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Are you tired of losing your games to a fully farmed Mordekaiser? Are you so scared of him that you beg your first pick to ban him at the start of every. Single. Game?
Well, this is the guide to how to stop him when he is at his most vulnerable: During the laning phase.
I am currently 1400 elo. Granted, this is not high, but I still think I am strong enough of a laner to teach others how to lane against Mordekaiser as a ranged AD or an AP champ. I do not play tanky dps much so I cannot help with that. All I know is that Garen and Talon are hard counters to Mordekaiser in lane.
After reading this guide all the way, I am pretty sure you will become a stronger laner in general and, if you are around 1k elo you will jump up a little after learning how to lane against this Champion.

Why Mordekaiser is not OP

I often duo with my friend, who is somewhere around 1k-1.2k elo, and people often rage at me for not banning Mordekaiser or first picking him.
The reason I do not think Mordekaiser is OP is because he has no CC whatsoever compared to other strong top laners. Jax has his stun, Irelia has a stun, Cho has a stun and a silence, and so on. Another thing people fail to realize when they call him OP is that he has only two viable builds: tank Mordekaiser and AP Mordekaiser. If he builds AP, then while dealing a ton of damage, he will also be melee and squishy, allowing your team to instagib him as soon as he enters the fight. On the other hand, if he builds tank Mordekaiser, then he will have zero damage and his team will pretty much be fighting a 4 v 5 once getting a little MR (the only thing good about full tank Mordekaiser is his ultimate, but more on that later).

Early Game

During the laning phase, what I see people do is stand in their own minions and let Morde harass them while also letting him charge up his shield to full. DO NOT DO THIS. You are not laning against Ashe. If you stand in your creeps you WILL lose lane. You have to make him chose between two things:
  • Harassing you only with his Siphon or
  • Farm the creeps

If He decides to Harass You

If he decides to harass you, then punish him hard for it. What people fail to realize is that at early levels, it hurts Mordekaiser to use his abilities, and his siphon deals little to no damage. For example, lets say you are Anivia, laning against Mordekaiser. You start off with boots and 3 pots, obviously, so that you can constantly reposition yourself in lane.
If he uses his siphon on you, he is damaging himself for more than his shield recharges, which is what most people fail to realize. So, after he uses his siphon to harass me as Anivia, I normally autoattack (ALWAYS autoattack Mordekaiser in lane whenever you can without missing last hits. If you get rid of his shield, then you will waste less of your burst)him once to get rid of his shield and then use flash frost on him, which deals 120 damage at level one (more with AP runes) as opposed to his measly 65 damage at level one. Also. counting the damage he dealt to himself and the autoattack damage that went through his shield, that's 170 Damage dealt to him.
After getting the health advantage, which I cannot stress enough, USE it. Be aggressive, stand on his side of the minions. Deny him exp and farm. Stay in the offensive brush. Let him know that you are ALWAYS there and that you will not even let him get close to your minions. A Mordekaiser without his shield is a a squishy Morde.

If He Decides to Creep Farm

If Mordekaiser decides to creep farm, what I normally do is autoattack him in between last hitting minions and, when his shield is down, hit him with all I got. The trick here is to get his shield down and burst him/keep autoattack him if you are a ranged AD champ like Corki. However, if you have enough balls, you can also stand on his side of the minions from the start if you are a ranged AD champion and punish him whenever he gets close. Of course, every time the minion wave arrives to your lane, get into the offensive brush so they do not target you.
Another important thing to do if you are seriously getting outplayed and are at half health whereas the enemy Mordekaiser is to not just let him keep pushing the minion wave hard. You have to try to push just as hard as him and keep the minions right in front of your tower. This applies to all lanes. If you keep letting that Mordekaiser or that Malzahar push the minions wave to your tower, then eventually its going to go down. What you have to do is keep autoattacking the minions while at the same time try to time the last hits accordingly. Good practice for this is going into a custom game and playing against three bots, making sure the third bot is Soroka bot, as she will push the minions hard.

