormentvoid-staffspirit-visage

You can swap out an item for zhonyas-hourglass

Build orders explained later in the guide.

Situational Items: lich-bane abyssal-scepter morellonomicon twin-shadows (Explained later in the Guide)

Items to NEVER/RARELY Pick Up: dorans-ring tear-of-the-goddess catalyst-the-protector chalice-of-harmony rabadons-deathcap deathfire-grasp (Explained later in the guide)
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items
Core Build to Rush. (Main Source of Damage.)


Once you get these 4 items, it is pretty much good game. You can be 0/4/0 and still be able to 1v1 a 4/0/0 . They are incredibly cheap compared to other 4 item build and work so well with your rune/mastery page combo. At this point NOONE can lane against you if you play correctly; you can draw a lot of enemy jungle attention to your lane allowing your other lanes free reign. Taking and contesting objectives such as buffs and drakes becomes extremely easy and the map pressure should be in your favour.

On your first back you are going to want to pick up Augment: Death. If you have to back earlier, try not to be tempted to waste gold on . If you think that you will struggle to lane with a slight item disadvantage (while waiting for 1k for Augment) then you can pick up a to build into later.

After that work towards and in any order (depending on the game) and then look towards .

Get used to the amount of burst you can do with these items especially at LV 9 and 11 and get to know when you can fight outnumbered. Practice knowing when you can flash E + Ulti and bait people with your burst.

I always start with a Flask on Viktor. It facilitates me to play aggressive early, trading whenever possible, pushing the enemy to tower. Which in turn allows me early backs to recharge my flask and continue my aggression. Flask also helps negate the mana issues of maxing E first. Starting without wards can be beneficial sometimes! When you limit your vision you heighten your other senses and begin to pick up incredible map awareness. The extra 2 pots allow for even more early aggression and 1v2 potential.

Laning Against Heavy AD Casters

OR >>>[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120121160505/leagueoflegends/images/2/29/Augment-Death.jpg]>>>

With no armour runes and masteries; Seekers and a Ruby Crystal is more than enough to sustain survive burst from AD casters and even bully them out of lane. I still prefer to start with a flask, however if you feel more comfortable with Cloth armour that's also fine. Starting with cloth allows you to pick up Seekers at an earlier stage if you are unsure you will be able to play aggressive pre-6 or expect to get ganked.

Against Heavy AD casters you will probably want to pick up a and before getting Augment: Death, unless you are really far ahead.

Laning Vs Heavy AP Casters

Swap out for a against heavy AP Casters if you are struggling. Looking to upgrade to .

I rarely have problems with casters mid, especially after picking up [http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120121160505/leagueoflegends/images/2/29/Augment-Death.jpg] as 2 max range E's can help you regain control of the lane. However, and help mitigate damage and being pushed out of lane until you are able to buy Augment Death and poke from a safe distance.

You can even look to upgrade to and for a sustain/CDR orientated build. You wont lack damage after picking up your 4 core items on top of that.

Next Look Towards

As it really increases your poke and burst potential. It syngergises really well with with your Ulti and E. These two items allow for surprising amounts of damage whilst also giving Vitkor some Utility and survivability through HP. I tend to look towards this option when we are ahead mid game and looking to close out the game fast, especially if the enemy has little burst or few assassins. These two items are especially good at taking down tanky champions.

> Sometimes after picking up my I look towards sustain. Mostly when I think there is potential that I will be opened on or we will be caught.(Before having a chance to react) When the enemy team has a lot of poke ( / / / ) and are attempting to siege the sustain allows me to clear for extended periods of time. Also when there is the potential for extended fights mid to late game, you want to look to stay in the fight for as long as possible. If you feel you are doing enough damage and are against double AP, look towards combining spellvamp with .

Hourglass is an extremely safe item if you are not sure what to go with next or how the game is going. Most games I look towards Hourglass as my 5th big buy (sometimes earlier if necessary). It gives a big amount of AP (120) and is really nice in teamfights allowing to to disrupt the enemy rythym or avoid a high damage ability with the invulnerability. When compared to you are not losing out on that much damage, your Q shield doesn't benefit greatly from the extra AP and a well timed invulnerability could be the difference between getting your combo off and dying without using it. If the enemy has / or another high burst assassin is a 100% must; although be aware in doing this you make it likely that they will target your AD in every teamfight. (Be aware that your purchases have consequences.)

Abyssal works really nicely with your short range Q and R, however not so much with max range E's. In saying this there are not a lot of options magic resist wise for AP's. If you feel you lack offence and are not going spellvamp is not going to work. is also a no, as discussed in the next part, simply because it offers you so many stats that are not beneficial to Viktor and is by no way an item to be picked up 5th in a build. Picking up a is nice but probably as a 6th item unless the game is likely to end before then. is also nice against champions such as Lissandra, Annie, TF if you can avoid poke and keep the spellshield up.

Never look towards anything other than to sustain mana.


OR > / OR > OR >


Going for a Seraph's build with and [http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120121160504/leagueoflegends/images/5/57/Augment-Power.jpg] may be fun but it is simply inefficient when you look at Viktor's damage and sustain potential with the shield build and also compared to similar builds on champions such as , and .

Starting with and pots doesn't allow you to go as aggressive as and you can actually get pushed out of lane fairly easily with a start.

Going out of mana on Viktor is fairly hard even with maxing E first and the high mana cost of his Ultimate, as long as you have good mana management in combination with flask and practice hitting every E. Buying a source of mana regen sets you back immensely damage wise and doesn't give you any beneficial other beneficial attributes.

Some people may think that due to Viktor's E mana cost and the fact the Viktor is incredibly potent in poke compositions picking up an would be beneficial. This is because they are comparing Viktor's poke to that of and who both require some mana sustain in extended sieges due to the fact that their poke is fairly risky and easy to avoid. Viktor's poke is relatively safe and you should be hitting the vast majority of E's, it cannot be blocked by minions or players and has the potential to hit more than one target, which gives you increased options of where to poke from. Sieges do not last that long with Viktor and you will be using a lot less skill shots than Nidalee and Jayce. It is impossible for people to stand under their tower even with a minion wave and 1 E will force someone to back post 25 minutes.

Even picking up a when compared to a ] is fairly gold inefficient. As it doesn't give you anything you need and you really want to rush your core 4 items.

Other items NEVER to pick up on Viktor

- Whilst it definately would help you burst down a single target, it is completely overkill as you have inredible kill potential without it. With your core 4 item build your damage will be unmatched without DFG. It may be argued that DFG could be used to save the CD of your Ulti if you catch someone, for the gold you would need to spend on this compared your core 4 items and the fact that your core items benefit AoE whereas DFG is only single target damage.

-For the stats it gives when considering the gold it costs and what it offer Viktor; this item simple should not feature in a 6 item Viktor build. It costs 3300g for 120 +30% AP (36 to begin with) when compared to a costing 2295g offering 70 AP and 35% Pen as well as allowing you to spend a further 1000g on other items. In my opinion Deathcap should only be picked up as a 3rd or 4th item on MOST AP's because damage and utility wise it offers a lot less than alternatives such as , , , or ; unless playing a champion such as or where the bonus AP increases the value of shields.

Sometimes, in extremely long games (where everyone is at a 6 item build) you may want to include a especially if you have a . However, in the last 300 or so games on Viktor I cannot remember buying a .

[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120121160504/leagueoflegends/images/5/57/Augment-Power.jpg] OR [http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120121160504/leagueoflegends/images/0/0c/Augment-Gravity.jpg] The other augments offer very little and are too "gimmicky" for my liking. I haven't picked these up in ranked games for over 200 games because they severely slows down your build, limits your damage and gives your enemy laner the potential to get ahead of you and gives the enemy map control. The are cases where getting these augments early enough could be useful, however due to the fact it is hard to replace them late game, I don not recommend picking them up.

I firmly believe that RIOT should add a 3rd upgrade to Augments for 1500g, with further increased effects. Or possibly allow you to combine augments late game?

The could have a similar effect as where after a certain amount of time/kills/level you absorb the augment and keep its effect.
Build Order

Situational Items

Quicksilver Sash
Against , , as it removes the suppression if your support is not buying and you find yourself the sole target of suppression every team fight. It is also a good pick up vs the Ulties of , , however 9/10 I prefer to purchase , although there are circumstances where is more beneficial as it allows you instantly remove the debuff and continue to teamfight rather than rendering yourself useless for 2's in Zhonya's.
Twin Shadows
Fairly cheap. Good against heavy AP comps and good against champions that can kite easily such as and . Especially in solo queue people will overextend to farm late game with the knowledge that they can easily escape in time, not taking into consideration the insane slow active on .
Against a fed or a with it is a must to pick up Morello's. Otherwise you are relying on which has a longer cooldown than deathtimers. As soon as they are up again they will continue to split push all day completely disregarding your damage output, especially in Solo Queue due to the fact that rotating is harder to coordinate.
Lich Bane
Really good when you are ahead, and looking to close out games. Good 1v1 potential, good siege potential and good split push potential. More versatile than and increases the unexpected sustained burst from Viktor.

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Glorious Evolution
QSiphon Power
WGravity Field
EDeath Ray
RChaos Storm
My Advice:

Max (E) Death Ray First. (Although it is fairly mana intensive to max first, it's fairly easy to self manage with practice)

This is your main source of damage when you play magic pen Viktor, hopefully this will become clear with the video later in the guide. Your E is what gives you the 3rd best poke in game.

Be aware when chasing in an attempt to land an E, you do briefly stop moving upon casting due to a small cast time. It is important to remember to instantly click to move post casting.

Post 6 with Augment Death hitting 2 successive E's onto your enemy will either give you incredible lane pressure (to follow up and force them out of lane if they have a form of sustain) or directly force them out of lane. Mid/Late game after your core 4 items (Augment Death, Sorcerer Boots, Haunting Guise, Void Staff) hitting one E will take the majority of squishes to below 50%; which is extremely beneficial against teams that turtle.

Viktor has the BEST wave clear in game with his E as it is not blue reliant when compared to Anivia.(Simply CD reliant which resets each wave). There is potential to hold turrets 2 or 3 vs 5 allowing your team to split push or allowing you to defend if your allies get caught. This is due to the fact your poke will weaken them when clearing and diving Viktor is almost impossible with his CRAZY burst and W crowd control (it becomes even harder after picking up hourglass.)

I usually take E level 1 as it gives vision in bushes for invades / defence as well as letting you push the wave with a bit of poke (if you want to) to get an early lv 2 and facilitate early aggression and attract the enemy jungler. (See Video).

Plus the fact it is so satisfying to pick up a kill with a max range blind laser!

Max (Q) Power Transfer 2nd. (Or equally with E if you prefer)

There is a common misconception to max this first, especially in hard lane match ups. As well as the fact it has a short cooldown and relatively low mana cost. However, I prefer to max my E as it scales better into mid/late game with Augment Death and heavy magic penetration. Viktor's E is AoE and has incredible range for poking either to force your enemy out of lane of when sieging. It allows you to trade safely and your E is the main reason for and 1v2 potential.

