Marathon - Yorick

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January 8, 2013 - 04:27 PM #1

This is a very odd video. Chaox is an excellent player and clearly outmatches everyone else. He dominates top vs Cho (a supposed counterpick), uses a really smart start of ward,Flask,pots, and like his Tear,Warmog item progression and great lane play.

However, it's almost as if he is playing sloppy and borderline troll to make the game closer than it should have been. He pushes top wayy too far and gets killed 1v3 for no reason since his team was back at base and messing around. He does the same thing twice more, getting 1 other member killed when they tried to help him (vs 4 foes).

He has 2k mana pool and doesnt upgrade manamune (1400g for 60AD!) and gripes about his low damage. No normal boots till 25 minute mark! He uses W/E combo vs creeps like he is charging old style tear, when using 1 spell, wait, use the next would work way better for tear charging, since he really want the murumana. Iceborn Gauntet was a really wierd choice to me, instead of just Shroud/manamune, then work towards sheen/triforce as an ender.

I appreciate the vid post but its almost like a smurf stomp vid.

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