The most important part of laning against Morde is to get those early hits in. If you can get a health advantage and use it, then you effectively won your lane already. Also, I don't care how low that Mordekaiser is. Unless you are 100% sure you can kill him without dying, DON'T dive him. Instead, keep denying him experience. If he keeps staying at his turret with no health, then eventually he'll lose more experience just afking at his tower than he would by going back and walking back to lane.

Mid Game

If you have won your lane, which you should have, then Mordekaiser should have essentially no CS. At the moment, he has zero damage, and zero tankiness. If Mordekaiser decides to afk farm top after the laning phase is over, then go for global objectives like dragon or push down bot or mid and force the 4 v 5. The most important thing is to make sure you take advantage of the 4 v 5 before Mordekaiser becomes useful.

Late Game

Now, this applies to both fed Mordekaisers and useless Mordekaisers. In my opinion, the only reason Mordekaiser is at all viable is because of his Ultimate. Oftentimes, when Mordekaiser pulls off a 1 v 5 pentakill, he is not dealing any of the damage. In fact, the one dealing most of the damage is the ghost. If Mordekaiser built mostly tank, then just ignore him and kill the ghost, and then him. If the Mordekaiser built AP and you gave him a fed AD carry ghost on top of that, then immediately press escape -> more options -> and hit surrender. In end game chat, you can blame either your farmed AD carry or your tank/support for the loss because, either your AD carry did not know how to position right and absolutely refused to get a Quicksilver Sash because she just "needed" that second phantom dancer, or your tanks failed to keep the enemy team off of her.

Now, I'm not sure how many of you guys know what a Quicksilver Sash is, but at the moment, I am pretty sure it is the most broken OP item in the game. It gives more MR than a banshees veil, while at the same time giving you a free "level 2 Cleanse." This magical item removes every single debuff in the game, including Mordekaisers Ultimate and Ignite and can be your's for the low low price of 1440 Gold. Build this, and you have pretty much solidified your win if you did your job right in lane and no one fed the enemy team hard.


As always, if you are having difficulties in lane, ask for a gank. One of the best gankers versus Morde in my opinion is Warwick, as he can suppress Morde so he cannot charge up his shield, and, if you get Morde low and he's just hugging his tower, poking his head out every now and then, he can flash and ult him for the kill.
There two things you should never do when ganking Morde:
  • Get in range of his Ult and Ignite if you are low - Actually, I take that back. If you are low, then DON'T EVEN ASK FOR A GANK. This is a mistake I see people make a lot. If you call for a gank while Mordekaiser is low, unless the ganker is someone like Skarner, Warwick, or Malzahar, he will almost always turn around, ult and ignite you or the ghost and win the 2 v 1 against your jungler.
  • Have you and your jungler both stand in his siphon range - If the Mordekaiser is building AP, you're pretty much giving him his cake and letting him eat it. You'll be hurting you and your jungler and making him harder to kill. Instead of having both you and your jungler chase him from behind, have one of you try to flank him instead.

Hard Counters To Mordekaiser

Hard Counters to Mordekaiser, in my honest opinion, include, but are not limited to:
Akali - Mordekaiser has no passive regen in lane and if Akali gets in an early Q combo, Mordekaiser will be at a big disadvantage.
Brand - that passive DOT hurts, you can burst through his shield and still damage him
a lot.
CassiOPeia - Her passive enables her to spam constantly and her poison + twin fang spam can rip through his shield and slowly whither away his health.
Corki - with this champion, you can literally just keep autoattacking him and still manage to keep your farm up. At level six, if you haven't already won your lane, you will probably automatically win. Autoattack Morde's shield down and rocket spam as he runs back to turret
Garen - The most obvious counter to Mordekaiser.
Kogmaw - Counters almost every tanky champion in the game.
Nidalee - Keep autoattack, back away, heal minion harass, repeat
Orianna - Outrange and harass Morde without even trying.
Swain - Swain outlasts Mordekaiser in lane and his snare, dot, ult combo hurts.
Talon - Just like Garen, silence and harass.
Teemo - Counters almost every top laner in the game, blind his Mace of Spades and then keep autoattacking.
Vayne - Not sure about Vayne, but I've seen some Vayne's wreck Mordekaiser top.