Your Q will never shield as much as an Orianna or Lux shield, however with it's short cooldown late game and some spellvamp you will become deceptively hard to kill.

Max (W) Gravity Field Last.

Usually I will skill W level 4, facilitating my 1v2 potential and aggressive play-style. The may be situations where you want to skill this level 3, if you feel vulnerable to a high mobility gank or if you blow flash early.

There are some circumstances where you will need to skill W level 1, perhaps to save a teammate that doesn't react to the an invade.

W offers incredible peel in teamfights, for example if a Jax or Zed jumps onto your AD simple drop W right on top of your AD and either burst them down or continue your assault onto the enemy backline.

W also offers incredible zoning potential fighting in choke points in the jungle or when the enemy is collapsing onto drake/nash.

It is fairly hard to stun a moving target without flashing, unless you have the help of a team mates crowd control

Skill (R) Chaos Storm whenever possible.

Chaos storm is fairly close range, but is the other ability that works so well with a huge magic pen build.

Chaos Storm is like a buffed version of Tibbers; that does unexpectedly high initial magic damage (with the magic pen build) moves a lot faster than Tibbers and deals crazy damage over time to a larger area. It is important to note that the storm will move faster the closer you are to it and getting used to re positioning the storm can be tricky. NOTE: It cannot pass over terrain.

The initial damage is always unexpected and you would be suprised how many people will stand in the AoE for the duration without realising.

The short silence cannot be ignored, you will understand me when I say that sometimes you 100% know when an enemy Karthus or Twisted Fate is looking to Ultimate. I can't tell you the amount of times I have got a flash Ulti to cancel their Ulti into a kill; so that is something to be aware of. The short silence also allows you to split push well against Shen's or champions with TP. Sometimes when roaming bot Sona's and Janna will hold off Ulting till the last minute so timing your Ulti well can prevent this in most cases.

Mid game you can kill someone from 75% with a flash E+Ulti combo. (After a bit of practice). Generally speaking you will want to lead with E into an Ultimate, however timing is important and if a target is stunned you will want to ulti as soon as possible (to maximise damage).

A good Ulti can easy turn a teamfight, try to get a W into Ulti followed by E for maximum damage output.

It has been acknowledged that his Ulti has relatively high mana costs, however you don't really use it that often and his mana is fairly easy to manage with a flask.


Evolving Technology
Viktor starts each game with the Hex Core, an item that takes up one of his item slots, but provides him with stats and can be upgraded in the store to augment one of his abilities and improve its stats. The Hex Core can only be upgraded once, for 1000 gold, and cannot be sold back to the store.

Hex Core: Grants Viktor +3 ability power per level.

This can be upgraded into 1 of 3 Augments:

Augment Power: The item now grants him +3 ability power per level, +220 health and +6 health regeneration per 5 seconds. Also, Power Transfer increases Viktor's movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Augment Gravity: The item now grants him +3 ability power per level, +200 mana, +10% cooldown reduction and +5 mana regeneration per 5 seconds. Also, Gravity Field's cast range is increased by 30%

Augment Death: The item now grants him +3 ability power per level and +45 ability power. Also, Death Ray sets fire to enemies, dealing 30% additional magic damage over 4 seconds.

Additional Burn Damage: 21 / 34.5 / 48 / 61.5 / 75 (+ 21% AP)
Total Magic Damage: 91 / 149.5 / 208 / 266.5 / 325 (+ 91% AP)
Power Transfer
Active: Viktor sends a device at an enemy unit to blast them for magic damage. The device then returns to him granting a shield for up to 3 seconds.

Range: 600
Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 mana

Magic Damage: 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+ 65% AP)
Shield: 32 / 50 / 68 / 86 / 104 (+ 26% AP)
Gravity Field
Active: Viktor conjures a gravitational imprisonment device in an area near him, slowing all enemies that pass above it. Whilst under its effect, enemies generate stacks every 0.5 seconds; at 3 stacks the target will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Range: 625 (812.5 if upgraded)
Cooldown: 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 / 13
Cost: 65 mana

Slow: 28 / 32 / 36 / 40 / 44%
Death Ray
Active: Viktor uses his robotic arm to fire a 500-unit length laser beam across the field in a chosen path, dealing magic damage to every enemy it hits.

Cooldown: 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9
Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana

Magic Damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 70% AP)
Chaos Storm
Active: Viktor conjures a chaos storm at the target location, dealing magic damage and silencing enemies in the area for 0.5 seconds. The storm cloud remains for 7 seconds afterwards, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

While the storm is active Viktor can re-activate Chaos Storm to move it to the cursor's location, with the storm moving faster the closer it is to Viktor.

Range: 700
Cooldown: 120
Cost: 100 mana

Initial Magic Damage: 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 55% AP)
Magic Damage Per Second: 40 / 60 / 80 (+ 24% AP)
Total Magic Damage: 430 / 670 / 910 (+ 223% AP)

Champion Matchups

Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Lane/Poke Lane. Take advantage of your strength past Lv.4

Be careful of Aatrox trying push the wave to rush level 2. If you let him get level two before you, there is a high chance you will get zoned. To counter this push back with your E level 1, try and get to lane early (don't help your jungler for too long) and auto attack him while he pushes. (Careful not to tank the wave).

Consider taking W level 3 if you are struggling; but once you do get W the lane diagnostic complete changes. He has to bait you to using it before he can try and trade.

You can easily out trade him with E, Q and two autos. Although be careful as his W heal benefits when he is below 50% HP.

His Passive cooldown is 225 seconds, which you can compare with Ignite (210 second cooldown). If you used Ignite to proc his passive you know when your ignite is back up his passive is due up soon.

Take care in dueling when he has a fully stacked bloodwell as his attack speed will be significantly increased.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Push Lane/Defensive Poke Lane. (Skill Match Up)

The main problem you will have with Ahri is trying to Ulti when she is going aggressive and about to Ulti you (There is a small cast time on Viktor Ulti). Either you have to wait until the 3rd dash before you Ulti using you W defensively. Or you have to predict her first/second dash, casting your Ulti where you expect her to be 1 second before you expect her to be there.

If Ahri is maxing Q, she will want to be pushing to your tower in an attempt to give her an opportunity to roam or invade. The best way to counter this is to push back with E and attempt to poke her with the E whilst pushing. Make use of auto attacks on the wave and on Ahri but be careful not to tank the wave.

Following Ahri's roam is easy, post lv 7 she has very little kill potential on you 1v1 or even 1v2 compared to your insane kill potential on her. Be careful when following without vision, remember to scout bushes with E and save your Ulti and W till the last second.

Once you pick up Augment: Death the lane is pretty much over.

Ahri's Ultimate cooldown is just 110 seconds at 6 compared to Viktors Ultimate cooldown of 120 seconds at 6.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Lane/Kill Lane Pre 6. Safe Poke/Bait Lane Post 6.

Early game Akali's poke is pitiful, as she can only Q you. Make use of auto attacks and harass when she goes in for last hits. (Melee champion extremely easy to predict.) Ideally you want her to be CSing with her Q, meaning she is zoned and not able to trade at all.

Consider picking up an early on your first back and try and get a kill pre 6 with your burst.

Post 6, ward up and let your team know she is likely to roam. Sit just in front of your tower poke with E from a distance. She will likely get frustrated and attempt a dive 1v1 or with the jungle. In these situations W is your best friend, chug your flask, throw out your combo with an early ignite and expect good results.

This is one of the matchups where you would opt for the route if you were unable to pick up a kill pre 6. If you did pick up a kill pre 6 then go straight for Augment: Death.

Akali's twilight shroud has a 20 second cooldown level 1, similar to the 17 second cooldown of Viktor's W
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Passive Farm Lane/Roam Lane (With Cover)

This is a pretty boring lane as most Anivia's are happy to play passively and farm until late game. You pretty much have to do the same up until Lv 7 where you should look to group and take objectives taking advantage of your power spike.

You can try and roam, diving bot with Viktor however unless you get cover mid from your jungle you will quickly fall behind as Anivia can push easily and farm all day.

Don't try to all in an Anivia unless you have pressure from your jungle. Your burst is Ulti reliant and due to the high mana cost of your Ulti it is extremely hard to finish her egg. Anivia's passive has a similar cooldown to Viktor's Ultimate lv 1; so Ulting to proc her egg then trying to all in again when your Ulti is up is not an option.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Poke/Aggressive Match Up

This is a matchup where after you get ahead post Lv 6 you can literally send the Annie back as soon as she returns to lane with an E - Q combo.

Care needs to be taken Lv's 1-5 especially if she is a 9/0/21 Annie who keeps her stun up and tries to Zone you. You can safely farm from a distance and get some cheeky poke with E.

Lv 6 your burst is higher and you mitigate more damage with your Q, you should be getting a kill Lv 6, but just be careful if she gets Lv 6 first.

Follow the standard core build but this match up is one where I would consider picking up especially with all the Annie's in solo queue rushing .

Just be careful when your Ulti is on CD because Annie's Tibbers cooldown is 100 seconds shorter than Viktor's Ulti. Sit back farm with E and wait for your Ultimate before attempting to fight.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Poke/Zone Lane

Even if Brand is 0/6/0 he has a HUGE damage potential especially when you stack with your jungler.

From Lv 1 the lane is in your favour regardless of what Brand starts with. Combo your E with two Auto's and periodically tank the enemy minion wave to passive push Brand to his tower. Keep up the poke and pressure, try to not miss out on last hits. You will win 1v2's if you kite in the right direction and remember to auto attack while kiting.

After the first back you will be ahead use your item/level advantage to zone Brand, just be careful that you don't get Q-E stunned before you can trade back.

Brand's Ulti has an incredibly short cooldown so be careful!
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Passive Farm Lane with Poke

This is a hard match up early game, you have to try and be overly aggressive Lv 1 in an attempt to get Lv 2 first. After level 2 trading becomes impossible, although everytime misses Q take advantage with a Q - E double auto attack combo.

After Lv 1 try not to push the wave when you E. Farming under your tower is fairly easy on Viktor with E and Q's short cooldown. Poke when possible but prioritise farming until you get Augment: Death.

Once you get Augment: Death you can start to come off your tower again around Lv 6-7, look to chain 2 E's in a row but don't follow up. The next time your E is off cooldown try to all in her. If things go badly you have your W, you can continue to safely farm and poke to prevent her from forcing you out of lane.

Picking up is almost useless but sometimes buying an early can help.

The closer you get to 11 the stronger you become and the weaker she becomes.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Passive Farm Lane (No Poke)

It is really hard to lose to this lane but you have to play well to have an impact on the game in this match up.

Forcing out of lane is impossible; however unlike it is possible to all in Cho Gath at Lv 9 or Lv 11 if you have an item or level advantage.

