Main Roster
Duy Minh Nguyen
ROLE: Player
Duy Minh ‘Souless’ Nguyen joined TSM at the start of August 2019 as one of the first players under TSM’s Teamfight Tactics division. Souless is a fresh face to streaming and the esports world, starting his stream barely a few weeks before his signing. His stream was noticed after publicizing meta-changing team compositions in TFT, with the “Soulless Aatrox” composition named after him. He’s one of the fastest climbers in the game, managing to reach Challenger in a 2 day climb on one of his three challenger accounts.
Lae-Young Jang
ROLE: Player
Lae-Young ‘Keane’ Jang signed with TSM at the start of August 2019 as one of TSM’s first Teamfight Tactics players. Keane is a well-known name by those following the NA LCS - his name synonymous with crazy counterpicks in mid lane. Although he is now a Teamfight Tactics player, Keane’s tendency to challenge the meta has stayed unchanged. This tendency may prove to be even more of an asset in TFT, where he already has multiple accounts in Challenger.
Leo Zhao
ROLE: Player
Leo ‘kiting is hard’ Zhao joined TSM in May 2020 to represent the org in TFT both in competitions and on stream. As an up-and-coming player, Kiting threw himself into the spotlight by holding the #1 rank on the NA leaderboards for three consecutive weeks. You’ll often catch him making impressively counterintuitive decisions that win seemingly impossible games. He often streams his games, where he breaks down his decision making process, explaining how he arrived at the choices he makes and creating an effective educational environment for those hoping to learn.
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