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TSM's 2021 Academy LCS Roster Announcement

 As the offseason rolls to a close, TSM is thrilled to officially announce our 2021 Academy LCS Roster! Please join us in welcoming the following players:

  • Top: Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell
  • Jungle: Leo “Babip” Romer
  • Mid: Rico “Swordd” Chen
  • ADC: Cody “Cody Sun” Sun
  • Support: Wang "Yursan" Sheng-Yu

Some of these players will be familiar to you - Hauntzer, who was our main squad’s top laner from 2016-2018 will be returning to TSM as a familiar face, and Cody Sun has been one of the staple AD carries in the LCS since 2015. Many will recognize Swordd as well, as he has been a part of TSM for the last couple of years as a Junior player. 

Babip on the other hand is a promising talent from the OCE region. He attended the 2020 Worlds Play-In Stage where he impressed many with his gameplay. Last, but not least, Yursan is coming from the LMS. He is a young Support who was previously a part of Flash Huskies (Flash Wolves’ second team) and Alpha Esports. 

“ There have been a lot of discussions within the community regarding who deserves to be in Academy and LCS - I wanted to take the chance to describe our philosophy here. 
Firstly, talent is universal. It doesn't matter where the player comes from - if they demonstrate ability and are willing to work hard, they deserve a chance to play in any league in the world. This year we are going to not only improve our efforts in North America, but also enhance our support staff to find and integrate players from regions often overlooked by other major regions.
Second, rookies and veterans all have a place in this ecosystem. We believe that a good academy team has a strong balance of the two. It's a place for veterans to hone their skills and focus on leadership and other growth areas, and we've found that newer players advance much faster under this environment. A large credit for the development of players like Tactical, Johnsun, Ablazeolive, Lost, Spica -- all now in LCS -- can be attributed to this structure.
Finally, a strong academy team helps promote healthy intra-team competition as well as allow the teams to scrim each other, practice matchups and more. There are countless times in the last few years where this integration has helped players and coaching staff on both teams. With both teams training at our facility this year, we will have a lot more to share with everyone in the upcoming months.”
-Parth Naidu

With this article, our entire 2021 LCS and Academy roster has been announced! We’re looking forward to the new season and working with all of our new players. Please join us again in welcoming everyone, both old faces and new, to TSM! 

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