Try to prevent from forcing you to tower by tanking the wave in front of your tower with Q.

If you are confident enough to bait to all in you keep your health intentionally around 60% whilst he has feast. As you see the animation for his Q put your W down and proceed to all in.

If you see Cho Ulti and use this as a catalyst to be more aggressive be aware his Ulti CD is just 60 seconds.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Snowball Lane/ Aggressive Poke/ Skill Match Up

Trading against early game is hard. Expect most Diana's to push the wave with auto attacks procing her passive. Whenever you try to trade to take a risky CS, she will double pro W (with the minion) wave giving her a big shield and Q you to win trades. The damage starts to add up post Lv 5. The best thing to do is save your mana and dont harass until you have Augment: Death. OR you can start with a and ulilise your range.

At level 6 whoever is ahead has control of the lane and from then on it becomes a skill match up if hits more Q's or if you hit more E's. You have W for when she Ulties to you. If you are on more than 60% HP after the first R you can try to combo her.

If Diana has 20% cooldown reduction and blue buff be aware that her W lasts for 5 seconds and has a 6 second cooldown.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Mid Elise
Passive Farm Lane / Bait to Kill Potential / Skill Match Up / Positioning Lane

You will need to skill W level 3 in this match up.

Trading early game is hard unless you can rush Lv 2 and force Elise to tank your wave. (Even so Elise wins the vast majority of early game trades due to the fact she has more abilities).

You may want to consider getting + to survive in lane with , allowing you to farm safely with E.

Once you get Augment: Death and rank 4 E, you can look to combo 2 safe E's into taking control of the lane. Then you can look to keep Elise on the back foot with E-Q double auto combos. Often Elise will turn on you during this try to kite back to your Wave, stand behind minions and cast W on yourself as soon as she E's. Follow up with E-Q double auto's when her abilities are on CD.

+ is a hard counter to Elise in combination with your full burst + W. You can use these items so split push and deal with Elise in 1v1 or 1v2 situations.

Elise's Rappel cooldown is 26 seconds at Rank 1, and he Cocoon cooldown is 13 seconds Rank 1. (The same as Viktor's E)

Be careful against Elise's that don't skill their Ulti. This is especially common Mid and has drastic effects on the burst and CD's, but reduces their damage in extended skirmishes.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Push Lane / Poke Lane / Control Lane

You NEED to counter roam in this match up. can look to roam as early as Lv 3 so you really need to start with a to make correct calls to your team.

The earlier you push her to the turret the better. Try and keep her poked with E, but be aware in 1v2 situations it is hard to hit your W.

1v1ing Eve when she picks up becomes almost impossible. Try to bait engages then back off to heal. Her Ultimate has a 150 second cooldown, so that is the window you are working with. Also remember it is unlikely Eve will roam without DFG and Ulti so bait it where possible.

Encourage your team to group and siege as early as possible. Eve is good at catching but useless against poke.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

100% Poke Lane

This is a skill match up. Whoever hits more skill shots wins although Ezreal's have a shorter cooldown.

You are stronger Lv 6, but if Ezreal doesn't want to die he will not. It is far better to zone with the potential threat of your Ulti (By not using it) Than trying to all in, failing then losing pressure and possibly summoner spells.

As mentioned before against slippery champions picking up or is advantageous. (Outside of laning phase.)

Be aware Ezreals E has a cooldown of 19 seconds at level 1 and 11 seconds at level 5; however this is further reduced by 1 seconds for every Q he hits and cooldown reduction. Early game you have potential to chase, but late game is gets much harder.
Favors You
Laning Advice

Aggressive Lane / Vision Control Lane / Poke Lane

You have W to and R to prevent Fiddle's drain. Although beware that W will not cancel it instantly.

Your R can instantly cancel Fiddles Ulti and W can prevent Fiddle from following up.

Is not necessary in this match up.

Post Lv 3 you can shift from passive gameplay to aggressive gameplay and begin to zone Fiddle. Be careful where you stand when zoning in order to not be hit multiple times by E.

Fiddle has a power spike at 6, but with adequate vision you are Ok and you can even attempt to bait his Ulti.

It is extremely hard to Fiddle to farm under tower.

When Fiddle drains Save your harass until he is about to finish draining, unless you want to W.(If you are in range)

Fiddlesticks Ulti has a cooldown of 150 seconds level 1.
Favors You
Laning Advice

Aggressive Lane / Poke Lane / Zone Lane - Fairly Snowbally

Fizz is basically target practice for Viktor. If you need to practice hitting Viktor's E this is a great lane match up for you.

There is 0% chance a Fizz can farm vs Viktor. As Fizz is a melee champion you know exactly what minion he is going for and you can combo him accordingly following up with auto attacks. It should get to a stage where every CS Fizz goes for he will have to E away.

In the rare situation where Fizz goes aggressive on you pre 6 you have your W and an HUGE follow up. (Beware of his E when you W). Chain at least 4-5 auto's after comboing, beware not to tank the enemy wave.

Post 6 you should be far enough ahead to have complete lane dominance. Just be careful when using a defensive Ulti / W that he doesn't E, especially when he is following up his Ulti.

Picking up as your 4th or 5th item is useful to mitigate his burst.

Be aware Fizz's Ultimate has a fairly short cooldown of 100 seconds.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Semi Passive Lane / Safe Poke / Mana Conservation / Farm Lane

With the huge magic pen build I like to run on Viktor Galio's are rarely a problem.

It is particularly hard for a Galio to Ulti you due to Viktor's Ulti's 1 second cast time and Viktor's W.

It is fairly hard to push Galio out of lane, that's why is is fairly important to conserve mana by not attempting too much poke.

You have power spikes at Lv 7, Lv 9 and Lv 11 with Augment: Death , and . Try and hit a couple of Q - E's, regen mana with flask and when Galio is under tower you can attempt to combo him.

Galio cannot stop you from roaming but be aware for Galio's that take if you are spending too much time trying to make a gank work.

The main thing to watch for is a flash Ulti with a jungle gank, if you are unable to canel Galio's Ulti which limits your 1v2 potential in this match up.

Galio's Ulti CD is 150 seconds at Rank 1.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Lane / Poke Lane / Deny Lane

From level 1 you are stronger in this match up. Avoid Q's and just take a small amount of care that Gragas doesn't skill E level 1. Abuse auto attacks and push Gragas to tower. (See Video for Forellenlord Gragas Game) Whilst it's fairly easy for a Lv 3 Gragas to farm under tower, try and make them tank your wave and take free harass.

First back you want to pick up Augment: Death and start to work toward your magic pen. You out range Gragas with E; when you hit two E's you can start to look to burst/push him out of lane.

Keep an eye on your minion wave post 6 when under his tower in case he attempts to Ulti E you.

Graga's Ulti has a 100 second cooldown level 1 and is good at rescuing failed jungle ganks.

You should try and follow Gragas when possible, remember to scout with your E. Be careful when dueling or Ulting through Gragas's W.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

No Troll!

Aggressive / Poke Lane / Pressure Lane

You need to make sure you have enough sustain to lane against Heimer. Starting with and instead of a facilitates this.

The minute you don't trade back when Heimer W's is the minute you start to lose any advantage you have. Stand by minions and E - Q double auto at every opportunity. Be careful of the enemy wave and Heimer's turrets.

Post 6, providing you maintained pressure up until this point the lane is over. You have so much kill potential, so much roam potential and your team will be a lot stronger in 5's when you start taking objectives.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

AP Janna
Aggressive / Farm Lane / Poke

Similar match up to Galio, however slightly easier to all in.

When trading try and be unpredictable with your E's, move as if you are going to follow up with Q but delay it until her shield drops then Q double auto attack.

Your power spikes are Lv6 , 7, 9 and 11.

Be careful of Janna's Q, especially if fully channeled. Take enough sustain to stay in lane for as long as possible.

Try and establish a lead before Janna is able to pick up .

The cooldown of Janna's shield is 10 seconds.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Safe Pre 6 / Lv 3 W/ Poke Lane

This is a match up where you will want to pick up and early game.

Be extremely careful of J4 trying to get an early level 2 and all in you or force you out of lane. Counter this by getting to lane early, pushing out the wave and using ranged auto's to harass J4 lv 1.

You need to pick up W level 3 as it is the Ultmate counter to his E - Q combo.

Post 3 expect him to harass with only Q (which is fairly mana intensive). Mitigate this by standing aside your minions forcing him to make a decision to farm or harass.

Harassing is futile until you pick up Augment: Death at which point you should be at least Lv 6. This is where the lane turns in your favour and you just need to prevent J4 from roaming with continued pressure.

He cannot fight you in his Ulti with your Ulti ticking for the duration in combination with your W.

J4's level 1 Ultimate cooldown is 120 seconds and it is useful to let your team mates know when it will be up again. Use this window to secure blue, take neutral camps and back as it is unlikely he will roam.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Poke Matchup / Skill Matchup / Mana Conservation

Another matchup where you will want to rush and on your first backs.

Skill W level 3 and try to be unpredictable with your movement patterns to bait Q - E (/E-Q's). You want to try and run Jayce out of Mana before his first back, keep up pressure to prevent him backing and use your 1v2 potential.

You have power spikes at Lv.6 and 7. try to bait Jayce's melee Q before attempting to combo him.

Once you pick up Augment: Death you will be able to outpoke him (if you both hit your poke). Before then try to avoid Jayc'es poke where possible.

Jayce's poke combo has a 14 second cool down level 1, progressing to a 10 second cooldown level 3. Which is similar to Viktor's E.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Farm Lane / Poke Lane / Skill Match Up

Trading with Karma before picking up Augment: Death is fairly pointless and mana inefficient.

Karma's shield cooldown is 10 seconds, which is shorter than your E cooldown. Try and be unpredictable when you poke (post picking up Augment: Death). Move aggressively into a Q one time and the next play passively into a max range E.

When you try to all in Karma, try to save you Ulti until after she shields and when you know he Mantra is on cooldown. Mantra W can help her survive your burst.

Be careful of your positioning in lane, and us W defensively if she tries to go for a snare.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Lane / Zone Lane / All In Lane

The only way you can lose this lane is if you let Karthus push you to tower early and start farming wraiths. Play aggressively, use E to push the wave back and chain auto attacks on Karthus where possible.

Post Lv 3, you can trade at all times and begin to zone Karthus as long as you can mitigate the damage from tanking the enemy wave.

You should try to establish a level advantage with your zoning and build up a substantial CS lead.

Once you get 6 and pick up Augment: Death Karthus can no longer lane against you. Everytime your Ultimate is up you should be looking to poke into a kill.

Karthus's Ultimate cooldown is 200 seconds level 1. Let your team know timers of when they can go aggressive and when they should be careful.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Skill Match Up / Early Aggression / Control Lane

The biggest mistake people make against Kassadin is backing off pressure pre 6 when trading. His Q, E, Auto does a lot of damage, but do not get phased by this as he will have to back off or risk tanking your wave for too long. If you let him trade for free you will struggle in lane.

