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2020 LCS Summer Split Coaching Restructure

 Today, we’re announcing that Parth Naidu will be coaching our primary LCS squad for the 2020 Summer Split. Although he chose to step down at the end of 2017, Parth has had the most success of any of our coaches, having played an instrumental part in TSM’s LCS domination throughout Season 6 and Season 7. As our roster has become increasingly similar to what it was back then, both Doublelift and Bjergsen have requested Parth’s return and his coaching system. 

I'm excited to work with Parth as the coach again. He's been with TSM a long time, and understands what the players need and how to enable them to succeed. He also understands what kind of culture made TSM successful in the past and I know he will do a good job with enforcing it and getting us on the same page. 

- Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg

I'm extremely excited to work with Parth again. I know he has learned a lot from his past experiences working with multiple coaches on TSM over the years, and will lead us to many draft kingdoms. 

- Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng

Peter Zhang will be returning to his role as the coach of the  Academy Team, where he has proven himself to be extremely effective. His work developing Tactical and Johnsun --both of whom now have starting positions in the LCS-- and his success at bringing our Academy team from the bottom of the standings in 2018 to Academy champs in Spring 2019 made this choice extremely clear. Lustboy and Mabrey will be remaining in their positions on the coaching staff as assistant coaches.

This restructuring will help us be the best team we can be in the upcoming split, and we look forward to competing this Saturday with our current roster.

I'm thrilled to be the head coach of TSM once again. During the off season, I've been working closely with Bjergsen and Doublelift to create and implement a collective vision of what TSM is going to look like for the upcoming years. I have no doubt that this roster has what it takes to win LCS, and it's my responsibility to make it happen. 

- Parth Naidu 

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