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TSM Welcomes Newest Member: Danucd!

 TSM is ecstatic to announce the newest member of the organization, Danucd! Streaming from Latvia, Danucd is one of the most watched and fastest growing PUBG streamers on Twitch. She’s built her channel from scratch over the last two years, where you’ll be able to witness her world-class aim and sniping skills. Although she mostly plays PUBG, you can often find her playing other FPS games like Escape from Tarkov or more recently, VALORANT. She explores some of her other interests such as travel and BMX on both her Twitter and Instagram as well.

We’re truly delighted to have such a passionate and talented streamer sign with us, and we look forward to working with Danu and having her on the team. We hope our fans will join us in supporting her and giving her a huge welcome to the TSM family!

Follow Danucd on Social Media:

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