Sometimes you may not be able to cast Q in time to shield the damage from Kassadin's Q. You just need to follow him (don't allow him to build distance from you) the Q - E into 4-5 autos after that. If you back off in trades, you will fall behind on levels and allowing Kassa to hit 6 first can throw the lane.

If you maintain pressure and don't back out from trades you will be in the game until Lv. 11 where Kassa has a power spike. I would definitely suggest picking up an early and maybe even a to bait certain situations.

Try and group early and prevent Kassadin from roaming by pushing his lane to tower. The only time this becomes a problem is when he can force you out of lane.

Beware for Kassadin's picking up .
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Pre 6 - Passive Lane / Safe Poke Lane

The wave will push you you vs Katarina if you position correctly.

You will out damage Katarina in trades unless you miss your E when Katarina E's.

You may want to consider taking a if she uses a in lane. However, most Katarina's will keep the ward in their inventory until they need to escape or chase.

Post 6 you are a lot stronger. You W and R cancels Katarina's Ultimate so when dueling be aware that you need to save one.

Beware that Katatina's Ultimate has a 60 second cooldown which is reset further by kills and assists. Don't get baited into fighting as it is common for Katarina's to harass with R.

Katarina's E has a cooldown similar to that of Viktor's E level one. Use this when looking to trade with Q's and autos.
Favors You
Laning Advice

Snowball Lane / Push Lane / Kill Lane

This is another match up where both parties will attempt to push to the tower and go aggressive on their opponent in the process.

You need to be aware that when Kayle has 20% cooldown reduction in items with blue buff, her E will never go on cooldown. Consider contesting Kayle's first blue around 7:12 if you are Lv 6.+ and backed for an Augment.

Kayle's aggression is countered 100% by your W. You can simply E - Q - W auto and back out when Kayle tries to go aggressive.

At 6 there is a common misconception that it is hard force her out of lane due to her Ultimate. However, with ignite and the duration of of your Ulti in combination with the cooldown of your E; it becomes easy to burst Kayle even with her Ulti. Use your Q to mitigate damage if she attempts to go for the kill through Ultimate.

Beware that Kayle's Ultimate cooldown (90 seconds) is shorter than Viktor's Ultimiate cooldwon at rank 1.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Semi Passive Lane / Safe Poke / Potential Roam Lane

You may want to consider starting with a or if you are confident that you will be able to stay in lane start with a .

You have to accept that you will be zoned out of some CS when you E is on cooldown, if Kennen is keeping his W passive auto attack up.

Post level 6 is decided by who gets the open and usually ends with the other party flashing before they can retaliate. You can counter this with an early pick up of ; which helps you turn these situations around into potential kills.

This is a match up where I would consider if I was behind. (A post 6 trade went wrong) However in these circumstances I would put a high priority on rushing .

With these two items there is potential to zone Kennen around Lv. 9 and look to take team objectives.

Kennen's Ultimate cooldown is that same as Viktor's and in the laning phase you should be Ulting at the same time.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Lv 3 W / Aggressive Early / Poke Lane / Post 6 All in / Control Lane

This is a fairly easy match up, however I set the difficulty to Medium as the trouble comes when you try to control Kha'Zix and prevent him from roaming. You may want to take to follow any potential roams, however in doing this you sacrifice some of your early aggression and 1v2 potential.

Before Kha'Zix first back you should make it extremely difficult from him to farm; especially after you skill W.

You may want to consider picking up if you are struggling to follow Kha'Zix, however I prefer to rush the core 4 items in this match up.

Beware of missing your E and Ulti due to a Kha'Zix jump or stealth. Try saving these till the last second and use in combination with your W. You may want to pick up an early .

Kha'Zixs jump has a cooldown of 22 seconds Lv 1, however take note of what skill he evolves first, as his evolved E is reset on kill or assist.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Hard Early Game / Max Range Safe Poke / Poke Spikes Lv 9 and 11

This is a match up where I would get an early and to sustain in lane in combination with .

You may want to take if you are having problems controlling LeBlanc, allowing you to follow her roam.

You can try and rush level 2 in this match up to establish an advantage making early game a bit more manageable.

If you don't have an advantage, you NEED to sit back until you hit one or 2 E's at which point you can begin to push off your tower.

Encourage your team to group as early as possible to poke/siege.

You may also want to consider and as late game items along side if you find yourself the target of LeBlanc's burst and are able to predict it before the silence.

Remember LeBlanc's Ultimate has an incredibly short cooldown. (40s rank 1)
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Hard Match Up Post 4 / Almost Impossible Post / All in Pre / Safe Poke

This is a match up where you need to have or if you want to try and 1v1 or 2v1 Lee. If your Ignite is on cooldown, you have 0 kill potential on Lee, even with your high burst.

Most Lee Sin's will be content to farm and play passive in lane, expect them to max W vs Viktor.

If you are trading pre 6, remember to follow up pressure when Lee is trying to double W heal from your wave even if your abilities are on cooldown.

Post 6 upon his first back he may look for a potential kill, however he has very little kill potential against you, unless you go aggressive.

There is a lot of potential for roaming in this lane, due to the fact you can push faster. Beware of Lee following you and be careful how much time you spend out of lane.

If you get Augment Death , and before Lee gets there is the potential for an all in or a baited skirmish.

Lee Sin's Ultimate cooldown is shorted than Viktor's (90s) and Lee's shield has a cooldown of 9 seconds at all ranks.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Lane / Zone Lane / Big 1v2 Potential / Kill Lane / Push Lane

Positioning is key in this lane. Be careful not to stand too close to your minions whereby it is easy for Lissandra to harass you.

When you don't have vision of Lissandra expect her to be attempting to bait you to push so she can coordinate an E gank with her jungler. These ganks are particularly potent against junglers such as Elise and Jarvan.

Similar to the Kayle matchup, there is a common misconception that it is hard to kill Lissandra post 6. However, due to the duration for your Ultimate, the cooldown of rank 5 E and Ignite picking up kills is relatively easy.

With Augment: Death and the lane is over, even if you were camped up until this point. You heavily out damage and outrange Lissandra and can begin to zone around Lv 5+. At this point you have incredible 1v2 potential (providing you are zoning and poking Lissandra whilst the 1v2 breaks out).

Lissandra's Ultimate cooldown is 130 seconds at rank 1. Similar to that of Viktor. Be careful post 6 when backing off from an expected kill with your E dot of Ignite as she may Ultimate herself to survive. If you know she has her Ultimate up it is better to be safe than sorry.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Frustrating Lane / Aggressive Lane / Skill Match Up / Poke Lane / Roam Potential Lane

is what makes this lane incredibly frustrating. If it wasn't for this would be an easy match up. You will quickly learn around Lv. 4 the damage and poke you are capable to putting out in this lane. However, due to Barrier and Lux's W it becomes incredibly difficult to secure a kill.

Be careful when chasing for a final E to pick up a kill as Lux's shield has a similar cooldown to Viktor's E at rank 1. (However, it is likely that your E will be rank 3+ when you are looking for kills meaning your E has a shorter CD).

You want to keep Lux in lane for as long as possible to prevent her backing for .

Due to Lux's W you have very little 1v2 or even 2v2 potential.

Unless you get an item or level advantage early you should only look to all in Lux post in your core 4 item build. Roaming against a Lux is incredibly easy and most Lux's get baited to trying a long range Ultimate if they follow you.

Grouping against Lux isn't a good idea because someone will get caught by Q and oneshot.

It is better to try and split push with your core 4 items.

Always be aware of Lux's shield barrier combo, especially post .

If Lux doesn't take the lane will be over at Lv6/7.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

AP Malphite

Hard Post 6 Until 11 / Aggressive Early / Poke Lane

Try to force Malphite under his tower pre 6 as it forces him to max E if he wants to CS well.

Post 6 you need to take care as at 6 (Augment: Death) Malphite will heavily outdamage you. Around level 5, tone down your aggression, unless you are sure you can secure level 6 first.

Considering getting to deal with his burst and give you some turn potential as before this whoever opens will win.

Malphites Ultimate has a longer cooldown (130s) than Viktor's at rank 1, use this as a comparison.

If Malphite takes mid then he gives up a LOT of kill potential early game.

At Lv.11 you and if you have the lane diagnostic complete changes (if you are still in laning phase). You will be able to poke and zone well in lane and in teamfights you will be a lot stronger. Use your W to "save" Malphite's Ulti targets.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Push Lane / Early Aggression / Poke Lane / Deny Lane / Roam Potential

This is an extremely easy lane match up for Viktor. You want to force Malz out of lane early with aggression or zone him to secure Lv 6 first. Do this by going aggressive from level 1 with E and autos. Take a second point in E level 3 and begin to combo E-Q with two autos. (Be careful not to tank the wave).

Use your damage potential with Ulti to zone Malz further. When Malz hits six you need good ward coverage because the suppression makes ganks incredibly sucessful.

You will outdamage and outtrade Malz from 3 onwards; be careful of taking unecessary E damage and be aware of Malz's passive minion.

You may want to consider if you are the target of Malz's suppression late game. If you are being burst during the Ulti before you can combo then it is a essential item.

Malzahar has an Ultimate cooldown of 120s which is the same as Viktor's rank 1. However it is unlikely you will cast your Ulties at the same time. Malz will often come out worse in these scenarios.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Push Lane / Position Lane / Poke Lane / Roam Potential / Anti Aggression

You cannot let Morde go aggressive at no cost. Position yourself towards the side of your minions forcing him to choose between CS and a shield or harass.

Use auto's to bring down his shield before comboing post Lv.3. Harassing and zoning becomes particularly easy after picking up Augment: Death.

You may want to consider picking up if you are struggling to lane when is on cooldown.

is good early counter to his Ulti, however offers an instant cleanse allowing you to continue to team fight. One problem with QSS is the fact is doesn't build into anything beneficial for Viktor.

Mordekaiser's rank 1 Ulti has the same cooldown as Viktor's rank 1 Ulti and it is likely you will be Ulting at a similar time.

You may want to get a jungle to cover if you decide to roam. You have great turn potential and 1v2 potential against Morde.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Lane / Poke Lane / Push Lane / Roam Potential

Morganna is extremely weak in lane and in most situations prefer to play passive.

Her Q is incredibly easy to dodge and if she tries to go aggressive you can bait her to spellshield your W. Allowing you to turn with huge kill potential.

Morganna's spell shield has a cooldown of 23 seconds rank 1, meaning you can get two rank 3 E's on her before she will be able to use it again.

Trading with Morg is really easy post Lv 3. There is nothing she can do to keep you in lane so look to roam where possible. You actually push faster than Morg as you can clear waves to move your minions from her W.