Final Comments

In closing, I hope this guide helps people who didn't already know how to lane against Morde improve their laning and help people realize that Mordekaiser is not OP. He's just like another other champ that can become unstoppable if farmed enough (Jax comes to mind). I will answer any and all questions but I will ignore all troll questions. I know that this guide is all over the place but I will edit it when I have time and will take pictures of me laning against a Mordekaiser the next time I encounter one.
Also, some tips to add in the guide would be nice.


September 15, 2011 - 11:15 AM #1

Cass - her passiv enables her to spam her spells like a gatling gun. She can put so much dmg on morde that his shield will not help him a lot. After reaching 6 by cass morde is not able to fight her toe to toe. Ulti + poison + spam E = RIP morde.

Akali - When akali is starting with boots and if she is top vs morde then she can easily use her Q on him and run towards him and pop the mark. It is ~~150 dmg at 1 lv. But when morde is mid vs akali then he can run away to the tower becuase the distance is much shorter than in top lane between minions and tower. This tactic only works when morde is dickhead and starting with not boots + 3 pots. When akali is 6 she can burst morde down.

September 14, 2011 - 11:29 PM #2

@Ahionen. K i'll add them if you can give me a good explanation other than "they counter him."

September 14, 2011 - 10:55 PM #3

The Anti-Mordekaiser Guide: Postnerf

Pick any champion and harass him a lot.

September 14, 2011 - 09:28 PM #4

Where is cass or akali? They counter him quite hard. Morde got 0 chances if he didnt get boots at 1 lv.

September 14, 2011 - 07:21 PM #5

Thanks. I'll add Swain to the list.

And @Theji, the thing is most people don't know how to lane vesus morde in general, this guide is to help them not get facerolled by him.

Anyways, theres a big difference between a Mordekaiser player and a good Mordekaiser player. If someone plays a certain champ and mains him/her then he/she should almost never lose in lane as that champ.

And thanks, I forgot to add to ask for ganks.

@xFroz3nx In my opinion, Morde will still faceroll lanes because they didn't reduce the pushing power and I think what a lot of low elo players will still do is sit in the minions and let themselves get hit.

September 14, 2011 - 07:11 PM #6

Revised Guide:

Play Singed/Nasus

have Lee Sin/ Udyr/Xin/Fiddle/Pirate, etc, gank top


September 14, 2011 - 05:41 PM #7

I like the guide. Another good counter I would add to the list is Swain, he has some decent burst and morde is all about outlast just like swain is.

September 14, 2011 - 05:33 PM #8

Nice guide, I play morde a lot and i could add a few things. All those things help and are true, but a good morde has no real counter in lane besides ganks really. You could add singed, udyr, yorick and rumble as counter champions. You have to be good at them but i also play those and i won a lot of match ups against morde(tears yorick is boss. Any champion with strong first few levels

and early ganks are great, shaco, alistar, lee sin, annie and so on.

Myself i've never lost a lane without the other team ganking me pretty often even if they outfarm me or even get me out of the lane with a few levels as morde you are able to catch up, and once it happens you win the lane. The real trick is getting ahead of levels/farm while he is weak (pre lvl 5) and abuse that advantage latter, kill his turret fast and keep ganking him nonstop.

September 14, 2011 - 05:16 PM #9

I somehow love you for writing this guide. Should post it in the forums to stop all this qq'ing about him... Anyways, Morde is getting changed in the next patch so you probably gotta adjust your guide according to those changes.

Whatsoever, pretty solid strategies, can't complain.

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