Main Roster
Gale Adelade
ROLE: Player
’GaleAdelade’ signed with TSM as a talented Overwatch player in mid-2017, having achieved top 200 finishes across every competitive season to date. His gaming experience started in Counter Strike: Source and moved onto Global Offensive where he attained global elite. The young Gale switched to Overwatch at its release where he was able to climb the ranks easily and became noticed by other large name streamers for his Ana play. This recognition led to the popularity of his stream, where he features his skill for the world to see.
Calvin Chau
ROLE: Player
‘aimbotcalvin’ became a part of TSM mid-2017, signing as a highly skilled Overwatch streamer who has consistently maintained a top 20 finish on the NA competitive leaderboard since its conception. His competitive gaming history started a little over a year ago in CS:GO, where he would pubstomp games at high ranks but never joined a pro team. He was instantly hooked on Overwatch since it came out, where his skill persisted and led to a persistent high ranking. His abilities and high rank brought his stream droves of viewers, which proved to be the perfect showcase. While he still mostly streams Overwatch, Calvin can occasionally be found playing other games like Fortnite and PUBG. His motto is: “play with passion; be confident to play confident.”
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