Morganna's Ultimate has the same cooldown as Viktor's Ultimate (120s) but will probably be used defensively in lane.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Viktor has more "reliable" poke than Nidalee / Early Aggression / Push to Tower / Kill Lane

Again a fairly easy match up. Nidalee will struggle to farm under tower pre 6, unless she has taken AD runes. She will also struggle to counter push against your E.

It is hard for Nida to poke undertower and easy for you to poke her tower, especially post 6 when she farms in cougar form.

Be careful when you lose vision of Nida, stand behind minions and keep around the lane warded as she will attempt to spear you. Make sure back regularly to keep your charged so you can continue to lane if you get hit by a couple of spears.

You have huge kill potential after Nidalee pounces too close to clear a wave. They 100% would not do it against an Annie with a charged stun, but for some reason they do against Viktor's.

Nidalee's heal cooldown is 10 seconds at all ranks, similar to Viktor's E cooldown at rank 3. Poke is still useful as she will quickly go out of mana. Consider contesting her blue buff post 6 with Augment: Death.

Once you have Augment: Death and she cannot safely lane against you.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Frustrating Lane / Poke Lane / Aggressive Post 3 Lane / Roam Potential

Another lane that is incredibly frustrating due to and the potential for double shields. Similar to the Lux matchup you will quickly find you outdamage and out-trade Ori from an early level, providing you kite back with W and auto's.

Try and keep Orianna in lane for as long as possible to delay her backing for .

The lane diagnostic completely changes when you get Augment: Death and if they don't take 2 or 3 points early in E the lane is over. Try to be unpredictable with movement and harass patterns. Be careful in extended skirmishes where Ori gets 3 or 4 auto attacks off. In situations like this save your Ultimate until she thinks she can kill you.

Orianna's shield has a similar cooldown to Viktor's rank 3 E.

Orianna's Ultimate has the same cooldown as Viktor's Ulti and will often be used defensively.

Be careful of Orianna's trying to deny farm with their Ball (Check "Countering Orianna's Farm Denial" section)
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Hard Early / Sacrifice CS when E is on CD / Kill Potential Lv 7, 9 and 11.

You need to rush and in this match up. Accept the fact that you will be 10-20 cs behind for the first 7 minutes if the enemy Quinn is playing well. Try not to sacrifice too much XP and do not go for risky CS or you will be punished. You do not want to give Quinn a free kill, 10-20 CS is easily recoverable once you pick up Augment Death.

Taking W level 3 doesn't help that much. I prefer to take rank 2 E in an attempt to relieve some pressure.

With Seekers and Ruby Crystal you will not get pushed out of lane and can safely farm/poke until Augment: Death and at which point you have huge kill potential.

When Quinn E's to you in Valor's form pop down W and unleash your combo. It is VITAL to chain auto attacks while the Ultimate ticks. Use Q aggressively if chasing, however timing Q defensively if Quinn commits to the kill could be the difference between surviving or not.

Quinn's Ultimate has a longer cooldown (140s) than Viktor's at rank 1. Therefore you have a window to try and all in OR try to get the opener and force Quinn to Ulti defensively. (Thus giving you another window for a potential all in)
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Kill Lane / Aggressive Poke / Easy Early / Harder Mid - Late

From Lv 2 you outrade Ryze and have more kill potential if he takes . Combo E - Q with 2 auto's; although take care as he outranges you slightly. (With auto attacks).

Try to boss the lane from early and force him to stay when he doesn't want to.

Remember you can use your Ulti to cancel . If you can't cancel it, don't be afraid to follow as Viktor has crazy clean up potential even in 1v3 situations if you know what summoners and Ulties were used.

You may want to consider picking up a as a 5th item to deal with Ryze's Ulti.

Try to bait Ryze to Ulti (before going all in) by poking with 2 E's (post Augment: Death) OR by pushing him to tower. It is fairly risky to all in Ryze with his Ulti up unless you can get an early Ignite or W down.

You should try and focus your burst on Ryze in teamfights, whilst using your W for peel.

Always assume Ryze's Ultimate is up unless you have just seen him use it.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

AP Sion (Uncommon Pick)

Control Lane / Farm Lane / Poke Lane

Main goal is to delay him backing to pick up or . You really want to prevent any roaming.

Luckily Sion is fairly weak at the moment and noone has taken on Sion as they would lose so much early kill/roam potential.

You should look to take W level 3 if Sion is going aggressive or has an advantage, if not take rank 2 E at level 3.

You should counter push his pushing with E and you can even delay his wave with W.

His shield has a cooldown of 8 seconds (when the shield ends) compared to Viktor's rank 3 E cooldown of 11 seconds. Try to be unpredictable with movement, aggression and harass. Position aside your wave and chain auto attacks between abilities to keep up the pressure.

After Augment: Death and you have incredible all in potential. Wait until Sion shields to farm or bait his shield with the DoT from E; then proceed to all in.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Poke Lane / Hard Early / Farm Lane / Roam Potential

Post level 3, trading with Swain is fairly hard. Try to land 2 E's from a safe distance before you move closer for some extended trades.

Remember to retaliate when you get snared and follow his movement after with auto attacks as he will be waiting for cooldowns and will likely be tanking your wave. (You outrange Swain's auto attacks). Even though you could still come out worse off, you will be forced out of lane sooner with no retaliation.

You may want to consider buying if you are struggling to lane when Ignite is on cooldown.

It is extremely hard to Swain to farm under tower pre 6, so you can try to rush 2 and push to his tower to establish an early lead.

Swain's E has a similar cooldown (10s) to Viktor's E at rank 3.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Skill Match Up / Poke Lane / Snowball Lane / Aggressive Lane / Positioning Lane

This is fundamentally a skill macthup pre Lv.7 where Viktor has a huge power surge.

Your positioning is vital. Try and be unpredictable with your movements, harass and farming technique. Ward the lane bushes and use them to try and get free poke from the fog of war (if Syndra hasn't warded them).

You may want to take as your 4th item if you find that Syndra is often getting the open on you. Hextech gives you some turn potential and increases your 1v2 potential.

Once you hit level 7 with Augment: Death and you can change from attempting safe poke to being aggressive. (If you are confident you can avoid harass and CC).

Syndra cannot follow your roams, but beware of her cleaning up if you spent too much time trying a gank. You have turn potential on Syndra pre if you get the opener.

Beware that Syndra's Ultimate has a shorter cooldown than Viktor's at rank 1.

Be careful of 1v2's early game as Syndra's Q-E stun is fairly long ranged.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Farm Lane / Control Lane / Safe Poke Lane / All In Lv 7, 9 and 11 / Opener Laner

Early game (Post lv 2) against Talon is hard. Try not to go for risky CS. Even if you position safely be careful of Talon using E to a minion to get into range for Rake.

You will need to rush and to sustain in lane against Talon. Picking up a 3145_32.png aids your turn potential but severely slows down your core 4 item build.

Post 6 you will need a for your lane, which increases your kill potential at Lv 9 and 11.

Try to keep Talon in lane and prevent him from roaming with safe poke and pushing. You may even want to take .

Generally speaking whoever gets the opener will get the kill or force the opponent out of lane. Talon's will Ulti defensively if Viktor gets the opener which is why having a pink ward is beneficial.

I would still make E in this match up for safe farm and high damage poke with Augment: Death.

You have great peel for Talon's Ulti target, simply by using your W.

Remember Talon's Ultimate has a relatively short cooldown (75s) at rank 1.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Poke Lane / Zone Lane / Kill Lane

This is a fairly easy match up for Viktor. You can go aggressive from Lv 3 or 4. (Depending on when you take W). Remember to kite back with W and auto attacks to mitigate damage from Teemo's E.

When trading with Teemo you need to follow up as soon as the Blind effect has ended. E-Q followed by 2-3 auto attacks. (Take care not to tank the enemy wave).

Teemo's Q has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

This changes when you pick up Augment: Death as you will come out of every trade ahead and can begin to search for opportunities to all in.

You may want to consider buying a to clear the lane Shrooms.

Group early when you have 3 of the 4 items from the core build and start to poke and Siege.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Poke Lane / Counter Push / Control Lane

Twisted Fate is target practice for Viktor in lane. You can go aggressive from level 1 with E + auto's. Be careful not to miss any last hits. Viktor has a higher auto attack range than TF.

You outscale TF into late game and outtrade him early; therefore you should maintain your advantage.

Be careful of TF's harass range, although he will not expect your range either.

Take W level 4 unless you are afraid of getting ganked. You have very high 1v2 kill potential in this match up depending on the enemy jungler.

Try and maintain high pressure and keep TF on his tower post 6. This makes it far easy to predict and cancel his Ulti with your Ulti.

When you get Augment: Death , and TF can only farm with Q, farm under tower and take neutral camps. As soon as he steps into lane you have huge poke and kill potential.

TF's Ultimate cooldown is 180s rank 1. Use this information to inform your team when they can play aggressive. But also to predict when he is likely to attempt a roam.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Aggressive Poke Lane / Deny Lane / Zone Lane / Kill Lane

You may want to consider picking up if you are struggling.

Post Lv. 3 you can look to start trading. Generally speaking Veigars will be passive in lane and may look for a kill post 6.

Despite what you may think you have a big 1v2 potential in this lane, sometimes letting Veigar stun you during a jungle gank can be beneficial (Post Lv.4). Instantly use your E and time your Q to mitigate the most damage (you can go for an early Ignite). Kite back with W and auto attacks; before turning when it's safe to do so.

Post 6 if the lane is even (which it shouldn't be) skirmishes are decided by who gets the opener (unless you have or ).

You can look to zone Veigar at Lv.7 and 9. if you are consistent enough with your poke.

Viegar's Ultimate has a cooldown of 130s rank 1 which is longer than Viktor's. Often you will Ultimate at the same time.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Skill Match Up / Poke Lane

The same with any blind mirror lane, its a complete skill match up. Hopefully the haven't seen this guide!

I would still max E and rush Augment: Death in this lane.

Take W level 4.

Chaining auto attacks whilst your chasing as you Ulti ticks separates pro Viktor's from poor Viktor's. Similarly in 1v2 situations kiting back with W and auto attacks can help you pick up kills 1v2.

Going for an early will help you in extended skirmishes.

In lane chaining 2 E's in a row sets up up in a nice position to look for an all in opportunity.

It will be down to who has the right rune/mastery page, who builds correctly and who hits more skill shots.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Early Aggression / Poke Lane / Kill Lane

Viktor is a pretty hard counter for Vlad, you out damage and out trade him from Lv. 3.

Augment: Death applies a dot which will tick while Vlad is in W.

If Vlad attempts to go aggressive while in W, you can drop your W and back off, before turning when your E is off cooldown.

Viktor's auto attacks significantly outrange Vlad and should be chained when Vlad attempts risky CS.

Vlad's Ultimate cooldown is higher than Viktors and in most cases will be used at roughly the same time.

is not necessary against Vlad.

You may want to get for extended skirmishes but it's often unnecessary.

