Main Roster
William Hjelte
ROLE: Player
William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte was signed by the TSM organization near the beginning of 2015. He is commonly known as the Villain of the Smash community for his outspoken opinions and strong personality. Despite this, he is well respected as one of the most proficient Fox mains in the world, with some of the best technical skills and having one of the strongest neutral games in the Smash Bros Melee scene. In the course of his career, Leffen has ascended from his title as "Godslayer", with many considering him to be on a similar level to the remaining Gods of Smash Brothers Melee. Recently, he can be found playing Dragonball: Fighter Z as a side game, where he is also considered a top player.
Gavin Dempsey
ROLE: Player
Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey signed with TSM in January of 2019 to represent the organization in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Tweek became well-known within the Smash community through his tournament performances playing Smash 4. At the start of his career, he managed to make high placements as a Bowser Jr. main, but made the switch to Cloud and Bayonetta after he felt that he had maxed out on Bowser Jr.’s potential. Since making the change, he climbed the rankings at an astounding pace, with most recognizing him as a top 2 player in Smash 4 by the end of 2018. He made the switch to Smash Ultimate where he has been continuing his success, already winning multiple majors in the first month of the esport’s release.
Kenji Egashira
ROLE: Player
Kenji ‘NumotTheNummy’ Egashira (Numot for short) became TSM’s very first Magic: The Gathering (MTG) player in mid-March, 2019. Numot is one of the highest profile MTG personalities in the world, being one of the game’s very first streamers. He has played the game for twenty years, although he only started entering tournaments in 2011. Numot’s most notable tournament win was the Magic Online Championship Series Open in December 2017, which earned him an invite to a Pro Tour and to the Magic Online Championships. He primarily plays Limited and Constructed, preferring the former which he feels he’s most adept at. He often covers high level MTG tournaments and produces content for multiple Magic sites. Apart from MTG, he has also achieved Legend in both Hearthstone and The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
Hikaru Nakamura
ROLE: Player
Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura is today’s preeminent Chess streamer. Recently grabbing the spotlight for hosting Twitch’s Pogchamps Chess Tournament as well as his own channel, Hikaru is well known for being a top chess talent for over a decade and as a speed chess specialist. As a chess prodigy, he earned the coveted Grandmaster title at the age of 15, becoming the youngest American to earn the title. He is the #1 speed chess player in the world and recently took home his 5th US Championships in 2019 and won the prestigious Grand Chess Tour in 2018. As he continues to lead on Twitch, Hikaru has also expanded his arsenal outside of competitive tournaments and streaming, including a cameo in the TV Series Billions.
Duy Minh Nguyen
ROLE: Player
Duy Minh ‘Souless’ Nguyen joined TSM at the start of August 2019 as one of the first players under TSM’s Teamfight Tactics division. Souless is a fresh face to streaming and the esports world, starting his stream barely a few weeks before his signing. His stream was noticed after publicizing meta-changing team compositions in TFT, with the “Soulless Aatrox” composition named after him. He’s one of the fastest climbers in the game, managing to reach Challenger in a 2 day climb on one of his three challenger accounts.
Lae-Young Jang
ROLE: Player
Lae-Young ‘Keane’ Jang signed with TSM at the start of August 2019 as one of TSM’s first Teamfight Tactics players. Keane is a well-known name by those following the NA LCS - his name synonymous with crazy counterpicks in mid lane. Although he is now a Teamfight Tactics player, Keane’s tendency to challenge the meta has stayed unchanged. This tendency may prove to be even more of an asset in TFT, where he already has multiple accounts in Challenger.
Ki Yoon Yoo
ROLE: Player
Ki Yoon ‘Kiyoon” Yoo signed with TSM in September 2020 to become a part of their Teamfight Tactics roster. Kiyoon is best known as a top TFT player, achieving Rank 1 with every set and actively maintaining a top 10 spot on the ladder. He’s most notably won the Starside NA vs China Invitational and often participates in Twitch Rivals tournaments. Unlike most top TFT players, Kiyoon prefers to force one or two compositions, playing extremely greedily - often resulting in a 1st or 8th place.
Gary Marshall
ROLE: Player
Gary ‘BreaK’ Marshall joined TSM midsummer 2017 as the third member of the organization’s PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS team. His experience with Battle Royale began over two years prior to his joining TSM, having started in the genre with the Arma 3 BR mod. After rising to the top of the leaderboards and maintaining his position for a fair amount of time, BreaK became recognized in the community as one of the best players. It was during this time where he met fellow teammate Viss, with whom he shared a friendly rivalry and played with quite regularly. His best leaderboard achievements to date include being the season 1 Arma 3 BR champion, and finishing top 10 in the follow season 2 and 3.
Alexandru Cotiga
ROLE: Player
Alexandru 'SOLIDFPS' Cotiga moved to TSM’s competitive PUBG roster in May 2018, transferring from Cloud 9 after playing competitively for nearly a full year. SOLIDFPS is a decorated PUBG competitor, achieving 1st place Gamescom Invitational 2017 FPP Duos, 2nd place at IEM Katowice, and 4th place at Starladder over his career. He was originally known as a top duo player with the ability to clutch out 1v1s and 1v2s. Now that the competitive scene is formed exclusively around squads, this skill has made him a reliable and fearsome team player for the TSM squad.
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