The short cooldown of Viktor's Q all you to mitigate the damage of Vlad's Q.

Try to force Vlad away from you minions with you E (once you get Augment: Death) preventing him from keeping 4 stacks of E whilst remaining on high HP.

Vlad's W cooldown is 26 seconds at rank 1, meaning you can get two rank 1 Viktor E's before Vlad has W again.
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Poke Lane / Skill Match Up / Frustrating Lane

Who controls the lane is decided around level 3/4 by who has hit the most skill shots. However, if Xerath controls the lane early you can easily look to win it back when you get a power spike at Lv 7 with Augment: Death.

Beware for Xerath's that take as this can be used to bait you.

Xerath is the 1 champion that has higher AoE burst than Viktor, so be aware of this when going into teamfights.

In lane post 6 try to keep pressure by getting as close to Xerath as possible. Your abilities are fairly close range (apart from E). Your Ulti and W are hard counters to when Xerath looks to W.

At level 9 and 11 you can still outdamage Xerath providing you have Augment: Death , and which are relatively cheap. Remain close 1v1, Ulti when he W's, attempt to be unpredictable with movements and combine your last E with and Ignite. Avoiding ticks of Xerath's Ulti is crucial.

Grouping early against Xerath is fairly risky unless you have a lot of map control in the enemy jungle.

Xerath's Ulti has a cooldown of 80 seconds rank 1 (shorter than Viktor's) and his W has a cooldown of 20 seconds level 1.

When think you have pushed Xerath out of lane often it pays to stick around especially if you have flash as a lot of Xerath's try to cheekily clear the wave from behind the tower. (9/10 it will be an easy pick up for you)
Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Hard Lane / Defensive Lane / Poke Lane / Early W?? / Roam Potential (If laning gets too hard)

You definitely want to consider getting Q or maybe even W first, especially as most Yasuo's take E LV1. You can still get away with taking E sometimes (If Yasuo starts Q), however, due to Yasuo's high mobility and passive it is extremely hard to set up a kill/pressure from LV2.

Seekers armguard is a must to rush after your first base and an early upgrade of boots helps to counter his mobility. You will want to get your Zhonya's as early as possible (if you can afford to skip your early power spikes).

Try to be calm when going for kills and not waste your skill shots, it's extremely easy for Yasuo to kite, so take your time and make sure you hit.

Post 6 you have a lot of bait/turn potential. You can bait getting knocked up by Q and W on yourself before Yasuo ulties, then turn and chase with your combo. This gets easier post Zhonya's.

Late game similarly position correctly and try to W on your knocked up allies, if you can afford to use it rather than saving it for follow up peel.

Viktor's poke late game can severely delay/prevent Yasuo's engage, therefor ulitilise blue buffs and grouping when you can.

Favors Enemy
Laning Advice:

Safe Poke / Hard Post 6 / Relatively Easy Early

Post 6 you need and or risk being burst by Zed's Ultimate.

You can attempt to rush Lv 2. by getting to lane early and pushing with E and auto attacks. If you get Lv2. first you can start to increase your aggression and force Zed to farm with Q.

Pre 6 is either about safe farm and safe poke or active aggression with E-Q double autos. Zed's E has a cooldown of 18 seconds level one meaning that a rank 1 Viktor E will be off cooldown before Zed's W.

Post 6 you should be able to lane for long enough to pick up Augment: Death at which point you can look to duel.

You have your W to prevent Zed from dealing a lot of damage while the Death Mark debuff is on you. As soon as you see the animation for Zed's Ulti put W down on yourself and prepare to E-Q auto. Drop your Ulti and Ignite with a double auto before chasing up with another E-Q.

With Augment: Death you have a lot of kill potential and with , and you will be able to sustain for a long time.

Be careful if you are poking/zoning and looking to dive Zed as your Ultimate has a short cast time and can be avoided if Zed's Utlies you.

Zed's Ultimate has a cooldown of (120s) the same as Viktor and will normally be used at the same time as Viktor.

Post Lv. 11 when the laning phase is over you will need either a or depending on the enemy team.

Grouping up early to poke, siege and take objectives is extremely beneficial against Zed and reduces the potential of people getting caught.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Zone Lane (If you can avoid harass) / Early Aggression / Poke Lane / Semi Skill Match Up

Zigg's is another sitting duck for Viktor. After you get rank 2 E at Lv3. the lane becomes incredibly easy.

Position well so Zigg's has to make a choice whether he harass's or farms, and use this advanced position to harass everytime Zigg's goes for a risky last hit.

Once you land 2 E's pre 5, you can shift to become more aggressive comboing E-Q's from closer range with 2 auto's. Take care of Zigg's W (26s CD Rank 1) knocking you into his wave when going aggressive; especially when combined with Zigg's E.

Once you pick up Augment: Death you will out range and out poke Zigg's either forcing him out of lane or setting up for a potential kill.

Use the lane bushes fog of war (if warded) to get cheeky poke onto Zigg's if you know where the enemy jungler is. (Or use to bait potential 1v2's)

Zigg's Ultimate has a cooldown of 120 seconds; the same CD as Viktor's Ulti.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Poke Lane / Roam Potential / 1v2 Potential / Aggressive Lane

Try to rush level 2 before Zilean, by pushing the wave with E + auto's. Make use of level two by timing your Q to mitigate Zilean's bomb damage; follow up with E and two auto's. (Or zone)

Take a point in W level 4 to increase kill potential.

There is a common misconception with the difficulty of killing Zilean/pushing him out of lane post 6. Save W for when Zilean goes into his Ulti invulnerability, wait 1 second and put it on top of him. Your Ulti will still be ticking if timed correctly. Position yourself closer to his tower (in case he has flash) the follow up with an E-Q auto (ignite?) to pick up an easy kill.

When you pick up Augment: Death , and Zilean will be unable to lane against you. You can either freeze and zone with max range E's or push to tower and look to roam or take objectives.

Zilean's Ulti CD is affected by rewind, however when rewind is on cooldown his Q has a cooldown of 10 seconds.
Favors You
Laning Advice:

Skill Lane / Poke Matchup / Positioning / Aggressive Lane

Important things to note in this match up is as soon as you relieve pressure you become a sitting target for Zyra W Q's. You need to keep up pressure from Lv1. Avoiding Zyra's E and ramping up pressure when E is on cooldown. It is fairly hard for Zyra to harass against extreme aggression unless she sacrifices CS.

Be careful when exiting the range of Zyra's plants as people often re-enter the range without realising taking unnecessary damage. (especially risky when you are tanking the enemy wave)

Chasing kills on Zyra is particularly hard when her she has her Ulti up because she has huge turn potential with it. Her Ulti has a slightly longer cooldown (130 seconds) than Viktor's at Rank 1.

Viktor has power spikes at Lv. 7 , 9 and 11 where if you get the open there is potential to burst Zyra before she can Ulti.

You have great trade potential after Zyra uses 2 seeds in quick succession, even if you are on much lower HP.

If you are struggling, poke safely from range with Augment: Death until it is safe to take up an advanced position. It is possible to force someone out of lane with 2 or 3 E's at rank 4.

It is a skill match up to a degree, but practice being unpredictable and adopting random positions to harass in lane and you should be fine.

Additional Notes on Matchups

Please note that all matchups assume equal skill. Not necessarily meaning that you have played 50+ games with Viktor, but that you have equal mechanical skill, map awareness and game knowledge.

Also be aware that all matchups are solely my opinion from playing them in solo queue and are directly related to playstyle. I play extremely aggressively and I like to abuse Viktor's 1v2 potential post level 4 (explained in the video). However, some of you may prefer to take a more passive approach which is completelty fine but obviously changes the lane diagnostics.

Don't be phased if the lane match up isn't going exactly to plan, the authors notes are simply guidelines and cannot take into account every variable; such as jungle pressure, success of roaming and how well trades go. Don't assume you are doing something wrong as this may not be the case.

During laning phase you should be CONSTANTLY considering every possible variable when trading. For example, if Ahri misses E then I will attempt to land my E (If it misses what do you do, if it hits what do you do). Where is the jungler? Where is your jungler? How long until Ahri's cooldowns are back, how long till yours are back, can you get a free auto, what are the HP's or the enemy minions and what are the HP's of your minions.

You need to be fully aware of every possible outcome of every decision you make.

I will be adding more lane matchups when needed and will be updating all matchups periodically when something changes and simply to add more detail and information to each.

I would strongly advise checking the video if you want to adopt a more aggressive playstyle as well as reading the information on Early, Mid and Late game.

Please be aware that you should be using this "guide" not as instructions; but more as inspiration and ideas to incorporate into your own gameplay. I am a strong believer that following guides to the letter is detrimental and has negative effects on playstyle. Your playstyle is your in game personality and the only thing separating you from the next player. It's more of a combination process, whereby you take the parts that you think best suit your gameplay and put your own spin on it.

If you need any more information please let me know either in the comment section or by adding me on Skype: (mattmcdermott-) and I will do my best to help

Video Guide (Feat. ATN Forellenlord)

I highly recommend watching this video if you have a passion to play Viktor!!

This video should help explain the reason I opt for the heavy magic Pen build, showing the potential burst at various stages of the game.

It should also help show how you can use aggression to your advantage when laning in solo queue even against LCS level players.

I also discuss why flaming isn't that bad (Don't hate me! Explained in the video)

Hopefully the video will inspire you to pick up Viktor and start climbing the solo queue ladder.

All clips where taken from D1 games either on my main or my smurf, as well as some high rated ranked 5's and tournament games.

Visual Comparison of Range Indicators

Here are some examples of some side by side range indicators that will hopefully help you understand and compare the range of Viktor's abilities to that of some more familiar champions.

Firstly Viktor's E vs. Nidalee's Q

Viktor's E Range


Nidalee's Q Range (1500)

Viktor's Q vs Annie's Q

Viktor's Q Range (600)


Annie's Q Range (625) Same Range as Annie's W

Viktor's Ulti vs. Annie's Ulti

Viktor's Ulti Range (700)


Annie's Ulti Range (600)

Please note that not all abilities are in targeted in perfect straight lines in the pictures above.

The idea is simply to give you an idea of Viktor's range compared to some champions that you may have played more games on; in an attempt to help you perfect his combo.

Void Staff Vs. Deathcap

Comparison of the 2 Items

Costs 2295 gold and offers 70 AP and 35% Magic Penetration.

Costs 3200 gold and offers 120 AP and +25 Ability Power.

This means that if you purchase Void Staff first you have an extra 1005 gold to spend on other items meaning you can spend 860 gold on another 40 AP .

Most caster abilities base damage scale extremely well with rank, regardless of items. For example a rank 5 Viktor Q deals 260 damage (before taking into account AP). There are two ways of increasing this damage; one is with AP and the other it with Magic Pen.

Due to the fact most abilities scale well with rank you can significant increase the damage they do with Magic Pen, especially when combined with some AP.

The only times when rushing an early Deathcap is beneficial is on champions such as Lux, Nidalee and Orianna who have abilities that benefit from AP whilst doing 0 damage. As well as champions such as TF where you are going to rush a Lich Bane and intend to split push.

Please note the following comparisons consider that you have 1 item EITHER a Deathcap or a Voidstaff with a bonus 80 AP through small items, runes and masteries.

Let's say you have 80 AP before you buy a Deathcap. If you take into account the passive you will have 250 AP. Viktor's Q has a AP ratio of 65% meaning with 250 AP your Q would do (260+162.5)= 422.5 damage. (which would of course get reduced by Magic Resist)

On the other hand lets say you have 80AP before you buy a Void staff. You would also have an extra 1000g to spend another 40AP should you chose to, meaning you will have 190 AP and 35% Magic Penetration.
As Viktor's Q has an AP ratio of 65% , your 190 AP will translate to a bonus 123.5 damage. (260+162.5)= 383.5 a difference of 39 damage less compared to if you had taken Deathcap (WITHOUT CONSIDERING MAGIC PEN)

Generally speaking Deathcap will do more damage to enemies with less than 60 MR (without considering scalings, runes, masteries, or build) when compared to a Void Staff. However, the difference is minimal and when you add in the extra 40 AP with Void staff it becomes even less noticeable.

For enemies over 60 MR Void Staff unquestionably does more damage than Deathcap. 60 MR is pretty much base MR + Magic Resist Per Level glyphs.

Another important thing to note is that Magic Penetration compliments Magic Penetration meaning that the more you have the more the effect will be. (When Flat Pen and % Pen are combined the synergise to have a larger overall effect). Meaning a Magic Penetration build on certain champions is extremely strong.

% Penetration is obviously more beneficial against more AP, therefore build a Penetration build prevents any counter; as if the enemy purchase Magic Resist it will simply increase the effect of your penetration (whilst certain amount may reduce the damage slightly it is fairly gold inefficient.)

On Viktor, the burn damage of your E and the damage over time tick on your Ultimate are extremely low (20%) meaning increasing the damage on that would involve Magic Penetration.

Why I don't Purchase Deathcap in a 6 Item Build

As Viktor only has 5 slots (4 discluding boots) it is extremely hard to get a balance between Offence, Utility and Survivability.

I feel the best way to accommodate this especially considering Viktor's scaling's including when you pick up Augment: Death; is to use this Magic Penetration Build. It makes your core 4 items extremely cheap giving you huge power spikes mid and early game as explained in the damage analysis above.(You will be doing more damage than you would by picking up a Deathcap due to the synergy of Magic Penetration and Viktor's scaling's).

After picking up those core 4 items you need to look towards an Hourglass due to the fact you will be adopting a mid line position in team fights. (See "Team Fights" section). This leaves you with one slot where I normally take Rylais, Spell Vamp, Abyssal or Lich Bane depending on the game as they are cheaper and offer more than a Deathcap in terms of synergy with my build, damage and utility.

Due to the fact your first item is so cheap (Augment: Death 1000g) you want to reach 6 items as soon as possible to make use of your advantage.

It is arguable that due to Viktor's passive AP/LV and the runes I use that a Deathcap would work perfectly. (More % AP increase). However, the passive AP/LV is enough to make you strong enough late game with a 6 item build that doesn't include Deathcap and even provides enough AP to warrant a Lich Bane.

There are very few cases where I will take a Deathcap on Viktor, (to increase the effect of my Lich Bane when split pushing) or perhaps even after if I sell my boots in 55 minute + games.

Viktor's Base Stats


Here are some useful facts to consider that are sometimes overlooked.

Stats that are particularly important to note include:

Viktor's auto attack range

Especially vital in certain lane match ups. It heavily effects how aggressive you can play and also has an impact on your 1v2 potential.

Base Armour and Armour Scaling

Another important thing to note is Viktor's relatively high base armour and armour per level increase, which again helps you with early auto attack trading and aids in surviving the laning phase against heavy AD casters.

Early Game

From the start of the game to 12 minutes 30 seconds

Always start with to facilitate aggression and to sustain the larger mana costs of maxing E.

Your goal is to get Augment: Death as soon as possible; then continue to work towards your "Core 4" items. (However sometimes Augment: Death gets delayed, when playing again heavy AP/AD casters and you have to take either / and to survive in lane)

Consider taking at level 3 against assassins with pre 6 gap closers or if you feel vulnerable to a gank; otherwise take it at 4.

I never take Q first; as E allows me to get risky last hits from an early level, attempt to rush Lv 2 while poking and allows me to scout bushes while invading and defending.

If you are able to rush level 2 attempt to go aggressive with E - Q double auto attack combos. If not wait until you get rank 2 E (depending on when you skill W).

You have INCREDIBLE 1v2 potential post 3/4 when you are comfortable with Viktor's mechanics. (even with 0 armour and magic resist runes). Use E to poke on the run whilst chugging , time Q to mitigate the most damage. Decide whether to go for an early or late .

At level 6 you should be looking to poke with 2 E's into an potential all in, contest an objective such as blue buff or roam/invade to utilise your burst.


  • Early item goals include rushing an Augment: Death to increase aggression or rushing and against melee casters.
  • Control lane with aggression remembering your 1v2 potential.
  • Follow up poke in lane with a Q - double auto attack if safe to do so.
  • Look for potential kills post 6 and post either in your lane or another lane when roaming.

Mid Game

From 12 minutes 30 seconds - 25 minutes

By this point you should have Augment: Death, , and (+ vs AD casters)

At this point your burst and poke will be comparable to that seen in the video guide. You will be able to 1v1 anyone regardless of your score (0/4/0 Viktor will beat a 4/0/0 Ahri) providing you are comfortable with Viktor's mechanics.

There are numerous all in combo's featured in the video, however I suggest selecting on that you feel comfortable with as each of Viktor's skills are mechanically different and hard to get used to. There is no right and no wrong and each situation will vary; you will find out what works best for you after a few games with Viktor.

At this stage you should look to team fight around objectives such as Drake or group to siege towers with Viktor's crazy burst. If you get engaged on whilst sieging, you have fairly good kite and peel potential with W, which makes turning particularly easy.

When playing against poke comps, or really hard engage comps you may prefer to split push:

You can either split push yourself and your 1v2 potential increases with your core build. Your E pushes incredible fast and you have nice escape potential with W in choke points.

Or you can have 1 or two lanes split push while you defend mid, as you can easily defend 2 or 3 vs 5 with Viktor's crazy wave clear. (Especially easy when you pick up to further prevent tower dives).

The main thing to practice is knowing when and how you can oneshot people with your core build.


  • Achieve your "Core 4" items: Augment: Death, , and
  • Decide whether to group and siege with poke or if you are going to split push.
  • Begin to gain map pressure and force the enemy out of lane and out of their jungle.
  • Understand your damage and poke potential and utilise it at every oppurtunity.

Late Game

From 25 minutes onwards

Late game you should have Augment: Death , , , , and any combination of ( + ?)

A 6 item build should never include or !!! (See "Item Builds and Build Order" section for more information)

At this stage when sieging, hitting one E forces someone to back. Grouping in the jungle with to bait potential fights around Nash is extremely beneficial as you can zone with in choke points. Use bushes to get blind W's into 3 man stuns making landing your full combo on priority targets particularly easy.

Turtling is incredibly easy and not blue reliant. You can clear waves incredibly far from the tower from a safe distance prevent cheeky auto's on your tower (unless they are prepared to tank).

Your team fight is incredibly strong if played correctly. With and spellvamp you can easily bait people onto you before or after burst, then heal up instantly after invulnerability; whatever way you decide to play. Spellvamp with Q and blue gives you SOOO much potential to fight outnumbered and makes you deceptively tanky due to the short cooldown and heal.

You may want to split your spells, by using W to peel and Ulting the back lane (forcing them into your W or forcing them to back off) whilst you burst the front line with E - Q's.

Or you can flash burst high priority targets with little or no repercussions providing you can avoid / survive through CC with spellvamp and .

is a nice pick up vs 's that buy , or other heal reliant champions.

is a nice pick up when split pushing and helps to deal with tankier champions.

Again its a case of understanding Viktor's burst and poke potential. Being aware of EVERYTHING you can do in a team fight and selecting the best option. Don't be afraid to rejoin fights on low HP. Familiarise yourself with Viktor's mechanics and practice closing out games!

Best of Luck!


  • Achieve your 6 item build before the enemy Mid Lane.
  • Consider any "special" items for your 6th item with regards to the enemy team.
  • Continue to either split push or group and siege.
  • Begin to look for more teamfights. (See "Team Fights" section)

Team Fights

Fighting in Choke Points


Fighting in choke points is be extremely beneficial when placing Viktor. Your W will cover any available space in the Jungle or narrow paths. This allows you to clump your enemies in CC for increased damage on your Ulti (more initial damage and longer duration of ticks.) and more guaranteed damage from your E as the targets are locked in place. Thereby making it easy for your team to combo with the AoE or follow up your burst.

Consider grouping with oracles when looking to team fight and either clearing and baiting Nash or clearing the enemy jungle for some offensive wards (when Nash is dead). Use the fog of war and bushes to make the best use of W and increase the chance of locking down more enemies.

Peeling and Zoning - Important!


As mentioned in the "Late Game" section you have a choice in team fights depending on how fed your are, who is on your team and who is on the enemy team.

As you can see from the image above, you can peel for your AD carry with W (if a bruiser or assassin can get to them), whilst you zone and burst the backline with your Ulti. It is then up to you whether you try to follow up your Ulti with E-Q and autos (to help your front line quickly dispose of the enemy backline) or you can allow your Ulti to tick on the backline and help defend your AD by bursting down the enemy front line.

It is also possible to reverse the situation from the image above and use W to zone the backline and use your Ulti to defend your AD carry. This is more common when the enemy is slightly split or trying to make transitions between lane or towards Nash.

The most important thing to note is that maintaining a middle ground on Viktor is key and the choices you make from the middle ground are extremely important. This becomes particularly easy once you pick up Zhonya's Hourglass.

Bursting Priority Targets

See "Viktor's Combo!" Section.

Sometimes when you are playing against assassin's such as Ahri and Zed team fights can be as simple as bursting down a priority target before they assassinate you or your AD carry.

You need to make the choice whether firstly is it possible to burst down the enemy AD (safely). Do they have summoners up? Does the enemy team have good peel? Is the enemy AD hard to catch? How fed are you? Do they have any defensive items?

And secondly whether when you burst the enemy AD will you have enough CD's or be in a position to continue to fight/ take out the enemy assassin/top if your team hasn't already done so.

Equally you may decide that if you ignore the enemy assassin they will kill either you or the AD so you attempt to burst them down first. However, it is extremely easy to miss skillshots against assassins due to their high mobility and you cannot afford to fight defensively sometimes (if the enemy is too fed). Timing and prediction is everything, as well as keeping an eye on priority targets in team fights as sometimes the will take alternate routes to achieve their goals.

Your decision making all comes down to positioning in the team fights, the possibility of a catch onto more than one priority target and the synergy of your team vs the synergy of theirs.

Champions that Synergise with Viktor

One of my favourite champion synergies with Viktor is Vlad's Ultimate used with the combined AoE from Vlad and Viktor is devastating. Late game if both have spellvamp and a they both become incredibly hard to kill and almost form a 2 man team.

Other champions that fill a similar role as Vlad include and as both have fairly nice poke and crazy AoE burst damage.

Jungler's such as and are great at setting up wombo combo's for Viktor's burst.

Another jungler that works well with Vitkor is as she increases Viktor's roam and poke potential when sieging. Viktor and Karma are incredibly strong 2v2 and 2v3 as well as the fact Karma has a nice team disengage when you are playing a poke comp.

Following on from the idea of poke a good or is nice in solo queue if you have a tanky CC heavy jungle/support. However sometimes double poke can be a bit overkill.

Most AD's woke well with Viktor and are good are following up poke, whereas and are good are securing kills after you poke.

I love it when I see , and as support when I play Viktor simply for the AoE engage/disengage potential; as well as the fact the making diving/roaming fairly easy.

Champions that Counter Viktor

I don't really believe there are too many counters to Viktor, especially when you use this build.

In solo queue jungler's such as , , and can cause some problems depending on what lane you are facing. They severely limit Viktor's 1v2 potential post 4.

Mid lane counters include to a degree due to her high mobility, however with enough practice are timing and positioning your Ulti, W and E you will be fine.

Similarly may cause you some problems when you are getting used to Viktor for the same reasons as Ahri. (High Mobilty - Potential to dodge your burst)

Early lane counters include , and . Against these it's just a case of trying to rush Lv 2 or playing safe until you get power spikes at 7, 9 and 11. Poke from a distance with E to try and force them to play defensively allowing you to adopt and advanced position to catch up on farm.

In most cases Viktor's counters are purely a skill matchup!

Viktor's Combo!

Viktor's combo on Ezreal


Turtling from being 9 Kills Behind!!


Both of these clips are taken from the "Video Guide (Feat. ATN Forellenlord)" section of this guide.

Why Pick Viktor?


You will probably find yourself wondering why you are winning so many games on Viktor so let me share some insight with you.

Viktor has the 2nd highest AoE burst potential in game. The only champion with higher AoE burst potential is Xerath.

Viktor has the best wave clear in game. Compared to Anivia's it is longer range and is not blue reliant. It is only cooldown reliant which resets every wave and Viktor has the ability to poke whilst clearing.

Viktor has the 3rd best poke in game; behind Nidalee and Jayce. However, Viktor's poke is arguably more reliable as it cannot be blocked by minions.

Viktor can fit into any team comp:
Early Game
Protect AD
Poke Comp
Late Game/Turtle Comp

At the moment people do not have experience playing against Viktor and rarely expect your burst or aggression in lane.

How to Win Solo Queue?

This video demonstrates a different approach to solo queue and encourages you to make plays without thinking.

If you won and outfarmed you lane and you lost the game; 9/10 there is something you can do better and hopefully this video will help highlight that.

It is an extremely detailed video, however it contains numerous tips and tricks to give you an advantage in solo queue , so it's definitely worth the watch!

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Countering Orianna's Farm Denial

This section isn't entirely related to Viktor, however seeing as it is such a common mid match up in solo queue and ranked 5v5, I decided to include some information on what the technique is and how to counter it!

The technique involves Orianna using her ball in the lane to "block" any potential last hits you go for. Sometimes forcing you to walk right next to the minion and get ganked, or walk in to tower range when trying to secure an easy last hit.

There are 3 important things to consider as Viktor when trying to counter this technique.

  • Lane Positioning: Be careful of Orianna's following up with aggression after denying CS (due to the position of the ball.) Position yourself to the side of the wave, with the bush warded diagonally to Orianna's ball. That way if you happen to walk too close for a CS due to this technique (you will be in a safe position)

  • Use E to Farm: If Orianna is trying to use this technique, use E to farm the "blocked" CS whilst trying to poke Orianna at the same time. Whilst this is fairly mana hungry, it is also mana hungry for Orianna to continue using Q before picking up chalice.

  • Attack Move: You can use attack move to your advantage (sometimes) when E is on cooldown or you are trying to save mana. Be very careful though as attack move can put you in dangerous positions for potential enemy ganks (if you are not prepared) and attack move cannot last hit minions in groups or minions at the back of the wave.

Testimonials (Hall of Fame)

This is a section that anyone can contribute to!

If you have used the guide and want to leave a message for others to see or a screenshot of your match history; add me on Skype (mattmcdermott-) and I'll add it to this section.

Thank you so much!!

Arufe - http://puu.sh/4tKyQ.jpg - I've known this godly Viktor player for quite some time, I asked for him to teach me how he plays Viktor, and he did. I went from Platinum III (Being stuck) to Diamond V and climbing in less than a week, and now you can do it too. :D

YordleRabbit - You did it moose. Really well written. Easy to understand, you describe everything very well, and you have really perfected this champion. I have been stuck in platinum now for a while and I picked up Viktor after reading your guide. I had no time to try him in normals, so i jumped straight into ranked with him. My skills in Mid lane are not that great, I am used to AD and Top, but I crushed my first game with Viktor. So i tried him again and it just went better and better. Out of my 15 games i have played with him I have won 12 and only lost 3. I have finally started to see real progress in my climb to Diamond. http://i.imgur.com/Q8Z09E1.jpg. I could write so much more about this guide, but the words just comes out retarded, so I suggest you really have to try it for yourself.

Moclon - These are my last 10 matches, and I just finished my 10th consecutive win as Viktor, Gold III, just wanted to throw this here ^.^ http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/5744/ketx.png and http://i.imgur.com/90XpbkZ.png.

A Darkened Mind - I played a couple of games with Viktor and it turned out alright, people really don't expect the burst and late game you just carry if you manage to hit every spell :D great guide, great author and great champion! http://imgur.com/BHMCmYy.png

Unoscerous - I really don't know what else to say besides the fact that the guide works like a charm lol. The amount of burst when using this guide is immense, definitely a wild card and no one on the enemy team expected me to 2-3 shot them mid/late game. A very strong and proper guide by Sir Moose.

ParthisV2 - I tried Viktor in ranked after reading this guide and got a penta kill in my first game. I owe you a drink What the Moose.

RG Jessper - I just played with moose and he kicked my ass. He kited me very well and you can see that he knows his job. After that i read his guide and it's so damn good! Every detail is there. Props for the guide.

FwteinoFws - I try to make the difference and play champions that a few people play. I saw the guide, tried Viktor and you can see the results :) http://i.imgur.com/wVtykL7.png I was Gold 4 and I played against Gold/Plat/Diamond in those games.

Spuddles - After being forced mid with 3 seconds to go, going first time Viktor for my promos into Diamond 2 seemed like the thing to do, as I knew there was a What the Moose guide waiting for me. Quick read in the loading screen and I was ready to go. 10/10 would read in loading screen again.
A+++. http://i.imgur.com/N14sybj.jpg.

My YouTube Channel and Social Media Links

Please consider checking out my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/xwhatthemoosex and feel free to subscribe if you like what I am doing!

Check out my stream at: http://www.twitch.tv/whatthemoosetv . If you want to follow me I will be streaming regularly from October 2013 onwards.

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For business enquiries please contact: wtm_business@hotmail.co.uk

For anything else please contact: what_the_moose@hotmail.co.uk

If you have any further questions hit me up on Skype: (mattmcdermott-)

Thank you very much!

Answering ALL Questions in Comments!

Feel free to ask anything you like in the comments.

No matter what the question is; I will endeavor to answer it as soon as I can.

I really appreciate any feedback, good or bad, so let me know what you honestly think!


Change Log

Apologies for any spelling/grammatical mistakes in the guide. I will be addressing them periodically as I update the guide as this version is a draft. If you spot any mistakes please let me know in the comment section.

I plan on updating the guide regularly with new information, video and picture content.

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September 29, 2014 - 12:56 AM #1

Hey! Love this guide! Will you be updating it now that Viktor has been changed?

June 22, 2014 - 06:43 PM #2

I can't wait for you to update this guide WhattheMoose, I love your guide! Please do so, it's very helpful and inspiring!

May 18, 2014 - 04:14 PM #3

I love this guide but I really have to question the Liandrys over Deathcap. Maybe you can better explain it to me. End-game with Liandrys you have ~550 AP with your build + blue pot. With Deathcap you are around 805 AP. This allows for MUCH higher burst and poke potential. The 15 magic pen and the passive on Liandrys doesn't seem like it would make up for the fact you're losing 500+ damage in a single rotation, seeing as you said he's the 2nd highest AoE burst champ in the game, wouldn't you want to do everything to capitalize on this fact damage wise?

Q - 260+357(247 shield) vs 260+523(313 shield)
E - 325+500 vs 325+732
R - 990+1358 vs 990+1988

Let's assume perfect scenario on ultimate.

Your build - 3790 damage full rotation
With D-Cap - 4818 damage full rotation.

Would the extra 1k+ burst damage outweigh the 15 magic pen and tiny bit of damage that Liandrys proc dishes out?

March 3, 2014 - 06:42 AM #4

Holy crap, we go to the same university :P I go to the canterbury campus but I live in medway. At liberty Quays... my first year! Such a coincidence I come upon this guide for my favorite mid lane champ and see this :D

I'm doing engineering... I assume you live at liberty quays too? I know a few friends who do pharmacy at Medway... we are first years though. My whole flat plays league :P

March 3, 2014 - 06:41 AM #5

Holy crap, we go to the same university :P I go to the canterbury campus but I live in medway. At liberty Quays... my first year! Such a coincidence I come upon this guide for my favorite mid lane champ and see this :D

I'm doing engineering... I assume you live at liberty quays too? I know a few friends who do pharmacy at Medway... we are first years though. My whole flat plays league :P

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November 8, 2013 - 07:05 PM #7

Been running this build for top and support roles as well as mid. Top is faceroll easy, but can't contribute to the mid game as easily as a roaming mid sadly. Support I get sightstone and grail (since I don't usually get blue buff ><) meaning I only get the magic pen core and augment for good damage, but it's still enough to destroy people from the support role.

October 30, 2013 - 02:31 AM #8

Hey moose i talked with you on skype a few weeks ago.

I just want to say i called it that Viktor's ultimate gets a mana buff :D I am so happy. 225 mana for a lvl3 ultimate was retarded...

thx riot <3

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Hey moose!

Did you already finished your testings on Hybrid Marks + flat MPen Glyphs?

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@Gamerkatten Hello!

In the guide editor you can simply select the "Small Image" option, then choose the champion you want to display.

The code is:

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